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Mami Caliente


Well it all started several years ago when my husband wanted
me to try some role playing in the bedroom where he would
be submissive to me and I would be dominating him. He was
a very busy man at work with lots of stress and pressures
from his job and he said he just wanted some mindless sex
to help relieve the stress of the day. I wasn’t sure I liked
the idea of having a submissive husband but we tried some
little things from time to time. My heart wasn’t really
into it and he could tell from my actions and lack of enthusiasm.

One time he asked me to go with him to a vacant house and have
me tie him up and to do whatever I wanted to him. I really didn’t
know what to do He said make me your fuck toy and the naughtier
the better. I wasn’t real sure what I should do so he would
tell me things and I would just half do it. I have never really
looked at any porn or anything like that so I was going just
from the things I had read or heard about in the regular media
and that was pretty tame by the standard he really wanted

Well a little about me I am 5’7” I weigh about 190 lbs and am
what many refer to as a BBW. My husband says the more curves
the better. I have natural red hair and my husband keeps
my pussy shaved and smooth most of the time. I have 40DD breasts
and my husband says they have the beauty of a mature woman
they do sag and the nipples turn up and poke out of most everything
I wear. I have been very conservative most of my life but
last couple of years I got my husband to take me to an all nude
resort in Mexico. I was amazed at how great it felt walking
around nude and having everyone else nude and getting to
see all the different bodies there. I am very pale and would
have my husband rub my entire body with sun screen to keep
from burning.

I would get the best full body massages out in the open by
a male masseuse and I was completely naked and they did not
cover anything up. I know they could see my arousal from
the dampness on my pussy lips. This was probably the launch
point for the sexual adventures that I have been on ever
since. Well that’s enough of that. My man is about 6’ tall
190 lbs and looks good for his age. He has a tan complexion
with dark hair and has an almost insatiable sex drive. His
cock is about 6” long and about 7” around but the most impressive
thing is his big balls, each ball is about the size of a small
egg and they hang nice and loose.

He came to me a couple of weeks ago with this new plan for me
to dominate him. I wasn’t sure at first but I did finally
agree and this is that story

Tuesday evening we were at home and I told him he was to be
clean shaven and silky smooth not only on his face but his
cock and balls too. He was to go in the shower and get hairless
for his Friday night adventure and to stay that way for me
until I told him he could let the hair grow back if at all.
I love the way a man looks with a smoothie, and you know what
they say, “Any man with a smoothie will submit sexually
to any woman that takes control”. I decided that I would
watch him as he went into the shower to shave. CUB-that’s
his nick name while we play this game, stripped and got into
the large shower that is completely open and got all lathered
up I told him to start with his balls and get them shaved first.
He stood facing me with his crotch all lathered up and began
to shave off all the hair.

His cock started to get hard as he was doing this and I enjoyed
making fun of him teasing him about loving to show off for
any woman with his nice smooth balls. He continued to shave
his dick and all around his ass so he was nice and clean and
looked very cute. I had him tell me what he liked about what
he was doing and he said it was very exciting to him to expose
himself and do whatever he was being told. He loved the idea
of a woman making him do things for her pleasure. His dick
was rock hard and as large as I had ever seen it. I decide to
make him jack off for me right there while he was still dripping
wet from the shower. I had him climb up on a stool so his cock
was at eye level and got a big handful of lotion and he started
to really work his prick. He was telling me how good it felt
to be all smooth and on display for me. I told him he had only
60 seconds left to cum or he would have to wait until Friday

I liked the feeling of controlling his orgasms and I knew
he would not make it and this would just make him more submissive
and obedient for the rest of the week. Well I do not think
I have ever seen anyone jack off that fast his hand was just
a blur but he still didn’t make it. I put on some handcuffs
with his hands behind his back and had him come over to me
and eat my pussy for the next 15 minutes and told him if he
didn’t do a good job he wouldn’t get to come on Friday either.
CUB is an excellent pussy eater and brought me to two mind-blowing
orgasms. I was starting to like this idea of being in charge
of his sex.

