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Men'age a trois plus one


Ménage a trios, Plus 1


It was a heady (pardon the pun) time for Jacque’ and me as
we continued to enjoy our good fortune in finding such perfect
lovers to join us for the threesomes we had been fantasizing
about. The first, with Mike, was so great that we invited
him to our home the following weekend for another get-to-gather.
Jacque’ and I had been wearing one another out after the
first time with Mike. While we had made love frequently
during the 20 years we had been together, the first threesome
with Mike ignited a fire under us. We were fucking our brains
out like we had when we were courting and we loved it. When
I suggested we have Mike over again, Jacque’ readily agreed.
The second time, Jacque’ got to enjoy the fantasy that propelled
us into this arena in the first place: that is, she got on
all fours with one man in front of her and one behind, both
firmly planted in the nearest hole. Actually, Jacque’
wanted to suck both of us as we were lying side by side. Then,
once she had really gotten into the cock sucking, one of
us got behind her and slid up her soaking wet pussy. It’s
hard to say who the lucky one was, as both her mouth and pussy
are real fine fucking. In fact, it didn’t matter, since
we turned her around a few times so we got to feel both places.
It was always a turn-on to me that Jacque’ enjoyed sucking
my dick after it had been in her pussy and that didn’t change
when Mike joined us. This, of course, was just a prelude
to taking turns fucking her silly. It wasn’t until we had
both pounded her pussy that she requested that we lick her
to an orgasm. That was, to say the least, interesting. Mike
jumped at the chance and started caressing her with his
tongue, bringing her to the first orgasm rather quickly.
I was next and, to tell the truth, was getting pretty intrigued
with the idea of eating her freshly fucked pussy. It wasn’t
long until I got her off as well.

I start with this story to set up the third meeting with Mike’s
friend, Steve. Steve was the fellow we told you about in
the second of these stories. He is an unusual man in several
respects. The ones that were of paramount interest as a
three-some partner were that, first; he had an unusually
large dick. While perfectly formed, it was, simply, huge.
And he had the balls to match it. Even more significantly,
he knew how to use it. While a lot of guys would think that
just having a monster dick was enough, Steve was very careful
to make sure Jacque’ was getting it at the rate she was comfortable
with. The first time she had the thing in her pussy, she told
me she was, while feeling stuffed as a Christmas turkey,
very fascinated with feeling a dick in places she didn’t
even know existed. Steve was very careful with the thing
and gained a lot of points with Jacque’ the second time we
got together. As with Mike, Jacque’ wanted to suck us alternately
with getting it from behind. With Steve, however, she was
more than a little apprehensive. It was one thing to be on
her back, relaxed, while he worked the thing into her. From
behind, however, she had little control and his position
was going to make penetration even deeper. Steve assured
her that he would not hurt her and proved true to his word.
Jacque’ wasn’t doing a lot of concentrating on sucking
my dick the first time Steve got behind her. In fact, I finally
told her to just focus on her pussy while I moved back to watch.
It truly was a sight to behold. Steve was working the thing
in very slowly, withdrawing to give her short strokes before
moving in deeper. I watched as Jacque’ relaxed with her
head on a pillow and Steve continued his progress, finally
getting balls deep into her. Then I returned to her mouth,
sliding my dick into her while Steve continued his strokes.
We turned her around so I could feel what her pussy was like
after getting his big rod. It just snuggled right around
me and felt quite normal. Steve fit far better in her pussy
than in her mouth, as she has a bit of a small mouth to begin
with, and getting very much of Steve in there was pretty
much out of the question. With that, we turned her around
again and I waited while Steve, once again, worked the big
thing into her. Then the strokes began and it wasn’t long
before we had to decide if we were going to stay where we were
for the finale or if we were going to put her on her back. The
fucking won out and we laid her down, spread her legs and
climbed aboard. As the guest, Steve got in her first and
slid in pretty easily in this position, pushing his big
balls up against her asshole when he finally got all of it
in her. He fucked her for a while until it was apparent he
was ready to unload. Then he rolled off and I took his place.
Needless to say, I slipped right in. It was the first time
Jacque’s pussy felt different. Steve had really reamed
her out, and it took awhile before things closed down and
felt like it always did. Not that I was disappointed. She
had to relax and let things stretch and I was OK with that.
