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Mistress Mountshaft


The carriage and four was painted an eye catching blue,
with the window and fittings picked out in gold coach lines.
The four bay horses pulling the coach had clearly been selected
no only for their physique but also to match each other in
the lustre of their coats. Their black tack contrasted
with well polished brasses.

The coach was driven by a rugged but handsome coachman,
Martin, wearing a dark blue worsted livery coat buttoned
to the neck, with matching tight riding breeches and long
black boots. Sitting next to the coachman was a finer featured
man dressed in dark grey riding breeches, white stockings
and black buckle shoes that displayed a fine calf to best
effect. He wore a white shirt and silk neckerchief with
a black waistcoat and matching morning coat. Resting across
his lap was a shotgun which he restrained with his fine black
gloved hands.

The inside of the coach was upholstered in deeply buttoned
light blue West of England cloth with a plush pelt. The woodwork
was painted to match the blue exterior of the coach and each
of windows had matching blue blinds.

The occupant. Lady Clarissa Needham, wore a wine red velvet
gown which drew the eye to the finest bosom in the west, not
overlarge but complying with the accepted measure of excellence
‒ the british standard handful. This was set off to best
effecting with a tempting décolletage. Her feet were clad
in elegant embroidered calf length riding boots. Over
her gown she wore a long black velvet coat with a contrasting
black and red velvet stole. Her face was characterised
by clearly defined check bones, greeny blue eyes which
sparkled with a hint of wicked intent. Her hair was drawn
back and secured under slightly extravagant black hat.
A tartan carriage rug lay discarded across the seat.

The impact of the whole ensemble was impressive, as indeed
it was intended to be, and displayed affluence without
ostentation. From Lady Clarissa’s manner she was clearly
mistress of all she surveyed, she was however bored with
her seemingly endless journey to Lickfold in Surrey. The
motion of the coach was irregular as it made is way over the
poorly maintained road through the deeply wooded countryside.

She was impatient to reach her destination, where she was
expected under her nom-de-guerre of Mistress Mountshaft.
She had not had anyone to talk to for the whole morning as
Silas her butler had insisted on riding shotgun as the area
was well known for its highwaymen. Silas took his duties
as her protector with considerable seriousness, though
with increasing boredom Clarissa did consider that she
would have preferred his company and perhaps the execution
of some of his more intimate duties. She recalled with some
fondness that she had in the past always found that highwaymen
demands for money and chattels could be moderated to some
other more transient favour to the mutual satisfaction
of all parties, even when the highwaymen operated in larger

As her reverie continued she speculated on how Silas might
set about distracting her from this endless journey. Perhaps
he would detect from her restlessness with conversation
about the dangers of travel, or forthcoming appointments,
that more direct attention was required. Silas was usually
a good judge of his mistress’s mood and requirements. There
was an indeed an itch that needed scratching.

“Mistress, I notice that your boot lace has come undone”
he might venture.

Dropping onto his knees he would then gently lift the hem
of her gown and examine her boot clad calf. His hand would
gently hold her ankle as he carefully checked the laces.
A particularly large jolt would cause him grasp her knee
to brace himself, causing her black cloak to unbutton and
the gown to ride up exposing a glimpse of stocking covered

Silas would look up at his Mistress and see THAT sparkle
in her eye and watch quietly as she pulled down the carriage
blinds. Both of his hands would then make their way onto
her knees and start a slow but inexorable journey along
the smooth thigh to the point where the embroidered stocking
top heralded the start of smooth bare white skin. Lady Clarissa’s
feet would now be resting on the seat opposite, with her
knees either side of Silas head. Silas would be now approach
familiar ground as his duties as Lady Clarissa's groundsman
and lawn keeper required regular visits to her bush, which
he was charged with ensuring was always smooth and expertly

As his hands moved on upwards he knew that this duty today
required more than a light trim, and his member would stiffen
as his nostrils captured her alluring and enchanting perfume
combining her own with the best that Paris could offer.
This heady cocktail never failed to instantly arouse him.
His fingers would begin a gentle transit of her smooth moistening
cleft and……

“Mistress, Mistress..!!”

Lady Clarissa’s reverie was interrupted by a cry from onto
of the coach. She open her eyes with a start and took her hands
from under her cloak and sat upright.

Silas was calling down.

“ There is a man ahead walking by his horse, we must proceed
carefully, please lock the carriage doors, draw down the
blinds and do not say anything until I am able to ensure that
all is safe”.

The carriage slowed to a gentle walking pace, and Silas
called to the lone horseman. Lady Clarissa strained to
hear his reply, but could not.

Presently the carriage came to a halt, her interest was
aroused, perhaps it would be a highwayman, she hope that
Silas had remembered her strict instruction not to place
himself in danger or to start an exchange of fire. Her heart
beat a little faster, partly from fear and partly from excitement.
Perhaps the days journey would not be completely without

“Good morning Sir, what brings you to be walking with your
horse rather than riding?” asked Silas, with suspicion
clearly in his voice. Silas sat with his weapon clearly
on display.

The traveller had stopped walking once he had heard the
carriage approaching and was standing by his horse watching.
He was a young man in his early twenties, slightly over six
foot tall, with shoulder length brown curly hair, brown
eyes and round spectacles. He was standing looking relaxed
with an easy smile, though with slightly reddened checks
from the exertion of walking. His riding coat and neckerchief
were slung over the horse and he wore a white shirt open to
the neck with fawn breeches, which were very tight, and
calf length brown boots.

