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Mardi Gras Surprise


I went back to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a group of friends.
I hadn't been back since I moved away four years earlier
so I was eager to see the old stomping grounds. There were
10 of us going for four days prior to a seven day cruise. One
of the other guys going had been down there for Mardi Gras
a couple of times before so he and I were the designated tour

I had a couple of old friends of mine meet us at the airport
and drive us to the hotel. It was already evening by the time
we got checked in so we headed out to the French Quarter right
away. It was the Wednesday before Fat Tuesday so there was
a good crowd but it wasn't too crazy. I took them to some
of my favorite bars and a good, drunken time was had by all.

The next day I took everyone to a great seafood place I knew
on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain and introduced them to
the joys of boiled crawfish. Once we were all stuffed we
headed back to Canal Street to watch a daytime parade. It
didn't take long for everyone to get into the spirit
and start screaming for beads. I had as much fun watching
my friends going crazy as I had letting loose myself.

When the parade was over we went back to the hotel and 'got
our drink on for cheap'. By the time we left for The Quarter
we were all pretty lit up. We split up into two smaller groups
and hit the town. Unfortunately (at least I thought so at
the time), my group ended up being the one with drama. There
was a couple in my group that ended up in a drunken argument
and one of the other guys got way to drunk. To keep the peace
I told them I'd take the girl and drunk guy back to the
hotel and the rest of the group could catch up with the other
group at Harrah's casino.

So there I was all alone at a Mardi Gras in Nawlins. What freedom!
I had lived there for years and had had some experiences
with other guys but I could never really enjoy the New Orleans
gay community because of my job. If I was seen coming from
a gay bar my life as I had known it would've pretty much
been over.

Now no one would recognize me!

I went to one of the bigger gay bars that I knew of. I was still
incredibly nervous walking through the door. This was
my first time in one and I didn't really know what to
expect. I was immediately shocked and turned on at the same time.
The first thing I noticed was that there was gay porn playing
on TV screens all around the bar and dance floor. It was edited
so that it would cut to another scene before there was any
actual oral contact or penetration but it was still odd,
and hot, to see naked men together on TV screens in a public
room with a bunch of other people.

Then I took a look at those other people. The age range of
the guys was from 21 (and probably less) to 50. There were
also several lesbian couples and singles mixed in. The
dance floor was packed with guys dancing and most of them
were shirtless. The dirty dancing that was going on was
miles beyond anything I'd seen at a 'straight'
club. The sexual energy on the dance floor was palpable.

I circled the bar and found an empty seat. The crowd at the
bar was mostly around my age (34 at that time) and older,
watching the young studs on the dance floor. My heart rate
was finally starting to get back around normal as I ordered
a drink from the shirtless, hot bartender. I watched the
closest TV and still felt a little odd watching one guy kiss
his way down another's stomach, while in a room full
of people. There's no straight club I've ever
been to where they play almost-X porn on TV's.

It had always been chic for couples to go to the gay bars and
show how they were ok with gays. I noticed a few couples spread
around the room but the guys were clinging onto their women
so close that it was obvious that they were a little uneasy.

Then I saw her. Medium length black hair, cute face, sleeveless
belly shirt showing a toned midsection and nice arms, low
rise pants with the strap of her g-string peeking out above
the pants before it dove back into her ass crack. Her tight,
but not too tight, pants clung to an exceptional ass and
perfectly muscular legs. Standing in her high heels she
was about 5'7", so 5'4" in flats.

She seemed to know a lot of people there. She moved around
the dance floor, occasionally rubbing her ass into someone's
groin to say hello. She came over to the bar and kissed a few
of the guys on the cheek as she passed by. As she got closer
to where I was sitting, my heart rate starting shooting
back up again.

She plopped into the lap of the guy next to me and wrapped
her arms around his neck. I was trying not to be too obvious
as I snuck peeks at her, so I couldn't tell what they
were talking about but she stayed sitting in his lap for
quite awhile.

I had been sitting with my back to the bar, watching the dancers,
so I had to turn around to order another drink. I swiveled
around in my chair, looking over at her as I turned and she
made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back.

She leaned in and whispered something into the ear of the
guy she was sitting on. He glanced over at me then said something
back to her with a smile and got up. He loudly said that he
had to go to the bathroom then walked away.

She sat in the vacant chair and faced the bar. I had finally
gotten the bartender's attention and was about to
order my drink. I looked over at her and touched her on the
shoulder. She looked over and I asked if I could get her something.

"That would be great. I'll have whatever you're
having", she said, leaning toward me so I could hear

I ordered two Captain and Cokes. The bartender sat both
drinks in front of me so I picked one up and handed it to her.
She put her fingers around mine and smiled as she accepted
the drink. I held out my hand and introduced myself.

She put her hand in mine, in that inverted girl handshake,
and held my hand as she said, "Very nice to meet you.
I'm Stephanie."

"The pleasure is mine", I said gallantly.

"It just might be", she said boldly and with
a wink.

My accent had come back some since being back in the south
for a couple of days but she could still tell that I wasn't
local and asked where I was from.

I ran down my personal history for her, explaining how I
had passed through New Orleans for a few years on my way to

"I've never lived anywhere but here",
she said.

We had to lean into each other to be heard over the heavy bass
of the dance music.

I used that as an excuse to lean even closer to her ear and
say, "I like the music but it sure is loud!"

"I know! It's hard to talk", she said as
she stood up.

We had both swiveled sideways in our chairs to talk so when
she stood, she was basically standing between my legs.
She took a step forward until her thighs were against my
chair and the inside of my legs were against the outside
of hers.

"Is that better?", she asked, leaning into
my ear.

Her breath teased my ear and she kept her face beside mine
for me to answer into her ear. "In a couple of ways!", I said.

She held her drink in her right hand and let her left fall
onto my leg. She stood between my legs like that as we talked.
She would occasionally swivel her hips with the music,
pressing her legs into mine, and her fingers traced unknown
patterns on my leg.

I non-challantly put my hand on her hip with my palm on her
side, just above the waist of her pants, with my fingers
touching the strap of her g-string as it ran down into her
pants. She pushed her hip just slightly to that side, which
I took as a good sign. I traced my fingers along the strap
of her underwear and told her how much I liked the way it looked.

"Oh yeah? Which part?", she asked with a smile.

"Actually the entire view but I was talking about
the way your g-string shows, then teases back down."

She turned so that the hip that had my hand on it was between
my legs. My hand slid around to the middle of her lower back,
right where the g-string disappeared. She took her hand
from my leg and grabbed the string at the side of her hip and
pulled it up and away from her body.

"This little ole thing?", she asked in a Scarlett
O'Hara kind of way.

I imagined how it must have tightened up in the crack of her
ass as I answered, "That's the one! And the way
that it disappears right here!"

