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Mandy and the Gym Toy Boy


Mandy Stevenson hated the gym, not the gym itself just the
agony of having to perform the grueling regimen day after
day, week after week, consuming what seemed like all of
her free time. A hectic schedule as a sales representative
for a cosmetic company, deadlines, sales quotas, and the
pressures of family life weighed heavily on her, so heavily
that she had begun to skip workouts from time to time, and
didn't feel guilty about it at all. Today was just such
a day; but to her credit she steeled her nerve and made her
way to the dressing room, changed into her workout clothes
and started warming up before the aerobics class began.
Mandy worked out five times a week; every other day was an
aerobic day, in between were weight lifting days devoted
to certain trouble spots of her body. Being thirty five
years old meant staving off gravity and enhancing her already
good genes, but it was hard work.

Mandy was married to John Stevenson, an attorney for a small
law firm. They were quite happy and seldom disagreed on
anything important. John understood Mandy's drive
to maintain her attractive looks and supported her in her
professional career. Both maintained long office hours
and worked at least part of the weekends if not most of them.
This arduous lifestyle suited them fine; most of their
friends were also business associates, and they had no
children to distract them from their work. Over the years,
as they delved into their careers more and more, home life
and most especially sex was relegated to pedestrian status:
Routine only on holidays and the odd long weekend. This
is what brings us to Mandy's current predicament.

As she finished her stretching and joined the other tortured
souls forming up for class, she caught sight through the
large glass window of the exercise room of a young man, twenty-something,
working on a weight machine in the adjacent weight room.
Her class began and she realized she had been staring and
missed the opening steps; hurrying she joined in the movements,
hoping that no one had noticed her distraction. As the class
went on Mandy's eyes followed the young man from machine
to machine, barely conscious of her intention to do so,
but intent just the same. When the aerobics class began
to warm down, and Mandy had an unobstructed view of the young
man, she marveled quietly to herself that his lean muscular
frame was nearly perfect in proportion.

He was working on the trap-pull-down exercises that made
each muscle in his back flex and roll as his arms were pulled
to his side then extend back above his head. She stood transfixed
as he repeated the exercise, and each time she would flush
with the warmth of exhilaration, as her eyes followed the
beads of sweat as they traced their way downward, searching
a trail down each perfectly defined crevice in his back,
disappearing in shadow of his lower torso that stood in
stark contrast to the bulging knots of flesh above. A primal
urge erupted as Mandy felt a bead of sweat on her abdomen
run inexorably along her pubic hair and across her clitoris
sending a shockwave of intense sensation through her as
though she were electrocuted. Mandy broke from her trance
and hurried to the dressing room, changed and left the gym
forcing herself not to look back for the young man.

Arriving home after eight had been usual for an aerobic
night, John seldom came home before ten o'clock himself.
Mandy ran a bath, grabbed her sales brochures and settled
back to soak and read, but she couldn't concentrate
and soon found her thoughts returning to the young man's
image as she gently placed a finger to the soft folds between
her legs and gingerly tried to persuade the clitoris to
repeat the sensation she had experienced in the gym earlier.
But try as she might, her manual stimulation failed to excite
the requisite response. Disappointed, she finished her
bath and completed her evening grooming routine.

With so little time to spare Mandy often did her laundry
as time allowed and started a small load, while she nursed
a small glass of wine. She was wandering through the hallway
when she heard the spin cycle start and a devious thought
ran through her mind, she recalled as a girl how she had sat
on her mother's washing machine imagining what an
orgasm with a boy was like as the machine vibrated her into
ecstasy. She turned and went back to the wash room, pressed
her mound to the corner of the rapidly vibrating machine
and strained to remember the young man once again. In seconds
her brow was beaded with sweat her pulse was racing and the
vibrations were producing the desired stimulation, her
mind grasped at the image of her young man, her hands following
the beads of sweat as they mingled with his muscular frame,
she was reaching for the bulge she imagined was there in
his shorts, her climax was close, he was calling her name

"Mandy…Mandy, "

"Yes, " she moaned under her breath. Then again,

"Mandy, where are you?"

Mandy froze. The voice she had heard was John's, not
her imagination, "Yes…I'm in the wash room."
She called out, quickly trying to compose herself, her
heart betraying her effort as it pounded out its staccato
pulse in her breast. Her face was flush with the excitement
and the embarrassment of having come so close to being caught
masturbating. But for her chagrin, John was none the wiser
and just began his shower, and readied for bed.

Mandy lay still upon the bed awaiting her husband, one recurring
thought obsessing her unrequited mind; her young man's
image delivering her an orgasm, the orgasm she desperately
needed now, 'god was John going to take all night'
she wondered. And then he was there, unaware of her agitated
state of arousal. He slid between the sheets, reached for
the light beside the bed, flicked the switch off, and darkness
consumed them.

As lust fires roared through Mandy, melting her muscles,
she reached for John's pajamas. A curling line of fine
light brown hair arrowed down from his navel and began to
spread just as it was covered by the elastic of his pajama
bottoms. Gripping the waist band between her thumb and
forefinger, Mandy ran it down over the bulge of his cock
which lay flaccid, nestled between his thighs.

"Hey, what's the idea, I have to work early tomorrow?"
John complained. Excitement over what was to come was roaring
through her as she shoved his pajamas down around his calves,
then knelt to help him get his feet free of the pants. Right
in front of her face was his powerful cock. A few curling
strands of his pubic bush had swathed around the shaft giving
it a gift wrapped appearance.

As she knelt at his feet, Mandy looked up at him, her hazel
eyes glittering with excitement. With feathery, delicate
fingers she stroked the now rapidly stiffening tower of
his prick. The cords of muscle in John's throat stood
out with the strain as he combed his fingers through Mandy's
curling hair.

Deliberately taunting John, Mandy tickled the sensitive
skin on the insides of his strong thighs. She pushed back
between his thighs, her fingers gently lifting and weighing
the ovoid, sperm-heavy masses of his testicles. She saw
his belly ripple with excitement from her bold explorations.

The first Mandy saw of that hard rod was its curving, bulbous
head-just the tip of it-just its shy slit. She pulled the
top of his pajamas that still obscured his man-meat, exposing
more and more of his cock, the white pinkish cap of the glans,
the groove under it, and the special sensitive wedge on
the underside where the groove curved upward toward the
slit, like the top curve of a valentine. Then she was exposing
the pale shaft with its soft skin and the bulging ridges
of its veins that slid over the hard, hot core. And behind
that ready, erect phallus, like an artistic backdrop,
were the dark blond, almost brown curls of his pubic hair.

The shaft of John's cock rose steadily, until it was
aimed straight at Mandy's face. Without flinching
away from it, she exposed his balls in their wrinkled dark
sac nestling between his hairy thighs. She licked her lips
at the sight of such a demanding cylinder of turgid meat,
but that wasn't what she wanted this time. She didn't
want a heavy bulk hammering down her throat. She needed
it in her already streaming vagina.

