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By: Nouveauxman

This is a work of fiction. The history is not fictional;
however, any similarity between the characters of this
story and any actual persons, living or dead, is purely
coincidental. Any person under eighteen or anyone who
does not wish to view the explicit sexual situations or
language contained in this story should exit now. All rights

Madeleine Dubois and the other four members of her Resistance
cell had already spent a long evening hunched over the small
radio in Jean Carteret’s study in Caen, about ten miles
from the Normandy coast. They were listening to a long string
of “personal’ messages broadcast over the BBC such as,
“The Eiffel Tower will not fall, ” John has a long mustache, ”
or “The fox is in the henhouse.” Some of these cryptic messages
meant nothing at all and were just jabberwocky. Others
were coded orders, nonsense to anyone listening, including
German intelligence, except for the particular Resistance
cells for whom each message was intended. This night, however,
Madeleine and thousands of other Resistance fighters
all over France were interested in poetry. Specifically,
they were anxiously listening for the second line of “Chanson
d’Automne [Song of Autumn]”, a nineteenth century poem
by Paul Verlaine. It was going to be a long night, this night
of the fifth of June, 1944.

Just four days earlier, on June 1, in that same study, they
had excitedly heard the first line of that poem as it crackled
across the channel, “Les sanglots long des violons de l’automne
[The long sobs of the violins of autumn].” They knew that
those words represented the first half of a message announcing
the long awaited Anglo-American invasion of Hitler’s
Festung Europa [Fortress Europe]. The second line of the
poem would announce that the invasion would begin within
twenty-four hours. After that would come more messages
sending the individual Resistance cells into action against
the German occupation.

Not far from Caen, in a large chateau which had been converted
to German intelligence use, the German Seventh Army’s
intelligence chief, Colonel Hermann von Steuben was also
anxiously awaiting that same bit of poetry. In January,
Admiral Wilhem Canaris, then chief of all German intelligence,
had warned his intelligence chiefs of the anticipated
message’s significance. Von Steuben was alerted on June
1 by his radio operators that the first part of the message
had been intercepted, and it had been re-broadcast again
during the nights of the second, third and fourth. Now he
was waiting for the remaining shoe to drop.

Adolf Hitler and most of the German high command firmly
believed that the invasion would come in the Pas-de-Calais
area directly across the channel from England at its narrowest
point. The Allies had reinforced that belief through the
execution of a brilliant deception plan, “Operation Fortitude”,
designed to draw German defense efforts away from the true
target, Normandy. The strong German 15th Army with its
powerful Panzer divisions was stationed near the Pas-de-Calais,
and the undermanned 7th Army held the Normandy beaches
and fields. Moreover, almost no-one expected the invasion
to be launched in early June for a variety of reasons. The
most important of these was the weather, which had already
been miserable for several days and was forecast to be just
as miserable for several more. This, coupled with the tidal
schedules, mitigated against a landing until late June
or early July.

Field Marshall Ervin Rommel, chief of Army Group B and the
man most responsible for the building and reinforcement
of the Atlantic Wall during the past year, had gone home
to Germany to visit his wife for a few days. Most of the generals
responsible for the defense of the French coast were in
Rennes for a Kriegsspeil exercise [war games]. None of
them believed the Verlaine message to be of any real importance.
After all, they had intercepted so many misleading messages
from England, and surely the allies would not be foolish
enough to announce their coming over the radio. As a precaution,
the 15th Army was placed on alert, but the 7th was not.

Colonel von Steuben, however, remained edgy. Because
of information gleaned from French informants and his
belief in the validity of the Verlaine message, he felt
strongly that the invasion was imminent and that it would
come in Normandy.

While von Steuben was thinking only of the invasion, Madeleine
Dubois’ thoughts turned to him and the humiliations that
she had suffered at his hands.

In 1939, Madeline and her husband Paul Dubois had been supremely
happy. And why not? Paul Dubois was a handsome twenty-six
year old lawyer and gentleman farmer with a beautiful and
talented twenty-one year old wife who was also a nurse at
the local hospital. They owned a lovely home in Caen and
two large estates complete with chateaus which had been
in their respective families for generations. They had
been married in June, and made love in their bed at their
home in Caen every evening. Neither cared that the other
was inexperienced at the art of sex. Neither had ever known
another carnally, and they were in love. Life was good.