I traced my fingers under the bottom of the string to where
it met the top of her pants, (I've forgotten to explain
that her skin was amazingly soft!) then slid it back to her
hip along the top of her pants. I slipped my finger a fraction
of an inch inside the waistband of her pants as I slid it around.

She let go of the strap of her underwear and put her hand flat
on top of mine, her fingers holding mine in place inside
the waist of her pants. She held my hand still as she turned
back to face me, making my hand slide around her waist and
stomach until it was above her zipper. She pushed her hand,
therefore mine as well, an inch deeper into her pants.

She leaned in, holding our hands in place as she breathed
in my ear, "How do you like where it disappears here?"

"Even better!", I answered back into her ear,
taking in the smell of her neck.

She took her hand off of mine and leaned back. I let my hand
slide out of her pants. I'm sure she would have let me
push it farther in but I was enjoying the slow tease.

"So, what are you doing here?", Stephanie asked
as she took a drink.

"In New Orleans or this particular bar?", I
asked back.

"Both", she said.

"Well, I'm in New Orleans with a group of friends
to see some Mardi Gras before we go on a cruise. As for this
particular bar...I can't come to places like this
at home so I figured I should take the opportunity while
I'm here."

I'd been waiting for the other shoe to drop with her.
I had been wondering the whole time we were talking what
such an attractive woman was doing in a gay bar hitting on
me instead of some other woman. The first thought that went
through my mind was that 'she' wasn't actually
a she, but I had looked for the obvious things like an adam's
apple, of false boobs. She had neither. In fact, the swell
of her C-cup breasts was obvious above the lace of her bra,
which imprinted through her shirt and her neck was perfect
and smooth.

I thought that maybe she was looking for a guy to bring home
to her husband / boyfriend and maybe that had been who's
lap she had been sitting on earlier. I discounted that she
was with the guy she had sat on because I had noticed him out
on the dance floor, pretty into the guy he was dancing with.
There could still be a guy at home that I was going to be a present
to, but that just didn't feel like what was going on.

Her next question set me up perfectly to find out.

"Ok, so what kind of opportunities are you looking

I took a deep breath, admitting this kind of thing was always
difficult for me, and said, "Well...I'd like
to explore my submissive side and, to put it bluntly, I was
hoping to suck some cock and get fucked!"

It helped that I had a strong buzz going but I could still
feel my face reddening.

She put a hand on either side of my face and kissed me. Even
though I was there looking for a guy, she had me extremely
turned on so the kiss was immediately hot and passionate.
One of her hands slid down my chest, then stomach, finally
stopping at my waistband. Stephanie lifted my shirt and
ran her hands over my chest and teased at my nipples.

My hands were doing their own roaming as well. They had automatically
went to her hips and at about the same time that she finally
pinched my nipples, my fingers were curved around the inside
bottom of her firm ass cheeks. I let the fingers of my right
hand rest just at the edge of her ass crack as I slid the other
up and around in front of her.

As my hand moved up to her chest, hers dropped to my groin.
My cock was throbbing in my pants and had swollen against
my leg. She ran her hand down and pressed against my cock.
My hand grabbed firmly onto her left breast and I felt the
hard nipple against my palm. My fingers were on the swell
of her tit above the bra and it was definitely a real one,
but with an implant.

Both of our hands had found their targets at about the same
time and we moaned into each others mouths. Stephanie squeezed
my cock tight through my pants as she broke the kiss.

She rubbed my cock as she purred into my ear, "I can
help you with those opportunities you were looking for!
Wanna go to my place?"

"As gorgeous as you are", I said as I ran my hand
down from her tit to her flat stomach, "I'm not
sure how you can help me with sucking a cock since you have
one of these!"

As I finished talking I ran my hand down between her legs,
expecting to feel the heat of her pussy. Instead I felt a
solid bulge tucked between her legs.

My mind swam dizzily as I realized I was holding the cock
of an amazingly beautiful transexual, in a gay bar in New
Orleans, and this same amazing creature had just invited
me back to her place.

She smiled at me, grabbing my hand and holding it to her package,
and asked, "Now do you understand?"

"I do! And I'll go with you where ever you want
to take me. Literally and figuratively", I answered.

"Perfect answer! I'm going to test that! Come
with me my new toy", Stephanie said to me as she pulled
my hand from her cock and held me by the wrist.

She turned and started for the door, leading me by the hand.
My cock was as hard as it had ever been as it still strained
down my leg. I glanced down and could clearly see the outline
of my dick against my pants.

Then we were outside and the bouncer was hailing us a cab.
As soon as the minivan door closed, Stephanie leaned over
me and pinned me to the seat back with her hands at my elbows.
Not that I wanted to stop her, but she was very strong!

"I'm sure we'll fulfill some of your fantasies
tonight", she purred into my ear, "but if you
want to explore your submissive side I want you to agree,
right now to do what ever I say!"

"I agree completely and wholeheartedly to do what
ever you say", I answered.

She leaned back and let go of my arms and said, "Good.
For your first test I want you to ask the cabbie if you can
suck his cock."

"Just come right out and ask him?", I asked a
little hesitantly.

"Yes! And do it right now!", she ordered.

I hadn't even noticed the cab driver at all until that
point. I was a bit preoccupied by Stephanie. Now that I looked
I saw that he was a middle aged black man and he looked fairly
well built.

"Sir?", I said leaning forward.


"Can I suck your cock?"


"This beautiful woman wants to see me suck your cock.
May I?", I asked.

"For sure, man. Where you wanna do it?", he asked.

I guess there had been a pretty good chance that a cabbie
waiting outside a gay bar would be gay or bi himself.

I looked over at Stephanie and she said to just pull over
anywhere. We were in a residential neighborhood with no
one around so the cabbie pulled to the curb pretty quickly.
No one would really even notice a cab pulled over. It would
just look like he was picking up or dropping off. He stopped
in front of a dark house and climbed into the back.

Stephanie patted the seat between us, inviting the cabbie
to sit there, which he did of course.

"Would you mind if I gave him instructions on what
I want him to do?", she asked our new friend.

"Ya'll do it how ever you want as long as I get off!",
was his enthusiastic reply.

He started to reach for his waistband but Stephanie stopped
him with a hand on his.

"Let my toy do the work", she said to him. Then
to me, "Take his cock out!"

I knelt in front of him, between the front seats and reached
up and undid the fly of his pants then pushed his shirt up.
He had an average build, with just a bit of a belly over the
top of his shorts. I grabbed his pants at the sides ad started
to pull down. He helped by lifting his hips and I yanked them
down to his ankles.

Being ordered to do this had taken the pressure off of me
so I was surprisingly calm. I paused to take in the impressive
bulge in this guys shorts, then looked over at Stephanie.
She nodded her head.