Wrapping her fingers around the hot, hard cock, she fondled
the rock-hard tower, feeling the skin shift over the unyielding
core, and measured the tenseness there. She looked down
at it greedily. Its curving cap was aimed now at the soft
swell of her belly, as if ready to fuck her in the belly button.

John reached around her arms and fingers as she fondled
his erection. Mandy had to let go of John's cock when
he moved between her tanned, sleek legs. Then he slid his
hands up the backs of her legs to her buttocks and hauled
her hips forward into his face. His nose bored into the tangle
of her pubic bush and jammed into the hot folds of her pussy.

Mandy sucked in her breath involuntarily as John's
tongue speared into the searing heart of her sex. Her head
rolled as passion flamed through her from the unexpected
oral assault on her vagina and clitoris. She sprawled backwards
on the rumpled covers of the bed, spreading her legs open
to expose her crotch. She knew he could see the excited pink
lips of her pussy through the dark bush of hair. Her breasts
stood, proud, pale and firm as she lay on her back.

And she had feasted her eyes on John's stocky, powerful
frame. As he had moved over her his cock had bobbed and weaved,
drooling its own excitement. A shining drop was suspended
by a glittering strand that stretched and stretched and
finally broke, letting the heavy drop fall.

Then he had been on her and into her warm, receptive vagina,
and that wayward vision of her nameless young man had flashed
through Mandy's mind. Why here and now did she have
to see that? Why here and now, with John's cock sunk
in her streaming vagina did she have to fight down memories
of her imagined lover's face, of his tall, muscular
body? Her imagination filled in what she was uncertain
of-the curling brown bush and the jutting cock that she
had only imagined.

Then John's pelvis collided with hers and the vision
in Mandy's mind was obliterated by a fiery blast of
pleasure. Her clitoris was mangled between their bodies,
converted to a nova-knot of heat that flared out through
her body, knotting her muscles and bringing a grunt from
her lungs. John pistoned his cock in her guts and her hips
answered with twisting jumps of their own. His body felt
rough and harsh against her tender skin. Lust raged through

John thought that for a second, just a second, as he had penetrated
her vagina with his cock Mandy had frozen. For a fleeting
moment her body had gone limp and unresponsive under him
as the hot folds of her vagina had enfolded his prick. But
then, before he could worry about it or respond, she was
alive under him, her body writhing and moving to accept
him as he plumbed her depths. The feel of her tight vagina
embracing his big phallus was enough to obliterate all
thought about the incident. All his attention was concentrated
on the feel of her firm body against his, on the engulfing
of his prick by her clinging, slick, wet folds.

Pushing up, he watched her features. They still harbored
a trace of her work-out-flushed appearance, and twisted
with passion as he pistoned his prick in her tender belly.
Then he lowered himself on her again and they writhed together
ecstatically and relished the feel of their flesh, squirming
against each other's bodies.

Mandy's hips took on a life of their own as she tightened
her vagina around the cock pistoning in it. Her hips jerked
and jumped as primitive reflexes came to life from the skillful
screwing. Four-letter words were streaming from her lips
as she urged John on, clawing at his back, spurring his buttocks
with her heels as she spread her thighs still more widely
in an attempt to get more of him in her belly.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, " she chanted mindlessly
as he hammered his penis into her guts. "I'm going
to cum, so fuck me, you horny bastard. Fuck that big hard
cock of yours into me."

John saved his breath for the powerful drives of his hips
that rammed his erect phallus deep into her guts. The fire
was building deep in his groin, the juices pooling in the
firing chamber and the muscles cocking themselves to pump
hot semen into Mandy's hole.

"I'm cum-cumm-cumm-cumming, " Mandy
rasped in a harsh blast of air, a whispering gust of sheer
lust as fire seared through her young body. And then, unbidden,
flaring up in her mind's eye, was the face of her imaginary
lover, his eyes laughing at her as she climaxed.

John was beyond caring what the woman under him was thinking
about. He was ramming his cock deep into her vagina, stuffing
her with his bulk. Fiery shots of semen ripped down the length
of his shaft while his whole body convulsed and added power
to the blasts. He poured his hot sticky load deep into her
guts, his muscles straining against hers as he fought to
skewer her completely on his prick.

The quivering, straining knot held for a long moment, and
then they both relaxed simultaneously. Mandy was pinned
like a bug under John's bulk, her slender, feminine
arms around his big, masculine torso, her graceful legs
entwined with his strong, hairy limbs. His pale buttocks
were nestled between her slender thighs.

A slight frown wrinkled the smooth skin of Mandy's
forehead as she nestled her chin on John's shoulder
and stroked his back tenderly. She felt his cock slowly
shrinking in her, retreating from her depths, leaving
a hot, sticky pool in her vagina.

"What brought that on, honey?" John implored.

Mandy rolled over facing away from him and said "I
love you John, Good night."


The following day was a hellish nightmare for Mandy; she
was exhausted from the sexual exertion of the night before
and was trying desperately to accomplish her daily duties.
As time for her workout neared she found herself looking
forward, expectantly, to going to the gym. She arrived
early, and changed clothes, and began her warm up routine.
As this was a weight lifting night her warm up was done with
light weights in the weight room. She was casually going
through the sets when he came in. She had been watching for
him and now was thrilled to see him finally arrive.

He moved gracefully to a machine on the opposite side of
the room from where Mandy was working. She had to peer over
and around other machines and people to keep him in view.
She managed to bump into several people attempting to watch
him, annoying them to no end. As her own work out came to and
end she took an open machine directly in front of the leg
extension machine he was working on. He had just started
this set of exercises and Mandy was entranced with the smooth,
even movements as he effortlessly moved the weight with
his legs.

And then, as if by accident she saw the bulge perched upon
the crotch of his shorts, as they stretched across his thighs,
straining from the force as the thick muscles pressed together,
forcing everything between them upward into a lewd perch
atop his lap. She felt flush instantly, and swooned from
the graphic display of his manhood, fainting for a moment
she caught herself before she fell, but not before she released
the weight she was pretending to lift, it clanged loudly
against the machine, a resounding report echoed off the
walls announcing to all that she had lost control. Everyone
stopped to look at her, but her uncomfortable glance was
for her young man, he smiled a knowing smile and her heart
fluttered, she ran to the dressing room, gathered her things
and departed as rapidly as she could.

Waiting for John to come home was pure agony. Time dragged
on anxiously for Mandy. What was John to think of her? What
was she to do if not with her husband? She couldn't cheat,
or had she already cheated? These thoughts ran through
her mind incessantly as she tried to understand the effect
the young man had had on her. She did so adore him. But she
hadn't acted on any impulse to approach him. She had
committed an act of voyeuristic infidelity, but was that
wrong; just looking, watching him? Mandy began to cry,
and was sullen when, at last, John came home. He hadn't
quite made it into the foyer when Mandy was upon him.