I had him stay naked for the rest of the evening and we left
the cuffs on to make sure he didn’t try to beat off while I
wasn’t looking. I got on the internet and asked him where
I should start surfing around for some ideas about this
domination thing we had going .He told me about where there
was plenty of great sites and my pussy got all wet again while
I was looking so I had CUB come over and crawl under the desk
and lick my pussy while I told him about what I was finding.
This was all moving pretty fast for me but I came across a
site that had the rules for the submissive man game. This
was the jackpot for me, a complete how to guide and I just
started reading this out loud.

We were already doing some of the things on the list and I
decided this was going to be the best week of his sex life.

From that moment on I told him rule #1 that he was to remain
naked unless I told him to get dressed, he was not to wear
any underwear except for the little panties I gave him and
he could only wear them with my permission.

He was not allowed to cum without my permission, no unsupervised
masturbation; I also decided that he would have to sit to
pee from now on so he couldn’t touch his cock any more than
necessary. The one thing I was not sure about was the list said that anytime
he ejaculated he had to consume his cum. If he came in me he
had to eat my pussy, if he came on me he had to lick it up and
if I had him jack off or I jacked him off he would have to eat
that as well. It said this was non- negotiable, so I said
hey CUB do you still want to play because if you say yes now
this was going to be the rule and there would be no exception,
if he didn’t want to he was never to bring this subject up
again. He only thought for about two seconds and he said
yes he wanted to be completely submissive to me and he was
willing to do whatever I would make him do.

I had my third orgasm of the night and I still had a whole evening
ahead of me. It is very different feeling having a man between
your legs pleasuring your pussy just for your enjoyment
with no expectation of getting any sex in return.

I decided we would go for a little ride like it said on the
list. I had him put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and get
in the car on the passenger side. We went to some less traveled
roads just outside of town and then I had him strip completely
and put his clothes in the back seat. It was already dark
outside so I turned on the dome light and I told him to make
himself hard and then to lean his seat back and keep his hands
away. I would just reach over every now and then and keep
him on the edge, his dick was leaking pre cum and I just scooped
it up on my finger and feed him his first taste of cum and he
sucked it off my fingers like he was starving and this was
his favorite meal.

I then decided to get up on the highway and drove around until
I could pass a couple female truck drivers then I would turn
the dome light back on and drive by very slowly and made sure
they got a good look. They would honk their horns and let
me know they enjoyed the display. I then stopped at a rest
area and had him stay in the car while I walked around and
found another female trucker and had her come over to the
car and take a closer look. She was very interested in the
fact that he would just sit there and be on display with a
rock hard dick. We just stood there for a little while and
talked about things I could do with my new boy toy.

It was getting late so I got back in the car and we started
home. I had him tell me about all his dirty little secrets
that he had ever dreamed about or fantasized about. When
we got closer to our home I stopped at a secluded spot and
had him get out of the car and walk around to my side, his dick
was still rock hard and wet on the end, again I wiped the his
cock head and had him bend over and feed him some more of his
pre cum. He said he was about to burst, one of the things the
trucker told me was just grab his balls and pull down hard
and hold them and that will stop him from Cuming most every
time so that is what I did, he was standing there outside
the car with me holding his balls completely naked and loving
every minute of it. I held him there for about a minute and
then gave him his shirt and then his shorts and had him get
back into the car and we drove home.

I was so wet, I had already cum three time tonight but when
we got in the garage I had him come around to the driver’s
side again and get on his knees and eat me right there in the
car. I grabbed a hold of his head and rode his face until I
came again. I had him strip and then we went to bed. I slept
like a baby and he had a restless night but he was a good husband
and did not jack off, he couldn’t wait for more instructions.

Wednesday morning we got up and I had him fix me breakfast
and then had him get in the shower and bath me and dry me off.
He loved being able to be so close to my naked flesh and to
touch and handle every part of my body. He was paying special
attention to my large breast and to my big round fanny. I
even had him lick my ass to make sure he had gotten it cleaned.
I decided he would not wear any underwear to work that day.
I had him get himself hard again right there in front of me
as I finished getting dressed and then told him to get dressed
as instructed and off to work we went.

