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Medicine woman, the King, and his men 3000 BC (Long Story)


Circa 3000 BC

Samantha -You are in a wooded area by a river, half a day's
walk from your village, looking for special herbs that
you use to help treat the men and women of your tribe. Because
your knowledge borders on "magic", the people
of your clan only speak to you when they have need of your
services, and the men are afraid to approach you, fearing
that you might become angry and make their penises wither.

Little do they know that you are a burning cauldron of passion
and ache for the firm and commanding touch of a powerful

King: I am a leader among my people and your clan has recently
conducted a raid against us, stealing some of our horses...and
some of our women....

Samantha - Unknown to you, the path of the raiding party
crossed the river just a stone's throw from the place
you are gathering herbs...and the King is riding towards
you with five of his greatest warriors.... They are the
advanced party of his army. Since they were already in the
area, they simply sent word for more forces and took up the

From Samantha’s thoughts:
These herbs the best that I have found in sometime, more
potent than those found at my usual gathering place. The
irony is that I never reap the benefit of them because they
are used by women whose men cannot please them sexually.
The herb gives a strong desire to any man that smells it,
causing him to have a massive erection and a burning passion
that takes hours to quench. In all your years you have never
had a man, because the fools in your village are afraid of
your power. If only they knew the burning passion you have
within, and the secrets you have gathered to please men,
secrets that go unused.

The heat is getting oppressive and the water looks cool.
Smiling to myself, I set my herb basket down and quickly
pull my dress off over my head. Stepping to the slow moving
river, I wade out until the water causes my breasts to float,
my nipples hardening at the thought of the massive erections
that will be chasing the lucky women around their tents
in my village after the men have had their dose of my herbs.
My left hand reaches up to caress my nipple and my right hand
slides down…. down to the folds of my sex. My fingers delve
into my wet pussy, rubbing across my hard cliterous, my
back arches as I explore my pleasure, fantasies of hard
penises dancing through my vision. If the foolish men of
my village only knew how hot the fire in my loins was, they
would truly be afraid that I would devour them with my desire.


I float back onto the water, easing towards a rock behind
me. When I reach it I pull my fingers from my depths just long
enough to climb up onto its flat, sun warmed surface and
lay on my back. I renew my attention to my breasts and vagina,
closing my eyes and dreaming that it is the sun god himself
that is caressing my body, building my heat, bringing my
lava to a boil...until I erupt with a cry that echoes of the
far canyon walls.

I lay basking in the sun and the afterglow of my orgasm. I
hear a horse nicker and I look across the river to see five
riders watching me with grim expressions, trying to hide
smiles. Frightened I leap up and dash across the rock, jump
to shore and race toward my basket and dress. I glance over
my shoulder to see what the warriors are doing and see that
they are laughing at I crash into a mountain of muscle
that I later learn is their leader.


From the King’s perspective:
I have a grim job to do, but it will certainly be done. For
years a neighboring tribe has been stealing from us, but
now they have made a mistake, for I am now the leader of my
people. While I am fair and a man of piece, I do not fear battle
as my father did. I do not want a war, but I will take back what
is ours and punish those that have stolen from us. Traveling
light and quiet, I have chosen to lead the way with only my
five best men, who are like brothers to me. Together we are
a fighting force that no legion would want to face and we
can move far swifter than my army, which is following behind

Although we are following the trail swiftly, we are moving
with caution, wary of ambush. As we approach the river crossing
we pause behind the bushes to survey the other bank, for
this is the place for a trap...but we are surprised to see
another site, a beautiful woman stepping into the river
from the other side. Her hair is long and brown, with yellow
streaks from being bleached by the sun. Her breasts are
small, but firm, and capped with perky nipples. Her skin
is bronze..all over...and amazingly...although she
is obviously a grown woman...she has no hair covering her

After she has entered the water and waded in for her bath
we see that she is exploring herself, giving herself pleasure.
To our amazement, she crawls out of the river and lies in
the sun on a great rock, basking like no wood nymph we have
ever heard of, seeming to make love to the sunlight that
is streaming down.

Silently bidding my men to remain on watch, I pull back and
circle far upstream around a bend in the river. Swimming
my horse slowly across I slip into the forest, coming up
on the nymph from behind. I drop silently off of my horse
and slip quietly through the brush. I arrive in time to witness
her climax with the sun god and I luxuriate in the site of
her beautiful form. Suddenly the young horse my brother
is riding nickers after having caught my scent. The girl
is startled to see them and bolts, leaping like a deer from
her rock to the shore and dashing straight towards me. As
she glances toward my warriors, I step out of hiding and
she crashes into my chest, rebounds and falls towards the
ground. I grab her wrists, both to keep her from falling
and to control her. Once she regains her balance she struggles
against me, but to no avail. Even though I am careful to avoid
hurting her, she is no match for my grip.

