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Macho Neighbor (M/M Then MFM) VERY LONG!


For me at least, being a bisexual male has always been something
I've had to hide, keep secret, even from my wife. I've
been bisexual for many, many years, going all the way back
to my first male/male encounter when I was just 13 years
old. He was an older boy (17) but believe me, it wasn't
, as I got into it every bit as much as he did! Meeting
me, most people would never know, never even suspect! I've
lived a fairly "macho", man's, man's
kind of life my entire life. Beginning with football in
high school and college, to being in special forces in the
service, to even spending over ten years as a part of a swinging
couple with my first wife, all of my "bisexual"
activities have always been secretive, always been on
the side, so to speak!

I won't say all of that changed after my first wife and
I divorced, and then I met and married my second wife Shannon,
but at least the personal aspect of having to keep my "other
lifestyle" a secret did change! I'll never forget
when Shannon "discovered" my secret! She and
I actually met through an on-line dating service, and spent
several weeks e-mailing and then talking for countless
hours on the phone, before we even had our first date! What
a first date it was however! It started out as any normal
date, dinner and a few drinks, but then back at my place,
an all-night sex marathon turned into a full weekend long
sex marathon, and for both of us, that was it! Of course we
continued dating for several months before I "popped
the question", but I honestly think we both already
knew, after that first, long, sex-filled weekend together!

Ah, but back to her finding out about my bisexual side! We'd
been "dating" for several months at that point,
and most weekends Shannon would come over to my place and
stay the weekend with me. I own my own business, and my house
is located on the same ten acre property as my business,
only a couple hundred feet away. Shannon had gotten up much
earlier than me one morning, and since the only computer
I owned at that time was located in my office and not my house,
she'd walked over to my office to do some work on my computer.
She's an upper level manager for a large international
company and sometimes works from home on the weekends,
and so she wasn't snooping around on my computer, at
least not at first, but rather doing some long-distance
work of her own. It wasn't the first time she'd
used my computer, so when I got up that morning and she wasn't
there, I wasn't all that surprised.

I threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and walked over to my
office, knowing I'd find her there and I did. As I entered
the office she got up from behind my desk, and walked over
to the small couch I have there, sat down and patted the empty
space beside her, indicating for me to sit down as well.
I'm still groggy, and of course totally unaware of
her recent "discoveries", as I plop down beside
her and tell her good morning! Still trying to wake up fully
myself, I'm unable to read the odd expression on her
face, and was honestly caught totally off-guard when she
spoke! "Sweetie, I've got some questions for
you and I want you to promise to be totally honest with me,
can you do that"? I nod my head yes, STILL, trying to
clear the early morning cobwebs, and still unaware of whats
to come!

"Steven, are you bi"? "I need you to be
honest with me, and tell me the truth, are you bisexual"?

Suddenly I was wide awake, and suddenly I was feeling like
my whole world had just come crashing down on me! "I
... uh ... I ..."? was about all I could manage, and
I guess Shannon was ready for that, as she simply stood up,
and taking my hand lead me over to my own computer! There
in full, living color on my own monitor, were a half dozen
pictures she'd pulled up of various naked men, and
their very hard cocks! A couple of the pictures even had
"captions" under them with things the senders
had obviously "photo shopped" with messages
like: "Steven I do hope you like my hard cock, can't
wait to meet" OR "Steven, that was one of the
best blow jobs I've ever gotten, when can we meet again"!
With "evidence" like that staring us both right
in the face, what could I do? I tried to speak, and all that
came out was yet another: "I ... I ... I ... uh ..."!

Suddenly Shannon spun me around to face her, and took my
hand in hers. Guiding my hand down and inside the loose fitting
shorts SHE had on, she quickly guided it down to her pussy.
As she pressed my hand down, and my fingers slid between
her pussy lips I touched her pussy, and it felt like what
I can only describe as hot, liquid, butter! As my fingers
slid inside one of the wettest pussy's I'd ever,
"fingered", she pulled me down to her, and her
lips met mine and we kissed! She then pulled away from me,
and looking me right int he eyes, she told me I had no idea
how much that turned her on! The next thing I know, I'm
sitting on the couch again and she's sitting on top
of me and riding my hard cock like a mad woman! All the while
we fuck she's telling me how hot she is, how much me being
a bi male turns her on, and even, HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO WATCH

SO began phase two of our relationship, and it wasn't
long after that I proposed to her, and she became my wife!
Things progressed even further, and although it was several
more months before we actually did have our first bi MMF
threesome, by then we'd even taken the next step as
well! Many long talks later, and HER confessing some of
her own life-long fantasies, things that SHE had kept hidden
from her first two husbands were discussed as well! Shannon
loves anal sex herself, and so her own fantasy of "DP"
or double-penetration was discussed, as well as HER desire
to have two hard cock in bed with her! Such was born a beautiful
relationship and marriage, and believe me, things have
only gotten better from that point, even after seven years
of marriage now!

Believe me, even though that might have seemed something
of a long beginning to my story, and it WAS, only the beginning,
it was necessary, and it honestly was the SHORT VERSION
at that! Ah, but the real title to my story is about my "Macho
Neighbor", and his name is Brad, and it's about
everything that's happened with us and him! SO with
that in mind, I now begin the "Real Story" as
they say, and I do hope you hang in there to finish reading
it, and I hope it turns you on as much as it's already
turning both Shannon and I on for me to write it! Yes, she
is participating in her own way, helping me write!

My next door neighbor (Brad) is only what I can describe
as a real "macho" guy, a real, "man's
kind of man"! Mr. sports nut, the kind of guy who purposely
mows his lawn with his shirt off, just so everyone can admire
his muscles! The kind of guy who laughs at his own "fag
jokes" even before he's finished telling them,
the kind of guy who NEEDS to act macho, as much as he THINKS
he is! I've been there myself, having been Mr. football
star, Mr macho special forces in the service, and having
stood there laughing at fag jokes, even KNOWING I happen
to love sucking cock myself! (among other things) And so
I know his type, usually very insecure in their own manhood,
and usually every bit as unhappy in their "role"
as a man, as they pretend they ARE happy!

