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Mistaken Identity


My loving husband and I have had a wonderful marriage for
thirty years. That’s not to say we haven’t had the typical
ups and downs, from time to time. But, through it all, we’ve
been faithful to our vows and have never strayed. I contend
that two of the important reasons for our marital bliss
are: we both have a good sense of humor and an excellent partnership
in bed. We are always open with each other, regarding our
sexual fantasies. Being so in tune with each other’s needs,
we seem to know immediately when sex has become routine.
That’s when one or both of us will act out some new fantasy
to spice things up. Those fantasies, which often involved
role-playing, never reached beyond the confines of the
two of us -at least, not until recently.

“God Laura, I’m sorry, Honey, ” said a dejected Jim, rolling
off my naked body.

“That’s OK, Baby. It happens to guys once in a while. Don’t
feel bad” I reassured him, glancing down at his limp dick.

“I can’t imagine what it is? You know you ALWAYS make me horny,
with those big tits and sweet ass of yours, ” he said, fondling
my boobs.

“I know, Baby. Maybe you need to relax and we’ll try again
later, OK?” I offered.

He nodded and we settled down for a night’s sleep. His inability
to get it up had happened only a few times over the last 30
years, and that was mostly due to his getting drunk on the
rare occasion. I sloughed it off as stress and rolled over
to my side of the bed. As I started to doze off, I heard the
distinctive sound of him whacking his meat. Suspecting
he was priming his rod for me, I rolled back to face him. He
was lying flat on his back, staring intently up at the ceiling
and jacking on his half-hard erection. Watching him pleasing
himself is always a real turn on for me. Not wanting to interrupt
his obvious fantasy, I gently nuzzled my naked body up next
to him. The effect of our naked bodies touching made him
crank on his cock harder and faster. I felt it was safe to
break into his trance. Besides, I was as wet as could be.

“Are you fucking me, Jim?” I whispered in his ear.

“No Laura… he is, ” Jim said, as if he was in some hypnotic

“Hmm. Who’s that? Who’s fucking me?” I asked.

“This guy, this big guy.”

“Do you know who he is?” I wondered.

“He’s this guy I know from work. He’s fucking you hard with
his big cock, from behind, ” Jim stated, with a little smile

“Ummm. Do I like his big cock in me like that?” I asked, feeling
my pussy twitch.

“Oh YEAH! You like it a lot!”

“What about you, Baby? Where are you?” I begged, seductively.

“Me? Oh, I’m about to stick my cock in your mouth, while he
fucks you, ” he said, increasing his smile.

“Oh yeah, Baby. Like this?” I whispered and lowered myself
to suck in the head of his full sized cock.

“OH GOD YES! YES!” He yelled and dropped his hand.

I leaned over him and took hold of his pole. On my knees with
my ass in the air, I sucked on his cock. Up and down I bobbed,
moaning and dirty talking at the same time.

“Oh God! He’s fucking me so deep. His cock is so big inside
me and your big cock in my mouth. He’s cuming inside me, Jim!
Oh God, Baby! Cum in my mouth! I want to feel you both cum in

I jacked and slobbered all over his swollen meat, until
I felt his body stiffen. His white, hot cum shot to the back
of my throat and cascaded down the length of his rigid tool.
My hand was soaked with his steamy juices, as I continued
to milk him dry. Finishing up my midnight blowjob, I gave
him a cum-filled kiss and we drifted away to sleep, naked
in each other’s arms.

I reckoned that whatever was stressing him out or kept him
from getting hard had been properly dealt with. I was proud
to be able to give him that release, and had fun playing out
our little fantasy game. I decided our sex life would be
back to normal, so there was no harm in my pretending to make
out with another man, this one time. I certainly never imagined
what that one night of fantasy could have led us to.


Our unscheduled sex routinely happens every ten days to
two weeks. Both of us are just on the other side of 50, so I
consider that routine a normal, if not healthy frequency
for having an active sex life. It had been over two weeks,
since our last midnight session, so I was getting anxious
for the next encounter. Jim was putting in extra hours of
overtime after work that week, so he was often tired and
ready to turn in early. Even wearing my skimpiest nightgowns
to bed had no effect on him. Once he hit the bed, he was soon
fast asleep.

Friday night of that week, he was finally home at his regular
time. I suggested we go out for dinner and drinks to relax.
He reluctantly agreed and we headed out for a familiar little
bar we hadn’t been to for quite some time. I purposely dressed
to impress, wearing a short, tight jean skirt and matching
sleeveless blouse.

“Well, don’t you look sexy tonight? Another button, and
you’d have everybody’s attention, ” Noticed Jim, as we
sat together at the unusually crowded bar.

I smiled, winked and slowly unbuttoned not one, but two
more buttons. It was clear to my husband and anyone else
in eyeing distance, that I wasn’t wearing a bra. The tight
jean fabric hugged the sides of my d-size hooters, leaving
my creamy cleavage on full display. My nipples hardened,
as I watched the young bartender’s eyes stare at my chest.

“Uh, that’ll be eight bucks, ” he stammered, placing our
Martini’s down.

“I should charge you at least that much for enjoying the
show, ” quipped Jim, catching the sexy young stud off guard.

