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Men are like onions


When I grew up I often remembered my mother’s favorite
saying which was, men are like onions with many layers.
My husband Rick was no different and after we married he
began to show me the many layers that made him who he was.
On one layer Rick was tender, romantic and loving. Yet right
under that was a layer that at times raced to get my panties
off me so he could ravage my body. And yet another layer was
revealed one year when he forgot my birthday but brought
me roses for no reason a month later.

I learn to adjust and loved him for all his good as well as
his faults. But after four years of marriage one layer I
never expected showed itself. I was preparing to do laundry
one Monday morning and when I went through the pockets of
the shorts he golfed in on Saturday I found flyer from a local
strip club.

Stupidly I remember standing in our laundry room looking
at it wondering where in the world my husband got a strip
club flyer from. Not to suggest I was a prude although I had
never actually been to a strip club before. But Rick was
simply not the kind of guy who went to strip clubs. Well maybe
when he was single but certainly not since we married. I
was available and never turned him down so he had no reason
to go look at other naked women.

And when I met up with Julie, one of our close friends for
lunch a couple days later I mentioned to her what I had found
in Rick’s pocket. Julie looked at me giggling for the
longest time. “They go there all the time, ” she said.
I assumed they meant her husband and mine. “Really? Who
goes where all the time?” I asked shocked by her comments.
I recall sitting there not really mad at Rick or insulted
but more pissed because he never mentioned it to me. I was
one of those wives who thought I knew everything about my
husband. We were the kind of couple that would never keep
secrets from one another.

“Oh hell yes. Their whole group of friends goes there
at least once a week. Didn’t Rick ever mention it to you”?
She asked equally surprised that I was surprised. A jumbled
bunch of emotions filled me immediately as I sat across
from her stunned and jealous. Yes jealous about this sudden
revelation. “Guess I am more surprised than anything
else, ” I replied.

It did tend to make sense as to why sometimes when my husband
got home he was in the mood to tear my panties off moment he
saw me. Looking at naked or half naked women would affect
him no doubt and being in his late twenties explained a lot.
I began to remember that so many Saturdays when he got home
from golf or going out with his buddies, he would pull me
into his arms immediately.

How we would end up in the bedroom seconds later where he
couldn’t wait to get me on our bed naked. And when that
happened we didn’t make love but fucked like two hot fires
needing a bucket of water to cool us down. Many times he was
so horny, he made me hornier than I might have been and I got
swept up with the intensity of what he was doing to me.

I want to be accurate as well and say most nights when Rick
and I went to bed, he showed me that tenderness and love that
I also needed. We would kiss and hug and slowly get naked
next to each other. There was not the hurried up need to push
his cock inside of me compared to the other times I just mentioned.
During our tender unions he would penetrate me slowly and
savor every sensation we were creating together. But those
other times he rammed himself into me and fucked me like
his life depended on it. I enjoyed that as well.

So I kept the flyer and my secret watching and waiting for
my husband to get home the following Saturday. Sure enough
it was just before dinner when he walked in the back door
while I was finishing up. I had worn a tight pair of jeans
and sexy top wanting to make him suffer a little if he had
indeed been looking at naked women most of the afternoon.
My mind imagined him sitting at edge of a stage watching
some young woman swinging her hips at him while her tits
bounced inches from his face. Oddly that also made me jealous
of her although I never wanted to be a stripper. I was the
kind of girl that didn’t feel comfortable showing much
affection in public except for a quick kiss on the cheek.

Once I heard the door shut I turned and saw his eyes were on
fire. I giggled and rushed up to him wrapping my arms around
his neck as we kissed. His lips were like hot pokers burning
mine as we embraced next to back door. Almost on time, I felt
his hands reach around back and grab hold of my ass while
he pulled me tight to his semi hardened shaft. “You’ve
been a bad boy again, haven’t you?” I whispered to him
between our kisses.