Bard and I were close as neighbors, "friends",
but not what I'd call best friends. We'd played
a round or two of golf and tennis together, shared a few weekends
cooking out, things like that, but still not a guy I'd
tell someone he was one of my "best friends"
by any means. He was married to a woman named Cindy, and just
looking at her you already KNEW she was the head cheerleader
back in high school, and probably even the homecoming or
prom queen OR BOTH! A real all-American, "Barbie"
as I call them, complete with the long blonde hair and blue
eyes, slim figure and big tits, very pretty, AND SHE KNEW
IT! At the same time, at 41 years old, you could just see her
"looks" teetering on going to hell in a hand
basket, and yet she could still turn most men's heads
even at that age. She was just right on the EDGE, of looking,
"Rode hard and put up wet"!

Now my own personal experiences with women like that, and
as much as I hate to categorize, or classify anyone, have
pretty much all been the same! I honestly have had more than
my fair share of woman like that over the years, and especially
since my first wife and I WERE swingers for several years
of our marriage! At least 90% of the women I've been
with like Cindy, were as they used to say, "Dead Fish"
in bed, and mainly because they always seemed to feel the
world OWED THEM something, because they were so beautiful!
My own personal experiences have been: Give me the plain,
yet cute, sometimes even chubby, "average looking"
gal any day, because THEY are usually the wildest, most
wonderful women in bed, as well as the most inventive, considerate,
caring, and on and on!

OK, OK, I'll get down off my soap box, but I think we all
know it's true! Some of my most fantastic sexual experiences
of my life have been with just plain old average looking
women, while some of my worst ... the all-American, beauty
queens! It's a fact, just ask most men! Anyway, I'd
honestly suspect for a long time that Brad's marriage
to Cindy was anything but the picture perfect image they
projected, but as I said before, he and I were just friends,
and certainly NOT best friends, so his personal life was
really none of my business! Oh how quickly things can change!

Over the years, I have been know to sometimes break down
and visit an adult book store, for a little man to man fun!
You know, the kind with the private video viewing booths
hidden in the back! Some have "glory holes"
in the booths, while others, guys will leave a door cracked
open as they masturbate, in hops of drawing another guy
in to suck their cocks for them! I've always found it
almost comical, because I can assure you that often, the
number of so-called "straight guys" and especially
"married straight guys" often far exceeds
the number of bi or gay men "visiting" those
video booths! However, as a bisexual guy myself, what better
place to go to find willing cocks to play with and suck, and
usually, because a lot of the guys ARE married, they are
also clean and disease free as well, and fully intend on
staying that way!

I've talked to literally hundreds of men over the years,
and it's always the same story, over, and over and over
again! Sex at home, sex with THEIR WIVES ... good, even great
at first, and then over the years less and less, and in some
cases, almost non-existent! Women act SO surprised when
they learn their husband or lover is cheating on them, and
yet do they even look in the damn mirror? I mean cone on gals,
spread your own legs open every once in a while for your own
man, and THEN see how many cheating husbands there are out
there, and there are on websites like AdultFriendFinder! It's really
more than that even, because there is yet one more of life's
mysteries, that even I've yet to figure out as well!
How many of you guys out there can remember with a hell of
a lot of clarity AND fondness, when you and your wife/lover
were first together? BLOW JOB CITY ... right?

The years pass, and putting it quite bluntly, and for at
least 95% of the HUNDREDS of men I've spoken to about
this ... YES ... at the beginning of almost every relationship
they've been in, their lover would suck their hard
cock at the drop of a hat as they say! AND THEN ... time passes
and marriage ... or even just the relationship going from
weeks to months to years, and suddenly you can't even
remember WHEN the last time was, your wife or lover had your
hard cock in their mouth, much less even got you off that
way, and even less still, actually "swallowed"
your hot load! I've personally often wondered if women
don't go to some kind of secret school, and other "wiser"
women teach them the rules!

1. When you are FIRST together, suck his cock and blow his
mind, and when you swallow, ACT LIKE, it's the best
tasting things you've ever put in your mouth!

2. After, you know you have him "hooked", you
can taper off with the blow jobs girls, but still give in
every once in a while at first, just too keep him happy, and
things running smoothly!

3. As time passes, begin to taper off even more, making sure
to save blow jobs for special occasions only, or maybe when
you want to buy something new, or take that special vacation,
but never, never, over-do it gals! Oh, and by the way, NO
MORE "SWALLOWING"! Just a few sucks or licks
here and there, and then jack him off on his own stomach!
(He'll never know the difference, he'll be so
damn grateful your lips even touched his hard cock anyway!)

4. Years pass, and thank God you NEVER have to put that thing
in your mouth again ladies, unless of course you DO happen
to want that new car or yet another "special"
vacation, or something like that!

5. Blow Job? .... What the hell is a blow job anyway?

6. OH, and by the way girls, we haven't even talked about
SEX in general yet!!!!

OK, so maybe I am exaggerating, but I'd be willing to
bet that IF you talk to every guy on this website, you'll
find a hell of a lot more men that not only agree, but can also
say that is their EXACT story, than you will guys that say,
OH, not ME! SO just MAYBE that really does explain why you
can find a hell of a lot more "wedding rings"
than bare fingers, on the guys roaming the dark hallways
of most adult book stores and other places that offer video
viewing booths, glory holes, or other places a guy can go
to get his cock sucked without having to pay for it!

OK, OK, OK ... and so back to Brad!

They had just recently opened up an "adult book store
and boutique(?) near where we lived! For years, whenever
I'd get that "itch" and I wasn't in
a male/male relationship at the time, I too would visit
the old book stores, and their video booths for a little
fun Usually that would mean a several mile trek and to parts
of town you mostly didn't want to be in after dark, but
such was the price you'd have to pay, and many guys did
it! Now this new, and at least somewhat respectable place
opened, and even advertised "couples viewing ares",
although anyone whose been around a while knows that's
pretty much B.S. Sure, couples do go there for the movies
they RENT, or BUY, and to buy sex toys, and every once in a
great, great while you MIGHT find a couple back in the "movie
viewing area" as this place was billing it! Hell,
Shannon and I had even been before, although not to this

SO, eventually I knew I'd check the place out, and just
maybe it would be a place Shannon and I could have some occasional
bi male fun TOGETHER after all! Shannon trusts me, Yeah,
about as far as she can throw me, No seriously, she does for
real, just as I trust her, and so the first couple of times
I went to this new place, I honestly didn't feel the
need to tell her I was going, or that I'd been there.
Not that I was hiding anytime from her, but IF something
did happen, me getting my hard cock sucked by another guy,
or much more likely ME doing the sucking, then I'd definitely
have yet another hot story to tell her in bed, of course leading
to some very hot, nasty sex, as it ALWAYS did! The first time
was pretty much Nada (nothing) but then again, the place
was fairly new at the time! But then the second and third
times I check the place out ....