I sent him a text message about 10 am and told him to make some
reservations at a nice hotel for Friday night’s activities
and then I wanted to meet him for lunch at a new restaurant
a little way out of town. He made the reservations as I had
asked and he was at the restaurant when I arrived. We chatted
about ordinary things for a few minutes and then I said he
needed to follow me into the ladies restroom. He was a little
nervous but came along. I went in first to make sure no one
else was in there and then had him come in to one of the stalls.
I had him pull down his pants to his ankles and get his dick
hard for me right there. Here we were I was sitting on the
toilet and he was standing in front of me with his pants around
his ankles and working his hairless dick and his big fat
balls were just slapping his hand as he worked it. Once he
got it nice and hard I made him stop and I pulled out a little
scarf and tied it around his dick and balls so they looked
like a little present. I told him he would leave that on for
the rest of the day to remind him that they were my dick and
balls now not his.

I stood up and turned around and had him eat my pussy again
until I came, it was very exciting when someone else came
in to use the rest room and I made him keep eating and licking
me, that just put me over the edge and I came all over his face
and in his mouth. I had him lick up all the juice from my pussy
and thighs and then had him pull up his pants I told him not
to wipe his face but leave the juice there. I stepped out
and checked again to make sure the coast was clear and had
him come out and go back to the table.

When the waitress came over to take our order I ordered a
meal for me and told her he had just had his dessert and wasn’t
hungry for anything else, she looked at him and then back
at me with a knowing smile and said if he needed any more of
that desert she could probably find some for him, we both
giggled at that and she went on. The rest of the meal was great
having him sit there with my cum all over his face and knowing
his dick and balls were all tied up and that this was what
he wanted.

That evening I sent him a text message and told him when he
got into his car to come home he was to pull his pants down
to his knees and drive carefully home so he wouldn’t get
stopped. Once he got home he was to take off all his clothes
in the garage and leave them there. He was a little late getting
home, he said there was a wreck on the road coming home and
he had to sit in the traffic for 20 minutes. He said his dick
got hard while he was thinking about the fact that his dick
and balls were on display and that anyone could have seen
him if they just walked by.

I had him do a number of chores around the house in the nude
while I made dinner. He told me he was horny all day long after
lunch and couldn’t stop thinking about the scarf around
his male package. I told him to hurry up and eat because I
had a friend from work coming over to talk. He ate quickly
and then cleaned up all the dishes and then I said this should
be fun for you. I handcuffed his hands behind his back and put him in the
closet in our family room. It has louvered doors so he could
see out. I told him to be very quiet and to listen, he might
learn something. About ten minutes later the door bell
rang and I went and let in my friend Sonya, she was another
woman about my same age that CUB had never meet.

We came in and sat down and started with just some office
talk then I asked her what she knew about being a Dominatrix.
She got a very big smile and asked me why I wanted to know.
I told her that my husband wanted me to dominate him sexually
and he wanted me to be a Dominatrix but I wanted to hear what
other women had to say about it before I decided if I wanted
to play along. Sonya said she had never told anyone else
but that she was a Dominatrix with her husband and had been
for the past 7 years. She said the whole experience had made their marriage so
much better, the sex was fantastic, he was attentive and
she had an orgasm every time she wanted one. Most of all she
didn’t have to worry about him having an affair or looking
somewhere else for some sexual excitement everything
he ever wanted he was now getting at home. She leaned in to
me and asked if my husband was at home and I told her yes but
he was tied up so we didn’t need to worry about being interrupted.
She asked me what I have done so far, I basically told her
everything I have written above and she said she was very
impressed that I had done so much already.

She told me that the humiliation and exposure was a very
important part of the excitement for the males and the more
you could do that the better it was for most men. She also
said I needed to be very discrete to keep our little secret
safe. She then told me about some of the things she had done
with her husband. She would make him get his cock to attention
every morning before he woke her up with her first cup of
coffee in his hand, she would have him work himself to attention
everyday at lunch while she had him on the phone and then
she would also have him strip in the garage and come inside
with an erection to greet her at home. She said she liked
getting him to the edge at least 3 times a day so when he did
cum it was almost always a big load.

She fully endorsed the idea if they ejaculate they must
eat it. She said she would have him fuck her in every room
of the house until he was just about to cum and then make him
stop and do something else until he calmed down. She also
said that grabbing their balls and pulling downward firmly
was a sure fired way to keep them from going over the edge.
She said she also like to squeeze his balls while she was
pulling down to assert a little more dominance, you will
be surprised how agreeable your man becomes when you have
his balls in your hand with a firm grip.

