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Man in the Middle


He had gone off to meet some friends. You and your girlfriend
take a shower together and put on long T-shirts with nothing
else on underneath. You enjoy the relaxed, sexy feeling
of freedom you feel when wearing very little clothing.

You then decide to watch a movie, a porno movie. You both
enjoy watching while masturbating to some delicious orgasms.

When he unexpectedly walks through the door a short time
later, he finds you both sitting on the floor. He can see
the bottom curve of your cute bare bottoms and the jiggling
of your round breasts underneath the T-shirts and he licks
his lips, anticipating the fun that he knows is to come.

He goes and puts on a pair of gym shorts, the kind he usually
wears when he goes to bed. But, he decides not to wear his
underwear and his cock and balls hang unencumbered down
the loose leg of his gym shorts, almost exposed. He goes
in and sits down between you and your girlfriend on the floor
of the darkened living room.

The movie is constant sex. Right away his cock starts getting
hard, and even in the dim and flickering light from the television
both you and your girlfriend can see it get long and large
as the tip pops out through the baggy leg of his gym shorts.
He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, the thought of his cock
being exposed to the sight of you both makes him more aroused.

You gaze down at the dark reddened tip as it slowly appears
through the leg of his gym shorts, pulsing and quivering.
You glance knowingly across at each other and giggle at
the sight, but it makes you both horny. You are laying on
your stomach, head on your hands as you watch the television
screen. Your T-shirt creeps up your ass so that the bottom
of your shapely, naked behind is exposed and your legs are
spread apart slightly.

Glancing down, he enjoys a glimpse of the silky, light brown
pussy fur that peaks out between your thighs. You don’t
seem to be in any hurry to cover your partial nakedness.
As you watch the brazen fucking and sucking action in the
sex movie, he’s thinking dirty thoughts about you and how
willingly and eagerly you performed oral sex on him earlier
that afternoon. He is thinking, maybe you are willing to
do even more …

Wanting to see what you will let him do to you, he puts his
hand lightly on the back of your leg and caresses the warm,
soft skin just behind your knee. His fingers make slow,
wide circles over the smooth flesh of your slender lower
thigh. When you don’t say anything to stop him, he moves
his hand gradually higher up your leg until, a few minutes
later, he feels the lower curve of your ass against his hand
and he slides his finger tips up into your slit from behind.

He gently rubs the top edge of his hand back and forth between
the lips of your pussy and feels the wetness begin to flow.
Your sweet and swollen pussy folds rub against the side
of his hand as he moves it up and down in a sawing action, coating
the edge of his hand with your dewy moisture. Playing with
your cunt feels so dirty and so exciting, and it makes his
cock so incredibly hard as it presses up against the front
of his gym shorts. In his mind he still can’t believe you
are letting him do this to you, and waits for you to stop him.
He is surprised at your reaction.

“Mmmm … yeah, play with my pussy … feeeels sooooo good. ”

You move your legs farther apart to make things easier for
him and go back to watching the sex movie. Everything seems
much more exciting now that he is sitting next to you on the
floor fingering your hot cunt and getting you all excited.

He just can’t resist the way this whole thing is heading
and, after a minute of manipulating the outer folds of your
cunt with the side of his hand, he turns his hand, cups your
pussy with the palm, and slips his middle finger deep down
into your wet hole. Slowly, he begins to move it in and out,
tenderly finger-fucking you from behind as you lay on your
stomach beside him. He looks down with undisguised lust
at the furry folds between the mounds of your small, shapely
ass as, with each penetration, he buries his finger completely
inside you all the way up to his hand.

He can feel the soft, rubbery wetness of your cunt grip his
probing finger as he slips the shaft in and out of the tight
opening. His breathing is faster, his own sexual arousal
increasing as he looks down and watches what he is doing,
adoring the sight and feel of his fingers exciting your
wet pussy. He is becoming so aroused that his cock feels
like hot iron.

Exploring even more, he pulls his moistened finger out
of your pussy and begins to run the slippery shaft up over
your asshole, stimulating your other intimate pleasure
point before poking his finger back into your cunt. He wants
to find out how far you will let him go, so he thinks he’ll
try something that one of his ex-girlfriends had liked
him to do to her. After several passes over your asshole
he doesn’t hesitate and firmly presses the tip of his middle
finger against the puckered opening, twisting and turning
it as he applies pressure. Surprisingly, it pops right
into your butt and penetrates up to the first knuckle.

