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After years of giving her shoulder massages while at work,
I'd convinced
my store manager, Lori, to let me practice doing a full body
massage on
her. She'd had professional massages many times,
so I was quite
interested in hearing how my skills compared. I was on my
way over to
her place now; we'd waited till her husband was out
of town as she
didn't know how he'd take her getting a massage
from me.

When I got to her place I grabbed my duffle out of the car and
headed up
to the door. Lori opened the door and hurried me inside as
it was
close to freezing outside. She showed me around her place
telling me that she'd already put Sara, her baby, down
to sleep for the
night, so we had to be quiet. I apologized, as I'd been
talking loud,
and knew better than to do that around sleeping children.


She asked what was in the duffle, and I opened it to show her
supplies I'd brought: body oils, towels, a CD with
some soft sax music
on it, some candles, and hidden under the towels were a fur
mitten, a
feather, and some other surprises.

Nodding she asked "Would you like something to drink
before starting?"

"Sure, whatever you are having will be fine."
I replied.

I followed her to the kitchen to watch her pull out a frozen
from the freezer. "Daiquiri" she replied to
my unspoken question. She
poured us both a glass, and then put the pitcher away. We
chatted for
a bit about the store and what we'd been doing since
we worked together
the week before. I sipped my daiquiri as we talked; it was
very good,
if a bit strong for me, but the rum did warm me up quickly.


I asked if she was ready and if so, did she have a CD-player
in her
bedroom. She said yes and she led me to it. I asked her to give
me a
minute to set up, so she went to refill our drinks. I placed
candles around the room and lit them, then slipped the CD
into the
stereo and managed to figure out how to turn it on. The volume
already set at a nice soft level, so I turned out the light
to see how
the room looked.

Just about right I thought as I surveyed the room. I removed
the soft
bath towel and spread it out on the bed. By the time Lori returned

with our drinks I'd pulled out my oils and was ready.
She placed our
drinks on the nightstand and asked what she needed to do.


"Only thing left is for you to strip" I said with
a grin, "I actually DO
need you to strip can leave your panties on if
it makes you
more comfortable, but I can do a full massage if you strip
completely. Either way I'm going to step out into the
hall so you can
strip down and if you would lay face down on the towel I've
put on the
bed. It will keep any oils from running off onto your comforter.
going to change into shorts since it's a bit warm in
here, by the
way...thanks for turning up the heat like I asked earlier."
I headed
to the door, "Just let me know when I can walk back into
the room."

I stepped into the hallway outside her bedroom door and
shut the door
till it was only open a crack. It wasn't easy but I resisted
temptation to peek as I heard her removing the pink sweat
suit she'd
been wearing. I took off my shoes, socks and pants, then
my shirt
while in the hallway, leaving me standing there in my boxers.
I was in
the middle of gathering up my stuff when she called out that
she was

I opened the door and saw her stretched out naked on her bed.
I was
very glad she had her head propped up on her arms and wasn't
looking at
me, as the sight of her bare body in the flickering candlelight
had me
quickly making a tent in my boxers. I put my cloths down near
duffle and adjusted my boxers as I stood up, only to find
that she'd
turned her head and was now watching me.

I hoped she couldn't see my face turn red as I gathered
up my oils and
walked to the edge of the bed near her, trying to ignore the
obvious tent at my waist.

"Which of these oils do you like?" I asked as
I let her smell each of

the one's I'd brought with me. After smelling
all four she picked out
the chamomile and lavender mix. It was one of my favorites,
with an
invigorating smell that wasn't overpowering.

I poured a bit into my hand and rubbed my hands together to
warm up the
oil. I placed my hands on her back, and started to spread
the oil out
as I asked her; "Let me know if something feels uncomfortable,
hurts or
if something feels particularly good, ok?"

She murmured a "Sure", and then closed her eyes.
For a while I rubbed
her back while just listening to the music. I started at
the small of
her back and worked my up to her shoulders. But after a minute
figured out I wasn't going to be able get a good angle
standing next to
the bed.

I'm going to straddle your legs so I can get an a better
position, if
you don't mind?" I asked, trying to ignore the
other thoughts going
thru my head.