Smiling, my men ford the stream and enjoy watching the naked
lovely struggle in my grasp. With my eyes I select two of
my riders to scout the area behind us for our enemies and
a third to toss me some leather to bind our captive.

Although she has stopped struggling, there is a fire in
her eyes as she says, "You had best release me immediately
before I am forced to punish you for your actions. I am Samantha,
medicine woman of the Tiree clan, all the men of my tribe
fear my power and you would do well to follow their example!"


"Girl, you are far from the weak men of your village
and I am not a Tiree man. Perhaps if there were any REAL men
in Tiree you would not have been forced to please yourself
on this rock and would have had a penis at your beck and call.
I can not imagine how any man would allow you to walk free
and not attempt to take you as his wife, or at least his concubine!"


Samantha's thoughts:
O my! My pussy is already dripping juice at the sight of this
man and then he has to say something as fine as that!

His thought:
I want to fuck this woman until we are both wasted down to

I take the girl over underneath the trees and tie her arms
over her head, but apart. Gently kicking her legs apart,
I bind her ankles to stakes my companion Lex thrusts into
the ground. As I tie her, I can not help but notice the powerful
scent of her sex and see that she is leaking moisture from
her pussy that is dripping down her thighs.

Quickly I step back and try to control the urges rising in
me. "Why are you here alone girl?" I growl.

"Because my people fear me and will not come close
to me unless they are in need of my skills, warrior."


"Your foolish people have raided us again, stealing
horses and women from one of our small herd camps. Why should
we not kill you for revenge?"

"Because I can help you, not only recover your women
and goods, but also to insure that my tribe will never raid
yours again. The men of my tribe fear me above all else, if
you take me for your queen, they will always fear to attack
your people."

She thinks:
"I will do anything to help them if this big warrior
will just drop his loincloth and plunge himself into my
leaking hole!"

He thinks:
"I am not sure if her idea will work, but it sounds like
I can at least get laid without getting scratched raw. And
she is HOT! This is the first time I have EVER regretted the
law I made against captured women."

The King replies, "I am afraid that you are not able
to be my queen because I have yet to meet a woman that can endure
my passion. I always seem to wear them out and need another!"


Samantha responds, "Then devise a test for me lord
and see if I can meet your challenge! Long have I yearned
for a real man, bed me here while your brothers watch and
see if I can match your passion!"

The King thinks:
"It is fun to bandy words with this wench, but it would
be unfair for me to take my pleasure while my fellows suffer

"Wench, you speak fine and with a brave heart, but
just as I will not eat or drink if my brothers have none, I
will not torment them by taking my pleasure with you and
them being without. In our brotherhood we share what we
have or we suffer together."

She thinks:
"Many springs have come and gone and I have yet to have
a lover, now I can catch up all at once with six great studs
at my service!"

I beg, “Then share me with your brothers Lord or kill me swiftly!
Either way, end my suffering!"

Startled, the King looks to his brothers, they are all stunned
at my proposal, but they all have enormous erections straining
against their breach clothes. The scouts return and Lex
updates them quietly on our discussion while the King ponders
my challenge.

"OK woman, you have truly set yourself a task! My five
greatest warriors and I will answer your challenge, but
you will remain bound or restrained at all times. Since
you alluded to your powers, I would be foolish to not take
caution. If you treat us well and please us with your efforts,
we will try your idea and you will be my queen. If you attempt
to trick us or escape, I will personally sacrifice you to
the sun god at daybreak on the same rock that you consorted
with him on!"

I think: "Six men at my beck and call and only three
holes to accommodate them with! Who first and how?"


I am answered when Lex steps toward the King and takes his
sword belt and weapons.

Lex says, "Just as you lead us in battle by charging
in first, this time Lord, you shall lead us into the gates
of her heaven!" and the men all laugh and cheer.

Stepping toward me, their comely captive, the King bends
down and presses his lips to mine and is rewarded with an
intense kiss. I gasp as his fingers find my oozing sex and
plunge into my depths, stretching me for the assault to

Her thoughts and view:
The King steps toward me as his warriors laugh in friendly
way. My passion overwhelms me as his lips meet mine, my arms
attempt to hold him but are retrained by the leather binding
me to the tree. I gasp as his fingers plunge into my wet steamy
depths and my weight goes onto my arms as my knees buckle.

Tormenting me for what seem to be endless days, the King
brings me to the edge of my bliss and then steps back. He pulls
loose the bindings at me feet, reaches up and frees my bindings
from the branch overhead, twirls me around an secures my
hands together behind my back. Twirling me back around
to face him he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me
to my knees. Gazing up into his eyes I see his need, and it
is deeper than just the physical acts we are about to commit.
If I win him here, I may win him completely. The smell of his
loins reaches me and my nostrils flare like a lioness scenting
her prey. He removes his belt and his breechclout drops,
releasing a massive erection that the donkeys in my village
would be proud of!