“What do you mean, ” he asked while grinding his shaft
against my pubic bone. But I wanted to make him suffer just
a little longer so I kissed him again instead of answering
his question. I was throwing myself at him while holding
him off as his punishment for where he had spent most of the
afternoon. I was horny but he was a lot hornier.

As I slowly pulled my lips off of his I backed up a little watching
his eyes wander down over my top and my swollen chest. “Were
the girls as big as I am?” I asked softly while he stared
at my chest. The top I had worn was tight, very tight and showed
pretty much my shape clear as day. He looked up and I knew
then and there I had just pealed another layer back and exposed
him yet again.

“What do you mean”? He asked sheepishly trying to find
a hole to climb into. “You know the girls at the strip club, ”
I replied. “Did they have big boobs like mine?” I asked
again pushing this farther while laughing my ass off inside.
Rick backed up with is face turning redder by the second.
But my husband is no little boy who would avoid a confrontation.
“Yes some had huge ones and some had little ones but they
all looked great, ” he said with a grin on his face. Even
if I deserved it I can safely say my husband can be an asshole
at times.

Yet this powerful sexual tension between us was electric
as I felt my panties getting moist. The idea that my husband,
the man I loved with all my heart had spent part of the afternoon
staring at other naked women turned me on more than pissed
me off. Normally I am very shy about doing things in public
but while staring at our kitchen window which faced our
neighbor’s house, I reached for my top and pulled it over
my head.

As you can tell from my profile I have been blessed with an
ample chest but at twenty eight years of age, they were beyond
perfect and not like my photo shows now. My husband stood
shaking as my lacy bra cupped my breasts which were heaving
on my chest in front of him. “How do you rate mine?” I
asked him while giggling at his obvious distress.

By acting so bold in front of him and our open window it changed
something within me and maybe Rick as well. The bulge in
the front of his shorts continued to grow as I pushed my chest
out as far as I could. “Baby you look fucking hotter than
any of them, ” Rick said. Some strange naughty mood was
gripping me hard as I giggled. “Well let me show you more, ”
I remember saying and actually slipped my jeans off in front
of the window. Telling myself I wanted to force him to be
completely honest with me I then said, “But you did want
to fuck some of them, didn’t you?” I said standing in
my bra and panties.

Rick stood staring at the curve of my hips as he reached inside
his shorts and pulled his swollen cock out and began to stroke
it. “No not really, ” he replied. “Are you sure you
telling the truth, ” I said as I reached behind and unhooked
my bra making the situation even more dangerous. If our
neighbors were watching they were getting a show for the

I teased my husband more holding it over my breasts while
swaying my hips. “Ok yes I would have fucked any of them.
But what is most important is that I want to fuck you right
now, ” He replied. Giggling I knew he was suffering and
figured it would do him good to realize what he had at home
and not to risk it be wandering.

“But this is just a show. Like at the strip club. No fucking
allowed, ” I said softly while his drool was running
down his cheeks. I kept control for ten more seconds before
he attacked me with more passion and lust than ever before.
My husband is the kind of man who controls me in sexual situations
especially when all I had left on were my panties.

He reached for me and pushed his hand under my panties feeling
my gushing pussy ripe for the taking. “Oh fuck honey.
I need you, ” I murmured to him as he dragged me into our
living room. He had spent an afternoon staring at naked
women and that had changed his normally gentle attitude
into attack mode. And although sometimes that scared me
on this particular afternoon it excited me.

Rick’s nostrils were flaring as he ripped his clothes
off staring at me naked and waiting for him on my back. I gasped
as he pulled my legs apart and pushed his fat shaft inside
of my wet pussy. I don’t know why but I got caught up in this
animal like behavior but I did. Quickly I began to beg him
to fuck me really hard. His throbbing thick shaft was planted
into me as I gasped for air once he started.

The harder he pounded me the harder I wanted him to. We were
one as husband and wife but we were also something very different
on that afternoon. His throbbing organ was sliding in and
out against my slippery inner muscles harder than ever
before. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” he kept repeating the longer
he lasted. I looked up at his distorted face realizing he
had spent most of the afternoon getting himself into this
lustful mind set.

