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Mike's Wife


This is a story that never should have happened, and I will
be the first to admit it. It did happen though, and let me
tell you, at least, in the end, it has provided some great
masturbation memories for me, ever since!

I'd known Mike and Keli for several years now, and Mike
and I often played golf and had lunches, and got together
on weekends. They were a nice couple, and had a pretty good
marriage, except for one thing which I personally never
understood, and that was every so often, Mike would have
brief "flings". I don't know how many times
in the past I'd told him if I had a wife as cute and sexy
as Keli, I'd damn sure keep my dick in my pants, and mostly
all he would do is laugh. All in all though, I thought he loved
her and I knew she loved him, and so whatever!

At the time, I was married too, and my wife and I were having
some problems. I'd moved out and gotten a small apartment,
and we were separated, and didn't know if we would begetting
back together at all. My relationship with Mike and Keli
didn't change though, because I'd actually known
them since before I'd met and married my wife, and for
some reason, she (my wife) had just never accepted them
as the kind of friends I had. So even after my separation,
I was still often dropping by for dinner and drinks and good
conversation, and none of that had changed.

One thing had changed for me though, and that was sex! It
was bad enough that my wife and I hadn't been sexually
active together for a couple of months before the split,
but now, three months later, I was beginning to get desperate!
I'd been out of the dating scene for so long, and I hadn't
even really known how to start again. I did masturbate though,
let me tell you I did! I've often though about the fantasies
we have when we all masturbate, and I was willing to bet,
that more often than anyone will admit, our masturbation,
fantasy partners tend to be people we know, more often than
movie stars or other famous people. For me, and I would NEVER
had admitted this to Mike of course, for a very long time,
his wife Keli, had been just one of my personal masturbation
fantasies, and that was just a fact.

Like I told you earlier, I'd told him so many times to
keep his dick in his pants, always adding comments about
how pretty Keli was, and how "I" could never
cheat on her like he did, and I honestly meant it, every time
I said it to him. I mean Keli wasn't the Barbie-style,
hot sexy model type, no, instead, she was more of of cute,
sexy, girl next door type, that hot girl/woman most of us
only fantasized about when we were younger. We were all
in our mid-thirties though, but you'd never guess
Keli was, or that she was a mother of two boys! She was maybe
five-five or so, and couldn't have weighted more than
125. She had shoulder length, dark brunette hair and pretty
green eyes, and a VERY nice body! I'd seen her in bikinis
many times, and let me tell you, she was hot!

Oh, she liked to complain that after child birth and nursing,
her 34C boobs sagged to much, but her waist was still slim,
just a slight, sexy tummy, and her ass, well if you asked
me, her ass was to die for! It was so round and firm yet small,
and all I could guess, was soft too! I also knew more than
a few things about Keli sexually too. Mike sometimes has
a big mouth, but honestly that's just guys sometimes,
especially ones that are close friends, we talk! A few drinks,
a few too many drinks and we talk, brag, complain, that sort
of thing. For instance, I knew that Keli did and OK job at
sucking cock, but, at least according to Mike, she did swallow.
I also knew she like having her pussy licked, and also according
to Mike, she even had a kinky side, and that was having her
ass licked too! He said he wasn't really into that himself.

After he'd told me that one, I'd almost said back
to him that IF she were my wife, and wanted her ass licked,
I be licking it every night! Of course I never said it though.
At any rate, one of his major complaints was that Keli just
didn't have as strong a sex drive as him, and that one,
I'd always had trouble believing. I figured it was
more like his way of justifying in his mind, every time HE
would go out and fuck, another woman behind her back! OH
well again, it really was none of my business, except they
were both my friends! The best thing to do however, at least
usually in situations like that, was to just mind my own
business anyway, and NOT, get caught in the middle. At least
that was MY policy!

And so, it's a Thursday night, and I actually didn't
have to work the next day. I'd gotten home and had taken
a shower, and was just drying off, trying to figure out my
dinner plans, when the phone rang. It was Keli calling,
and she wanted to know if I'd like to come over for dinner.
Hell yes! Free food, a few drinks, and we could all sit and
B.S. I told her of course, and that I'd just gotten out
of the shower, so I'd be over in thirty, forty minutes,
if that was OK. She said it was, and so we hung up and I got ready.
Now this was a pleasant surprise and it certainly solved
my dinner plans for the evening!