My eyes flare at its size and beauty and my mouth waters.
I lean forward and lick the enormous, swollen, purple head.
A pearly drop attempts to escape, but I capture it with my
tongue. The taste is so fantastic that my desire wells up
inside of me, seeming to rise up out of the ground beneath
me, and I suddenly plunge as much of his staff inside my mouth
as I can, desperate to swallow him entirely. My jaw stretches
and suddenly the head is against the back of my throat. A
brief choke and a swallow and I can feel him inside my throat,
requiring me to drop my head back so it can plunge down toward
my stomach.

His men gasp and mutter among themselves, impressed with
my feat. A cheer goes up as my nose touches the king’s belly
and his entire manhood is inside my mouth. Bobbing back
and forth, I milk his penis like a hungry goat sucks its mother’s
teat and shortly he grabs my head and takes over the rhythm,
fucking my face faster and faster until he ejaculates with
a roar, leaving me gulping as fast as I can. His load is so
tremendous that I cannot swallow it all and vast quantities
run down my chin and drip onto my breasts.

As he pulls back and his cock pops out of my mouth, I fall onto
my back, spreading my legs to offer him my wet pussy. Seeing
my need, but being a devil, he commands me back to my knees,
and then throws his bundle of skins in front of me. Seeing
his intention, the others add to the pile until it reaches
my navel.

Guessing his intentions, I lay forward across the pile,
my head almost touching the earth, but my ass raised high
into the air. From my basket, one of his men extracts an herb
oil that I make for cooking and tosses it to the King. He holds
it in front of my face and looks at me questioningly. I nod,
it will do wonderfully for his purpose.

The oil had been warmed by the sun and feels relaxing as he
pours it onto my ass, his large hands spread my cheeks and
then his finger slowly prods my puckered ass. Slowly he
eases it inside and as my neither opening relaxes he begins
to move it more vigorously. Suddenly I feel another finger
questing and I gasp as a burst of pleasure/pain explodes
through me. Now he has two fingers in my ass, slowly twisting
them as he slides them in and out. After a time another joins
them and his three fingers fill me in a way I have never felt
before. I gasp as the thumb of his other hand strokes my clit.
I writhe as he brings me to my edge and just as I am about to
scream in orgasm, he pulls his thumb away and pulls his fingers
out of my ass. The feeling of emptiness and frustration
is overwhelming and I vent a primal scream of rage. Only
to be brought back to reality as I glance over my shoulder
and see him rubbing oil onto his enormous cock. By this time,
even the horses are lined up watching, and they look jealous.


I watch as the King turns toward my ass with his massive staff.
Although I know I just swallowed it, I have a surge of fear
that it will not fit in the other end. The head presses against
my opening and I struggle to relax. His powerful hands firmly
but gently spread my buttocks and suddenly the massive
head pops in. He pauses for a moment to let me get used to his
invasion, then he slowly sinks his shaft into me. When he
meets resistance, he pauses again, retreats a hairs breadth,
and then continues his slow plunge. An enormous feeling
of fullness and completion fills me as I feel his balls touch
my pussy lips and his hard belly touch my ass. Another cheer
goes up from his warriors as he pulls me a little tighter
and completely bottoms out in my depths. Slowly he eases
back until I feel the head of his staff just inside the taught
ring of my ass.

A trickle of oil pours into my crack and flows onto his shaft
as he eases back into me. His enormous hand slaps my right
butt cheek as he reaches the bottom of his stroke and he begins
to pull back, again I can feel the flare as it reaches my ring
and reverses course to plunge back into my depths. His left
hand rises from my ass and a gasp escapes from our audience
as I raise my ass to meet both the plunge of his hand and the
plunge of his shaft. As his pace increases I loose control
of myself and begin to grind up to met him, clenching the
muscular ring in my ass as he is withdrawing, milking his
penis with all my strength.

His pace increases and his grip on my hips tightens, my orgasm
is building, rising to match his, and as his juice boils
into my bowels I let loose a scream as the most powerful orgasm
of my life crashes over me. He collapses over my back and
rubs the back of my hair. Amazingly his penis does not soften,
even though he has had two enormous orgasms.

”We can not have you screaming like that, you might bring
our enemies down on us. From now on, when we are plumbing
your depths you will have to have something in your mouth!”
His men laugh ...and my mouth waters.

The King pulls himself slowly from my ass, as if he is as reluctant
as I to end our connection. Leaving me bent over and exposed,
he staggers to the river to wash himself. Any other group
of warriors would have descended upon me as soon as their
leader stepped away, but his band waits, seemingly awestruck,
for his return.