I was holding on tight when my husband began to jerk himself
deep inside of me before I felt him expand and spasm. His
hot cum filled me as he continued pumping into me over and
over. And when his orgasm began to fade Rick collapsed on
top of me covered his sweat. I calmed myself slowly by holding
him in my arms while his cock remained inside of my warm soiled
pussy. It was an afternoon and the feeling I got being fucked
that would haunt me for a very long time.

I accepted the fact Rick and his friends would end up at a
strip club and he would then come home with an attitude.
In some ways I appreciated what those women did even though
that sounds stupid to admit. They warmed him up and gave
me an edge I had not seen before but loved the more I saw it.

But down deep within me something else began to surface
which did not make me proud of myself. I can’t say it was
jealousy towards my husband and certainly not jealous
of the women. But the reality was I was getting only the end
of the event and not the slow simmer that took place all the
hours they were naked in front of him. I waited alone at home
for Rick to come in the back door and attack me. Granted that
was awesome but it was like having Christmas just be about
opening the presents. I was missing the part of decorating
the tree and setting the mood.

Julie and I talked often and after we became more honest
she confessed that she felt the same way when Henry, her
husband came home. In fact most afternoons when our husbands
were suppose to be golfing but were probably at the strip
club, we talked to each other and helped get each other excited
for when they returned home. We both knew once they walked
in our homes, we had better be half naked and ready for sex.

And then one particular afternoon Julie made a comment
which caught me off guard. “What did you say?” I asked
immediately figuring I had heard her wrong. “We’re
missing out of some of the fun. We should put on our own show
for them, ” she repeated. Catching my breath I didn’t
know how to respond as I remained silent on the other end
of the phone.

And as sinful as it is to admit the idea of doing something
sexy in front of Rick and his friends excited me to no end.
“Would you do it?” she asked. “You mean strip in front
of Rick and Henry?” I replied. It was Julie’s turn to
grow quiet on the other end of the phone. “Maybe yes maybe
no, ” she finally said softly.

Every nerve in my entire body was trembling just talking
to her about this wicked idea. “What does maybe yes, maybe
no mean?” I asked. Julie hesitated for a second more and
explained she would be brave enough to strip down to her
bra and panties in front of Rick if I would do the same in front
of her husband. “Holy shit. We have lost our minds, ”
I remember saying while laughing quite hard not at her but
at the situation.

But Julie was more serious than I thought and began to argue
her case explaining it would be safe and sexy. And she said
it would not be much different than wearing swim suits in
front of them. “But you can’t see my nipples through
my swim suit top, ” I replied. But as the words were leaving
my mouth my excitement level intensified even more. The
idea that another man would or could see part of my sexual
organs was turning me way more than turning me off.

I heard Rick’s car pull into the garage and told Julie
we would talk more the next day before hanging up with my
head spinning. What made matter worse was on that particular
Saturday our husbands actually golfed the entire afternoon
so when my husband got home his mood was normal while mine
wasn’t. I tried to act as if nothing unusual happened
but felt angry that the one afternoon I was in the wildest
mood of my life, he was content to eat and watch TV. To this
day I still believe he missed the best fuck he could have
ever gotten.

Two days later Julie called again and asked if I was alone.
Just the tone in her voice made me nervous as I responded
that yes I was alone. “Ok here is the deal. I talked to Susie
and she is thinking about it too. Susie was one of the other
wives I knew but not that well. “Are you crazy? I asked
holding the phone away from my ear. Julie explained she
had called Susie because her husband told Henry he thought
she might do it. Apparently the rest of the wives knew nothing
about this idea.

