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Master's toy


By seven_in

We arrive at a hotel room and I unlock the door and we enter.
Once inside I toss my briefcase into a near by chair. I then
step behind you and put my arms around you. I hug you and begin
to caress your body and sway left and right as I caress you.
You lean back into my arms and surrender your body to me and
begin to moan over and over in a whispered voice...."Master".
I continue caressing your body as I hug you. I begin to kiss
your neck and softly nibble and bite your neck, ear and shoulder.
I turn you around and hungrily kiss your mouth and lips.
Your arms wrap around my neck. After a moment I push you away
and walk over to a chair. You begin to follow me. Without
looking back I command you to "STOP". I pickup
my briefcase and sit down in the chair. You are standing
before me and begin to speak, but I place a finger to my lips
and say "sssshhhhhhh" you quietly obey. I open
my briefcase and rummage through it retrieving an item
from it and toss it toward you. It lands at your feet. You
look down and realize it is a collar. You look back at me and
I am smiling. I then say. "Put it on slave" you
quickly obey and have the collar around your neck in no time.
Then you hear me say "STRIP!" "slowly"
as you strip you swaying to the music you hear in your head
you caress your body doing your best to arouse me, but all
you succeed in doing is to become more and more turned on.
Soon you stand before me nude and extremely horny. You look
into my eyes and see my amusement. Knowing that I am enjoying
the show. You step toward me and I command you "BACK!"
"I am not through with you". Quickly you obey.
Wondering what next I have in store for you. I stand and walk
to you. you notice I have something in my hand and begin to
shiver in anticipation of what will happen next. I raise
my hand and let drop from it a leash that I quickly attach
to your collar. You squirm as the cold metal of the leash
draped across your warm breast. I kiss your cheek and you
try to kiss me back but I jerk the chain and slap your ass hard.
You flinch and suck in a quick breath of air into your lungs.
I continue around your body inspecting it as if it were an
enantiment object. I caress and pinch and squeeze different
parts of your body. I return to the chair and pick up my briefcase
and place it on the dresser. You begin to speak "Master"
and I quickly say "QUIET!" and then I retrieve
from my briefcase a paddle and return to you. Give you 2 quick
slaps across your bare ass sending spikes of pain throughout
your body. Then I command you "Don't speak unless
I tell you to". You nod in agreement. I smile at you
and say "Good Girl". I return to the dresser
and lay the paddle down and pick up something off the dresser
and turn to you and say "catch" I toss you a empty
ice bucket. I say "Go and get me a bucket of ice",
"Its at the end of the hall in the stair well"
Your mouth opens as if to protest but I now have the paddle
in my hand and a evil grin on my face. You know I am enjoying
the humiliation I am giving you. You nod an agreement to
me and reach for your clothes. Then you hear me say, "You
don't need those" You look back at me in surprise
and horror and realize I want you to go in the nude to retrieve
the ice. A silent "no... please" forms on your
lips and a look of agony forms in your face. "GO!"
I command "And hurry back!". Slowly you walk
to the door looking back at me...pleading with a look, the
word "please" forming on your lips. I spin the
paddle in my hand and smile as I look into your eyes. You open
the door and quickly hurry down the hall to the stair well.
Your leash dragging the floor. The chain tinkling as you
move. You reach the stair well without anyone seeing you
and you quickly step inside. Only to find to your dread that
a nicely dressed business woman is also getting ice. There
you stand not knowing which part of your body to cover. You
begin to stammer "I- I- I- I’m sorry". The lady
looks you up and down noticing the collar and leash. She
then smiles and says, "Where are your cloths?” All
you can think of to say is. "My master sent me to get
ice" "Please may I get some". The lady
steps aside and you quickly fill the bucket with ice. You
are so embarrassed. Your turning red all over. And are very
turned on at the same time. The lady begins to laugh, and
says "Your master sent you?". You lower your
head and softly reply "yes". Having filled
your bucket you hurry from the ice machine back to our room.
Your so embarrassed that you cant see, because on your way
back you have to squeeze between 2 men carrying luggage.
They begin to whistle and make cat calls at your nude body.
Soon you are at the door to our room. Trying to open it. But
it’s the type of door that automatically locks when you
leave the room. You begin to frantically knock and beg "MASTER!
MASTER! Please open the door!". The 2 men are watching
you with total amusement, laughing and joking at the seen.