“Hello sir , I’m travelling to Box where I am engaged by Mr
Brunel as an indentured engineer in the construction of
a railway tunnel and my horse has thrown a shoe. I am mightily
glad to see a friendly face, for these part are renown as
the haunt of highwaymen”

“ What’s your name young sir?” asked Silas, much more relaxed
but still on his guard

“Mark Fitzpatrick, from Stroud in the county of Gloucestershire,
where are you travelling to Sir?”

Lady Clarissa had by now positioned herself so she could
eye up the young man through a small gap in the blinds. As
she cast her well trained eye over him she contemplated
that he would serve well as a subject for her art soirees
at Needham Manor. He was a handsome young buck with a taught
rump and finely proportioned haunches and the delicate
long fingers she always preferred. Her tutored eyed did
not omit to notice that he had big feet.

“Mmmm what have here” she thought to herself.

She released the blind from the door and open the carriage

“Silas, have you no compassion for this poor young man who
is clearly fatigued and in need of our assistance”

“Mistress, I was just ch…..” started Silas by way of explanation

“Now Mr Fitzpatrick, we are on our way to Lickfold, where
we have rooms reserved at the Crown Inn, now please come
with us and I am sure that we can find a blacksmith to attend
to your horse.

“Martin jump down and secure Master Mark’s horse to the
carriage, look lively now. Silas put your gun down and help
me from the carriage” Lady Clarissa’s authoritive tone
brooked no argument.

As she stepped down from the carriage to inspect their new
acquaintance at close quarters, she was relieved that
the boredom of the journey had at last been broken and a fresh
challenge was before her.

Mark’s horse was soon unsaddled and his luggage and survey
equipment boxes stowed on the carriage. With his neckerchief
and riding coat restored Mark now resembled more a gentleman
that the highwayman that Silas had at first suspected.

Lady Clarissa insisted that Mark join her inside the carriage,
for his recuperation and so that she might make his acquaintance.
As their journey resumed, Mark considered and remarked
on his good fortune as being rescued by so fine a lady with
such a magnificent carriage.

They talked first of shared acquaintances from Gloucestershire
and then Mark talked of his exciting work for the renowned
Mr Brunel and the exacting survey work he undertook. Lady
Clarissa’s concentration lapsed slightly at the technical
content of the enthusiastic young man story, though she
did prick up her ears at the sound of his telescopic staff,
which was six long when packed for travel and expanded to
twelve when readied for action ‒ was that inches she wondered,
the bulge in his breeches suggested it might well be.

For Mark Fitzpatrick, the slightly overlong answers to
her polite questions were partly a matter of nerves, for
his eyes were constantly drawn to her shapely figure, finely
turned calf and spell binding bosom, while desperately
trying to quell the stirring in his breeches.

“Now Master Mark, I insist that you join with us and stay
at my suite of rooms at the Crown until we have attended to
your steed and you are able to make safe your onward journey.”

“I am entirely in your debt Lady Clarissa, and would want
to offer whatever service I can by way of a measure of my gratitude”

“That will not be necessary Master Mark, but I am nevertheless
sure that we can find some other way for you to express your

Mark was sure that he saw a twinkle in her eye as she said this,
but their carriage had drawn up a the Crown before he could
observe her more closely, and they were soon surrounded
by the innkeeper’s men unloading the coach and fussing
around their important guest.

“ Welcome Mistress Mountshaft, we are most privileged
to have you as our esteemed guest once more …”

“Mistress Mountshaft? but surely this was Lady Clarissa
Needham” thought Mark, he was now very confused, but was
bustled by Silas into overseeing the unloading of his survey
equipment, before he could question matters any further.

Mark busied himself supervising the unloading of his precious
survey equipment, and Silas directed him to a room on the
first floor. The unloading of the carriage and transport
of Lady Clarissa’s trunks to her rooms was all undertaken
with a well oiled efficiency, and accompanied by what seemed
to Mark to be some knowing smiles.

There was no opportunity for Mark to speak to anyone or to
resolve his confusion as just who was who. As Mark carried
that last of his bags up the uneven inn stairs and along the
corridor, Lady Clarissa appeared through a doorway.

“ Ah Master Mark, I was just looking for you, I do hope that
you will join me for supper this evening, I will send Silas
for you”

It was clearly more of a summons than an invitation, Mark
was glad to accept either.

The Crown Inn was comfortable inn dating back to Tudor times,
with a fine parlour dating from the Stuart dynasty with
oak panelling and a lattice plaster ceiling. Mark’s upstairs
room were comfortable furnished with a substantial bed,
nightstand and oak wardrobe. Mark sat on the edge of his
bed and with a bit of struggle pulled off his riding boots,
and lay back on his bed and looked into the flames of the fire
opposite. He had had a long tiring and eventful day, as he
listened to the sounds of activity around him he though,
indeed he was sure he could here Silas’s voice in the room
next door.

Lady Clarissa’s mood was much improved as Silas bustled
about her unpacking trunks and arranging her suite of rooms.
She was, as always, looking forward to her busy schedule
of activities over the next few days. Her sense of anticipation
and warm tingle between her thighs was heightened by the
unscheduled appearance of Mark Fitzpatrick, who else,
she wondered wickedly, would he fit. His slightly self
conscious innocence attracted her considerably and would
provide an ideal counterbalance to the seasoned performances
that would fill the rest of her time, and much else besides
over the next few days.

Having secured his company for supper, Lady Clarissa allowed
herself to run through her mental menu for her seduction
of young Mark. Her daydream was interrupted by Silas.

“Mistress, I have unpacked your trunks and perhaps you
would like to survey my arrangement to satisfy yourself
that all is in order before I prepare your bath.”