In fact, the whole thing had me so turned on that I grabbed
a handful of ass, spread her knees apart a little further
and pounded her as hard as I could. I felt like my nuts exploded
when I came in her. We had been doing so much fucking that
I was surprised I had that much in me. The spurts were hard
and really lasted. I was lying there, enjoying the feel
of her soaking pussy when Steve patted me on the shoulder.
He was really turned on from watching us and wanted to get
back in her. In fact, he was moving between her legs as I was
moving away from her and quickly slid the head of his dick
in her wet pussy hole. Without any hesitation, he slid all
the way in. Jacque’ jumped a little bit and closed her knees
as much as she could, but Steve was not to be denied. He knew
she was hot enough and wet enough to take it, so he didn’t
let up. His stokes in her were long and firm. All the way out
and all the way in. It didn’t take Jacque’ long to get into
it and pretty soon her knees were apart, her hands were on
his hairy ass and she was thrusting up to meet him. What a
fuck!! He pounded her halfway into the mattress, shoved
his dick into her as far as he could and unloaded. I regretted
that I hadn’t gotten his balls in my hand so that I could have
felt that orgasm happen, but I was too fascinated just watching
it happen. It was absolutely great for all of us and we left
there knowing it wouldn’t be the last time we would be with
Steve. The only problem for us was Mike. We had a great time
with Mike (in fact, we had had the third meeting with him
only the week before) and didn’t want to stop getting together
with him. On the other hand, we had never intended to get
into “swinging” and really had never considered doing
it with two men, let alone two men who were friends. Mike
and his wife had been at the party at Steve’s the night Jacque’
and I first got together with Steve and it was pretty obvious
Mike knew what was going to happen. We hadn’t seen him since
that night and were beginning to be a little apprehensive
about how he was taking the fact that his big-dicked buddy
was kind of taking over as the “other” guy with us. What we
were going to do about it got put on hold, however, when Steve
invited us on his boat for the weekend. We hesitated a bit,
as Jacque’ told me that, while she enjoyed the big cock (and,
especially, Steve’s talent at using it) she really didn’t
want a steady diet of it. I know she was being straight with
me, since she really enjoys sucking cock. Trying to give
Steve a blowjob was pretty difficult, although she had
managed to get a little rhythm going by sucking as much as
she could (about an inch or so past the head of it) and stroking
what was left with her hands. Yes, I said hands. She could
pull back and forth with both hands while she had all she
could get into her mouth. Pretty fascinating, but didn’t
make for good cock sucking. That said, she did enjoy the
novelty of having the thing in her pussy, so we agreed to
join him for the weekend. We were to leave on Friday afternoon
and return to port Sunday afternoon. Jacque’ and I met Steve
about noon for lunch and spent the afternoon gathering
supplies for the weekend. By the time we got to the boat,
we were all pretty hot. Steve had been a gentleman all afternoon,
but he also didn’t miss any opportunity to brush up against
Jacque’ or put his arm around her. He even took her hand and
pressed it against his hard crotch when we were in the grocery
store. Nobody saw it, of course, except me. It was pretty
obvious we were all getting turned on long before we even
got on board. We drove to the dock with Jacque’ sitting between
us, her left hand on my leg and her right on Steve’s. There
was a bit of a glaze on her face and I’m sure she was contemplating
what she was going to get that night. Little did she know.
We were no sooner on the boat than there was a knock on the
side. Steve said it was the grocery delivery and asked Jacque’
to open the door. A guy loaded with bags came in, pushing
the door with his back and entered the cabin. When he put
the bags down, he turned and greeted us with a big grin. It
was Mike. Jacque’ and I were both blown away. Steve had decided
to invite Mike to come with us. Jacque’ and I looked at one
another and I knew immediately what the answer would be.