All that changed when Hitler’s armies invaded Poland on
September 1, 1939. Paul was a reserve major in the French
army and was called up when France mobilized after declaring
war against Germany. Then in May, 1940, when the Germans
blitzkrieg sliced through France, Paul was captured and,
along with many of his countrymen, was sent to Germany as
a slave laborer. Madeleine was overwhelmed with grief
at first and then with her job as a nurse and the responsibility
of managing two estates. Ultimately she was forced to resign
her position as a nurse to give her full attention to the
estates. She spent her days overseeing the estates andlaboring
in the fields with her tenants. Her nights were spent alone
crying for her husband. Then came Colonel Hermann von Steuben.

When he was assigned to the area as intelligence chief,
von Steuben’s first task was to find a suitable headquarters
site for himself and his unit. He settled on one of the Dubois
chateaus largely because of its size and location, but
also because of its mistress. She was there on the day of
von Steuben’s inspection of the chateau, and, if the truth
be known, he spent as much time inspecting Madeleine as
he did evaluating the premises.

Even though she was just wearing a light summer working
dress with her hair tied up in a scarf, Madeleine was a obviously
a classic French beauty. Her full breasts were accentuated
by her trim, curvaceous figure and her long shapely legs.
Von Steuben was smitten with lust. On her part, Madeleine
couldn’t help but notice that von Steuben was a handsome
man, particularly so in the uniform of a Wermacht colonel.
He was tall, trim and muscular, and his Aryan good looks
and unwavering gaze made Madeleine extremely nervous.
She trembled as his azure eyes lustfully devoured her body,
and as she nervously pulled her scarf from her head, her
beautiful cinnamon hair tumbled in natural curls about
her shoulders. She was as lovely as a Renoir painting, and
von Steuben knew at that moment that he had to have her.

Although he could have simply confiscated her chateau,
von Steuben agreed to pay Madeleine a very generous rental
for its use. He even agreed to allow her tenants to remain
on the estate and continue to work it for her, as long as they
stayed away from the main chateau. Madeleine wasn’t happy
with trading with the enemy, but it was better than being
evicted. Moreover, she could certainly use the additional

During the following week von Steuben’s unit moved into
the chateau, and he proceeded to gather intelligence about
Madeleine and her absent husband. He learned everything
about her. He also made inquiries and found out that Paul
was taken from France to a prison work camp in Germany. He
also learned other interesting information about Paul
as well. Armed with the results of his inquiries and wearing
his best dress uniform and accoutrements, von Steuben
presented himself at Madeleine’s home late one evening.
He knocked heavily at the door.

“Thump, thump, thump.” THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!”

Madeleine had been sitting at her kitchen table clad only
in her long sleeping chemise and a light silk robe given
to her by Paul. A bottle of red wine which was two-thirds
empty was open in front of her, and her glass was half full
She had been trying to drink herself into a stupor so that
she could sleep until the heavy hammering at the door shattered
the silence of her alcohol induced reverie. She arose quickly
and hurried to the door thinking that some emergency had
arisen. It wouldn’t have been the first time that her nursing
skills were required in the middle of the night.

“Who’s there? she said through the heavy oak.

“Colonel Hermann von Steuben”, he replied, with heavy
emphasis on the “von”.

Startled, she inquired, “What do you want at this time of
night? I’m not dressed, and I’m going to bed.”

Von Steuben chuckled to himself and said under his breath,
“Yes you are, my pretty pet! I’m going to bed you.” Then,
“Please let me in. It’s important!”

Madeleine replied, “It can’t be so important that it can’t
wait until morning. Besides, I’m a married lady and do not
entertain men in my home at night, particularly German

“I think you’ll make an exception in this case, ” he responded,
“It’s about your husband.”

The door flew open. “Paul? You have news of Paul?” She hadn’t
heard from him since his capture. “Is he.....?”

“No, no, my dear! He’s perfectly all right, ” May I now come

“Of course. Please do come in Colonel. Wait one moment, ”
Madeleine anxiously replied. Although she was practically
hyperventilating at the thought of news of Paul, she remembered
her manners. “I was having a glass of wine in the kitchen.
Would you care for a glass? We can go into the salon to talk.”


“Yes, I would like a glass of wine, von Steuben replied.
“But the salon isn’t necessary. Let’s both go into the kitchen
It’s more informal, and I’m sure that you are anxious for
the news.”

“Oh yes!” said Madeleine. Before she turned to lead him
into the kitchen, von Steuben drank in the sight of her heaving
breasts. He could see her erect nipples and the dark shadows
of her areolae through the thin cotton chemise. His cock
began to stir. She felt the heat of his lustful eyes upon
her and instinctively pulled her robe about her to cover
herself. “Follow me, ” she said.