His strong hands lift me to my feet and he unties my hands.
A blanket is thrown on the ground behind me and he guides
me down onto it. With a glance he commands two of his company
to step forward. One on each side, they kneel and each grasps
one of my wrists and holds it over my head, pinned to the ground.
Then each grabs one of my ankles and spreads my legs up and
apart, exposing me to their Lord.

Smiling, the King kneels as if to impale me with his mighty
shaft, but then slides his tongue from my breasts to my belly
and lower, to the hairless lips of my pussy. After a slow
sniff, he asks me why I have no hair and I gasp out “Because
it is cleaner this way my lord, all the women of my tribe are
like this!”

The warriors around me smile and indicate their approval.
Then the King stabs out his tongue and touches my clit. A
sharp cry arises from me as a spike of pleasure crashes from
my pussy to my brain.

”Lex!”, the King calls, “I thought I commanded that her
mouth be plugged! See if you have the proper tool for the

Lex smiles and drops his breechclout, revealing a tool
as incredibly long as the Kings, but more slender and slightly
curved. As the King rubs his apple sized purple cockhead
against my pussy lips, Lex kneels by my head, his curved
penis angled perfectly to penetrate my throat as I turn
my head towards him.

The King pushes himself into my depths, not slowly but not
harshly, and I gasp. Having never had anything other than
my finger inside my pussy, there is a tearing, searing pain,
that almost instantly changes to a warm satisfaction that
I am now truly a woman. The King pauses as he realizes that
he has just taken my virginity.

As my mouth opens to cry out Lex slides his tool past my lips
and seals off my cry. The King slowly eases out of me and then
gently inserts himself again. Sliding into my depths until
he reaches my cervix. Lex slides his curved shaft into my
throat, holding my head in his left hand, turning my face
to my left to control my movements. All I can do is swallow
and flex the muscles in my throat around his shaft. With
his right knee across my arms, the two men holding my legs
apart for the King are suddenly free to release my wrists
and employ their hands on my breasts. Squeezing, stroking
and massaging, they toy with my small breasts and torture
my hard nipples.

The King’s pace increases, his hands lift my hips off of
the ground and onto his knees so he can rock into me. Liquid
fire begins to build in my belly as the King’s tool probes
my depth and Loki and Herc twist my nipples. Lex continues
to fuck my throat with his curved shaft and I feel overwhelmed
and complete. The King’s pace builds and Lex rushes to match,
Loki and Herc increase their efforts on my breasts. I feel
as if I am standing on a tall cliff. Suddenly the King’s already
huge member begins to swell and he clutches my hips, pushing
himself even deeper, stretching my depths. Lex simultaneously
jams his tool so far down my throat that my lips are around
his base. My pussy is suddenly blasted with buckets of the
King’s seed and Lex simultaneously pours himself into
my throat. Unable to contain it all, cum bubbles out of both
my mouth and my pussy. Although both should be sated, their
members remain hard, but their bodies are weakened. The
King collapses across my chest, his penis still inside
me. Lex pulls out of my mouth and the King gently kisses my
forehead, my cheeks, and then my mouth.

They all were still filled with sexual desires, the herb
mattress doing its work to the maximum, but suddenly the
leader thinks of the other four hungry men whose desires
are clearly showing. He looks at me and renews my permission
allowing the others to take a turn, and I give him an enthusiastic
and positive response. The King lifts me to my feet and leads
me back to the pile of skins. His men quickly add saddles
to the pile and create a low throne for the King. As he sits
down he pulls me toward him, spinning me around so I am facing
away, and then sits me on his knees. The oil is again put to
use to lubricate his sturdy pole and my puckered opening.
He frees my hands and I put them on his knees, leaning forward
enough to line my ass up with his royal scepter, and I slowly
slidie myself onto his shaft. I am amazed that I am so able
and willing to take his huge tool, but it is soon buried in
my depths. Once he is fully embedded in me, he pulls me back
against his chest and cups my breasts in his huge hands.
He gently massages my lust-swollen breasts and twirls
my nipples between his fingers. The waves of pleasure cause
my ass to spasm around his shaft. Chuckling the King reaches
down between my legs and inserts a finger into my dripping
vagina, twirls it around inside and then rakes it across
my clit, causing me to shudder. Gesturing to Loki, the King
reaches under my legs from behind, grabs me behind my knees,
and pulls them up and apart, opening my sex. Loki’s eyes
glaze over as he walks toward me, fumbling with the belt
that holds up his straining breechclout. His thick penis
springs free as he reaches us and he suddenly drops to his
knees between our legs.