She was shocked all right, but there was a faint grin on her
face. She probably would have said “no” if she had been asked
if she wanted three horny guys for the weekend, but there
was no way she was going to send Mike away now that he was with
us. As if to confirm it, Jacque’ walked up to Mike and gave
him a big, wet kiss. That ended all speculation about her
intentions and we all had a nice laugh that served to break
whatever tension was left. I still had some things to bring
from the car, so I excused myself to take care of the final
chore before we could leave. It was only about a 20 minute
walk to the car and back, but there was nobody in the cabin
when I returned. I had a pretty good idea where the three
of them were and it didn’t take long to confirm it as I had
only to follow the sounds of voices coming from the master
bedroom. They had Jacque’ on the bed and were proceeding
to take her clothes off when I came in. She had a rather mischievous
smile on her face and I smiled right back, letting her know
that everything was all right. Steve and Mike had a little
pussy licking contest in mind and it was only a moment before
Mike was between her legs, getting her warmed up with some
gentle tongue caresses. Steve, in the meantime, had taken
his clothes off and was gently squeezing her tits, occasionally
sucking a nipple into his mouth while Jacque’ reached out
to get a hold on his stiffening dick. I decided to just enjoy
the show for a while and sat down in a chair, took my clothes
off and watched the guys turn my wife on. She was pretty hot
from the afternoon with Steve and me, so it didn’t take long
for her to get into the pussy licking. Mike was doing a good
job of it and it wasn’t long before she wanted to get her legs
together for an orgasm. Jacque’ loves to get off with her
legs straight out while her clit is stoked rather firmly
with a tongue. This first one of the evening was unusually
strong and she showed the unmistakable evidence of her
orgasm with two very erect nipples. She loves having her
nipples squeezed after coming, so I got on the bed to do the
honors. Steve took Mike’s place between her legs and pulled
her knees up so that he could lick her pussy hole. Her clit
stays pretty sensitive for a while after she cums, so he
wisely paid attention to other areas of her tasty crotch.
He kept licking lower while raising her knees higher and
it became obvious where he was headed. I love licking Jacque’s
asshole, but I didn’t think it was a common practice. Steve
was intent on doing just that and, in spite of Jacque’s efforts
to dissuade him, Steve got her legs up, exposing her ass,
and proceeded to lick all around her asshole, finally staying
right on it, doing his best to tongue fuck her while she squirmed
around, almost embarrassed by the intense pleasure she
was getting from it. I know she likes getting her ass licked,
but she’s reluctant to show HOW much she likes it. Steve
kept at it until he was satisfied she was ready for a tongue
on the clit and he immediately moved there. It was just a
little while before Jacque’ let him know she was ready to
get her legs together. Steve knew full well how much she
enjoyed stimulation while her legs were together, since
that was the way she positioned herself the first time she
took his cock into her. The second orgasm was even more intense.
Steve stayed with her the whole time, but it was evident
that fucking was in the near future. Jacque’ loves to be
penetrated right after having a tongue orgasm and she had
her choice of three very hard ones. Steve was positioned
better than Mike or me and he didn’t waste a moment. Rubbing
the thick head in her very wet pussy, Steve began the process
of getting her acclimated to his huge tool. By now, Jacque’
had confidence in Steve and was more relaxed than she had
been in the past. As a result, it didn’t take Steve long to
get himself buried to the balls in her. Mike and I just watched,
fascinated, as the big thing slid in and out of her, giving
her quite a thrill, but absolutely no pain. Steve was getting
pretty turned on and decided to give us a chance at her, since
he didn’t want to unload so soon. Mike was about to take his
place when Jacque’ said she wanted to be on top. Getting
him onto the bed, Jacque’ swung a leg over him and lowered
herself over his nice, thick dick, taking him clear to the
balls in one slow, downward slide. It was quite a sight,
watching my lovely wife move up and down on Mike’s dick while
Steve laid down beside them, his hard cock still sticking
up like a flagpole. Jacque’ leaned toward him and took as
much as she could get into her mouth while she rose up and
down on Mike. The poor guy hadn’t had much sex lately and
was obviously in danger of going off when Jacque’ slid off
him and straddled Steve. His long rod began another journey
into her pussy, although she certainly didn’t go clear
to the balls like she had with Mike. I got behind her to see
how things were going and watched as she slid up and down,
getting more in with each stroke. She turned to me and asked
if I might get some lube for her, since she needed some moisture
in the deep part of her. When she slid off Steve, I was astounded
that she could get the thing in her at all. After applying
some KY, Jacque’ slid back down the pole and finally managed
to get all of it in her. With that, she laid there quietly,
letting her insides get used to it. By now, I was hard as a
rock and couldn’t resist the tempting target of her asshole.
The KY was lying right there, so I got behind her and started
to slip a finger into her. Jacque’ looked back at me as if
to say: “Are you kidding?” I knew it wouldn’t be easy (or
even possible) but I intended to try. Jacque’ was game for
it and relaxed as much as possible as I pressed my dick against
her asshole. It really didn’t look like it was going to work
and then I finally slipped through. Jacque’ was startled,
but she hung in there, moving herself slightly so that there
was as much room as possible for my cock along side Steve’s.
