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Mexican Vacation


Mexican Vacation
This story begins when my lovely wife Anne and I took ourfirst real vacation. We were both exhausted from a year
of hard work and had decided we needed to pamper ourselves.
We booked two weeks at a Spa in Mexico with all the amenities
one could wish for. <br>
To better understand this story, I should give you a little
bit of background information. My wife Anne is the most
gorgeous, sexy creature walking this planet and I adore
the ground she walks on. She is 5?3? tall and weighs one hundred
and twenty three pounds, Her hair is strawberry blonde
and very short in a cute boy-cut. Her figure is absolutely
stunning. She is blessed with a body shape that other women
envy and dream of having. She is as one could say ?curvy in
all the right places?. Her legs are slim and shapely and
her feet are small. She is very fair skinned, hinting at
her Irish and Swedish ancestry. Her entire body is covered
with a dusting of golden freckles except for the creamy
white skin of her breasts, belly and inner thighs. Her personality
is somewhat introvert, yet when meeting the right people
she is completely engaging. Those who become her friends
say the sun shines from her being. <br>
I was fortunate to meet her in January of 1999 in an Internet
chat room. The attraction was immediate and within 6 months
she had moved half across the continent to be with me. Within
a year we were married and it has been the happiest time of
our lives. <br>
The intimacy of our physical relationship is romantic
with a healthy respect for raw sex, and has been a revelation
for both of us. We are adventurous and have explored many
new things together. <br>
Lately though, as a result of our busy careers our sex life,
which had been exciting and very frequent in the beginning
of our marriage, had fallen victim to the exhaustion we
felt after our workdays. When we made love however it was
always beautiful and satisfying. Recently, on a number
of occasions I have had trouble becoming as hard as I usually
am. Once my cock was so soft, that I could not enter her. Afterwards,
Anne reached over to her night table and picked up her little
vibrator, slyly asking me if she could make herself come
while I watched. She made herself come several times, while
I watched - helplessly. I felt humiliated for not being
able to satisfy her completely, but at the same time I would
experienced a strange thrill. This left me aroused and
excited and I fantasized about those feelings later.
Shortly before our trip to Mexico Anne went to Iowa for ten
days to visit her parents, while I attended business in
Europe. Our flights returned on the same day and we met at
the airport to travel home together. Having been apart
for a time, we were horny , and as soon as we met at the airport,
we kissed and touched and caressed each other, ready to
be home. We made love wonderfully that night. <br>
Several nights later, after we had gone to bed, we began
making love. We played our delightful foreplay, and then
I entered Anne in that special way she needs because her
pussy is very tight. She lies on her side, and I lie beside
her and between her legs. She carefully guides my shaft
into her, needing several shallow strokes until she is
able to take my cock without pain. I was stroking her gently,
when she pulled my head close to her and whispered: ?I can
hardly feel you love?. <br>
?Why?? I asked. Gently easing me out of her she repliedI
think your cock is a little small?. <br>
I was instantly blushing and became embarrassed. I was
at a loss what to do when she wove her hand into my hair, pushed
me down to her pussy, and with a hoarse voice told me to lick
her. I love licking my wife so I went at it with a vengeance.
Anne has often told me that my skills at pleasuring her with
my mouth are the best she has ever experienced. She is the
first woman I was ever permitted to lick and I love to do it.
Over the next while, she came several times from my ministrations.
Then, ?Is it ok if I use my vibrator; - I?d like you to watch?,
she coyly asked. With fascination I watched as she brought
herself to climax several times. When she was done, she
told me to stroke myself. She caressed me and kissed me,
and whispered to me how much she loved me. It is difficult
to describe the depth of my embarrassment but I was so aroused
and excited by what had happened, that I shot my load within
seconds. After we were finished, Anne rolled over and went
to sleep. <br>
On the Friday before we left for Mexico, I had a conference
to attend in the city. Anne accompanied me so she could do
some last minute shopping. On the way to the city, she told
me that she wanted to go to the adult toy store to ?not be left
in the same predicament as the other night.? This sent me
into another tailspin of embarrassment. I felt humiliated
that she would need the use of a dildo to pleasure her properly,
while I could not. I am quite uncertain what I heard that
day at the conference because my thoughts revolved around
the turn of events our sex life had taken. <br>
That night, when I started to kiss her, she gently put a finger
on my lips, and told me to go to sleep. ?We have a long trip
tomorrow?. It took me some time to calm down and as I was drifting
into sleep, I heard her slowly masturbating herself with
her hand until she came. My humiliation deepened even more.