Once inside the kitchen, von Steuben sat in the proffered
chair and watched as Madeleine stood on tiptoes to reach
another glass in the cupboard. As she strained upward to
reach it, her rounded derriere and legs were accentuated
to their full advantage. Von Steuben, Prussian gentleman
that he was, normally would have leaped to her aid and procured
the glass himself, but he was enjoying the show. His cock
stirred again. Madeleine finally grasped a wineglass,
demurely seated herself at the table and filled both of
their glasses.

“Now, please tell me about Paul, ” Madeleine said softly.


Von Steuben spent the next fifteen minutes in detailed
discourse about her husband. He told her that Paul had been
wounded in action but had fully recovered. He was now in
a labor camp outside of Essen and was in good health. Von
Steuben astounded Madeleine by telling her that he had
actually spoken to the commandant of the camp and asked
him to inform Paul that Madeleine was well and would soon
be corresponding with him. She could write to him and von
Steuben would have her letters delivered. Unfortunately,
prisoners were not permitted to write or send letters out.


Tears of relief and joy were now running down Madeleine’s
cheeks, and the ever solicitous colonel dried them with
his handkerchief. Madeleine continued to pump him for
more details about her husband, and for every question
she posed, he had a smiling answer.

Finally, after another thirty minutes of pleasant conversation
and several more glasses of wine from a second bottle, Madeleine
was completely at her ease. Her robe had fallen apart again,
but she took no notice. Von Steuben did, however, and his
loins were now afire. Madeleine again realized how handsome
the smiling colonel was and mused that if she were not already
married and he were not her country’s enemy, she would certainly
be interested in him. She felt a stirring in her loins but
immediately dismissed the feeling. Finally, she gushed.,
“Colonel, you are too kind. I don’t know how to thank you.”


Von Steuben stood up from the table, clicked the heels of
his jackboots together in the German fashion and raised
his glass in a toast. “To your husband, Paul, and his continued
health, ” he said unctuously. Madeleine scurried to her
feet and happily joined him in the toast. She was a little
giddy now and was warmed by the good news, the alcohol, and
his presence.

Von Steuben abruptly set his glass down on the table, reached
around Madeleine’s waist with both hands, pulled her to
him and kissed her passionately and deeply. Madeleine
was momentarily paralyzed as his muscular arms encircled
her and his tongue probed the inside of her mouth. It had
been so long since a man had held and kissed her, and her body
was longing to respond. She briefly opened her mouth and
sucked on his tongue. Hers leapt forward into his mouth
and she moaned. Then, she dropped her glass, and the sound
of it shattering on the floor brought her back to her senses.
She tried to push von Steuben away.

She panted, “No, we can’t do this. I can’t do this! Stop!”
Von Steuben ignored her and burrowed his face into her neck,
kissing her repeatedly. “Stop it! she screamed and kicked
him in the shin. She almost fell as von Steuben released
her. He stepped back, smiling as Madeleine fought to regain
her balance and her composure.

“We can’t do this, ” she cried. “I can’t do this. I’m married.
I love Paul, and I can’t do this with you. I thought you were
a gentleman, but you are a pig!”

Von Steuben’s calm, cool demeanor never changed. His eyes
narrowed slightly as he spoke evenly, “I want you, and I
will have you now, that is, if you want your husband to continue
to enjoy good health. You know, there are other camps where
the work is harder, the food less available, and the disease
and mortality rates higher. Some prisoners even contract
poisoning, lead poisoning, if you know what I mean. If you
ever want to see your precious Paul again, you will do whatever
I want you to do, whenever I want you to do it. From this moment
on, you are my mistress. Besides, you were enjoying what
I was doing to you, and you will enjoy what comes next even
more. Now, come here Madame Dubois. Let us begin again.”


Madeleine shuddered. In the brief moments that the colonel
was speaking, her entire world came crashing in upon her.
Her hopes lay shattered on the floor with the shards of her
wineglass. She was numbed by the wine and the impact of his
words. She was utterly defeated, but she uttered a last
curse, “Swine!”

Von Steuben relished the moment as he saw the look of hopelessness
in her eyes. As Madeleine bowed her head in surrender, he
unsnapped his belt and removed it and the attached holstered
pistol. He slowly unbuttoned and removed his tunic and
undershirt and placed them on the table with the belt and
weapon. He then seated himself again on a chair and beckoned
to Madeleine to approach.