It took a while and Steve was holding as still as possible
as I wedged in beside him, gently getting deeper until I
was finally totally buried. Once our balls were touching,
I asked Jacque’ how she was doing. She said she probably
wouldn’t ever be the same, but she wanted us to continue.
I suggested that Steve give her some short strokes while
I remained stationary. That seemed to stretch things a
bit and it didn’t feel quite so crowded, so I tried a little
movement myself. Damn! That was feeling real good! We were
doing our best to not get too excited, since we wanted it
to last a while. Meanwhile, Mike was watching this whole
thing and was getting pretty turned on himself. It was Jacque’
who really put the icing on the cake. She looked at Mike,
took note of his hard dick and said: “Well, what are you waiting
for, an engraved invitation?” He didn’t waste a minute
in getting on his knees over Steve’s head, presenting his
dick to Jacque’. She promptly got her mouth around it and
sucked it in as deep as she could. It was pretty hard to imagine
that we were, all three, in my wife’s body at the same time.
I didn’t want to make her sore by fucking her too long and
I was getting pretty close to cuming when I noticed how intense
Mike was as he mouth fucked Jacque’. She was really getting
into it, too, and it was obvious Mike was ready to go. He held
her head and just stroked her mouth, letting go with a low
growl when he finally shot off. I was right over her ass,
slowly stroking my dick in and out when I heard her swallow
and knew he was really shooting off. That did it. I started
stroking hard and finally slammed into her, shooting off
deep into her ass. She still had Mike’s cock in her mouth
when I finally stopped cuming. Steve, in the meantime,
had a great view of the cock sucking taking place right over
his head and got even further down the line feeling my cock
slide on top of his when I gave it to Jacque’s ass. I had no
sooner finished shooting my load when he started stroking
her in earnest. It was incredible to feel that thing going
in and out, rubbing my dick with each stoke and then feeling
it pulse as he shot his load into her pussy. There she was,
my beautiful, nasty wife. On her knees with a cock still
embedded in each hole. None of us wanted to move. No one wanted
to be the first to withdraw his cock from her. Finally, Mike
pulled out of her mouth, bent forward and kissed her deeply.
Then he suggested that we let him get behind us and watch
as we pulled our dicks out. That seemed to be as good an idea
as anyone had, so Steve and I began to slowly withdraw at
the same time. Jacque’ just remained stationary as our
cocks slowly emerged from her crotch. Later, Mike told
us how exciting it had been to see Jacque’s holes filled
with cock and then watching as they slowly emerged. We all
lay on the bed and savored the experience before we finally
went into the bathroom to clean up, leaving Jacque’ to rest
by herself for a little while.

I couldn’t believe it! Jacque’ had had a man cum in her mouth,
pussy and ass and we hadn’t even pulled away from the dock
yet! It was shaping up to be an interesting weekend. We finally
got under way about 5:00 and reached the cove we were going
to anchor in about 9:00. There was still plenty of light,
so we ate a late dinner outside, laughing and enjoying our
conversation. It was getting toward bedtime, however,
and our thoughts were getting increasingly sexier. Sleeping
arrangements had not been discussed, but one thing was
certain. We had not had our fill of Jacque’ just yet. After
cleaning things up, we all went back to the master suite
where the bed was still a mess from earlier. That just added
to the intensity, since it stirred up memories of what we
had done earlier. Jacque’ had taken me aside before dinner
and confided that she was a bit concerned about her pussy.
With all the fucking we had been doing at home and the size
of Steve’s dick, she was showing some signs of getting sore.
I told her we would keep that in mind, since the last thing
I wanted was for her to be injured in some way from the fun
we were having. Jacque’ asked us to lie beside one another
while she moved from cock to cock, sucking each one of us.
I knew she had something in mind, and it didn’t take long
for her to request that the guys do some cock sucking too.
I didn’t know it, but Steve and Mike had done a little of that
in the past, although they hadn’t sucked one another off.
