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Midlife crisis. A woman's story and point of view


We often hear of stories where men reach a certain age and
go through so sort of middle age crisis. Society tells us
only men experience a sudden lack of confidence in their
ability to attract a person of the opposite sex. Yet when
I was turning forty and nearing my sexual peak I had those
same desires and those same insecurities. Not to suggest
I wanted another man but my mind and body were behaving differently.

Of course as a woman I am not permitted to tell anyone. And
I certainly wasn’t supposed to act stupid like my husband
did when he was near an attractive younger woman. I forgave
him since that is what men are allowed to do. I accepted that
even though I was a very sexual creature I was not supposed
to have those feelings. Yet privately, when a well dressed,
handsome male passed by me something within me stirred.
And for me the two characteristics of men I found especially
appealing were their clothing and their cologne. Oh my
how my body and mind reacted while hiding it from them.

Many times while having lunch with a girl friend, an interesting
man would catch my eye. Immediately my mind would wonder
what kind of kisser he was. How would his strong powerful
hands feel wrapped around me while holding me tight to him?
How my breasts were crush against his chest as our sexual
organs tensed up being only inches from each others. My
panties would grow moist yet I kept myself composed and
acted like the proper, boring, nonsexual creature I was
supposed to present in public.

And I don’t want to make it sound like my husband was some
kind of dog. He was a kind man, good lover and appreciated
all I offered him both inside and outside of our bedroom.
And it has always been flattering to me when he comments
about my breasts which are hard to hide. Jeff claims he has
always been a boob man which is the reason he asked me out
in the first place. I prefer to think he asked me because
of my personality but our marriage worked out so chalked
it up to a difference of opinion.

There were many heated nights when we laid on our bed together
while Jeff massaged my breasts and made wonderful comments
about them. My nipples harden quite easily so in no time
at all, he would notice the affect he was having on me. Personally
I was never ashamed of sharing that part of my sexuality
with him and in fact encouraged him to tell me how my body
looked to him. We were husband and wife and when two people
make that kind of lifelong commitment they are free to share
an honest, healthy bond when being intimate.

And as the years had passed and we were together for almost
twenty years, our sex life remained very strong almost
as if we were still first wed. Jeff knew my sexual responses
so well, that even if I was not in the mood when he first asked,
he got me in the mood rather quickly. And the heat my hormones
created was unstoppable so when Jeff was ready, I was there
for him to take me for as long as he could last.

As a woman the most personal aspect of my sexuality was not
intercourse. Sorry that is always great, but more for the
man than the woman. Although I love feeling close to my husband
and having him inside of me. No the most personal aspect
of my sexuality was when he forced me to climax. I lose my
self control, dignity and ability to think logically.
In other words I am exposed and complete vulnerable at that
crest of intensity that he witnesses as my husband and my

I knew I would never act on my urges concerning other attractive
men yet they remained strong within me. The most challenging
times were when Jeff was on the road for his job and I had our
home to myself. Our son had moved out which gave me time to
let my fantasies wander. A glass of wine would always get
me started as I would draw a hot bath and relax.

My body responds well to caressing and even though Jeff
was not there to caress me, the hot bath water did the trick.
For me the funniest part of having a fantasy night alone
was letting my mind loose and seeing where it took my body.
In some ways I reverted to being a young woman just going
through puberty as I dreamt of a stranger staring at me while
I was exposed in front of him. That brought me a real sense
of danger that was so strong I could hardly catch my breath.
So as my mind wandered down paths it should not have traveled,
my body warmed up until I had to reach under the water and
begin to stimulate my swollen pussy.

And as long as I am bearing my soul I will also admit I loved
my vibrator and dildo. A good percentage of sexually active
women have them even if they deny it. On my fantasy nights
I would then dry off and somehow make it to our bed where I
had them waiting for me. I can’t say they made me as excited
as Jeff, did but they did a good job enough to get me to climax
if not once then twice on a good night.

I have shared all of this personal information about me
because I wanted you to understand I may be proper but I am
also sexual. It is just once again, women are not supposed
to show that side of themselves in public.

My story actually begins on a night when I was supposed to
pick Jeff up from the airport. I was more than happy he was
coming home after being especially horny for the few days
he was gone. I had used my vibrator and dildo but for some
reason they had not taken away my edge. Dressed in a cute
short sexy skirt and rather low cut top I drove to the airport
tingling inside. I wanted him to see me and immediately
know what my plans were for the rest of the night together.
For me once my mind is engaged in sexual thoughts, my body
responds quickly.