Rookie mistake, I spotted Brad's car in the FRONT parking
lot, and after years of experience myself, I already knew
they had a back lot, and anyone NOT wanting to get caught
knew that as well! At first I wasn't going to even go
in, but then I thought what the hell, maybe I'll catch
him looking at some gay magazines or something, and then
I can really give him a hard time! At the very least, maybe
I can catch him buy some wild vibrator for his wife, in the
hopes he might at least start to thaw the "ice queen"!
NOT that I knew that she was the ice queen for sure! (At least
not yet)! I went in anyway, and although it was a big place,
it wasn't all THAT BIG, and yet I couldn't find
dear old Brad! That could only mean one thing, Brad was back
in the video booth area of the store!

Handing the clerk up front a "five" I got my "tokens"
and headed back to the booths myself. Like most of those
places, they're so damn dark, that it takes a few minutes
for your eyes to adjust, and so I picked a corner, and waited.
For a early Tuesday afternoon, the place was actually quite
busy, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see
several men walking around. Most were dress in either business
suites, or dressy work clothes, meaning they were probably
married, and had taken off work early, to get a little "action"
before heading home the the old lady and kids! It wasn't
all that long before a nice looking, middle aged, and definitely
married man (I knew from teh wedding ring on his finger)
came up beside me and just sort of stood. Finally he leaned
over and whispered to me, asking me if I came here often?

I sort of half turned towards him, and said no, this was only
my second time here, but it wasn't my first rodeo, if
that's what he was asking? He smiled, and reached over
and took my hand and guided it to his crotch! Hum, a nice hard
cock, and suddenly I was more interesting in what was inside
of his pants, than I was in finding Brad! I gave his hard cock
a squeezer or two through his pants, and he whispered to
me again, asking if I'd like to check out one of the booths
with him! I simply, nodded yes and squeezed his hard cock
again! Almost immediately he walked over to the nearest
unoccupied booth, opened the door and held it open, waiting
for me ti enter first! We both went in, and he then quickly
shut the door and locked! Either he was really horny, or
just in a hurry, because there was no small talk, not even
a whisper, as he reached up, and grabbed my shoulders, and
gently pushed me to my knees!

I quickly unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out,
and then he actually spoke for the first time since we'd
entered the booth. His voice seemed almost apologetic,
as he said something like, "I hope it's not too
small", and I looked up at him, purposely licked my
lips, and told him it looked just fine to me! He smiled, and
then simply said, "Please, suck it for me"!
Wow, so polite I thought as I began to lick the head of his
SMALL, but extremely hard cock! He tasted very fresh and
clean, and as I took him into my mouth, and sucked his little
cock right down to the base he groaned, and I knew right then
I was going to have a LOT of fun sucking this guy off! He then
sort of slumped back against the wall, thrusting his hips
out, as his hands went to my head, and my mouth and lips began
moving up and down the length of his hard little shaft! I
knew then he wouldn't last long, but what the hell!

I'm guessing he lasted maybe all of five minutes at
best, before his hands tightened on my head, and he was fucking
his hard little cock in and out of my mouth, and then he climaxed!
For such a small cock, he sure had one hell of a big load, and
quite honestly, I REALLY liked the "taste"
of his wonderful hot cum! Just like how fast he climaxed,
his small cock quickly became even smaller in my mouth,
and then it was totally flaccid, as I finally let it slip
from between my lips! My new friend was almost immediately
telling me what a fantastic blow job that was, and then quickly
adding that he was usually here every Tuesday around this
time, IF I wanted to get together again that is! I smiled
up at him and told him I'd remember that, making sure
not to commit to anything, but hopefully making him feel
good too! AND THEN .... he was gone!

That's usually the way it goes with guys like that!
A quick, hot suck-off, and then an even quicker thank you
as they zip up, and then they are gone, probably embarrassed
with themselves for having given in to their own, PERFECTLY
NATURAL, desires! Oh well! At least he'd probably
be in a damn good mood when he got home to his wife and kids,
and later, he wouldn't have to be disappointed when
his wife just rolled over in bed and went to sleep later that
night! My good deed done for the day, I decided to check the
place out further! I quickly discovered that about half
the booths had "glory holes" while the other
half didn't! I've always found that comical,
because of course the store's management would deny
that they knew ANYTHING about the glory holes, if the cops
ever busted them! And it's not like you could sneak
a damn cordless drill and hole saw in there and drill the
holes yourself now could you!

After that I walked around a bit more, and then went back
up front, and then outside. Just as I suspected, Brad's
car was gone by then, and I'd missed him! He'd probably
left while I was sucking that one guy off, but I also knew
that since this wasn't the first time I'd seen
his car there, it probably wasn't going to be the last
time either! I then went back into the booth area, found
an unoccupied "glory hole booth" and in no time
at all, I had my own hard cock placed secure in some anonymous
guys mouth, and then soon I was shooting my own hot load,
and feeling it being swallowed! Unlike the guy I'd
sucked off earlier, my own cock was still quite hard as I
slipped it back out of that guys mouth and the glory hole,
and "I" knew that I would STILL, be getting some
"pussy" later than night from my own sweet slut
wife, Shannon!