I should have know something was up! The moment I pulled
into their driveway, I didn't see Mikes truck, and
that was a bit unusual, given that he was usually home well
before then. My next clue should have been Keli herself!
She was dressed, in a light green summer dress, and it was
very easy to tell, she was NOT wearing a bra under that dress!
Not only that, but you could tell she must have just showered
recently herself, and she'd even put on a little make
up and perfume, which seemed a bit extreme for three people
just having a casual dinner at home! As soon as I stepped
in, I asked her where Mike and the boys were, and she told
me the boys had gone on a camping trip with her parents for
a long four-day weekend, and that Mike, well he was out of
town on business, and wouldn't be home until Sunday!

I SHOULD HAVE, kissed her on the cheek, thanked her for the
invitation, and turned around right then, and left! I didn't.

As soon as I was in the door, she told me that with everyone
gone, she'd just gotten lonely, and knowing I might
not have plans for the evening, I was the first person she'd
thought of. OK, innocent enough, so maybe I just needed
to calm down and relax. In all the years I'd known her
Keli and I had never really flirted, and an occasional hug,
a kiss on the cheek, and maybe a peck on the lips was all we'd
ever had between us, so I told myself again, to calm down,
and just relax! Dinner was fantastic, and I could tell she'd
put some real effort into making it. Between the two of us,
we also managed to finish off the better part of a bottle
of wine, and after dinner, as we cleaned the table, she asked
me to go fix us drinks, while she finished cleaning up.

I knew what she drank, and I knew what I drank of course, and
I absolutely knew where there bar was, and so I fixed the
drinks for both of us. When I returned to the kitchen she
was done, since her version of clean up that night at least,
was to rinse the dishes, and then leave them in the sink.
She lead the way into their living room, and then we both
sat on their couch. Keli was sitting a little closer to me
than I would have thought, well, appropriate I guess, but
I didn't say anything. She then proposed a toast, as
since she upended and drained her glass, I did the same.
My head was already spinning a little and so I KNEW hers had
to be too, but when she asked me to get us each other drink,
I agreed anyway.

We at least sipped the next drink as we talked, and then,
suddenly out of the blue, Keli reached over, put her hand
on my knee, and blurted out;

"So Steven, who is is fucking now?"

"Do you know her, please be honest and tell me if you

WOW, talk about a bucket of cold water being thrown in your
face! I stammered a little but admitted honestly I didn't
and that was the truth! I told her so, and I think she believed
me, but then she asked me if I'd known all about the ones
in the past, making sure to stress the "s" in
ones! I stammered again, and for a moment at least, she let
me off the hook, telling me it was OK, don't answer that,
but then, she added a "yet"! Having said that,
she stood, and did a sort of wobbly, slow, 360 turn around,
and then with her hands on her hips, she looked down at me
and asked me what was wrong with her! I told her nothing was
wrong, and then she asked me why, why did he do it then? I didn't
have an answer, and then she did something that, well, I
damn sure should have left then, only of course, I didn't!

Reaching behind herself, she quickly pulled the zipper
to her dress down, and then just as quickly, she let it slip
to the ground! All my fantasies, in none of them had I pictured
her THIS sexy! She stood there in only her panties, and yes
her tits sagged a little, but to me, they sagged just perfectly!
And then came the question, did "I" find her
attractive, but before I could even answer, she also added
she knew I did, she'd seen the bulge in my pants more
than a few times, and so why did he, her own husband find her
as attractive? Now how the hell do you answer any or all of
that, especially with her standing there, almost naked
like that? Her next confession was even more shocking,
when she told me that she and Mike hadn't had sex in a
month, and so THAT'S how she knew he was at it again with
someone else.