The bartender turned a quick shade of red, smiled sheepishly
and nodded at Jim. The seedy little tavern was sort of a special
hideout for us. Over the years we had been there on occasion
to toss back a few, play some pool and shoot darts. If was
a safe, little out-of-the-way haunt that offered just
enough seclusion and crusty atmosphere to be an excellent
stimulus for sex play. We had fond memories of one dark corner
booth in particular, where I had gone down on Jim one late
night. That was years ago and tonight the place was so packed;
that little booth seemed miles away.

“I can’t ever remember this place being crowded like this!”
I said to no one in particular.

“Oh, it’s never like this during the week. I mean, on Wednesdays
you could hear a pin drop in here!” Remarked the bartender,
who introduced himself as Josh.

Handsome Josh kept pace working the busy bar, but gravitated
back to us, when he wasn’t pouring drinks. Being seated
next to the waitress station, we learned all about him and
met Jennifer, the young waitress on duty. Tall Jennifer
was a shapely brunette working her way through college.
Her short tight skirt left little to the imagination and
her dark silky top opened to expose dam near as much of her
firm tits as I was showing. As Jim and I sipped on our second
Martini, I couldn’t help but notice an underlying connection
between Josh and the girl ‒perhaps a deeper relationship
that their barroom banter disguised.

“So Jennifer, are you and Josh seeing each other?” I asked,
being nosy.

“Hell no! Why do you ask?” She wondered, with shifting eyes.

“I’m sorry. It’s none of my business. You two just seem so
close, ” I smiled.

“Well, the management would pissed off if they knew, ”
she started.

“Knew what!” I guessed some dark secret.

“Josh is my little brother, ” she murmured, and touched
my upper arm in confidence.

“OH, I see! I won’t say a word, ” I said, returning her touch
with one of my own on her arm.

“God Laura, you’ve even got that young girl looking down
your blouse!” Observed Jim, while Jennifer went off to
service the tables.

“Oh don’t be silly. These babies are just for YOU!” I said,
swinging my tits from side to side.

“Just for ME? Those are too much for just one man. Maybe I
ought to share ‘em, ” he said, leaning over to kiss my neck
and fondle my breast.

“Ooooh Jimmy, and just who would you share them with?” I
asked and ran my hand up his thigh.

“Hmmm, how about Josh, or maybe Jennifer there?” He countered.

“Ooooh, that might be nice, but I couldn’t have you share
me with someone I knew, ” I said, playing with his fantasy.

“OK then, how ‘bout that guy from my work. You don’t know
him?” He added.

“Are you serious? Oh my God, Jim you ARE serious aren’t you?”
I recoiled in disbelief.

“Hey, it was just a thought. We’re just pretending right?”
He asked.

“I don’t know if you are pretending or for real?” I wondered.

Facing each other on our stools, Jim and I moved closer together.
My head grew dizzy from a combination of that last Martini
and my husband’s hand inching it’s way up my naked thigh.
Closing my eyes, to keep the room from spinning, I felt his
tongue enter my ear. His familiar fingers found my naked
pussy and I spread my legs open to his touch. The sloshing
sound of his wet tongue mixed with my flowing juices to totally
turn me on. I scooted forward on the stool to let his fingers
slide easily inside my saturated hole.

“Lady, you are one hot looking bitch. I could fuck you right
here and now ‒right in front of hour husband. You’d love
that, wouldn’t you?” Whispered my husband in a low sexy

“Oh God yes, but my husband would never approve, ” I sighed,
and ran my hand to his cock.

“Don’t be so sure about that. I think he’d approve, as long
as he could watch.” Replied Jim, fingering my clit.

I was so horny, at that point I would have fucked the whole
bar! Suddenly I felt another person standing in front of
us. I glanced up to see in was the lovely Jennifer. She was
standing, so as to shield our obvious foreplay from the
patrons. Sensing we were now concealed, I unzipped Jim’s
fly and dug inside his shorts. Turning our head slightly,
I opened my mouth to take in Jim’s tongue, as I pulled his
erect pole out of his pants.

“Uh, you guys are definitely a pleasure to watch, but I don’t
know if everybody would appreciate it, ” said Jennifer

“Oh Jen, don’t be such a prude. They’re just playing. No
one’s paying attention to them anyway, ” said Josh, watching
the two of us.

“Yeah Jen, ” I mimicked. “Can’t you see how HARD it would
be to stop now!” I said, with eyes glazed.

Looking up into her dark eyes, I motioned with mine to look
down at Jim’s erection. Her eyes widened and she unconsciously
licked her full lips, as I brought her hand over to feel it.
This was totally out of character for me. I had never shared
my husband with another woman, but the thought of Jim sharing
me with another excited me. Some erotic part of me wanted
to share him with her. Jennifer coyly looked around to make
sure no one was watching, as she wrapped her hand around
his shaft. Watching her give Jim a hand job and feeling his
fingers in my pussy sent me to an orgasm. Biting down on my
lip to muffle my moans, my hand dropped from Jim’s thigh
and conveniently landed next to Jennifer’s hose covered
leg. Feeling myself about to climax in the middle of the
crowded bar, I ran my hand up her thigh and underneath her
short skirt. The damp heat from her pantyhose-covered
mound told me she too was excited. I started cuming all over
Jim’s fingers, when Josh bent over the bar to checkout the
action. I positioned myself so my big tits obstructed his
view, then pulled open my blouse to expose on of my luscious

“Suck my tit, Baby. I’m cuming. That’s it, suck it hard!”
I commanded, and pulled his head tight to my chest.

