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Man of the House


Dave Parker studied himself in the mirror. At 6' 1"
and 185 pounds, with dark hair and deep blue eyes, he was
the apple of his mother's eye. His father, Frank, had
been killed in a tragic plane crash a year earlier, so Dave
was now the man of the house. Frank had been a prudent man
and had provided well for his family in the form of insurance
and investments. A large settlement from the airline added
to that meant that the family was secure. It fell to Dave
to manage the family's financial affairs, which he
did with foresight and care, thanks to Frank's mentoring.
They would be well-provided for and comfortable for the
rest of their lives.

Dave was 23 and just out of college with a degree in Business
Administration. His twin sister, Julie, had graduated
the same time he did, but with a degree in archeology. She
was fortunate enough to have entered a program which would
allow her to go directly for a doctorate without having
to obtain a Master's degree first. She spent several
months a year away from home digging in strange, out-of-the-way
places for artifacts of all kinds. She used her work to help
herself cope with the loss of her father.

Dave's mother, Anne, hadn't fared so well. At
first, she was a game little trooper, but over time, it weighed
too heavily on her. Her love for Frank had been deep and all-consuming.
The realization that she would never see him again was too
much. She began to drink, not heavily, but steadily. She
would retreat to her room and sob uncontrollably for hours.

It was now a year after Frank's death. Dave had made
up his mind to get his mother over this rough patch and get
her back into the land of the living.

"Mom, it's me, Dave, " he called after
rapping softly on her door. He heard her blow her nose into
a tissue as she came to the door.

"Come in, honey." Her eyes were red and full
of tears; the dark circles under her eyes stood out against
the pallor of her grief.

Dave opened the door and crossed to her bed and sat down on
the edge. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Mom, let's
go out to dinner. Maybe a steak and a good bottle of wine will
cheer you up some. Not having to do the dishes afterward
should help, too." He smiled at her and stroked her
hair gently.

She laughed a little, which made Dave feel a lot better.

"That would be nice, honey. Let me shower and change
and do something about my face."

"Okay, but make it snappy. I'm starving."

"I'll do what I can, honey, I'm a wreck."

"Nothing of the kind. You're still my beautiful

Dave swatted playfully at her trim behind. His hand burned
at the slight contact, and he felt a slight rush as she danced
away from him. He was glad to see her cheer up a little. He
headed off to his own room to shower and change.

She met him at the front door. Dave looked at her approvingly.
She looked dynamite in a dark blue suit that clung to her
delightful curves. He began to have thoughts about her
that he felt he should suppress.

"Wow!" Dave looked her over. "You're
going to be turning heads tonight."

"Sweet thing, your head is the only one I care about."
She took his arm and held it snugly against her breast.

He helped her into the car, admiring her long legs as she
slid in and scooted toward the driver's side. Dave
got in the other side and started the car. He backed out into
the street, and headed for their favorite steakhouse.

She snuggled close to him, her ample breast brushing his
elbow, her thigh pressing gently against his. The warmth
of her body gave him a little rush of adrenalin; his stomach
was full of butterflies. In spite of himself, he realized
that he was looking at her as his date, not his mother. His
cock stirred slowly

She put her head on his shoulder. "Dave, you always
know how to make me feel better."

"Can't go wrong with a nice steak. You're
certainly worth it."

"Thank you, Davy." She rested her head on his
shoulder for a moment. "Too bad Julie can't be
with us."

"I can tell you were she were here with us, I couldn't
get my head through the door. Being with two gorgeous women
would just inflate my ego beyond propriety."

His sister was born 15 minutes before him. They referred
to each other as 'big sister' and 'little
brother.' She bore a striking resemblance to her mother.
Dave always thought it odd that neither of them showed any
trace of their father's looks. But, as he joked to Julie,
"Who wants a sister with a mustache?"

Once they were seated in the restaurant, Dave ordered wine,
after which they perused the menu and selected their choices.
He made sure the conversation was light, sticking to Julie's
work, and other silly generalities. Suddenly, his mother
put her hand on his arm. He felt a jolt at her touch.

"I forgot to tell you that Julie called while you were
downtown." She leaned toward him, smiling and excited.

"Yeah? What did she have to say? Where is she, anyway?"
His mother's hand on his arm left a tingling sensation.
He stared into her candle-lit face as that strange feeling
in the pit of his stomach came back.

"She's -- Geez! I forgot where she said she was,
but she'll be coming home in a month."

That news gave Dave another little rush. His sister coming
home! He missed her and those long, tanned legs of hers and
her full breasts and the nipples. . . He stopped those thoughts
before he worked himself into a sweat.

Their steaks arrived. Both of them dived in with gusto,
sipping their wine and enjoying the taste of fine food.
They made more light conversation, talking about Julie's

They finished eating, polished off the wine and got up to
leave; Dave paid the bill and left a generous tip for the

Dave noticed that his mother was a little unsteady on her
feet and he took her arm as they walked to the car. She leaned
against him, her breast rubbing against his forearm. Dave
got a little bit of a rush at the sensation.

They got in the car and drove off. Anne again leaned over
against him with her thigh against his, more firmly this
time. Her head lolled against his shoulder and her breast
was pressed against his arm again. In the glow of the dashboard
lights, he noticed a tear running down her cheek. He pulled
over and shut off the engine.

"Mom, what's the matter?"

She looked up at him. Another tear coursed down her cheek.
"I miss him so much, " she said softly. "Some
nights I just can't get to sleep, I want him so much."

Dave turned toward her and took her in his arms. "I
know, Mom. I miss him, too."

"Not like I do, honey." Dave knew suddenly what
she meant. He understood now what has been troubling her
so much. No sex. She had no desire to go looking, either.

She looked up at Dave, staring deeply into his eyes. Suddenly,
her arms were around him and her lips were pressed to his.
He thought it would just be a motherly kiss, but it got more
intense. Much more intense. Her tongue slid into his mouth,
seeking, searching.

He couldn't help himself. His tongue met hers. His
cock jumped and began filling with blood. He couldn't
believe this was his mother kissing him like this, but he
did nothing to stop it.

Her arms held him even tighter and he could feel her delightful
breasts pressing against his chest. She moved back and
forth slightly keeping and intensifying the contact.

Suddenly, she pulled back from him. "God, Dave, I
didn't mean to do that."

"Yes, you did, Mom, and you know it. It's just
that it wasn't me you were kissing. It was Dad."

Anne laid her head back. She fished a tissue out of her purse
and dabbed at her eyes.

"Take us home, Dave, " she said in a small voice.
Her brain was in a whirl. What she felt for her son was definitely
not motherly. It wasn't Frank she was kissing, it was
Dave. Frank was dead. She accepted that, finally. She didn't
want to say anymore and just stared out the window for the
rest of the drive home.