I took a seat being careful to make sure my short skirt didn’t
ride up too high when a very handsome man took a seat directly
across from me. I immediately felt my body reacting yet
I offered him the usual polite smile as our eyes met and the
parted quickly. Inside my temperature had been simmering
all day long thinking of Jeff so the last thing I needed was
another temptation.

I swear the man had the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen
and I found it shameful that I stared at him as much as I did.
And it didn’t take long before his cologne floated into
my head and my thoughts. I felt my nipples harden just sitting
across from him. It felt like my bra was a size too small as
my body grew more alive.

He returned the polite smile causing my pussy to stir in
my panties which clung to my opening. His eyes were piercing
the way they traced my shape especially focusing on my chest
and my legs which I kept crossed of course. I would look away
or pretend to be reading a magazine when I would glance his
way and see him looking at me again. It was innocent and somewhat
cute while neither of us spoke a word. It was the most erotic,
nonverbal exchange I had ever been part of.

I reminded myself the man I truly loved would soon be pulling
me in his arms. Yet the sexual creature within me was on the
prowl causing me to not think like a proper woman should
be thinking. Each time I looked back at the handsome stranger
hoping he would not notice, our eyes met with about as much
fire as two people can create.

It was truly the oddest predicament I had ever been part
of. A total stranger was making me feel like a school girl
all over again. Somehow my brain and common sense stopped
working the way they should have. And when a woman’s voice
came over the loudspeaker and announced my husband’s
flight had been delayed I stared one last time at my handsome
stranger before getting up and walking into a lounge a few
feet away.

Ordering a martini I sat at the bar trying to compose myself
with another hour to kill before Jeff would be on the ground.
And as I turned I saw the man who I had played the sexy cat and
mouse game walked into the lounge. I remembering thinking
to myself, “oh crap”, this is only going to make my hour
more challenging.

Inside my mind I was not sure if I wanted him to approach me
or not. I knew it was wrong to continue this game I had played
with him but I had gotten myself so aroused I didn’t want
it to stop either. The man was six feet tall, very well dressed
and like I said had the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen.
Immediately I felt my heart pumping harder in my chest as
he approached me at the bar.

“Hello, ” he said as he walked up to me with a bright
smile as his greeting. “Hello back, ” I said or something
else just as stupid. And when he got to my side, his cologne
filled my heat to the point I began to feel dizzy. He offered
me his hand as I reached out to shake it and the moment our
flesh touched each others, it was like nothing I had ever
experienced before.

It made absolutely no sense since I had never seen him before
nor did I even know his name. While holding my warm hand in
his, our eyes remained glued to each other without a word
being spoken. My panties were getting moister by the second
as he and I just froze as if we had cast a spell on one another.
Finally I regained my wits enough to pull my hand back and
embarrassingly looked away.

He remained silent as well and took the bar stool next to
me and ordered a drink. Inside my nerves were wound tight
yet there was no logical reason why I should have been feeling
the way I did. I also noticed his wedding ring and I am sure
along the way he had noticed mine as well. Clearly we each
had our own lives full of love, joy and happiness yet fate
had brought us to this point for reasons I will never understand.

Just sitting next to him at the bar was very awkward for me
as I was very much drawn to this stranger. Like I said in the
beginning of this story, as a woman I also felt some kind
of mid life crisis yet I never imagined it would make me feel
the way he was making me feel. I sipped my martini not knowing
what to say or if I should say anything at all. Clearly there
was this unmistakable chemistry even though we didn’t
know each other.

And when I did glance sideways at him I saw his eyes roaming
over me and that along sent my entire body into frenzy. While
staring straight into the mirror behind the bar, I watching
him looking at me. Inside I was screaming at myself to just
get up and walk away yet I didn’t want this excitement
to end. My nipples were completely swollen as my breast
heaved on my chest. And I have no doubt he noticed but remained
gentleman like and never made a comment.

Respectable woman like myself don’t experience things
like this or at least I never had before. It was my first attempt
at feeling like I was a character in a romance novel and the
handsome stranger was about to carry me off in his arms.
And because I was so aroused I finished my martini and ordered
another even though I knew I shouldn’t have had a second.