“Mmmm … yeah, put it up my ass … I like that.”

He feels you push back against his finger, trying to get
more up your asshole and inside you. He strokes his finger
back and forth several times, the tight entrance to your
butt gripping the small shaft as it slips about half way
in and out. This is incredible, he can’t believe you are
letting him do this to you … and you like it!

It is really exciting knowing he is finger-fucking you
in the ass, but his hard, throbbing cock aches to find a more
accessible hole. He figures he’ll try your butt hole again
another time; maybe with something other than his finger.

Pulling his finger out of your ass, he inserts two fingers
into your pussy, stretching the entrance, he moves them
slowly in and out, just enjoying the feel of the soft, warm,
wetness of your cunt opening. Your oily juices completely
coat his fingers and hand now, the smell of your sex is heavy
in the air.

Everyone continues to watch the sex movie, he casually
fingering your cunt, his stiff cock pulsing and pushing
out through the loose leg of his shorts. Your girlfriend
has watched with rapt interest both of you so obviously
enjoying your sex play and decides it is her turn to have
some fun, too. She lays her hand in his lap, grasps his exposed
cock head between her fingers, and slides her hand up and
down the length of his smooth prick, even into his shorts.

She is sitting cross legged next to him and, as she jacks
him off, she slips her other hand up underneath her short
T-shirt and starts to masturbate. Now, she can really enjoy
herself as she plunges her middle finger in and out of her
exposed cunt. Her slit feels so warm and wet from watching
the sexual happenings, both live and on the screen.

Everyone is becoming more and more turned on by the sexy
movie and the sexual stimulation they are doing to each
other. He is constantly sliding his first two fingers into
your pussy hole from behind, joyfully finger-fucking
you. Sometimes, for fun, he will split his fingers apart
and enter your pussy and asshole at the same time, pushing
both deeply up inside you.

You really like the sensation of his fingers moving in and
out of your cunt and butt hole. That wonderful warm, heavy
sensation begins to grow deep in your loins, and you grind
your furry pelvis down into the carpet, wiggling your cute
behind and stimulating your clit, adding more sensations
to the ones that are building so hotly between your legs.

Your girlfriend is finding it a little difficult to jack
him off. His cock isn’t very slippery, so her hand doesn’t
move very well over the smooth surface. But, she knows what
to do to make it better and gets on her knees, bends down,
and pushes the leg of his shorts up, exposing more of his
delightful and inviting sex shaft. She leans over his lap
and covers his cock with her wet mouth, licking over and
around the sculpted red tip several times before closing
her mouth over the tip and engulfing the head.

He stretches his legs out, quick to give her better access
to his shaft as waves of pleasure roll over him. She slides
her hand into the open leg of his shorts and gently massages
his balls. Her fingers gently stroke the sac between them
as her mouth moves slowly up and down his length, wetting
him with her warm, sucking mouth. Now, her hand can easily
slide up and down his slippery prick, and she eagerly mouths
him while jacking him off at the same time. She wants to make
him cum, to feel the pleasure and power of making him cry
out in that pleasure nearly as intense as pain.

He groans out loud, the feeling of her tongue swirling around
his cock nearly overwhelms him. She is on her knees beside
him, her head moving slowly up and down, as she wantonly
licks and sucks at his erection. Her smooth, round, inviting
butt is naked as her T-shirt slides down her back and bunches
down around her shoulders. He reaches over her back, wanting
to use his other hand to slip his fingers in and out of her
pussy from behind and play with the folds of her hot cunt.

Feeling his probing fingers move up and down through the
crack of her ass, she turns slightly toward him and separates
her knees, opening her thighs so he can reach her drooling
sex slit more easily. He finds the wet, slippery opening
to her cunt and plunges the middle finger of his left hand
in and out of her tight, wet fuck hole. Both of his hands are
busy now, arousing and exciting both girls at the same time.

His probing fingers continue to stimulate your cunt and
ass. The delicious warmth of his attention is beginning
to build more and more in your loins, and you need … want more
of him. You turn your head and look back at him.

“Wanna fuck me? I’ll let ya …”

He is somewhat surprised by your request. Fingering your
sweet pussy or sharing oral sex is one thing, but taking
that last step is another. Sure, he’s been admiring your
body for quite a while, often watching you as you move around
him, his cock hardening at the sight of your breasts and
round hips and ass. Watching you always makes him horny,
but he usually finds an outlet for his pent-up sexual tensions:
a willing girl friend or just getting himself off in the
privacy of his own bedroom.