Dave pulled into the garage, closed the door, coming around
to open the door for her. He didn't miss the sight of
her long, lovely legs swinging out.

She was still a little unsteady, so he helped her up the few
steps to the house.

"I think I'd like to go to bed, now, honey."

"Sure, Mom. I think I'd like to turn in, too."
He locked up and was heading up the stairs just a few steps
behind her. He liked the way her shapely behind moved as
she ascended the stairs.

They stopped at the door to her room. She turned and kissed
him, Again, it wasn't a motherly kiss, but one of barely-controlled
passion, seething just below the surface.

"Good night, my baby, " she said.

"Good night, Mom." He headed for his own room,
still tingling from the kiss.

He undressed and lay naked in the dark. He thought back to
the kiss in the car, and the goodnight kiss just a few moments
ago. His cock stirred again. His hand moved down to touch
it as it grew. He wondered at the effect two seemingly innocent
kisses gave him. His cock proceeded in its relentless journey
toward full erection.

He dozed off with his hand lightly holding his erection.
He had thought about masturbating, but was constantly
distracted by thoughts of his Mom. It was her anguish that
distracted him, not the kisses that gave him the erection.
She seemed to be on the cusp of something, but he just couldn't
pin it down.

A slight sound woke him. The moonlight streaming through
the window showed that his mother was standing next to his
bed. He quickly tried to cover himself with the sheet.

"Mom, " he exclaimed, surprised. "What
are you doing here? I thought you went to bed."

"I needed to talk to you, " she said, almost
a whisper. She sat next to him, so close that he couldn't
get enough of the sheet to cover himself.

Suddenly, she was lying next to him, holding him close to
her. He could feel the satin of her nightgown against his
skin. His cock stirred again, despite his efforts to dissuade
it. She seemed to take no notice of the fact that he was naked
and was almost fully erect.

"Dave." She stopped for a moment. "I don't
know how to say this, but, " she stopped again.

"Just say it, Mom." He put his arm around her
and held her close. She almost purred.

"Dave, when I kissed you in the car, something happened
to me. I don't know what it was, but it was like an epiphany;
like my whole life completely changed. I'm still not
sure about this, but if I don't get it out, I'll
go crazy."

"Then tell me, Mom."

Her hand moved from his chest slowly down across his stomach
to his erection. The effect on him was like an electric shock.

"I want you, Dave. I want you more than I've ever
wanted anything in my life. Can you understand, baby? Can
you forgive me?"

"Mom, I--I don't know what to say to you. When
you kissed me, you ceased to be my mother at that moment and
turned into a desirable woman. A very desirable woman.
I want you, too, Mom."

Her hand squeezed his cock gently. "God! I didn't
think it would be this easy. I thought I'd have to
you." He didn't see her leer at him.

"No, Mom. I've wanted you for some time now. But
how does a son tell his mother that he wants to have sex with
her, that he wants to possess her?"

"Oh, my baby. I need you so badly. You've taken
over all the things your father did to keep us together.
Now, I'm asking you to make this ultimate sacrifice,
for me."

"Sacrifice? Mom, it's no sacrifice at all. It's
a dream come true." He was at full erection now and
throbbing. He'd never felt so hard and turned on as
he was this moment.

Her lips met his again. This time there was no holding back.
Her tongue probed deeply into his mouth, her breasts flattened
out against his chest. Her hand caressed him gently. She
began moving it up and down slowly.

"Easy, Mom, or it'll be over before it starts."
He pulled at her nightgown. "Take this off."
His breathing was becoming faster.

She pulled away from him and slipped the gown over her head
and let it drop. She was a lovely vision in the moonlight.
Her nipples rose with anticipation. Her desire for him
raged in her breast. Her pussy was aflame and wet with the
most intense desire she had ever felt. She rose to her knees
and leaned over him. Her lips trailed kisses down his chest
and stomach until she reached the head of his throbbing

With a little cry, her hand took him and she guided him to
her questing lips.

"God, Mom, " he whispered. "You're
wonderful. No wonder Dad always had a smile on his face."

She took him deep in her mouth. Her mouth watered at the feel
and taste of him. She loved the feel of the bulbous head on
her tongue. She sucked him gently for a few minutes, then
moved up to lay beside him, her hand still stroking his erection.
She wanted to save that for a little later.

She paused for a moment, remembering her attempts to please
Frank. "Your Dad was never really fond of that, "
she said softly. "He'd only let me do that once
in a great while. He didn't think it was nice."

"That's really strange, " Dave said softly.
"I don't think I've ever known any man that
didn't like a pair of soft lips."

"He was strange, alright. Oh, he was satisfying enough
and he actually worked to please me, but there were things
that he just wouldn't do and wouldn't permit."

Dave leaned on one elbow and stroked her breasts with his
other hand. It was his turn now, to kiss her nipples, then
her ripe breasts, then down across her flat belly to her

She sighed and tensed just slightly, then spread her legs
a little. She was hoping she had read him correctly and was
rewarded with the feel of his hands on her thighs, moving
them apart slowly.

When his tongue touched her pussy lips she moaned softly.
It came from deep down in her soul. As his tongue moved, she
could feel the orgasm building. It started in her stomach,
as though there were a million butterflies in there and
worked its way up. Then a flush of desire washed over her
face and spread downward, past her breasts. Her leg muscles
tensed, then relaxed as her head lolled backward into the

"Oh, my baby! My delicious baby!" Her hands
tangled in his hair and pulled him closer to her. When his
tongue began to attack her clit, it was all over. Her back
arched and she almost screamed.

Dave held her until the spasm passed. He had no idea how long
it took her to come down, but she was still breathing heavily
when he lay beside her again, holding her gently to him.

"I guess that's something else he didn't
do much."

Sleepily, dreamily she said, "No, darling, he didn't
do that much at all. I guess it was kind of obvious from the
way I just came. It had been a long time since I'd had
an orgasm, and I've never had one like that. That was
incredible, Dave."

He had moved himself between her thighs and touched the
head of his cock to her wet pussy lips. He just let it rest
against her for a moment, then pushed forward gently.

Her legs spread automatically as he entered her. He moved
gently at first until he got the head in, then pressed forward.
She spread her legs as much as she could until he was bottomed
out in her.

"Yes, baby!." Her arms were around his back,
her nails digging slightly into his skin. "Oh, God,
Dave, you're wonderful."

He moved back and forth, now, slowly withdrawing, then
moving forward all the way.

"Dave, I never knew it could be so good! This is heaven!
Fuck me, baby. Deep and soft and gentle."

She met his thrusts for a few strokes, then wrapped her legs
around him. "I won't let you get away from me.
You're mine, now."

"I don't want to get away from you, Mom. This is
too good to stop. Are you ready for me, Mom?"