As I was experiencing my beautiful wife pleasuring herself,
after she had rejected me, my cock became achingly hard
and my head spun with sexual arousal and excitement. To
say I was horny felt like the understatement of the millenium.
The following day we finished packing and by noon we were
ready to leave for the airport. The first leg of our journey
took us to Toronto. We checked into the hotel and after taking
a bath to refresh ourselves, we went to the Chinese Restaurant,
where we had eaten our first supper together. The evening was wonderfully romantic and filled with good
food, laughter and anticipation of our coming vacation.
It was not surprising, when we came back to the hotel, that
we were both in the mood. I slowly undressed Anne, laid her
down on the bed, and because it relaxes and arouses her,
I began kissing and licking her body all over in the way she
likes. Soon she began caressing me, and eventually her
hands and mouth found their way to my cock. I grew hard with
the excitement of her touch, and she said to me: ? Make love
to me, George.? <br>
I gently entered her. It felt so wonderful to feel her pussy
caressing my cock, I was in heaven. After a few minutes of
stroking her, it became apparent that she was not enjoying
herself as much as she usually does when we make love. Her
breathing did not appear to change and eventually she sighed
deeply. She put her hands on my bottom and pulled me deeper
into her, urging me to change pace. In the end she stopped
my stroking and pulled my head close to her mouth: ?Your
tiny cock just doesn?t do it for me anymore love. I need a
real cock to pleasure me. Be good and go over to the suitcase
and get me the brown package. There is something in there
that you need.? <br>
Not knowing what else to do, I got up and went over to her suitcase
and retrieved the package. I opened the brown wrapping
and inside I found a case containing an eight-inch big round
black dildo with harness. I blushed, and for the next moment
I was so humiliated that I just stood there with my hand wrapped
around this monster of a dildo. <br>
I must have been a strange sight. Anne laughed out loud,
and said in a sultry voice: ?Oh baby show me that big cock
of yours?. I returned to the bed, and as I lay down beside
her, still unable to say a word, a wave of nauseating humiliation
coursed through me. She pulled me to her and whispered:
?put it on for me.? Suddenly I was thrilled and aroused.
?I need a real cock tonight? she continued. ?I need to be
fucked with my big black cock?. <br>
My hands trembled when I tried to put on the dildo. She had
to help me, gently tucking my tiny little cock inside the
harness, so it would not be in the way. Then Anne reached
over, and once again I entered her. Not with my own, but a
better and bigger cock, so that my wife would find pleasure.
Almost the instant I had pushed the cock inside of her, she
came with a shriek and grunted: ? oh god, fuck me George,
-oh yes- this is what I need?. Over the next ten minutes Anne
came fourteen times bucking and squirming, breathlessly
telling me, that this was what she needed. <br>
?Your puny little dick can?t do it for me anymore; - I need
a good fucking by my big black cock.? <br>
Eventually she eased me back and the dildo out of her. She
told me to stroke myself. She was lying beside me, with a
big satisfied smile, caressing me while I masturbated.
When she started whispering how I was incapable of satisfying
a woman like her, I shot my cum all over my belly. <br>
Reflecting on the events that evening, after we had turned
out the lights, I realized I liked the way I felt when being
told by my wife that her needs were more than I could satisfy
and being shamed for my failure. I became aroused, hard
and horny at the thought, that my wife, my beloved Anne,
believed I was useless for satisfying her sexual needs.
It turned me on when she made flippant remarks about my cock,
and made fun of my sexual prowess. Being asked to wear a dildo
made me feel ashamed and at the same time, stirred up and
stimulated. <br>
Very early the next morning we left the hotel and flew to
Mexico. During the flight, there was plenty of time to think
about the events of the last few days. Every time I looked
over to Anne, she sat completely relaxed in her seat; a smile
on her face. She must have sensed my anxiety and petted my
arm reassuringly several times. Once she leaned over,
and in a little girl voice with a pout around her mouth, she
raised her eyebrows and said: ?you?re just too little?.