I grabbed his underwear like I had his pants and tugged down
on them. He helped again by raising up. This time I slid them
down a bit more slowly, wanting to take in the sight of his
cock as it was exposed. It was pointing across his hip so
I saw the side of the head and shaft all at once. It was long,
dark and veiny.

When the elastic of his shorts cleared the other side of
his meat it hung down between his legs at an arch.

"Oh that's a beautiful cock you have!",
Stephanie complimented him.

"There's plenty for both of ya'll!",
he said back.

"Maybe later! Make sure and give me your number, but
for now it's all for my toy", she said to him. "Go
ahead and give this man his blow job!", the last she
said to me.

With his shorts down at his ankles also, I reached out and
wrapped a hand around the shaft of his cock. My fingers met
around it, but just barely. I held the tip up at a 45 degree
angle and leaned down to it. I stroked the shaft as I explored
the tip with my tongue.

That got a moan out of the cabbie. Stephanie asked how my
tongue felt and he told her it was great.

I took the head into my mouth and kept licking all around
it as I stroked the shaft, which was throbbing and growing
in my hand. The skin of the head got tighter as it swelled
in my mouth.

I felt a hand on my head, and from the fingernails in my scalp
I could tell it was Stephanie's. She pushed my head
down onto the black cock. I held the base of his now hard cock
and there were still a few inches of shaft between my hand
and the ridge of the head. I slid my wet lips down the shaft
until my lips touched my fingers.

She pushed even harder on my head so I let go of his cock and
let his cock fill my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.
I gagged, he moaned and Stephanie kept the pressure on my

"Good boy", she said when she finally let go
of my head. I moved back up the long black cock and sucked
on the tip as it slid out of my mouth. It fell up onto his stomach
and throbbed. It was shiny with my saliva and I saw a drop
of pre cum form at the slit in the head.

I caught my breath then asked Stephanie if I could suck him
some more.

"Of course! We owe this man an orgasm. I don't
want you to stop again until he cums!"

"Yeah, boy! Make me cum", the driver joined

"Yes Sir and Ma'am", I said as I grabbed
ahold of him again.

This time I took him right into my mouth and sucked hungrily.
The taste of his pre cum, as I sucked it out of his cock, turned
me on even more. I bobbed up and down on his cock, stroking
the part of the shaft that I just couldn't get into my
mouth, and fondled his large balls with my other hand.

He slid down and spread his legs a little so I tested him by
running a finger past his balls to his asshole. He moaned
so I pressed harder. He moaned louder.

I took my mouth off of him with a wet slurp and stuck my middle
finger in my mouth and got it nice and wet. After that brief
pause I took him back into my mouth and sucked just on the
head and ridge as I pressed my finger back against his hole.

He pressed his hips down against my finger so I slowly pushed
it in all the way. I started fingering him in time to my head
bobbing on his cock and soon his pre cum was flowing freely
into my mouth. He ground his hips up against my face and down
against my finger.

"Oh yeah, like that, keep doing that", the cabbie

"Make him cum", Stephanie ordered me, "and
pump it out into into your mouth so I can see it!"

I opened my mouth wide and started stroking his cock hard
and fast. I buried my finger inside him and ran it around
until I found the gland inside. I rubbed it firmly as I held
the tip of his cock at my lips and flicked my tongue across
the slit, lapping up his juices as they spilled out.

"Oh fuck! That's it....I'm gonna cum",
the cabbie moaned as his hips raised off of the seat and locked

I pumped him furiously and felt his cock throb in my hand.
Since I was pumping him so hard and fast the first shot of
his cum hit me right in the corner of my mouth. Part of it splashed
into my mouth and the rest of it sprayed across my cheek.

I quickly adjust my aim so the next shot of cum was directly
into my mouth. I tried to gulp and swallow between his massive
shots of cum but a couple more splattered on my lips as I pumped

Finally he lowered his hips back onto the seat and let out
a moan. I kept stroking and licking him as his orgasm subsided,
but I took my finger out of his ass. I rubbed the tip of his
cock around in the cum on my face and gathered it onto the
head. Then I would suck it clean.

After a few moments Stephanie said, "You passed that
test with flying colors! On to the next one."

She took the cabbie's flacid cock from me and stroked
it softly asking, "Would you mind taking us home now?"

"Lady, I'll take you two anywhere you want!",
he said as he pulled his shorts and pants back up.

I climbed back onto the seat next to Stephanie and let my
head fall back, enjoying the taste of cum in my mouth and
replaying what I had just done.

Stephanie leaned over and said, "Let me taste him!"

We kissed the rest of the way to her place, both enjoying
the taste of cum in my mouth!

When the cab came to a stop Stephanie broke the kiss and asked
the driver, "What do we owe you?"

He laughed and said all he wanted was a phone number. She
gave him one and said that he might get an even bigger tip
tomorrow if he was either at the bar to pick us up again or
called at about midnight.

He promised to do one or the other. I couldn't blame
him! I also didn't miss that she had said pick 'us'
up at the bar.

We got out of the cab and I saw where we were. It was a very exclusive
building that I remembered from my time in New Orleans.
The kind with a door man. Very nice.

When we walked up to the building the door was opened by a
guy in full livery.

"Hello, Miss Stephanie", the doorman said.

"Hello, John", she answered as we walked in.

We got in the elevator and she hit the button for the top floor.
At her apartment door she took her keys out of her purse and
put them in the lock but didn't turn it.

"Let me ask you something", she turned to me
and said.

"Anything", I answered.

"I like the way you said that! That brings me to my point
as well, you said you were submissive. How submissive?"

"I don't know my limits but at this point I feel
completely submissive to you."

"Really? Do you trust me enough to do anything and
everything I say?", she asked.

I thought about it for a second and said, "Yes I do.
To both."

"Ok, another test then. Take off all your clothes",
she said as she leaned back against her door and crossed
her arms. Obviously she meant for me to strip right there
in the hall so I didn't ask.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and let it drop to the floor
then kicked off my shoes. I bent over and took off my socks
then stood back up and put my hands at the button of my jeans.
I paused for jus a second and looked at her. She nodded her
head so I undid the buttons of my pants and slid them down.
I stepped out of them and started to pull down my boxer briefs.

"That's enough. I wanted to make sure you would
do what I said. Pick up your clothes and follow me."

As I gathered up the pile of clothing she unlocked the door
and went inside. I followed behind her and shut the door.
I looked around and saw that she had a spacious, open home.
One wall was completely glass and it looked out over the
French Quarter with a spectacular view.

Stephanie walked over to a dark wood bar and motioned me
over. I walked over to her and she told me to go ahead and put
my clothes down. I sat them down by the bar then stood there
in front of her in just my shorts with my cock bulging against
the fabric.

"Would you like a drink?", she asked.

"I'll have what you're having", I
said with a smile.