"Are you close, dear?" Her lips were against
his ear.

"Yes, Mom." He groaned as he felt it building
inside him.

"When you're ready, I want you to pull it out of
me and come in my mouth. Will you do that for me?"

"God, Mom, that did it! Here I come!"

He pulled out of her and moved up so that he was an inch from
her mouth. She took him in her hand and closed her mouth over
him, taking him all the way in. The taste of her own juices
on him made her mouth water. As she felt his come begin its
journey, she backed him out until just the head was in her
mouth. Her tongue rasped against the underside of the head.

He had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out loud
as he jetted into her lovely mouth. He bucked and shook as
his load poured into her. She just managed to keep him in
place as she swallowed his come. The movement of her tongue
kept stimulating him further. Then her orgasm overtook
her. Dave was completely oblivious to it.

Finally, his orgasm ended. He fell over onto his side, unable
to move, unable to think, only able to breathe heavily and
listen to his heart pounding.

She moved up beside him again, her hand still holding his
softening cock. She kissed his lips softly. He could taste
her and himself on her lips.

"Was I okay, baby? I hope you liked that, " she
said, holding him close.

It was a few minutes before he could answer her. She just
held him and waited for him to recover.

Finally, "Mom, there has never, ever been anything
like that in my life. I don't have the words."
He stroked her back, feeling the soft curves in the palm
of his hand.

She purred against him. They both dozed.

She awoke to sunlight streaming in the window. Anne looked
over at her sleeping son. It wasn't a dream she had;
it was a real experience. She had fucked her son. She had
drunk his semen and relished every drop. Even now, her body
still tingled from the orgasm she had experienced.

She slipped out of bed and put on her discarded robe. She
pulled the sheet over him and decided that he needed a good
breakfast so he could regain what she had drained from him.
She headed out the bedroom door.


She turned to look at him, feeling the most wonderful rush
of affection for him as he smiled at her. "What is it,

"It wasn't a dream, was it? It really happened,
didn't it?

"It really happened, dear. Was it good for you?"

He grinned wickedly. "Come here and I'll tell

She laughed. "I need to make us both some breakfast,
then we need to talk." She left for the kitchen.

He wasn't sure he liked the sound of that. But for now,
he felt better than he had for a while. She had lost that haunted
look and seemed genuinely at peace. For that, he was grateful
beyond words.

He got up and showered, shaved and slipped on casual clothes.
By the time he got to the kitchen, the coffee was done and
he could smell the bacon cooking.

He poured coffee for the both of them and set the cups on the
table. He stepped behind her at the stove and put his hands
on her waist. She leaned back against him and shivered delightfully
when his hands moved up to cup her breasts gently.

She wriggled happily under his hands. "Please, Dave,
let me finish this, " she whispered.

"Sure, Mom." He stepped back, then sat at the
table watching her finish cooking. The smile on her face
warmed him, as did the memory of last night.

She dished up the breakfast and carried the plates to the
table. "Eat your breakfast, " she said. "You
need your strength." She leered at him; this time
he could see it.

He dived into his food and finished quickly. The cup of coffee
was next. She finished right after him, then sat back in
her chair.

"Dave, what we did last night was incest, you know."
She watched him for any reaction.

"I know, Mom." He smiled at her. "That's
what made it so great. Oh, sure, the sex was fantastic in
and of itself, but the incest angle put it into the realm
of magic."

"Honey, you're incorrigible, but I love you
for it." She shifted the coffee cup to her left hand
and put her right hand on his arm.

"Mom, I want very much to do it again."

"As do I, baby."

He relaxed. The worst was over.

"However, " she began again, "we do have
a small problem. Julie will be home in about three weeks.
We'll have to be very careful."

His cock stirred again. "I know, Mom. Just please
don't take this away from me."

"I have no intention of taking it away from either
of us. We've passed the tipping point, dear. There
is no going back. For me, at least."

"Nor for me. Last night was a dream. . .a wonderful

"It was real, baby. Do you remember coming in my mouth?"

Her words hit him like a kick in the stomach, but a delightful
kick. Butterflies ravaged his stomach. "Yes, I remember.
That was amazing."

"I'm glad you liked it. That's how I want
you to come every time." Her eyes burned into him.

"I'm yours, Mom. Anything you say. Anything."

She smiled and he melted. "I'm glad, Dave. You're

She stood up and moved behind his chair. She bent down and
kissed him deeply, thoroughly and passionately. She broke
the kiss, and then said, "Do you want me, Dave?"

"Jesus, Mom, what do you think?

"Yes, I thought so. Let's go upstairs."

He stood, then scooped her up in his arms and almost ran up
the stairs to her room. He put her down gently on the bed and
stripped. He waited until she had shucked her robe, then
lay beside her. His cock raged. He pressed it to her and began
to suck her nipples.

"Oh, yes, baby. You know what mama needs. You know
what mama wants."

"Yes, I know what you want." He quickly straddled
her, touching his cock to her lips.

She licked it softly, gently. She tasted the drop of lubricant
that appeared at the tip. "Put it in me, Dave. I want
you deep inside me."

He complied. He moved down and got inside her in record time.
She was wet from their conversation, and, he assumed, from
anticipation. Her vaginal muscles were doing wonderful
things to his throbbing cock.

"Let me get on top, " she breathed.

He held onto her and rolled over. She straddled him and rotated
her hips in a most delightful manner. He watched with semi-detachment
as she rode him slowly, moving her hips around, then up and
down. Then she stopped and slid down to take him in her mouth.
Her lips and tongue worked him, savoring the feel and taste
of him with her juice all over him.

"Oh, Mom, you're wonderful!"

"And you are delicious." She grinned with obvious

"But that's mostly you you're tasting.
Do you enjoy the taste of pussy?" He really didn't
expect her to answer. He only asked the question because
he was so wrapped up in the sensation of the moment.

"Yes. Very much."

Another surprise for him. He suddenly realized that in
all the years living with her, he knew very little of the
woman who was his mother. Well, beyond the external stuff,

He looked up at her as she rode him slowly. "Tell me
about it." He brought his hands to her breasts and
toyed with them, thumbing the erect nipples.

She stopped moving and looked down at him. "You're
really interested, aren't you?" She began moving

"Yes, I'm interested. Especially since our
lives have just taken a turn toward the exciting."

Her eyes closed as his fingers worked her erect and sensitive
nipples. "God, that's nice, dear."

"I do my best, " he said softly. He moved his
hips in rhythm with hers. "Now, tell me."

Her eyes were still closed. "About six months ago,
I met this woman at the mall. We seemed to hit it off really
well. As a matter of fact, she lost her husband to a heart
attack a few months earlier. She invited me for a drink at
her place." She stopped to accept a minor orgasm,
her nails digging into Dave's shoulders. "We
talked for hours. She invited me to have dinner with her,
so I stayed. You were in San Francisco at the time, setting
up the investment accounts, so I had no reason to get home
that evening.