He crisply ordered, “Help me with my boots. Surely you know
how.” Madeleine nodded dumbly, and complied. After each
boot had clunked to its respective resting place on the
kitchen floor, he spoke again, “Remain right where you
are. Don’t move.” Madeleine hung her head in fear and shame.
Von Steuben leaned over , removed his socks and bounced
each of them off the top of Madeleine’s bowed head. Again
he stood and slowly removed his cavalry pants. Now he was
naked save for his undershorts. His rampant prick acted
as a tent pole against the strained fabric.

“Look up, ” he ordered. Madeleine complied and inhaled
sharply. Tears began rolling down her cheeks as she fully
comprehended what was happening to her. Von Steuben sneered,
“Don’t cry my pretty pet. You won’t have to wait much longer.
Now, remove my shorts and see the instrument of your future
pleasure.” Madeleine hesitated a moment, then sighed
and pulled his shorts down around his ankles. His proud
cock sprung outward and upward like a curved javelin launched
into thin air. He stepped out of them to stand naked in front
of her. She gasped in shock, wonder, and fear. He was huge!
She had only seen one prick in her life, and it was much shorter,
thinner, and un-circumcised.. Madeleine shuddered again.
She was frightened but strangely fascinated by the angry
reddish-purple, mushroomed headed organ waving in her

Von Steuben returned to his seat and crooned, “Do you like
what you see, my love? He’s ready for you. Come and welcome
him with a kiss.”

Madeleine was repulsed. “No, absolutely not. I’ve never
done that, even with my husband.” The truth of the matter
was that she and Paul had never tried any form of oral sex.
She had read about it, heard about it, and was curious about
it. But she was too shy to broach the topic with Paul. In fact,
she and Paul were reared in conservative Catholic homes
and only made love in the missionary position. Now she was
being asked to kiss another man’s cock. She couldn’t shame
herself by complying with his request.

Only it was not a request. It was an order. Von Steuben made
that perfectly clear when he said, “You will now come over
here and kiss my cock, and I mean NOW!” Defeated again, Madeleine
knee walked over to von Steuben, leaned over and tentatively
planted a small kiss on the head of his cock. His pre-cum
basted her lips, and she recoiled, wiping her lips with
the back of her hand. Von Steuben laughed and said, “Not
good enough, pet. Come and suck me with that beautiful virgin
mouth. He grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and
forced her downward. “Suck it, ” he hissed again. “Suck
it now!”

Madeleine opened her mouth and took the head of his rigid
cock inside. It was surprisingly soft, and the pre-cum
oozing from it was not unpalatable. “That’s more like it
love. Now lick it.” She followed his instructions. She
removed her mouth and licked all over the spongy head. “Now,
lick up and down the shaft, ” he urged. She quickly complied
and was again impressed with the length and thickness of
his raging member.

“Now suck it again, sweetheart. I want to fuck your lovely
mouth with my cock.” She was repelled by his crudity, but
she complied with his orders. First, she took the head into
her mouth again and then took a little more. His hand at the
back of her neck pulled her forward as he began to pump in
and out of her sucking warmth. Her right hand clutched the
base of his cock as she slurped it.

As she engulfed more and more of him with every stroke, Madeleine
felt herself becoming aroused against her will. She tried
to control her body, but it was betraying her. “Oh no, this
can’t be happening, ” she thought, “I’m wet.” And wet she
was. She felt her fluids running down her legs as the heat
between her legs began to increase. She surreptitiously
reached between her legs with her left hand and began to
caress her clitoris with her fingers. She was on fire now.

Her actions did not go unnoticed by von Steuben. “That’s
it. Finger fuck yourself.”

Von Steuben was fucking her face with a vengeance, and his
rampant cock bumped the back of her throat. She gagged momentarily
but sucked ferociously at the invading cock in an attempt
to take all of it into her mouth. She couldn’t do it, but she
was trying desperately. The rigid cock began to throb,
and she knew that he was about to come. Although she was dreading
the impending flood, she hoped that it would happen soon.
If she satisfied him orally, maybe he wouldn’t her.
She knew too that she was also about to reach a climax and
resisted, but she couldn’t take her hand away from herself.
She craved release. It had been so long since Paul had taken
her to the summit of an orgasm!

Then she was there. Her climax washed over her like a raging
flood, carrying her along with the crest. As it hit her,
she moaned around von Steuben’s cock, “MMMmmmmmmmmmmhhhh!”
She was shocked at the fury of her release, but her attention
was quickly drawn back the hard, pulsating cock in her mouth.
She tried to back away, but von Steuben held her head tightly
against him.