One thing surprised me, well honestly this who night had
been one huge surprise so far, but the one thing that did
puzzle me, was that not once, had she cried! Suddenly she
was sitting next to me again, and once again her hand was
on my knee. She then asked me if I had known about the ones
in the past again, and I nodded a weak yes, and then she added
that she was willing to bet that I didn't know about
one! OK, there was the bait, now was I supposed to take it?
I mean this was ALL getting more than a bit out of control,
and I KNEW I should leave. Before I could react, she was again
standing up, and looking down at me, and that's when
she told me. The one she was pretty sure I didn't know
anything about was MY WIFE! Of all the shocks of the entire
night, this one was of course, the biggest!

I looked into her eyes, pulling my eyes away from her tits
for a moment, and I knew she was telling me the truth. Less
than a year ago, I had a suspicion my wife was fooling around
on me, put I hadn't been able to prove it. I'd known
it in my heart, and even accused her of it, and THAT, had really
been the beginning of our marital problems in the first
place! Right then, Keli slid her panties down and off, and
NOW, she was standing in front of me totally naked! All I
could look at was that beautiful, dark, thick but neatly
trimmed bush, between her legs! With all she'd just
told me, with all the millions of thoughts now racing through
my mind, all I could do was to sit, and stare at her pussy!

Her voice snapped me back to reality, as she told me she was
sorry, but someone had to tell me. She then said she was sorry
again, and asked why. She said that or rather she asked me
if she was or wasn't prettier, sexier than my own wife,
and if I were Mike, which one of them would I want to fuck more!
Talk about a question that no SANE man would even try and
answer! I mean I was separated, but still married, and right
up until then I thought at least I still loved my wife! Now
I learn my best friend has fucked her, and all while HIS wife
is standing naked, in front of me! I didn't have an answer,
and I just sat there, staring blankly. The next thing I know,
Keli is on her knees in front of me, pulling my legs apart.
Next she's undoing my belt, my pants and then pulling
them and my underwear down and off!

I mumbled something and I think it was even to try and stop
her, to tell her this was wrong. I even put my hands down there,
which she promptly brushed to the side, and then her words,
her words bit into me as she spoke, and I will, for the rest
of my life, never forget what she said! I don't think
she was even talking to me, more like a self conversation,
but I heard her, every single word!

"Oh My God why Steven!"

She was looking right at my hard cock, sticking up, fully
erect in front of her face.

"Why, why would SHE, your wife want to even fuck him,
when she had you?"

"Your cock is longer, and thicker, and harder and
so fucking beautiful right now!"

"So why the fuck would SHE, want to even fuck him instead
of you?"

So many questions though out this whole thing that I either
didn't have an answer too, couldn't answer, or
didn't want to, but then again, as I said before, I think
these were almost more statements, rather than questions
for me to answer! Her soft lips touched the head of my cock,
I heard myself telling her no. She came off of me for just
an instant, and she said "yes!" Her lips were
right back on me then, and I watched as the head of my hard
cock, slipped into her mouth! What a fucking ass Mike was!
According to HIM, she couldn't suck cock that well
or as HE put it, she was JUST OK? What a fucking asshole! Her
lips were sliding up and down my hard cock, and at one point
I think I even muttered something about how LONG it had been
for me, and I FELF her going "hum" around my hard
shaft as she sucked me.

Not only that, but she licked, man did she lick! The underside
of my hard cock from base to the head. All around the head
of my cock and then back down, and even better, she was definitely
a "ball licker" as well. Right then I was more
in lust with this woman than ever before, and as far as I was
concerned, she gave FANTASTIC head! So good in fact that
I actually had to tell her, if she didn't slow down,
she was going to make me cum! All the got was another long
"hum" as she sucked me up and down, and then licked
me from top to bottom again! I was close and once again I told
her, and this time, her reaction was to suck me down, swallow
me all the way down, to the base of my throbbing cock. All
the way down then back up. All the way down then back up, several
more times, and then all I had time to do was warn her,

"Keli, your goanna make me CUM!"