Lady Clarissa followed Silas as he lead the tour of inspection
of her suite of rooms. The dining room was set with an oak
table and four chairs, with a chaise longue and a rocking
chair arranged in front of good sized fireplace. The bedchamber
was well proportioned with a large four-poster bed with
velvet drapes. On one side of the bed was a dressing table
with an upholstered stool, on the other side was a bedside
table and wardrobe with two mirrored doors. At the end of
the bed were Lady Clarissa’s trunks opened up and now revealed
as a fine mahogany travelling chest of drawers.

There was a further doorway from the bedchamber which led
into to a smaller room. This bath chamber contained a nightstand
with water jug , bowl and mirror, a dressing chair, clothes
horse and clothes rail set in front of a hot water range stove,
which had a good fire burning in the open grate. In the centre
of the room was a large enamelled hip bath, the suite of rooms
clearly were of the highest standards of luxury and modernity.

“ Excellent Silas I think it is time we started to get ready
for supper, I shall require the highest standards of preparation
and attention to detail”

“Yes Mistress, it will be my pleasure as always. I shall
draw the bath now”

Once Silas had drawn the bath, he ushered his mistress into
the bath chamber where she sat on the dressing chair. Take
each leg in turn with his back toward her, he gently slipped
off her calf length boots.

With his coat removed and bending over in his tight breeches
Lady Clarissa found herself admiring his taught buttocks,
perhaps she would give him a little more relief this week,
but then again keeping him in suspense was rather pleasurable

Silas then ran his hands up her shapely calves to just above
her knee and slipped off her stockings and folded them over
the clothes horse.

He gestured Lady Clarissa to stand up and then began to unhook
her wine red velvet gown. With the hooks released and the
cuffs unbuttoned he eased the gown off her shoulders, though
his fingers lingered on the cusp of her shoulders just slightly
longer than was proper. As the gown dropped to the floor
she stepped out it and towards the fire.

Lady Clarissa was now revealed in a tight cream corset and
matching petticoats as Silas stood behind her and started
to unlace. His riding breeches were beginning to show a
larger than normal bulge for the undressing ritual never
failed to fully excite him. Once the corset was unlaced
he moved around his mistress to lift the corset away and
feasted on her magnificent bosom, now released from its
confines, each full breast was gently rounded and supported
a neat inviting upward facing pink nipple. Silas ruefully
considered how someone else would soon be enjoying the
delight of burying one’s face between these luscious mounds
and slurping on the pert nipples.

With the corset set on the clothes horse, Silas deftly released
the petticoat drawstrings and let the petticoat drop as
Lady Clarissa took a pace towards the steaming hip bath.

Her full and glorious arse was caught in perfect artist’s
pose as she lifted her leg into the bath, Silas was now fully
erected. His state arousal was increased as he washed her
back. Lady Clarissa smiled at him and guided his hand to
her left breast, he needed no further encouragement to
massage both and tease her nipples into a state similar
to that of his cock.

“You may kiss them each ‒ briefly Silas” she said taking
pity on him. Silas wished that she would release his staining
and substantial cock from its prison and caress and engulf
it ‒ he knew better that to expect this.

Once she had been fully washed, Silas helped her from the
bath and dried her carefully, taking special care in all
her crevices. He could and feel that his ministrations
were having a considerable effect on his mistress’s pussy,
and fought back his urge to bury his tongue between her moist

“Silas, I want to be especially smooth for this evening’s
soiree, so fetch you mowing equipment and attend me in my

Silas did as instructed, and unpacked badger bristle brush
and the special razor, made up some shaving foam, and took
these with a warmed towel and bowl of hot water into the bedroom.

There Lady Clarissa had donned a silk dressing gown and
lay on the bed with her knees drawn up and slightly spread.
Silas knelt down at the edge of the bed and with the shaving
equipment safely placed on the bedside table feasted his
eyes on the lush thigh and moist pussy in front of him. He
breathed in deeply and savoured her sweet intoxicating

Then he set to, parting her legs more widely and applied
the badger bristle brush to her soft bush. Her pussy was
almost complete smooth except for a little light bush atop
her mons. Holding her skin taught he ran the razor in steady
movements along the inside of her pelvis, as he did he rested
his thumb over her hooded clitoris and let it move in tiny
circles as the opposing finger maintained the tension
on the skin being shaved. He knew this would have an effect
on his mistress, and indeed he could see her pussy lips starting
to swell.

“Silas, does your thumb have to be ……… ummmm there?”

“Yes mistress”, as he looked up he noticed that Lady Clarissa
had one hand running over and around a breast and her nipples
were erect, but her eyes were shut and her mouth was held
in a slight smile.

“Silas, you may briefly kiss my little cherub when you are

“Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

As he completed his mowing duties with deft movements,
his thumb maintained its pressure and movement and he could
see that a tiny rivulet of moisture had washed away the remaining
lather between her pussy and rosebud, and that her pussy
lips were now fully swollen and presaging their invitation
to slip inside.

He lowered his head between her smooth creamy thighs and
ran his tongue up the inside of each leg, and then ran his
tongue up the outside of each pussy lip, but stopped short
of her cherub on each occasion.

“Silas!” her voice was now much more urgent, “Kiss my cherub
now, please, lick it suck it, please, now”. She knew that
this was her normal mode of address, but her urgent desire,
need and immediate requirements got the better of her.

“Mistress, the tightness in my breeches is distracting
me from my proper duties” countered Silas, making the most
of the opportunity.

“Well release him quickly and let me see that he is not injured
in anyway”

Silas stood up, the knob of his substantial cock was protruding
above his waistband, and he unbuttoned his breeches and
let them drop to his knees.