"Mandy, " He exclaimed, "I've had
an impossible day today. Can we hold off the sex until the

Kneeling humbly in front of her husband, Mandy helped him
out of his shoes and socks, then hauled his pants and underpants
off. That done, she sat back on her heels, her gaze fastening
again on his erect prick as it bobbed in front of her face.
She knew he was staring down at her and sat with her back very
straight to make her breasts, with their pert pink caps,
stand out proudly. She knew he was looking between her sleek
thighs at the dark mass of her pubic hair.

Slowly and tantalizingly, she spread her legs to let him
see a little more of the secret, exciting dark bush. With
her arms at her sides, she posed deliberately for him for
a long exciting time. His cock swelled and pulsed with desire
for her in visible confirmation of her power over him.

Then she broke the pose to reach forward and place her hands
on his hairy thighs. She ran her hands upward, directly
toward the goal of her desire. Her thumbs dipped between
his legs, slipped between his scrotum and the insides of
his thighs to dandle and massage his balls in their dark
sac, then press inward and upward against the base of his

She gripped the foundation of his powerful erection, steadying
the towering pole bobbing in front of her face. She lifted
it as she leaned to ward him. Spearing her tongue out, she
tasted the hot metallic juice oozing from the slit of his
hard prick. She licked at the rounded knob, bathed it with
her tongue. Then she licked the shaft, moving slowly downward
toward the base along the underside of the warm, rock-hard

Lapping happily she bathed his entire cock with her tongue
as if it were a popsicle. When the entire length of his phallus
gleamed with her saliva, she took the head between her lips.
Sucking eagerly, she spitted her head on his power-laden
cock as tangible proof of her limitless devotion to him.
She felt his hands on her head, relished the sensation of
his fingers tangling in her thick, dark hair as she sucked
his cock.

But this wasn't the way it was going to be, not this time.
She wasn't going to take her husband's load of
steaming, thick semen in her stomach; she was going to have
it poured into her vagina. Spitting his cock out, she drew
back and struggled to her feet, drug him to the bedroom.
Deliberately, slowly, her legs shaking with lust, she
backed away from him toward the bed. She lay back on the mattress,
her legs spread, and her knees bent, giving him an unhindered
view of her gleaming slit. Sliding her hands up her sleek,
tan torso, she tormented her own pale breasts, pinching
and rolling her nipples.

From halfway across the room she could see the hot gleam
of lust in her husband's eyes. She relished the twitching
cords of muscle that stood out in his throat as he resisted
the urge to pounce on her. She licked her lips with excitement
at the sight of still another ready drop of lubricant oozing
from his cock.

Fire was lashing through John's body as he stood in
the center of the room staring at his wife. He felt twenty
feet tall as he towered over her, his eyes feasting on her
nude voluptuous beauty. Her body was a picture of wanton
lust, painted in shades of tan and white and pink and dark
brown. She was spread on the squalid mattress like a sacrifice
on an altar. His cock felt ready to explode as he admired
the graceful curves and hollows of his wife.

"God, you are gorgeous, " he whispered hungrily.

"Come, " she ordered softly. She slid one hand
down her belly, combed her fingers into her dark hairy vee,
pressed one finger into the top of her slit, and then pried
her hairy labia open to expose her hot, shining, pink inner
recesses. "Come."

John tottered across the room toward her and fell to his
knees between her gaping thighs. He pressed his hands against
her legs at her knees, then leaned forward and slid his fingers
up along her hot flesh. Her body writhed at his touch, the
muscles of her firm belly convulsing visibly. He slid his
thumbs up into the twisting, wiry mass at her crotch. He
pressed his thumbs against the soft, yielding lips of her
vagina, and then spread them open.

She sank her fingers into the mattress at her sides. The
pearly bud of her clitoris gleamed in the harsh light.

Delicately, John tweaked that gleaming protrusion with
one thumb. With his other he plumbed the opening of his wife's
vagina. Her juices formed a hot, sticky coating on his fingers
as he explored the pink, shining folds of her pussy.

Mandy writhed ecstatically under her husband's intimate
caresses. Fire blazed through her as he investigated her
most intimate opening. The pressure of his thumb rasping
over her clitoris made her whimper senselessly. The feeling
of his other thumb stretching the folds of her vagina as
he plumbed her dark hole made her spread her thighs even
more widely.

Hot breath touched her tissues, drying her excited flow
of juices into a flaming cold paste. God, he was going to
do it! His tongue touched her clitoris and her hips jerked
in mindless response. Her body bounced and writhed on the
mattress as her husband fastened his mouth on her hungry
crotch. His hands slid up the length of her twisting, naked,
soft body to cup and fondle the soft mounds of her breasts.
She imagined her young man there, as she had imagined him
over and over in her mind unremittingly.

She whimpered hungrily when his mouth left her crotch.
His hard, hot body slid upward along hers. With his elbows
braced on either side of her, he continued to mangle her
breasts as he slid his chest up past her tender belly, and
then up still further to grind his hands down hard on her
boobs. Finally he released her breasts and slid his hands
under her shoulders and hauled himself down on her. He pressed
the full length of his muscular frame against hers. Their
mouths met in a devouring, demanding, soaking, hungry
kiss. Teeth clashed and tongues dueled as

Mandy twined her legs with her husband's as he lay between
her waiting thighs. She felt his cock nestling at the gates
of her vagina and held her breath in anticipation. She felt
her labia wedge open as he humped his hips. Her pelvis writhed
in expectation as she felt his first delicate penetration
of her inner folds. Her clitoris was being crushed between
them into a patch of fire that seemed to be spreading outward
through her entire body. Never retreating, he pumped his
cock into his wife's sex, feeling her hot tissue enfold
his shaft.

Mandy felt her vagina driven open by her husband's
towering organ and wrapped her arms around his strong body.
She hugged him to her, trying to engulf him with her entire

"Aaaahhh, " she growled. "You're
so biiiggg."

John responded with a wordless, gargling growl as he felt
his prick being swallowed by his wife's clinging,
steaming vagina. With a final drive he sank his cock full
depth in her juicy hole.

"Oooohhh, baby, " Mandy sighed ecstatically.
She was stuffed full, glutted with his wonderful phallus.
She felt gorged with cock. But the demanding itch deep in
her guts that her imaginary lover was here to ravish her
was undeniable evidence that the best was yet to come.

John drew his cock out and powered it back home with a smooth
movement of his hips. The feeling of her hot flesh sliding
past the skin of his cock sent fire slashing through his

The sensation of being emptied of cock and then filled again
with it wrung a mindless cry from Mandy. The impact of John's
pubic arch cracking her clitoris against her pubic bone
was like the jerking on the trigger of a gun.