After that, it was a couple of weeks before I once again spotted
Brad's car in the parking lot, and even then, I ALMOST
missed him! I'd driven past, and NOT seeing his car,
I'd started to go home, but I was horny, and so I circled
around the block, and then pulled in again! This time his
car was there, and so that meant he'd just arrived only
moment before himself! I waited a few minutes before going
in, giving him time to mill around the store, and then probably
"shyly" give the clerk his money for the movie
tokens! When I went in I damn near got caught, as he was just
then, entering the booth area, and he even turned and looked
in my direction before going in, although I knew he hadn't
seen me hiding behind the magazine rack! I waited a bit longer,
but once again, almost got caught! Just as "I"
then entered the booth area, it was only the light from the
open door, that showed him just entering a booth!

I knew from my earlier explorations that he'd definitely
picked a booth with a glory hole in one wall, and by sheer
luck I guess, the booth next door was still unoccupied as
well! I quickly moved towards it, because I could already
see another guy heading that direction, although I was
closer thank goodness! I slipped inside the booth just
ahead of that other guy, pulled the door shut and locked
it, making sure I was very close to the wall with the glory
hole in it! Stepping too far back, and IF Brad had been sitting
down and looking through that hole, he could have definitely
seen who I was, and THAT, I didn't want to happen, at
least not yet! Now I was safe and secure in my booth, and I
knew it was Brad right next door in the other booth, and so
now it was time to test my theory, confirm my suspicions
about my old, MACHO NEIGHBOR, Mr. Brad!

Still staying too close to the hole for him to see anything
but shadows if he was looking, I gave him the "sign"!
For those who don't know, and once again at least it's
been my own personal experience, the "sign"
has always been one guy sliding a finger through the hole,
sometimes just wiggling it around, and sometimes circling
it around the hole, but both meaning "I" want
to suck "your" cock for you! I then slipped my
finger back out of the hole and I waited! Man, it seemed like
a LONG time, but in reality, it was probably only a minute
or so. Maybe good old Brad didn't know the "sign"
and maybe he didn't even know what the glory hole was
for? The suddenly the head a a very hard cock sort of peaked
through the hole and then hesitated, and so I reached down
and just touched it with my finger, after wetting that finger
in my mouth!

That was all it took, and suddenly the rest of Brad's
hard cock thrust through that hole in the wall! DAMN, my
old buddy Brad had a very, very nice cock after all! Already
dropping to my knees and giving the head a quick lick, just
so he'd know the guy on the other side WAS going to take
care of him, I backed off for just an instant, so I could admire
his big, beautiful, hard cock! Man (again) THIS was a cock
I knew even Shannon would like! It wasn't some monster
cock, although I instantly knew it was longer than my own
six inches, so it had to be at least seven, MAYBE eight, but
it was a very beautiful cock indeed! Straight as an arrow
as they say, and with just the right thickness to it to make
it BIG, and yet not grossly fat or something, and with this
absolutely perfectly proportional, beautiful looking,
BIG, mushroom head on it as well! The kind of cock I'd
be proud to call my own!

OK, OK, maybe I was getting a little corny there, but Brad
really did/does have a nice large, and honestly beautiful,
VERY HARD cock, and that's just the truth! It was the
kind of cock that looked like it would be loads of fun to play
with and suck, and it was just right there on the borderline
of being too big for my ass, although I KNEW I could handle
it, and at the same time bigger than my cock, and big enough,
to make my wife's pussy very, VERY, happy as well! A
one in a thousand, "couple's cock" as I
like to refer to them! A small thrust forward of inpatients
by Brad, let me know I HAD lingered a little too long with
out taking a lick, and so I leaned over, and quickly slipped
my tongue all around that big, beautiful head several times,
letting him know my desire to satisfy his "needs"!

I honestly wanted to take my times and spend a lot of time
licking, and exploring his big cock with my mouth, lips
and tongue, and yet at the same time I probably correctly
suspected that good old Brad was probably at that, "suck
me damn you" stage in his own budding bisexuality,
and he'd probably grow impatient with my games very
quickly if I didn't start sucking him off right then!
I was honestly, VERY SURPRISED at how quickly Brad climaxed,
yet one more indication to me at least, that he probably
WASN'T "getting much" at home from his
pretty wife! His cock was still quite hard after his first
orgasm however, and since I kept it in my mputh even after
I'd finished swallowing his rather large load, HE
didn't trying pulling it back out either! I soon began
sucking again, and almost immediately heard him through
the thins wall between the booths; "Oh Yeah, please,
suck it again for me, PLEASE"!


Brad's second load wasn't nearly as large as his
first, and yet it was still almost as large as a lot of guy's
initial loads! He also lasted a LOT longer, and this time
he didn't seem anywhere near as impatient with letting
me do a little "licking" and "exploring"
before I really got down to the business of getting him off!
Eventually it was all over however, and I definitely didn't
see HIS finger slip through that hole, indicating of course
that he was prepared to return the favor! I then heard the
sound of a zipper going back up, and a couple of seconds after
that he whispered through that hole, that my blow job(s)
were fantastic, and how he hoped he'd run into me again!
He didn't however bother to mention if and when he might
be back! A waited a good five minutes before I even thought
about coming out of that booth, and just as I was about to
leave, the door opened, and then another cock ....

OK, and so in the interest of speeding this story right along,
and knowing YOUR probably saying, "about time"!
I'll sort of skim through the next couple of parts!
Whether it was fate, bad luck or just plain old bad timing,
I actually got just one more shot at Brad's beautiful
hard cock over the next two full months! Ah but then it was
either fate, timing or just plain old good luck, that finally
drove me towards my next bold move! It was nearing the holiday
season, and my wife and kids were headed out to visit her
sister in Colorado. The "luck part" I guess
came when I found out that Brad's wife Cindy, was heading
out of town herself, and that meant good old Brad and I would
each be home alone, for five long days and nights! I figured
it was now or never, and so I decided to just go for it, and
at least try and put my plan into action!

Brad and I talked often enough that I knew his wife would
be gone (they had no kids) and he knew my wife and kids would
be gone, and even before "I" had the chance to
ask "him", he asked me if I'd like to get
together and do something that first Friday night they
ALL were gone! I did my best to tone down my rather quick,
"hell yes" and so we made plans to have dinner,
and then maybe go out for drinks or something, that coming
Friday night! As I got ready to go over to his house early
that Friday evening, I made sure I shaved very closely,
thankful I didn't nick myself, as I honestly was that
nervous! Finally I just looked at myself in the mirror,
and decided that it was one of those "what the hell"
moments, and either tonight would be the start of something
very nice, or at worst, the end of a neighborly friendship!
Either way, I'd live, and I knew that!