Lady Clarissa sat up and ran her hands over his cock, starting
at the base and gliding along his length, he was circumcised
and was completely free from hair, she was a great deal more
fond of this fine specimen than she let Silas know, she was
tempted to make a meal of him there and then, but her own pressing
needs and thoughts of her forthcoming young conquest limited
her to few expert strokes and a chaste kiss and lingering
lick of his knob.

“I think he is still in full working condition, Silas, perhaps
now you could……”

Silas returned to his knees and set his tongue to work, Lady
Clarissa’s hands were soon over his head pressing him into
her cherub, and her pelvis began to thrust up against him
as he slipped first one then two fingers into her now soaking
pussy. He paused from his attention on her cherub the take
a full draught from her well of honey. She spread her legs
even wider and lifted her bottom off the bed as his tongue
ran from her rosebud up the full length of her pussy, probing
and licking, his hands now supporting her glorious arse.

“Ohh Silas press him against me”

Silas moved to kneel on the edge of the bed between her legs,
with his cock covering the full length of her pussy. She
reached down between them and pressed his cock onto her
clitoris and Silas began to thrust, moving his cock up and
down between her pussy lips, soon he was covered with her
juices and so slid easily as he was enveloped between palm
and pussy.

They both knew that the stimulus that this gave to her pussy
lips and clitoris would soon bring her to a climax, and as
her breath shorted Silas increased his pace until she tensed
and gave a gasp of pleasure.

Silas too was near to his crisis and lifting his cock slightly
he closed her hand around his cock head, there was no stopping
him now as she gripped him tightly he let go a cry and his released
a jet of cum which arched graceful over her smooth rounded
tummy and towards her heaving breasts, and then another
jet and a third, each in a lower arch than the previous. As
his thrusts diminished Lady Clarissa continued to milk
him , until the last droplets oozed over her hand to mingle
with her own pussy juices.

“Mmmm Silas you have been holding back a lot for me, this
looks like a double dose of my special anti-wrinkle and
soothing cream” She ran a finger over her breast and teasingly
worked the lotion in around a nipple, and then licked her
finger clean with a wicked smile.

Silas slipped back down to kneel onto the floor and, with
his head once more between her thighs, began to mop up any
surplus juices with his tongue, he felt her give a further
little shudder as he worked his way along her pussy and lingered
on her cherub. Lady Clarissa breathing and pulse were back
to normal once he reached her chest and completed his tour
of inspection of each of her nipples.

As he was about to get up from the bed, she pulled him down
and kiss him, her tongue wantonly probing him, savouring
their mingled juices before releasing him.

“I’m very lucky to have you looking after me so well, Silas”

“Yes mistress” said Silas as he fed his cock back inside
his breeches.

“If only…..” they both thought.

As Mark lay on the bed in his room listening to the hum of activity
around him, the exertion of the day’s events got the better
of him. Even the delicious thought of dining with the intriguing
Lady Clarissa, or was it Mistress Mountshaft, could not
keep him from drifting into a light sleep.

He woke with a start and fumbled to find his timepiece only
to realize that it was in his riding coat. He got up from the
bed and stretched languidly and walked over to the wardrobe.
As opened the door he could hear quite clearly the distinctive
west country burr of Silas and then the mellifluous tones
of Lady Clarissa. He reached in and took out his coat and
consulted his timepiece, a little after seven o’clock.

He laid his coat on his bed and moved over to the dresser,
the wardrobe door swung closed behind him and the sound
of conversation from the next room was lost. He was barely
conscious of himself but his enquiring mind has logged
the change in sound transmission, and the engineer in him
started to consider why it might be.

He poured some cold water into the washbowl and set about
removing the worst of the day’s grime from his face and neck.
Examination of his face indicated that he would not need
to shave until the next morning at the earliest, for he still
rejoiced in a smooth complexion.

As he changed his shirt and neckerchief there was a robust
knock at the door. It was Silas.

“My Mistress will be pleased for you to join her for dinner
at eight o’clock, Sir.

She also asked me to enquire if there is anything I may do
to assist you.

Is all your equipment safely unloaded?”

Mark assured him that everything was quite satisfactory.
He was unsure as how to address her, was it Lady Clarissa,
Mistress Mountshaft or just Mistress so he simply said

“ I will of course attend you Mistress promptly at eight.”

His was now refreshed and his curiosity was revived. He
had an ideal opportunity to question her on the apparent
name change, but at the same time he was still in awe of her
and feared upsetting such an imposing, but alluring lady.
As he pondered the names an literal meaning of her new name
crossed his mind, or more precisely his groin. No surely
not? - a lady of such class and wealth, - she would not even
have imagined that there could such a literal meaning.
This was something for the public bar and common whores.

Silas returned to Lady Clarissa’s suite of rooms to complete
his tasks of preparation. Lady Clarissa was now firmly
laced into her bespoke whale boned corset, this was half
cupped so her bosom was barely prevented from overflowing,
and little manipulation would be required for her small
and easily firmed nipples to be exposed. Her stockings
extended halfway up her thighs and were folded over simple
white linen garters tied in a bow the outside. In between
the stocking top and base of the corset there was only a smooth
expanse of gently rolling thigh, pussy and stomach. Over
this simple foundation she wore a strapless black velvet
gown with decorative front lacing complemented by a crimson

Her auburn hair was tied in a neat bun secured by a silver
loop and clasp. As she sat on the chair in front of the dressing
table Silas applied to final touches to her make up, a little
rouge to the cheeks and powder to the forehead and nose.

As she surveyed herself in the mirror, even in the limited
light of the lantern she was pleased with results. Elegant,
provoking, but still just socially correct enough to avoid
embarrassing Mark when he first sat down.