But his secret dream is about to come true: you want him to
… you are asking him to fuck you. And right now he isn’t about
to refuse, though your girlfriend is certainly making
him feel really good by licking and sucking on his cock.

Somewhat reluctantly, he pulls himself away from her sweet,
adoring mouth.

You excitedly watch him walk toward you, his wonderful
cock thrusting out from his loins. The erect shaft sways
slightly from side to side as he moves.

“Do me like this … from behind.

He kneels over the back of your hips as you lay on your stomach,
and he puts one knee on either side of your ass. Pushing his
cock down with his right hand through the crack of your ass,
he feels the tip slip through your slit and find the moist,
slippery opening to your sex. As he feels the warm tightness
of your pussy lips surround the sensitive tip of his cock
he thrusts forward with his hips and enters you from behind.

Your tight, cunt is already very wet and oily from his probing
fingers and his cock slips easily and completely into you.
He sits still for a minute, perching on the back of your thighs,
the roundness of your ass feeling warm and sexy against
the crease of his thighs as he sits mounted on you. Both of
you enjoy the feeling of penetration.

The grip of your cunt around his shaft feels so good that
he just can’t stay still. After just a minute of enjoying
the delicious sensation of being inside your pussy, he
leans forward and supports himself with his hands on the
floor on either side of your body. In this position, on his
hands and knees, he rocks slowly back and forth, mounted
on you from behind, his cock slipping in and out of your warm,
wet pussy.

You lay under him on your stomach with a big, lusty grin on
your face, your slender legs spread slightly allowing
his slow thrusts to deeply penetrate you. His cock feels
so good as it rubs over your sensitive clit each time it slips
in and out of you. You can feel his loins bump up against your
ass as he pushes his prick deep inside you, the thickness
filling that empty place that begs to be filled between
your thighs.

The movie is showing an orgy sex scene with a large group
of people, and everyone watches as they themselves are
being physically and sexually aroused. He and you both
gaze lustily at the screen even as his cock moves slowly,
deeply in and out of your pussy. Your girlfriend is kneeling
on the floor next to you, her fingers busy up her own wet snatch,
more interested in watching the live sex show in front of
her then what is happening on the TV screen.

He slowly fucks you, both of you loving the sensations of
sex, the intimacy and nastiness of sex with each other.
The wet, sucking sound of his prick moving in your sodden
pussy is an additional turn on.

He begins to move faster, his cock slippery with wetness,
the sensation of your tight cunt around his prick feeling
unbelievably good. He wants to make this last as long as
possible, but is finding the urge to cum inside you almost
overwhelming, especially when you talk so wicked, so dirty.
Losing control he strokes into you faster, harder as his
climax quickly begins to build in his balls. All he can think
about now, all he wants to do, is feel that wonderful, indescribable
sense of pleasure and release as he climaxes inside you.

You are beginning your low moan, unable to stay quiet through
the barrage of sexual sensations building between your
legs as he fucks you from behind, each delicious stroke
of his cock coming harder and faster. You can feel your own
orgasm begin to build and know he is going to make you cum

His balls swing back and forth with his thrusting motion,
becoming wet with your juices each time they collide with
your slit, and your great ass adds more warm tightness around
his cock.

He is grunting above you, each penetration harder than
the last as his own climax nears. You are so tight, so wet,
he just can’t hold back any longer. His final thrust buries
his cock deep inside you as the spasms of his orgasm send
waves of pleasure over him making him grunt with the sudden
hard explosion of his prick. He pushes his loins hard up
against your ass wringing every ounce of sexual pleasure
he can get from his climax, his back arching and a low, throaty
groan exploding from his mouth as his sex cream explodes
from his shaft. Five, six, seven times he can feel each spurt
of his cock, each spasm of his prick jolting him with waves
of pleasure, even as his orgasm begins to subside.

The last hard thrust makes you cum, too. You lock your legs
together and push up with your hands, arching your back
and letting out a high, soft whine. You come hard. Your pink
nipples stand straight out from your breasts, hard and
pointed with sexual energy.

Your girlfriend has watched the scene with delight. Her
own fingers masturbate faster and harder around her clit,
fingers delving deeply into her wet fuck hole. The intense
pleasure and the sight of you cumming sends her over the
edge and a bright light explodes in her head, the walls of
her cunt contracting around her fingers in the intense

* * *
He pulls his softening cock out of your pussy and stands
up. His only thought is: if today is any indication, you
are going to satisfy his sexual needs regularly, and he
doesn’t have to worry any more whether the girls he is dating
are willing to have sex with him.