"Aaaag-g-gain, " she urged, frantically
clutching his muscular buttocks, spurring him on with
her fingernails in the fleshy cheeks of his ass.

John didn't need to be told. He was drawing back already,
and then ramming his prick home in his wife's eager
belly. He stroked his huge hard cock in the velvety glove
of her vagina, feeling her flesh cling to his, feeling her
folds envelop his pistoning cock. He felt the semen pooling
in his groin, accumulating for the final, pulsing, powering
thrust deep into her body. He fought down his orgasm, praying
that he could hold back long enough to lift his wife for her
own orgasm.

Mandy's gasping whisper relieved his worry on that
score. The unadulterated desire for her young lover was
exploding through her in an unbelievable climax.

"I'm cumming, " she whispered. "I'm
cumming, cumming, cumming, cummiiinnnggggg."

Mandy's body arched, her heels and shoulders driving
into the mattress as her pelvis lifted the mass of her husband
clear in the air. As her orgasm roared through her she tried
to take his entire body in through the small opening of her

The muscle-straining convulsion of Mandy's body
was the final stimulus for John's lust. His body reacted
explosively, his buttocks convulsing and jerking as he
poured his semen into her. Wad after wad of searing cum bulleted
the length of his cock and sprayed deep into his wife's
vagina. His body quivered with the recoil as he filled her
with his gooey sperm. His muscles tensing, he did his best
to climb right inside his wife's body as he hosed her
insides with his fluids.

The husband and wife on the tattered mattress strained
at each other for long, quivering moments, then slowly
slumped in exhaustion as their climaxes faded. In Mandy's
dreams that night her lover repeated the lustful exploration
of her body, she slept fitfully, the visions of her dream
lover too real at times for her to sleep through.


Barely able to get through her aerobics class because of
exhaustion, Mandy muddled through her exercises and from
time to time checked on the object of her desire, doing his
work out in the other room. She strained her neck around
several times in an attempt to see if his bulge was visible
when he seated himself in a machine. Frustrated for the
most part, she caught only fleeting glimpses of him.

As she was leaving she happened to see him leaning on a weight
stack talking to a lovely young girl. She was beautiful
and Mandy was instantly jealous, she was incensed that
anyone could perturb her fantasy lover. She felt the rage
rise in her very core this was an imposition that could not
stand. Mandy moved purposefully toward them, then as if
struck by lightning she caught herself, covered her mouth
in shame as she gasped a little "oh" and turned
so as to not be seen by either of them, and froze as the young
girl said,

"I'll see you tomorrow Tom."

"Sure thing, bye." He said returning to his

'Tom, ' Tom was his name. It rolled around in her
mind then, spellbound as she was, she mouthed the name "Tom, "
ever so quietly. Once again she said his name "Tom."
And she left driving for home, smiling as she pronounced
his name, imagining they were leaning against the weight
stack together, talking, talking of love…of sex. She felt
it building, slowly at first then with an increasing fury,
deep in her center, she closed her eyes for a moment and the
shudder of orgasm wracked her body. The convulsions surged
through her and in that split second she lost control of
the car, veered into the curb and only just missed another
motorist, careening past, horn sounding vicious in its
stark realism. Mandy gulped for air, gathered her wits
and cautiously drove the remaining distance to her home.
Safely at home she started shaking from the anxiety that
had been suppressed from the near miss.

John came home late, apprehensions of the past two days
clearly concerning him as he tread lightly into the house,
showered and prepared for bed. As he climbed into the bed
Mandy faced away from him, whimpering softly, he spooned
up behind her asking "what was the matter?"

"Nothing, I just had a close call driving today, that's

"Oh you poor babe, you should be more careful."

"I'll try, " she said, and went fast to

John found it difficult to sleep, Mandy's strange
behavior the past two days had him concerned. Just as he
began to doze off, Mandy seemed to stir from her sleep.

"Oh, " she moaned softly, "Ummm."

John looked on admiringly as his lovely wife gently tossed
in her sleep, her feet kneading the sheets beneath her,
her legs parting and closing slowly.

Mandy moaned again "Oh, umhumm, oh, Tom!"

John was taken aback, who the fuck was Tom? What was going
on with his wife that spurred this wonton behavior of late?
Was she having an affair? It didn't make sense, she
was all over him, not exactly the modus operandi of the cheating
spouse. But what could explain her dreaming like this?
He had to find out now; answer the questions he desperately
needed to answer.

Gently, he placed a finger in the opening of Mandy's
vagina, and found it sopping wet. He teased the clitoris
lightly and she seemed to respond to his touch without waking.
He wanted to say something, but had no clue what to say. Again
he pressed his digit into her soft folds, deeper this time,
she began to writhe against the pressure.

"Oh, yes." She gasped.

John continued his attention to her velvety folds.

"Tom." She moaned.

Unable to resist, John answered softly, "Yes."

"Tom." More urgently this time, as she moved
further down the mattress, attempting to engage more fully
the penetration.

"Do you like it?" John asked her.

"Umm, I…Tom…Tom." She mewled as she was now
fully rocking and thrusting her pelvis against his hand,
and instantly climaxed in her sleep, unaware of the true
nature of her stimulus.


Morning came and Mandy was refreshed. She went to work and
was able to concentrate on her required tasks, 'finally'
she thought. The day zipped by and soon it was time to wrap
up the days accomplishments. She left for the gym and suddenly
realized she hadn't thought of her dream lover all
day, 'that's peculiar' she wondered how
it had escaped her consciousness for the day. 'Oh well,
maybe I have it out of my system', she thought, and entered
the gym. As she was preparing to work her butt on the glute
machine, Tom was doing low-rows directly opposite her.
In this movement Tom held a bar while seated and pulled in
a rowing motion as he extended his legs from a bent leg position
to a fully extended one. Mandy was steadily moving the weight
and watched as Tom moved, then she saw it, peering from between
his thigh and his billowing shorts, his penis was hanging
in the gaping space and was easily visible when he started
to press backward.

"Oh my god, " she said under her breath, eyes
now riveted on his crotch. Again and again his man-meat
clung to the opening, gently displacing as he went through
the range of motion. She found her repetitions on the machine
had crept up and were now much too fast, slowing, she unconsciously
inched her pelvis to the edge of the waist belt that kept
her in place, and the large clasp was directly over her clitoris
and provided a welcome assist during the extension of the
weight. In seconds she was again driving the weight too
fast, this time she didn't slow, she climaxed with
her teeth clenched, veins bulging, and breath hissing
through her thinly stretched lips, eyes still riveted
to Tom's wriggling meat. To an onlooker it appeared
as if she was working intensely, of course only she knew
how intensely.

