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Married, unfulfilled seeks online intimacy...


Lee couldn't believe what had happened over the last
couple of hours or even last few weeks. Though they had talked
about meeting it always seemed to be a tease at the time,
something they both found a hot idea but a safe fantasy.

Lee and Jane had been totally honest with each other from
the beginning. They had met on an "Adult" dating
site and had been chatting for a few weeks. Both were married,
and both had been clear that they planned on staying this
way, but had something missing from their lives. Sex, excitement
and intimacy being the forefront of these.

For a variety of reason these things were missing from both
of their relationships and both missed the closeness of
another person's body and the excitement that only
skin to skin contact provides.

Neither was really sure what it was that they wanted to get
from the website but they had agreed it was not just random
sex with strangers. They had talked about whether either
could cheat on their other halves. While the chats they
had shared regularly strayed onto the topic of sex and what
they both liked it was agreed to just go with the flow and
see what happened.

Jane however was rapidly reaching a point where whilst
the chats were exciting and fun she was not sure it was enough
to sate her wanton desires. She had already pushed the boundaries
and after thinking about the conversation she and Lee had
had the night before she had found herself feeling quite
turned on.

Trying to ignore her feelings and get on with the chores
around the house she had been avoiding all morning she found
this harder and harder as her mind wondered. It wasn't
long before she accepted that ignoring it was not an option.
She could feel her soaked knickers clinging to her sex and
every time she bent down or moved in a certain way the fabric
pulled tighter against her pussy sending a shiver through
her body.

Finally she decided a "rest" on the sofa was
required. Sprawling out with her legs up she absently minded
slipped a hand down the front of her trousers and into her
panties. Her finger gently tracing the line of her wet slit.

Thinking about the last act of bravery when just the other
day, without warning, she had sent Lee a picture of her bare
boobs. She captured some of that excitement she was so desperately
missing. She knew that other girls regularly shared far
more explicit pictures but for her this was a big step.

One that she had not expected to leave her so turned on! After
hitting send on the message, she had a major panic. What
if he doesn't like them, what if I sent it to the wrong
person? After what seemed like hours but really was not
long at all, a reply!

Lee had replied telling her how bad she was sending something
that hot whilst he was at work and how it had made him instantly

He had later told her how that day he had been unable to take
his eyes of the image of her tits and how he had stroked his
hard cock as he thought about getting his hands on them in
real life.

Remembering the way her mind and body had reacted to what
he described an idea jumped into her head. Knowing that
Lee would be sat at his desk she decided to see just how turned
on she could get him at work.

With the idea formed in her head she had raced off to her bedroom,
fishing under the bed for the locked "vanity"
case that her husband actually thought was full of old makeup
and she pulled out her favourite pink vibrator.

Terrified but excited beyond all belief she had sat on the
comfy chair in front of her PC and as it booted she quickly
removed her trousers and peeled the wet fabric away from
her shaved crotch.

Turning the cam on she quickly set it recording, pointed
straight at her beautiful pussy and with her legs spread
it was not long before the pink toy was plunging in and out
of her. Her lips glistened with juices as they gripped the
toy. Before long her release exploded out of her, every
moment and every sound caught on camera for someone else's

Quickly before she had chance to think about what she was
doing or chicken out she saved the video and attached to
an email.

Lee had been puzzled about some information on the spreadsheet
he was reviewing and deciding to take a break he absently
looked at his phone. Seeing an emailed he wondered if Jane
had emailed him a friendly "hiya" message as
she often did. Opening the email he was confused at the one
word message.


It was then he noticed the attachment. Not really thinking
he clicked on the link not sure what it was but certainly
did not expect the image that appeared. Jane's pussy
suddenly filled his screen; a low moan of unmistakably
pleasure filled his ears as the pink vibrator slide easily
between her lips and deep into her pussy.

Panicked Lee quickly stabbed at the pause button. Looking
around to check that nobody had heard or seen his heart raced.
Just that 2 second image had made him rock hard. Desperate
to watch and appreciate the video he had to wait all day until
he got home to find some privacy where he had watched the
video over and over until his own orgasm couldn't be

This had been last week and the chat between them had only
got hotter and hotter. Lee had described to Jane exactly
what he had been doing when he watched her video and how many
times he had done so since receiving it. He had told her that
whilst watching it he imagined that she was there with him
and how it was like they were both masturbating together;
watching each other as they both slowly pleasured themselves
until they would both come together. This idea of mutual
masturbation quickly formed into a favourite fantasy
for them both.