You are too keyed up to think about going to sleep so you continue
watching the movie. You take off your T-shirt so everyone
is naked. It just seems more natural that way.

As you sit next to each other no one seems shy about reaching
over and touching or feeling a breast, nipple, or cock that
happens to be nearby. There is a sense of loose sexuality,
of freedom among everyone that allows them to enjoy each
other physically, sexually without the usual hang-ups
or inhibitions.

The movie finishes and you are starting to get sleepy. You
say it is time to go to bed as you glance at your girlfriend.
She catches the twinkle in your eyes and readily agrees.
He decides to stay up and watch television a little longer.

As soon as the bedroom door is closed you both move into each
others’ arms, embracing and joining in a passionate kiss.
Your lips and tongues explore each others’ mouths, licking
and nibbling cheek and chin, eyes and mouth as your slender
naked bodies press together.

You move your body back a little and lift your hands up to
her chest. You fold your fingers over her small breasts,
pressing your palms against the firm mounds, then moving
your thumb back and forth over her nipples, rubbing the
tiny, sensitive buds. Immediately, they become hard and
erect, sticking up from the slight rise of her tits, two
stiff, pink little buttons that give such pleasure.

She returns the favor as you each enjoy the intimate and
mutual touching. Her hands roam freely over your upper
body, under the arms and around in back, constantly caressing
your soft, warm skin. But they always return to that special
source of pleasure, your breasts and nipples.

After several minutes you both, seemingly without breaking
your embrace, move slowly to the bed almost as a single being.
Hands, arms and tongues intertwine, probing, licking,
squeezing, creating little cries and moans of girlish
sexual pleasure and joy.

You are the first to reach the bed. You sit down on the edge
and lay back, your legs hanging over the edge expecting
her to join you. Instead, she kneels down on the floor in
front of you, puts her hands behind your knees and starts
to lift up your legs. You find yourself breathing in quick,
short gasps, your body glowing with sexual anticipation
as she lifts your legs and places them on the edge of the bed.
You know what she is going to do to you, and you want it, too.

You look down between your parted thighs and into the eyes
of your girlfriend, her eyes blazing with want, an impish
grin on her face as she eases your legs aside and your knees

Her eyes drop down and she sits for a moment and admires the
wonderful view: the smoothness of the skin of your inner
thighs, the rounded pussy mound, barely covered with silky,
light brown hair, and the darker, pink line of the cleft
running up and down like a small valley between two hills.

The sight is so wonderful, so intimate, so incredibly sexual,
and she is unable to control herself. She brings her face
closer to this point of ultimate pleasure, inhaling the
fragrance of pussy wetness; the sweet, pungent odor of
your arousal. The desire to taste, to lick, to suck overwhelms

She puts her hands lightly on your inner thighs, brings
her mouth close and, with only the tip of her tongue, slowly
licks up and down the narrow cleft, just barely pushing
aside the outer lips of your cunt. The soft fuzz of your pussy
hair tickles her lips as she moves her mouth over your pussy.
Up and down the tongue moves several times, not quite penetrating,
but tasting and teasing the opening.

You feel the slippery sensation moving along your slit,
and you place your hands on your knees and pull your knees
back and further apart, tilting your pussy and asshole
up and completely opening yourself to the pleasures of
girl sex. The anticipation for greater penetration begins
to build and you feel the delicious wetness start to flow
again between your legs.

Your girlfriend pushes her tongue a little more deeply
into your pussy slot. She can feel the inner pussy lips around
her tongue as it slides deeper into the warm hole. After
another moment, she opens her mouth wide and completely
covers the mound, lips and teeth gently chewing the folds
as her tongue plunges deeply inside. The sweet, sexy taste
of your pussy juice makes her want to drink and lick more
and more. She smiles to herself when she hears you moan with
arousal as she joyfully mouths your cunt.

You feel the wonderful movement of her mouth between your
legs and it makes you melt with sexual lust. It feels like
the entire area between the inner crease of each thigh is
being sucked and licked, as if she is passionately kissing
this intimate mouth-like opening in your body. You are
trying to be quiet but as the sweet fire begins to build in
your loins a soft, low moan escapes from your lips.