"Good answer again", she chuckled and mixed
us a couple of drinks.

She handed me my drink then held out her hand to me. I put my
hand in hers and she lead me over to the wall of windows. Turns
out one of them was a door that lead out to a patio.

"I love the view here", she said as she let go
of my hand and leaned on the railing.

"It's a great view of the city but I prefer the
closer view", I said as I looked at her from behind.

Stephanie looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled.

"It gets better! Reach around here and help me out
of these pants."

I sat my drink on a nearby table moved close behind her. I
reached around and undid the button then zipper of her pants.
I put my hands at the sides of her pants and slowly peeled
them down. Her round ass was exposed inch by inch and I could
see the g-string disappear between her cheeks. With her
pants about halfway over her butt she reached down in front
of her. She was adjusting herself so that when her pants
cleared the curve at the bottom of her cheeks her cock was
in front of her instead of tucked between her legs.

I knelt behind her and pulled her pants down her legs. Her
hamstrings were well muscled but feminine. When I slid
the pants over her lower legs I saw that her calves were equally
well muscled.

I was kneeling behind her as she stepped out of her pants.
That left her standing there in her shirt, g-string and

"Stay there", she told me.

I eased her pants over so I could kneel on them and be a little
more comfortable while I enjoyed the view of her spectacular
ass and legs.

She spread her legs a little farther than shoulder width
apart, giving me a better view. The string of her underwear
was pencil thin as it crossed her asshole. She must've
bleached and waxed because her hole was perfectly pink
and hairless. I could also see her balls filling out the
fabric between her legs.

Stephanie reached back and slid a finger under the string
in her crack and pulled it to the side, exposing the rest
of her hole to me.

"Test 3", she offered. "I've wanted
to have someone eat my ass as I look out over the city since
I moved in here."

Without saying anything I reached up and spread her cheeks
with both hands and leaned into her. I made my tongue soft
and flat and ran it over her hole. I lapped at it slowly, teasing
around the hole then pressing the tip of my tongue into it.

Stephanie moaned and used her free hand to grab my head and
pull it into her. I probed at her hole with my tongue and pushed
it into her as much as I could.

"Just like that!", she said as I fucked her hole
with my tongue.

I kept doing what I was doing for several minutes and she
gave me directions to please her better. She had me changing
from sticking my tongue into her, then licking her hole
and the surrounding areas, then back to probing her hole.

"Oh yes! You passed that test with flying colors!",
she complimented as she pushed my head away from her and
let her underwear fall back into place.

She pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply, tasting herself
in my mouth. She reached a hand down and rubbed my cock.

"This feels like a very nice cock!"

I thanked her for the compliment and stood there enjoying
her hand on me.

"Come with me", she ordered as she grabbed her
drink and walked back inside.

I picked up my drink and took a gulp as I followed her. She
lead me to the bedroom then turned around to face me. She
pulled her shirt off over her head as I walked into the room.
This was the first time that I had been able to get a look at
her from the front. It was the most amazing sight of my life.
Her female beauty was perfect. I've already described
her face and hair, then add to that her perfectly shaped,
large C cup breasts and toned body and she was the picture
of femininity.

Then there was the bulge in her g-string! I had gotten her
hard while eating her ass, so the lacy fabric at the front
of her underwear was bulging from bottom to top.

"Kneel!", she commanded, pointing to the ground
in front of her.

I was already having trouble standing and kneeling at the
alter of this perfect creature seemed like the most natural
thing to do anyway! I knelt in front of her and looked up into
her eyes.

"You did a great job with the cabbie and watching you
suck his cock turned me on incredibly! Now I'm going
to teach you how to suck my cock."

She pulled the top of her underwear away from her body and
started slowly pulling them down. Her cock was pointing
straight up so the first thing I saw was the head as it peeked
out of the lace. She stopped pulling them down once the ridge
of the purple head was exposed.

"Do you like it?", she asked.

"It's gorgeous!"

"Kiss it!", she directed.

I crawled closer until my face was just inches from her.
I could see that her juices had already been flowing by the
pre-cum on her skin, just above the head. Just as I leaned
in to kiss the tip of her cock, which was swollen and purple,
I saw a drop of pre-cum form at the slit.

I opened my lips slightly and kissed the tip of her cock,
making sure that my upper lips brushed over the slit in the
head. She let out a small purring moan. The warm, salty drop
coated my lip and as I moved back from kissing her. I licked
my lips and tasted her.

I looked up at her as the flavor of her juice filled my mind.
She smiled down at me and started pulling her underwear
down again. The large vein under the shaft was full of blood
and the smaller veins criss crossing the shaft were distended.
The shaft was thick, but not too thick. It looked like it
would take a bit of work to get it into me but not enough to

She kept pulling the fabric down, exposing the 7 inch shaft
until I could just see the top of her balls. She had a small
patch of trimmed hair where the shaft ended. What I could
see of her ball sack was completely bald.

She paused for a moment, letting me take it all in, before
pulling the underwear lower, exposing herself the rest
of the way. Her balls were distinct in her tight sack. She
let the underwear fall around her ankles.

"Help me out of those", she said softly.

I reached down and slid them over her pedicured feet and
heels. She stepped out of them and I collected the tiny bundle
of material in my hand and held it up to her.

She thanked me, took it from my hand and tossed it onto the

I looked up at her as she stood over me naked except for her
shoes. the contrast of ultimate male and female excited
me to a level I'd never known. My heart was pounding
wildly in my chest and my breathing was shallow.

"You like?", she asked again.

"I've never seen anyone or anything so perfect
in my life!", I answered honestly.

She smiled down at me and caressed the side of my face as she
wrapped delicate fingers around the base of her cock.

"Do you want this?", she asked in a teasing voice.

"My God, YES!"

"Then ask for it!"

"May I please have your cock?"

"What do you want to do with it?"

"I want to kiss it and lick it and suck it and taste it!",
I pleaded.

"Not yet!"

I had been sure that I was about to get to suck her cock and
the disappointment must have been obvious on my face.

"Don't worry you will get to do all of that, but
not yet!", she consoled me. "This will be the
only time I ask for your permission.... I want to video tape
everything and take pictures. I'll protect your identity
if you want me to. Is that okay with you?"

I didn't have to think about it for long. I wanted to
see how we looked together too. I also figured that even
if the video or pictures ended up on the web, no one that I
knew would be looking at TS type videos and even if they did,
and recognized me, they wouldn't be able to say anything
without revealing themselves.

"I would love that! Will you give me copies?",
I admitted and asked.

"Absolutely! Now that you've said that, I just
want to reiterate that I expect you to do exactly as I say,
when I say it. Understood?"


"Good, and I want you to call me Mistress any time you
address me", she left that a question hanging in the

"Yes, Mistress."

"Very good. Now stay there."