When John came home Mandy was already in bed she was completely
exhausted from the full day's activities. John wondered,
now, if maybe she was having an affair; her unusual sex drive
earlier in the week and now the seeming absence of that drive,
and what to make of Tom, her dream lover? He had more questions
than answers.

John woke to Mandy thrashing on the bed, "What's
wrong, " he asked concerned. She didn't answer,
she just moaned and arched her back, thrusting her hips
upward, legs falling in a lewd manner, a scene which if it
hadn't been a source of concern would have aroused
John. Mandy didn't call his name, she didn't have
to, John knew it was Tom not he that delivered to her in her
dreams that which she seemed to need so desperately.

At work the following day John called the private detective
firm that was retained by his law firm. After explaining
what he knew to the lead detective, John was given a set of
options, first of which was to ignore it and let it pass-no
deal John said, he had to know. Second was to have her tailed
and report all contacts, photos optional-God did he really
distrust her so? Third was to set up a meet with a surrogate
'Tom' and see if she took the bait-bingo this was
much less intrusive and if she declined then no harm/no
foul. "Set it up, " John said, the die was cast.

As he hung up the phone the lead detective called down the
hall, "Hey, rookie, get your ass in here. I've
got a job for you."


Mandy was tying up loose ends for the day as the phone rang,

"High honey, just wanted to let you know I'll
be late tonight, big case to prepare for tomorrow."
John's voice crackled through the receiver.

"Oh, ok, call me later, bye." Mandy said almost

At the gym, she was energized, she was resting much better
now, and her whole fitness regimen seemed to be refocused,
recommitted. As she walked into the gym she glowed with
the fresh vitality that she hadn't known for years.
Aerobics were a breeze, and just as the tempo of the class
reached its zenith, Mandy saw Tom. He was directly in front
of her as she went through the demanding chorus of movements.
She dreamed her private little dream, of Tom, watching
as he moved through the gym so graceful, so confident, so
svelte. Just then, she caught his eye. Was he looking at
her? Her heart raced, her pulse palpitated under the force
of a drumming in her chest. She averted her gaze and avoided
him the rest of the work out.

Later, after finishing, but before changing clothes,
he approached her and asked, "Do you have a moment
to help me? I could use a stretch partner."

Mandy was speechless, "Uhh…I…"

"I guess I could find someone else, but everyone seems

Gym protocol dictated that she help, her mind told her to
run. "No, that's ok I'll be glad to help."
She heard herself saying, as if from somewhere outside
looking in.

He moved to a clear spot on the floor and spread his towel,
lay on his back and indicated for her to grasp his leg as it
hovered in the air. "Push slowly, I'm kind'a
tight tonight."

Mandy placed one foot between his thighs and the other outside
his hip, leaned her shoulder into his calf and pressed.

He stretched the first leg, and then moved to the second,
whereupon he winced in pain, "Ouch."

"Did I push too hard?" Mandy said visibly shaken.

"No, I think I'm just too tight today. Maybe I'd
better stop." He said matter-of-factly.

"Oh, ok." Mandy said, almost disappointed
the exercise had come to an end.

Tom jumped up and announced, "Hey, your turn."

"No, that's alright, I…"

"Nonsense, I've seen you work out. You should
really stretch afterwards."

Mandy was flattered that he had noticed her, all restraint
was lost, and she pivoted to the floor and gingerly began
to stretch. Tom gently pressed and pulled her legs and thighs
like a professional masseuse. She lost all track of time,
and then, there it was again his meaty penis, close up. Very
close up, Mandy was limber and as Tom reached to press her
calf downward and over her head, his groin was just inches
from her face. She breathed in deeply; the arousing sent
of his male musk was sensuous and inviting. He caught her
looking and she blushed. He smiled, but said nothing. 'God,
this Adonis is driving me to such erotic thoughts, '
she thought.

A voice drug her from her revelry, "You have the most
supple calves and thighs. You must work them constantly."

Mandy blushed and asked, "Is that a pick up line?"

"Would you mind if it was?"

Mandy's heart leapt, She had asked the question, but
didn't expect the answer. "Uh…well…"
she stuttered.

"Suppose we get out of here?"

Mandy heard that voice again that sounded like hers from
far off say, "Ok."

Tom drove them to his apartment and asked her to "excuse
the mess."

Mandy smiled, and reddened a bit. He's so young, she
thought, so fresh, so ready to attack life. I wish I was like
that. I was once.

He grinned, and his teeth were very young and white and square.
"You're a gym rat, you're very firm and well
defined, everything in balance." He looked down
at her breasts. "And nothing bouncing." Mandy
swooned, the hours of sweating it out in the gym had paid

He wore nothing but blue satin work out trunks and her eyes
fell on the thick bulge, the almost invisible throb at the
skimpy center. She looked back up into his eyes. And she
knew. They both knew... Running his middle finger over
the crispy curling strands of her pubic hair, he hissed
down at her his teeth bared in an animalistic mask of lust.

"Don't worry, " he told her. "I'm
going to give you the loving you deserve!"

"Oooooooooh!" moaned Mandy. "Yeeeeeees!"
His obscene words triggered still more excitement in her
wildly impassioned body, and she groaned louder, "Do
it to me...fuck me as hard as you can!" Her small ringed
hand tightened about the shaft of his pulsing penis as she
spoke, and her naked white ass-cheeks began to rotate in
wanton little circles on the mattress as she felt his prodding
finger swirling around and around the sensitive little
bud of her clitoris. "Aaaaaaah, " she cried.

Her new lover's penis lurched violently and he knew
he could not wait any longer. Suddenly inspired by her lewd
gyrations and wanton pleadings, he decided what his plan
of attack would be with the woman. He wanted to shove his
bursting cock up inside her tight little belly, and he wanted
the salacious view of her jouncing breasts and her lust-contorted
face as he did so. There was only one way to do it.

"Get on top of me!" He commanded, and before
Mandy had a chance to protest or to consent, she felt herself
being pulled up over his passion-fevered loins.

Her husband had never made love to her this way, and she was
not quite sure of what to do. She stared down with wide wondering
eyes, afraid he was going to do something else that would
only satisfy his own needs instead of giving her the fucking
she needed. Her breath came in quick labored gasps, and
she only wished he would put his penis inside her aching
pussy quick! It felt as though her cunt was on fire, and the
spirit of licentious liberation from all inhibitions
drove her to heights of wanton desire which she had never
before known.

"Like this, baby, " explained the youth whose
fingers were clasping the satin-smooth cheeks of her resilient
buttocks and positioning her temptingly small cunt mouth
directly above his throbbing hardness. A lewd little smile
lighted his face as he noted the half-fearful, half-lustful
gleam in her eyes as she stared greedily down at the size
of his penis. "Is it big enough?" He asked lecherously,
his eyes gleaming. "This what your hot cunt needs?"