While I had no experience at it, I had to admit a fascination
with Steve’s cock. Mike’s was every bit as thick as Steve,
but Steve had several inches on both of us. Just looking
at Steve’s dick made you want to touch it. You don’t often
see one that size and the temptation to feel it was strong,
so I used Jacque’s request to satisfy my curiosity. The
thing was ribbed and was quite rigid, with the exception
of the head of it. That was kind of soft, although it was pretty
firm about a half inch down. I did try sucking it, but it felt
like I was trying to get someone’s elbow in my mouth. I gave
up on that and just spent a little time stroking it. In the
meantime, Mike was sucking my dick and Jacque’ was sucking
his. This seemed to be great fun for a while, but pretty soon
the desire to fuck got pretty overwhelming. It was Mike
that climbed on Jacque’ first, sliding into her balls deep
and giving her some slow strokes. Mindful of Jacque’s concern,
I got the KY out and applied some to Mike’s dick as he slowly
stroked Jacque’s delicious pussy. Steve and I just contented
ourselves with watching Mike fuck her and I think they both
just kind of forgot we were there. It got real intense and
ended up with a series of hard slams before he shot a load
in her little pussy. They were a little sheepish when they
came back to earth; kind of embarrassed that they had gotten
into it so exclusively. Steve remedied that right away
by easing Mike off her and getting between her legs to have
another go at it. This time, I didn’t wait to get the KY into
play, telling Steve that Jacque’ was getting a little sore
and that we had better pace things a little or we would wear
her out long before any of us were ready. Steve reacted by
making sure he was well oiled and then slipped into her wet
hole. I think he was trying to get off quickly, since it was
just a few of his long strokes into her before he grabbed
a handful of ass and pushed his big balls against her crotch
and unloaded. I got a towel for her to put between her legs
and, when I looked in her eyes, I knew that she was closer
to being out of commission than she had been letting on.
It was then that Mike kind of “saved the day”. He said he had
a request to make. Would Jacque’ and I be willing to put on
a show for he and Steve? “What kind of show?” we asked. It
seems Mike wanted to watch Jacque’ and me do our butt fuck
routine. He wanted to see what we did when we were alone and
were going to do it in the ass. I thought that was a great idea,
so I asked Jacque’ to get on her hands and knees and I got around
behind her. Getting a dollop of lube on my finger, I rubbed
her asshole with it and slowly inserted my finger. It was
a process we had done many times and it wasn’t long before
we were really into it and were paying little attention
to the guys. I started to slide my cock along the crack of
her ass until the head was against the opening. Then I put
my hands on her ass cheeks and started to spread them. Mike
was right there and asked if he might do that for me. Of course,
I said that would be fine with me, so Mike gently pulled her
ass cheeks apart, exposing the opening to the head of my
dick. I slowly pushed and felt the head slide past the opening
and continue in for a few inches. Over the years, I had learned
that getting the thickness of the dick head past the opening
was the best way to get Jacque’ used to having the thing in
her ass. Once there, it’s just a matter of letting it rest
until I can feel things loosening up before continuing
the penetration. By now, Steve was sitting close to us as
well and both the guys were watching as I sank to my balls
in Jacque’s tight ass. Then I put my hands on her hips and
gave a little shove, getting the last fraction of an inch
into her butt. That’s where I stayed for a minute or two before
beginning the short strokes that really get her turned
on to getting it in the ass. Just a couple inches out and then
right back in, clear to the balls. That was the way we had
perfected our ass fucking over the years, but we had no idea
it would serve as entertainment for a couple guys. Once
we get the strokes going, we lengthen them and do some subtle
position changes that give it a slightly different feel
for both of us. Then, when it is evident that some serious
butt fucking is about to occur, we change positions again.
I slide a pillow under Jacque’s belly, have her stretch
her legs out and lie over the pillow where she can move her
ass where she wants it to better participate in the ass fucking.
That is, she can wiggle her ass, push it back to meet my thrusts
or just raise or lower her position so that the maximum penetration
occurs. That’s when I move my knees beside her hips and just
rock myself back and forth, sometimes fully withdrawing
to put on more lubricant and then watching it disappear
into her ass again. In any case, it isn’t long before she
detects that I am about to really get with it. It’s then that
she focus’s on relaxing as much as possible so that it is
less likely to hurt and usually says something to me. Something
like: “OK, Baby, go for it”. Or: “Come on, big boy, fuck that
ass nice and hard”. Just the kind of encouragement I need
to really let her have it and fuck hard before shooting a
load into her as far up there as I can reach. Did the guys enjoy
it? Do you have to ask? It was really great and a perfect finale
for a day the likes of which we never even dreamed we would
have. Jacque’ and I slipped off to bed, content to nestle
in for a night of deep sleep.