Silas’s previous ministrations had not dulled her appetite,
it had merely helped resist her urge to rush. She was always
highly charged at the beginning of her ‘travelling’, with
the two months or so of anticipation that preceded them.
Her chance encounter with young Mark Fitzpatrick had just
added to the frisson, as she now had the chance to indulge
in one of her enduring fantasies.

She could feel that Silas too shared her sense of excitement
as he gently worked the elbow length kid gloves into position.
He was however going to be disappointed, for the seduction
she had planned would not provide Silas with his accustomed
watching brief.

Next door, Mark finished dressing himself and at eight
o’clock precisely knocked on the suite next door. Silas
ushered him in and Lady Clarissa bade him sit to the table.
Before long their conversation from earlier than day in
coach was resumed. Lady Clarissa’s polished conversational
manner soon had him at ease. So it was a good hour, during
a break between courses of the substantial if slightly
plain meal before Mark remembered the issue of the names.

“Lady Clarissa” he ventured over a sip of wine, “ I could
not but notice, that when we arrived, the innkeeper welcomed
you as Mistress Mountshaft, rather than Lady Clarissa.
Why might that be?”

“Well Mark, as you know, I come from a family of some means,
and do not wish to advertise this. There are so many ruffians
and highwaymen about these days one cannot be too careful.
So by using a simple ruse I am able to travel as an alter ego
and so guard against a potential kidnapping.

“Now tell me again about this marvellous tunnel at Box,
of which you spoke when we were in the carriage this afternoon”

Mark was torn between curiosity to quiz Lady Clarissa’s
rather farfetched reason for travelling under an assume
name and his swelling pride that someone would really be
interested in the tunnel, even more so that it should such
a charming and alluring lady.

His pride won the day and the conversation soon moved on.

The fish and main courses had now been served, and the dessert
was brought by a serving girl Sally. She was young girl of
about twenty, with a fresh smiling complexion, slightly
stocky but with a large and rounded bosom, which was accentuated
by the cut of her blouse and the bending forward required
to serve and collect plates and dishes. Her chestnut hair
was secured under a white mobcap, with only an occasional
wisp on show. The rest of her form was open to speculation
as it was cloaked by calf length cotton skirt and stout boots.
She was clearly favoured by the clientele at the Inn and
was not in any way abashed by the admiring glances of men.

Mark blushed slightly when Lady Clarissa caught him glancing
at Sally for rather too long as she had cleared away the remains
of the partridge. Lady Clarissa correctly surmised that
this young man’s mind was not entirely devoted to matters
of civil engineering.

After Sally had set down the tray and its syllabubs, she
bent down and blushing slightly spoke quietly into Lady
Clarrissa ear. A brief conversation ensued, of which Mark
could only here the last

“ I can speak to you in the morning if you so wish” and

“Thank you mistress” as Sally bobbed and made her way out
of the room.

Lady Clarissa did not betray her pleasure at Sally’s somewhat
surprising request, and in her mind’s eye she could already
envisage some exciting possibilities, she resumed her

“Tell me Mark, what is the architectural style that you
have adopted for the portal?”

“In all modesty, my lady, it is Mr Brunel who made the choice
of a Romanesque style, he has however given me some freedom
in the manner of it interpretation” said Mark now really
getting into his stride. “The portal is framed by pillars
in the ionic, with a pediment that carries bas relief.”

“Would these not traditionally include cherubs?….” Interjected
Lady Clarrissa

“Why indeed, yes, my lady, this would often be adopted in
a temple or formal building” Mark was most impressed by
her knowledge of classical forms, “though as this is an
engineering structure, I was considering adopting a series
of bas reliefs telling the story of the journey from London
to Bristol”

“This does seem a little dull does it not” ventured Lady
Clarissa “Surely as bold an undertaking as this needs something
heroic to mark the stature of the endeavour”

Mark was a little taken aback, but when he mentioned that
he was carrying the tunnel portal drawings with him, Lady
Clarissa’s interest was heightened.

“Oh do let me see then, I am greatly interested in fine drawings,
and if you have not finally selected the ornamentation
for the pediment, might I comment upon your work so far?”

With the syllabubs dispatched, Mark rose to go and collect
the drawings. To his surprise Lady Clarissa followed him,
“ I don’t want to put you to any trouble Mark, I will come and
look at the drawings with you now”

Mark was so full of pride in his portal, that he did not notice
this unconventional behaviour. Lady Clarissa followed
him the short distance down the corridor and into his room.

She sat on his bed while Mark rummaged in his trunk and found
the roll of drawings and laid then out beside to her on the
bed. As he stood next to her shoulder and leant over her to
point out the principal features on the drawings, he was
greeted not only by a bird’s eye view of her magnificent
cleavage, but also the waft of her perfume. The base notes
of cedar wood and highlights of patchouli had been carefully
selected and Mark felt heady, aroused and intoxicated
by her, without knowing what or how to do anything about

His chatter dried up it mid sentence, Lady Clarissa smiled
to herself as she saw the signs in him, she could already
feel the signs in herself.

“Tell me Mark, would it not be best to have a little cherub
here above the centre of pediment, where it can survey the
mighty engines rushing in and out of this beautifully proportioned

Lady Clarissa’s velvet dress had ridden up as she drew one
knee up to reach over and look at the far corner of the drawing,
her hand moved to draw it further up and exposed her laced
riding boot.

“Are not the tunnel and its portal allegorical of other
more sensual features in renaissance art and the human
form?” she said slightly huskily “I study art in my orangery
at Needham Manor and in particular the works of Caravaggio
and Michelangelo”

“I err, had not seen err ….” Mark stammered, for he had not
seen such a connection until just now, as her perfume had
coursed through his body and settled close to his breeches.