At seven that evening I was knocking on Brad's back
door, and he stepped out, ready to go out and get some dinner
himself! We'd picked this small place we both knew,
and dinner was fun, food good, and both of us had already
gotten a nice lead on our drinking! We were then discussing
our next move, and I was happy when Brad agreed that it would
be fun to hit a local topless club next! Of course MY PLAN,
was to get him as horny as possible before the evening was
through, and so I'd already taken out a few hundred
dollars from an ATM, in preparation for supplying him with
several "table dances" with the girl or girls
of his choosing! The place was crowded, but we somehow managed
to get a great corner booth, and soon had two beautiful young
ladies all over us, working their female magic, trying
to part us from our money with their young, sexy bodies!

Although my own "girl" wasn't really happy
about it, I supplied Brad with enough cash, that he ended
up getting about two to one dances more than I did! I managed
to keep my own gal happy enough however, that she didn't
ditch me in favor of a more "giving" client!
Although guys generally don't get up to go pee in groups
like women do, I did get a nice look at Brad's crotch,
and the rather nice "bulge" there, when HE got
up to go pee! I guess the girl with me must have caught on to
me staring at Brad's crotch as he got up, because after
he was gone, and her female "friend" had also
excused herself from the table as well, she looked right
at me, rubbed my crotch at the same time, and asked me directly
if I was "bi" or something! I told her I was, and
she asked if my wife knew and I told her she did, and she loved
it! The girl then squeezed my hard cock through my pants,
and all she said was:

"Man, why can't I find a guy like you of my own"?

I smiled back at her, put my hand on top of hers, making her
squeeze my hard cock once again, and I told her to keep looking,
adding that we (meaning guys like me of course) were out
there, but usually we had to keep that side of our lives well
hidden, and she of all people ought to understand that!
She of course agreed with me! When Brad got back to the table,
that "bulge" was still there of course, although
he was a bit disappointed, because his girl wasn't
there. It was her turn on the stage dancing, and as Brad ordered
another drink, my girl whispered to me, telling me it looked
like my "friend" was primed and ready anyway,
and it was time she too was moving on to greener pastures,
so to speak at least, although she was nicer in the way she
put that! As Brad's drink arrived, I told him this ought
to be our last, so neither of us would risk a DUI, not that
either of us would pass right then anyway!

Brad agreed with me, and as we got in my car I told him the evening
was still young, and that if he wanted to come over to our
house for a while, the night didn't HAVE to end just
yet! I was holding my breath as I awaited his answer, and
I hoped I hadn't exhaled too loudly, as he said that
sounded like a plan to him! Back at my house I pointed to the
couch in the den and told Brad to make himself comfortable
while I got us drinks. Knowing he was a Scotch man like myself,
I threw some ice in a couple of glasses, and not bother with
the water part of our drinks, I filled the glasses with straight
Scotch! Handing Brad his drink, I then told him that I had
something he might like to see, "watch really"
and he seemed very interested as I walked over to our DVD
collection, and pulled this one "un-marked"
DVD case from the back of the cabinet!

Slipping the DVD itself out, I got the TV and DVD player both
ready, inserted the disk, and then crabbed the remote and
headed back over to the couch. I plopped down beside Brad,
not too close so that he'd feel uncomfortable or awkward,
but close enough so that .... I hit play, and then TV screen
went black for a moment or two, and then the "movie"
started playing! No opening credits or anything like that,
as this was one of our "special" DVD's.
From a blank, "blue screen" you suddenly see
a big, hotel room bed, and on that bed are two very naked men,
me being one of them of course! I could FEEL Brad tense a little,
but he didn't really move, nor did he speak a word. Both
from how steady the camera was, as well as the fact the "view"
never moved, it was clear to see the camera was most probably
mounted on a tripod, and it was of course!

The "scene" of me and the other naked guy on the
bed only lasted a few seconds, as soon another person was
walking into the room, and it very quickly became evident
of course, that third person was my wife Shannon. At that
point I actually heard Brad sort of sucking his breath in,
as he realized it was Shannon, and then slowly letting his
breath back out, as Shannon cam into full focus in front
of that camera. All she had on was a short, black lace, baby-doll
nitie, and NO panties, so you had a very clear view of her
cute butt, as she crawled onto that bed between the other
guy and me! Right then, and probably without even realizing
he'd done it, Brad simply whispered, "WOW"!
From that point on, things actually moved rather quickly,
as Shannon slide up between us, and first kissed me, and
then kissed him!

This particular FWB (friend with benefits) was a guy we'd
been with before, and he had a very nice cock, although honestly
not as nice as Brad's! Shannon and I BOTH thought he
was an excellent lover however, and he honestly was one
of our "favorites"! This being one of those:
"been there, done that" meetings, there was
little need for actual talking, which was a good thing,
since I'd screwed up the sound while filming it! I had
inserted some soft background music however, and so the
room wasn't totally silent as Brad and I sat there together
watching! The other guy moved down Shannon's body
after I'd removed her one and only article of clothing.
She quickly went onto her back, and then he was down between
her legs and licking away as she and I kissed, and then I went
to work on her big tits!

Already Brad's own hand had moved up his thigh, and
it was now resting directly in his crotch, and already I
could see he was at least slowly rubbing himself through
his jeans! Taking a deep breath, I knew it was now or never,
but I still hesitated, struggling with myself as to whether
I should, or I shouldn't? Then I did an almost comical
move, much like a young man would pretend to stretch, and
THEN, slide his arm around his date as they sat side by side!
I leaned over and set my glass down on the coffee table in
front of us, and as I sat back up, I inched closer to Brad,
although I did it as carefully and "stealth-fully"(?)
as possible! Now our shoulders were almost touching, and
either he was so wrapped up in the "movie" or
he was at least pretending not to notice! Once again I took
a deep, silent breath, and then I finally moved again.