My heart was beating so hard in my chest I felt like I might
pass out. Julie told me they both wanted to perform a strip
show even if mild one at that. “Well first off. Did you
talk to Henry? I mean what do you think our husband’s would
say if they heard about this idea?” I asked. There had
to be some rational ideas injected into Julie’s crazy

The phone went suddenly silent for a few seconds. My pussy
was leaking while my body shook almost out of control while
holding the phone to my ear. “Ok you have to promise me
that what I tell you stays between you and me, ” She said
in a rather serious tone. I felt like someone was sticking
a thousand pins in me all at the same time as I held the phone
to my ear. “Ok I promise, ” I replied not sure I wanted
to hear what she was about to say.

And then another layer of my husband was peeled away and
revealed a very different man than the one I thought I knew.
I learned over the next ten minutes that it was not Julie’s
idea in the first place. As she explained it Henry brought
up the idea a few months ago after Henry, Rick and the rest
of the guys sat around talking about their wives putting
on a sex show for them. Each of them wondered if their wives
would do something wild like that. “What did Rick say
about me”? I asked quickly. And apparently only my husband,
Julie’s husband and Susie’s husband thought their
wives would consider it. The rest said no way could they
bring it up to their wives but all wanted to attend if we ever
agreed to put on a show.

Julie explained how it sounded like Rick really wanted
me to because his friends think I had the best chest, as she
put it. “And you want to hear the rest?” she asked as
I stood stunned at her previous comments. I was numb and
mumbled to her ok. “I guess when our husband’s all sit
around at the strip club they compare the strippers to us
wives. And this is really sick but one time they voted and
you won as the wife they all wanted to see strip in front of
them, ” Julie said and shut up.

Julie had a good shape as did most of the wives and although
I had the biggest boobs I felt angry for hearing that the
men talked about me that way. In fact that they talked about
all their wives that way disturbed me a great deal. I didn’t
know if my husband was a pig or if all men are pigs as I remained
silent on the phone. “Listen Julie. I need some time to
let this sink in. Let’s talk tomorrow ok?” I said before
hanging up.

I fumbled around the house lost in space while feeling torn
between my moral up bring and my growing lustful thoughts.
It made me both sick and aroused to think of standing in front
of our friends wearing only a bra and panties. I struggled
to breathe let alone think straight as I waited for Rick
to come home. And when he did walk in the back door, one look
and he knew Julie had spilled the can of beans.

Rick and I talked for an hour discussing this idea. And yes
part of me was angry with him for not telling this kind of
stuff before. But part of me also was lured towards doing
it even though I knew it would be wrong. My husband proclaimed
his love for me as well as how proud he was that I was the sexiest
wife of the group. He seemed to beam when it told me what the
other male friends said when discussing me.

After an hour or so and a half a bottle of wine I stopped him
without warning. “So you’re saying you are going to
really be ok if I do this?” I asked staring directly into
his eyes. Rick shook his head yes while trying to offer me
a warmly loving smile. “And you will be there to protect
me if someone try’s something?” I asked. Earlier we
had talked and one of my many concerns was how our male friend
might react if us wives acted a little naughty and seem to
have too much fun in that situation.

And the following Saturday my husband and the entire bunch
of guys headed to the golf course and then the strip club
leaving most wives in the dark. That was except for Julie,
Susie and myself. The plan was to meet at Henry and Julie’s
house around four and to get ready. They had a large home,
spacious great room with a bar so it was private yet roomy
enough to do our show.

I arrived at Julies and rushed in the back door fearing her
neighbors might see me even though I had been there a thousand
times before. Julie was already dressed or undressed,
depending on how you define dressed, with her robe covering
her lingerie.

“Here have some wine, ” were her first words to me.
“This is crazy, ” I said as grabbed the glass and drank
some wine while my nerves continued to coil. “How do I
look?” she asked standing across from me in her kitchen.
I didn’t respond as Julie untied her robe and opened it
revealing her lacy white bra and matching thong panties.
She had a slender somewhat lanky shape and although her
breasts were not as large as mine, her bra made her look very
endowed indeed.

Giggling out of nervously I told her she looked great but
my mind kept visualizing my husband and the other looking
at her barely covered. Julie poured me a second glass and
then told me Susie had called and had chickened out at the
last minute. Before I could speak Julie pleaded with me
not to leave her all alone to do this and claimed she needed
me for courage.