“Come now Mark” she chided, “Did you not seek to take advantage
of me, by talking of cherubs, and hoping that I might be flushed
with the thought of my own cherub?”

“Lady Clarissa I err, please.. It had never….” he floundered.

Lady Clarissa took his hand and guided in onto her bosom,
the reaction in Mark was like a lightning bolt has struck
him, but she held onto him. “ All this talk of tunnels and
cherubs and engines pistoning, has made me quite swoon,
Mark, you a such a cad to take advantage of me so”

With one hand held firmly to her chest, Mark found himself
falling down onto the bed facing Lady Clarissa, with his
face close to hers. The motion was smooth and to an outsider
observed it would indeed have seemed that Mark had moved
to settle himself beside his swooning quarry.

Lady Clarissa leaned forward and kissed him, her hand moved
behind his head as she drew him in.

Mark was completely taken by surprise, his next sentence
was smothered in Lady Clarissa’s kiss.

The scent he had been aroused and captured by earlier was
now joined by more senses, to feel of her smooth warm bosom
under his hand, the taste of her lips, the sound of her breath
and sensuous murmur, the sight of sparkling eyes and booted

His free hand found it own way around her back and cupped
her silken shoulder, he was guided by her in the lingering

“You are a most forward young man Mr Fitzpatrick, I suppose
you will be wanting survey my contours before I can compose
myself” she said as they drew their first breath, “I must
confess I find myself much taken with your charm. As you
know my husband is an older man and I have missed the company
of such a charming gentleman such as you”

Before he could reply, she drew him back into another sensuous
kiss, and her hand moved to his knee, Mark started once again,
but when her hand started to gently caress him he knew there
was no mistake in her intentions. He had heard bar-room
tales of how an older woman might take the lead in courting,
but had always dismissed this as just fantasy, he was not
however going to hinder the beguiling Lady Clarissa in
any way.

As they continued to kiss and her hand ventured higher up
his thigh, Mark moved his hand to her stocking clad knee,
and was rewarded by a murmur of appreciation. The contrasting
textures of her velvet dress, smooth bosom, silky stockings,
urgent lips were all heightening his excitement.

Lady Clarissa struggled to control the surge of excitement
she felt, as always, of being in control and at having a such
an attractive you man completely captivated by her sensuality,
she knew that she must break this young stallion in gently
if she was to reap the full flavour of the benefits to come.

“Mark why don’t you unlace my boots so I may lie closer to
you and caress you” she commanded in a firm but most alluring

Mark moved from her side and, as commanded, started to unlace
each boot and ease it from her calf. His hands trembled as
they followed the top of the boot down to her delicate foot,
the rich aroma of leather assailed his nostrils, he was
more aroused than he had hitherto known was possible.

With her boots removed, Lady Clarissa cleared the roll
of drawings and arranged herself on the bed. Oh she wanted
him so much, to consume him and envelope him and feel his
smooth young skin under her fingertips and savour the fresh
smell of youth.

She took his hand and guided him to lie beside her, he somewhat
hesitatingly moved toward her and initiated a kiss for
the first time. Lady Clarissa responded gently, but soon
her passion exerted itself and her tongue moved to explore
the inside of his mouth. Mark was again surprised by yet
another new sensation but after a little while responded
with a tentative foray of his own tongue.

After a little while she broke this kiss and directed him
to her neck and he began to nuzzle and caress her ear lobes
and work his way down to her heaving bosom. As he did so she
took his hand and placed it once more on her stockinged knee.
Mark’s hand began a thorough survey of this new territory
and soon concluded that contrary to normal expectations
there were no petticoats, and that easy progress could
be made from silk clad calf to smooth wold of soft warm and
inviting thigh.

As his hand reached this divide she drew his face to hers
and attacked his lips and mouth with a passion that surprised
even her, she lifted one knee and his hand responded by travelling
higher and discovering fresh delights at every stage.
Her hand responded by tracing the outline of his cock through
his breeches and making him groan in mid kiss.

They continued to kiss and explore, Lady Clarissa alternating
between unbuttoning his shirt, caressing him through
his tight breeches and running her hands over his downy
chest. They had exchanged only appreciative murmurs since
her boots had been removed, until she said

“Mark, you are hardly the gentleman lying here next to me
with you boots still on”

Mark was a little taken aback and sat up and moved off the
bed with a rather crestfallen look on his face, perhaps
this had all been a big mistake and he would be punished for
his impudence.

“Now take them off, together with you coat and shirt” she
chided him. Mark’s heart went from abyss to summit in a single
beat as he rushed to remove his boots.

Lady Clarissa could not resist a giggle as he hopped from
one foot and then hither thither and almost falling over
in his desire to please. He reminded her of an eager young
puppy, albeit a well endowed one.

With his boots and shirt removed Mark moved back beside
the bed, smiling happily at Lady Clarissa who was now sitting
up loosening the laces on the front of her gown which now
slipped down to revel her breast presented on the half cupped
corset. She looked up at him admiring his lithe young frame
and reached up to run her hands over his chest, and then she
let one hand run over his stomach and with a practised flick
of her wrist released the waist band of his breeches. Her
other hand joined the first to released to buttons of his
fly. Her hands slipped down over his hips and around to his
taut backside as she eased the fawn material down.

His cock was circumcised, its head was glistening, his
balls were taut and the ensemble was set in a light field
of downy hair. Although it was only of average size Lady
Clarissa judged it to be classically proportioned and
well suited to a wide range of uses.