She opened one eye to look at me for a second before murmuring
again and closing her eyes. I climbed up on the bed and swung
one leg
over her body; I placed my hands on her back and started to
rub up and
down her spine. I couldn't get the tent in my boxers
to go away, as I
was not only looking at her nude body now, but was now straddling
thighs, leaving me a perfect view of her bare ass beneath

Starting at the base of her spine, just above her ass, I slowly
upwards, and then traced my hands down her sides. Sometimes
I'd roll a
bit of skin upwards between my fingers, other times I'd
let the tips of
my fingers trace down her back. I rubbed her shoulders,
and the back
of her neck, and slowly but surely the tenseness of her muscles
I was enjoying the feel of her skin beneath my hands, and
got the thrill of feeling the swell of her breast when my
hands would
run down her sides.

I got up and sat down on her left side, and pulled her arm out
under her head. I then cupped her hand in mine as my other
massaged each of her fingers, the bit of flesh between her
then her palm before letting her hand drop into my lap as
I massaged up
her arm. I hadn't even paid attention to where her hand
was, but as I
started to massage her upper arm I felt the back of her fingers
back and forth against my cock. Even covered by my boxers
it sent a
thrill through my system. Since she didn't move again
I half hoped she
didn't know what she'd brushed against, but knew
that was probably a
silly hope.

I took her hand out of my lap and placed it back up near her
then scooted off the bed to get a sip or two of my drink before
down to her legs. She was watching me as I looked over at her,
and I
asked if she'd like her drink. She nodded rolled onto
her side as I
handed her the cup. I couldn't help but stare at her
breasts as they
were uncovered when she moved. Just the right size to cup
in your
hand, her areola was a light brown and topped with large
half-inch round nipples! Swallowing hard, I took a deep
drink of my
daiquiri and placed both cups back on the nightstand.

I sat at the end of the bed and just admired the curve of her
legs and
ass as I looked up her body. Wow! Fortified with my last drink
decided that if she was that comfortable around me I ought
to be around
her too, so I slipped off my boxers before I poured more oil
into my
hand. I kneeled on her bed and placed her left foot against
my chest.
I massaged the oil into her foot, between her toes and around
ankle, and trying not to tickle her as I rubbed her foot,
then putting
it back against my chest as I worked up her calf. As I got to
the back
of her knee, then moved up to her thighs, she had to spread
her legs a
bit for me to get my hand around her thigh. I thought about
how many
times I'd wanted to have my hands in the exact position
they were as I
twisted and kneaded the muscles of her thigh.

With the candlelight I couldn't see much between her
thighs, but instead
concentrated on the feel of her smooth skin and the heat
that was
radiating from her. As I reached the very top of her thigh,
I felt the
side of my hand brush against her pussy. I relished the feeling
avoided brushing against it again. I was enjoying exploring
her body
with my hands for now and didn't want to push my luck
just yet.

I stopped massaging her thigh, as I didn't want to move
up to her ass
just yet, but moved back down and started the process over
again on her
right leg, starting at her foot. This time when I reached
the top I
let the side of my hand brush against her pussy a little harder,
thought I detected a bit more heat radiating from between
her thighs.
Getting a bit more oil, I brushed my hands over her ass checks,

squeezing lightly as I went. Watching the oil drip down
between her
ass cheeks and sliding lower. She had such and incredible
ass! I
hoped I'd get to play with it more, but for now I moved
and sat to her
right and ran my fingers over the back of her hand.

I slowly massaged my way up her arm, till I reached her shoulder.
I picked up her hand again, and lightly kissed the back of
it. She
opened her eyes, and stared into mine as I slowly left a trail
kisses up the back of her arm. When I reached her elbow I had
to lean
forward to continue and my thigh that her hand had been resting
moved, causing her hand to slide up to my hard-on. Her eyes
as she wrapped her fingers around me while I continued to
kiss my way
up to her shoulder.

She managed to slide her hand up and down my hard-on once
before I got
up from where I'd been sitting. She didn't want
to let go (and I
really didn't want her to), but I was determined to
last through the
night and didn't want to let things go that far yet.


Once again I straddled her thighs, but this time I wasn't
anything. The oil from earlier had almost evaporated,
so I got a bit
more and started working on her back again, by now she was
covered in oil, and was very slippery. Every time I leaned
forward to
rub her shoulders, but hard-on would slide up the crack
of her ass. I
think this was more distracting to me than to her, but it
felt so good!


I slid my body down her legs, so that my face was around her
waist and
lightly kissed the small of her back while sliding my hands
up and down
her sides. I explored her back with my lips, slowly sliding
the oil off her ass covering my chest as I let my body lay on
hers as I
moved up her back. Her skin was so soft!