Teasing each other, both had expressed the opinion that
it wasn't wrong if they didn't touch each other,
after all getting yourself off was hardly cheating was

Little did either of them know that this was about to be put
to the test.

Following a frustrated Monday morning where nothing had
seemed to go right at work Lee had decided to visit the site
where the problems were. It was only a 45 minute drive from
home but as he was going to be needed there for a couple of
days he decided to stop over and save a ridiculously early
morning on the second day.

The fact the hotel he was stopping at was only a 15 minute
drive from Jane's hadn't really occurred to him.
It was only when Jane joked about popping in to see him that
he gave it any thought.

Tuesday past in a whirl of problem solving and stress and
Lee was glad when the day was over. He had swapped a number
of emails with Jane throughout the day. Jane had been in
a dull mood all day; her home situation had been really getting
her down.

"All I want is a cuddle" she had exclaimed in
frustration "I miss being kissed as well" she
had also moaned.

Understanding how she felt Lee had been genuine in his sympathy
when he had told her that any time she wanted a cuddle she
only had to ask. He was quite willing to offer her a shoulder
and while the thought of being close to her was appealing
he knew he would never push things further than either of
them was ready for.

You know where to find me if you want some company he had emailed
her. They had talked about this throughout the day. The
key question being how far a cuddle and a kiss could go before
its proper cheating?

Later that evening Lee had laid on his bed deciding if he
was really that bored that watching the soaps was really
an option.

After hearing his phone vibrate and reading the email he
was frozen to the spot! It was decision time.

Reading the email from Jane again he stayed glued to the

"I am scared witless and can't believe I am sat
in your hotel bar! I have a strong drink to calm my nerves
and there is a cold beer with your name on it. I really do need
that cuddle!!! If you really meant it then come and join
me. If not then I understand. I'll give it 15 minutes
and get off if you don't show" she had text!

Lee was nervous but would never have left his friend sat
down stairs alone. Grabbing his room key and wallet he headed
out the door.

Walking into the quite bar Lee saw Jane sat in the corner
nervously watching the door. Across the room they smiled
at each other as he walked over to her.

Jane stood to greet him and a very civilized and friendly
kiss on the cheek followed. Sitting down there was a moments
silence as neither really knew what to say.

"So, come here often?" Joked Lee as his nerves
made him say the first daft thing that popped into his head.

"No, but I'm hoping to cum here really soon"
Jane quipped back totally dead pan.

It took him a second to catch onto the innuendo, as the smile
broke on his face the mood broke and both broke into a laugh.
From that point the conversation flowed freely and the
two just chatted enjoying getting to know each a little
more in the flesh.

The two of them relaxed in each other's company and
soon their glass were drained.

"Another?" Asked Lee

Shaking her head Jane shook her head "I think I'm
ready for that cuddle now" she said softly.

Sliding around the bench seat Lee moved closer to her, reaching
his arms out towards her he put them around her pulling her
closer. Responding Jane mimicked his actions and the gap
between them disappeared. Their bodies connecting they
could feel the warmth from each other as they both pushed
against the other. The feel of Jane's ample chest being
squashed between them feeling both intimate and nice.

Pulling back a little Jane looked into Lee's eyes,
leaning forward she moved her lips to his. Kissing him once
very lightly as bolt of electricity raced through him.

"Hmm that was nice" smiled Jane "Do you
think maybe we should go somewhere a little more private?"

The moment had been reached. They had talked about this
a lot. Both teasing each other about all the deprived and
naughty things they were going to do one day but neither
really knew whether this was fantasy being teased or whether
they would actually do it.

Both had spouses at home and neither had ever done anything
that could be classed as cheating. Only now the time came
would they really answer the question. Lee knew that Jane
had issues about this but also that she was being truthfully
when she said about wanting to be held close, to feel another
person's skin against hers again and to be made to feel
sexy and wanted again. But was she ready for this?

"OK" he replied "but so we are both comfortable
and sure, what is it we are doing here?" He asked wanting
Jane to feel comfortable and lay out the rules.