“Mmmm…. Mark you are a fine a specimen as I had the pleasure
of seeing in some while, and of a huge size too” Lady Clarissa,
knew from well before her metamorphosis to Mistress Mountshaft
that cock size was of much greater import to their owners
than to their users. “If I am not mistaken this specimen
needs some urgent attention if you are not to be injured”

Mark could only gasp as she ran her hands over his cock, gently
caressing his balls with one hand while enveloping him
in a soft squeeze with the other. He could feel a rush in his
balls, and as she sensed it she let him go and stood up and
kissed on the cheek. Mark was in a daze as he stood by the side
of bed with his breeches around his knees and his cock lewdly
pointing skyward.

“Come now perhaps you could unhook my gown and ease my corset
a little” she said taking his hand..

Mark did as he was instructed and soon the black velvet gown
had fallen to the floor and he was rewarded by the sight of
Clarissa’s full curvaceous bottom, accentuated by the
narrow corseted waist. She murmured as he ran his hands
over it and felt its soft texture. All too soon she turned
around and moved back to sit on the edge of the bed again,
she steady him as Mark stepped out of his breeches.

As he straightened she once again resumed her caressing
of his balls while her other hand return his earlier compliment
by tracing the contours of his small firm bottom.

“Ohh Lady Clarissa what have I done to be blessed with such
pleasure that overloads all my senses?!”

“I think Mistress would be a more appropriate from address
in the current circumstance” she replied as her hand encircled
his cock and began to work up and down.

She knew it would not take very long before she could savour
his creamy explosion, as she increased her speed the first
jet easily travelled the short distance between them and
caught her chin, the second landed on her shoulder, the
third in her cleavage and subsequent issues were smothered
by her hand as she milked the last drop. She was so aroused
that she felt she wanted to milk and ride a regiment or more
of similar young cocks.

“Now young Mark, your evening’s work has only just begun”
she said as she swung her legs back onto the bed and lay back
with one knee raised. Even in the dim candlelight Mark to
could see the glint of his cum on her and he gazed in aware
at her shaved pussy which was also glistening with moistness,
as she lay there brazenly with her full breasts proud of
her loosened corset and thigh bare above her knee length

“I want you survey me thoroughly and give a report of the
flavours of all the hills and valleys, peaks and gorges
that you encounter, starting with my lips and the creamy
seed you have just given me”

They set to kissing once more for it seemed an age if not a
whole ten minutes since they had last tasted each other.
The more familiar flavours mixed with Mark's own cum,
which both he and she found erotic and exciting for its illicitness.

Mark’s immediate need for release had been sated, albeit
temporarily, though he did not yet know this. On the other
hand Clarissa was more aroused than she could remember
for some time, and she could not longer hold herself back,
she needed her pussy filled, her clitoris rubbed then,
she promised herself, she would resume her game of patient
seductress and guide. The kiss served only to heighten
Clarissa’s needs, she soon guided Mark’s hand to her wanton
wide spread thighs. Mark’s hand quickly reprised its earlier
survey and moved nearer her love portal, her pussy lips
were swollen and pouting, his finger traced the curve of
her outer lips before plunging into the gorge between them
and releasing a torrent of juices.

Lady Clarissa trust her hips upwards, urgent and desperate
for his touch and her release. They had stopped kissing
now as Mark revelled in the new sensation of his fingers
being enveloped by her silken pussy lips, and the erotic
smell of sex that her flow of juices had released. As she
continued to thrust up against his hand, she guided his
head down to her breast and Mark began to suckle on the erect
nipple which was still pushed up by the white corset. She
pressed her other hand over his so that he was pressing down
onto to her hooded clitoris as his finger continued to sluice
between her pussy lips.

“Ohh make me come Mark….. make me come …. ohhh …ohhh …. suck
on me harder ….ohh ….ohhh” she gasped between pants as she
ground her slippery mound into his hand. She could feel
her juices trickling down the crack between her buttock
checks and forming a damp patch on the bed below as her bottom
bounced up and down.

Then she began to feel the waves of her orgasm starting to
wash over her, rushing from the centre of her loins outwards
in a cascade of sensations as she ground her herself into
him, her bottom gave a final thrust. She went limp with relief
and release, while continuing to enjoy the presence of
Mark’s fingers still moving in a gentle rhythm of their

Mark’s own levels of excitement were rapidly rekindled
as Clarissa’s lust took hold of her and she had used him as
an instrument of her pleasure. The knowledge that his finger,
with some assistance, could unleash such eroticism came
as a complete revelation to him. As any young man he had imagined
how it would feel to make love to a woman in the course of many
lonely night with his cock in his hand. Yet having only tasted
the entrée, he was wondered how much better it could get
when he moved to the main course. His young impressionable
mind had not yet dwelt on the possibilities of the dessert,
yet Clarissa was even now pondering whether to extend his
lesson beyond the main course or whether to hold him over
for future grooming.

As the glow of her orgasm receded Clarissa rang her fingers
through his hair as Mark suckled at her breast, her hips
responded to left his fingers know that they should not

“Kiss me beautiful Mark” she whispered, Mark was now enrolled
into yet another type of kiss, the tender kiss of the sated
lovers, lingering, concerned with giving pleasure rather
than needing it. For these two new lovers there was still
an edge to the kiss, especially as Mark’s fingers were now
slipping into the tunnel portal.

Clarissa now shifted onto her side so that they were facing
each other and moved her hand down to gripped his cock which
had regained its full size some considerable while ago.
They continued to kiss as Mark followed the lead of Clarissa’s
tongue in exploring inside his mouth and began to reciprocate.

“He is a quick learner, I wonder if all engineers are so?,
I always assumed that those of an artistic bent made the
best lovers, mmmmn perhaps I should widen my net beyond
my coterie of artists” mused Clarissa as she caressed his
taut buttocks and stroked his cock.