"We ate and had some wine and ended up getting a little
tipsy and giggly. She asked me if I'd like to watch a
porno movie with her and I was ready for that. I wanted to
make sure that there was still such a thing as sex."
She slowed her movements again and leaned down to kiss him.
She was getting more and more excited.

"I don't remember the name of the movie, but there
was a lot of girl-girl sex in it." She stopped moving
again, then rolled off him to lie pressed against his side.
Her hand went to his erection and stroked him slowly. "I
guess we both got a little hot watching it. She asked me if
I'd ever done anything like that. I told her that when
I was in college my roommate and I tried it out and pronounced
it an acceptable substitute for men. When I graduated,
we went out separate ways and that was the end of it."

"Did you do it with the one you just met?"

"I was getting to that. She asked me if I'd like
to try it with her and I said that I would. So we did and it was
very nice." She leaned down and kissed his erection,
then ran her tongue along the length of it. "I still
like the taste."

"I learn something new about you every day, Mom."
He pushed her down on her back and slid between her thighs.
He buried his face in her dark curls and licked her up and
down, then plunged his tongue into her.

She gasped and held his head to her. His tongue explored,
paying most attention to her swollen and sensitive clit.

"Yes, Dave. Oh my darling!" She tensed, then
moaned loudly, arching her back as the orgasm washed over

Dave rose and moved up until his cock touched the lips of
her throbbing pussy. She reached down and pulled him into

"Fuck me, Dave, dear. Give it to me!"

He pushed into her, then went all the way. Her hands clutched
him. Her hips thrust up to meet his. Her legs wrapped around
him, imprisoning him.

"Gotcha, now, baby. Give it to me!"

He moved faster. "I'm done, Mom. I'm going
to blast you good."

Her breath rasped in his ear. "You know how I want it,
honey. Come in my mouth, like last time."

Her words inflamed him. His hips moved faster, his thrusts
went deeper. He wanted to deliver a full load to her, this
fascinating woman, his hot, horny mother.

"Now, Mom! Oh, God, now!" He moved as fast as
he could, pulling out of her pussy and diving into her waiting

With the first shot, she pulled him back again, until only
the head was in her mouth. When she began swallowing, he
almost passed out, still firing into her. He was unaware
of her own thundering orgasm.

He came to his senses beside her, clinging to her like a child,
his lips nuzzling her breast. He was completely drained.
Again, her incredible technique had reduced him to a blob.

"Oh, baby, that was so lovely!"

"Well, it certainly was that." He was still
breathing hard. His heart pounded fit to bust.

"You're delicious, Dave. I can't get enough
of you."

"You've taken all my ectoplasm. I won't
even be able to haunt the halls, " he said in a sepulchral

She laughed her throaty laugh and hugged him.

It went on for three glorious weeks. Twice during that time
they had stayed in bed the whole day fucking and pleasuring
each other.

Then, one day, the phone rang. Anne answered it.

"Julie! Where are you? You're here? Wonderful.
I'll send Dave to pick you up, okay? About an hour, yes.
We'll be so happy to see you. Bye, sweetie."

"I guess I'd better drag my exhausted ass to the
shower, " Dave said. "You're not coming?"

"I've got to get her room ready and lay fresh towels
on all around. We can go out to dinner if she's not too
tired, or we can order in."

"Easy, Mom, easy. You'll pop a gusset."
He headed for his room and a hot shower.

By the time he arrived at the airport, she was waiting in
the pick-up area, her bags in a pile beside her. She waved
wildly at him as he pulled up. There she was in jeans and a
short-sleeved blue checked blouse. Her dark hair was slightly
tousled. She looked just as he remembered her. His heart

He jumped out of the car and scooped her up in his arms and
hugged her for all he was worth.

"I've missed you, big sister." His lips
pressed against hers.

She returned the kiss. "I've missed you, too,
little brother." Her eyes sparkled. "Can we
get out of here? It was a long trip."

"Sure Julie." He opened the trunk and threw
the bags in. He wondered what she'd think if she knew
what had happened just a couple of hours ago at home.

"Little brother, what's that strange smirk
on your face. You looked like the cat that ate the canary."

He exploded into laughter. The allusion to "pussy"
was just too close to the mark.

She looked at him quizzically. "Can you let me in on
the joke?"

"No joke, " he lied. "It was just the thought
that struck me funny." He threaded through the airport
traffic and got on the freeway for home. He was pleased when
Julie slid over next to him and put her hand on his thigh.
Her head lolled back on the seat. Her breast rubbed against
his arm every time the car hit a bump. It felt wonderful.
Dave's cock stirred slightly.

"Glad to be home, big sister?"

"Oh, yes, I'm glad to be home. I can't wait
to get a hot shower and crawl into some clean sheets. One
of the downside aspects of the exciting life of the cultural
archaeologist. No sheets, showers or comforts of any kind."

"So what's on the long-term agenda?"

"I'm back for a while. I'll spend a lot of
time at the university compiling notes for my doctoral
thesis. After that, I'm not sure, yet."

"So you'll be home for a while."

"At least a year."

Dave chewed on this. He and Anne would have to be really careful
for a year! Could they carry it off? If he had anything to
say about it, they would. It was just too good to give up.

"We're here, sis." He pulled into the drive
and hit the garage door opener and pulled in. "You
go inside and see Mom and I'll attend to the luggage."

She jumped out and ran to the door to the house. Anne was already
there, squealing with delight to see her daughter. They
went inside, laughing and talking, each with an arm around
the other.

Dave wrestled his sister's luggage into the house
and up to her room. He went back downstairs to join them in
the family room. Julie was lolled back on the sofa, while
her mother sat next to her, talking a mile a minute.

"Geez, Mom, give her a break. Let her get a word in edgewise."

Julie laughed. "It's okay, Dave. I'm pooped
from the trip and it's a pleasure to let someone else
do the chatting."

Anne stuck her tongue out at Dave. "Well, should we
go out to dinner?"

"If I'm not being a poop-out, could we save that
for another night? I'm really beat." She ruffled
her own hair and looked at them both apologetically.

"Sure, baby, " Anne said. "I could order
a pizza and we have some nice wine to go with it."

"That would be heaven, Mom, " Julie said. "I
haven't had pizza for quite a while."

"I'll take care of that, " Dave said. "I
think I can remember how you like it, too. Lots of pepperoni,
sausage, olives, anchovies and onion, right?"

"God, you remembered! Is that okay with you, Mom?"

"Fine with me. I don't have to do any cooking or
dishes. In fact, how about a glass of wine right now?"