Josh was no novice to sucking tits, but probably never serviced
one this large. When he soon found there was no way he could
take it all, he focused his attention on licking my areola
and biting my nipple. Nervous laughter and hoots started
coming from the end of the bar. It wasn’t long before the
whole bar was overreacting to our erotic exhibition.

Jim’s fingers made a quick exit, as did an embarrassed Jennifer.
I gave Josh a peck on the cheek, while he gave my tit one final
big lick. Shoving my wet boob back inside my blouse, Jim
and I stood up to leave. The catcalls and innuendos continued.
Josh said something to Jim. I winked at the red-faced Jennifer
and we made our exit.

Jim and I made our way back to the car. I immediately hiked
up my skirt and undid my blouse. Getting in the car, I spread
my legs and fingered my pussy, while I licked on my tits.

“Oh God, that was SO hot! Take me Baby. Come here and fuck
me now. I need your cock so bad!” I demanded.

“Gosh Laura. You are one hell of a sight. Look at you!” Jim
said, eyeing my display.

“You can stop looking Mister and just DO ME!”

“Sorry Babe, I kinda shot my load inside, ” he shrugged.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I yelled in dismay.

“’Fraid so Honey, nothing left.”

“Nothing left? Is that so? Let’s just make sure, shall we?”
I smiled and unzipped his pants.

I reached inside and pulled out his limp dick and sucked
him for a good six minutes, before I finally gave up.

“Hope you’re not too upset, Baby, ” said Jim, zipping himself.

“No, I’m not upset at you. I was all geared up for a nice hard
fucking, that’s all!” I reminded him, as I put myself back
together. “So what was Josh saying to you as we left?” I asked.

“Oh, he just thanked me for letting him suck your tit, and
said we should come by when it’s not so busy ‒say on a Wednesday.”

“And what did you say?” I asked.

“I said I’d have to see in that was OK with you, ” said Jim.

“So, you’d probably like to watch that young stud fuck me,
right? Well, I think this little fantasy of yours is getting
out of hand, ” I figured.

“Hey, I didn’t see you objecting back there!” Jim recalled.

I sat quietly while Jim drove us back home. Trying to shake
off the effects of the Martini’s, I closed my eyes, only
to be treated to visions of Josh sucking my boob and Jennifer
jacking off my husband. I felt my juices leaking out, as
I recalled how erotic it felt when Jim pretended he was another
man fondling me. These naughty sensations only served
to excite me more. All sorts of nasty, lurid ideas flashed
through my head. I simply couldn’t deny their attraction.

“So Jim, this guy you know from work ‒tell me more about him, ”
I said, watching his smile forming.

“Well, his name is…” he started.

“NO, don’t tell me his name. I don’t want to know that; just
describe him, ” I prompted him.

“He’s probably in his thirties. He’s tall, dark and well
built. He is rather attractive and is single. Why, are you
interested?” asked Jim.

“Hmmm, I suppose there wouldn’t be any harm in MEETING him, ”
I answered cautiously.

“GREAT! I’ll set it up for Wednesday and have you meet him
at the bar. I’ll join you two later, you know, just to make
sure everything is OK.” Said Jim eagerly.

“Sounds like you’ve got this all worked out. How long have
you been planning this, you pervert?” I smirked.

He laughed.

“I’m not promising you anything, Jim!” I reminded him.

“I know. I know. If you’re not happy with him, we won’t take
it any further, ” he assured me.

“OK, so how will I recognize this guy?” I asked.

“Tell you what. I’ll have him wear a Pittsburg Steeler’s
cap. And, you should wear what you’ve got on now ‒very sexy!”
He suggested.


The deal was set. As the week wore on, I wondered how I ever
agreed to such an idea. Jim and I weren’t swingers, by any
stretch of the imagination. Our fantasy games, although
sexy and fun, had never included others. What would this
guy think of me? Worse yet, what would he expect from me?
I decided there was no way I was going to let him fuck me. If
I really liked this stranger, I’d let him feel me up or kiss
me; that would surely be enough to make Jim happy. I dressed
as my husband suggested, with the addition of a bra and panties.
Downing a few shots of Vodka for extra courage, I took off
for the bar.

Not wanting to appear too whorish, I only left my top button
open, as I entered the dark little tavern. Josh sat with
his feet propped up on the bar, looking as young and handsome
as the other night. Seeing me, he sprang to his feet and gave
me the biggest smile. I returned his smile with a flirty
one of my own and noticed the place was empty, except for
a man seated at the end of the bar. I could only see the back
of the dark haired stranger, but guessed him to be in his
mid-thirties. A slight chill went through me when I caught
sight of a Steeler’s cap next to him on the bar. This had to
be the guy. Taking a long breath, I sauntered down to the
end of the bar. He seemed intent on watching some football
game on TV, and only noticed me when I took a bar stool next
to him.

“You must be rooting for Pittsburgh, ” I said nervously.

“Why yes Ma’am, I sure am. How could you tell?” He said, turning
toward me.

“I saw your cap, ” I answered, staring up into his dark brown

His eyes lingered on mine, then quickly darted down to survey
the rest of me. “Oh yeah, I guess that’s pretty obvious.
So, are you a fan?” He asked with an attractive smile.

“No, not really. Football isn’t really my game, ” I answered
and playfully ran my fingers through my ash blonde hair.