“Thank you my King for sharing your treasure with me”, he
says…just before licking my cliterous and shoving two
of his fingers into me. Fire races through me and my back
arches, pushing my cliterous into his tongue and causing
me to squeeze the king’s shaft with my ass. The King’s hands
slide up to my breasts, the bend of his arms supporting and
spreading my knees. Loki rises to his knees and lines his
swollen, purple head against my engorged pussy lips. Teasing
me, he rubs it up and down my slit and across my clit until
I beg him to put it inside me. Suddenly he slams all the way
into me and I am completely filled with dick. One in my ass,
another in my pussy, overwhelmed I again cried out in ecstasy.
The King abruptly squeezes my nipples hard and motions
to Herc with his head.

Herc leaps over to us and whips off his breechcloth, exposing
yet another steel hard, massive, beautiful erection.
Turning my head to my right, I reach out my right hand to touch
and caress a penis for the first time. It is hot and tight
and hard and it looks so tasty. As I pull his penis toward
my hungry mouth I hear movement on my left and my left hand
is placed on another massive erection. Glancing back quickly,
I discover that Pan has grown tired of waiting for his turn
and had joined us. Grasping his shaft in my left hand, I began
to move it back and forth and return my gaze to Herc…and slowly
lick around the plum sized head of his tool. After teasing
him for a few moments with my tongue, I swallow as much of
him as I can and milk him with my mouth. The King recaptures
my attention by slowly lifting my ass upwards until I can
feel the flare of his head against the tight ring of my ass.
He drops me back down and as I hit bottom, Loki slams into
my pussy. Stars explode in my head. After several cycles
of this up and down, in and out rhythm, I turn to my left and
lick Pan’s head while holding Herc’s penis tightly in my
right hand. I rise on the King’s shaft and sink back down,
Loki slams into my pussy, and I engulf Pan’s penis with my
mouth. As I am lifted back up the King’s shaft, Pan’s head
pops out of my mouth and I turn to Herc for the next cycle.
Up and down, in and out, the King and Loki grind in and out
of me. As I grow more and more exited, I begin to squeeze them
with my inner muscles as they are pulling back, then I turn
to hot melted butter as they slide into me. My hands are furiously
working Herc and Pan as I alternate tonguing and sucking
them. The King begins to move me faster, seething I grind
into the King and Loki each time I hit bottom. At the same
time, I suck Herc and Pan like my life depends on it. I move
my hands back and forth furiously, challenging them to
come on me as I alternate sucking them. The King pounds into
me insistently, pinching my nipples as Loki thrusts into
me harder and harder. Suddenly waves crash through my body
and I convulse all over, my pussy squeezing Loki and my ass
clenching around the King’s huge shaft. Pan thrusts his
tool deep into my throat to stifle the scream rising with
my orgasim. My convulsions cause Loki to shoot his load
into my clasping pussy. The King, feeling Loki pulsing
inside me through the thin wall separating them, looses
his control and roars as he comes in my tight ass.

Pan clutches my face and fucks my mouth fast and furious
as I continue to yank on Herc’s hard tool. Suddenly he pulls
himself out of my mouth and sprays squirt after squirt of
cum all over my face and breasts. I quickly turn and take
Herc’s staff into my mouth and gulp it into my throat. I bob
my head twice and he explodes into my mouth. Pulling my face
away from his tool, I continue to stroke his penis back and
forth as he shoots ropes of semen across my face, breasts
and belly. I aim the last few shots back into my mouth and
give both Herc and Pan a slow, soft lick to catch the few drops
remaining beaded at their slits.

“Brothers, I need a rest. Let those of you that still have
the energy enjoy the woman’s charms, but do not harm her.”
Says the King.

Loki slowly pulls out of my pussy and a river of cum washes
down my sticky thighs. Smiling, Herc and Pan pull me to my
feet. I suddenly feel empty as the King’s huge shaft pops
out of my bottom. Herc lays down on the blanket and pulls
me on top of him, sliding his fat tool into my drenched pussy.
He reaches down and pulls my knees up underneath me and crushes
me to his chest, grasping my ass checks and spreading them
apart. Once again my cooking oil is poured over a penis as
Pan says, “I chose to be in her ass this time. Feeling the
constriction of her tight hole that was never invaded by
anyone before except our master.”

That said, he kneels behind me and slowly stuffs his thick
meat into my bottom. The feeling of being filled is overwhelming
and the friction caused by the two penises rubbing against
each other is fantastic.