You push yourself up on your elbows so you can look down and
see her face buried between your legs, giving you incredible
pleasure. You want to watch the incredibly sexy sight,
and through your raised and spread knees you watch her tongue
slide up and down through your cunt opening, licking and
chewing on your pussy folds, a look of sheer lust on her face.
The erotic view sends you to a higher level of arousal so
powerful your head snaps back and your eyes squeeze shut,
as the erotic sensations ripple through your body. You
bite your lower lip and groan with delight.

Knowing how to really turn another girl on, your girlfriend
moves her tongue to the top of the slit opening, concentrating
the movement of her tongue on your clit. With her fingers
she pulls apart the larger outer pussy lips, exposing the
wet, pink insides. She wriggles her tongue quickly back
and forth over your pleasure button. Another barrage of
intense sensations washes over you, causing you to moan
even louder. Up and down her experienced little tongue
pierces the valley between your furry mounds, licking
and sucking. From the top of the slit to the asshole her tongue
leaves a trail of slippery wetness as she caresses your
pussy with her mouth. She loves what she is doing to you and
knowing the pleasure she is giving makes her even more horny.

A sudden sound attracts your attention. You look up and
see him quietly walk into the bedroom grinning from ear
to ear, his cock tall and erect. He kneels down on the floor
behind your girlfriend and begins to caress the small,
shapely globes of her cute little ass with his right hand
before slipping his fingers underneath and into her moistened
slit. Sliding his middle finger into her fuck hole, he masturbates
her, the rubbery folds of her pussy clinging to the shaft
as it moves in and out.

She feels the sudden attention to her behind but is too involved
with your pussy to turn around. Eating pussy is making her
really horny and she welcomes the added stimulation to
the pleasure place between her legs. When she feels a finger
begin to probe into her pussy slot she raises up on her knees,
slides back a little, and opens them, allowing easy access
to her cunt.

He enjoys playing with her cunt and watching her lick your
pussy, but he is horny again, and his hard, aching cock and
full balls beg for release. After a minute, he eases up behind
your girlfriend and, with his hand, guides his cock into
her wet pussy from behind. Immediately, he begins to pump
in and out of her tight, wet hole. He looks over her back and
watches as she continues to lick your cunt even as he is fucking
her from behind. The strong odor of girl sex cream fills
the room.

While she continues to make hard, fast, little circles
on your clit with her tongue, your girlfriend inserts the
middle finger of her right hand into your pussy and begins
to finger-fuck you. The walls of your pussy close tightly
around her finger, massaging it, as the small, quickly
moving shaft slips in and out between the elastic opening
of your girl slit.

When her finger is wet and slippery, she moves it down and
begins to screw it into your up-turned asshole, knowing
how much you enjoy having something pushed inside that
other pleasure hole. With you laying down on the edge of
the bed and pulling your knees back, the dark, puckered
opening is easily accessible to her. She twists her finger
back and forth, pushing it past the initial resistance
of the opening until the first knuckle slips in. Once past
the tight entrance, the finger slides in easily all the
way up to her hand.

She lifts her wet, musky-smelling face from between your
legs and excitedly gazes at your dark rosy butt opening
as she slowly pulls her finger out until only the first knuckle
is still inserted, then pushes the entire finger back in.
Slowly in and out she moves it, enjoying the sight as she
finger-fucks your asshole.

She can tell that she is sending you higher and higher toward
your climax and that makes her feel good inside. It is so
fun to get someone off; such a feeling of power as well as
satisfaction. And she can’t resist the sensual feeling,
the overwhelming magnetic pull that draws her mouth and
tongue back onto your drooling slit. With renewed eagerness
she licks and sucks that wonderful tasty pussy, driven
to make you climax.

He has stopped moving for a minute and watches from behind
your girlfriend as she inserts her finger up your butthole.
He knows you really like that sensation and wonders, again,
how you might like a cock up there instead of just a finger.
One of these days he will find out, and now he is sure that
you will be more than ready to experiment.

When she resumes eating your pussy, you know you are going
to cum soon. The intense stimulation to your clit is building
the fires quickly inside you. You can feel the now familiar
sensation of orgasm growing, expanding as the explosion
of pleasure nears and, when she begins to finger-fuck your
ass, you know it is going to happen, and happen hard.