Suddenly, with a savage roar, he blasted his cum deep into
her sucking mouth. As spurt after spurt of his salty semen
splashed against the back of her throat, she was forced
to swallow to avoid choking. It overflowed onto her lips
and chin.

“That’s it, swallow my seed, Madame. See what you’ve been
missing.” Finally, he released her head, and withdrew
his cock. Madeleine turned crimson with embarrassment
and shame, but she also licked von Steuben’s semen from
her lips and wiped the residue from her chin with her hand.
She quickly stood and reached for her glass of wine and drained
its contents. Von Steuben laughed loudly. “Red wine goes
well with cum, don’t you think?” Madeleine was mortified
and hoped her ordeal was over. It was not.

Von Steuben said softly but firmly, “Come here, Madeleine.”
As she neared and stood trembling in front of him, he whispered,
“Take off your robe, and lift your chemise.” After the robe
puddled at her feet, Madeleine lifted the hem of the chemise
above her knees. “Higher, ” he said, and she lifted the
hem to the top of her thighs. “Higher! Show me your pussy.”
She recoiled at his words but lifted the chemise again until
the bottom of the garment was above her rounded hips. “That’s
better. Now spread those lovely legs!” She moved her left
foot a step to the side, exposing herself further to his
view and his touch.

Von Steuben gaped at Madeleine’s full bush, and reached
for her with his right hand. He allowed his fingers to play
along her sopping lips and crowed, “You came when you were
sucking me, didn’t you?” She nodded meekly and began to
squirm under his probing fingers. He inserted two of them
into her and began to rub her clit with his thumb. Madeleine
became aroused again at his touch and began pushing her
steamy sex against his hand. Von Steuben reached up with
his other hand and began to softly twist the nipple of her
right breast. She ground herself against the fingers that
were now pushing in and out of her and began to make mewling

Von Steuben was now playing with each of Madeleine’s erect
nipples, twisting and pinching each of them in turn. She
was now ablaze with lust and didn’t care who satisfied her
need, as long as it was satisfied. He reached further upward
and pushed his index finger into her mouth. She sucked at
it voraciously, and moaned around his probing digit, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
She was now frantically humping against his right hand
and the fingers that were probing her. Just as she was about
to climax again, von Steuben withdrew his fingers to Madeleine’s
intense and vocal disappointment. “Nooooooo, ” she cried.
“Don’t stop now!”

In complete control now, von Steuben arose, cleared the
table with one sweep of his arm, and pushed Madeleine onto
the table on her back. The colonel sat down again, reached
under the cheeks of Madeleine’s luscious ass and pulled
her to him. Her legs dangled off the table on either side
of him as he looked into the core of her wet sex. Her engorged
clit was protruding outward from her moist lips, and he
licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. Saying,
“Now I’m going to do something else that you’ve probably
never enjoyed before, ” von Steuben plunged his face into
Madeleine’s steaming crotch. Her legs were spread like
a butterfly’s wings, and Madeleine rolled her head and
upper body from side to side as he feasted upon her.

“Oh my God, ” she wailed as von Steuben licked and sucked.
She humped herself at him repeatedly as his mouth and tongue
tormented her.

“Do you like this?” he chortled.

“Oh yes, “ she responded. “Oh, yes!

“Do you know what I’m doing to you? I’m eating your pussy.
If you want more you must tell me, ” von Steuben said, pausing
from his efforts.

Madeleine whined, “Oh yes, please! Don’t stop! More! More!”

“That’s not sufficient. Tell me exactly what you want, ”
he ordered.

“Lick me! Suck me! Eat my pussy, please, ” she implored.


He gave her what she wanted, and she came to another roaring
climax, and then another and yet another. Finally, when
she thought she could stand no more, she found she could.

He brought her to full arousal again with his mouth and fingers.
He teased her clit, and, probing deeper, two of his fingers
located another sensitive spot within her. They rubbed
her into a frenzy. Then he flipped her over onto her stomach
and began to rub the head of his cock against the lips of her
pussy, dipping its head further and further into her with
each upward stroke.

Madeleine felt herself flush with shame as she thought,
“He’s taking me like a bitch in heat.” That feeling of shame
was immediately washed away by the overpowering feeling
of lust sweeping through her entire body. She raised her
ass from the table and pushed back against the teasing hardness
at the entrance to her sex. Von Steuben began to lean into
her. She felt his massive organ pushing into her and tensed
when twinges of pain registered in her fevered brain.