I open the door and you rush inside. saying "Please
Master don't make me do that again", I reply "Your
my property, My slave, You will do as I command". You
softly agree "Yes my Master" You place the ice
bucket in the tray on the dresser and notice a bottle of Segrams
sitting there. "Pour me a drink slave". With
trembling hands and shaking legs from the ordeal you have
just been through, you pour me a drink. and nervously bring
the drink to the chair I am sitting in. I ask "Did anything
happen to you on your trip to get ice" As you relate
the story to me. You close your eyes and are lost in the events
of reliving everything again. Your mind is so lost in the
story. Before you know it knees begin to shake and a orgasm
overtakes your body. Your eyes snap open and you realize
that I had my fingers inside your pussy rubbing your clit
the whole time that you were telling me the story. You moan
and groan and whisper "ooooh...Master" Falling
to your knees you look up into my eyes and whisper "How
may I please my Master?". I sip from my drink and reach
to stroke your hair. As I stroke your hair I say, "You
already have." I smile down at you. You place your
head on my knee and I continue to stroke your hair. Then placing
my drink on the night stand I command you to stand. You quickly
and quietly obey. I stand and move to my briefcase retrieving
a black and gray scarf. Walking back to you I placing it over
your face covering your eyes. You tremble. I comment "Your
so aroused, so hot, so turned on by your adventure to get
ice" You reply..."oooohhh yes it has me so turned
on." "And thinking about it has me even hotter."
I finish tying the blindfold . You feel my warm breath on
your neck and shoulder as I kiss the nape of your neck and
then your shoulder. Cup your breast and I tweak your nipples
with my fingers. You begin to moan and grind your ass into
my crotch. Feeling for my erection. finding a hard lump
in my pants. You say. "Oh Master, please may i suck
your cock" As soon as you had finished saying those
words you realize I am no longer caressing you I am no longer
behind you. There is silence, and in a moment you know why.
Smack. Smack. Smack. 3 hard spanks across your bare ass
makes you yelp with each slap. Your hands reach back to protect
you but it is to late. The pain shoots through your body.
You hear me say. "Don't speak unless I tell you
to." You whimper and nod saying "Yes Master"
Which brings another stinging blow to your stinging bottom.
You hear me say "don’t speak unless I tell you to."
You nod yes. Standing there, naked, your bottom tingling
moments pass then you feel my hand on yours. I raise it behind
your back then the other hand. You feel rope wrapping around
Your hands, Binding you. You pull at the bonds but your hands
are held fast. You begin to tremble uncontrollably with
excitement. Your nipples so hard, your pussy so wet, you
feel it leaking and running down your trembling legs. I
reach and grab your hair. Pull you along. Then I sit as I have
you stand before me and I begin to caress and fondle your
breast and pussy. You begin to moan uncontrollably then
sharp spikes of pain shoot through your nipples and into
your body as i begin to thump your nipples harder and harder.
You begin to bounce up and down with each thump. Pain racking
your breast. Your nipples begin to swell. Then I stop. You
feel relief at last from the beating your nipples were taking,
but it is short lived feeling. searing pain shoots through
your nipples. As I place close pens on each of your nipples
You say "oooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyy ggggggooooooodddddd!!!!!",
"it hurts". You begin to pull back, but I grab
your leash and pull you back to me. You feel my fingers massaging
your pussy. You spread your legs apart for me to have better
access to your cunt. I whisper "Good girl".
Pain in your nipples, pleasure in your pussy. Your head
begins swimming, your legs start to tremble. My fingers
thrust up into your cunt. My thumb on your clit making circular
motions. A pulling sensation on one of your nipples. You
realize that I am slowly pulling on a close pen You loudly
groan from the pain and pleasure. Then searing pain shoots
through your body as the nipple is pinched and stretched
till the clip comes free. You yelp in pain. I continue to
massage your pussy and clit. bring you out of your stupor.
You focus on the pleasure. You are near another orgasm.
Then you feel the same pressure and pulling on the other
nipple. You yelp in pain as the clip comes free as you begin
to cum. You then hear me saying "Come for me baby, that’s
it, make Master happy". You crumple to the floor.
You feel me pick your limp form from the floor and guide you
to the bed. where you lay in exhaustion. your hands still
bound behind you and the blind fold covering your eyes.