Mandy could hardly answer. The sight of his rigid pulsing
flesh rising straight up from his hairy loins to her unprotected
pussy made the lustful woman almost faint with desire.
But it's so big, she thought in terror. It will surely
tear me apart. Suddenly her lust was forgotten in a flood
of terror. "No!" She gasped. "Stop! Let
go of me!" Forgotten now, in the moment of truth, were
all the nights she had dreamt of doing this, with him, with
Tom. But there was no stopping now.

The panting youth was quite sure that she'd like his
big thick cock well enough once it was firmly ensconced
within her trembling cunt. "Take it in your hand and
put it in your cunt, " he ordered, too impatient to
pay attention to the cock-teasing woman's objections.

"No!" she wailed. "I can't! I'm
afraid! I won't!" Oh God in heaven, thought Mandy,
he is surely going to tear me to pieces. But she was helpless
against his every wish. Her body ceased to struggle and
strain, and much to her astonishment the needles of desire
and thrills of excitement began again, prurient flames
of eroticism flooding through her loins.

"Please put my cock in your pussy, " implored
the young man who lay below her, still leering.

Oh God. How did I ever get in a position like this? But she
obediently reached out her hand and guided his lust-distended
hardness toward the small quivering mouth of her vagina.
As she somewhat gingerly parted her soaked vaginal lips
to guide the blunt-nosed shaft up into the depths of her
belly, her earlier passion began to return.

Unable to wait another second, the lusting youth with the
big penis flicked his muscular hips upward and plunged
his aching hardness deep into her open cunt without thinking
whether he was hurting her or not. Sharp needles of sensual
agony shot through her impaled body. The young man's
massive thickness was thrust inside her. His mammoth hardness
throbbed within the suffering walls of her stretched cunt.
And then before she realized what she was doing, she began
to undulate her own firm-fleshed ass-cheeks around the
obscenely impaling rod of hardened male flesh, all traces
of pain easing until she was floating in between hurt and
happiness, between pain and pleasure, far away from reality.

Something was so erotic, so forbidden about being fucked
half to death by a stranger, away from her family, away from
home. A powerful wave of pleasure rippled through her over-stimulated
body. "Oh, yes, " she breathed. "Yes,
fuck me like that."

Eager to oblige the lust-ridden woman the young man began
to fuck his pulsating thickness hard up into her heated
vagina with smooth straight strokes that sank all the way
to her spongy cervix. At the same time, he teased his thumb
wildly at the sensitive bud of her throbbing clitoris.
Incoherent gurgles of joy spurted from Mandy's lushly
parted lips, and her ripe body squirmed in orgiastic ecstasy.
She felt his hand attack her vulnerable anus with savage
insistence, as the outstretched finger wormed its way
up into her clenching rectum, to move back and forth in time
to the wild fucking strokes of the youth beneath her. She
felt herself floating higher and higher, far removed from
space and time. Then, suddenly, the long desired climax
hit her like a jackhammer.

Unexpectedly it came over her aroused flesh and she howled
like a wounded animal, as great swirls of incredible pleasure
stormed through her overloaded nervous system. And at
precisely the same moment, the plunging penis that brought
her to such heights came also, expanding to spurt its hot
load of semen deep into her convulsing body. Maddened by
the pungent aroma of sexual release, Mandy fucked wilder
and harder down upon his stiff exploding penis. Orgiastic
liquid poured from her convulsing body and overflowed
upon the bed below them. She swallowed in the delights of
orgasm and the slippery warm cum.

Early in the morning, John tip-toed quietly into the bedroom
to find his wife curled up in the fetal position, sound asleep.
Moving to the bed, he slid between the sheets, wondering
what the detective would discover about his wife as he went
to sleep.


A week later the phone rang in John's office, "Hello, "
he answered, and then listened intently to the caller.
The lead detective was busy explaining to John how his best
detective had determined that without a doubt, his wife
was not involved with anyone in a relationship, and had
rebuffed all their attempts to trip her up, case closed.

As the lead detective hung up the phone and yelled down the
hall, "Hey, rookie, get your ass in here."

Sticking his head through the door the 'rookie'
announces, "I gotta name boss, why don't you
use it?"

"Fuck you, Tom, I like rookie better. Here's
another wife gone wild case for you, see what you can find
for me."

"Great." Tom replied.

As he walked back out of the office, the lead detective shook
his head and muttered, "I've never seen anyone
so enthusiastic about wandering wife cases."

John came home in a great mood, ready for some good sex and
tender loving. Mandy couldn't figure what was up with
John's attitude lately, but as long as she was able
to keep up her pretenses "all's well that ends
well". They quickly retired to the bedroom and dove
into the sheets.

"God, you are beautiful, " Mike sighed, leaning
forward. His mouth found her tit and he kissed the rubbery
bud of her nipple. He tugged on it with his lips. Then he ran
his tongue around it, bathing it with saliva.

As Mandy let her head roll, her dark curly hair fanned out
on the mattress. Lust was penetrating deep into her bones,
setting her soul afire. Blindly, she reached over in the
direction of John's crotch. She fumbled through the
soggy, matted kinks of his pubic hair and located his semi-erect
penis. Curling her fingers around it she felt a sticky slime
on his warm flesh from the pre-cum fluid. As she squeezed
the rubbery cylinder she felt his organ growing in her fingers.
Slowly and gently she pumped her hand up and down on her husband's

John was suckling happily on Mandy's breast. Opening
his mouth wide, he tried to suck her entire full, firm breast
into his mouth. His teeth nicked her delicate flesh. Closing
his mouth, he trapped her nipple between his teeth, and
then battered the resilient tip with his tongue.

Mandy's chest heaved in response to the attack. Her
head rolled and she sucked in her stomach as the fires in
her belly blazed higher. She pumped John's cock in
her fist, and then squeezed it to test its hardness. She
pressed her fingers against the underside, finding the
spot of greatest sensitivity by touch alone and teasing
it with one delicate fingertip. With her fingers closed
around the hard penis, she stroked the sensitive pink glans,
smearing a new wave of fluid over the hot flesh. The heat
of John's blood pouring into his organ dried the slippery
lubricant into a sticky gummy coating between her hand
and his hardening staff.

Still chewing gently on the exciting soft meat of Mandy's
breast, John slid one hand down to her stomach. She felt
her gut suck in involuntarily from the touch. Reaching
her navel, he probed the hollow with one finger, pressing
into it deep and hard. Her entire body lurched under the
hard probe. Digging his finger deep in her belly button,
John wiggled it in her guts.

"Oooooaaaww, " Mandy growled mindlessly.
Her fist clenched tightly around the hard shaft of John's
bludgeon-like masculine tool.