"Well we are two friends having a kiss and a cuddle.
A very intimate cuddle without our clothes! But we keep
out underwear on. Any body to body contact during the cuddle
is very welcome and wandering hands must stay out of underwear
and will be warned if they get to familiar. Kissing is compulsory
but I'm not ready for sex and no penetration!"
She replied with a kind of apologetic smile on her face.

Happy that he understood and that Jane was not feeling pressured
he took her hand, pulling her up they walked across the bar
towards the lift still hand in hand.

As they approached the door to his room Lee could feel the
squeeze of Jane's grip Jane on his hand tighten.

"You OK?" He asked as they entered the room.

She looked almost terrified, but then Lee was feeling pretty
much the same.

"Oh fuck it" she gasped "Last one in beds
a loser" she chanted as, in a second, she jumped into
action. Grabbing at her top she pulled it over her head charging
for the large double bed in the middle of the room. In a flash
she had her jeans off and dived under the covers.

Recognising this as exaggerated shyness and nervousness
Lee followed suit in a more leisurely manner. Knowing Jane
was watching he walked towards the bed as he stripped down
to his boxers and climbed in bed.

The two of them lay facing each other not sure what to say
or do. Taking the initiative Lee lean in closer and softly
kissed her on the lips. Just gently brushing their lips
together. Reaching his arm out he laid it across her.

Responding to the touch of unfamiliar skin touching her
Jane shuffled closer across the bed towards her. Lifting
her shoulders up Lee slid his arm under Jane's neck
and wrapped his arms fully around and pulled her towards
him. Any space between them disappeared as the full length
of their bodies connected. Skin against skin, thin underwear
against thin underwear.

A bolt of electricity surged through the pair of them as
the intimacy and closeness that both so sorely missed retreated
to a faint memory.

It was clear to them both that there was no lack of excitement
or lust in the moment even though both were playing the "It's
just an innocent cuddle" card!!

Jane could feel the swell of Lee's erection pushing
against her panties and tummy, her nipples no less hard
as they pressed against his chest.

Their lips meeting with more force and passion as their
mouths opened letting each other's tongues meet and
explore each other's mouths.

Lee ran his free hand up and down Jane's back stopping
each time he reached the top of her knickers, wanting to
keep going and run his hands across her bum but not yet brave
enough to push his luck.

As he roamed his hand upwards across her back his hand caught
on her bra strap.

"Undo it" Jane breathless sighed "I want
to feel your chest against my tits"

Not wasting a second he snapped the clasp free. Sliding
her top arm back through the strap Jane soon wriggled out
of the restricting item of clothing. Sinking back into
the embrace the closeness felt like a whole different level
as she felt her chest squashing against Lee and the hardness
of her nipples now so much more prominent with nothing to
shield them as they dug into him in such a pleasurable way.

Neither of them said anything, both just laid in the moment
enjoying the contact, the heat of each other and a stranger's

The kissing grew more intense and hands now roamed freely
across each other, exploring each other's backs,
sides and stroking down each other's legs. As Lee's
hand travelled back up her thigh and he felt the swell of
Jane's bum his hand followed the contour of her arse.
The bare skin of her arse not protected by the thin strap
of her thong that lay wedged between her cheeks. Revelling
in the feel of her soft firm bum he gently squeezed her cheek,
the tips of his fingers digging slightly into the warm valley
between her full buttocks.

Clenching her muscles in momentary realisation of the
barrier being crossed Jane gasped breathlessly trapping
his fingers in place.

"Naughty boy" she scolded but rather than making
any effort to remove his hand she ground herself towards
him. Mashing their sexes together a slow grind started.
Using the hand placed against her bare arse Lee pulled her
tightly against him.

Laid staring into each other's eyes the kissing now
ceased. Breathing deeply into each other's mouths
as they each tried to melt their own bodies into the other.
The skin to skin contact both were so desperately for more
than made up for with their bodies welded together and with
every possible bit of bare skin touching the others.

The only point of contact where naked flesh was not touching
was where both their sexes were pushed together, even so
through the two thin layers of the material of their underwear
Lee could feel the heat and excitement of Jane as the juices
seeping from her soaked through both sets of material leaving
his dick almost as wet as her.