“Don’t worry, Madeleine, ” he said, “Your pussy will learn
to love it.” He was right. As his cock sawed deeper and deeper
into her, her tight pussy expanded, and waves of pleasure
began to wash over her again. The insistent member plowed
and plumbed her innermost depths, exploring places where
Paul’s prick had never reached.

Again, Madeleine felt a surge of guilt, but she so loved
the feeling in her pussy. “Yes, ”she thought, “My Pussy!
That’s the word for it. Push it in my hot pussy. I love it!”

As if he were reading her mind, von Steuben said, “I’m fucking
you now. Feel that hard cock inside your little pussy. Take
that hard cock. I’m fucking you, and you’re fucking me back!”
And she was. They were both rocking back and forth in the
eternal rhythm of lust. He was holding her by her hips as
he fucked her slowly and thoroughly. The room was filled
with the slurping sounds of his cock pounding her pussy
and his body slapping against her ass. The walls also resounded
with the sounds of Madeleine’s squeals and her rhythmic

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”

“Now who’s the pig, my sweet? Tell me, Madame Madeleine,
are you my piggy? Do you want me to fuck you little piggy?”

“Yes, damn you to hell!” I’m your piggy! Fuck your little
piggy, ” she panted. “Fuck Me! Fuuuuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Von Steuben placed his left hand firmly in the small of Madeleine’s
back With his right thumb he began to massage Madeleine’s
dark pink anus. She squirmed in shock and lust at the new
sensation. He then wet his index finger in her juices and
slowly inserted it into her ass. At first it hurt Madeleine,
but the pain quickly passed as his finger brought her new
and exciting pleasure. He could feel his own cock with his
finger through the thin membrane separating the two as
he relentlessly pumped both members in and out of Madeleine’s
thrashing body.

He now increased his stroking to ramming speed. They rose
to their respective peaks and came together like freight
trains colliding on a single track. Von Steuben’s jetted
into Madeleine repeatedly, and she climaxed again and
again. Afterward, amid the wreckage of their heaving bodies,
Madeleine murmured incoherently, and von Steuben cooed
in her ear, “That was wonderful, and it’s only the beginning.”
Although her body was now satiated, Madeleine’s mind and
soul cringed at his words.

After von Steuben dressed and left, Madeleine was overwhelmed
with guilt, shame and disgust. She ran into the bathroom
and vomited repeatedly. When all the contents of her stomach
had been expelled, she curled into a fetus on the floor and
continued to heave uncontrollably. Then, after an eternity,
she dragged herself to the toilet and evacuated the remaining
fluids from her lower body. She then sat on the bidet for
another eternity trying to wash von Steuben’s semen from
her loins. That was followed by a douche and a thorough rinsing
of her mouth. She wanted every trace of him washed from her
body, but she couldn’t wash away the shame and the guilt
permeating her entire being. His last words kept running
through her mind, “It’s only the beginning.” She wept unabashedly.
She looked at her disheveled image in her mirror and spat,

She went into the kitchen. She looked at the knives on the
counter and contemplated suicide. Yet she knew that she
couldn’t commit that mortal sin even if only for Paul’s
sake. She reasoned dejectedly that she would have to serve
von Steuben as his mistress in order to insure Paul’s safety.
She took the open bottle of wine to bed with her. She drank,
and tossed and turned, and drank some more until the bottle
was empty. She slipped into a fitful sleep just before dawn.


Later on that morning, she awakened, dressed, went to the
parish church and confessed everything to Father Pierre.
Almost everything, that is. She told him about the extorted
sex, but she neglected to tell him how much her body relished
the sucking and the fucking. He gave her tight-lipped absolution
and queried, “Would you like to fight back?” Father Pierre
was a member of the Resistance. Up until that moment, Madeleine
had avoided the Resistance like the plague. She hadn’t
wanted to cause trouble, and it was extremely dangerous.
Father Pierre recruited her in the confessional.

From that day on Madeleine lived a complex and dangerous
life. She farmed during the day, and served Von Steuben
in the evening. She also gleaned every bit of information
from him that she could and passed it on to the Resistance
through Father Pierre. Von Steuben liked to talk to Madeleine
before, during, and after sex. After a heated sexual session
in her bed, he would occasionally divulge some information
useful to the Resistance. He even invited her to the chateau
for trysts when he was pressed for time. He would fuck her
there in another of her marital beds which he now used as
his own, just as he used her. During those visits, Madeleine
mentally photographed the layout of the entire intelligence
unit and picked up every bit of information available to
her. Everything she learned the Resistance soon knew,
and von Steuben never suspected her of espionage.