John gnawed on Mandy's breast as if he were actually
trying to eat it. His jaw muscles clenched as he resisted
the urge to inadvertently bite hard into her tender body.
Leaving her navel behind, he slid his hand down over the
soft swell of her belly. He scratched the top curls of her
pubic hair. Never lifting his mouth from her tit, he blindly
explored the fringes of her pubic triangle. He stroked
his fingers along the lower border of her body and one thigh,
then carefully skipped over her labia to the other side
and dragged his fingers through the indentation upward
and back to the top of the vee.

Mandy's body lurched and writhed from the delicate
exploration. She wanted his hand on her sex, his fingers
pressing her clitoris or driving into her channel. At the
same time, she relished his restraint, relished the way
he tortured her by coming so close to the heart of her sex,
and yet avoiding it.

She smeared another wave of his thick juices over his cock,
massaging them into a paste between her hand and his hot
prick. When she remembered how good Tom's cock had
tasted, saliva flooded her mouth. He was still chewing
on her breast, making it feel bruised and abused and adored
all at the same time. That one breast was so engorged with
excited blood that she felt lopsided.

Then he lifted his head, leaned over and transferred his
attention to her other breast and the blood streamed into
that soft mound, her nipple hardening and jutting into
his mouth. His tongue scraped over her turgid, tender,
nerve-filled bud and new flames roared through her.

John pressed his hand down on Mandy's sex, crushing
the curls against the warm mound. He felt her labia mash
to a pulp under his fingers as he cupped her crotch warmly.
Her vagina tried to suck his finger inside, but he didn't
want that yet. He wanted to raise her to an even higher point
before he gave her that. Cupping her sex carefully, he massaged
her expertly, making his fingers wriggled rhythmically.
His center two fingers threatened to plunge into her body,
but he held them back. He ground his palm down on the arch
of her pubic bone. He knew he was crushing her clitoris against
that hard arch.

Mandy's legs spread wider, her knee dropped sideways
to open the heart of her sex to her husband's exploration.
She was still fondling his cock, more carefully now, so
as to prevent a premature explosion. With her other hand
she touched the back of his neck, tangling her fingers in
the thick brown curls there.

"Oh, John, " she whispered softly. "Dear,
dear John."

"MMMmmm, " John replied, his wordless hum
drumming through her body as he kept his mouth pressed to
her breast. Leaning toward her, he pressed the length of
his body against her side.

The feel of John's warm, strong body pressing against
her gave Mandy a marvelous feeling. In response she rolled
toward him slightly.

Under the harsh light, husband and wife fondled each other
intimately, his hand at her crotch, her hand gripping his
powerful cock. Her small hand was dwarfed by his massive
tool. His hand was huge and solid-looking as it completely
covered her pubic vee. His head shifted and moved as he devoured
her breast.

Then, slowly and tantalizingly, one of his fingers vanished
into the dark, wet opening of her sex. He drove his longest
finger deep into his wife's soggy opening, sinking
it out of sight in her vagina.

Mandy's head rolled and twisted as she felt her body
being invaded by his finger. It was small, so much smaller
than the cock she wanted, knew she was going to get. But that
single finger probing the heart of her sex was wonderful,
capable of things no cock could do.

John wiggled his finger deep in the hot, clinging, wet folds
of Mandy's channel. He pressed his hand down on her
sex hard, trying to touch bottom with the tip of his finger
though he knew that was impossible. He wiggled his finger
hard in that drenching socket. His other fingers were back
between her buttocks and he dug them into the soft pliable
flesh there and again tried to touch bottom in her vagina.
Her crotch was soaked, hot, and sticky with her juices.
Mandy couldn't take it any longer. She had to have more
in her. Just a finger probing her vagina wasn't enough.
She rolled toward her husband without releasing his cock.
Forcing his head up and away from her breast, she pressed
the warm, soft length of her body against his. She threw
one thigh over his hips and maneuvered her hips toward his.
Their hands were trapped between them as they came together.

At last John withdrew his sticky fingers from her crotch
and Mandy guided the head of his cock to her now empty opening.
She squirmed her hips down on the curving point of his ready
phallus before letting go of it. Then she yielded to a wanton
impulse and slipped two experienced fingers into the upper
end of her crevice. Finding her clitoris, she rolled it
against the bone backdrop it had, while working John's
prick up into her vagina.

Lying on their sides, the two lovers coupled again, John's
cock sinking deep into his wife's hot, wet opening.
Her hand was trapped between the sticky, wet hairy tangles
of their crotches. Her fingertips worked at her clitoris,
rolling and pinching that miniature penis, her knuckles
digging into John's body as they moved.

John moved, driving his cock deep into Mandy's body.
The feel of her hand between them as she played with herself
was an incredibly erotic sensation. He didn't know
if it was the knowledge of what she was doing to herself,
or the feel of her knuckles digging in to his own groin that
was so great. It didn't matter. All that mattered was
that he was sunk in her and she was engulfing him and they
were linked again, siamesed by his cock in her guts.

John shifted, sliding his cock almost all the way out, then
driving it deep into her pussy again. His body crushed her
hand against her, and still she managed to wriggle the tips
of her fingers in insane stimulation of her clit.

Mandy's body was bathed in fire. She didn't know
what had led her to start stimulating her own clitoris.
But now that she was doing it, the sensation was magnificent.
The feeling of his cock in her belly was a magical fullness.
The pinching and rolling she was giving her own clitoris
was better than simple intercourse could ever be. And this
wasn't the simple, mindless pinching of her clit between
two pubic arches; this was a sophisticated torture of her
nerve-filled little button.

But it took concentration, too much concentration. Her
mind was sinking into a fog of total pleasure. Finally,
what she needed more than her fingers on her clit was her
husband's entire cock buried full-depth in her vagina.
Her hand was in the way. She wrestled it out of the trap between
her and John, drove it under his side and clutched at him
as she jammed her hips for ward to skewer herself more completely
on his prick. John pounded his cock in Mandy's vagina,
pistoning harder and harder. With her hand out from between
them he was able to press his entire body tightly against
hers, crushing her breasts flat against his chest.

The two lovers struggled against each other in a carnal
reverse of a tug-of-war, striving to make their two bodies
one. Mandy clawed at her husband's back as he rammed
his masculine spear into her guts. She tried her best to
get herself run through on that powerful tower.

She felt John stiffen and ram at her harder and pulled him
tight against herself as he climaxed. Her own orgasm roared
through her, a tidal wave of pleasure that burst over her
consciousness. John poured his semen into her belly, his
body convulsing with every powerful shot. Semen oozed
from around his prick to form thick glue between them, sticking
their warm bodies together, even as their exhausted muscles
were slumping into quivering relaxation.

Mandy clung tightly to John until his prick was a withered
remnant nestled between the lips of her pussy. Then she
rolled onto her back and savored the feeling of cum drying
on her thighs and belly. She felt her husband roll onto his
back. Side by side they lay on the mattress, their eyes closed,
and their chests heaving with exhaustion.