Loki steps over, raises my head up and thrusts his penis
into my mouth. I taste my pussy and his cum on my tongue as
Herc pushes up into me and Pan grinds into my ass. I bob my
head back and forth on Loki’s penis, sucking it as hard as
I can on the way back, giving it a quick lick, and then plunging
it back into my throat. Herc thrusts into my pussy as Pan
pulls almost out of my ass. Then, clutching my hips, Pan
powers into my clasping asshole as Herc pulls back. Herc
grasps my breasts in his huge hands and massages them vigorously,
supporting my weight at the same time. This frees my hands
to grasp Loki’s ass and I pull him even deeper into my throat.
The four of us settle into a frantic rhythm, of thrusting,
grinding, and sucking for what seems like hours. Again
I am seized with an overwhelming orgasm and my pussy and
ass tighten around my respective thrusting lovers. Pan
clutches my hips tightly and slams his rod into me viciously
until he washes my rectum with a bucketful of semen. His
thrusting excites Herc and he takes control of my hips and
grinds into me until I feel his bulb swell and shoot over
and over into me. Screaming around Loki’s penis as I quiver
in one long continuous orgasm, I double my suction efforts
and he slams himself into my throat. I feel his orgasm begin
and he pulls himself from my mouth and I open wide for him
to aim spurt after spurt at my mouth. What I do not catch streams
down my face and onto my breasts. I lift my nipples to my mouth
and lick them clean, causing my warriors to mutter among
themselves and get exited again. And then Aladdin steps
up to claim his prize…he had been standing guard and was
ready to take his reward.

He is walking towards me and all eyes are on us. Dropping
his breechcloth, he exposes his monstrous penis to me.
Like the King’s, it is as big around as my arm and the head
is the size of my fist. As I am still kneeling on the blanket
astride Herc, he simply grabs my head and places his bone
against my lips. I part my lips and slowly run my tongue along
his length from the base to the huge head. He directs me to
open wide and begins to inch his way deep into my mouth. I
gulp and I swallow, and magically his length is buried in
my throat. Still holding my head in his hands, Aladdin begins
to fuck my mouth slowly, letting my saliva coat his tree
root sized organ. His penis continues to swell and get even
harder and he abruptly pulls free of my sucking mouth. Reaching
down, Aladdin lifts me to my feet turns me around and bends
me over.

“Grab your ankles and pull witch”, he growls as he spreads
my legs with his feet.

Grabbing my ankles as ordered, I pull and find myself staring
up at the huge head of his penis as he teases it along my dripping
slit. Aladdin grabs my hips in his beefy hands and pulls
me back onto his pole, slowly easing into my sore, but happy,
pussy. Once he hits my cervix, he finds that I am unable to
take him all the way inside me. He starts sliding himself
in and out of me, while I stare up at his efforts, and his pace
begins to increase. I gasp each time his penis hits my womb
and I begin to wail as he slides in faster and faster. Lex
steps forward, grabs my hair and lifts my head. My mouth
falls open and Lex plugs my cries with his hard tool. Aladdin
plows into me over and over, pushing Lex’s curved shaft
deeper into my throat each time he thrusts. Just when I think
he is going to spew, Aladdin pulls out of my clasping vagina
and lines up with my poor stretched ass. Loki tosses Aladdin
my oil and he begins to slick up his huge tool and pours some
into my crack. He then lines up with my puckered opening
and starts to push his way past my outer ring. Suddenly I
feel relief, and some pleasure, as the head of his shaft
pops past my stretched sphincter. I moan my approval and
relief around Lex’s shaft, which is now completely buried
in my throat. Aladdin continues to ease deeper into my darkest
area and in doing so forces my lips to the root of Lex’s organ.
Lex and Aladdin quickly develop a rhythm that has them thrusting
into me at the same time. I reach out and grasp Lex’s hips
to steady myself and I start to loose control, slurping
and slobbering all over his shaft and flexing my throat
muscles around his head as my body turn to jelly.

Aladdin’s pace picks up as I begin to grind my bottom against
him as he thrust into me. With a roar he seizes my hips, lifts
me off of my feet, and slams into me repeatedly. Lex grabs
my hair and suddenly spews into my mouth. Just as I finish
gulping down his load and Lex staggers away, Aladdin screams
that he is ready, pulls out of my ass, whirls me around again,
pushes me to my knees, and empties rivers of cum into my open
mouth, across my face, all over my breasts.

Glancing over, I see that Lex and the King are sprawled out
resting on a mattress of the potent herbs I had come to collect.
Each is staring at me with lust in his eyes and his huge shaft
in his hand, but they make no move to rise.

The other four guys are filled with excitement. They choose
to have more fun with me and have their leader rest on the
herb mattress while he enjoys watching. Loki, Herc, Pan,
and Aladdin exchange a few words then look at me and smile
like devils. They swiftly carry me back underneath the
tree limb and gather together rope, leather, harness from
their horses and items scrounged from the forest floor
nearby. The King and Lex look on with excitement to see what
their friends are up to. Shortly I am lifted off of my feet
and placed into a sling that they have suspended from the
tree limb. My arms are fastened above me and the contraption
spreads my legs wide. Suddenly I realize that my pussy is
now suspended at a perfect height for them to thrust into
my depths while I hang helpless. Smiling, one of the warriors
places several leaves over my eyes and ties them into place,
rendering me blind. I am completely under their control.