To Jane Lee's cock felt so hard as it pushed against
her pussy that was so wet and puffy. As she pushed hard against
him she could feel his rod part her lips pushing her knickers
just inside her as her lips tried to wrap them self around
his shaft and her clit ground against his hardness. She
know that had they started off naked and without the barrier
of her panties that by now his hard cock would have slipped
straight up inside her wet pussy and she would have been
powerless to stop or refuse him as her body felt as though
it was almost demanding what she already so nearly getting.

Unconvinced she could trust herself as her mind rapidly
tormented her to jerk his shorts down, peel her panties
to the side and just let her pussy suck his hard cock into
her which in a mind of its own it seemed desperately trying
to do regardless of their underwear Jane pulled away from
Lee a little.

Turning over and presenting her back to Lee she asked "Just
hold me"

Happy to please he laid his arm back over Jane's side
and shuffled in closer. His hand laid on her tummy moving
lazily in circles stroking her skin. In order to hold her
tightly he wrapped the arm still laid under Jane's
neck upwards and around her. Not intentional his hand laid
naturally to rest right on top of Jane's left tit. Although
unsure as his hand made contact, he was not able to resist
a gentle squeeze of the warm soft flesh. Not sure of the reaction
this was going to get as he felt the weight of her boob and
her hard nipple digging into his palm he was relieved to
hear a slight sigh as no resistance was given.

Embolden Lee gently teased her nipple, softly run his fingers
around the aureole and firmly groped the beautiful warm
orb his hands had found.

Enjoying the touch of the first person other than her husband,
although rarely from him, playing with her tits Jane soon
could feel the fire returning between her legs. Pushing
backwards into Lee she ground her bum into his crotch. His
cock feeling as hard as it did she was really enjoying the
intimacy they were sharing and the feel of him rubbing against
her. Jane was momentarily disappointed to feel Lee's
wondering hand leave her stomach as he pulled away from
her and shuffled a bit.

Almost immediately she felt him moving back towards her.
As his naked skin made contact with hers again she realised
straight away it felt different.

"I still have them on" he whispered in her ear

Jane understood what the shuffling was about as she felt
the heat of his naked hard cock make contact with her arse.
Lee had slipped his erection through the hole in his boxers
freeing it from its confinement.

Still soaked from grind against Jane's panties covered
pussy Lee's cock slipped easily between her bum cheeks,
joining the almost nonexistent strand of fabric of Jane's
thong. Sliding comfortably deep between her naked butt
cheeks his bare cock rubbed against her in a way no one else
had ever done.

Smiling to herself Jane just pushed even harder against
him as she thought to herself, well I did want intimacy and
you can't get much more intimate than that.

Lee having not met any objection in any of the moves he had
made as he had pushed the boundaries decided to see how much
further he could take this. Widening the circles of his
free roaming hand from her tummy he slid it downwards. After
more years than he could possibly remember he suddenly
found his hand cupping a new pussy that wasn't his wife's.

Though still covered by her panties, which by this time
seemed to have been half sucked inside Jane's pussy,
he could feel her bare shaved vulva and a heat that almost
felt like it might burn him. Only a bunched up, soaked tangle
of material stopped his fingers feeling her soaking wet

Feeling his hand cup her pussy nearly sent Jane through
the roof, as he used his new hand position to pull her hard
against him she couldn't help but moan. Being pulled
into his body so tightly forced his hard cock even further
between her bum if this was possible. This new sensation
of having the most private parts of her arse rubbed and stroked
was one she was fast becoming a fan of.

As Lee felt Jane's hand move in the direction of her
pussy, and his hand, he thought he was about to get his wrist
slapped. Instead he felt Jane smoothly slide her hand underneath
his as she dipped it into her knickers. He could feel her
four fingers directly beneath his when suddenly the two
middle ones seemed to disappear. As Jane let out another
moan he knew she had pushed the two missing fingers inside
herself and he nearly came on the spot. Feeling Jane's hand moving underneath his as she plunged
her fingers into her pussy over and over Lee could feel the
excitement rising in his own loins.

"I need to cum so bad" exclaimed Jane.

As she moved away from him Lee believed for a minute that
he was actually going to get to fuck Jane and just the thought
pushed him closer to edge.