She walked over to the closet and got a video camera that
was already mounted on a tripod and a digital camera. She
sat the tripod at the corner of the bed then went to the dresser
and took out several items. She placed those and the camera
on the bed by her discarded underwear.

"The first thing I want to do is set up a scene where
you are tied down to the bed. I'm going to get dressed
again and we're going to play it like you didn't
know. Lay on the bed", she directed.

I'd never really done any role playing but this sounded
hot. As I climbed onto the bed I asked her if she wanted me
to act like I wasn't into it when I 'discovered'
that she had a cock.

"At first, yes. I'm going to rub my cock on your
body and face and I want you to resist at first, but then open
your mouth a little and I'll push it in, then I want you
to get into it."

I told her how hot that sounded as I settled on my back on the

I saw that the things she had sat on the bed consisted of 4
leather straps with buckles, a dildo, lube, two cock rings
and an assortment of whips and paddles.

I watched her as she went to the closet and picked out some
clothes. She dressed then stood beside the bed. She had
put on a tiny leather mini skirt with matching bra.

"Ready?", she asked.

I nodded my head. She went over to the video camera and got
it set up and turned on.

"Good boy!", she said as she walked into the

"Thank you, Mistress", I answered.

She picked up the straps and stood beside me.

"Put your hands by the headboard", she ordered.

When I did, she secured my right hand then climbed onto the
bed and straddled me as she secured my left arm to the bed.
I could feel her balls on my stomach but with the skirt covering
her, the camera couldn't see that. She buckled both
of the straps fairly tightly so I was actually bound pretty

That made me a little nervous but there was nothing I could
do about it anyway, so I just went with it.

Stephanie climbed off of the bed and grabbed my ankles.
She spread my legs wide and secured them to the posts at the
bottom of the bed. Now I was pretty much helpless and, since
I had given myself over to the experience, I liked it!

Stephanie went to the pile of sex parahernalia and picked
up a riding crop. She dragged it up my thigh and teased around
my bulging crotch. I flexed my hips up a little, trying to
get her to touch my cock.

"Who told you to move?", she demanded as she
brought the crop down crisply on my thigh.

I grimaced at the unexpected sting and panted, "I'm
sorry, Mistress."

She teased around my crotch again and I stayed still.

"Good", she said as she slid the leather tip
of the crop up my stomach and around my nipples.

She dragged it across my cheek then told me to open my mouth.

She held the tip just over my open mouth and told me to lick
it. I flicked my tongue out on the small patch of leather
until she pulled it away after a few seconds. With the leather
wet with my saliva, she slapped quickly but lightly on both
of my nipples. The sting wasn't bad at first but it built
with each snap of the crop. After about 10 swats to each side
of my chest I started groaning at each one.

"You like that don't you My Toy?", she asked.

"Yes, Mistress!", I said between grunts.

"Good boy. Now...are you ready for that surprise
I promised you?", she purred.

I knew what was coming and I felt my cock throb as I told her
I was ready.

She reached behind her back and undid the bra holding up
her magnificent breasts. The bra fell to the floor and she
leaned over my face so her tits hung a few inches above my

"These aren't your surprises", she told
me as she lowered a nipple to my mouth.

I hadn't been told to do anything so I just laid there
with the hard nipple pressing between my lips. It took a
lot of self control to keep from sucking it into my mouth.

She rubbed her breasts back and forth on my face and told
me to lick and suck them.

I held my tongue out and flicked it across her nipples when
they came into range. She moaned and pushed a nipple back
into my mouth. This time I sucked it into my mouth and nibbled
on the tense flesh. She let me suck and bite on both of her
tits for a few minutes before them pulling them away.

"Ohhhh, look at that hard cock of yours", she
said as she dragged the riding crop up and down the bulge
in my shorts. "It looks like you really want your surprise!
Would you like to see me nude?"

"Please, Mistress", I begged.

She put down the crop and stood beside the bed next to my head
and said, "Ok, here it is!"

She unzipped the zipper at the side of the skirt and let it
fall to the ground. She had tucked her cock between her legs
again so at first I only saw the small patch of hair. She reached
between her legs and pulled her cock to the front and held
it straight out from her body, by the base.

I did my best to look shocked and disgusted, but in reality
I was completely turned on as I struggled against the bonds
at my hands and feet. I turned my head away as Stephanie moved
closer and held her cock toward my face.

"What's the matter? A minute ago you couldn't
wait to see me nude! Now you don't want to look?",
she asked as she climbed up onto the bed.

She knelt next to my head and rubbed the tip of her cock on
the side of my face as I kept looking away.

Feeling the warm skin of her cock on my face, and having to
act like I didn't want it, drove me crazy.

"I didn't know THAT was what I was going to see!",
I said.

She moved down and straddled my stomach. Her balls rested
on my abs as she rubbed her cock on my torso. She reached back
with her other hand and rubbed my aching cock.

"Well, THIS part of you doesn't seem to mind!",
she teased.

I looked up at her, stealing a glimpse of her cock as the head
pointed at my face, and said, "Well, you are still
gorgeous! I'm not sure what to feel now."

"Let me ask you this", she said, "have
you ever had anal sex with a girl?"

"Yeah, but as the giver not the receiver!",
I answered.

She scooted down my body until my cock, which she had adjusted
to lay straight up, was nestled in the crack of her ass.

"Did it feel like this when your cock was in her ass
crack?", she asked.

I purposely left out the 'Mistress' when I answered,
"Yeah", in a moan as she rubbed her ass around
on my dick.

She pinched my nipple hard and held it tight between her
fingers as she said, "Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress", I groaned.

"That's better!", Stephanie said as she
let go of me and climbed off of the bed.

She opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a
pair of scissors.

I looked over at her, completely trusting her, but acting
a little scared as I asked, "What are those for?"

"You'll see", she answered as she stood
beside the bed. She brought the scissors down by my hip and
spread the blades. She slipped one blade inside the waistband
of my underwear at the side of my hips and started cutting
down the side. When she was through with that side she walked
around the bed and cut the other side.

She casually put the scissors away, leaving me laying there
with my underwear still covering me.

"You've seen mine, it's only fair that I
get to see yours!", she said as she grabbed the top,
middle of my waistband and pulled it down, exposing my cock.
She pulled them all the way out from under me and I was nude.

"Very nice! And uncircumcised I see! How could you
be so hard if you weren't turned on?", she asked.

"Mistress, like I said, I'm confused about how
I feel", I lied.

Stephanie got back onto the bed and straddled me again,
this time higher on my chest. Her cock was completely hard
and arched up from her hips. She positioned herself so the
head of her cock bobbed a few inches above my mouth. I pushed
my head down into the bed, farther from her cock.

I did get to see it better being just that little bit farther
away, but I still would have rather opened my mouth than
move away but she had given me my instructions to be resistant
at first.