Another time she leaned over, petted my crotch and looked
at me. ?We?re just not properly equipped, are we?? Every
one of these remarks sent shivers of electricity down my
spine. I got a number of erections, which she noticed and
just smiled about. <br>
The first few days at the resort, we had a few treatments,
slept, ate and soaked up the sun. The warmth of the tropical
breeze (not to mention a few pina coladas) had lulled us
into a state of total relaxation. <br>
Every night, the scene repeated itself. Anne wanted me
to lick her, caress her, and make her come with my hands and
mouth. Every time I entered her though, she became somewhat
listless and disinterested, eventually telling me that
I was of no use to her this way. Each time, I was asked to retrieve
?her big black cock? and stroke her. She became animated,
vocal and completely uninhibited when this big shaft was
pumping into her. And she came, and came, and came. <br>
One night, before we went to bed, we were sitting at one of
the bars in the hotel. Anne smiled at me: ?I love you more
than anyone my love. You know that don?t you?? she said.
After looking at me for a while, she continued: ?It?s no
use. I can?t feel pleasure anymore with your pathetic little
prick. From now on I don?t want to pretend. I want you to always
wear my big black cock for me, love. We?ll make sure you get
off too?. She had spoken in a normal voice and I blushed because
it seemed as if the whole bar must have heard what she said.
I felt like every man in the bar stared at me and every woman
snickered, as she stood up, took my hand and led me from the
bar. I was mortified - and had an erection that felt as if
I were going to burst. My breathing quickened. I felt hot,
horny, lusty, aroused and worthless as a man. I knew I should
feel dismayed by what had happened but my rigid cock and
throbbing prostate told me otherwise. <br>
From that day forward, I made love to my wife with her big
dildo strapped to me. She would make me hard with a few choice
words about my pathetic, tiny cock. Comments about how
my puny peepee just didn?t do it for her. Then she would encourage
me to masturbate myself to a quick climax often making fun
of my ?failure? to satisfy her. After I came I usually lost
my erection very quickly, and she would strap the dildo
to me, and I would stroke her. Invariably, after she was
satisfied, she would pet the toy and would say: ?oh, what
would we do without you?. She even asked me to inspect her
pussy, taunting ?I want you to know what it looks like when
I am well and truly fucked by a real cock?. When I looked at
her pussy I saw her hole gaping wide at me, swollen and pink.
Anne also became bolder with her remarks to me in public.
Often during the day she leaned over to me and whispered
disparaging remarks. This culminated, when in the presence
of a woman she had met at the resort, she discussed the advantages
of well-endowed men, and then turned to me, rubbed my crotch
and said: ?we?re a little short in that department?. All
of these events would send me into a tailspin of humiliation
and horniness like I?ve never experienced. <br>
Several days later, as we had most mornings, we went to the
beach around eleven o?clock. We had our first drink of the
day and read in the shade beneath the palm trees. After we
got there, we discovered we had forgotten our books, and
I volunteered to get them. The walk to our room was quite
a distance, and it took me about a quarter of an hour to return.
Anne had already ordered our drinks and was relaxing in
her chair. <br>
Anne and I have always looked at other people and frequently
would comment to each other if we liked their looks, or found
them attractive and sexy. After I sat down, she asked me
whether I had noticed a tall man with short-cropped gray
hair, who was also staying at the resort. While she had been
waiting for me, he had come to the bar, and as he was waiting
for his drink to be prepared he had exchanged a few casual
remarks with her and introduced himself as Christian.
Anne told me that she had found him to be very attractive
and well-spoken. <br>
I told her I knew whom she meant. I had met him a several days
ago, at the reception desk, and we had spoken for a few minutes
about the weather and the sights. He also commented to me
how fortunate I was to have such a beautiful wife. <br>
I was not surprised that she had found Christian an attractive
man. Anne has a real thing for tall, older men with graying
hair. I am 6?6?? and eight years older than she is. What attracted
me to her, were the laugh lines around my eyes, my height
and my gray hair. Men like Sean Connery make her swoon.
That evening, we had a wonderful mealat one of the restaurants
at the resort. Anne had been excited and bubbly, but also
a little nervous and somehow not quite with me. After having
had too many drinks through out the day, we walked up to our
room, and I told her that I wasn?t feeling very well and needed
to lie down soon. She looked a little disappointed, and
said she was not tired and would I mind if she went down to
the disco to have a few drinks, listen to the music, and maybe
dance a bit. I said it would be fine, she should go enjoy herself,
I wanted to go to sleep soon in any event. <br>
While I was getting ready for bed, Anne changed into a lovely
turquoise wrap skirt, and a tight white top, put on some
makeup and slipped into the high heel sandals she likes
to wear for dancing. She looked absolutely stunning as
she walked over to me and kissed me good night: ?I?ll be back
soon love?, she said and walked out the door. <br>
George unfortunately had not been feeling well that night
and after supper told me that he needed to lie down. <br>
He is the sunshine of my days; my one true love in life. We
met through an internet chat room called Sweet Whispers
in January of 1999. He had attracted me initially with his
wonderful words, both written and spoken. We met in person
five weeks later in Toronto and he was so attractive and
handsome I literally creamed my panties. Within months
I had moved from my home in Iowa to Nova Scotia to be with him.