My right hand slid off of my own thigh, and thankfully it
was Brad's "right hand" near his own crotch,
and so that meant I had a clear patch of both thigh and crotch,
still left open for my hand! My hand came to rest on his thigh,
only inches from his hard cock. Brad flinched a little,
but what he didn't do was immediately turn and punch
me in the face or something like that, nor did he speak! Taking
all that as at least a yellow "caution light"
I slid my hand directly over his hard cock, and then squeezed
it lightly through his pants! At that point, there was just
no way either of us could pretend, it was a simple mistake
OR accident, and we both knew it! What Brad did then actually
surprised me, as he did squirm around a little, but in the
process of doing so, he also actually spread his legs open,
if ever so slightly!

My "touch" was now much more direct, and I not
only continued squeezing his hard cock through his pants,
but I even began to slowly rub it as well! Even as Brad shifted
slightly again, his legs once again slid even further apart,
and then he finally did speak, if you could call it that!
"Steven, I, I mean I ..." his voice trailed off,
and I quickly seized the moment! Still holding onto his
hard cock through his pants, I slid off the couch and down
to the floor, in between his legs, as HE spread them open.
Almost in the same continuous motion, I reached up with
my free hand, and then using both hands I unbuttoned his
pants, and then slid his zipper down. As I started to pull
his pants open I paused, intending on giving him an "out"
if he wanted it, and I even looked up at him and told him directly
if he really wanted me to stop I would, but that "I"
knew we "both" didn't really want me to!

With no answer to my question, I began to pull his pants and
underwear down, and as I did Brad even lifted his hips up
off the couch, making it easier for me to do so! His pants
and underwear down around his ankles now, I helped him step
out of them, and then I sat back up, his big, beautiful hard
cock staring me right in the face! I'd "seen"
his hard cock before of course, but this was the first time
I'd gotten any kind of look at his balls! I was pleased,
because they really were a match for his big hard cock, large,
soft looking, and most definitely looking full of hot cum
as well! I leaned over and kissed the head of Brad's
hard cock, and then skipped right down to the very base,
and took a long, slow and wet lick, from the base of his hard
shaft, right back up to that big, beautiful mushroom head
of his! Bad signed, and then groaned, as I began slowly licking
up and down his hard length!

FINALLY, I was going to be able to take my time and ENJOY,
what I was doing to my friend! I was in no rush, and as Brad
settled back into the couch, even scooting forward some,
it appeared he wasn't in any rush either! Even though
the movie was still playing on the TV, when I looked up at
him, Brad was leaning back on the couch, his eyes closed,
although not tightly, and a definite smile on his face as
well! I alternated between sometimes sucking his hard
cock, and at other times just licking it, and I also alternated
between long, slow licks, and then just concentrating
on licking that big head! At least once during all of this
I'd looked up at him, and I'd also told him to just
relax, there was no rush, and it was entirely up to HIM to
tell me if and when he was ready to cum! MAN, you should have
seen the look on his face when I told him that!

Hum, those big, soft balls of his looked so inviting as well,
and yet I'd purposely refrained from even touching
them at all, that is until "I" was ready to do
it! My mouth was down at the base of his hard cock once again,
and as I sucked at it, I also used my tongue to tickle, tease
and lick at it as well. Brad really seemed to be enjoying
it, and then I slowly licked down further, until there was
no doubt my objective was his balls! As I began licking them,
Brad scooted forward even more onto the edge of that couch,
until those big soft balls were just hanging there, suspended
in mid-air! I then twisted around under him, and opened
my mouth, letting him drop them into my mouth, as I gently
sucked them in, and then slowly, softly licked them! Brad
groaned loudly, and that was quickly followed up but an
even louder! "Oh God Steve, YES"!

I would later learn that the last time little Ms Cindy had
licked his balls for him was, NEVER! As a matter of fact,
when Brad and I did finally talk later, and not even THAT
night, I'd learn that he honestly couldn't even
remember when she'd last sucked his cock for him at
all, and that ALSO, she'd NEVER actually swallowed
his cum either! Apparently, she was a "spitter",
which for me at least, is a HUGE turn off, man or woman doing
it! All of that was definitely changing for Brad, and he
didn't yet even know the half of it! At once point I felt
that I'd paid more than enough attention to Brad's
balls, and as I moved up to again start sucking his big hard
cock, I did think that he'd really get his mind blown
(as well as his hard cock of course) the first time either
"I" sucked his balls as Shannon sucked him off,
or vise-versa! Either way, I knew my buddy was in for a treat!

Back up on his big cock, and once again sucking, I could almost
feel the tension building up inside of him! Up to that point
he'd not once touched me, and so as I continued sucking,
I reached up, took his hands in mine, and then guided them
to my head! Brad caught on right away, and locked his fingers
in my hair and on my head, and then as my mouth slid up and down
his hard shaft, he began moving his hips, holding onto my
head, and basically, fucking me in my mouth! I relaxed,
letting him control the pace, but I did have the experience
to know to hold the base of his hard cock with one hand, so
he wouldn't loose control, as I knew he eventually
would, and end up choking me with that big long cock of his!
I knew he was close, damn close, and then it did happen!

Suddenly Brad's hips shot straight up off that couch,
and he did manage to just get the words out, "Oh God
Steve, I'm cumming" before he was doing just
that! Of course I'd guessed correctly, and as his hips
had shot up, his hands had pressed down hard on the top of
my head! With my hand wrapped securely around the base of
his hard shaft, I let him shove my mouth down as far as it would
go, and then I let him again control what happened! Some
guys like you to keep moving, your mouth still sliding up
and down their hard cock as they climax, while some just
want their cock as deep in whatever hole they have it, as
they hold perfectly still, and ride out their orgasm! Brad
was apparently the latter of the two, and so I held still,
as I had his entire cock covered, mostly by my mouth, but
the rest, with my hand! DAMN HE HAD A HUGE LOAD! But damn,
it tasted SO GOOD ALSO!