“And, what can I get you tonight? How ‘bout a Martini?” Asked
Josh from the other side of the bar.

“Yeah, get the lady a Martini and I’ll take another beer, ”
ordered the big man, before I could answer.

“Well, thank you kind Sir, ” I smiled, letting my eyes roam
down his muscular chest and up his powerful arms. “My name
is Laura, ” I offered.

“Mine’s Karl, pleased to meet you, ” he returned and swiveled
on his stool to shake my hand.

His huge warm hand wrapped around mine nearly twice, as
he tightened his grip. He held on to my hand longer than necessary,
just to get my reaction. I laughed nervously and slowly
removed my hand. Hearing the familiar strains of an old
country song, I turned to see Jennifer feeding the jukebox.
Josh returned with our drinks. Considering Karl’s size
and power, a wave of skepticism swept over me, but I trusted
that my husband wouldn’t have set me up with just any kind
of guy. I slurped down the strong Martini in no time.

“So Laura, if football isn’t your game, what do you like
to do?” Asked Karl, lightly running his finger down my bare

“My God, he’s coming on to me! Just hang in there girl!” I
said to myself, feeling my body starting to heat up.

“I suppose one contact sport I like is dancing, ” I said
coyly, watching his finger make its way down my forearm
to my hand.

“Well then, if we hurry, I’ll bet we can beat the crowd to
that dance floor, ” said Karl, taking hold of my hand again.

There was no crowd, of course. I decided that might be as
romantic a line Karl could come up with, as I let him take
me to the dance floor. I soon discovered there was little
pretense with his dancing. Well over six feet tall, his
huge frame smothered my 5-foot 5-inch body. Like being
swallowed up by a grizzly bear, his large arms surrounded
me and pulled me close. He was a good dancer though and before
long I felt comfortable and surprisingly safe in his arms.
The more we swayed together, I began to feel his dick pressing
against my abdomen. By the song’s end, his hands were on
my ass; pulling me tight against his erection.

“Hey, you’re quite the dancer Karl!” I said, pulling away
from his grip. “Time for a refill, don’t you think?” I suggested,
and escorted him back to the bar.
“Really?” I asked, trying to recall just what I had done.

“Oh yeah! If the place hadn’t been so dam crowded, I would
have probably fucked you right there on the bar, ” she said,
taking a generous step towards me. “So, tell me what your
nasty mind is up to tonight, Honey, ” she asked, brushing
back her long, curly brunette locks.

Laying her hands on my shoulders, she let them ease down
my chest and unbuttoned my blouse. “See my husband and I
play these fantasy games…” I started, as she undid another

“Go on, I’m listening, ” she whispered, staring into my

“Well, up until last week, these fantasies never actually
involved other people, ” I continued, as she unbuttoned
the rest and pulled my blouse out of my skirt.

“OK, I see. Tell me more, ” urged Jennifer, taking my blouse

The sweet young fragrance of her perfume filled my senses,
as she leaned over and kissed my bare neck and unhooked my
bra. I tried hard to catch my breath, as she seductively
pulled my bra off and raised one of my melons to her mouth.
As she licked and sucked my nipples, I pulled back.

“Uh, no offense, but I’m not really into other women, ”
I stated, and criss-crossed my arms to cover my bare chest.

“I know. Neither am I. Its just that Josh said your tits tasted
so good, I had to try them for myself, ” she said, lowering
herself to her knees.

“He said that? God, he’s such a cute stud. Imagine him liking
the taste of old lady tits?” I thought, as Jennifer ran her
hands under my skirt.

Suddenly, she ripped down my panties, raised my skirt and
buried her face in my pussy. Her talented tongue found my
g-spot immediately. Losing all control, I fell back against
the washbasin and let her bring me to a quick orgasm.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GODDDD!” I yelled, as Jennifer sucked
my fresh juices.

Frozen in disbelief, I watched foxy Jennifer scoop up my
panties and bra and stick them in my purse. She kissed me
full on the mouth, letting me taste my own cum. As quickly
as she had seduced me, she fixed my skirt and returned my

“Now, what were you saying about fantasies?” She asked

“Oh yeah!” I said, shaking my head awake. “Jim arranged
for me to meet this guy here.”

“That big guy, Karl?” She asked.

“I guess so. Anyway, Jim thinks it would be a thrill to watch
another guy kinda get it on with me.” I admitted shyly.

“And you’re sure he picked that guy, Karl?” She asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know. Karl comes in her every once in a while. He’s
sort of a womanizer ‒been trying to get in my panties for

“Well, I don’t know about that. Jim just said this tall guy,
with a Steeler’s cap would be waiting for me…”

“So what’s your husband’s big plan?” She asked.

“I guess, if I like him, I’ll seduce him a little. Jim should
be here anytime. Personally, I think once Jim sees me putting
the make on Karl, he’ll be happy enough. I hope!” I said.

“Well, just be careful Laura. That Karl can get pretty carried
away, ” Jennifer warned. “Oh, one more thing. I liked kissing
your big tits, but I REALLY loved the taste of your pussy!”

I gave her a “thank you” kiss and we went back into the bar.

“Gosh Laura, did you fall in? I thought maybe you got tired
of me and left!” Said Karl, from the end of the bar.

I laughed and downed my second drink, “No way, Big Guy! Jen
and I were just having a little girl talk.”