She responded by grabbing her cock and pushing it down.
The head pressed onto my lips and I closed them tighter.

She rubbed it back and forth on my lips as she asked, "Is
that really so bad? It's just skin. Just like a pussy,
except it's an outtie instead of an innie."

I opened my mouth to answer her and she shoved her hips forward,
sliding the head of her cock into my mouth before I could
say more than "I don't..."

"Now be careful!", she admonished like I was
still fighting her, when in reality I was already running
my tongue around the head inside my mouth."If you
bite there will be punishment. Understand?"

Obviously I couldn't talk with her cock in my mouth
so I nodded my head, which had the side effect of making me
bob on her cock.

"Hmmmm, " she purred. "That felt good!
Do that again."

I figured that was my clue to stop resisting so I bobbed my
head up and down a few times, sucking and licking her cock
as it slid between my lips.

She leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard, raising
and tilting her hips so that her cock was pointing down into
my mouth. She started slowly fucking my face as I sucked

"That's good, use your tongue inside your mouth.
Swirl it around the head", she directed me.

I did as I was told and was rewarded by her pushing her cock
farther into my mouth. She fucked my mouth for a few more
thrusts then pushed slowly in saying, "Take all of
it that you can!"

I did my best to relax my throat as the tip of her cock sank
deeper. The head rubbed against the top of my mouth so when
it got to the back of my mouth, it wouldn't go into my
throat. There were at least 3 inches of shaft outside of
my lips when she stopped and paused. I moaned on her and she
moaned back.

After a blissful moment she pulled her cock out of my mouth.
Stephanie looked down at me as she sat on my stomach. I was
panting, trying to catch my breath.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?", she asked.

"I have to admit, Mistress, that it was incredible",
I said, finally getting to give an honest answer.

"I knew you would feel that way if you just let yourself.
I can always tell", she said. "Now let's
take it a little further."

Stephanie swung one of her legs over me so she was kneeling
beside my upper body. She grabbed a pillow and told me to
lift my head. It wasn't easy to move with my arms strapped
to the bed but I managed. She grabbed the back of my neck and
lifted me so that my shoulders were off the bed. She slid
a pillow under my upper back then lowered me onto it. That
made my head tilt back significantly.

She moved around me until she was kneeling above my head.
Her balls were above my mouth and her cock hung out over my
neck and chest.

"Open", she ordered.

I opened my mouth wide and she lowered herself onto my face,
filling my mouth with her balls. I sucked them gently and
rolled my tongue around inside my mouth. I could feel that
who was stroking herself as I sucked on her balls.

"That's nice!", she purred. "When
you fucked that girl in the ass, did you lick her as first?"

Again, I couldn't talk so I nodded my head with her balls
in my mouth and hummed "Ummm-Hmmm."

"Then this will be just like that", Stephanie
said as she raised up and took her balls out of my mouth.

She moved down so her pink hole was above my mouth. She lowered
it to just a fraction of an inch from my mouth. Her ass cheeks,
on the edges of her ass crack, were on my face.

"Eat it!", she commanded.

I flicked my tongue out across her puckered hole. I knew
what she liked from the earlier session on the balcony,
so I did the things she had told me earlier. I alternated
between pushing my tongue inside her as much as I could and
lapping at, and around, her hole.

"Oh that's good My Toy!", she moaned as
she ground her ass on my mouth.

I ate her ass for several more minutes until she finally
raised off of me. This time we were both panting!

She caught her breath for a moment then folded down onto
me as she grabbed my cock. She took my cock deep into her mouth
and sucked hard. My cock throbbed hard as her hot mouth enveloped
me. She nodded her head and worked my cock into her throat.

My balls tightened and I felt my orgasm building. I didn't
want to cum yet but the entire night had been so intense that
I couldn't fight it.

Stephanie felt it too and raised up off of my cock and squeezed
tightly on the base of my shaft. With her elbow on my thigh
she grabbed my balls with her other hand and pulled them.

She held me like that as she said, "Unn-uhhh. Not yet!"

"Thank you, Mistress. I don't want to cum yet!",
I moaned as I helped fight off my orgasm.

"That's good but I don't really care what
you want. I don't want you to cum yet. You will only cum
when I allow it!", she said commandingly.

"Yes, Mistress."

When she felt my cock stop throbbing in her hand she let go
and grabbed one of the cock rings. She wrapped the leather
strip around the base of my cock and under my balls. It had
a velcro closure and she secured it tightly around me. The
blood backed up in my cock making the veins become even more
distended. The head of my cock was swollen and purple when
I raised my head to look down at myself. The ache in my cock
was erotic.

"God that looks good!", Stephanie admired
before taking me back into her mouth. As she sucked me she
maneuvered her hips around so the tip of her cock was at my

"May I suck it again?", I asked, having not been
told to do anything.

"Ummm-hmmm", she moaned onto my cock.

I opened my mouth and held my tongue out to guide her between
my lips. She pushed her cock into my mouth steadily. This
time, with my shoulders elevated and my head tilted back
her cock angled perfectly into my mouth. I relaxed my throat
as she buried her cock. This time the head slipped right
in. Her balls came to rest on my nose and she moaned loudly.

She took my cock out of her mouth and said, "Suck that
cock boy. Take it all!"

She shoved the last half of an inch into my mouth and I took
the head that much deeper into my throat. After a few seconds
she slowly pulled her cock back out about half way, so that
it wasn't in my throat anymore. She took me back into
her mouth and fucked my face at the same tempo that she sucked
my cock.

We stayed in that 69 for a couple of minutes, both hungrily
sucking each other before she finally rolled off of me and
laid beside me, inverted. She idly stroked my rock hard,
swollen cock.

"You have a gorgeous cock. I want in my ass",
she told me as she picked up the tube of lube and squeezed
some into her hand. She coated my cock with the cool gel before
reaching between her own legs and inserting a slick finger
inside herself.

"Yes, Mistress", I said again as I watched her
finger herself.

When her hole was lubed up, Stephanie straddled my stomach
again and reached behind her to grab my cock.

I was looking down at her cock hovering over my abs and watching
her guide my cock to her hole.

"If you're still a little freaked about all this,
just look up at my face and tits and it'll feel just like
fucking any other woman in the ass."

I was perfectly satisfied looking past her cock to where
she was holding the tip of mine to her hole. I could tell that
she wanted me to look up though, so I did. It wasn't disappointing
at all to admire her tits and look at her beautiful face and
eyes as she lowered herself onto my cock.

The tip of my cock spread her hole and we could both feel the
pressure building. She kept sitting down on me until the
head of popped inside her. Once the head was in she easily
sat the rest of the way down until her butt was on my hips.
She say there grinding down on me. Her hole gripping a the
base of my cock, while her balls rested on my stomach and
her cock pointed up in the air.