Checking the time I don’t know why but I stayed and rushed
into their master bath to dress and get ready for my strip
show. When I had put on the red French cut lacy bra I had picked
out my nerves took over. Why the fuck didn’t I buy something
more conservative. Looking at myself in the mirror I realized
it didn’t hide much of my breasts at all. But I slipped
the panties on, and slipped my feet into the matching red
heels before judging my looks as way to hot and way to revealing
even if it was too late.

I took a deep breath and figured I would need more time with
Julie to get my courage back up. But as I walked out in my robe
I discovered some of the guys were already there chatting
with Julie at the bar. They all turned at once when I walked
into the room and stared. I had known my husband’s friends
for year but suddenly they felt like complete strangers.
Henry was behind the bar and offered me a glass of wine as
I looked around for my husband. “He was the last to leave.
He should be here shortly, ” Henry told me as I nervously
accepted the glass of wine.

And the truth is I was so tense and so nervous I didn’t feel
sexy at all. It would take me time and wine to get to that point
if I ever would. And both worked because over the next hour
Julie and I partied with the guys joking and even doing some
flirting still in our robes. And my husband kept telling
me how hot I looked and how excited he was to see my strip in
front of his buddies.

An hour or so passed before the men all took seats for our
show to begin. I froze up at the bar as Julie walked to the
front of all of them as silence fell over the room. Henry
turned on some dance music as his wife giggled and flirted
with the guys before she started dancing. It took her but
seconds to get into the role and her hips began to sway very
sexually causing everyone to applaud her boldness. Julie
was far more adventurous and outgoing than I could ever

My hands were trembling too much to hold my wine glass as
I watched her teasing the crap out the guys. And her husband
shocked me by urging her on even more. When Julie lost her
robe the cheers were louder than a touchdown at a high school
football game. She was setting the bar much higher than
I wanted it to go as the guys cheered her on and she moved closer
and closer to them wearing only a bra and panties. And the
way she was moving her body was downright shameful.

But my nipples were swollen and my panties soaked as I watched
her, the other guys and especially my husband enjoying
Julie’s show. The hormone levels in the room were dangerously
high as Julie went from one friend to the next dancing in
front of them very exotically. And then one of the guys yelled
out to Julie to go for it and take her bra off.

And ten seconds later her husband stood up and unhooked
it for her. My heart was in my throat as this sudden turn of
events was way past my expectations. And watching my husband
looking and drooling over Julie’s breasts pissed me
off although I am sure he did the same thing at the strip club.
And then a song ended and Julie turned, picked up her bra
and robe and walked back towards me with a red face and a sparkle
in her eyes.

No one said a word as every eye was suddenly on me still standing
near the bar shaking. I think my husband knew I was having
lots of second thoughts as he approached me and gave me a
hug. “Just go for it and don’t hold anything back, ”
he whispered in my ear. “You sure?” I asked him one more

I knew it was now or never as I reached for the belt and pulled
it open within a second of another song starting. I didn’t
really hear what was being said but great chest, sexy hips
and a lot of howling caught my attention. Gigging, I suppose
I played the part without stopping to think about how exposed
I was in front of our friends.

And my own husband was yelling and clapping more than anyone
else so I reached behind and unhooked my bra. I just slipped
it off my shoulders and tossed it at Rick as my breasts came
into everyone’s view. The howling grew deafening as
my breasts swayed while I danced in front of each of them.
When the song ended I bowed to my audience before grabbing
my bra from my husband and turning to walk back next to Julie
at the bar. Julie was still only wearing her panties when
I asked why she had not covered up again. “They have seen
us already so what’s the difference, ” she replied.

From then on the party seemed to make an even bigger turn.
“I should put my bra and robe back on, ” I said but my
husband said I looked great and told me to just party a while
longer wearing only my panties and heels. And from then
on the drinks flowed as all the guys gathered around Julie
and me at the bar. Standing inches from men I had known for
years with my breasts exposed was odd and oddly exciting
all at the same time.