“Little more than girl talk, I’d say!” Karl remarked looking
at my open blouse.

“Oh shit!” I muttered and started to button up.

“Now don’t go and do that! I like a woman with big hooters, ”
he smiled and yanked me onto the dance floor.

“Tell the truth now. You and that girl were smoochin’ in
there, weren’t you?” He asked, running his calloused hands
under my blouse and up my bare back.

“Why would you say such a thing, Karl. I’m not into that!”
I said.

“Oh yeah? So, you like doing it with guys?”

“You bet!”

“Prove it!” He demanded.

“OK, I’ll prove it!” I said and took his head in my hands and
kissed him.

Letting my fingers roam through his hair, I opened my mouth
and deep-Frenched him. He shoved his tongue in my mouth
and brought his hands around to fondle my tits. Circling
his fat tongue with mine, I sucked it in hard. He gripped
my melons like they were tomatoes, as I pulled back.

“How’s that for proof?” I winked at him.

“Not bad, but do I detect a taste of pussy?” He smirked.

“YOU FUCKER! After a world class kiss like that, and you
still think I’m not into guys? The hell with you!” I yelled
and jerked away from him.

He pulled me back and held me tight, while I tried to squirm
away. The more I tried to escape, the more he tightened his

“Let me go, you fucker. You hurting me!” I cried, pretending
to be in pain.

“KARL! Let her go now!” Josh advised.

“Shut up Junior! This ain’t your affair. The lady has something
to prove and she ain’t done it yet!”

“Karl, cut the shit out, or I’m calling the cops, ” warned

“No Josh. Don’t call the police. I’m sure we can work this
out, ” I said to Josh, remembering Jim would be along soon.

“That’s right Josh. We’re gonna work this out aren’t we
little lady?”

I nodded submissively.

He and took hold of my upper arm. With my blouse wide open,
my tits swung to and fro, as he walked me back toward the restrooms.
I gave a reassuring glance to Josh and Jennifer, as we neared
the men’s room. Just then, directly in front of us, the front
door opened. There was Jim followed by a tall black man in
a Steeler’s cap. The four of us stopped dead in our tracks
and starred at each other. Jim, of course, had no idea what
was going down. I was suddenly and painfully aware that
Karl was NOT the guy I was supposed to meet.

“Jesus Laura, what’s going on?” Asked a bewildered Jim,
starring at my chest and Karl’s huge hand holding my arm.

“Oh not much, Honey. Just seems to be a case of mistaken identity.
I’ll be alright, ” I said, half-smiling at Jim and his friend.

“The little lady here has something to prove, then we’ll
be right back. Is that OK with you?” Asked Karl, holding
me hostage.

Jim was visibly shaken, but nodded just the same, as Karl
pulled me into the restroom. Certain that Josh and Jennifer
would explain things to my husband, I reconciled myself
to my fate. Locking the door to the small restroom, Karl
began to undress. Without a word, I followed his lead and
stripped out of my clothes. With both of us standing there
stark naked, the big man spoke.

“You’re being very cooperative ‒that’s nice. I’m really
not such a bad guy, once you get to know me, ” he said tugging
on his sizable cock.

“I never said I didn’t like you, Karl. You just have to learn
a little patience, ” I said, taking hold of his meat. “See,
I thought you were the guy my husband lined me up with tonight, ”
I said, stroking his fat cock.

“So, your old man likes watching guys fuck you, is that it?”

“Well, up until now, it has been one of his fantasies, ”
I remarked and sat down on the toilet seat.

I pulled him toward me and took his growing erection into
my mouth. Fondling his balls, I began to suck him harder
and faster. His hand massaged my tit, while I slobbered
and sucked down his tool.

“Your husband is going to a lucky man tonight and you are
gonna be one, sore lady, ” he said and pulled my hair to suck
him deeper.

As his cock pushed against the back of my throat, I felt it
growing. I backed away and felt the girth of it expanding
by the second. Soon my jaw opened to its fullest and my lips
were stretched to the point of tearing. It was far too big
for me to suck. I moaned in pain, as I slowly withdrew it from
my arching mouth.

“Can’t handle it, can you?” Laughed Karl, as my pussy wet
with desire for it. “Before the night’s over, you’ll be
begging for it, ” Karl said. “Until then, let’s give your
husband an appetizer, shall we?”

He held my head still with one hand and jacked his mammoth
meat with the other. I sucked on the bulbous head of it, until
I tasted his precum. Circling my tongue around and around
the head, I sensed he was ready to ejaculate.

“OK bitch, here it comes. I’m gonna fill that beautiful
mouth of yours with my cum, but don’t you swallow!” He commanded
and let go a long stream of white hot cum into my mouth. “Don’t
you swallow bitch! Here comes some more, ” he grunted and
deposited another full wad of thick cum. As it leaked from
the corners of my mouth, he used his cock to force it back
in. My cheeks puffed out, as he shot one final stream down
my forehead and nose. I looked up at him and moaned. We dressed,
as he continued to remind me not to swallow his plentiful
load. Unlocking the door, he walked me back to the bar.


“OK Laura, now give your hubby a nice big kiss, ” Karl said.