My cock jerked hard in her mouth, and I could feel myself
spurting! As soon as my cock jerked the first time, and the
first spurt shot out, I swear to god she let out yet another
LONG, LOW, "HUM", and then as I moaned, she was
busy, sucking hard, and swallowing my entire and I was sure,
quite large load, as you see, it had been two days, since
I'd last even masturbated! My orgasm seemed to me at
least to go on and on, but eventually the contractions in
my balls and cock eased, and I felt her easing the pressure
from her lips, but still she held me in her mouth, letting
my cock gently now slip in and out, and sucking even more
gently. Soon enough, she did let me slip from her mouth.
I was still hard, and my cock glistened with her saliva,
as believe me, SHE had swallowed all of my cum!

She then did THE single most erotic thing, as she licked
her lips, and then looked right into my eyes, and TOLD ME,
how good I tasted! I immediately reached down and pulled
her up on top of me, and kissed her, our first real kiss, and
it was a passionate one! As soon as I broke our kiss, I stood
up, taking her with me. Now I was looking down at her, and
I told her, we needed to go to bed. She looked down then back
up at me, and all she said was, "Yes Baby". As
I lead her into her bedroom, nothing on earth could have
stopped me from making love to this woman at that point in
time! My own wife could have walked in, and I would have told

Keli pulled back the covers, and I finished undressing,
and then we both got in bed, naked, together. As I held her
and we kissed, her hadn went back to my hard cock, and she
squeezed it. She then told me in a soft whisper, that she
had really desired me for a very long time. Well, tonight
was THE NIGHT for confessions I guess, and so I didn't
hesitate, telling her, that SHE had been my fantasy, masturbation
dream for a very long time as well. This seemed to really
turn her on, and she kissed me again, this time even harder.
I had a feeling she would have fucked right then, if I'd
wanted her too, but I had different plans. She'd tasted
me, and now I had to taste her. Slowly I sucked her hard nipples,
and licked her tits, and then slowly I worked my way down.

Immediately she flattened herself out on her back, and
spread her legs wide, as I moved around, down and in between
them. Leaning over, I breathed in her womanly odor. Her
pussy smelled wonderful, and so now I HAD TO have a taste!
I began licking her, slowly at first, listening to her low
moans, and feeling her body's movements. Little by
little I began to build up pressure as well as the intensity
of my licking. Eventually I was licking and sucking on her
hard little clit, and then working my fingers in and out
of her very wet pussy as I did so. She tasted so good, so FANTASTIC,
I would have stayed down there between her legs for hours
if she'd wanted me to, but then suddenly it was her turn,
and suddenly SHE was telling ME, she was going to cum! I don't
think she even had the words out, for more than a few seconds,
before she climaxed!

Her body spasmed and jerked and then my face was suddenly
flooded with her pussy juices, as she cried out "OH
YES" and then went into a series of moans and groans
that just went on and on! DAMN, this woman could CUM! Her
orgasm lasted until the point where she had to shove my head
from her crotch. Right away, she was tugging at me, and pulling
me up and on top of her. We kissed hard, and then as she reached
down between us and grabbed my cock, she moved it to her wet
opening, looked me right in the eyes, and told me to fuck
her! Sliding my cock inside of her was pure heaven, and I
had to hold myself back, not to just thrust it into her. I
held back though, wanting to remember this moment, wanting
to remember every inch of her hot, wet, velvety smooth pussy,
and how truly tight she was!

As my balls hit her ass, and rested against her, I felt her
legs tighten around me and she groaned. She then kissed
me, and when she stopped she spoke again, and her words were
truly erotic!

"Oh my God Steven, your cock is so much better than

"Oh God Steven, your cock is so much better, and FEELS
so much better, so please don't ever forget that!"