His stylish suit and well groomed hair only made it worse
for me the longer he lingered by my side. Checking my watch
I noticed I still had almost an hour before my husband would
be on the ground. “Are you waiting for someone”? He
asked me after an agonizing few minutes had passed. “Yes
my husband, ” I replied as I lifted my hand to show him
my wedding ring as my way if telling him I am not the kind of
woman. “Lucky man, ” he replied as I smiled without

I don’t know why but I then took my finger tip and ran it
over his wedding band as he watched but remained silent.
“Lucky woman, ” I said softly and turned back to sip
my martini. I kept telling myself I was a happily married
woman. And I believe he was a descent respectable man since
he never made any insulting comments or gestures during
our time with one another.

I can say I definitely married the right man and was appreciative
of Jeff even with all his faults. I don’t why fate had brought
this stranger to me at that point in my life. As I sat next
to him remaining quiet most of the time I also knew no matter
what this was or why it was happening, I would leave with
my husband and never see this man again for the rest of my
life. It felt like one of those moments in time when life
throws you a curve ball. Thank goodness I was not good at
hitting curve balls.

Yet while he was near me my body and sexuality were being
twisted into knots tighter than I had ever felt. How could
it be that my desire for him was so overwhelming and I never
even knew his name? In fact I knew nothing about him yet I
needed to be near him. I excused myself saying I needed to
use the ladies room and left feeling like it was time to escape
before I wrecked my life.

I was practically gasping for air as I walked back into the
main concourse in search of the ladies room. I am sure I outwardly
looked as flustered as I felt inside although I didn’t
see anyone staring at me. It was as if this strange private
fantasy of mine was being played out in real life and only
I knew about it. I stood in front of the mirror adjusting
my makeup and hair as other women walked in and left without
noticing me. I told myself to get a grip, remember why I was
there in the first place and get the latest update on Jeff’s

The board had not been updated as I made my way to the airline
counter to speak to an attendant. With each step I felt my
pussy gushing in my panties making me as uncomfortable
as I have ever felt. And when I heard from the airline employee
that Jeff’s flight had returned to New York and was rescheduled
for the next morning, my heart sunk in my chest.

Every fiber on my being told me to head straight for my car
and leave yet I paused in the main terminal unsure. Would
he still be in the bar? What if he was and what was I really
prepared to do? I was no longer a teenager with a silly crush
on some boy. I was a grown woman who had lived her life as faithfully
and respectably as I could. Why had this temptation appeared
at one of my weakness moments?

I don’t think I was breathing as I walked back into the
bar planning on wishing him well and say my good bye. He turned
as I entered, offering me his mesmerizing smile which melted
me on the spot. But I was determined to stay strong and walked
up to him offering him my hand one last time. “My husband’s
flight got canceled. So I have to pick him up tomorrow, ”
I said matter a fact like.

Our eyes met once again and the fire was unbelievably hot
once again just like the first time we saw each other. He
extended his hand to meet mine and as his fingers wrapped
around my warm hand, my breathing began to struggle all
over again. “We have to stop this, ” I whispered in
his ear as our bodies grew closer to one another’s. With
my head filled again with his wonderful cologne he pulled
me a little closer to him and whispered back, “I know we

“Do you want another drink?” he asked as I pulled back
clearly ratted. I tingled from my head to my toes like never
before. “I really shouldn’t, ” I replied although
I felt myself wanting to stay a little longer. I found out
his name was Rex and over the next hour I also discovered
he had two wonderful sons, a successful career and a perfect
marriage. He showed me a photo of his wife and son’s. Lisa,
his wife was a petite woman, very attractive as I expected
she would be. He asked me about Jeff and our so Tommy as we
chatted like old friends. At one point Rex completely surprised
me when he told me his flight had been canceled hours ago
and he only stayed in the airport because of me.

“But we are not the kind of people who do this sort of thing, ”
I said softly to him as we sat at a table in the corner. Rex
agreed quickly assuring me he had never cheated on his wife
and never thought he ever would until he saw me. It was as
if we were in our own little world for this one night.

If it happened once it happened a thousand times that I told
myself to just stand up and leave. Yet I remained at his table
as if I was in complete control. Rex finally stood up after
we had finished our drinks. “I’ll walk you to your car
so I know you will be safe, ” he said as he reached for my
hand. Feeling his touch once again affected me as we walked
through the terminal out towards the parking garage.