I walked to Jim and let him get a nice look at what a cum-covered
slut I had become. A mixture of abject apology and disgust
shown on his face, as I took his head in my hands. He recoiled
as I pulled his face nearer. Pressing my lips tight against
his, he got a nice whiff of Karl’s fresh cum. I closed my eyes
and edged my tongue past his tight lips. Letting out a familiar
moan, I brushed my naked tits against him. Turning his head
slightly, his mouth opened and I stuck my tongue in deeper.
He pulled my body to his. Feeling the beginnings of his erection,
I opened my mouth and released Karl’s entire load into his
mouth. I saw his eyes open wide, as he dealt with the copious
amount of starching white cream. The first taste of another
man’s cum coming from his wife fully aroused him. I was so
turned on watching him, I needed to be fucked right then.

Karl had gone to lock the front door during our kiss. When
he returned I was in the middle of disrobing my husband.
I sneaked a peak down the bar and saw Jennifer’s hand come
out from under her skirt. Apparently Karl had seen what
I had.

“Well now, what do we have here, a side show? Did that turn
you on, little girl?” He asked Jennifer snidely.

“No! And I’m NOT a little girl!” She stated.

Karl went over to her and put his hand under her skirt. She
pulled his hand away.

“Jennifer, you little slut. You’re not wearing panties!”
Said Karl, licking his fingers. “I think you lied when you
said Laura and Jim didn’t turn you on.”

“So what if I did?” Said Jennifer defiantly.

“Hmmm. There’s nothing wrong with being horny is there
Laura?” Karl asked.

“No, ” I answered politely and reached for Jim’s belt buckle.

“See Jen, Laura’s not shy about it, is she? Why she’s so horny,
she’d fuck anything with a cock about now. Isn’t that so,

I nodded, smiled and pulled Jim’s pants down.

“Why don’t you sit next to Laura over there and see how she
deals with being so horny, ” suggested Karl taking hold
of her arm.

She ripped her arm from Karl’s grip and came to our table.
She flopped down in a nearby chair, spread her legs open
and slumped back like a pouting little girl.

“Karl, you better watch yourself, ” reprimanded Josh.

“Oh don’t you worry Joshy-boy, there’s plenty of sweet
pussy to go around tonight, ” Karl laughed. “So Hubby,
why not introduce us to your friend, who was supposed to
pork your old lady?”

“His name is Steve, but I never said anything about him….”
Said Jim, standing, while I stroked his erection.

“No, you didn’t. Excuse me. Laura told me that, ” Karl explained.
“Steve, why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself to

The tall, silent black man stood up next to me, smiled and
said hello. I reached up and shook his hand and returned
his hello. He started to return to his seat, when Karl stopped

“So Steve, you got a thing for old white pussy?” Snickered

“She don’t look that old to me, ” said Steve smiling down
at me.

“Thank you, ” I whispered up at him.

“Well Laura, what do you think of that? I think the man would
fuck you, if you let him. Why don’t you see if he’s got anything
worth fucking, hmmm?”

“Should I Honey?” I said, holding on to Jim’s cock and looking
up at him.

Jim smiled and nodded, as I licked some precum from his cock
tip. Still kneeling on the floor between the standing men
and slumping Jennifer, I reached up to Steve’s belt and
undid it. Tall Steve stood silently with his hands on his
hips, while I undid his pants and pulled them to the floor.
Jen nervously shifted in her chair, as I pulled Steve’s
shorts down. Steve’s extra long black cock sprung to immediate
attention and slapped the side of my face. I heard Jim slapping
his meat behind me, as I ran my hand from the base of his tool
to the pinkish head. Steve’s stunning ebony meat got Jen’s
attention, as she secretly hid her hand under her skirt

“Josh, what are you doing?” Cried Jennifer, seeing her
brother now standing between Jim and Steve.

“Just came over for a better look. Don’t want to miss the
action, ya know!” Answered Josh staring down at my boobs.

“You want in this action too, Baby?” I asked.

Not waiting for his reply, I went to work on his pants. Josh’s
young, delicious 8-inch cock had a delightful little turn
in it. I reached and stroked it with my left hand, while I
long-stroked Steve’s cock with the other.

“God Jen, so many delightful choices. What do you think?”
I asked turning toward her.

Jen had seen enough, and was thoroughly aroused, perhaps
at finally seeing her brother’s cock. She stood up and tore
open her top and stepped out of her skirt. Her large rounded
tits were every bit as big as mine, but her slim tummy, long
legs and trimmed pussy were more than I could compete with.

“I think I’ll start with you, ” she said to Jim and walked
him over to the pool table.

I figured that was my cue to start sucking some cock, as I
watched my husband first mount the pool table, then Jennifer.
I soon discovered Josh’s cock was the perfect size for deep-throating,
so I had him lay on the floor. Leaning over to suck Josh off,
Steve entered my pussy from behind. Finally, my first real
fucking in three weeks! I was on fire. Listening to Jim and
Jen balling each other, only made me fuck harder. Steve
thrust his long black rod into my cunt, so hard I kept losing
my mouth-hold on Josh’s tool. Soon I felt Steve grip my ass
and thrust in me one more time, filling my pussy with hot
spunk. He pulled out his cock and I immediately mounted
Josh on the floor.

Josh’s sweet cock wasn’t as long as Steve’s, but it was much
thicker. This brought me to an unexpected orgasm. The longer
I rode him, the more intense my climax became. When he reached
up and pulled my tits I came again. Leaning down, I let him
suck my boobs and slow-fuck me with long strokes. Pulling
my ass cheeks apart, he inserted a finger in my asshole and
I came again. In the middle of that orgasm, he turned us over,
hoisted my legs up to his shoulders and deep fucked me. His
stamina was remarkable, as he pounded my pussy relentlessly.