You feel a very cold wet sensation on your nipples. You realize
it is the bottom of my drink glass, the coldness feels so
good on your burning nipples it is so soothing as I rub them
with the glass. Your body relaxes. Then you feel spikes
of pain as I replace clips back on your nipples. Your teeth
clinch and your body stiffens and then shudders with pain.
You begin to hoarsely groan "ooooooooohhhhhhhh
gggggooooddddd! Your body begins to calm from the shock.
You feel my hands spreading your legs wider and wider. I
begin to kiss and lick your pussy and clit. You start moaning
with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Your body relaxes again.
Then more searing pain this time in your crotch. As I spank
your pussy you try to close your legs but I force them open.
You feel even more pain in your crotch as i place a clip on
your clit. Then 3 more on each cunt lip. You groan a deep throaty
groan and moan with pain. Then more pain as I place more on
you. This time on each areola. You begin to beg "Please!"
"Please! Master!." Then you feel movement
and I am straddled your face and my wet drooling cock is on
your lips. You flick your tongue out trying to suck my cock
into your mouth. I lean forward and press my cock deep into
your mouth. You hungrily suck and lick my cock. You hear
me moan with pleasure. i then withdraw my hard cock. It is
covered with your drool. i roll you over onto all those clips.
Pain racks your body. Then you feel my cock at the entrance
of your ass. I press forward and my cock slips in. I work it
in and out slowly till it is buried deep in your ass. Then
I begin long deep thrust. till I am near orgasm. I roll you
over and place my cock in your mouth and stroke my cock till
i cum. Filling your mouth with my salty sweet juices. You
drink all my cum never missing a drop. Afterward I remove
the clips from your nipples and cunt, Then your bonds. Leaving
your blind fold on. I tell you to lick and suck my cock clean.
Feeling for and finding my cock you move to the task, which
you happily do.......
Chapter 2
I lay back and watch as you tenderly kiss, lick and suck my
cock clean. You whisper in a horse voice over and over "I
love my Master". You suck and fondle my cock and balls,
whimpering when your mouth is filled. I love to watch you
and listen to the hungry lustful sounds that you make as
your mouth devours my cock. I moan and say "Good Girl"
as I stroke your hair. There is a knock at the door. Then once
more. I call out "One moment!" I pull you from
my member. You start to cover yourself and remove the blind
fold. I tell you to go to the door and open it. You start to
pull the sheet around you but I stop you and say, "nude"
you whisper "yes Master" and lower your head
and move to the door. Standing before you is a very attractive
woman in a business suit with a shy smile on her face. "Excuse
me" she says "but I followed you back to this
room earlier, I met you while you were getting ice, You said
your Master had sent you. My curiosity has gotten the best
of me and I had to know more." Hearing these comments
I said "Come in. The woman steps in and scans the room
finding me naked on the bed. " I motion for my slave
to close the door. "I see" says the woman. The
woman looks at me and lowers her eyes and says…. "Master",
I was so aroused thinking of all the things that you were
making your slave do I just had to ask if I could join you for
some of the fun. I then ask the woman "what kind of fun
did you have in mind?" with a sheepish smile she answered
my question by unbuttoning her jacket, then blouse and
finally removing her skirt. What stood before me was an
AD for Victoria’s Secrete. "Do you approve Master?"
she ask. I smiled and nodded my approval. "Would you
care for a drink?" I ask the woman. Spying the bottle,
ice bucket and glasses the woman said "yes…please"
"Slave! Make us a drink." Quickly you moved
to the task. "She is well trained" remarked
the lady. "Thank you" I replied. "Please
have a seat while she fixes our drink." We seated ourselves
and awaited the drinks. With shaking hands you served our
drinks then with a bow of the head you ask if there was anything
else that you could do to serve me. I motioned to the floor
at my feet. You then seated yourself on the floor at my feet
and placed your head against my leg. "Good Girl"
I said as I stroked your hair. The lady said her name is Kim
and explained why she was at the hotel. She had been on the
road for 3 weeks because of her job and was missing the company
of a lover. She said that she felt drawn to inquire about
joining us. With that, I nudged my slaves head and said "Please
the lady" you quickly look up at me with fright in your
eyes and I nod toward Kim. Slowly you move on hands and knees
towards Kim. And kiss her knee and look back at me, "Please
her!". I lean forward and firmly smacked my slaves
ass with my hand With that my slave began to kiss and caress
Kim’s legs. I watched enjoying the expressions on Kim’s
face as she intently watches slaves every move. Kissing
softly and slowly up her thigh toward those light blue silk
panties. I watch as Kim’s eyes close and a soft gasp comes
from her lips. Your lips at last touch the silk fabric. Kim’s
hand gently urges slaves head forward. And you hear my command
for you to remove make her cum. You nuzzle deeper into Kim’s
moist panties and kiss and lick. Kim’s fingers pull aside
the fabric and reviles to you her wet flesh. With just the
tip of your tongue you begin to tease the wet folds. Eliciting
deep throaty groans of pleasure form Kim. Kim’s head is
thrown back, legs spread wide. Your hands caressing her
silk covered heaving breast. Groans of passion begin to
come from both women. I stand and move closer for a better
view, then lean down and whisper to you both. "Why
dont you move to the bed, … you’d be more comfortable".