I pulled out and thrust back in, out and then back in, and
suddenly she was no longer talking, because she was moaning!
I fucked her, and I fucked her as long, and deep and hard as
I could. IF, this was going to be a one time thing, then I damn
sure was going to make the best of it! I did vary my pace though,
sometimes fucking her hard and fast, and sometimes, almost
teasing her, as slow as I was going. She clutched and clawed
at me, and moaned and groaned. After a little bit though,
I realized she might be one of thos women who have trouble
climaxing in this position, but I also had a trick that had
always worked on my own wife, and so I decided to try it on

Pulling almost all the way out of her, but just leaving the
head of my cock inside of her, I lifted my weight almost entirely
off of her, and held myself still. I told her to put her legs
together, and she seemed puzzled but did it. I then straddled
my legs outside of her, and lowered myself back onto her,
easing my cock back into her as I did. I then forced my crotch
hard against hers, and began to move. As I rubbed my crotch
into her, my cock would slip and slid in and out of her, and
at the same time, my crotch would rub hard, against her CLIT!
It took all of maybe a minute or two and she was suddenly clutching
my ass cheeks, and groaning loudly! I picked up my pace,
and now I was sliding hard against her as my cock slid in and
out of her. I could feel her fingers digging, into my ass,
and then, all hell broke loose!

She was like a mad woman, screaming out that she was cumming,
and then my cock and balls were absolutely flooded with
her juices, as her body went wild beneath me! It was one hell
of an orgasm, and we rode it out together. I eased up, as her
orgasm eased, and then I went slow, letting her catch her
breath. Slowly though, I began building momentum again,
and before you it, SHE was having yet another intense climax!
Hey, this position worked every time on my own wife, and
so I guess I was just lucky, it worked on Keli too! By the time
her second orgasm had subsided, she pushed me off of her,
telling me "no more!" Of course, what she meant
was no more for her, as she knew I hadn't cum again, yet,
and so after just a moment, she got up, and pushed me onto
my back, and she mounted me!

Now it was my turn to be clutching her ass, and as those wonderful
tits of hers swayed and bounced just in front of my face,
she bounced up and down on top of me, sliding her wet puusy
over my cock as fast as she could! At that rate, I lasted,
oh, say, maybe, all of thirty seconds more, and then I was
clutching her hard, as I grabbed her ass and RAMMED her down
onto me. I held her against me, as my hips thrust up off the
bed hard, and I pumped my hot cum into her wet pussy!

"Oh God Yes Baby!"

"That's it!"

"Shoot it in me!"

"FILL ME, with your hot cum!"

I pulled her down even harder against me, and kissed her
hard, just to shut her up! It was for me too, a VERY, intense

We rocked against each other, and held each other, until
long after, I'd stopped shooting into her, and long
after, my cock had stopped jerking inside of her! Eventually,
she rolled off of me, and I let her go. Laying there, side
by side, neither of us spoke for several minutes. She was
actually the first, and she told me that was wonderful.
At that point, I honestly didn't know what would happen
next, but she turned, and curled up against me, and asked
me to stay, to spend the night with her, and right then, I
was too fucking tired to move anyway! I'd love to tell
you that at some point during the night, we both woke up and
made love again, but sometimes, reality, is just not fantasy!
We both slept straight though the night.

I did wake up the next morning though, to THE most wonderful
feeling, as she was already, sucking my hard cock! Just
like the night before, only with no alcohol this time, she
gave me the most fantastic blow job ever! Yes, I came again,
and yes, she sucked me off and swallowed every drop! Of course,
I wanted to return the favor, but she insisted we shower
together, and then she cooked me a huge breakfast, promising
we had all day to spend in bed together! True to her word,
after breakfast, and totally sober this time, we were again
naked, and again, in bed together. Once again, I was between
her legs and once again, licking that wonderful tasting
pussy! LOW SEX DRIVE? Was Mike just fucking crazy or what?

So far at least, MOST if not all of what he'd told me about
her just wasn't true! And so, I decided to test one other
thing he'd told me, this time hoping at least it was
true, but we'd see! As I was licking her pussy and she
was getting more and more excited, I suddenly lifted one
of her legs, went straight down, and ran my tongue, across
her asshole! A loud, and resounding, "YES!"
gave me my answer, and so I finished flipping her over, and
right away, she stuck her ass in the air! Moving quickly
I got behind her, and then, I slowed down. I licked the small
of her back, and then I licked slowly up and down her ass crack.
The first few times, I purposely skipped past her asshole,
and I FELT her shiver, and HEARD her moan!