She also said what she enjoyed the most about all this was
the oral sex she really loved it when she would have him fuck
her after a great oral sex session and then she made him eat
her fucked messy pussy for as long as she like and would cum
herself several times. She said that her husband now prefers
the taste of her pussy after it has been fucked and she really
likes the feel of his mouth on her freshly fucked pussy as
he gently eats and licks her to orgasm. She thinks all the
cum he has been eating has actually made his dick a little

Sonya then asked me if I wanted to humiliate my husband by
making him expose himself to her tonight. I think I came
right then just from the thought of seeing my husband naked
handcuffed and both of us completely clothed I said I wasn’t
sure if he would like that but she said that was part of the
fun. You make them do things they didn’t think they really
liked but were hoping you would make them do it. I decide
to give it a try and went over to the closet and lead my very
embarrassed little man to the middle of the room by his cock
that was almost purple from the strain, it was slick from
all the pre cum that had been oozing out as he had listened
to all we said.

I wiped the head and all down his shaft and got all of his precum
on my finger; I could see him looking at it and wondering
if I was going to make him eat it in front of my friend. I just
said you know the rules or do you want to quit now, he just
opened his mouth and closed his eyes and I fed him my fingers,
he licked them clean and I told him to open his eyes it was
not polite to ignore my guest. Sonya had him turn around
and said she was impressed that he had such nice big balls,
quite the handful she said. She said may I grab them CUB was
as red as a beet with embarrassment as I told Sonya yes go

She had him turn away from us and she reached between his
legs and grabbed his balls and held them in her hands as if
she was weighing them and sizing them up. We stood there
and looked him over talking about what a great husband I
had and how this was going to make him even better. Sonya
and I talked a few more minutes with CUB standing there erect
and hands cuffed behind his back and then she said she had
to go. I had CUB walk her to the door and open it for her as she
told us goodbye we stood there with the door open until she
got in her car.

I closed the door and then I had him drop to his knees right
there as I leaned against the front door and he gave me a great
orgasm with his very skilled mouth. I had him bend over and
I spanked his big fat balls that were hanging down like two
big plums in a sack. He slept like a baby that night, he had
gone for 5 days now without having an orgasm and he was still
very happy to play this game. I on the other hand had more
orgasms in the last 3 days then I did in the previous three
months. I was really starting to like this. Thursday morning started off with CUB reshaving his entire
pubic area and getting himself to the edge of orgasm again
for me. I decided he would wear some little silk panties
today but first I tied up just his balls this time with a nice
pink ribbon to remind him whose balls they were. I sent him
a couple of text messages during the day like, Have you been
taking care of my balls today? Do you want to go out to dinner
tonight and have your special desert again? Do you think
our waitress would like to see your pretty balls all tied
up? When 5pm rolled around I was feeling very randy and sent
CUB another text. I want you to leave work at 6pm sharp and
go to your car remove your pants and your silk panties and
hang them on the rear view mirror put your pants back on but
leave the ribbon sticking out of your zipper so it shows
and meet me at the restaurant at 7pm sharp don’t be late or
there will be no desert for you tonight.

He later told me that it was very difficult to get the panties
off in the car without everyone knowing what he was doing
but he did manage. He showed up right on time and he did look
very embarrassed walking thru the restaurant to get to
our seat with a pink ribbon sticking out of his pants. He
was very flushed and right after he sat down the waitress
came over and asked if we needed anything, she was the same
one we had 2 days earlier. I told her my husband was going
to just have his special desert but I would like a diet coke.
When she walked away I asked CUB how he would feel if I was
to show his dick and balls off to the waitress, since this
was not a restaurant that we normally went to I thought this
would be safe and daring all at the same time.

He said it would be very embarrassing but I will do anything
you tell me. I smiled and then put my plan in action, when
she came back with the drink I asked her if she had ever seen
a man naked who liked to be dominated by women? She said no
but she thinks see would like to see that. I told her that
I was willing to show her my husband who was a man who wanted
to be dominated. She got a sparkle in her eyes and said she
would like that very much but wasn’t sure how that could
happen right now. I told her to meet me in the ladies room
in 5 minutes and off she went.