The next morning, Jacque’ told me that she was really sore
in the pussy. The last fuck of the night had done it and she
wasn’t feeling up to any more of it. She said, however, that:
“There’s nothing wrong with my mouth”. She had only sucked
Mike off and that was the first thing out of the chute, so
she was looking forward to doing some more of it. I admired
her spunk and knew she couldn’t stand the idea of not taking
care of the men around her, especially since she had been
so enthusiastic about having the three of us there. I told
Steve and Mike the problem before Jacque’ came to the breakfast
table, so they were aware of her condition. Mike was pretty
sated anyway and I could have been fine with giving her a
rest. Steve also said he was just fine with it, especially
after I mentioned her final comment about her mouth being
in good shape. We took the dingy to shore and explored an
island we were moored near, getting back to the boat around
lunchtime and settled in for some relaxing time. I was reading
a book and had dozed off when I woke to find myself alone.
Out on the bow, Mike was catching some sun and generally
enjoying the view. Jacque’ and Steve, however, were nowhere
to be found. Curious, I went below and looked in the bedroom.
There, on her hands and knees, was Jacque’ with Steve behind
her, obviously fucking her. I went to the end of the bed and
grinned at her, gave her a kiss and said: “I thought your
pussy was too sore for this”. She shocked me to my toes when
she said: “He isn’t in my pussy.” I thought she must have
been joking, so I moved back to look. I wouldn’t have believed
it possible, but Steve was several inches up her ass. I went
back to her face and asked how the hell she had managed that
and she looked at me for a moment before saying: “It’s a long
story and I’ll be glad to tell you about it. Later. Right
now, I have to concentrate. I know he’s going to be giving
it to me in a little while and I can’t talk and pay attention
to this at the same time. Please, get yourself a place to
watch and let’s talk later.” Seemed like a reasonable request
to me, although I couldn’t imagine Jacque’ ever taking
that thing in the ass and not being permanently damaged.
She didn’t appear to be in any pain, however, so I just got
on the bed and watched Steve do his thing. He had been paying
close attention the previous evening and was doing everything
that I had. Slow penetration. Lots of lube. Let it rest so
she could get her ass around it. Strokes that get deeper
with each movement. It really was fascinating to watch
him do it to her and get deeper and deeper until he really
was up to his nuts in her. You kind of lose track of how much
dick he has until the strokes would start up again. Then,
the thickness of it was the first thing I noticed. Right
after that, it was the length. Jacque’ asked him for some
more lubricant and he slowly began to withdraw. It seemed
to come out of her forever. Right about then, Mike appeared
in the room, saw what was going on and joined us on the bed
to watch. Steve pulled all the way out, slathered more lube
on his cock and started to go back into her ass. Mike and I
reached out at the same time to part her ass cheeks for him
and the head disappeared in her, followed by the entire
length of his cock. It was evident he was getting close to
the end and I had the first moment of concern for Jacque’.
If he got too carried away in that nice ass of hers, he could
hit her too hard and hurt her inside. I sure didn’t want that
to happen and, as if on cue, Steve asked Jacque’ if she was
all right. She assured him she was and was ready for him if
he wanted to finish up. He started to thrust and was soon
giving her some pretty long and, then, hard strokes that
had his balls hitting the cheeks of her pussy. With a final
thrust, Steve started pumping cum into her ass and it was
only then that Jacque’ let out a cry. That last thrust had
penetrated a little too far, but Steve was too far gone to
stop, so Jacque’ just gripped the sheets and let him pump
his balls dry. After the intensity of his orgasm, Steve
laid over Jacque’ and just caressed her body while his dick
slowly deflated. I went to her face, kissed her and asked
how she was. She smiled at me and said: “I wouldn’t have passed
that up, but I’m sure glad you don’t have a dick like that.”
I just gave her a kiss and then moved back up to get a towel
for her. Steve was pulling his dick out of her and I wanted
to watch that. I think he was just giving Mike and me a show
by pulling out very slowly, but whatever the reason, we
were glad he did. Once the fat head of his dick emerged from
her little butt, I put the towel between her legs and went
back to her face. She was very relaxed and was smiling, amused
that Mike and I were getting such a charge out of watching
her get butt fucked by that big cock. We were talking about
it when Mike said he had a request. I looked up at him, naked
and with a total erection. He said he had fantasized about
fucking Jacque’ in the ass since the first time we were together
and he didn’t really think there would be a better opportunity.