“Jesus Christ Josh! Are you ever going to cum? How long can
you keep this up?” I said, running out of breath.

“I can go all night for you Laura, if you want?” He said, with
a devilish grin. “Maybe you’d like to take a break?” He asked.

“That might be best, Baby. You’re wearin’ me out!” I exclaimed.

He let my legs down and slowly pulled his slick pussy-pleasing
meat out. I sat up and looked over at the pool table, where
Jen had just finished fucking Steve. Pulling myself up
to the pool table. I could easily see she was nearly exhausted
as I was.

“Hi, that felt top looks a little more comfortable than
that fucking floor. May I join you?” I asked.

The long-legged brunette moved over to one side and motioned
me to join her. “I’m afraid the slate on this thing isn’t
much better, but welcome aboard, ” She offered.

I climbed up and slid next to her. Facing each other, side
by side, we fondled each other’s big melons and smiled.
Josh went back to the bar to fix us some drinks, while Jim
and Steve stood on either side of the pool table ogling us.
Karl the instigator, sat uncharacteristically quiet
on a barstool, surveying the situation.

“That husband of yours sure gives a good fuck, ” whispered

“I know. Steve’s very good too, but he’s so fast, ” I remarked.

“I know what you mean! So, how’s Josh?” She inquired, running
her hand over my hip.

“Ummmm. Baby, your little brother is one mother-fucker!
We must have done it for a good 20 minutes and he still didn’t
get off. You should do him, ” I suggested and ran my hand
between her closed thighs.

“Me, do Josh? Are you crazy? That’s fucking incest! Beside,
he’d never…” She started, as I shoved my hand closer to her
trimmed bush.

“Never say never, Jennifer! If you’ve ever thought about
what it would be like, now’s as good a time as any to try. Don’t
you think?” I whispered and teased her pussy lips with my

She let out a moan and raised her leg, allowing me full access
to her pussy. Recalling how she had pleased me earlier,
I swiveled around and started eating her out. A good portion
of Jim and Steve’s cum oozed out of her tight hole, as I spread
her lips apart. Frantically, I sucked and lapped up every
last drop, until I was left with nothing but the taste of
her sweet nectar. I heard Josh’s voice serving the drinks
to the other men, and knew he was at Jennifer’s head of the
table. Maneuvering Jen’s pelvis for a good tongue-fucking,
I felt her hands pull my hips over her. We were locked in a
lesbian 69, with my ass facing directly at Josh. Jen and
I licked away at each other’s pussies, until we were both
on the verge of orgasm.

“Dam, I wish that bartender would do his job, and serve me
a stiff one!” I said loud enough for everyone’s ears.

“Yeah Josh, go on and give her a stiff one!” Laughed Jim,
from my end of the table.

I briefly looked back to see Josh climbing on the pool table
behind me. The next sensation I felt, besides Jen’s tongue
on my slit, was Josh’s cock sliding down my ass crack and
easily into my saturated pussy. He picked up right where
he had left me, as his deep thrusts filled my cunt. I knew
Jennifer had a wonderfully unobstructed, close-up view
of her brother’s cock fucking me. It was only a matter of
time, before she took advantage of the situation. Josh’s
strokes began to slow, as Jen’s tongue teased the edge of
my pussy and his dick simultaneously. He gave me one more
deep thrust and with his hard cock throbbing inside me,
I heard him let out a yell. Jennifer was sucking her brother’s

“Oh GOD, I’m CUMING! I can’t stop it! God DAM!” Josh yelled
and I felt the first shot of his hot semen in my pussy.

I lunged forward and sat up on my knees, while his cock erupted
and fell out of my pussy.

“Take him Jen! TAKE HIM!” I commanded, and moved off of her.

His sister automatically shoved her brother’s shooting
cock into her mouth. “NO, No, I can’t. It isn’t ri---“ Josh
yelled, trying to stop the inevitable.

“Yes Josh, you can do it! She wants you. See!” I said, massaging
his ass.

He finally looked down at his beautiful sister wantonly
sucking his potent cock. Licking my fingers, I slowly inserted
two of them into his rectum. Bending them slightly I stroked
his prostate gland, which took him to the ultimate climax.
There was no holding back now. His thick cock erupted stream
after stream of starchy jism into Jen’s mouth, before she
whipped it out and sprayed her massive tits with it. I was
enjoying the whole erotic sight, when Jim and Steve took
me by my arms and helped me off the pool table.

“What are you guys up to?” I laughed, knowing full well what
they had in mind.

They led me to a back office with a sleeper sofa. They had
pulled out the sleeper.

“Now this is more like it boys!” I said, appreciating their
concern for my comfort.

I stretched out on the thin mattress, spread my legs and
beckoned Steve to mount me. The thin black stud wasted no
time in impaling my waiting pussy with his long rod.

“Take your time Sweety. There’s no rush. Now come here Jim
and let me suck your cock, while you watch your friend fuck
Jim knelt, while I sucked him off and tried to pace the black
stranger. Poor Steve simply couldn’t control his excitement.
My pleading for him to slow down only seemed to make him want
me more, as he prematurely shot his wad into me again. Jim
was so taken with Steve fucking me, he soon emptied his load
in my mouth.