We married in September of 2000, and it has been the best
years of my life despite many adversities from health problems
and stress in our lives. <br>
Our sex life has been a revelation to me. I enjoyed sex when
I was young, but a few bad experiences and a husband who did
not have the patience to truly make love to me had brought
me to the point, where at the time I met my George, I was lucky
if I had sex once every three months. <br>
George is the most amazing lover. He is gentle, inventive,
adventurous and soooo sexy. Our first encounters were
not much to write home about. I had always had been too dry,
and sex was painful for me. I was afraid he would think I didn?t
want him and would give up. He told me then that it was all
a matter of angles, patience and glitch cream. And indeed
it was. When I visited him in Nova Scotia in May of 1999, we
made love in such a way, that I became truly sopping wet,
had my first vaginal orgasm ever and have never looked back.
No man has ever made me feel the way he does. <br>
Our love life has always been exciting and inventive. Last
fall, we began a little role playing. We would pretend to
be strangers and meet at a bar in Halifax, and end up having
sex in a hotel room. As a result of one of these encounters,
I realized that it turned him on when I pretended that he
was too small for me and then go out to meet a ?stranger?.
I remembered this before we went to Mexico and I decided
to play a little game with him for a while. <br>
I have pretended that he is too small, that his tiny cock
is pathetic, and I need a ?real cock? to be satisfied. Shortly
before our leaving for Mexico, I purchased a dildo with
harness, that was only marginally bigger than his cock.
I?ve embarrassed and humiliated him with it, asking him
to make love to me with it, while not allowing him to use his
own cock. I was delighted to see the obvious enjoyment George
has drawn from this. Every time I say things, like his shaft
was to small to satisfy a woman like me, he gets completely
aroused (if only someone could explain this to me) and I
begin to enjoy his squirming and embarrassment. The last
few days I have been almost cruel, talking to another woman
about his ?small size? and making such remarks in public
where they could be overheard. It is delightful to watch
him when this happens. <br>
I had changed into my turquoise wrap around and a tight little
white T-shirt and went to the bar. As I walked in I noticed
several men throwing appreciative glances at me. George
has taught how beautiful my body is, and I have learned to
enjoy when other men find me attractive and sexy. I sat down
at the bar, ordered lemon vodka on ice and took in the scene.
Within a few minutes a younger man came over and asked me
to dance. After we danced, he sat down next to me at the bar.
He flirted a little, I flirted a little back and we chatted
about inconsequential things. Soon I became bored and
began to think about turning in myself. <br>
As I sat at the bar, I remembered the encounter I had with
Christian this morning at the beach, and realized that
I had found him quite exciting. In fact, all relaxed and
warm at the beach, I had noticed after he had left that I had
become a little wet while we talked. George told me afterwards,
that Christian had commented on my looks a few days before,
when they had chatted. <br>
I was about to get up and go to bed, when Christian appeared
at the bar, walked up, and sat down beside me. He ordered
a drink, turned to me, and asked if I was enjoying the evening
and I would I like to dance with him. <br>
He led me to the dance floor, and as luck would have it, a slow
melody started. I leaned against his chest, let myself
be led and was content to be. As we swayed slowly to the music
he pulled me closer. Suddenly I realized he was growing
hard against my soft belly. I could feel the outline of his
cock growing against me; could feel the heat, and realized
he didn?t care that I did. Because of the heat in Mexico,
I hadn?t been wearing my bra and panties, and with a jolt
I noticed that I had suddenly become very turned on and could
feel the moisture between my legs as a breeze from the ocean
wafted across the dance floor and touched me. <br>
The one thing I knew, was I wanted to fuck this man. Right
now! Over the next few minutes I was savoring the realization
that we both wanted this and then he kissed me. It electrified
and excited me and I took Christian?s hand and asked him
to take me to the little cove down the beach. At this point
I was dripping wet! Literally! All I wanted was to feel his
hard cock in my cunt. There are no other words to describe
what I needed. <br>
We ran down to the waters edge and I stopped for a moment.