Slowly the two of you separate Kim stands on shaking legs
and you gently and slowly slid the silk panties down her
legs. Exposing a neatly trimmed heart shaped pubic hair
patch above shaved smooth pussy. My slave purrs with passion
as she extends her tongue to flick at the now exposed clitoris.
Kim releases a long slow soft moan as my slave continues
to tease the hot wet pussy before her. I glide behind Kim
and begin to caress her shoulders and neck. Then reaching
for the clip in Kim’s hair I remove it and her auburn hair
cascades down her neck across her shoulders and down her
back stopping at the bottom of her shoulder blades. I lean
forward and kiss Kim’s shoulder. I feel her tremble from
the ministration that my slave is doing to her to her sex.
Wrapping my arms around Kim I cup her breast. She leans back
against me feeling my hard cock press against her bare bottom.
I caress her silk covered bosom. Searching for the clasp
to release her heaving breast. Little squeaks, sighs and
moans fill the air of the room. I release the clasp and her
bra falls free revealing a lovely 34C breast capped with
beautiful light pink areola with nipples the size of pencil
erasers, and just as hard. I cupped Kim’s breast and began
to fondle her breast and nipples when she began to spasm
in a very hard orgasm clutching my slaves head in her hands
and forcing her face into her cunt. I began to pinch, roll
and pull Kim’s nipples making her scream with passion,
till she collapsed in my arms. I lifted Kim and carried her
to the bed. Kim purred contentment as she blew me a kiss and
said "Thank you Master". My slave was still
kneeling on the floor her face covered with Kim’s juices
and a smile on her face. I walk to her and clutch a fist full
of hair and pulled. When my slave opened her mouth to gasp
I slid my raging hard on into her hungry mouth forcing it
in and out. Pushing deeper and deeper till she made little
gagging sounds as my cock buried itself deep in her throat.
Kim watched the show and whimpered "May I have some
of that Master." Pulling my slave by her hair over
to the bed "she never released my cock". Kim
moved closer and admired my slaves oral talents. Commenting
on her technique and skill. Pulling my erection from slaves
mouth "and my slave trying to get it back into her mouth"
I offered it to Kim who readily accepted it licking and sucking
it tenderly. After a minute or so of this ministration I
pulled it from her hungry mouth and ordered slave onto the
bed and to spread her legs. She quickly obeyed. I told Kim
to play with slaves pussy. Kim kneeled between slaves legs
and began to caress and finger slaves pussy. I told Kim to
enjoy it do as she wished with my slave. Kim began to lick
and suck slaves pussy… Kim’s ass was sticking up in the air,
it made a desirable sight. So I moved behind Kim and wedged
my wet cock between Kim’s cheeks and began to push and was
met by a equal force pushing back onto my cock. Kim let out
a low throaty moan as my cock traversed the depths of her
ass. slaves head was rocking left and right as Kim brought
her to a orgasm. I began to pull my cock out completely and
Kim looked back and said "Pleeeease Master, no dont
stop" with that I shoved my cock back into the depths
of her ass with one quick thrust and began to fuck her as I
pleased. Kim buried her face into my slaves pussy and ate
her like a possessed woman. I was rhythmically pumping
her ass for all it was worth…. Finally my slave had a shrieking
orgasm and I drove my cock deep and hard into Kim’s ass till
I felt I could hold back no longer. Withdrawing from Kim’s
ass both Kim and slave dove for my cock expecting me to cum
at any second. They were not disappointed. I began to cum
hard and rapid till I was spent. Collapsing onto the bed
with two hungry mouths competing for my cum. It made me smile
and stroke their hair and say "Good Girls" as
they licked and sucked me clean.