She stroked herself as she asked, "How does that compare?"

Normally that would be a question I would side step like
the plague but even though the pleasure was real, and beyond
belief, the rest was acting.

I answered, "Mistress, it's odd for me to say
this, but there is no comparison! You have turned me on and
brought me more pleasure than anyone ever has."

"Do you mean that?", she asked and I felt that
she meant did I truly mean it or was I just acting saying that
for the camera.

"I really, truly mean it, Mistress", I said
softly and earnestly.

She smiled tenderly at me for a moment before getting back
'into character' and saying, "You haven't
seen anything yet!"

She leaned over, still sitting on my cock, and picked up
the camera. She sat it on my chest so that I could see the picture
window and told me to tell her when it showed my cock going
in her. She took a couple of pictures of us, some with me guiding
her and some looking down at me.

When Stephanie was done taking pictures she reached down
and stroked my chest and pinched my nipples. She kept grinding
on my cock as well, but wasn't moving up and down. She
worked my cock around at angles inside her and would tighten
and relax her hole on me. I looked up at her the entire time.

"You like that ass don't you, boy?", she

"It's incredible, Mistress!"

She leaned back and put her hands on my thighs with her back
arched. She let her head fall back and all I could see where
her tits jutting out from her chest. I looked down to where
we were joined as she started pivoting her hips up and down.
Watching my cock slid in and out of her ass, with her cock
above it was the sexiest thing yet!

Stephanie was in a position that she could thrust her hips
up and down, as she leaned back. My cock was bent down a little
bit and the pressure of her hole was on the top of my shaft.
She found the range of motion that had the ridge of the head
of my cock slipping in and out of her while the tip stayed
inside. She would then bounce back down off of my hips, burying
my cock inside her ass.

She picked up the pace and was soon working up and down my
cock fast and hard. I watched her cock bounce up and down
as she bounced off of me. I saw pre-cum start to flow out of
the tip of her cock and drip onto my stomach. I badly wanted
to taste it but it was not my place to ask, so I just enjoyed
the feel of her ass and the sight of all of her.

Abruptly she raised all the way up off of me and sat down between
my spread legs. She had been kneeling over me so when she
sat back, she straightened her legs over my hips. Her cock
rested alongside mine, which fell up on my stomach. She
reached between us and held our cocks together, stroking
them both and mingling the lube from mine with the pre-cum
from hers. Stephanie told me how good my cock felt inside her as she
caught her breath. When she had recovered a little she slid
farther toward my feet then knelt between my knees. Her
hands were coated in the lube from my cock and balls and slick
as she kept stroking my cock and started massaging my aching
balls She loosened the cock ring around the base of my cock,
relieving the pressure.

"Ready to try something else new?", she asked.

"Yes, Mistress. At this point you can do anything
you want!", I answered breathlessly as I let my head
fall back.

She took her hand from my cock, still caressing my balls
with the other. She lifted my balls and ran the middle finger
of her free hand between my balls and asshole. Her back was
to the camera, which I had forgotten all about, and she whispered
to me to resist her again a little.

I took on the virgin role again and said, "Mistress,
I don't know if I can take anything inside me. I mean...I'd
tasted my cock before when kissing a girl after she sucked
it, so sucking yours was at least a familiar taste and I'd
had anal sex before where I was the 'fucker', so
to speak, but I've never had anything in my ass before."

"Well that's about to change", she said
with a wink. "So try to relax and enjoy it!"

"I trust you Mistress, but will it hurt?", I

"Not at first, but I think I want to punish this virgin
ass of yours", she said as her finger slipped between
my ass cheek and pressed to my hole.

I moaned and arched my back and neck as she pressed harder
against my hole. It had actually been quite awhile since
even my own finger had been in me so my ass was tight and she
had to press firmly before her finger slid into me.

"OH GOD!", I moaned loudly as she buried her
finger in me.

"Oh! You are soooo tight", she purred. "How
does this feel?"

"It...feels....incredible", I panted as
she pumped her finger in and out of me 3 times.

"How about this?", she asked as she rubbed the
gland inside me.

"Oh fuck!", I exclaimed. "What are you
doing to me? That's amazing but it feels like I have
to pee."

"I'm rubbing a gland inside you that produces
your pre-cum. Just let it flow", she guided me.

I moaned and ground my hips against her hand as she finger
fucked me.

"Ohhh, you do like it don't you? Do you want more?"

"Please, Mistress...Please!", I begged.

"I'm going to untie your legs. You're not
going to try to get away are you?"

"The last thing I want is to get away from you, Mistress."

She slid her finger out of me and I let my body relax as she
climbed off of the bed. She quickly undid the straps securing
my ankles at the bedpost but left the other end around my
ankle, then crawled back up between my legs. She put her
hand under my left knee and lifted my leg. She pushed it up
and bent it so my thigh was against my stomach. She slid the
loop of the strap around my ankle up and secured it around
the top of my calf. The other end she secured to the headboard
by the strap from my hand. She did the same thing with my other
leg and I was again completely bound.

She pulled the pillow from under my shoulders and put it
under my lower back so my ass was elevated a little. My hole
was wide open to her now. She picked up the lube again and
squeezed a liberal amount of it onto my hole. She pushed
a finger into me, through the gel, and coated my hole well.
I thought she was going to finger fuck me more but instead
she picked up the dildo and rubbed the tip in the lube on my

When she had the tip and sides slick, she held the plastic
cock up so I could see it and said, "Are you ready for

"If you think I am, Mistress", I answered.

"I knew I made the right choice with you", she
purred as she put the head of the dildo to my hole.

She told me to relax ad I did my best. I had been in a similar
position before but I had been holding my legs up myself
then. It was easier to relax with the straps holding my legs.

Stephanie pushed the dildo against my tight hole firmly
and it opened a little. She eased the pressure, letting
my hole relax then pushed it against me again, harder this
time. I moaned as I felt my asshole stretching. She backed
off again but not all the way this time. She kept it pressed
against my hole about as hard as she had the first time.

She gave me a moment to breath and relax before pressing
the dildo in again. This time she pushed it in until my hole
opened wide enough to take the head of the toy in. Just before
the head, which was significantly bigger than the shaft,
slipped all the way into me, she stopped pushing it in. She
held it so it had my ass stretched as wide as the toy could.
She moved it in and out just a millimeter each way. My hole
clenched at the dildo and the head slid into me.

She pulled it slowly so that it stretched from the inside.
When my hole finally released it I grunted loudly. The dildo
was pushed out of me by my spasming hole. She gave my ass no
relief before shoving the toy back in. She rammed it into
me hard enough that I cried out and pulled against my restraints.

"Fuck that's hot!", she said over my groan.

She pulled the dildo back out slowly then rammed it back
into me. She did that several times, enjoying my loud reaction
each time. Eventually my hole loosened up enough that,
although I moaned when she shoved the thick toy in, I could
take it without crying out.