"Great, " Dave and Julie said in unison. They
watched their mother as she walked out.

"She looks better than I've seen her in a long
time, " Julie said softly. "What did you do
to cheer her up?"

Dave stammered for a moment. "I just was there for
her, I guess. I tried to comfort her as best I could."
God, if she only knew -

Julie turned toward him and kissed him on the lips. "You
don't know how much I missed you, little brother. I
-- I've got to talk to you alone, sometime."

"Sure, sis. What about?"

"Later, bro." Anne had returned with the wine
and glasses.

Dave poured for all of them, then raised his glass to them.
They lifted theirs, as well.

"To us, " Dave toasted.

"To us, " they echoed. They all took a sip and
sat back, comfortable and relaxed.

"So, sis, how was the big dig?"

"It was great and productive and I have a ton of notes
to sort out. But I'm going to relax for a week and recoup."

"Yes, " Anne said. "You should have a
little time to get relaxed and let us see you for a while."

The doorbell sounded. "I'll get it, "
Anne said. "I ordered the pizza while I was getting
the wine, and it has arrived, " Anne announced.

She went to pay for the delivery. Julie leaned over to Dave
and kissed him again, this time with a little more feeling.

"Sis, what's going on? That's twice you've
kissed me in the last half-hour."

"I told you I missed you. A lot. I'll explain later."

Dave felt a familiar stirring in his crotch. Now, his curiosity
was up, as well as his cock. He mentally conjugated verbs
to try to stem the erection. Anne came in with the pizza and
napkins, and another bottle of wine.

"Looks like we're in for the long haul, "
Dave said, laughing.

"Dig in, " Anne said. She helped herself, then
passed the spatula to Julie.

They ate in almost silence, except for Julie who couldn't
praise the taste of the pizza highly enough. By the time
they finished the pizza and the wine, it was just sunset.
Anne gathered up the carcass of the meal and took it to the

Julie stretched and watched Dave's eyes glance at
her breasts. She jiggled them slightly for his benefit.
They were as big as his mother's.

""See anything you like?" She grinned
at him impishly.

"You know I do, sis."

"Tomorrow morning we'll get some time and talk.
Now, I've got to unpack and I want a nice hot shower."

"It's a date, then. In the morning."

"See you then, little brother." She blew him
a kiss and skipped to the stairs.

He went into the kitchen and came up behind Anne at the sink.
He put his hands on her waist and pulled her back to him.

"Dave! Julie will catch us, " she said, reprimanding

"No, Mom, she's on her way to bed. She says she
wants to unpack and take a shower, then several hours of
uninterrupted sleep."

Anne leaned back against him, luxuriating in the feel of
his hands as they moved up to her breasts. "Do you think
we could chance it tonight? She'll probably sleep
like a log."

Dave said, "I'd like that a lot, my love."
Anne's hands pressed his against her firm breasts.

"I do have to go out tomorrow morning, though. I'm
meeting Millie for lunch and some shopping after I get my
hair done. Can you fix breakfast for you two?"

"Sure, Mom, I can take care of that. Then you'll
be gone almost the whole day."

"Afraid so. But, it will give you and Julie a chance
to get caught up."

"Okay, then I'll see you after lights out."
He tilted her head back to him and kissed her deeply and thoroughly.

"I can't wait, baby."

"Me, either, Mom."

He slipped into her room later, after locking up. He was
pleased to hear Julie snoring softly when he passed her
room. It was a quiet, but intense session for them. They
took special pains not to make any noise. But that didn't
make it any less a delicious experience.

By the time Dave awoke, Anne had left. He padded down to the
kitchen in just a pair of denim shorts and a T-shirt. He inventoried
the fridge and began rounding up the pans and tools he'd

Julie slipped up behind him and put her arms around his waist,
her generous breasts pressing against him. He could feel
her nipples. He could also feel his cock beginning to charge.

"Hi, sis. Have a good sleep?"

"Best in a long time, bro. What's for breakfast?"

"What'll you have? We got eggs, bacon, sausage,
oatmeal and things like that."

She kept her hold on him, her head against his back. "Eggs
and bacon will do nicely, " she said. "Where's

"She has a full day out. We won't see her till probably
five or so."

"Good. Shall I make the coffee?"

"Hey, yeah, I forgot all about that."

They busied themselves with their respective chores,
then sat down at the table and ate.

Dave finally got a look at his sister. She was dressed pretty
much as he was, except her breasts were threatening to break
out of the thin T-shirt she was wearing.

"Wow, " he said. "I never knew you could
look so good in the morning."

"I wore this especially for you. I know how you like
to look at my tits all the time."

Dave blushed crimson.

"See? I told you so. You can't deny it, now."

"I don't deny it, sis. That's why I get a kick
of referring to you as my big sister."

She smiled at him. She reached down and lifted her T-shirt
up over her breasts. His eyes told her that he approved.

"God, sis! You shouldn't do that to me. What brought
this on?" He couldn't stop staring at her tits.
Just like his mother's.

"I just wanted to see what you'd do."

"Trying something out on me for your boyfriend?"

"No boyfriend. I do have a girlfriend, though. She
likes them, too."

Dave stared at her. "Sis, have you surrendered to
the dark side?" He spoke in a low, menacing tone and
wore a mock serious expression.

"No, I just like a little variety. That's one
thing I have in common with Carole. When we were in bed one
night, she told me she had a little thing with her brother."

Dave's eyebrows shot up.

Julie continued, "She said it was the most incredible
sex she's ever had." She let her T-shirt fall
while she studied his eyes. They had a glaze to them.

"Sis, I, " he broke off the sentence.

She got up and walked around the table to him. She stood next
to him and pressed his face to her breasts.

Almost involuntarily, his hands went to her slim buttocks
and pulled her toward him.

"That's my little brother, " she cooed.
"Wanna try it?"

Dave's cock was throbbing painfully. Last night his
mother, today his sister. His hands shook as he stood up
and pulled her to him.

"God, sis, I can't believe this is happening."

"Nothing's happened yet, silly. Do you want
to or not?" She ground herself against his throbbing
cock. "Hmm, " she said. "I think you do."

"Y--yes, " he stammered.

"Good. Now, let's get up to my room. I've
been saving this up for you."

They ran up the stairs to her room. It took them only a second
to shuck their skimpy clothes.

Dave looked her up and down. "God, you're beautiful,
big sister."

"Oh!" She stared at his erection. "I don't
think I should call you 'little brother' anymore, "
she said gently holding his cock. She sat on the bed and took
the head of his cock into her mouth. "Definitely can't
call you 'little' brother any more."