Chapter 3
As the girls finished cleaning my now flaccid cock. I moved
to the center of the king size bed and relaxed with my slave
nestled on my right and Kim snuggled on my left. Both women
were completely drained and quickly dozed off, as did I.
I was awakened by Kim who was getting up, I ask "Where
are you going?" "back to my room." She
replied. "You can stay with us, if you like."
I responded. Kim said she would love to but she had to hit
the road early in the morning headed for her next business
engagement. She left quietly after we had exchanged phone
numbers & addresses and a promise that she would call
me and let me know when she was coming back to town. After
a deep passionate tongue kiss Kim quietly left with a wink
and a smile. I closed my eyes and joined my slave for a satisfying
nights sleep. Waking Around 7:30 I got a shower and dressed,
slave was still slumbering after a hard workout last night
and she looked so cute laying there, her blindfold still
covering her eyes and only partially covered by the sheet.
So I slipped out of the room to go and get a cup of coffee in
the restaurant. Getting a cup of coffee and a Danish I sat
down to enjoy both only to overhear two men in the next booth
talking about the nude woman they encountered in the hall
the previous evening. Smiling and thinking about the mission
I sent slave on to retrieve a bucket of ice I knew that it was
her that they were speaking of. I listened on as they discussed
her and their fantasies about her. "did you see her
cute ass" one man remarked, "Yea, what a great
rack for a petite woman" on and on they went about what
they would like to do with her. I just smiled and thought
"if you only knew what she was capable of, I’m sure
she could wear both of you studs out" Being curious
I turned around and looked into the next booth to see two
men in their mid to late 30’s one average height with long
brown hair dressed in a button down oxford shirt, the other
was a tall lean but muscular man with black hair and a goatee
& mustache also dressed similar. I started to take
another drink of coffee only to discover that the cup was
empty. Getting up I went and poured myself another cup and
returned to my booth as I passed by the two gentlemen’s booth
the tall man said "Man I could use that little sexy
doll this morning, I dreamed of her all night." Pausing
at the table I looked at the two men and said "Would
you really like a piece of that woman?" Stunned the
man with the long hair replied "you bet!" and
the tall man just nodded in agreement. Smiling at them I
said "she’s mine, and she is better than either of
you have probably ever had." Both men’s chin dropped
and they began to stammer apologies about the comments
that they had been making. Raising my hand I told them not
to worry. I had not been offended by what they were saying.
But that I was proud of the fact that they were so impressed
by my "slave". "SLAVE" they both
remarked at the same time. "May I sit with you?"
I ask. They both motioned to the available seat so I retrieved
the Danish from my table and joined them. The two men introduced
themselves as Russ (with the long hair) and Sam (with the
goatee), who were in town for a business seminar. We chatted
and drank coffee and they ask question after question about
my slave and how I had acquired her. So on and so on. After
the questions slowed I ask if they would like to meet her,
they both quickly said yes and we finished our coffee and
headed to the room. On the way to the room I told them to wait
in the hall and I would let them in after I had slave prepared
to meet them and for them to be very quiet and remove all their
clothes in the bathroom then ease into the room. They both
quickly agreed to the conditions just as we arrived at the
room. I unlocked and entered the room to find my slave waiting
kneeling in the center of the room hands behind her back
and head lowered. Her lovely petite nude body looked so
inviting. As I approached her she whispered "how
may I please my Master". I retrieved the blind fold
and a length of rope and told her to stand. She quickly complied
and seeing that I had the rope she presented her hands for
me to bind them. Taking one at a time I placed them behind
her back and had her hold her elbows as I tied her hands and
then strapped her arms together tightly. Then placing
the blindfold over her eyes I secured it firmly in place.
Pulling her to the king size bed I positioned her in the middle
of it. I then went back to the door and let Russ and Sam in and
they quickly went to the bathroom and stripped. I returned
to the bed and slave said "Master , may I ask a question?"
I said "Yes slave" she ask where had Kim Gone.
I replied that she would see her again. Slave lay motionless
in the bed awaiting what ever her master desired to do with
her. I told her to spread her legs as wide as she could and
she spread them wide apart exposing her excited pussy.