I lifted my skirt, took Christian?s hand and pressed it
against my pussy. I wanted him to feel how wet and hot I was.
?Feel this? I whispered to him, and when his fingers touched
my lips we both moaned loudly. I held his hand there and started
rubbing against it. I was oblivious to my surroundings
and my entire being was focused on getting this man?s cock
into my pussy. For a moment we stood there at the beach, savoring;
then, laughing, we half ran, half walked through the sand
to the little cove. A thought of my husband, George, crossed
my mind, and I slyly thought to myself, that with his tiny
cock I needed a good fuck every once in a while. <br>
When we got to the cove he pushed me to my knees. Opened his
pants he pulled out his cock and hoarsely growled: ?suck
my cock you little bitch?. I was taken aback for an instant,
but wanted to have him so badly. I took Christians cock in
my hand. Large bulging veins profiling his shaft pulsed
beneath my fingers. He was uncircumcised. When I pulled
his foreskin back, his silken glistening acorn shaped
head lay beneath. I took it between my lips and began to caress
it with my tongue sliding it slowly into my mouth. He would
have none of it. ?Oh god, suck me bitch? Moaning, he grabbed
my hair and began to stroke himself deeper and deeper into
my mouth. I don?t enjoy that, but I was so horny and hot, I
just relaxed and let him fuck my mouth. My hands reached
down and I loosened my skirt and unwrapped it from my waist.
Before I had it completely off, my other hand had already
slipped into the waistband, and I was starting to rub my
pussy, my clit swollen. Moaning. I was close to coming.
He noticed I was getting more and more excited and pulled
his cock out of my mouth. My pussy felt like it was on fire,
and I craved for him to shove his hard dick into it to quench
it. ?I need you now, ? I cried to him. <br>
There he stood in front of me with his gorgeous cock in his
hand that I wanted so badly in my pussy. <br>
He grinned and challenged me: ?Beg for my cock you little
slut?. I felt a twinge of embarrassment, but in my state
there was nothing I wouldn?t do to get what I needed. What
I wanted. ?Please Christian. Please? I begged ?fuck my
sopping wet, itching pussy for me. I?ll do whatever you
want but fuck me. Ream my cunt. Please! Stick your cock into
me?. <br>
I couldn?t believe what I had just said, but did not care
anymore. <br>
?Look at you, you little married cunt. you?re kneeling
on a Mexican beach, begging for cock?. He leaned down, and
turned me around so I was facing the water. He was behind
me and I could feel his hands on my hips. He slid his cock up
and down my pussy lips, and in a hoarse voice continued:
?You?re just a slut. A married pussy, who needs a real cock
every once in a while aren?t you? Your husband can?t give
you what you need, can he? So you go looking for cock like
a little whore?. ?Yes?, I whimpered, hoping he would stop
teasing me and give me his rock hard dick. ?Louder?, he said,
?I can?t hear you my little whore?. ?Oh God? I screeched
?for God?s sake push your rod in. Fuck me! Just do me! I?ll
do anything you ask?. <br>
He kept rubbing his cock against my lips teasingly, pushing
a little every so often; ?here?s the deal you little hot
wife. If you promise to tell your husband what you did tonight,
I?ll fuck your pink little cunt well and good for you?.
For just an sliver of time, to get up and leave, crossed my
mind. Then the crimson tide rolled over me again, and I shouted:
?Yes. Yes! Anything! Just fuck me?. <br>
In that instant he shoved his cock deep into my pussy and
I came and came and came. I must have come fourteen times
in what seemed like ten minutes, as he fucked me like a ramrod
machine. I squealed and I howled. I cried and laughed, all
at the same time. Suddenly, I could hear him roar and grunt
and slapping my bottom, he came so hard, I could feel his
cum pound the back of my pussy. I fell to the sand exhausted.
As I was lying there, I heard him stand up, pulling up his
pants. When I turned to look at him, he grinned at me and said:
? you?re the hottest bitch I?ve ever fucked?. He turned
and started walking away. As he entered the shadows of the
palm trees, I heard him call back: ?Now remember what you
promised. I?ll know when I see him tomorrow, if you told
him. If not?? his voice trailed off into the night. <br>
I felt utterly humiliated. As I was lying on the sandy beach,
exhausted, I started to cry. I didn?t know what to do. After
a few minutes I got up, put my skirt back on, and slowly walked
back to the bar. I needed a drink. I sat at the bar trying to
think of a way to avoid the inevitable, but could think of
nothing for fear, that Christian would tell George himself.