Looking directly at me, Mike said: “Would it be OK if I fucked
her ass right now?” I looked at Jacque’ for just a moment
and then said: “Sure. Go ahead. Give her a good one.” Mike
pulled off the towel, got between her legs, spread her ass
cheeks and slid home. He was completely in her, all at once,
and then let it soak for a short while. Jacque’ was looking
right in my eyes while Mike got lined up on her but her eyes
closed rather tightly when he slid into her ass. Once he
was there, she opened them again and we just looked at one
another as Mike took his pleasure from her ass. She was well
lubed, completely loosened up and had began to really like
the fucking she was getting, especially since it wasn’t
going nearly as deep as Steve had been. Mike was so turned
on by the whole experience that he was banging away pretty
quickly and emptied his nuts into her with great gusto.
Looking a little sheepish, Mike caressed Jacque’s back
and ass as he slowly dragged his cock out of her and then replaced
the towel. Meanwhile, Jacque’ and I were looking at one
another and connecting in a very intimate way from sharing
the experience. Then she really surprised me by asking
me to do it to her ass too. The surprise lasted just a moment,
however, and I was behind her, pulling the towel away and
sliding my cock into her very well fucked ass. Needless
to say, I was having no trouble getting in there and it didn’t
hurt her at all. It was totally open to me and I was stroking
long, deep and hard, pounding her ass and squirting another
load of cum into her. What a great feeling. It was as if the
three of us had this unique connection and my wife was the
focal point. Nobody had said a word except for Mike’s request
to fuck Jacque’s ass and the silence continued after it
was all over. We left Jacque’ on the bed, totally spent and
ready for a nap. That night, after dinner, we went to bed
and slept soundly, waking early and feeling very refreshed.
Jacque’ was, of course, pretty sore in both her pussy and
her ass, but she expressed no regrets. I had, however, become
aware of a difference in her. I couldn’t identify what it
was, so I just let it go and got ready for a breakfast. Steve
was doing the cooking and had omelets ready by the time Jacque’
and I got to the bridge. We spent the rest of the morning getting
things ready for the return trip and got under way just after
noon. Jacque’ was on a lounge on the bridge with Steve at
the wheel while Mike and I were just standing, watching
the scenery. Steve was talking with Jacque’ when I began
to notice a feeling in the air. Jacque’ looked at Steve and
told him to come to her. He asked Mike to take the wheel and
walked over to Jacque’. She began to unbutton his shorts
to free his cock. Once it was there for her, Jacque’ began
to suck it, stroking the thing with her hands and mouthing
it tenderly. She got hold of his nuts and squeezed them while
moving her mouth over it as far as she could. Steve had his
eyes closed, concentrating on the blowjob Jacque’ was
giving him and obviously letting his climax occur as soon
as Jacque’ could coax it out of him. His eruption was amazingly
strong for a guy that had cum as much as he had the past two
days. Jacque’ sucked deeply on the end of his dick, getting
a series of solid shots of cum in her mouth. She didn’t miss
a beat, swallowing it down, milking his cock with her fingers
and lapping up the last drop off the end of his dick, licking
it clean. Steve bent down, kissed her tenderly, picked
up his shorts and went back to the wheel. Mike let Steve take
over and walked over to Jacque’, unbuttoning his pants
as he went. He freed his cock and put it into Jacque’s waiting
mouth, slowly fucking her as she massaged his balls, encouraging
him to give her what she wanted. Mike let go as soon as he could
and Jacque’ sucked out as much as he could shoot. Then Mike,
too, leaned down to kiss her tenderly, tucked in his cock
and returned to the railing where he had been when it all
started. Jacque’ looked at me and said: “Your turn is later.
When we get home”. I said that was fine with me, as I had just
figured out what the feeling was. Both Mike and Steve knew
as well. This would be the last time Jacque’ and I would be
doing anything like this. We had lived out our fantasies
and it was time to return to the real world. Our memories
would last a lifetime and maybe, just maybe, we might do
something like this again. But I really doubted it. And
you know what? That was just fine with me.

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