Chuck in particular hung by my side more than anyone else
but I innocently didn’t’ think anything was wrong
or out of place. By eight the party was beginning to wind
down as half the friends thanked Julie and me before heading
home to their wives. With just a few left Glenn was after
Julie and her husband was doing nothing to stop him. It was
disturbing to watch as things were beginning to fall apart
rather quickly. I kept looking at Rick wondering if we should
do something or if we should just leave.

They kept flirting even more and before long I saw her in
his arms kissing right in front of her husband. Her small
breasts were tight to his chest as they held each other while
making out. I never expected that of her but I didn’t condemn
her if that is what her and her husband wanted to happen.
“We should go, ” I whispered to Rick at one point when
I grew too uncomfortable.

As we pulled away I asked Rick, “Do you think Henry is going
to stop them”? “It didn’t look like it to me. Kind
of kinky but fun in a strange way, ” he replied as I stared
at him wondering what he really was saying to me. Yet another
layer of onion was being peeled back as I sat silent next
to my husband thinking about Julie and Glenn and wondering
if she was going to fuck him. Down in my soul I knew she was
going to but I held out hope that she would stop herself.

Five minutes passed before my husband said, “I don’t
expect you to understand this. But it would be a turn on for
me to watch you with another man.” Walking in our back
door I stood in the kitchen watching my husband pour himself
yet another drink. “Your right. I don’t understand
what you were saying in the car about me with another man, ”
I said to him. Again the asshole aspect of my husband’s
personality was showing as he turned and looked directly
at me. “I’m just saying it would be awesome to watch, ”
he replied. And then he left me alone and walked into the
living room rather abruptly.

Rick seemed angry with me but I didn’t understand why.
I had stripped just like he wanted me to. I stood wondering
if I had acted too sexy or flirted too much and that upset
him. He knew I was horny as hell and was suddenly giving me
the cold shoulder. I jumped when a knock on our back door
broke my thoughts. “Chuck. What are you doing here?”
I asked as I opened the door. Blushing he told me my husband
had invited him to stop over in case I wanted to party a little

. “He did huh? I said as he walked in and closed the door.
The only good thing about the situation was that at least
Chuck was single and the only one who had not married yet.
We stared at each other both having the same bad thoughts.
“I really don’t know what to say, ” I whispered to
him. “Maybe there are no words for something like this, ”
he replied. I simply walked up to Chuck by our back door.
I felt very nervous as we embraced and kissed for the first

Feeling his arms holding me tight sent shivers down my spine
as our lips meshed together for a soft tender first kiss.
I was already hot before he kissed me and kissing him was
only making matters worse. After a few torrid minutes tight
against one another I backed up gasping for air. “We can’t
do this, ” I said to him but he pulled me back into his arms
and we kissed with even more lust.

I don’t recall exactly when I felt his hands slide up under
my blouse as he held my breasts over my bra. I was losing the
fight without even trying. The longer he touched me the
more I melted as I stood in my kitchen being felt up by a friend
of my husband. And when his hand slipped up under my skirt
he discovered just how wet my panties had gotten. Stripping
in front of other men was a turn on for sure but being felt
up by one of them was too much for me to resist.

When Chuck and I walked hand in hand into our living room,
my husband just stared but didn’t say a word. I didn’t
make direct eye contact as I lead Chuck down the hall towards
our bedroom. My heart was in my throat as we walked together
next to the bed. We kissed briefly before I pulled my blouse
over my head while he unbuttoned his shirt. The fact was
we both wanted to fuck each other and were in a hurry to get

I left my panties on as we crawled onto our bed and began to
embrace as if someone had throw gasoline on us and light
a match. Chuck’s hands were now free to roam and it felt
like he explored every inch of my body. Soon my panties were
pulled down as I laid there with my eyes closed worked up
into frenzy. Chuck was soon licking my outer lips and teasing
my clit out as it became swollen and sensitive. I remember
my hips bucking upward the stronger the pressure grew.