It was one of those early, unseasonably warm spring evenings
when the flowers are in bloom and the air smells clean and
fresh. “I really do have to leave, ” I said to him as
we approached my car. “I know you do. I completely understand, ”
he replied. “Can I ask one favor and if you say no, I will
understand, ” Rex said softly after I had unlocked my
car. He could see the tension in my eyes as I turned back and paused
before asking what favor he wanted from me? “Do you think
it would be alright if we shared just one kiss? I mean I don’t
think we will ever run into each other again, ” he said
facing me.

Again all rational thoughts had been wiped away either
by his magnetism or the martini’s. “If we kissed, do
you think that would be cheating on Lisa and Jeff?” I asked
him while feeling my legs growing weaker by the second.
Somehow we both agreed that one kiss would be permitted
since this was the only time in each of our lives, we would
have the chance.

Rex reached for me as I felt his arms wrap around me pulling
me tight to his powerful frame. Inside my mind I was screaming,
“I can’t believe I am going to do this, ” yet as his
lips pressed to mine, my inner screaming stopped. I withered
like a flower in his arms as my breasts crushed against his
chest while our lips remained glued to one another’s.

It was a long drawn out, torrid kind of kiss that neither
of wanted to pull back from. I felt myself floating on a cloud
while being held in his arms. And as the kiss continued I
began to feel his manly organ growing hard as it pressed
against my skirt and panties. I did not panic or get upset
since my panties were soaked of course. And when Rex finally
released me, I stumbled backwards for a step or two with
my head spinning. It was truly the most wonderful kiss just
like you read about in a novel.

Looking at Rex I could see he was as affected by our kiss as
I was. “Where were you twenty years ago?” I said as we
both began to laugh as our way of dealing with the unbelievable
affect we had on each other. “I don’t know but I wish
I had met you back then, ” he replied while smiling with
his deep blue eyes still shining. Even though we joked about
it, Rex and I both knew we were lucky to be married to wonderful
people and not each other.

Being caught up in the moment is one thing but I quickly felt
some guilt as Jeff reentered my thoughts. “Please don’t
take that statement wrong. I still love my husband and am
very glad I married him, ” I said hoping to save some dignity.
Rex agreed and told me he was very much in love with Lisa and
was glad she was his wife. We were like two strangers who
ran into each other in the dark and realized it was a miracle
yet only for a short time. We each had our own lives and families
and our meeting would end quickly.

Not wanting to say good bye but knowing I had to, I watched
as Rex took my hand while reaching in his pocket. Looking
down I saw a room key for the Hilton next to the airport. “No
don’t give me this, please Rex we both know this would
be wrong, ” I said while holding the key out to him to take
back. “If you decide to show up, I will be in the lounge.
If you don’t I understand, ” he said before offering
me a warm smile and turned and walked out of sight.

I began to tear up as I climbed into my car. When Rex was soon
out of sight I started my car and headed out of the parking
structure. Traffic was light so in no time at all, I was on
the freeway headed back to my empty yet safe home. But I continued
to glance at his room key resting on the passenger seat,
I took the next exit. I was not going to sleep with him, but
I didn’t want this to end on a bad note. I respected Rex
as a man and knew he had taken a huge chance giving me his room
key. I knew he loved Lisa as much as I loved Jeff.

I adjusted my skirt and top before I walked into the lobby
in search of the lounge. My heels clicked on the marble tiles
as I made my way towards the doorway. I felt like some kind
of hooker making that sound although no one really gave
me a second look. When I walked in the lounge there was Rex
at the bar with his back to me. Reaching down for all the courage
I had left, I walked up to him and placed his room key next
to his drink on the bar.

His soft eyes looked at me standing next to him for the longest
time. “I can’t and we can’t, ” I said to him. But
Rex looked as ashamed as I felt while trying to explain to
me he was fighting his own urges and struggling with the
same issues I was struggling with. “Do you want a drink?”
he asked as he placed the key back in his pocket. “No I really
should get going for good, ” I replied while not making
any effort to walk away.