Suddenly a warm, wet tongue is bathing my wet and inviting
pussy in a very teasing way. Whoever he is, he wants some
fun and excitement. He is not the kind of guy that rushes
to see his woman screaming from orgasm before he has tortured
and teased her. Someone else begins enjoying his time sucking
on my erect left nipple and another joins him on the right.
The tongue lapping at my pussy thrusts in and out, then focuses
on my cliterous as a thumb is inserted into my pussy, plunging
and twisting inside me. He is tender on one stroke and rough
the next. Another finger teases my asshole and worms its
way inside me. The finger is owned by someone that is deeply
interested in my ass and since I have had recent experience,
it isn’t hard for me to accept his intrusion when he places
the head of his oiled dick against my stretched ring. He
stands behind me and pulls on my hips as his erect penis finds
its way into my most tight place. His excitement is reflected
by the sounds he makes when he is inside me completely.

With my nipples, cliterous, pussy, and ass being stimulated
simultaneously it is too much and I begin begging for mercy,
I want to have an orgasm, but how can I control the situation?

Someone is still teasing my pussy with his tongue and I begin
to cry and beg him to enter my wet dripping pussy. With all
of the men laughing, he relents and finally places his swollen
head against my opening. Finally he enters me, but he is
still teasing me with his thrusts and his thumb on my button.

I have one in my pussy, another in my ass and two mouths tonguing
my stiff nipples, teeth nipping at them and sending sparks
through my body. My nipples get harder and harder in their
mouths while the man in my ass and the man in my pussy continue
pleasing themselves. Shaking, all over, I reach the edge
of my existence and plunge into a whole body orgasm, my screams
echoing across the valley, my body turning to fire from
my pussy to my brain. I feel the men increase their pace,
their hands clutching me tighter and then I feel them coming
one after the other; one in my ass, one in pussy and more shooting
across my breasts and belly from the sides.

Nearly unconscious from exhaustion, I feel them change
something with the harness I am hanging in and suddenly
I am floating level in the air. Something is supporting
my low back and shoulders, but my hair and my head roll back
toward the ground. Someone grasps my ankles and ties them
up above me, spreading my legs wide apart. Someone steps
up to my bottom, places his hard cock against my gaping pussy
lips, and shoves it inside. As my mouth opens in a gasp, another
hard cock is thrust past my lips and down my throat. Hands
clutch my hips and entangle in the hair on my head as the two
cocks thrust in and out of me simultaneously. From the sounds
around me, I can tell that all six men have formed a circle
around me and are murmuring encouragement to the two men
that are pounding into my mouth and pussy. Just when I think
that they are going to come, both of them pull out and step
back. Suddenly I am spinning on the end of my rope, when I
stop another penis slams into my dripping slit and I again
receive a penis for my mouth when I gasp from the shock. I
realize it must be Lex pounding my pussy because the curved
thrust is hitting a different spot within my depths. As
their pace increases I feel another orgasm building, and
just as I think they are both about to reward me with their
seed, they step back and spin me again. Again and again,
dozens of times, the men bring themselves to the edge, and
then retreat, spinning me to let fate choose who gets to
plumb my depths next. It seems every third man chooses to
thrust his staff into my ass instead of my pussy, but many
of them also fuck my pussy with their thumb as they plumb
the depths of my ass. While it is obvious that they are trying
to torture me and delay my orgasm, their efforts fail as
I laps into a continuous seizure of pleasure. Sometime
after I loose count at 20 penises having passed my lips in
this delicious torture, the men begin to loose control
and spill their seed, but each of them does so in either my
pussy or my ass, then turns me so I can lick their tools clean.
The last seems to be the largest of them all and, sure that
it is the King, I attempt to squeeze his cock with first my
pussy, then my ass as he switches places. As we both build
toward our eruption I gasp out “fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my
ass my King! I belong to You!”

Suddenly he pulls out of me and I cry out in despair at the
sudden emptiness. My anguish is quickly eased as his huge
head touches my lips and I inhale his shaft as if I am a drowning
woman seeking life-giving air. His large right hand steadies
my head as he guides his meaty shaft down my throat and his
left hand reaches across to delve into the folds of my pussy.
Quivering, I erupt like a volcano and my gasping cry sets
off his mighty erection, his cum pouring into my throat.
Again, the volume is so great that I cannot contain it and
streams of his seed run out of my mouth and across my face,
into my hair.

My blindfold is removed and I see that the dawn is coming
and they all seem tired. They look to their leader and see
a tremendous look of excitement in his eyes. They all gently
help freeing me from my chair and lay me in the King’s arms.
They drop to the ground down on the ground naked and fall
fast asleep. They King looks down into my eyes and carries
me to his blanket. Laying me down, he tenderly kisses my
hands, my forehead, my eyelids, and my cheeks. In spite
of my exhaustion and soreness, my pussy begins to gush again.