My cock was sliding between her thighs as I kissed up her
spine, I had
to adjust a bit as I reached her shoulders to keep it from
deeper between her legs. I could feel she was breathing
a bit fast as
I nibbled the back of her neck. I trailed my lips across the
curve of
her neck, and then lightly scrapped my teeth across her
pretending to bite her.

When I reached her earlobe and started to nibble I felt her
change pace again, and a small "ooohh" escape
her lips. I started to
slowly move my hips, rubbing my cock against her ass. Enjoying
I moved away from her neck and kissed my way down the right
side of her
body, running my hands over her back, just above where my
lips trailed.
When I reached her lower back, I moved my hands down to her
ass and
started squeezing it lightly, letting my hands explore,
while I used my
tongue and lips to stimulate the nerves in her lower back.


Moving down once again, I used my tongue to trace a path from
her back,
and over her ass, my hands sliding up and down her sides again.
As I
got closer to the lower part of her ass, I started to smell
her; her
sent was like an aphrodisiac and filled my head! Especially
when she
started to spread her legs out a bit as my lips started down
the curve
of her ass.

Having to move away before I lost control I sat back on my
feet and
picked up her left foot. Massaging it once again, but this
time adding
my lips, kissing the arch of her foot, the side of her ankle
and slowly
up her calf. Taking a second to kiss the back of her knee,
then up her
thigh, kissing the top, then down the outside, before going
up a bit,
over the top and down the inside of her thigh. I used my hands
massage her thigh just a bit above where I was kissing, and
as I
reached the top my right and slipped between her the lips
of her pussy.
She was incredibly wet, a lot more than just the oil would
for. I caught a sharp intake of breath, followed by a low
moan as I
let the edge of my hand rub back and forth thru her lips, by
now my
lips had reached the curve of her ass, so I stopped. I removed
hands and took her right foot in them this time, repeating
my path up
her leg.

I teased her with my hand for a bit longer this time, relishing
smell of her and desperately wanting to taste her. I moved
rubbing my chest up her body, till I could kiss her neck.
My cock was
wedged between her thighs, and I moved my hips sliding the
head of it
up against her pussy...then back again. With each thrust
I'd slip
between her pussy lips, and press against her, but never
quite enter
her. I continued to nibble her neck and ears while teasing
her. She
started arching her back, pushing her ass back against
me, causing the
tip of my cock to slip inside her.

I really needed to cool down for a bit if I was going to stay
in control
of myself, but I still wanted to keep teasing her. The next
time she
pressed herself back against me, I moved forward, sinking
deep inside
her, and sat up, straddling her legs, except this time I
was buried
inside her. Not moving my hips, I started with routine I'd
used when I
first started her massage, running my hands up and down
her back,
rolling her skin between my fingers. This time there were
almost no
tense muscles. Occasionally when I'd shift my weight
to massage
different areas of her back, it resulted in me grinding
harder into
her, moving my cock around inside her.

I was really trying not to focus on the incredible feeling
of being
enveloped within her. She was so hot and so tight I knew I
wouldn't be
able to last long if I started thrusting into her. It didn't
help when
she started rolling her hips beneath me, causing all sorts
sensations to shoot through me.

I rubbed her back for about five minutes before I couldn't
stand it
anymore. I leaned forward, laying above her, pulled my
hips back, and
thrust deep into her. Just the sound of my hips slapping
against her
ass was incredibly erotic.

I was rewarded with a loud "YES!" from Lori as
I sank back into her. I
reached forward and wrapped my fingers into hers as I started
into her, sometimes deep and slow, other times fast and
shallow. It
wasn't long before I heard a muffled "OOOooo...."
As she bit into the
bed and every muscle in her body locked up for a few seconds,
by a full body shiver, and her pussy tightening around me.


It took every bit of self control not to explode inside her,
I was
thinking of ice, birthdays, taxes, anything to last just
a bit longer.
Finally I just stopped moving, which seemed to do the trick,
except she
kept shuddering beneath me. I stayed deep inside her, my
body pressing
down onto hers for a bit. Breathing heavily, and still trying
distract myself. I held her for a bit longer like this, I
waiting for
her to stop shivering. When she finally did, I whispered
in her ear
"I'm pretty much done with your back, but if you'd
like to roll over,
I'll continue with the rest of the massage."


"Interesting massage..." She said in a playful,
if slightly out of
breath, voice. I pushed up to let her breathe a bit easier
and she
turned her head. She looked at me for a second, and then moved
head a bit to kiss me. It was a long slow kiss, and in the middle
it I realize it was the first time we'd ever kissed.
It was everything
I'd ever dreamed of and more! It went on forever it seemed
like, and
then suddenly was over, and we were looking into each others

"So you feel up to the rest of your massage?"
I asked as I pushed away
from her, slipping my cock out from her.