“Oh, baby … sweet … lick me … fuck meeee … I’m gooooiiiinnng
toooo cummmm …”

Your girlfriend finger-fucks your asshole faster and
more fully, loving the feel of the smooth, warm inside wall
as it grips her finger. Your wetness trickles down your
slit, lubricating the finger as it moves so wantonly in
and out of your ass. Her tongue continues to slide over your
clit constantly scooping up the wetness flowing from your

You suddenly groan and throw your head back, your eyes squeeze
shut and your slender body goes completely rigid in climax.
She moves her head out from between your legs as you bring
your knees together, pressing forcefully as the tremors
of your orgasm make your entire body quiver with sexual
release. Her finger is still completely buried up your
ass and she can feel the contractions of your pussy and asshole
as you cum.

Your girlfriend’s face is completely wet with your pussy
juice. It coats her cheeks and chin. She licks around the
outside of her mouth trying to taste as much as she can as
she watches you enjoy your climax. She really likes the

She also really likes the penetration of his cock in her
horny hot pussy as he, overcome with sexual desire from
watching her lick and fuck you to orgasm, begins to thrust
his hips up and into her from behind.

Feeling the urge to climax herself, your girlfriend pulls
her finger out of your ass and starts to rock back onto his
cock, taking more of his wonderful thickness into her hot
pussy. They set up a nice rhythm, their bodies slamming
together with the exquisite sound and pleasure of sex.
She is so horny from eating your pussy that she knows it won’t
take her long to cum.

He is fucking her hard and fast. He is ready to get off again,
and her gripping cunt is tight and wet and feels so good.
He loves the feeling of the slap of her small, naked ass on
his loins as their bodies come together in deep penetration.
Moving his hands around to the front, he holds her breasts,
his fingers massaging the small, but firm, mounds as he
plays with each hard nipple with his thumbs and sends new
sensations of pleasure through her loins.

Back and forth your girlfriend humps back on his cock, burying
his hot thickness deeply inside her with each delicious
thrust. This feels so good, so wild; she doesn’t want it
to end, but she also wants her orgasm, that intense release
of built up sexual energy they are generating so quickly.

A couple more times and she emits a soft, high sigh and sits
up and back on his lap, twisting and turning her ass onto
his shaft as her orgasm bursts from between her legs and
explodes in her head.

He feels her body go tense with cumming and lets her grind
her sweet ass back onto his cock, the soft skin rubbing over
the front of his thighs. He can feel the spasms of her cunt
walls grip his cock in her orgasm. He holds himself tightly
against her with his hands still around her chest, her two
breasts in his hands and his fingers gently pinching her
hard nipples. His cock is still thick and hard inside her
and he is enjoying the sensation of her climax, though he
has not reached his yet.

When your girlfriend begins to relax a little, she leans
forward again and he backs away from behind her on his knees,
slips out of her, and stands, his still erect prick throbbing
between his legs, wet and shiny with pussy juice.

You had recovered from your orgasm and eagerly watched
the other two fuck on the floor next to the bed. You smile
when you see her cum, glad that he could help her reach that
intense level of pleasure, but it makes you horny again.
When he stands with his cock still thick and hard, you know
what you want.

He stands and glances at you laying on the side on the bed.
You have seen his still-hard erection and turn, laying
across the bed on your back, knees raised and spread, a lewd
smile of invitation across your face.

He quickly gets up on the bed, moves in between your slim,
raised legs and shafts smoothly into your hot, wet, waiting
cunt. You wrap your legs around his ass, pulling him harder
and harder into you as he eagerly balls you for the second
time that night. You know, after fucking your girlfriend,
it will not take him long to cum and you want to make him cum
hard, to feel his pulsing shaft squirting deep inside you.

He is completely caught up in the pleasure and pumps faster
and harder into your tight, fuck hole, almost stabbing
you with his cock. He is really turned on from his sexual
activity with your girlfriend and he wants badly to cum,
to feel that intense feeling of pleasure made all the more
pleasurable by the fact he is fucking you. Harder and faster
he slams into you, quickly building toward his climax.

“That’s right, fuck me hard … Oh, fuck my pussy … Oh, yeah
… fuck … me … good …”

He almost shouts as his orgasm suddenly hits him, thrusting
his cock deep into you and holding it against you as his spurts
flood your cunt. He feels the throbbing spasms continue
for almost a minute, the intensity of his climax leaving
him weak. You grip him tightly between your knees, loving
the feel as he cums inside you. You are hoping he will be cumming
inside you a lot from now on.

As he feels his orgasm subside he rolls off you and lays quietly
beside you on the bed, a dreamy, far-away look on his face.
You and your girlfriend lay next to him, caressing him and
each other’s bodies in the glow of good sex.

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