Her nipples had stiffened and her breathing began to quicken
with anticipation of what I would do next. About this time
Russ and Sam emerged from the bathroom Sam cock was hard
and completely erect as he walked toward the bed his cock
was of average size around 6 or so inches long. Then I saw
Russ’s cock it was sticking straight out and it was incredible,
it was massive, it was the largest cock I have ever seen in
real life. It was 11 inches long and over 2 inches in diameter.
I stared at it in disbelief. Both men were smiling from ear
to ear. I motioned for Sam to feed his cock to slaves hungry
mouth. Which is the first comment that I had over heard of
his desire to do to her. I motioned Russ to slaves pussy,
his desire was to eat slave to a orgasm. Sam mounted slaves
chest and positioned his cock at the entrance of slaves
mouth and Russ moved between slaves out stretched legs.
As he leaned forward his hail cascaded over slaves legs
and stomach. Slave felt the hair and whispered in surprise
"Kim!". Both men looked at me and I smiled and
put a finger to my lips for them to be quiet. They nodded and
proceeded with there carnal desires for my slaves body.
Feeling Russ’s tongue and lips slave moaned and shuddered.
She felt Sam’s cock pressing against her lips and began
to kiss, lick and suck the head. I just smiled and enjoyed
the show. Sam slowly began to pump his cock deeper and deeper
into slaves hot silky mouth. Russ made her squirm and moan
from his oral talents. Both men were enjoying slaves talents
and pleasures occasionally looking my way and smiling.
Sam’s cock was now almost completely buried in slaves throat
and Russ had slave wiggling her cute ass and hips as she moaned
and groaned between quick breaths and thrust of the invading
cock in her mouth. Sam was now humping her face lost in his
abandon and Russ was lustfully eating slave out. hair whipping
as his head rocked back and forth. Sam grunted and sighed
as his body stiffened and he deposited slaves favorite
drink into her awaiting mouth. She drank and sucked every
last drop Sam had to offer before her own orgasm rocked her
body. Moaning and squealing Kim’s name as she released
Sam’s cock from the vacuum she had on it. Slave continued
to whisper Kim’s name as Russ lifted his head, his face covered
with slaves juices brandishing a huge smile and even larger
erection, his cock now fully erect. Sam dismounted slaves
face and watched in awe as did I, as Russ positioned the head
if his cock at the scarlet and swollen lips bordering slaves
nether reaches. Slave limp from her orgasm did not resist
as Russ lifted her legs to create a better angle for him to
penetrate her cunt. Slowly he pushed the head against her
open pussy as the large bullet shaped organ entered her
tiny body. The sight of the massive 11 inch long cock the
diameter of a coke can invading my slave will forever be
etched in my mind. Slave gasp in pain as the head fully entered
her. "MASTER!", "What are you doing to
me?" slave grunted. Russ continued to work his cock
deeper and deeper. Slave cried out that it hurt. She moaned
over and over…."Master, No, Please no. it hurts,
Please Master." 5 inches of Russ’s cock was now inside
of slave. He paused and we all looked at the unbelievable
sight. Still 6 full inches remained outside her body. Russ
began to slowly work his monster in and out about a inch or
so. Slave was grunting and pleading for me to stop. Shaking
her head and gasping with each thrust. Russ continued to
fuck her. Looking at me from time to time I just nodded for
him to proceed. With a smile on his face his cock now slowly
forced its way deeper and deeper with each stroke. Sam and
I were awed my what we watched. Where was he putting all that
meat. How was she taking it deeper and deeper into her 5’-2"
frame. Whimpering with pain and pleasure slave bucked
and begged for me to stop. Sam and I began to play with slaves
steel hard nipples causing her to shake and get even louder.
8 inches were now pistoning a full 6 inches in and out of slaves
ravaged hole. Shear delight shown on Russ’s face. Agony
and pain on slaves blind forded face. With each penetration
you could tell that the cock was hitting bottom of slaves
pussy. Shrieks emitted from slave each time he hit bottom.
Then it happened. Slave grunted and gasp….. only a horse,
throaty rasp came from her mouth. As if all the life were
draining from her. And we looked at her distorted pussy.
Impossible. It was impossible. Rus was fully impaling
slave with all 11 inches. Holding still not moving relishing
the feeling Russ was in bliss. On the other hand slave was
rigid not breathing. Mouth agape. Every mussel in her abdomen
was quivering and convulsing. Slave drew in a gasp of air
as if coming up for air after diving into a pool. And she began
to buck her whole body flailing and grunting with a animalistic
sound that I have never heard come from any human in my life.