Finally, I decided to take the bull by the horns, and walked
back to our room about one o?clock. <br>
I had gone to sleep quickly after Anne left. In the middle
of the night I awoke when the door opened. In the light of
the moon, I saw my beloved Anne walk in. It took me a moment
to fully wake while she undressed. She climbed onto the
bed, and as I was about to ask her how her evening had been,
she placed her fingers on my lips and said: ?Sshhhh, love.
Don?t speak?. Her hands gently nudged me down the bed a little,
and without a word, she straddled my face holding onto the
headboard with her hands. The shadow of her beautiful body
covered my face. I couldn?t see in the dark, but my other
senses were heightened. The aroma emanating from Anne?s
sex was pungent. For a moment, I was confused, into thinking
she was just very aroused. Then I realized that the aroma
was one of sex. Her slick moisture mixed with the smell of
cum that I had become so familiar with when I masturbated
for her. <br>
With a deep sigh Anne lowered herself on to my face. I could
feel a hot, sticky pool of fluid soaking her pubic hair and
cradled in the folds of her outer lips. There were little
squishing sounds coming from her pussy. Instinctively,
I opened my mouth, and extended my tongue between her lips,
my sense of smell and taste challenged by the unfamiliar
sensations; my tongue attacked by the slick texture and
the stickiness of the fluids. The opening to her vagina
was large, but I could feel the familiar ring of contracted
muscles just behind her pubic bone. The sponginess of swollen
tissue surrounded my tongue. My tongue captured a huge
glob of the flow oozing from her cunt. The taste was foreign
to me. Tart and salty with the silky musk of her moisture.
There was no denying it; I was swallowing the semen that
another man had deposited deeply into my wife?s pussy.
Common sense, morality and years of heterosexuality brewed
a cauldron of revolt inside of me, while my rigid shaft and
throbbing balls belied their dictate. With fervor I began
to bathe her swollen and distended lips with my tongue,
reaching inside of her as far as I could, and sucked what
seemed like an endless stream of semen from the depth of
her vagina. Anne moaned and began sliding her pussy ever
so slightly against my extended tongue. ? Oh George, yes,
lick me clean? She slid her pussy across my face, then quickly
returned to my mouth. ?Taste a real cocks cum on me. Feel
how my pussy feels when I am well and truly fucked?. <br>
I heard myself whimpering and grunting with ecstasy and
satisfaction. My cock throbbed and ached, my balls were
drawn tightly to my body. Anne began rocking urgently reached
down and pulled my head to her cunt while stroking herself
against my mouth and face. Then suddenly, she began to whimper
and spasm in orgasm, and a thicker flow of semen poured forth
from her relaxing pussy. <br>
I frantically kept my stroking tongue working her pussy,
furiously trying to reach every last drop and after she
had climaxed twice more, she was as clean as a whistle.
Anne rolled off me, and curled up facing away from me. With
a satisfied sigh, she went to sleep. <br>
I was hard as a rock. With some trepidation, I decided to
fuck her myself. I pointed my penis at her open hole, and
without any pressure my cock disappeared. It was a loose,
warm sensation as I moved my erection around in this unfamiliar,
vast expanse that had once been a tight little pussy for
me only. The absence of friction allowed Anne to sleep through
the five minutes of squirming inside of her. I tried to hold
off as long as possible, but the thought of slipping around
in my wife?s used pussy was too much, and I added my lighter
load to the scene of tonight?s feature performance. I carefully
withdrew and with a smile fell into a deep sleep. <br>
The next morning when I awoke, my face was covered in a crusty
residue, which seemed to crack when I moved my jaw. I could
hear Anne splashing in the bathtub, quietly humming to
herself. When I entered the bathroom, she looked up at me
anxiously, but when she saw my smile, she smiled back. ?Thank
you.? I mouthed silently to her. She blushed and reached
out to me with her hand. I laid my hand into hers and she pressed
it as if to assure me. Then she cocked her head and with a wicked,
sly smile she said: ?Now you know how it feels when I am well
and truly fucked by a real cock, George Christian?. <br>
I knelt down beside the tub and kissed her: ?I love you my
little slut wife?. <br>
?I love you too, George. But who is the slut now??
We were wracked by a fit of laughter that bubbled from thebottom of our chests until our eyes watered.

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