Later that week, while at the gym, Mandy spied Tom at his
work out talking with friends. Approaching him from behind
she heard him say something to the effect that he "had
been screwing married women who had been the focus of adultery
investigations and had a stable of 'talent' to
draw on." His buddies laughed-Mandy cried as she
stormed from the gym, her body wracked in agony, she was
duped by a fraud. But what did he say about being investigated?
Could John have distrusted her so, to have her followed?
She had to find out.

John was still at work, so Mandy called Tom, "Hi, want
to get together tonight?" She asked.

"Sure. I missed you at the gym tonight."

"I was in a hurry to get home, so I left early."
She lied.

"Come on over." He entreats.

"No. Let's use my place tonight."

"Uhh…Ok…I guess." Tom said, grudgingly.

Within minutes the two illicit lovers are making their
way to the guest bedroom. Mandy was first to make a move she
carefully bathed Tom's penis with her tongue, licking
it languidly from base to tip on all sides. She had to pause
and pick a wiry pubic hair off her tongue. Then she resumed
her meticulous bathing of his stiff tower of flesh. The
skin was warm and yielding and soft against her tongue.
She could feel the ridges of distended veins just under
the skin, and the rippled hard interior under them.

Tom was slumped back spineless. His hands were rhythmically
squeezing the mattress. That and the film of sweat on his
face were the only overt signs of his excitement. He watched
as Mandy's tongue bathed his sensitive phallus, feeling
like warm, wet velvet as it swept up the length of his tower.
She licked the under side again and the delicate touch of
her tongue there sent a shiver through him, making him wet
his lips with excitement. Her dark curls brushed his bare
skin, adding a sensuous tickle to the other sensations.
Then Mandy closed her lips around the peak of his cock, engulfing
it in her warm, wet mouth and Tom felt like it was melting.
She touched just the head, rubbing it lovingly with her
tongue and Tom thought it was going to burst into flame.

Mandy felt a quiver of pleasure at taking Tom's cock
in her mouth, something about having a lump of living flesh
between her lips, against her tongue, triggered warm sexual
pleasure in her belly. She drew her head upward, letting
his cock slide out through her lips. When she lowered her
head again, she took a bit more of his hot staff in her mouth.
She pressed her tongue against it firmly and scrubbed the
velvety skin, now slick and wet with her skewer. There was
a warm salty taste in her mouth and she knew she had milked
some of his excited juices from his organ. Her head was filled
with the smell of him.

Tom, too, had felt that burning drop ooze from his channel.
His prick felt like it was being bathed in blood-warm water.
There were textures and hardness's that no vagina
had. There was the sensuous tickle of long curling black
hair on his bare thighs, and the feel of fingers gripping
the base of his prick. And there was the sight of the working
mouth skewered on his towering penis.

Mandy pumped her head, taking the massive, blood-loaded
organ deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was overwhelmed
by his smell and his taste. Her own guts were now burning
with a perverted lust, and her vagina was twitching hungrily.
But she still had no desire to be screwed by Tom. That, as
much as was possible, would be her husband's privilege
from now on. There was nothing wrong with finding pleasure
in giving Tom a thorough devoted cock sucking, though.

She reached between his thighs, under her own chest, and
lifted and shifted his balls in their sack. Handling them
gently, she stroked and tickled up behind them. Without
losing the rhythm of bobbing of her head on his prick, she
fondled his testicles and tickled the foundations of his

She was jamming his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth
with every bob of her head. She was glad Tom wasn't gripping
her hair, urging her on. She wanted to be able to set her own
pace, to avoid gagging and choking on his huge shaft.

Drawing in timed breaths through her nose, she pumped and
pumped her mouth on Tom's phallus. She felt the rubbery
head jamming to the back of her tongue, poking into her throat,
and redoubled her efforts. Her nose was being tickled by
his pubic bush at every downward drive of her head.

She felt his buttocks beginning to twitch and thrust and
knew he was getting close to a climax. She increased her
efforts. She was beginning to look forward to the load of
hot, gooey fluid he would shoot into her mouth.

Tom was wriggling and shivering. A hot puddle of semen was
accumulating at the base of his cock, gathering in the muscular
pocket like a lava pool at the base of a volcano. The pressures
were building and building and building. All the sensations
of the blow job were melting together–the feel of her pumping
mouth, the feathery touch of her hair, the tickling of her
fingers around and under his balls. It was all coming together
into one searing knot of pleasure.
His cock fired. The first spurt of semen blasted vertically,
straight up his prick, and into her waiting mouth.

Mandy felt the thrusting squirm of the prick in her mouth
and slurped up the hot blob of sperm-loaded liquid and jammed
her mouth down on the pulsing, pumping tower of meat. The
cock in her mouth spasmed and quivered with every pulse
of semen it shot into her. She wedged the spurting tip into
her working throat as she absorbed the gummy waves of semen,
letting them pour down her throat into her stomach where
they again formed a hot pool.

Tom was rigid. Every muscle in his body was helping to pump
his cum. He quivered in the throes of an orgasm that blazed
through him like lightning. Adding to the sheer, excruciating
physical pleasure of unloading his semen, was the mental
joy of knowing the woman in front of him was taking the load
in her mouth and letting it pour down to her stomach. He could
see how her lips grasped and embraced his convulsing prick,
squirming as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.
And the swallowing, peristaltic contractions of her tongue
and throat massaged his spurting prick like no vagina in
the world ever could.

Tom closed his eyes and thought of how much he enjoyed tempting
married women into affairs shielded by his status as a private
investigator. If he ever got caught…he forced the thought
from his mind, it was too hideous to contemplate.

Tom felt Mandy stroking his thighs and penis, suddenly
a sharp pain shot through his scrotum. Lurching to a sitting
position he gasped, "What the fuck?" he looked
down and saw his testicles and penis in a strangle hold of
large zip-ties secured firmly to the foot board of the bed.
"What the fuck, Mandy, what are you doing?"

Mandy squinted her eyes, leveled her gaze and demanded,
"Who the fuck are you, and why are you following me?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Bullshit! You were hired to follow me, why?"
Mandy jerked the firmly attached zip-ties, sending ripples
of intense pain through his groin.

"Ok, ok, your husband thought you was having an affair,
and I was hired to seduce you, but I told him you weren't
cheating, please, you gotta believe me." He pleaded,
wincing in pain.

"Ok, here's what were going to do, big boy, you
are going to break it off with all the women in your 'stable'
and get out of town." Mandy was clearly in charge.

"Alright, anything you say just get me out of here."

"Not so fast, I want your confession on tape, "
Mandy picks up a video

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Ouch!! What a painful ending to a great head job, but good
story - a bit long, but worth it. Thanks,