I wanted him to kiss me again in the worst way but I knew it
would be wrong on some many fronts. “And this time don’t
walk me to my car. We both know what happened the last time, ”
I said as we both laughed off some of the tension we felt.
As I turned to leave, Rex reached for my hand and briefly
prevented me from moving. I froze in my tracks feeling his
warmth touching me again and the affect was more than I could

Call us both foolish but as we left the lounge hand in hand
we agreed we would not sleep together even if we were going
to his room to make out. And once in his room, Rex turned on
some lamps as I looked around feeling as naughty as I have
ever felt. I suppose I was killing time or denying to myself
where I was. I finally took a seat on a rather small sofa in
front of the window and waited for him to join me.

But once he held me in his arms and pressed his lips to mine,
I melted even faster than the first time. It didn’t take
long before my resistance had faded as we kissed each other
with even more passion and lust. He unleashed within me
an uncontrollable desire I never knew possible. Our lips
meshed together like burning coals growing hotter by the

And when I felt his hand resting on my thigh as my skirt began
to rise up, I didn’t stop kissing him or object. In fact
I losing the battle and slowly let my legs part slightly
without thinking. “Rex, ” I said once almost as if
I was pleading for him to save me from myself. But his lips
moved to my neck and nibbled their way down onto my exposed
flesh not covered by my low cut top.

I should have panicked but I didn’t as his warm lips were
too inviting to stop as he slowly explored my upper chest
inch at a time. My breasts were heaving of course as I felt
his hand cover one of them. I tensed up for a second feeling
him touching me the way he was. “We said we would stop,
remember, ” I whispered once while trying to catch my

Rex’s hand remained on my breasts as he pulled his lips
back and looked into my eyes. He didn’t say a word as we
stared at each other about as horny as two people could be.
“Do you really want me to stop?” he said softly while
staring into my eyes. I didn’t respond fearful of what
I might say. Rex looked into my eyes and I swear the man could
see my soul. He then slowly began to slide his hand up my leg
under my skirt while staring into my eyes.

I knew he was only seconds from touching me for the first
time as I tensed up but did nothing to stop his hand. His finger
tips soon touched my wet panties as my legs opened slightly
more. Gasping for air I closed my eyes and felt his fingers
rub over my swollen pussy which made me squirm with anticipation.
I had no self control left yet I wondered how this had happened
to me at this point in my life.

Rex soon slid his finger tips under my panties and touched
my wet outer lips with his finger tips. “Oh my, ” I remember
saying a couple of times while he explored my womanhood
further. I knew we were both past the point of stopping any
more as I rose from the sofa and pulled my top over my head.

“I can’t explain this at all, ” I remember saying
as I stood in front of him with only my lacy bra as my cover.
Rex rose to his feet and pulled me into his arms as we unleashed
ourselves together at last. I had worn a very sexy white
lacy bra for Jeff but as it turned out, Jeff was not going
to enjoy it, Rex was. It took him but a minute before my skirt
came off as did his shirt and slacks.

My fantasy had always been to stand naked in front of a stranger
and for reasons I didn’t understand it was actually coming
true. I unhooked my bra in front of him feeling bolder and
bolder by the second. Immediately I was pulled back into
his powerful arms as my breasts crushed against his chest.
As our bare chests touched and rubbed against each others,
my inner demons went wild. He kissed me over and over and
once even commented how hard my nipples felt wonderful
against bare skin.

Our kisses grew more frantic as we made it to the bed and climbed
on quickly without even turning down the comforter. There
was simply too much lust that needed satisfying to worry
about those kinds of small details. Rex quickly pulled
my panties down my legs as I laid exposing my gushing pussy
to him for the first time. His finger tips were wonderful
and intoxicating as he soon had my legs spread wide.

I was so tense yet so relaxed while this man I had met a few
hours earlier was exploring my womanhood. His warm lips
soon found my hard nipples and suckled each of them for what
felt like eternity. Rex seemed mesmerized by my large breasts
which had always been one aspect of sex that I loved with
Jeff. But it was not my husband but my lover that had them
in his grip this time around.

I moaned and whimpered uncontrollably from then on as Rex
brought to another level of passion. When he began to taste
my pussy and sweet juices I lost in completely. The first
climax was so sudden and so powerful I might have screamed
loud enough to bring the police to his door. “Oh please
don’t stop, please don’t stop, ” I said after I had
barely calmed myself from the first explosion.

It would not have been necessary for me to ask him because
I quickly found out that Rex was a man who loved to force a
woman to climax over and over. I was nothing but jello after
my third or maybe my fourth orgasm which was beyond anything
I had ever felt in my life. He had me and knew it yet he took
his time to savor what I had to offer him.