Madeleine was terribly conflicted. She wrote to Paul every
week and dutifully delivered the letters to von Steuben
for transmittal. Almost as frequently she delivered her
body to von Steuben. At times she almost convinced herself
that she was sexually serving him only because of Paul and
the Resistance. Yet deep inside, she knew that she was lying
to herself. She wallowed in the sensuality of her sexual
encounters with von Steuben. He fucked her furiously in
every position imaginable. He fucked her mouth, her ass
and her tits. He licked, sucked and ate her pussy to uncounted
orgasms. He taught her how to give the most exquisite blow
jobs. He repeatedly teased and tongue fucked her anally
until she screamed ecstatically, and he instructed her
how to reciprocate. She learned to give as good as she got,
and she became totally uninhibited with him. After each
session, however, the shame and guilt returned with a vengeance
and weighed heavily upon her conscience--until the next
encounter when her body would sing again.

The people of the town soon learned of her relationship
with the German. Most of her former friends and acquaintances
soon ostracized her. She had to bite her lip and bear the
sting of their hatred. Her position with the Resistance
was known only to Father Pierre and the other members of
her cell. For their own protection and that of the larger
organization, the members of the individual cells did
not know the identities of the members of other cells. With
disquieting regularity, the Gestapo would pounce upon
a member of one of the cells, interrogate and torture the
captive until he or she confessed the names of the others,
and eventually roll up the entire cell. Too many members
of the Resistance in Caen had disappeared into Gestapo
dungeons, never to be seen again.

Now on this night in June, she knew that she, Paul, von Steuben,
France, Germany, the allies, and the world were all coming
to an important crossroad in their entangled existence.
The fat was about to be thrown into the fire. Suddenly, at
about 10:15 P.M., her ears and those of the others in Jean’s
study perked up. The radio sputtered, “Blessent mon coeur
d’une languer monotone [Wound my heart with a monotonous
languor].” The second part of the message! The invasion
was coming within the next twenty-four critical hours.
But where and when?

A cacophony of excited voices filled the room. Madeleine
herself was surprised when she heard herself say, “Be quiet!
We must listen for our orders.” Everyone lowered his voice
to a whisper, but the excitement and tension were palpable.
All the others in the room had important tasks of sabotage
to perform. Madeleine herself didn’t have to wait for the
coded phrase. Her task was to go to her chateau immediately
under any pretext and monitor the intelligence activity

Madeleine was concerned. She had not seen von Steuben since
the first of June. “How much did he know?” She placed a call
to him through the exchange. Hopefully, he was there. She
was relieved when he picked up the telephone. “Hermann,
I’ve been worried. I haven’t heard from you in days.”

He replied a little nervously, “I’ve been busy Madame Dubois.
What can I do for you?”

Madeleine cooed in what she hoped was her sexiest voice.
“You can fuck Madame until she can no longer stand. Can I
come see you?”

“Not tonight, I’m busy, ” he snapped. “There’s a lot going
on here.”

“Please, ” she said breathlessly. “I need you, and you
have to relax sometime. You know that I know how to relax

She waited anxiously, hearing nothing but silence at the
other end of the line. Then, “All right. Come on up, but I
can’t promise anything for tonight. You may have to entertain
yourself for the rest of the evening.”

“Well, that’s all right. I’ll crawl into your bed upstairs
with a bottle of wine and play with myself until you can find
the time to play with me.” Madeleine breathed a sigh of relief
which von Steuben misinterpreted as desire.

He laughed, “Come on up then Madame, !” I’ll try to fit you
in. I mean I’ll try to fit it in you!”

Madeleine, relieved, giggled into the receiver, “I’ll
be right there.”

Something’s up, ”she thought silently as she terminated
the connection and hurried to the door. Outside, as she
was walking to her bicycle she noticed Father Pierre rushing
toward her.

He spoke urgently, “Madeleine, wait. I must speak with

As they came together, he spoke softly to her. She stood
stark still, unmoving for almost a full minute. Father
Pierre then attempted to hug her, but she pushed him away.
“I must go, ” she whispered. Madeleine turned on her heel,
mounted her bicycle, and pedaled into the overcast night.

She arrived at the chateau about thirty minutes later.
It was shortly before midnight when she approached the
sentries at the front door. They immediately ushered her
inside. She was expected. The soldiers all knew who she
was. She was the colonel’s beautiful fuck toy, and to a man
they gazed lustfully at her. She ruefully reflected that
they all had probably heard her screaming in ecstasy at
one time or another while their commandant was fucking
or sucking her to distraction.