I told CUB to follow me again and he did. I went in and we had
to wait for another lady to finish then I had him come in and
get in the stall and strip completely this time. I had him
put all his clothes on the back of the toilet and made him
turn around and I cuffed his hands again behind his back
this left him completely exposed and his dick was sticking
out like a flag pole with the pretty pink ribbon still tied
around his balls. I said it looks like you are excited to
be here and you must really like having women look at you
in this state. I heard the door open to the ladies room and
I took a peak and it was our waitress she looked very flushed
herself, I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. I just
opened the door to the stall and pushed her inside and stood
outside so she could get a good look. I could hear her tell
him to turn around very slowly so she could see everything
and then she told him to stop and I guess she was just admiring
the sight. She came out and she had the biggest smile I think I had ever
seen she thanked me and said she would get my food to the table
in about ten minutes. I went back inside and I had to grab
his balls and pull them down to keep him from exploding all
over the floor. I bent over and had him eat my pussy from behind
until I came. Once again he had his face covered in my juices
and his dick was leaking again. I scooped it all up and had
him suck it off my fingers. I uncuffed him and had him dress
quickly and we went back to the table. We had a very pleasant dinner as the waitress was very attentive
and CUB was very embarrassed. I told him to remove his pants
in his car and drive home like that. When we got home he stripped
again in the garage and was in the family room with his huge
erection as he had been instructed. I then had him come to
the bedroom and lay down on the bed on his back and pull up
his legs and hold them as wide open as he could I took the leather
whip he had purchased years ago and spanked his big fat ball
until they were glowing nice and red. I reminded him that
tomorrow was the grand performance and to think long and
hard about it as he slept. Tomorrow would be his last chance
to end this or else he would be my submissive male from now
on and whatever I said was the way it was.

Well today was the big day and I was up early and I woke CUB
woke up with my mouth wrapped around his cock he got a great
big smile on his face. I was slowly working up and down the
shaft with my right hand and would take the head in my mouth
and lick around the rim of his nice mushroom head. I was thoroughly
enjoying this because I felt like this was just for me and
I could do it as long as I liked or stop whenever I wanted to.
I could feel his balls tighten up so I knew he was getting
close. I grabbed his balls and pulled them down firmly and
held them there until the need passed. I asked him CUB are
you sure you want to do this and he said yes more than ever
this had been a great week for him. With that I slapped his
cock and balls and he softened up a little.

I told him go get ready for work no underclothing at all today
but I would tie up the balls again. I got a nice feminine scarf
and after all his prepping I tied up his balls with the scarf.
I told him to have a good day and I would see him in his new role
tonight at 6pm sharp at the hotel. My pussy was wet all day
and I had to stop in to the ladies room twice just to scratch
the itch. I left work at about 4 pm and went over to the hotel
and checked in and then sent a text to CUB and told him what
room I was in. I went inside and took a nice long hot shower,
it was so relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I got
dried off and whent and got on the internet. I looked at a
number of the web sites again to finalize my plan for my husband’s
new role starting tonight.

I had brought several toys and props for tonight and got
them all laid out. I dressed up in a very short skirt and top
that showed off my ample fanny and tits suspender stockings
and nothing else. I put on some bright red lipstick and some
other cosmetics to enhance the mood. I also put on a Blonde
wig and now the show was ready to begin. CUB sent me a text
message when he go to the lobby as I had told him, I message
back to come to the room and stand in front of the door knock
three time and wait for a message. He was up the 4 floors in
a flash and I heard the knocks. I sent him a message look both
ways and if the halls are clear knock once. He knocked once
and I sent him another message strip and knock twice when
you are completely naked.

It was only a minute later that I heard two quick knocks and
then I opened the door and looked him up and down and told
him to get down on all fours and crawl in to the room. He was
quite surprised with all the props and wig but did everything
as I had told him. What a rush of power here was my wonderful
man naked with his balls tied up on his hand and knees and
willing to do anything I told him to do. I had him come over
to the couch and eat my pussy right there it was sopping wet
from all the planning and now that I had decided to fully
embrace this Dominatrix lifestyle for my sweet husband.