I was mumbling something although I don’t recall what
when Rex finally began to climb on top of me. During the lost
moments of passion he had removed his shorts without me
realizing it. Looking up at him climbing into position
I asked him softly if he wanted me to suck his cock and make
him as horny as he had made me. “I’m already that horny.
Maybe later, ” Rex replied just as I felt his thick manhood
press against my wet pussy. I recall wanting to feel him
stretch me open yet shocked by the fact it was going to actually

And although we had never been as one before, our bodies
worked as smoothly as they could have. His thick hard cock
pressed upward into me until he filled me completely. At
that unbelievable moment in our lives, we both held our
bodies still and stared into each other’s eyes. Rex’s
manhood had become part of me and we both wanted to hold onto
that experience before nature took control. What had started
as an innocent flirting smile in the terminal had turned
out to be so much more.

“You feel wonderful, ” he said once during a slow tantalizing
start to our union. I could feel him throbbing as my spirit
soared from the sensation. His movements were gentle and
loving the way he slid in and out of me with tenderness. For
me it was very different as Rex felt to be larger than my husband
which offered me new sensations I had never felt before.
We kissed tenderly while we fucked without the urgency
we had when we were on the sofa. I suppose we had nothing left
to resist so it felt natural to be together as man and woman.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and savored our time together
as Rex did all the work from the top side. It was slow and romantic
and not the wild kind of sexual encounters I had dreamt up.
Yet it was so much more perfect than my imagination would
have come up with. And I soon discovered that Rex was the
kind of man that is in control as he set the pace and I simply
held on for dear life.

When his thrusts became more powerful I felt the head of
his cock bumping against my cervix which startled me at
first. It was the deepest penetration of my life and I quickly
learned to adjust and accommodate my lover and his size.
And as we grew more intense and violent on the bed, I never
feared he would have intentional hurt me.

Rex was all man and having a man like him inside of me was something
every woman on earth can only hope for. “I can’t last
much longer, ” he said once as his thrust continued to
bare down on me. “It’s ok. I want you to cum too, ”
I whispered in his ear as Rex rose up and slammed himself
deep inside of me. His shaft expanded against my inner muscles
for a split second before I felt him explode his river of
hot cum into me. I laid under him proud that I had satisfied
this wonderful man to the fullest measure possible.

It was the perfect union even if it was wrong for us to have
shared it. And then Rex slowly began to calm down after he
had pumped me full. And then as quickly as he had tensed up,
his softness and gentle side quickly returned. We kissed
a few times while giggling to ourselves from the shock of
what we had just done.

“Are you ok?”He asked while his fat shaft lingered
inside of me a bit longer. “I am fine sweet heart. That
was as good as I could have ever dreamt of, ” I whispered
in his ear before we kissed again. Rex climbed off me a few
minutes later as I rushed to the bathroom to clean myself
up. Of course even though my body was still flying high,
some guilt and shame began to creep into my soul.

Walking out after a short rest in the bathroom, Rex remained
on his bed half covered with a sheet. “How can we ever explain
this?” I asked him as his eyes still pierced by naked body
as I picked up my panties. “We can’t, ” he replied
as I agreed and told him I should get going soon.

I showered to freshen myself up and get back to normal. And
yes I had regrets because my lust had gotten the best of me
and I had done what I never imagined I would have done. I had
cheated on my husband and felt as bad as I could have felt
even if my passion with Rex was a once in a life time experience.

But as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror wearing only
my panties, doing my makeup and fussing with my hair Rex
appeared in the doorway still naked. His soft yet very long
shaft dangled between his legs as I marveled at this perfect
specimen of a man. “Spend the night, ” he said as I turned
somewhat shocked by his request.

It was a night that I will always remember yet never experience
again for as long as I live. Rex and I snuggled under the warm
covers, as lovers should do, clinging to each other in the
darkness. But the affect we had on each other was something
neither of will ever be able to explain.

We kissed once in a while and laughed often as we spent over
an hour discussing every aspect of our lives like old friends
would do. We may have been naked and of opposite sex but we
were also descent people who cared about one another. And
by midnight I was wide awake and felt about as alive as I have
ever felt. Rex was my friend as well as my lover for this one
night of my life. And as it turned out when our bodies touched
for too long, the affect we had on each other became apparent.