When von Steuben approached to welcome her, she threw her
arms around his neck, plastered her body to his, and kissed
him passionately. He blushed beet red and gradually extricated
himself from her clutches. “Madeleine, ” he chided, “This
is a military post, and I’m on duty.” Any doubts he might
have had about her reasons for being there were overshadowed
by his embarrassment and the laughter of his men.

He ushered her upstairs to her former bedroom where she
immediately attacked him again. “Please stop, ” he managed
to exhale as her tongue attacked his mouth and she unsuccessfully
tried to pull him down onto the bed. “I really must go. There
is a matter of critical importance to which I must attend.
I’ll have my steward bring you some wine and cheese. Wait
for me here.”

He turned quickly, and she watched him start to exit. Then
he turned, visibly relaxed a bit, and returned to her side.
He laughed, reached under her dress and pulled off her panties.
He caressed her bare thighs for a minute and cupped her pussy.
He probed and teased her with his fingers until she began
to moan softly. He abruptly withdrew his hand and practically
sprinted from the room. At the door he paused, laughed,
and said, “Two can play that game. Keep it warm for me.” Then
he was gone.

Madeleine knew what the “critical matter” was. He knew
about the message and the invasion. “Yet, what could she
do about it now?” She looked at her watch. It was almost 12:30
A.M. on the sixth of June, 1944. Invasion Day!

Neither Madeleine nor von Steuben was aware that the invasion
had already begun. Thousands upon thousands of American
and British paratroopers began dropping in Normandy about
midnight. For a variety of reasons, most of the American
troopers of the 82nd and the 101st Airborne divisions missed
their drop zones and were scattered to hell and gone. Some
were attacking their assigned targets, but others were
just roaming about and attacking Germans everywhere.
The British 6th Airborne paratroopers and glider troops
were raising their own special brand of hell around Caen,
and the Resistance was successfully sabotaging the lines
of communication and other assigned targets. None of the
commanding generals remaining in France had any clear
idea as to what was happening.

Hermann von Steuben knew what was happening. He tried to
reach Seventh Army headquarters, but the ground lines
were dead. He tried 15th Army headquarters, Rommel’s headquarters
at La-Roche Guyon , Field Marshal von Rundstedt’s headquarters
in Paris, and even the high command in Berlin. Nothing.
He was so frustrated that he was practically foaming at
the mouth, and he paced the ground floor of the chateau like
a caged tiger. Even the radio was out. He was unaware that
a Resistance fighter had cut the connection to the antenna

Finally he stomped upstairs to his bedroom. He shouted
at the startled Madeleine, “ Son of a bitch! The fucking
allies are going to invade Normandy today, and I can’t reach
anyone to warn them. Shit!” He was very hot and began to strip
off his tunic. He threw his belt , pistol and tunic on the
bed.. “SON-Of-A-FUCKING-BITCH!” he bellowed.

Madeleine knew what she had to do. “Calm down Hermann, ”
she said softly. “You can’t accomplish anything by ranting
like a lunatic. Lay down for a moment or two. Let me wet a towel
and put it on your forehead. “I won’t be a moment. Just relax
and get your bearings.”

“You’re right, ” von Steuben replied. He slumped down
on the bed. He lifted his booted feet onto the bed and crossed
them at the ankles as he lay back. Then Madeleine, smiling
like an angel of mercy, draped a cool, wet towel over his
forehead and eyes. She sat beside him on the bed and rubbed
his chest for a minute. Then he felt her move away. “Come
back, ” he pleaded and removed the towel to see where she

He was just in time to see his Luger jump in her hand. Before
he even heard the shot, he felt a wrenching pain as the bullet
tore through his scrotum, splattering his balls and blood
all over the comforter. He screeched in pain and cried at
the top of his lungs, “Why?”

“Because I’m French you German prick. And because you used
me as your whore luing about my husband. Paul has been dead
for over three years you bastard! An escapee told my priest.
Rot in Hell!”

Those were the last words Hermann von Steuben ever heard.
Everything went blank as the second bullet smashed through
his brain.

At that moment, Madeleine heard the sound of heavy hob-nailed
boots hastily stumbling up the stairs. Almost simultaneously,
she heard the chatter of machine guns and the rattle of bullets
against the walls of the chateau. The Resistance was attacking.
She didn’t know they were coming. “Too late, ” she thought.

A wry smile played across her mouth. Just before she inserted
the barrel of the Luger into her mouth and pulled the trigger
once again, she shouted, “Vive la France! Vive la Resistance!



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