About the forth time I skipped her asshole, she groaned
loudly and then almost cried out begging!

"Please Baby Please!"

"PLEASE, Lick it for me!"

I pulled my head from her ass and I told her to tell me what!
I told her to tell me WHAT she wanted me to lick, and to tell
me now, and I WOULD, lick it for her, as long as she wanted
me too! Her response was immediate!


"Oh God Baby PLEASE!"


MY response was immediate then too, as I lowered my face
back into her ass, and THIS TIME, I started directly licking
her sweet, little brown, and puckered asshole!


She cried out, and then moans and groans, her ass wiggling
as I licked her, as I licked it. Hey, if Mike considered this
kinky, if he didn't like doing it for her I did, because,
"I" considered it, driving her wild with lust!
I licked and I licked, and then suddenly she blurted out
a whole series of "FUCK ME's!"



She cried out, and I pulled my face from her ass again, and
got up behind her, and rammed my cock into her hot, wet, pussy,
and I fucked her! I was slamming into her, my balls slapping
hard off of her ass, and I could feel her fingers as she masturbated
away furiously, rubbing her own clit! Her orgasm was both
powerful, and intense, and it took us both by total surprise!
As she bucked and screamed out, it was all I could do to hold
her ass and keep my hard cock inside of her! At one point,
I'd even stopped thrusting into her, just doing my
best, to keep my cock in her, and to keep her ass, pressed
into my crotch! As she began to settle down though, I began
thrusting again, and THAT is when she stopped me.

I was in mid-thrust when she blurted it out, when she asked
me, if I wanted to fuck her in the ass!

I almost fell against her, and my "WHAT?" was
probably a little bit louder than I'd intended, but
then again, she had taken my by complete surprise with that

"You heard me, I want you to fuck me in my ass!"

"You want to, don't you?"

"YES, Oh God, Yes!" I blurted back out at her,
and her only reply then was for me to do it, to do it NOW!

My cock was slick with her juices and I knew that, but did
she know? Had she ever done this before? Did she know what
she was asking me? I had to throw it out there and ask her if
she was sure. Her reply of yes she was sure, was strong, and
too the point, and so, I lined up. I put the head of my hard
cock right up to her asshole, and pressed. Not enough to
penetrated, but enough so she knew I was doing it. SHE, pressed
back, and even before I could do anything else, I'd
penetrated her! The slick head of my cock had popped, right
inside of her ass, and I heard her sucking her breath in,
and then I heard her groan. I felt my balls tingle, and right
then I knew I might not even be able to get my cock really inside
of her ass, before I came! AND SO I PAUSED!

"Oh God No Steven, DON'T STOP!"

"Go slow baby, but PLEASE, DO IT!"

"PLEASE, put your cock in my ass, FOR ME!"

I eased forward, and began sliding inside of her. She groaned
and moaned, I'd stop, and SHE would tell me to keep going.
SOON, I felt my crotch, resting against her soft ass cheeks,
I was, all the way inside of her, all the way, UP HER ASS! She
started to wiggle and moan and I had to tell her, she was going
to make me cum. I hadn't even stroked either in or out
of her at that point, and I KNEW, I was going to cum! Her hadn
was again underneath herself and she was again, masturbating
furiously. I held still, hold her ass in my hands, and with
my hard cock buried all the way inside of her. I knew if I moved,
if I did anything, I was going to cum! SHE GROANED, SHE MOANED,
and SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS CUMMING. I pulled out and thrust back
in, and I was cumming too!

"Oh YEAH!"

"Cum in my ass baby, let it go, and CUM, in my ass!"


I don't know which one of us was shaking, jerking, shivering
or convulsing more, her or more, but I do know, it was an extremely
intense, and mutually combined, orgasms! I fell back,
my cock almost being shot back out of her ass, and I swear
as I did, some of my own cum shot back out off of her, and landed
on me! We both fell down, me on my side behind her, her on her
side, quickly moving back and "spooning" up
against me. We were both out of breath, breathing hard,
trying to catch our breaths, and neither of us spoke. Once
again, as well both settled down, it was HER that spoke first.
Was this, becoming a pattern? She told me I was her first.
I knew what she meant, anal sex, and she didn't have
to spell it out, nor did I have to reply as I held her tight,
and squeezed her against me.