"Sure, why not." She replied, "But could
you hand me my drink first?" I
was a bit dizzy for a second, but moved over to the nightstand
grabbed our drinks, handing over hers. While cooling down
with the
drink I noticed the CD had finished playing sometime before.
I went
over and changed to another CD and started it playing. I
returned to
the bed and put our empty cups back on the nightstand.

She'd retrieved a pillow which she propped her head
up on and was laying
on the towel with her legs spread apart about two feet. I
just stopped
and stared for a minute, memorizing the sight, her spread
legs, topped
with a sparse patch of blond pubic hair; generous hips,
curving in to
show off her waist; Her full breasts floating back and forth
as she
breathed, her nipples still semi-hard, up to her beautiful
face, framed
by her blond hair that she'd sometime taken down.

"What?" she asked, it a rather strange tone.


I shook myself out the spell, "Sorry, just taking
in how incredibly
beautiful and erotic you look laying there like that."
She broke out
in a grin at that, and I got on the bed, kneeling between her
legs. I took up her left foot and started rubbing the top
of it.
Looking down I got my first good look at her pussy, it was
very red and
swollen after our fun and I could see it glistening in the
I massaged up her calf and the top of her thigh.

I wasn't taking as much time on the front of her legs,
as most of the
muscles are on the back, and I'd gotten most of the side
muscles while
she'd been lying on her stomach. But it was a good excuse
to cool off
and I did want to give her a thorough massage. I was spending
time just letting my fingertips lightly trace patterns
on her skin than
doing a muscle massage. I finally had Lori spread out naked
before me
and I wanted to remember every minute of it!

I did the same thing to her right leg, and then slowly kissed
my way up
her leg. When I got to the upper part of her thigh I started
to taste
her juices mixed in with the oil. I nibbled my way between
her thighs,
but only traced my lips and tongue around her labia, resisting
the urge
to dip my tongue into her. I kissed my way up her stomach,
as I reached the swell of her breast. I looked up into her
eyes, as I
ran the tip of my finger in a figure eight around the base
of her
breasts, then higher, tracing the edge of her jaw, letting
the back of
my hand run across her cheek. I ran two fingers down her eyelids,

causing her to close her eyes and whispered "no peeking."


I ran my hands down her arms, and across her stomach, just
caressing her skin. I traced a finger around her breast,
upward to her nipple, then leaned forward to do the same
thing with my
lips, letting the tip of my tongue trace around and around
her breast
till I could wrap it around her nipple. Eventually I lightly
her breasts with my hands while sucking on her nipples.
I took my time
and was learning what she liked, trying to watch her face
and read her
body language. So far it seemed to be working; as I found
her buttons
and pushed them I could tell she was getting more and more
turned on.

As I worked my way lower I teased her, rubbing around her
kissing her mound, blowing lightly across her wetness.
When I looked
up to find her watching me, her hands gripping towel, "You're
me insane!" she said as she caught my eye.

I stopped licking the outside of her pussy lips, "Good,
that's the whole
point my dear. Why are you not enjoying what I'm doing?"


"Yes, but if you don't lick me or fuck me soon I'm
going to SCREAM!"

I smiled, "Well, screaming would defiantly be a treat,
but I think I'd
rather have you scream while I'm doing this..."
I plunged my tongue
into her, licking her from top to bottom and swallowing
every bit of
her juices that entered my mouth, then swirled my tongue
around her
clit before continuing, "than screaming out of frustration."


Her mouth had fallen open in a wide O and her head had fallen
back onto
the pillow as she moaned. Then as I stopped to finish my sentence
felt her hands run through the hair on the back of my head,
then push
be back between her thighs. "Back here is where you
need to be..."

As I explored her pussy with my tongue I felt one of her hand
leave my
head. While licking around her clit I looked up to see her
her breasts and pinching her nipples. I couldn't have
anything better! I continued to lick her clit, but when
I sucked on it
lightly my mouth was quickly flooded with her juices as
her hand
pressed my face harder against her. I kept sucking as she
gasped and
bucked against me. After about a minute another flood of
exploded from her and I was beginning to worry about drowning
as one
orgasm after another washed over her.