I learned over the next ten hours that when Rex placed his
hand on my warm exposed breast, things were going to heat
up rather quickly. And I was eager to please him as much as
he was eager to please me. I don’t think either of us got
more than a few hours of sleep as our passion took center
stage. I had never been with a man how was had the endurance
Rex had. And he told me often he had never been with a woman
with my kind of stamina.

Now some who read this will think poorly of me and of course
I am to blame for what I did. I didn’t plan it nor can I justify
it yet it happened and I have kept it my secret ever since.
One night of unexpected, lottery winning kind of sex does
not replace twenty years of a wonderful marriage. Don’t
we all make a mistake while living our lives that we can both
relish as well as regret?

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Wow!!! What a great story. You should not be ashamed of what
you did. Women are sexual creatures, too.


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I spend a lot of time in airports, will start looking at that
lost time a lot differently now! Wonderful story!!


Members can vote on this response!

That was a beautiful story and natural animal instincts
were at play.....You both love your spouses and the experience
helps you both remain sane......


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Wow. Great story. Wished i could have met you 20 years back.You
are one hell of a sensual and classy lady.


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Wow . Great story . Wished i met you 20 years ago.You are one
hell of a sensual and classy lady.


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Well again I saw that Black bra on the posting and I knew there
would be another story that would make and keep me hard till
the end and I would be wishing that I could walk into Murfs
for a cone and bump into you myself and that would be a start
of another of your stories but with me pleasing you with
my tongue and ending with an explosion inside you. Maybe
one day I will bump/rub into you.

I am looking for a new FWB in MKE area + ladies feel free to contact me to see if there is a spark.

Kris if you read this and want to meet again to relive this I want to as well. We are a lot older but I know we will enjoy each other. Connect on here and lets meet.


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hi wowwwwwwwwwwww


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Every time I see your picture, I know that I'm going
to read a great story. You never disappoint.


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Love is love and sex is sex. The person in which the two meet
is your life partner...


Members can vote on this response!

the story was well written and my dear u dont have to be ashamed
as it happens to many of us...have a nice day....


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Classy, this is another GREAT and well composed story.
The mid-life crisis hit us all, men and women. If we are wed
to the right partner, it is much easier to deal with. Thanks
and keep writing.


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Cheating IS cheating no matter how you put, what
you did if i was done to you??????????


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Wonderful story!!! I know when I see that black bra with
those swelling breast I am in for a treat. Do women like you
really exist?


Members can vote on this response!

...definitely among your best work


Trapper69 61 G
Score 7.3

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WOW.........AWESOME!!!!! I need a shower after reading
this wonderfully erotic story!!!


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Excellent writing with full of passion, love, sex and emotion.
Very hot like to read many more from this author.


sweetwm811 61 M
Score 0.5

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Excellent writing, great story,
and your characters have nothing to be ashamed of.


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Wow, I've missed you, glad your back and what a story.
Please don't stay away so long this time


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This is beyond the ability of any one in this society to judge.
I also hope that your husband can have that as well. I believe
that there was a huge amount of love exchanged here and it
is actually sacred.


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Another amazing piece of writing, Thank you so much for
sharing and welcome back!! Hope to read more of your work


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This is another superb example
(as always) of your wonderful adventures.


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Congratulations!!! Way too many people experience the same re-awakening.
But, they find it necessary to "cop", that is,
to admit to their infidelity to the spouse.... not cool.
For the guilty party, I'm sure it allows for a bit of
cleansing the soul, so to speak. But, it also causes huge
and very UN-necessary hurt to a loved one, all so the guilty
conciousness is satisfied? Bull shit. You do the deed,
enjoy it. But, live with it!!!


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Welcome back girl! I've missed you. jon


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I enjoy your stories, as you always provide your female
characters' point of view and delve into their feelings,
emotions, and reasoning. However, this story begs to know
if her husband ever found out, how he would react. Would
he be as understand and accepting of her feelings, emotions,
and reasoning? Has he ever cheated on her? Will he want equal
time? No matter which spouse cheats, I always wonder what
the other feels and if the reasons for the tryst are ever


Members can vote on this response! are the the eigth wonder of the world...Bill


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WOW! What an amazing story! I felt like I was you. mmmm


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There is something about an airport isn't there that
makes our minds wander?? I like where yours did!