I was moaning out when my orgasm struck and tried to wiggle
away from Chuck but he held me in place. His tongue was on
the verge of driving me insane when I begged him to fuck me
right now. Lying there panting while sucking for air, I
looked up and saw Rick standing near the bed watching me
and Chuck together. I have never needed a man as badly as
I needed one that night. And shamefully I didn’t care
if it was my husband or Chuck our friend. Like all men Chuck
realized I was ready to be taken and wasted no time wanting
me to repay the favors by sucking his cock. That would have
risked me changing my mind.

I looked up as he quickly climbed on top of me and forced my
legs to part. I stared into his eyes as I felt the head of his
fat cock push into my warmth easily. I trembled as I felt
him probe deeper and deeper into my womanhood until his
sack rested against my ass. For a brief second I laid there
not believing Chuck’s cock was actually part of me but
it passed quickly as he began to pull back and then force
me to open up making room for his manhood.

I knew my husband was watching this happening to me but I
needed to concentrate of the man fucking me not the man watching.
And the fucking I received turned raw and physical the longer
he ground his shaft in and out of me. And then I felt the pressure
building again which seldom happened after I had climaxed
already. Chuck sensed it as well and twirled me around so
I could ride his cock and feel even more pressure wrapping
my pussy around his hard shaft.

And then the show my husband thought he wanted to see took
a turn as I became absorbed with Chuck’s cock and how good
it was making me feel. Bracing myself with my hands against
his chest I ground myself over and over as I felt a wave approaching
that resembled a tsunami. He held my tits in his hands allowing
me free to do all the work. When I couldn’t stand it another
second I slammed his cock up into me and exploded so hard
I nearly passed out.

Chuck helped me ride it out as I cried, whimpered and swore
for over a minute. And that was also something I had never
done with my husband but couldn’t help myself. When I
finally began to calm slightly he quickly tossed me onto
my back and mounted me again ready to make magic. It took
but four or five hard thrusts of his shaft before he plunged
into me and began to spasm. “Come on baby. You need to cum
too, ” I said as he pumped his hot cum deep within my womb.
With each grunt I felt him spraying his white cream out into
my womb.

Covered in sweat I could hardly move as Chuck remained inside
of me as we continued to hug and kiss. His hard shaft would
occasionally spasm as we held onto each other. I don’t
recall at what point I looked for my husband but saw he had
already left our bedroom. And quite honestly I didn’t
know if that was a good sign or a bad sign.

Chuck eventually pulled his cock out of me once it has softened
and kissed me one last time before cleaning up and saying
good bye. I laid there expecting Rick to come in so we could
talk but he didn’t. I finally threw on my robe and walked
out unsure of what to expect or what kind of mood my husband
would be in.

I felt some real guilt for enjoying fucking Chuck as much
as I did. And I discovered my husband had some regrets even
though he was the one who wanted to see me with another man.
We talked for over an hour searching for why we did this.
The only thing we came up with was that we carelessly got
caught up in the whole strip show which resulted in me fucking
a friend.

But Rick and I realized two things from that incident in
the early part of our marriage. One was that we still loved
each other and that had not changed. And second was we would
have to work to avoid putting ourselves in those kinds of
situations again since we now knew how it could end.

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Very well written with excellent description of emotions,
a great story plot, sudden twists, etc.


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I do agree stunning and so hot as well! She does awesome work
and so much fun!


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nice story did you ever fuck any of his friends again


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Great story, with insight into the feelings and emotions
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So sexy. Having helped a few husbands with this fantasy
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linda loves this story.



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Wow. Loved reading about your adventure and hope you did
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One of your best !!


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A great way to start of 2012. If she got one-tenth as hot writing
this as I did reading it. So few people can express their
sensuality and sexuality as well as she does...A "classygal"
for sure.


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Well done, one of the best stories. Excellent work.


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Your articles are always outstanding, but this is one of
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