She pulled him down to her, continuing to suck gently on

He pulled back away from her and put his face between her
firm, tanned thighs. At last, he would taste that which
he'd fantasized about for so long. She smelled delicious.
His tongue touched her tentatively, then dived into her.
Absently, he noted how much she tasted like their mother.
His tongue moved on her clit, round and round. He loved the
way she moaned and writhed under him.

"God, Dave, I'm coming! Yes, Dave, yes!"

He held her for a moment until the orgasm subsided, then
he moved between her thighs again, but this time with a different
weapon. He touched it to her gently, then pushed forward
slowly until he was in her.

She sighed and wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself
to him, taking him in all the way. Her hips rose to meet his
as he pushed into her. She moaned when he bottomed out in
her wet pussy.

"God, Dave! Carole was right! This is fantastic!"
Her breathing was ragged and deep as she approached another
orgasm. "I never knew anything could feel so good!
I'm coming, Dave, my sweet, I'm coming!"
Her nails drew blood as she gripped him.

Dave didn't mind the pain; he too was fast approaching
the end of a perfect day. His mother, then his sister! It
doesn't get any better than this.

"Me, too, sis!" He thrust into her and let fly.
He pushed into her with every spurt until he was drained.
He slowly lowered himself onto her, then rolled off.

Still inside her he pulled her close and kissed her. She
kissed him back, just as thoroughly.

"My toes are still curled, " she said. "I
wonder if I'll be able to uncurl them before Mom gets

"Wow! I forgot about that little thing." He
pulled out of her and stood up, stretching.

Julie rolled over to him and took his cock into her mouth.
"Mmm, " she said. "I think I'd like
for you to come in my mouth next time."

Dave smiled. "Anything you want, sis." He congratulated
himself for being the luckiest guy on the planet. The only
way to make it better would be a threesome. He actually began
to stiffen again.

"To the shower, " he said. "Come on, sis,
I'll scrub your back."

"You're on, little brother."

Anne arrived home at about four. She found Julie in her room,
putting more of her things away. "Hi, Julie."

"Oh, hi, Mom. I'm just about squared away. Monday,
I'll pack up my notes and move them to the university.
And start to work -- that's going to be rough. I'll
be working some long and probably crazy hours."

"Why so?"

"I have an awful lot of notes to compile. The research
I have to do involves a lot of Internet searching. There
are only so many terminals available."

"Can't you do that from here?"

"Sorry, no, Mom. I have to be hooked to the school's
network to get access to the stuff I need."

"I'll have to take your word for that. Where's

"He was doing some bookkeeping in the den, last I saw
of him." She smiled inwardly, remembering the interlude
with Dave, right here on this bed. Then later in the shower.
She still tingled. Maybe she'd try looking in on him
at bedtime.

"Are we going out for dinner tonight?"

"Yes. Dave made reservations at the little Italian
place on Hoover."

"That's a really romantic place, as I recall."

"Yeah. All those candles and the red-checked table
cloths. He said it was just as I remembered it."

"Good. I'll get a shower and get ready."

Anne went down to the den first to see Dave. He was at the computer
again, up to his elbows in spreadsheets and tables.

"Hi, babe, " she said. She went behind his chair
and began massaging his shoulders.

"Mom, you'll make me come."

Anne leaned over his shoulder and kissed him. "Hush!
Julie will hear you."

"Nah! She's busy. We'll have to blast to
get her ready to go."

"I'm going to shower. When is the reservation?"

"Six. I couldn't wait much longer than that.
Get Julie to get ready, too, okay?"

"Okay. See you in a few."

He watched her walk away. "She does have a lovely ass, "
he muttered. "And other lovely attributes."

Dinner was great, as always. Carlo always made sure they
had a good table and good service. The food took care of itself.
They left after finishing the second bottle of Chianti.
Anne's head rested on Dave's shoulder. She had
to control the impulse to slide her left hand up his thigh.
Julie chatted about how the restaurant was, indeed just
as she remembered it.

Dave pulled into the garage. He closed up and followed the
ladies into the house.

"Well, I'm ready for bed, " Anne said.

"Me, too, " Julie and Dave said almost in unison.

Julie was first to the stairs, followed by Anne and Dave.
Dave kissed his mother goodnight. She held the kiss perhaps
a little too long.

"I'll see you later, lover, " she whispered
in his ear.

"Think that's wise?"

"Yes, if we're quiet. Really quiet."

He went to his room and stripped. He turned the light off
and lay on his back. His thoughts, naturally, drifted to
his adventures with his mother and twin sister. His cock
stirred, then shot up like a flagpole. He almost dozed off
when his mother came into his room. She wore only a thin satin
robe, which she let slip into a satin puddle at her feet.

She got in bed with him and began to run her hand up and down
his body.

"Oh, honey, you feel so good!" She concentrated
on his stiff cock.

"You feel pretty good, too, Mom." He gasped
as her mouth captured him. He was really looking forward
to the special treat she would give him.

Suddenly, she turned, keeping her mouth on him, and lowered
her fragrant pussy to his mouth. He plunged his tongue inside
her and tasted her juice. She shivered and took him in all
the way.

Now, it was a race to see who would come first. Dave lapped
at her pussy lips, slowly, tantalizingly, until he reached
her clit. He was merciless in his assault. His reward was
feeling her body spasm and her mouth tighten on his cock
as the orgasm claimed her.

He moved under her and rolled over on top of her. His cock
sought the entrance to her hot wet pussy. He slid in with
almost no restriction, except for the natural tightness.

"God, baby, I'm coming, " she whispered

Dave kept thrusting deep within her, then withdrew slowly,
then plunged in again. Her nails raked his back as she came
again. His movements became more urgent and she knew what
was about to happen.

"Oh, Dave, honey! You know what I need, " she
said in his ear. "Give it to me, baby, give it to me!"

Dave took only two more thrusts, then pulled out and aimed
for her gorgeous mouth. She gripped him and held him as he
shot spurt after spurt into her sucking mouth. He was unaware
of it when she came yet again as she swallowed his essence.

Consciousness returned slowly. He finally became aware
of her again as she held him against her.

"Mom, you're gonna kill me. One of these times,
I won't come back."

"I guess that's a compliment. It is, isn't

He stroked her hair. "Of course it is. You're
amazing, mother dear."

Julie fought to keep awake. She wanted to be sure her mother
was asleep so she could seek out her brother's arms
again. She listened intently and heard nothing but the
slight sounds of the house settling in the cool night. She
rolled out of bed quietly and put on a light wrap.

She moved on tiptoe down the hall to Dave's room. A sudden
sound caused her to freeze in her tracks. Dave's door
was opened abut an inch. She crawled on her hands and knees
and peered in.

She didn't believe her eyes as she watched Dave and
her mother in full 69 position. She watched intently as
her mother orgasmed. Julie felt a rush in her stomach and
a sudden wetness in her own pussy as she watched the scene
unfold before her.