However as Jane moved further away from him he started to
wonder what her plan was.

Jane grabbed some pillows and scooted herself down to the
other end of the bed. Shoving the pillows down she laid out
head to toe with Lee who by now was resting up on his elbows
watching her intently.

For the first time Lee finally got a chance to look over Jane's
body. Sure he had just sent some very enjoyable time enjoying
the feel and touch of it, but so far had not seen her in her
full naked glory. He could help admire her full and womanly
body. OK so she had some curves but they were all most defiantly
in the right places. The swell of her breasts looking even
bigger than they had felt, a sturdy pair of hips that beat
the hell out of a "right skinny bird" his friend
had been bragging about the other day. And those legs, well
they just made sure he stayed hard as his eyes followed them
all the way up to the top.

Watching his eyes roam over her body Jane didn't feel
shy or embarrassed as she had been certain she would. She
could see the lust in Lee's eyes as he took in the sight
of her almost naked body. His excitement also clear from
the impressive rock hard length she could see sticking
out of his shorts, With her first real look at his stiff cock
she was sure it wasn't just her mouth that was watering
as she felt a renewed flood of juices seep out between her

Bravely as she saw his eyes settle between her legs she parted
them, her knickers no longer really covering her dignity,
her pussy feeling like it was hung out already for his greedy
eyes. Watching as Lee pulled some pillows behind him to
get settled propped up so he could see whatever was going
to happen next, she closed her eyes as she lifted her bum
up slightly from the bed.

Taking hold of the tops of her panties she slowly peeled
them down her legs. The material still clinging to her wet
lips and slowly being drawn out from between them where
they had creep inside the moist folds. Lifting her legs
up straight she scooped her knickers over her toes, and
then with a giggle threw them towards Lee.

Catching them mid air Lee wasn't at all surprised to
find them wringing wet, he couldn't resist the temptation
to draw them towards his face as he inhaled the intoxicating
aroma of fresh pussy juice all the while unable to take his
eyes off Jane's shaved snatch as she absent minded
stroked it lightly with her fingers.

"OK, we both want, hell both need to cum so badly, here's
what we are going to do" Jane breathed deeply. "I
am going to masturbate for you and I want you to watch real
closely, feel free to touch yourself but don't you
dare cum! Once I'm done it's your turn to put a show
on for me and I want to watch you spill your load"

Jane giggled feeling dirtier than she had ever done in her

"Oh and you can take them off now" she smiled
pointing at Lee's boxers.

Unable to say much Lee followed his instructions quickly
and pulled his underwear off. Settling back down he smiled
whilst leering at Jane who by now was leaning back a little
and digging deeper with her hand.

"Shit this isn't going to take long" she

Sliding down further Jane leaned back and closed her eyes.
As she moved down the bed her legs came back into contact
with Lee's. Lifting them over his she settle with her
knees flopped outwards and laid across his legs. Her bum
nicely tucked between Lee's knees. Propped up as he
was he had a great view of her wide open pussy.

As Jane started to get into it he could see every movement
as she first cupped herself squeezing her lips between
her fingers, and then slowly slid her middle finger in between
the puffy slit as she dragged it all the way through her wet
puffy folds.

Suddenly she pushed back down, one finger sliding straight
inside her as she pushed it deep inside her pussy. Quickly
she pulled out then it immediately disappeared back inside
her, this time joined by a second finger. Thrusting both
fingers in and out of herself Jane could barely lie still
as her hips bucked up to meet each thrust.

Glancing up her body Lee watched Jane's face now looking
like she was some lust crazed animal, which in fairness
is pretty much how she was feeling. Drawing his eyes back
down her body Lee smiled as he watched Jane grabbing at her
tits with her free hand. Roughly squeezing them both and
pinching and pulling on her nipples.

Without even looking Lee knew that Jane's pussy was
getting even wetter as every time she bucked and her fingers
slid back inside her soggy pussy and loud squelching noise
that sounded as sexy as hell to him could be heard. The aroma
of sex filled his nostrils and Lee was feeling more turned
on than he could remember.

He realised unconsciously he was stroking his cock and
would soon cum himself if he wasn't careful. Slowing
his strokes down he made sure he controlled himself not
wanting to cheat Jane of her reward.