Eventually you settle down, you always do, and then, her
again with her questions. She wanted to know if I had really
masturbated while thinking of HER. What the hell, it had
all been "true confession time" and so I told
her I had. I even told her I had a picture of her, one of her
in a bikini. I don't even remember when I'd taken
it, but IT was almost worn out now, from me looking at it,
as I jerked off, and thought of her! We both laughed, and
she told me then, we'd certainly have to take some new
pictures of her for me to jerk off too!

And so, where to go from here?

Well, we eventually got out of bed, another shower together.
We had the whole day, and so, she took out one of Mike's
credit cards, and we went shopping. Sexy clothes for her,
sexy underwear, and nities. For me, a brand new camera,
Polaroid, since digital wasn't around back then,
and also plenty of film! Later that afternoon, I took well
over three-dozen photos of her, ranging from innocent
and sexy, to downright hot, naughty and nasty! We had sex,
stopped, ate, drank, had sex again. We took more pictures,
and had more sex! SHE, really, really did get off on me licking
her asshole, and on anal sex, but she liked it all as well!

We spent the day and then another night together, and finally
late Sunday morning, I left. I'd lost count, of how
many times we "did it" that weekend, and all
I know is that I know that I set a personal record, at least
for me! When I left, both of us left things "open",
no closure, and not promises either! People come and they
go. They pass through each other's lives, and sometimes
they stay a while, sometimes not. Keli and I continued our
affair another six months, and then, I was back together
with my own wife. Mike and I, well, as you might guess, never
as close as before, but still an occasional round of golf
or two. HE had fucked MY WIFE, I had fucked his. The difference,
I don't think that HE ever knew!

Eventually they moved and the last I had heard, divorced!
I hope, I pray that Keli found the man she deserves, the man
she needs and who needs her!

All I know, is that even after all these years, I can still
take those pictures out, and still, get instantly hard,
and OFTEN, she still is my masturbation fantasy, even though
I do really love my new wife. Somewhere out there, I hope
you feel the same, Keli, MY Keli, if only for a short time
in our lives!

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I've almost lived the exact same experience, except
she wasn't my friend's wife. That is one helluva
story. My God!


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God this was so flippen hot ! Woow eeeee for sure thk you !


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That was so fucking hot!!!
My pussy is dripping! you can fuck me anytime.


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great story..


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I'm surprised that after you fucked her in the ass that
first time that she didn't turn around and clean off
your dick with her mouth. After all, you had eaten her ass,
she could hae had a taste of it too. By the way, one very hot
story. One question also, Mike never knew, but did your
wife find out? Did you ever tell her that you know that she
has fucked Mike? Did you ever say anything to Mike about
him fucking your wife? Get on with the rest of the stry. I'm
sure you could write about more that happened in the next
six months that you and Keli were together.


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Dang !! That was HOT ! #-0


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That is an awesome story. It got me so aroused.


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AROUSED my god I'm busting in the seams. AWESOME STORY


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Great story, write again soon


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One hell of a story with one great woman to bad that men r so
stupid when they have everything right there and still
want to savor other areas, i'm talking about her husband
of course he will never get it he probably thinks his such
a stud/lady's men what a joke on his part yes I hope she
got and found what she wanted and was looking for she deserves
better. Great story it really got me off good. THANK YOU...


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hot very hot hotter than a two peckerd billygoat.


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Hey sexy man you can come to Scotland anytime and give me
some of that i'll return the compliment in full.x.


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Great story, one man's junk is another man's treasure.!!!
I'm glad things worked out for the 2 of you. Your story
took me back to a time long ago, but not forgotten.


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Great story


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yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy great story


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very hot story


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That was hot!


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It sounds to me your with the wrong woman. If Keli is divorced
and you can find her with the exceptional experience you
had with her, the explosive sex, the conversations, likes
and dislikes you both should be together.