The irony of the situation almost made her laugh out loud.
She was on her way to have sex with her brother again, only
to find him in the arms of their mother. She stared in awe
as Dave got on top and began fucking Anne. She gasped as Dave
pulled his gorgeous cock out and stuck it into Anne's
mouth. Julie moaned softly as he poured his come into her.
She almost came in empathy as her mother had yet another

She slipped back to her own room and lay back on the bed. As
she replayed in her mind the scene she had just witnessed,
her left hand drifted across her breasts and down to her
wet pussy. Just a couple of quick flicks of her clit was all
it took. She came silently, but almost tore the sheets where
she gripped them.

Dave was up early the next morning. He put on a pot of coffee
and started some eggs and bacon.

"Good morning, dear, " his mother said. She
came up behind him and gave his butt a quick pat and managed
to rub a breast against him. She sat down at the table. She
wore that same satin robe, the one that clung to her like
a second skin. She knew he liked it for the way it showed off
her breasts and nipples.

"What's up for today, dear?"

He snickered. "You know what's up, Mom."
He leered at her.

She blushed crimson. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I was just having a little fun. I have a date
with the investment dude at 11. We're moving some stuff
to a new account and I have to sign some papers. I hope we'll
be done by 3. He's popping for lunch, too."

Julie came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes. "Hi,

"Hello, dear, " Anne said. "Did you sleep

"Great. How about you two?" She looked at both
of them, trying to hide the smirk that she knew was on her
face. Would they see it?

"Just fine, sis. Want some eggs?"

"Oh, yeah, little brother. I could use some eggs."
Again, the silly smirk.

Dave dished up the food for the three of them and sat down.

"Dave has an appointment downtown, " Anne
said to Julie. "We'll just have to find our own

"I feel like a swim. Maybe we can just hang out by the

"I could go for that."

Dave noticed Julie's eyes on him. She seemed to be staring
right into him as though she was reading his thoughts.

"I've got to get dressed and head out, "
Dave said, getting up.

"I'll take care of the dishes, honey, "
Anne said.

"Thanks, Mom." He gave her a quick peck on the
cheek. He really wanted to take her in his arms and give her
a real kiss and feel her breasts against him.

When he had gone, Julie got up, too, and helped her mother
clear the table.

"Just put these in the dishwasher. Then we can get
our swimsuits on and begin hanging out."

Julie snickered. "We shouldn't hang out too
much or we'll scandalize the neighborhood."

"We're pretty well shielded from prying eyes.
In fact, you can be nude if you want to.":

"Mom! Such talk!"

"I've done it more than once."

They heard Dave's car leave the drive as they went to

Julie appeared in a very revealing dark blue bikini. It
showed off her figure to great advantage and had the added
effect of accentuating her eyes.

Anne also wore something brief and daring. "You look
positively scrumptious, dear."

"You, too, Mom. Good enough to eat." She blushed
as soon as the words left her mouth.

They walked to the pool and spread towels on the lounge chairs.
They lay side by side quietly until Julie finally broke
the silence.

"Mom, I saw you with Dave last night." All she
could hear was a roaring in her ears. She realized it was
a deafening silence.

Anne sat bolt upright, staring at her daughter. "What
did you say?" She didn't believe what she'd

"I said I saw you and Dave making love last night."

"Oh, God, " Anne said, lying back down. Her
heart was pounding and her stomach was uncontrollable.
"How much did you see?"

"Enough to know that it wasn't your first time
and enough to know that you were both enjoying it very much.
How long has it been going on?"

Anne struggled to keep from screaming. "About two
months. It was just before you called to say that you were
coming home."

"Then it's been going on since I've been

"Yes. We tried very hard to be quiet. God, Julie, what
must you think of us?"

She smiled at her mother's obvious discomfiture.
"I was thinking of how lucky you are to have a gorgeous
hunk like Dave living under your roof, being able to have
him anytime you wanted."

"Julie! How can you say that?" Anne smiled wickedly.

"Stop the acting, Mom. You love it and you know it.
I know I would."

Anne looked at her daughter. "How did you happen to
see us?"

This was going to be the tough part. "Actually, I was
on my way to his room to get into bed with him."

"What?" Anne was incredulous.

"Did you think you were the only one attracted to that
lovely, hard cock? I've had designs on it for some time,
and I finally managed to get a taste of it, myself."

Anne's eyebrows shot up. "When? When did you
and Dave ..."

"It was the day you went shopping with your friend."

Anne remembered. It was just a couple of days ago. She and
Millie had done a little shopping, but ended up at Millie's
house. Anne was still horny from the previous night with
Dave. She and Millie ended up in bed. Anne had had three mind-numbing
orgasms, partly from Millie's mouth and partly from
the image of her son that she kept in her mind all the time
Millie was licking her pussy.

She was wet again, remembering the taste of Millie's
pussy juice. "Well, tell me about it." She rolled
over on her side to face Julie.

"I can't remember for sure how it started. We
were just talking... oh, I know what it was. For some reason,
we were talking about our respective love lives and I happened
to mention about my roommate and good friend Carole. She
had told me that she'd had an affair with her brother
and that it was the most incredible sex she'd ever had.
I asked Dave if he wanted to try it and he said yes. So we did,
and it was every bit as good as Carole said it was."

"You and Carole must be very close for her to have told
you that."

"Closer than we wanted anyone to know."

Anne looked at her daughter with new eyes. Since they were
both guilty of the same crime, neither could remonstrate
against the other. Actually, she began to feel closer to
Julie than ever before.

"It would appear that we have a little problem, here."

"What do you mean, Mom?"

"Well, here we are, both fucking the same hunk, both
guilty of incest, and I'll bet you don't want to
give him up any more than I do."

"You're right there, Mom. Now that I've
tasted him, that's off the table. But we can't
fight over him, and working out a schedule is absolutely
absurd. Besides, what if he has an opinion?"

Anne chuckled. "Who cares what his opinion is?"
They both burst out laughing.

Anne looked at Julie. The smile was gone, but not forgotten.

"What if we share him? I don't mean I have him Monday,
Wednesday and Friday and you have him on the alternate days.
What if we make it a threesome?"

"Mom! You have a really perverted streak in you. I
love it. I think it's an elegant solution. Besides,
there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when
I have to leave for another dig. Then, I'll have to abandon
him to you. I won't like it, but the facts of life are
sometimes harsh."

"But, you'll be back. And anyway, you'll
be here for a year, working on your doctorate."

Julie stood up. "I think I'd like to take a shower."
She looked down at her mother. "Care to join me?"

Anne looked up at her. Her heart was pounding and her breathing
had quickened.