The unmistakable sound of moaning brought him quickly
back to the present as he focused back on Jane's pretty
little pussy. With both hands now down at her sex she was
frantically ramming the fingers of one hand in and out of
her pussy as the other hand was a blur on her clit.

Her hips rose high off the bed as she suddenly screamed out.

Jamming her fingers as deep as she could into her cunt Lee
watched transfixed seeing that the buried fingers continued
to move frantically as she desperately rubbed herself
deep inside her hole. Frozen with her arse raised in the
air and her other hand still a blur as a rush of wetness flowed
out of Jane. Watching a women orgasm closer than he had ever
before Lee could see her muscles spasm as her pussy gripped
and relaxed on the fingers still inside her. Suddenly Jane
just collapsed, her bum hitting the bed as she just lay their
breathing deeply.

As her breath returned Jane laughed, "Holy fuck,
I have not cum like that for a long long time" a satisfied
smile plastered across her face.

Coming back to her senses she pulled the stack of pillows
up behind herself and sat more upright as she smiled at Lee.

"Did you enjoy that as much as me?" She questioned
with a slight look of concern on her face. A bit unsure of
herself now the adrenalin was passing a little.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever seen"
Lee answered seriously but truthfully. His response putting
a smile back on Jane's face.

"Good" she responded "Think you're
ready to cum now?"

Smiling Lee just nodded.

Jane moved her eyes down towards Lee's cock and smiled
as she noticed that he had obviously been playing with himself
all the time she had been getting herself off. She watched
as Lee slowly held himself with just his fingers and thumb
and gently in no rush teased his hard cock. Lee knowing that
if he didn't take it slow he would spill his load almost
immediately and wanting to put more of a show on for Jane.

Admiring his stiff and decent size cock Jane watched as
he placed his other hand down to his shaved balls. Teasing
them with light squeezes he cupped them almost as if framing
them and presenting them to her, so Jane likes to imagine

Jane could hear his breathing getting heavy and was amazed
that with everything that had happened so far that Lee had
managed to get this far without cumming already. Unable
to resist she slid her hand back down to her own sex, just
using one finger to tease her clit.

Knowing that any minute Lee was going to erupt and do it just
for her was getting her juices flowing again. Watching
his hand as he took a tighter grip with his whole fist, his
hand moving faster she watched as his balls seemed to tighten
and his cock swell she realised this was the moment she was
desperate to watch.

"Oh yes, do it Lee, cum for me, let me watch you shoot
your load" she gasped as she unwittingly increased
the tempo her own fingers were drumming on her clit.

As he felt his release Lee groaned out loudly. Jane was thrilled
as suddenly Lee's cock exploded as he pushed his hips
upwards it was almost like he was thrusting his cock towards
her as jet after jet spurted powerfully from his dick.

Suddenly a searing hot feeling registered in Jane's
mind as she looked down to the area were this new feeling
of warmth was coming from she suddenly clicked that what
goes up must come down and Lee's hot load had done exactly

Looking down at her hand still rubbing at her clit she was
initially shocked to realise that Lee's hot cum had
covered the back of her hand and was still raining down.
She watched as a large scolding string of cum landed directly
on her clit followed by more splashing down over her cunt
lips. This sight was just too much and she furiously rubbed
herself harder as she came again. Smearing Lee's mess
all over her pussy even wiping the back of her hand over herself
to add as much of him as she could on herself.

It took a few minutes for them both to come down, but soon
Jane joined Lee back down his end of the bed. Laid face to
face back on their sides just how the whole event started
but smiling. This time as they closed the gap there was nothing
in between them as again they bathed in the forbidden intimacy
of the skin to skin contact. This time however no underwear
stopped them from feeling the contact of Lee's cock
now a little but not totally deflated pressed against the
soggy mess of Jane's sex.

"You came on my pussy!" Jane exclaimed

"Yes, sorry I kind of lost my senses there for a minute,
sorry" Lee replied

"Don't be, it was so sexy it made me cum again!
Are we going to do this again?" She asked

"Hell Yes! If you are going to let me" was the
smiled reply.

"Well next time please don't cum on me"
Jane said sternly as Lee looked a little guilty "Next
time I want you to cum in me" she giggled.

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