This orgasm seemed to last much longer than the times I'd
sucked him off without him knowing, and even his load seemed
bigger as well, or maybe it was just me enjoying it all that
much more? Either way, Brad got what he wanted, and I got
what I wanted too! Long after he'd finished climaxing,
I held his still hard cock in my mouth! I was honestly ready
for round two if he was, and yet it didn't really surprise
me when he sort of pushed me away either! It's one thing
to get a totally anonymous double blow job from a complete
stranger, and especially when you can't even see him
doing it! This however, even "I" knew was a hell
of a lot more personal AND intimate, and so I wasn't
surprised at all, when Brad was suddenly ready to leave!
Of course I wasn't offended either, as after all, right
then I was just glad he'd actually let things go as far
as they had!

Brad barely looked at me as he very quickly dressed once
again, and then he didn't even look back as he headed
out the back door, however I did hear him say thanks, and
that he'd see me tomorrow! DAMN I WAS HORNY, and I honestly
contemplated heading up to the book store myself, but I
was also still a little drunk, as well as tired, and so I went
for option number two! If any of you guys have never tried,
"The Flash Light" sex aid, I do recommend it,
and even at it's $75+ cost! While I realize that NOTHING
can ever replace the real thing (a woman's pussy) the
flash light as it's know, is really, really damn close!
Whatever material they use making it, with a little lubricant,
I promise you that you'd swear with your eyes closed,
you'd think it's your own wife's pussy, as
you slide it up and down your hard cock! Once again, it's
definitely no "replacement" but it's
a damn close "runner up"!

So, I masturbated, TWICE, and then I too was FINALLY, ready
to call it a night! Later, as I lay there naked in my bed, eyes
shut, and finally drifting off to sleep, the only questions
rattling around in my head, were of course what Brad was
thinking, how he was going to react tomorrow when or IF he
saw me, and what if anything, was going to happen after that!
Oh well, in the grand scheme of life, I only had a few short
hours, and I guess I'd be finding all of that out, now
wouldn't I? After that, sleep came easily, and I guess
I was more tired than I'd thought, because I actually
slept in late the next morning, and that's something
I honestly rarely do! Of course when I did finally get up
(after another round with the Flash Light) I checked and
Brad's car wasn't in his driveway! It was only
then I remembered him telling me he had an early morning
golf date with another buddy of his!

As I puttered around the house that morning, I found myself
chuckling to myself several times! I couldn't help
but wonder, even though I already KNEW it wasn't true,
what Brad's other buddy would think, if Brad was telling
him all about last night? Like I said, I already knew that
wasn't happening, but it was still funny to think about!
As morning eventually turned into afternoon, I did see
that Brad had gotten back home, but still no word from him,
not a single peep! AND THEN, I was working in my garage, and
right now I forget was I was even doing in there, and suddenly
out of no where, Brad just seemed to appear! I hadn't
really heard him come in and I actually did jump as he tapped
me on the shoulder! He quickly apologized for scaring me,
and then just sort of stood there a moment looking at me,
and not speaking!

What Brad did next however, REALLY surprised me although
I can't lie either, and say that it didn't turn
me on as well! It was a bit of an awkward moment to say the least.
Brad just standing there, and me sitting on a stool at my
work bench! Suddenly his hand slid around in front of him,
and he lowered his zipper, and then, HE PULLED HIS HARD COCK
OUT! He had the strangest look on his face! A combination
of nervousness, maybe even fear, and yet at the same time,
there was definitely lust! His voice was soft as he spoke,
halting even, and the words came out, "would you,
I men will you, you know, suck it for me again"? My answer
was to almost immediately lean over, and then took the head
of his hard cock into my mouth! He groaned as I sucked him
in, and then I wet back up, and started to lick his cock head!

At that point Brad spoke again, his voice sounding "flush"
he sounded almost out of breath as he said it:, "No,
just suck, Please, I wanna cum"! NO problem there,
as in most male/male relationships I PREFER being a "bottom"
the more submissive of the two men, although of course Brad
didn't actually know that yet! I took his hard cock
back into my mouth, and this time he didn't seem to have
any problem at all sort of taking charge! This time I didn't
have to reach over and guide his hands to my head, he just
did it, and as I sucked him off, he fucked his hard cock in
and out of my willing, and eager mouth! "Oh God, that
feel so good"! "Suck it for me Steve, make me
cum"! His voice, even his very words now sounded much
more confident, and in charge, and that truly did turn me
on a lot! I let go of his hard cock with my hand, and then held
his butt cheeks, as he continued, fucking my mouth!

"Oh yeah, that's it, that's it, just like
THAT, I'm cumming"!

Brad then groaned loudly, and that was quickly followed
by the feeling of his big hard cock jerking in my mouth, and
then a wonderful load of his hot cum shooting out! I sucked
really hard and swallowed, as I felt his butt cheeks flexing
in my hands, and his hips jerked! It all just seemed to happen
so fast, and then Brad was pulling his still hard cock out
of my mouth! Once again his very personality seemed to change,
and he was almost blushing as he told me how good that had
felt, and then he was stuffing his still hard cock back inside
his pants and quickly zipping back up! Now he was most definitely
blushing as he stammered out yet another "thank you",
and the asked if he could come over later than evening and
see me, if that was OK with me? I smiled, told him I'd
be waiting, and he turned and quickly left me sitting there,
still more than a bit stunned to say the least!

Once again skipping through a lot of stuff, later that evening
Brad came back over, this time with take-out for dinner,
and we talked as we ate! At certain times it was hard for him
to look me in the eyes, and yet other times, he seemed genuinely
curious about everything! I told him the basic story of
my history of being bi, and he interjected with questions
which I answered. I told him that of course Shannon knew,
and that we did "share" men together, and he
really seemed interested in hearing about that of course!
There was really so much more, but honestly, it would probably
take an entire story in itself, just to write about that
entire conversation! Let's just say that by the time
was actually reached a bit of a somewhat awkward silence,
there wasn't a whole lot left I could have told him anyway!
Finally came THE question from him, "And so what now"?

I looked at Brad as I stood up, and then I told him that "I"
intended on going into my bedroom and getting naked and
getting in bed! IF he wanted to join me he was more than welcome
to, and I honestly hoped he would! I didn't even give
him a chance to reply, as I then walked away, and I didn't
even bother looking back either, as I left HIM still sitting
there at my kitchen table! Once in my room, I did quickly
strip naked, and then I pulled the bed sheets back, and got
on the bed. It was only a minute or so later that Brad walked
into the bedroom, and then without a single word, he began
taking his own clothes off as well! I let him strip naked,
and then as he started towards the bed, I put my hand up to
stop him, and I told him to wait a second, that I had something
to say!