When she finally released the grip on my hair I lifted my
head to get a
bit of air, my entire face was covered in her juice! There
were drips
coming off my nose and chin, I was trying to lick up most of
it when
she looked down at me and laughed, if a bit weakly. "Wow!
You look
like you've been swimming."

"Well you are a bit wet..." replied as I ran a
finger down between her
swollen lips, causing a shudder to pass through her entire
body while
she tried to scoot away from me.

"Oohhh!" She said as she grabbed my hand, and
then said slowly, "A bit
too sensitive just now. Well, your "massage"
seemed to work, I feel
like a limp noodle, I don't think I could move right
now if I wanted

I grinned and laid down next to her on the bed, she rolled
over and
curled up to me, her head on my shoulder and one leg tossed
over mine.
I had one arm under her and just lightly stroked her back.


We stayed like that through the next couple songs before
I felt her stir
again. I couldn't tell if she had dozed off or was just
that relaxed.
But when her hand started rubbing my chest I knew she was
still awake.
She ran her hand around my chest playing with the bit of hair
before sliding lower to find my cock. I'd gone soft
by this point, but
after she wrapped her hands around me and started slowly
stroking, it
wasn't long before I was hard again.

She moved, and I felt her tongue tickle my nipple. She looked
up at me
and grinned "Payback time..." She moved lower,
kissing her way down my
stomach then licking around the head of my cock. She brushed
her hair
out of the way, then took her hair band off her wrist and pulled
hair back with it. She spread out my legs as she moved between
while continuing to kiss around my thighs.

She traced her tongue up and down my shaft, cupping my balls
in her
hand. Sometimes she'd suck lightly on my balls while
stroking up and
down with her hand. I couldn't hold back a moan when
she finally
wrapped her lips around me sucked lightly. Nor could I believe
it when
she started taking me into her mouth and didn't stop
till she had all
of me! I'd never had anyone manage that before, but
the feeling was

It took some time but she eventually had me breathing hard
and groaning
as she got me closer and closer to cumming. When she stopped
to get up
I was about to scream in frustration, but she just grabbed
my bottle of
oil and came back to the bed.

I couldn't imagine what she needed it for, as I was covered
in her
saliva, but she just leaned over and took the tip of my cock
into her
mouth, running her tongue over the head. I saw her pour a
bit of oil
into her hand, but her head blocked me from seeing what else
she was
doing. Then I felt her hand cup my balls, squeezing them
lightly as
she increased the tempo of her sucking. I jumped when her
hand moved
from my balls and I felt her finger start rubbing against
my asshole.
I could feel her spreading the oil around and while a little
afraid of
what she was doing it felt so good I didn't want her to

She sucked hard on me when her finger penetrated my ass and
I almost
came right there. "Oh God!" I moaned as she started
sliding her finger
slowly in and out of me, matching the rhythm with her mouth.
"Oh God
Lori! Keep that up and I'm going to explode!"
I was dismayed a bit as
my voice got higher toward the end when she pushed her finger
into me. All I could do was grip the sheets as I felt my balls

tighten, and I exploded into her mouth. She kept the tip
of my cock in
her mouth, swirling her tongue around while continuing
to slide her
finger in and out of my ass. I started seeing stars before
finished and slid back up beside me.

"Like that did you?" she grinned as she kissed
me. I could taste myself
on her when we she did, but it didn't stop me from wrapping
my arms
around her. She moved over to straddle me and I could feel
she was
still soaking wet when she settled onto me. We kept kissing
for a
while, and I could feel my cock starting to stir again as
her hips
moved, grinding her pussy against my now-limp cock. It
wasn't long
before she was sliding herself up and down the edge of my
cock, till
she managed to slip me inside her.

We both groaned at the feeling! She was defiantly still
wet, and very,
very hot! We stayed like that for a minute before she started
to roll
her hips, grinding herself onto me. I could feel myself
getting hard
inside her as my cock rubbed against her inner walls. She
picked up a
nice back and forth rhythm, not very fast, just keeping
pace with the
beat of the music. I ran my hands up and down her back, squeezing
ass every so often. When she sat up I caressed her breasts,
leaned forward (as best I could) and sucked on her nipple.


When the song changed to one with a faster pace she changed
her beat.
Rising up she slide off me, then slide back down, each time
going a bit
faster. Her ass slapping against my thighs every time she
came down
felt incredible! I grabbed her hips and thrust upward,
meeting her
every time she came down. Then just as I was really getting
things, she rose up and just stopped, keeping just the head
of my cock
inside of her. I looked up to see her smiling at me.