I then realized what was happening. She was cumming, cumming
so intensely that she was having uncontrollable mussel
spasms. She was now oblivious to anyone and anything around
her…. Lost in the moment. Lost in the feeling. Never have
I witnessed anything so incredible. Russ throatily whispered
that he was about to cum. Slave went rigid again then totally
limp. Russ spasmed and bucked hard forcing himself even
deeper, if it were possible, into slaves depths. Then he
fell back, his cock extracting from the human sheath his
sword had been in. Cum covered his cock. It looked as if I
could put my fist inside slaves cunt and not touch the sides.
Her pussy lips were blood red and swollen beyond anything
I have seen before. It was bizarre. Unreal, un-describable.
She was not moving barely breathing whole body quivering.
Russ smiling from ear to ear with satisfaction. gently
rolling slave over I untied her arms and hands. Moving them
to her front and rolling her back onto her back. I removed
her blind fold. It was wet with her tears. She was now breathing
heavy her heart was racing. Her hands were trembling as
they found their way to her ravaged womanhood. Russ moved
up her body and was kneeling at her head and I was caressing
her face and asking if she was OK. Slowly , ever so slowly
her eyes fluttered open and a smile spread across her face
as she looked into my eyes then at Russ and seeing his still
massive cock now near her head. She looked at it in disbelief
then she turned to me and softly whispered, " I Love
My Master" "Thank you Master" "
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, " she weakly pursed
her lips and lifted her head and kissed me. then she looked
at Russ’s cock and ask "May I Master" smiling
I nodded yes. Where she found the strength I dont know but
she grasp his cock and began to lick, kiss, suck and clean
every inch of that cock. By the time she had finished cleaning
all the cum covering, and remaining in his cock. Russ was
on his back and slave between his legs milking his cock to
another erection and purring the whole time. Sam moved
behind her and rubbed his cock across her cunt. Jumping
with pain she looked back at him. "Please Sir, it hurts
to much" A dejected look crossed Sam’s face. Slave
continued "But if it would please you sir, use my ass
for your enjoyment." Sam immediately brightened
and positioned his cock to enjoy the pleasures of her ass.
Slave returned to the huge pole that now stood as a 11 inch
column supported by her two tiny hands and the head firmly
positioned between stretched lips as she nursed on and
pumped Russ’s cock. Sam began to slid his rigid cock in and
out of her tight ass. Each time he penetrated her ass and
his body struck her ass it sent a small wave of flesh across
her buttox. Everyone was moaning and humping each other,
slaves hands pumping with all her strength, mouth trying
to force as much of the huge organ into her mouth as humanly
possible Sam now pounding away. Everyone began to grunt
and groan. Russ cumming first and what seemed to be a cup
of cum erupting from his balls slave squeezed and milked
his balls and pumped and sucked every drop of his cum and
what she could not swallow drooled down his shaft. Slaves
eyes closed in ecstasy as she humped Sam’s cock both cumming
at the same time. Sam collapsing on to slaves back then rolling
off her and laying relaxed on his back beside Russ. Slave
straddled both men’s legs and began alternately licking
and cleaning their cocks till not a drop or spec of cum could
be found. Smiling slave dismounted from the bed and crawled
across the floor to lay her head at my feet and look up. "I
love you Master" "I am yours forever"
"Thank you" and she began to kiss and tongue
my feet. I reached down and stroked hear hair and said "Good
girl" with that she lay her head on my foot and fell
asleep. Sam and Russ soon left for their rooms to clean up
and prepare to check out of the Hotel. Slave and I showered
and she brought me to two fantastic oral orgasms in the shower.
She is such a talented and good slave. We dressed. And went
to check ourselves out. The clerks smiling and ask if we
enjoyed our stay at the Hotel, slave only smiled and said
yes that it was the most enjoyable time she had ever experienced.
And I had to agree with her. As we exited the hotel I noticed
slave was limping and ask if she was OK. She nodded yes and
said "Very much so" I kissed her and patted her
on the bottom. Then sent her home…. To be with her husband….
He’s such a lucky man…. and so am I.

I opened the car door for her and when she was seated I said
"Dont forget to remind hubby that he and I have a 2:30
tee time at the club today" she just smiled and lowered
her eyes and whispered "Yes Master" I closed
the door and she drove off . I smiled as she drove out of site.
Looking forward to our next session.

The End

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