“Now Master Fitzpatrick, it is time you removed me from
this corset, so we can attend to the further work I promised
earlier this evening” purred Clarissa. She sat up and Mark
removed his slippery hand from her still soaked puss and
set to the task of fully unlacing her corset.

As his fingers worked on the lacing the rich aroma from his
hand was overwhelming especially as he lend forward in
the candlelit gloom to pick up an errant lace, as he did so
he put one finger tight to his nose, the aroma hit him like
speeding carriage and more than replaced the stimulus
of Clarissa’s hand on his cock, he ventured an exploratory
lick with the tip of his tongue, the flavour complimented
the scent with its musky finish.

As Mark’s inexpert fingers fumbled with the lacing of the
corset Lady Clarissa could feel a renewed tingle of excitement,
for the seduction of this fresh young man was full of innocence
and genuine passion. She waited patiently as the last lace
was released and her corset was free, then she turned to
face him cupping her breasts and offering the smooth globes,
which glinted with the sweat of their shared exertions.
Mark needed no further prompting to fall upon their ripe
fullness and suckle each nipple to pertness and bury his
face in their softness.

His unaffected enthusiasm and pleasure in each new delight
swelled her self esteem and with it her labia moistened
once more. She gently deflected his eager lips upward to
her mouth and kissed him with undisguised fervour, her
tongue reaching deep inside him swirling and exploring
until they were both breathless. As they gathered their
breath from her assault she guided them until they lay side
by side, their naked skin pressed together in a simple embrace.

She knew she had to feel him inside her before she left him
for the night and her hands moved from caressing his taut
haunches to caress his cock, which throbbed with palpable

“Ohh Mark you excite me so with your caresses and kisses,
stroke my cherub again” she whispered in his ear.

“My Lady, nothing would give me greater pleasure, for you
puss feels sublime and smells divine”

As Mark’s fingers once again slipped between her raised
and proud labia, and released a fresh flow of juices, she
kissed his neck and sucked his ear lobe, murmuring “You
did not mention all your senses dearest Mark, I hope one
day you may taste the juices you so ably make flow from my
naughty slit”.

Mark could only answer with a gurgle of anticipation as
Lady Clarissa was also alternately cupping and squeezing
his balls. His finger soon found its way deep inside her
slick tunnel aided by Clarissa spreading thighs and thrusting

It was no good, she could not longer fight against the desire
to have a cock, his cock filling her pussy, and whilst she
had been able to resist Silas’s fine specimen earlier in
the day, it was different now, her ache was immediate, the
cure was undeniable. She broke away from Mark’s embrace
and quickly moved to straddle him, once again cupping and
presenting him with her breasts. His hands moved to join
hers in kneading them, she let her hands fall to her sides
as Mark sat up to feast on her nipples.

Once he had renewed his acquaintance so they stood proud
and erect, she gently eased him back to rest his head on the
pillow. She raised herself up and took his cock, which was
liberally coated with pre-cum, and guided it between her
thighs, pressing it back and then letting is spring forward
between her crimson lips. Mark gave ecstatic groan with
each sensuous ‘slosh’, for this was as wet a pussy as he could
ever hope to encounter.

The feel of his cock flicking past her cherub was exquisite,
but she could torment herself no more, and a with the next
grip of his cock she impaled herself in one swift movement.

Before Mark knew it he was buried to the hilt with his balls
nestling against her soft smooth hairless labia. The feeling
of warmth and envelopment was unlike anything in his previous
experience, yet was instinctively the right and true place
for his cock, just as he though the pleasure could not be
improved, it moved to another level as Clarissa started
to slowly ride up and down his young willowy rod.

Clarissa knew that it would not be long before they both
exploded, this was not a time for considered technique,
their natural passions were driving them both, her pace
quickened, she took his hand and pressed their entwined
fingers against her mound, thrusting forward on her upward
stroke, before crashing down, the sound of lurid squelching
filled the room, the aroma of unbridled passion was overwhelming

“Ohh yes….. ohh my goodness …… ohh yes, yes, yes, ….. you
darling dick ….fill my wanton puss …… pump me full of your
hot cream…. yes… yes… yes ….. come now… now…. now”.

Mark’s head was filled with a deafening roar of sensations,
his sense of time and place were overwhelmed, his balls
boiled and the head of his cock seemed almost to be severed
as his spunk exploded, his eyes seemed filled with brightness.

And then suddenly the room was dark with just the sound of
heart beats, as Clarissa collapsed forward and buried
her head beside him on the pillow. Their breaths were laboured,
speech was impossible and unnecessary for some while,
as they wallowed in the pleasure of the shared release,
their slick bodies tightly pressed together.

Eventually Clarissa rolled to one side, feeling rush of
juices course down her thigh as she moved to sit on the edge
of the bed. Mark was too wrapped in the wonder and awe of the
moment to say or do anything beyond utter the occasional
sigh. He was still not sure if he was in dream, or if he really
had lost his virginity in the hands and embrace of this vision
of sensuality, tenderness and beauty.

Lady Clarissa quietly gathered and replaced her discarded
garments, before turning to kiss Mark tenderly on the forehead
and slip out into the corridor. She had now regained her
composure and reminded herself that she needed a good night’s
sleep to ready herself for the rigors of the following day,
Sir Jasper’s requirements were exacting and now demanded
her full attention.

She allowed herself one more wistful glance at the tousled
and slightly bemused young man ‒ this had been more enjoyable
than she had anticipated. She closed the door and returned
to her room and Silas’ patient ministrations. A sound and
satisfied night’s sleep followed.

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