“My, you guys sure are full of spunk tonight! Am I’m that
sexy to make you both cum so fast?” I smiled and massaged
my pussy and tits. “Can’t you see I need a nice slow fucking?
Now which one of you can give me that, hmmmm?”

“You rang Ma’am?” Said Karl from beyond the shadows.

“There you are Karl! I was wondering what happened to you?”
I asked, writhing on the mattress.

“Just biding my time little lady ‒waitin’ ‘til you needed
a decent fucking, ” he said disrobing.

Grabbing hold of both of my legs at the knees, I spread my
pussy wide to accept his fat cock. He knelt at my snatch and
slapped his fat dong against my wet pussy.

“So, is this what you want, Baby?” He scoffed and parted
my lips with his big cock head.

“Yeah. Give me all you got big boy. Fuck me now!”

He slowly fed the rest of his erect dick into me. The girth
of his tool stretched my lips, as it filled my vagina. I knew
from the restroom escapade, there would be more stretching
required. Letting my legs drape over his strong arms, I
felt his meat growing inside me with each thrust. Staring
up at Jim, with a face of despair and desire, I screamed.

“YES KARL, YOU BASTARD! Fuck my pussy, fuck me hard!”

Trying my best to wrap my legs around his large frame, I squealed
as his swollen cock pistoned in and out. After several minutes
of frantic fucking, he slowed his pace. He was making me
savor the subtle flexes of his full meat inside me. Feeling
his master tool against my cervix and rolling my clit, I
had my first of many orgasms with the big man. Thirty minutes,
maybe 45 went by, and he was still reaming me out. The two
of us turned into a steamy sweaty mess and the other two men
were loving every sultry minute. Finally Karl’s grunts
and lingering deep thrusts told me he was ready to explode.
Gazing overhead, I could see Steve’s cock glistening with
precum and Jim, surprisingly wasn’t far behind.

“Come on Baby! Give me all you got! I want your hot cum in my
pussy. Don’t stop! Yes, YES!” I screamed, as huge Karl emptied
his enormous cock in my love hole. His juice instantly lubricated
my sore pussy, while Steve shot out another load from his
long black monster onto my tits.

“See what a cum slut your wife is? Come on Jim. I need your
cum on me. Come on Honey and give it to me!” I begged, as my
husband milked out another shot of transparent cum on my
face. “Ummmm, such lovely cocks! I could eat you all up!”

I got to my knees and sucked each man’s spent cock until they
were clean. Wearing the cum on my face like a badge of honor
or a rite of passage, I followed the three of them back to
the bar. Josh and Jennifer were going at each other like
a pair of first time lovers. Jen was like some primal feline
riding a bucking stallion. Her long dark curls and massive
tits flying wildly with each rhythmic thrust from her brother.

“Je-sus, thank-God your-back Lau-ra!” She yelled, between
thrusts. “We-been fuc-king like this, since you left.
I can’t make him cum!”

“You poor baby! Josh, you are SUCH A STUD! Let’s see if we
can’t rectify this problem, so to speak. Josh, come on now,
you don’t want to wear out your welcome, do you?” I said,
tugging on his arm.

“Dam, she’s so fucking beautiful. I mean you BOTH are, but
I never realized how long I’ve wanted her!” Exclaimed Josh,
loosening his grip on his sister.

“And, I want you too Josh. I just need a break, WHEW!” Said
Jen, as she climbed down from the cum-stained pool table.

I had Josh and his 8-inch slick boner sit down on a straight
chair. Dipping my fingers in my own honey pot, I spread plenty
of spunk over my asshole. I spread my legs and backed up to
his lap. Lowering myself down, I felt his rod on my pussy.

“No Baby, I need you to fuck my ass! That’s it right there.
Now, don’t move; let me take you in.” I instructed and slowly
let his thick meat slide inside my puckered hole. Once I’d
taken it all I brought his hands to my tits and had Jennifer
feed him her big tits. As he sucked on Jen’s melons and played
with mine, I began contracting my sphincter around his
cock. The more I tightened, the more his cock throbbed inside

“Oh GOD! It’s so tight, and your tits are so beautiful!”
He yelled, between sucks.

“That’s right Baby! I’m gonna make a tit-man out of you yet.
Now you need to fuck my ass and shoot your wad in my asshole,
OK?” I said and started hard-riding his rigid rod.

Listening to the slurping, sucking and popping sounds
behind me, I knew his sister was doing her job. I held his
hands tight on my chest and made him grip my big jugs, as I
pile-drived his wicked cock into my ass. While the other
three men stood and jacked their cocks at my face, I rode
Josh to a quick climax.

“Ummmm, that’s it Baby. Shoot that hot jizz into my fucking
asshole! God, it feels so good!”

Black Steve worked up another load for me, which I eagerly
sucked in my mouth, as Josh pumped in a few last spurts of
cum. I climbed off of his still hard meat, turned and formed
a boob sandwich with Jen. With his head buried between our
melons, Josh slobbered and sucked our hard nipples. He
had died and gone to boob heaven. At least that’s how he expressed
it later.

This was the first and last time the six of us got it on. Jim
and I still frequent that seedy little bar. When the time
is right, say on an occasional slow Wednesday night, we
always ask Josh if he wants to close up early. He’s never
said “no” yet.

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Well hell hot story, Some of it turned me off but still hot