"Tease!" I exclaimed, and flipped her over
on her back, slipping out of
her when I did. I pulled her legs up, and placed her ankles
on my
shoulders, then rubbed my cock back and through her pussy,
rubbing the
head against her clit, then thrust deep into her, sliding
slowly back
out, then quickly into her again. Each time I thrust, her
rocked back and forth in the most hypnotic rhythm. I kept
pace with
beat of the song that was playing, not extremely fast, but

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, but happy to have the
song change to
one with a slower beat. I put her legs down and leaned forward
her. She was watching me with a surreal expression till
I was laying
on her and started kissing her. I moved my hips slowly to
the beat
while we kissed and after a minute or to felt her legs move
to wrap
around me. She helped control the pace with her legs. When
we stopped
kissing I pushed up a bit so I could just look at her while
we rocked
back and forth. We stared into each other's eyes while,
just drinking
in each other's presence.

"You are incredible!" I said quietly.

She smiled, "So are you are you."
Her hips and legs started
moving fast, "And now it's your turn to cum."


Her legs rocked me harder and harder into her. It didn't
feel like long
before I started to feel a bit light headed. "O God
Lori...I'm going
to cum!"

She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around me, holding
me closer to
her. Then lightly moaned into my ear "Yes...oohh
yes baby, cum in
me...cum in me!" That was all it took, I saw white as
I exploded
inside her, I couldn't see or hear anything, but felt
her continuing to
rock against me. I couldn't tell if she came with me
or not, but we
continued to rock together for a while as I caught my breath,
tightly onto one another. Then ever so slowly we stopped
moving, and
her legs unwrapped from around me. We laid like that for
another song
or two, as I slowly went limp inside her. When I had enough
strength to
move, I managed to scoot down a bit, to rest my head against
shoulder. Her nipple was just in front of my mouth, and as
we laid
there I just watch her breasts rise and fall with her breathing,
hand stroking my hair. I continued to feel small shudders
run through
her body the entire time we laid together.

I must have fallen asleep like that as the next thing I knew
most of the
candles had burnt out and the CD was off again. I reached
up and
cupped her breast, just feeling the swell of her skin against
my hand.
I moved my hand up and around, just admiring the way her smooth
felt, watching the way her nipple slowly hardened. Her
nipple near my
mouth followed suit and slowly tightened up. I stuck my
tongue out and
licked it lightly, swirling the tip of my tongue around


With my ear against her chest it almost sounded like a purr.
sorry" I whispered, "I didn't mean to wake
you up."

"You are fine P. Diddy. You can wake me up like that
anytime you like."


I continued playing for a bit before answering "I
need to go sometime
you know."

I felt her sigh before responding, "I know...I just
wish this night
would last forever."

"Me too. I don't think I've ever
experienced anything like
that before."

I could hear her smile, "You can say that again!"


I was tracing patterns on her stomach with my fingers by
this point.
But on a whim slipped my hand lower, running my fingers through
sparse pubic hair till my middle finger slipped between
her still wet
(if not so swollen) lips. She jumped a bit when my finger
between her lips. "Wow, I can't believe you are
still so wet." Her
hand slipped down on top of mine. "Neither can I."


I moved my head forward a bit, and then started lightly sucking
on her
nipple. Her hand guiding mine, rubbing my fingers up and
down her
wetness; I could feel myself getting hard as I felt her breath
start to
quicken again. Without even thinking I positioned myself
on top of her
again. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing her juices
on it,
stroking me before guiding me inside her.

Both of our eyes were closed as we slipped together again.
This time
was much slower than before, our hips slowly moving against
each other,
so both of us could concentrate on the sensation. It was
how incredible it felt to just slowly slide in and out of
her. It felt
like every nerve in my body was extra sensitive. I could
feel her body
beneath mine, her hands running up and down my back, her
breath hot on
my shoulder, her thighs pressing against my legs, her nipples
into my chest, and ohhh how incredible it was to feel the
heat inside
her, the pressure of her wrapped around me.

She didn't make a sound when she came; I just felt her
body tense up
under me and her teeth on my shoulder as she bit down. She
finished shuddering when I came inside her again. She just
wrapped her
arms around me till I finished.

I opened my eyes to find her looking at me, we both smiled,
and then I
kissed her. "If I lay back down again I'm going
to fall asleep on
you." I said as our lips parted.

"Mmmm...sounds nice..." she said as she tried
to stifle a yawn.

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That my friend was a fine story!, I enjoyed it immensely.