I came quickly the first time and then I made him stand and
turn around and I cuffed his hands behind his back again
I also had him bend over and I started milking his big fat
balls like they were teats on a cow, pulling and stretching
and pulling and squeezing them. I told him that tonight
he was going to get to cum and that he would have his first
of many meals of man juice. I decide that was a great name
for what would come out of his dick because a man was going
to eat it. I asked him if would do anything I asked him to do
without question, I think the questions was a little unfair
because I was stroking his cock very slowly as keeping him
on the edge as we talked. He said yes he would and I was very
pleased with that.

We talk about all kinds of naughty subjects that he had fantasized
about, read about or just thought about. You would be surprised
of the things your man thinks about when you can get him to
tell you everything. I did have him finger me and fuck me
with a dildo two more time over the next couple of hours.
I was light headed from all the endorphins floating around
from the sexual attention I had been receiving. I had him
go stand in the corner of the room and ordered room service
and he was naked and cuffed and his dick was still rock hard.
The room service was delivered by a woman and I had her bring
in the cart and put it on the table. I do not think she saw him
in the corner at first but I stopped her and was looking for
a pen to sign the check when I saw her eyes pop open as she saw
him there.

She got a big smile and asked me why he was like that. I told
her he had been a bad boy and was being punished; she just
giggled and went on her way. I had CUB come over and feed me
to build up some more strength and made sure we had plenty
to drink to keep the fluids going. We had some very hot talk
as I ate and then I said it was time for the main course. I went
over to the bed and had CUB follow me and then I uncuffed him
and said I want you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can and
I do not want you to stop until you have cum in my pussy I want
all that sweet man juice to fill me up. I know that you have
been saving it for me all week.

I laid down on my back and pulled my legs up my pussy was dripping
wet and ready and I said come and get it big boy. He wasted
no time in sticking his nice rock hard piece of man meat into
my dripping wet snatch and he started to bang away. It was
a fantastic fuck with his big full balls slapping against
my cunt as he pounded away. It only took a couple minutes
of this fast and furious fucking for him to announce that
he was about to cum, I said don’t you dare stop until you have
filled up my cunt with your man juice. He did just that just
seconds later I could feel him squirting shot after shot
of all that pent up juice into my waiting pussy.

He slumped over me from all the effort he put into that fucking
I told him to roll onto his back and he did. I quickly got on
top of him and settled my pussy just inches above his face
and said now its submissive time. Eat my fucked pussy and
do not miss one little drop and with that I sat my gaping cunt
down on his mouth. I could feel him sucking and licking all
that wonderful man juice and it was sliding right down into
his mouth. He had to swallow a couple of times to get it all
and he was eating me like he was starving. This was the best
feeling I have ever had a man between my legs eating my just
fucked pussy full of the juice he just put there and he was
loving it.

I knew he was loving it because his prick was still rock hard
and standing up right in front of my face. Two orgasms later
I was as happy as I could be and I knew this was going to be a
new way of life and that I would never want to go back to the
old way. I got down in the bed on all fours and had him come
up behind me and ride my nice round fanny until he came again.
I had two more orgasms while he was fucking me because it
took about 20 minutes of steady stroking before he was ready
to blow again. I just couldn’t resist I made him stick it
in my cunt one more time and hold it there as he unload inside
me again this time I think he came even more than last time
and I had him lay there for a minute then I told him get down
there and do your duty. Eat that fucked pussy ” Clean Up Boy
“ and you better not miss any again. He was even more eager
this time than last and I could tell he couldn’t get enough.
I was stroking his hair as he ate my pussy and I asked him Is
this what you wanted because I will always have you being
the “Clean Up Boy” for now on.

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I (Female) have just started exploring submissiveness/domination
with my partner. So far I have been the submissive. But wow...I
think I'm going to try the domination role real soon!!!!

Wonderful story


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Ah.. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.
You'll have him in a CB-3000 soon enough. Then you'll
be doing other men.


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nice story and of a good length too most are far too short,
hoping you develope this theme and get a lot more kinky and
push the envelope......cause you can write well xxx


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awesome story my cock is hard reading it .i long to be a submissive
like this mmmmmmmmmmmmmm