"Yes, Julie. I'd like that." She knew what
was coming next. She couldn't wait to see where it would
all lead. The thought was causing her pussy to become very

They went upstairs to Anne's room. Anne's hands
were shaking as she unhooked Julies top, Julie's hands
were also shaking as she performed the same service for
her mother.

Anne turned on the water. When it was the right temperature
they stepped in and began soaping each other. Their hands
moved quickly and expertly, each knowing full well how
to arouse the other. They needn't have bothered. They
were both already hot just from the conversation.

They stepped out of the shower and dried off, then went to
the bed.

Julie put her hands on her mother's breasts. Anne almost
fainted from her touch.

"You're so lovely, Mom. No wonder he can't
keep away from you."

Anne's nipples were hard and erect. She brought her
own hands up to cup Julie's breasts.

"Too bad Dave isn't here. I could use that gorgeous
cock to good advantage right now."

"Meantime - " Anne pushed Julie down onto the
bed. She dropped to her knees and spread Julie's thighs
apart slightly.

"Oh, Mom!" Julie's breathing was getting
ragged and deep. She moaned when Anne's tongue began
teasing her hot, wet pussy. She came quickly. Wave after
wave of delight washed over her. She reached down suddenly
and pulled Anne up beside her on the bed. She reversed herself
over her mother and they both took great joy in lapping each
other's pussy.

They both came in one thundering orgasm. It seemed that
they shared one orgasm rather than each having separate
climaxes. It all blended together and the whole was much
greater than the sum of its parts.

Finally, Julie turned to lay beside her mother and hugged
her close.

"It's never been that good before, Mom, "
she said breathlessly. "Never."

"For me, either, baby."

"I guess we'd better get dressed. Dave should
be home soon. Why don't we order in tonight? That way
we'll be home when the fun starts. God, is he gonna get
it tonight."

"Yes, he will. I can't wait to see his face when
he realizes what's going to happen."

"Mom, I have to ask you something about when I saw you
two last night."

"Sure, honey, what is it?"

"When you took him in your mouth, I noticed that you
held him off so he couldn't go all the way in. Why did
you do that?"

She tapped Julie on the forehead with her index finger.
"Always the scientist. I guess I won't be giving
any secrets away if I tell you. I do let him all the way in,
but that's before he's ready to come. When he does
come, I only want the head of it in, so I can swallow better,
which also gives him maximum stimulation and lets me taste
every drop."

"You really like the taste of it?"

"I love it. Hell, I crave it. It also gives him an intense
come. Sometimes, it makes him pass out for a few minutes.
It also gives me the best orgasms."

"Then, I want to do it, too. I wanted to do it the next
time. That would have been last night, but you beat me to

Anne kissed her daughter on the forehead. "I'll
let you have it tonight. I'm pretty sure you'll
like it."

"Me, too."

Dave returned at four to find them sitting in the family
room, sipping a glass of wine.

"We're ordering in tonight, if that's alright
with you, " Anne said, regarding him over the rim
of her glass.

"Fine with me. I need a shower after coming back through
that traffic." He noticed the peculiar looks both
women gave him. He puzzled over it for only a moment then
passed it off as his imagination.

"Sure, dear. Is Thai okay with you?"

"Great, " he called from the stairs.

"Think we should surprise him in the shower?"

"No, " Anne replied. "Let's just
wait until after we eat, then we'll ravish him."

They giggled and had some more wine.

"Julie, why don't you take him a glass of wine,
but come right back."

"Can't I just give him a quicky?"

"No! Don't let on to anything. Maybe you could
grope him once, but that's all."

Julie poured another glass, then went upstairs.

Anne watched her cute little butt as she climbed the stairs.
She wanted to start now, but picked up the phone and ordered
the food.

Julie knocked on Dave's door. "It's me with
a glass of wine for you."

Dave came out of the bathroom, naked. "Gee, thanks,

She looked at him. "You look good enough to eat."

"You, too, big sister."

She went to him quickly and patted his cock. She twirled
away from him when he reached for her.

"Maybe later, " she said.

"I hope so."

He showered and dressed. He joined them just as the food
arrived. Anne went to the door and paid the delivery boy,
giving him a generous tip. She brought the food into the
family room and spread it out on the coffee table.

"Okay, everybody dig in, " Anne said.

They ate, chatting about Julie's work and other irrelevancies.
Julie and Anne kept giving each other little knowing glances.
Dave didn't suspect a thing. When they finished eating
they moved to the sofa. Anne and Julie sat beside Dave. Anne
moved close to him, so that her breast pressed against his

They spent the next couple of hours watching TV. Julie grabbed
the remote.

"Hey, this is too tame. Let's watch something
with a little zing to it." Her speech was slightly
slurred from the wine. She found a naughty movie on the adult

"Wow, sis, " Dave said. "Looks zingy
to me."

Anne giggled and leaned her head on Dave's shoulder.
Julie moved to his other side and did the same. As the movie
progressed, Dave began to get aroused. His cock was threatening
rebellion again.

Julie saw it and let her hand rest on his thigh. Anne watched
with amusement and she, too, was getting a little warm,
and her hand moved to his other thigh.

Dave was getting really hard, now. He knew he was trapped.
There was no way he could hide or shift or do anything about
his raging erection.

"Well, look at this, " Julie said, putting
her hand on his cock.

"My, my, " Anne said dreamily. "I think
Dave likes the movie."

Dave was blushing crimson. He was almost in a panic. Both
women were now toying with him openly.

"Gosh, Mom, look at this, " Julie said. pointing
to the source of Dave's discomfort.

Anne leaned against Dave, crushing her breasts against
him. Julie leaned in from the other side. He was being squeezed
by four luscious breasts. His erection throbbed painfully.

Anne giggled. "I think we'd better let him in
on the little secret."

"W--what secret?" Dave stammered nervously.

"Julie knows about us, honey."

"What? Did you tell her?" Dave was thunderstruck.

"I didn't have to, " Anne said quietly.
"She saw everything, so there's no need to try
to hide it any longer. She turned toward him and put her hand
on his raging erection. She tugged at his zipper, slowly
easing it down.

"I'll bet he could use a little breathing room, "
Julie said. She reached inside his pants and pulled at his
cock. "You'd better get out of these britches, "
she said.

"Yeah, Davy. Get out of those clothes."

"We should do the same, so he won't be embarrassed."

The three of them stood up and got out of their clothes. Anne
was done first and she dropped to one knee and took his erection
into her mouth. Julie pressed herself against him and kissed
his face, settling, finally, on his mouth.

Dave pulled back from her and said, "Can we go upstairs?
My knees are about to give way."

Anne released him and stood up. "Good idea."
She winked at Julie. &quo

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Great writing.


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great tale, always hungered after my mums tits, didn't
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Very hot story...taboo adds to the spice of it all...MORE!


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