“You are indeed worthy enough to be my queen. If you are not
too exhausted, I would like to make love to you one last time
before we sleep.”

I smile and kiss his lips fiercely. “I am yours my King, take
me any way and any time you want me”.

He smiles and tenderly places my ankles on his shoulders
and moves his body over me. I am at last free to wrap my arms
around his body and clutch his strong back as he eases his
bulk into me. Quietly and softly he strokes into me as the
sun rises over the mountains. Our cries of orgasm rouse
the wild animals from their sleep, but not the warriors
that ravished me all night.

Nobody knows how many hours we lay sleeping, naked and exhausted,
the sun baking different parts of our bodies.


But it is not sunburn that rouses us, but the prodding spears
of the warriors from my village. They had worried that I
was in trouble when I did not return. They had tracked me
to the river glade and were astonished to find me lying naked
with the enemy leader and his bravest warriors sprawled
nude around me. Convinced that I had used some magic to overwhelm
the mighty King, the men quickly cover me and bind the men.


I keep my thoughts private as I am helped onto the Kings horse,
but I let slip a slight smile when I look behind me and see
the waving erections of the King and his men as they follow
behind my horse. Each man has his hands tied behind his back
and each is fitted with a makeshift collar that is tied to
a rope that I hold in my hand.

When we arrive at the village with the prisoners, everyone
turns out to see us parade into the central square. The village
men quickly raise six strong posts and plant them into the
ground in a line, torturous thoughts on their minds. Once
each prisoner is bound to a post, everyone in the village
turned to hear my decree. They are all in awe of my power and
as I stare at them they grow silent.

"Women of Tiree" I cry, "TO YOUR KNEES!"
and the women, young and old,
all fall to their knees.

"To you I bring a great gift" ..the King glares
at me "a magnificent gift that you have earned after
much suffering.....For many years you have come to me,
and for even more years you have come to those before me,
asking for help with a grave matter. You have sought to improve
the quality of your men. Increase their sexual stamina
and improve their ability to please you.”

”Allas, no manner of magic can improve the sad lot of limp
dicks we have in our houses”, ..the men mutter to each other
angrily..."so I give you a new solution!"

"Men of Tiree, long have you feared my power, and in
doing so you have left me alone on cold nights with no man
to hold. Not only are you unable to please your wives, you
are not even strong enough to take a simple herb woman to
your bed."

"I will forever cure you of your lack of desire, assure
that you will always be able to find food, and assure that
your women will no longer be displeased with your service.
Step forward!"

Grinning, the men of the village step forward, wild thoughts
of their reward dancing in their minds. I lock eyes with
the King, MY King...raise my hands high in the air and gather
a ball of blue light. Suddenly I throw the ball at the men
and they are instantly changed into a new form of
life. They look somewhat like sheep, but their hair is not
as fine. Their horns are straighter and their bleating
voices a little more strident.

"You will henceforth be constantly horny and hungry.
You will be able to eat any type of forage and will constantly
be searching for sustenance. GO AWAY, Out of TIREE! (goats)."


"Women of Tiree, rise and turn your gaze to the REAL
men now tied to the posts. Gaze upon them and know that they
are capable of fulfilling all of your needs, if you treat
them well. For now, leave them bound and at our mercy"
I turn and lock eyes with the King, "and form a line
leading to their King, MY KING….OUR KING!."

I step to the front of the line and face the string of women.
"We are each going to please and be pleased by each
of the men before us. At the end of our endeavor, our bellies
will be full of their seed, and a new race of men will be born
of our wombs!"

Turning back to my King, I lock eyes with him..and hold his
gaze as I sink to my knees and take his throbbing member into
my mouth. Once his shaft is wet and as hard as steel, I rise
and wrap a leg around his hip, slowly sliding his massive
tool inside my pussy. Slowly slide myself along his shaft,
in and out, around and around. Eventually I can take no more
and I clutch his shoulders in a tight embrace that draws
blood. I feel felt the plum sized head of his penis swell
to seal my passage and we both erupt with a cry that is heard
at the far corners of the land.

After a few moments rest, I slide myself off of his tool and
hold it out in offering to the next woman in line. After she
sinks to her knees and takes the King’s tool into her mouth,
I step to my left and take Lex's curved shaft into my
mouth, and start the process with him.

In all, 60 women each have their way with our captives this
day, each woman grinding away at each man until he relents
and blasts a load of semen into her. Some women chose to embrace
their man as I, their new Queen had, some choose to face away
from their captive and place him into her pussy from behind.
But ALL choose to receive a blast from each man into her womb...and
all bore strong sons and beautiful daughters 9 months later.


For all the years to follow, even into her old age, Samantha
made a monthly trip into the forest to gather herbs, leaving
her children behind. And none thought it strange that every
time she left on one of her trips she was accompanied by her
King, and at least his five commanders.......

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