"I love the way you react so strongly", she told
me as she pulled the dildo out one last time. She tossed the toy aside and climbed up to kneel by my ass.
She spread her legs wide so her knees were outside my thighs.
That let her rub the head of her cock on my slick hole.

"You liked that dildo didn't you boy?",
she asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She slapped the head of her cock on my aching hole and asked,
"But you still liked it? You liked it hurting a little,
didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress. The pain was erotic", I answered.

Without warning she thrust her hips forward as she held
the tip at my hole. She shoved hard enough that the head and
about half the shaft slammed into my ass.

It didn't hurt as bad as the dildo had but it was much
more erotic and I cried out all the louder. For the benefit
of the video I struggled against my bonds but in actuality
I moved my ass around on her cock as best I could.

"Oh yeah! Writhe on that cock boy!", she ordered.

I bucked my hips the few inches that my restraints allowed
and worked my cock around on her, moaning the entire time.

She slapped my ass cheeks hard, first left then right. The
stinging spanking combined with the erotic pain of her
cock in me and I felt my cock throb. The tip of her cock had
found the same spot that her finger had and my cock dripped
pre-cum onto my stomach.

She spanked my ass until it was red then raised up and put
her hands on the back of my legs. She pushed my legs down and
out as she raised her hips so her cock was in a direct line
with my hole. Stephanie held me still as she shoved her cock
into me until her hips slapped into my cheeks. She didn't
pause there at all. She was instantly ramming her cock in
and out of me and I moaned with each thrust.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck me Mistress", I cried
out as she pounded my ass.

I could feel the ridge of the head of her cock sliding in and
out of my hole at the end of her thrusts so I clenched my hole
each time I felt it. Soon her thrusts became more irregular
and I felt her cock throbbing strongly inside me.

"Here's another first for you My Toy. Get ready
to taste my cum!", she said as she pulled out of me.

She quickly climbed over my legs and straddled my face.
One of her knees was beside my head and the other was outside
my shoulder. She grabbed her cock and held it to my lips.
I opened my mouth and she pushed her cock in. My head was pinned
down to the bed so there was nothing I could do except take
what she fed me. I sucked hungrily on her cock as she fucked
my face. With her cock solidly in my mouth she leaned forward
and put her hands on the headboard. "Suck that cum out of me boy!", she groaned as
her cock throbbed in my mouth.

Suddenly she shoved her cock further into my mouth and her
hips locked forward. I could feel that her orgasm was starting
so I did the best I could to move my head. I sucked and licked
the head inside my mouth as I bounced my head up and down a
couple of inches.

The first shot of her hot cum splashed into my mouth and down
my throat. I swallowed hungrily and managed to get most
o it down before she pumped another big load into my mouth.
Her hips twitched violently and her cock popped out of my
mouth. I kept my mouth open as she grabbed ahold of her cock.
She pumped vigorously and sprayed the rest of her orgasm
on my face and into my open mouth.

Her cum coated my face and I had to close my eyes as she pumped
cum onto me. The hot, sticky juice dripped into my open mouth
and I licked it off of my lips until she collapsed beside
me. She leaned up against the headboard, admiring her handiwork.
There I was, tied with my knees to my chest and my arms to the
headboard, my face covered with her cum like a mask and blindfold
and my cock rock hard on my stomach.

"You look so hot!", she complimented. "Are
you ready to cum?"

"Mistress, I don't want to cum until you are through
with me, please", I begged.

"Excellent answer!", Stephanie said as she
got off of the bed.

She took the video camera from the tripod and filmed my cum
covered and tied body. When she was done she turned off the
camera and untied me. I stretched and tensed my body to loosen
up my muscles. She went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth
and helped me clean up. Stephanie caressed my body with her fingernails, teasing
down my stomach to my cock. She dragged one fingernail down
my cock, which was sensitive and aching, and gathered some
of my pre-cum. She held her finger to my lips and had me suck

"I see that you really like the taste of cock now don't
you My Toy?", Stephanie asked.

"Yes, Mistress. I do, but I like the taste of yours
better than mine", I answered honestly.

"How do you know? You haven't tasted yours yet,
but you're about to. I want you to cum now", she
said as she grabbed my cock.

Just hearing those words, I felt my orgasm start to build
in the deepest part of me. When Stephanie started pumping
my cock it throbbed in her hand.

"Ohhhh! You're ready to cum now aren't you?",
she purred.

"Yes, Mistress. May I?"

"Yes, cum! Cum right now!", she ordered.

My body tightened and my juices started to blast out of my
balls. My leg muscles locked up with my hips bucking un-rhythmically
as my cum filled my cock. Stephanie pumped my cock fast but
with a loose grip, letting her fingers play around the ridge
of the head specifically. My cum was stopped at the tip for
a few seconds as she stroked me.

Finally it released! Cum sprayed out of my cock in an arch
and splashed on my upper chest and face. My jaw had clamped
shut as I groaned.

"Open your mouth and taste your cum", Stephanie
ordered me.



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I didn't realize it was so close to the end when I cut
and pasted it in here! Here's the last paragraphs that
got cut off...

My groan turned into a shout when I opened my mouth. A good
deal of the next shot of cum landed in my mouth and I ate it
hungrily. The rest of my orgasm sprayed onto my chest and
stomach. I had never cum so hard or so much! When my orgasm
finally subsided I was exhausted in the best way possible.
Stephanie fed me more of our mixed cum from her fingers and
I sucked her hands clean.

"I've got a girlfriend, like me, that would love
to join us. She isn't around tonight but would you like
to meet her tomorrow?", My Mistress asked.



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Im not gay but curious. awsome story made me beat it twice!


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wow, I'm hard as a rock. more!


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Can I have Stephanie's phone number - that was awesome
- it is one of my fantasies to find a surprise like you found,
thinking you were picking up a beautiful woman


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Great story, well written and hot!


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sdo fucking hot!!!!!


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I'll be looking for that bar when I visit. Very hot even
my wife would have loved being with her


yournewtoy2005 replies on 3/11/2007 11:21 pm:
There are some amazing TS / Gay bars in New Orleans. You'll love it!!

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Great story


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That put me over the edge, wish I could meet up with her.


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you are an excellent storyteller, if in fact it is truth
god your hot


yournewtoy2005 replies on 3/11/2007 11:22 pm:
I guess I'm a good storyteller either way if you can't tell if it's true

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absolutely amazing and i don't care if your stories
are true or not


yournewtoy2005 replies on 3/15/2007 3:20 pm:

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that was HOT I sure would like to meet someone like Stef and
her girl friend


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Incredibly Hott ...... I am so ready! Who would have ever


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Wow, very hot story. Very well done.


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Awesome story