Basically what I told him was that his secret, "our
secret" was safe with me, and that he didn't have
to do anything he didn't want to or feel comfortable
doing! I explained a little further about how I did like
being "submissive" and a "bottom"
after explaining what a "top" and a "bottom"
was in male to male relationships. There was more, and although
it might sound like a lot, my entire "speech"
really didn't last all that long! AND THEN, for the
first time I saw Brad actually relax, and he even cracked
a joke, saying that IF I was a woman, he'd probably divorce
Cindy and marry me! We both laughed, and then he climbed
onto the bed beside me, and I rolled over on my side facing
him! After that I very quickly discovered at least one thing
about Brad, and that was once he'd made his mind up about
something, he really did seemed to get into it!

Our "cock sucking secession" lasted a good
half hour or more! I actually had to smile several times,
because Brad was suddenly discovering several things
about himself that I guess he just never knew before! Things
like the fact his nipples were actually quite sensitive,
and he really and truly enjoyed me licking and sucking on
them. Of course he loved me sucking his hard cock, and spending
a lot of time making love to his big, beautiful balls with
my mouth, lips and tongue, but I think the biggest surprise
of all to him at least, came when I rimmed him! Through multiple
female lovers, he'd never, ever had one even go near
his asshole, and as I licked it for him, he actually got VERY
"vocal" telling me again and again how good
it felt! Much later, as we lay there relaxing, and after
as Brad himself put it, once hell of a mind-blowing orgasm,
he told me that was THE BEST, blow job ever!

Of course "I" still hadn't cum once yet
myself, but I honestly wasn't worried about it, and
I think this was all so much for Brad to take in, that HE honestly
hadn't even thought about it! At one point as we were
talking, I'd rolled over onto my stomach, and I was
surprised but happy, as Brad lay next to me, and then began
to slowly stroke my back, and then finally my bare ass. Again
a short silence, and then Brad ask me, as he put it, about
"other things"! Of course I already knew where
he was headed with this, or at least I thought I knew, but
I still played a little dumb, and sort of made him explain
further! After he'd stumbled around a bit, I finally
gave him a break, and I came right out and asked him, if what
HE was trying to ask ME, is if I liked taking it up my ass? "Well,
Yeah" was his only reply, and so I told him the truth,
I loved it, very much!

I could once again almost "hear" the wheels
spinning in his head, even though we were both once again
silent, and after a couple of minutes, "I" finally
spoke again, asking him if he'd like to try it, and assuring
him I wanted him to do it! His next question was almost childish
in a way, a simple, "OK, how"? and I actually
had to hold back a laugh, as well as a, "You're
kidding me, right"? Instead I told him to just do it
like he was doing it to Cindy, but of course I should have
known she probably had never even let him come close to doing
that to her! That's exactly what Brad told me too, and
so I told him to just pretend my ass was HER pussy, and do it,
and once again he definitely broke the tension in the room,
as he told me he'd better not think that, otherwise
my ass would be telling him "NO" just like she
and her pussy usually did!

We both laughed, and as I said that really helped HIM relax
again especially! At that point I sat back up, reached over
and got a small bottle of lubricant from my bedside nightstand.
Handing Brad the bottle, I told him to be generous with it,
and especially given his "size"! I also added
for him to please go slow, and he almost immediately nodded
his head yes, telling me he'd promise not to hurt me,
and that he'd stop the moment I told him too! I got up
on my hands and knees, ass sticking up in the air, and Brad
got behind me! A moment later, I felt the lubricant dripping
down into my ass crack, and then Brad's fingers, as
he began to rub it in! Brad really seemed fascinated with
my ass, and especially with my asshole, and he took several
minutes "lubing me up" and playing with my asshole,
before he finally got up on his knees behind me.

At that point I started to tell him to put some lubricant
on is cock, and then slide up up and down my ass crack, but
suddenly he was already doing just that, and without me
having to tell him! His cock felt really good as it slid up
and down my slick crack, and I moaned, and that seemed to
prompt him to ask me if I liked that! I told him very much,
and all he said was "good"! It was also then that
Brad really seemed to get into everything we were doing
as well, and he suddenly stopped sliding his hard cock up
and down my ass crack, and then I felt that big mushroom head,
as he pressed it against my asshole! "Tell me Steve,
tell me you want me to fuck you, I want to hear you say it"!
I moaned, and it wasn't a fake moan, as I was really very
turned on at that point! "Yes, yes Brad I want you to
fuck me" I told him!

Brad pushed forward, and as he did I pushed back, feeling
his big cock head beginning to split my asshole open, but
then HE pulled back, causing me to groan! "No, No"
I almost cried out! "Please Brad, Please, fuck me,
I want you to fuck me, I NEED you to fuck me PLEASE DAMN IT"!
None of it was fake I promise you, it was just all heat of the
moment, sex talk, and it really was turning us both on! Apparently
it was turning Brad on, because suddenly I felt his fingers
dig even harder into my ass cheeks, and then I felt this hard
cock pushing forward, until it finally penetrated me,
it FINALLY slipped inside my ass! We both groaned loudly
then, and we both held very still! I know I was trembling,
and that might have even scared Brad a little because he
suddenly asked me if I was OK? I told him yes, and then added
once again that I NEEDED him to fuck me!

I could feel his hard cock pushing forward, pushing inside
of me and opening me up! It did feel a bit uncomfortable for
a moment or two, as after all, it had honestly been some time
not only since I'd even had a hard cock up my ass, but
definitely since I'd had one as big as Brad's!
He took it slow and steady however, and then suddenly I could
feel his pubic hair, and then his crotch, as it pressed firmly
against my ass cheeks! I think we both said the exact same
thing, and almost at the exact same time! "Oh my God,
that feels so fucking good"! Brad held still for a
moment or two, as I adjusted to his size, and he enjoyed the
slick, tight, hot insides of my ass! Finally he began to
move again, and finally he was truly fucking me, and it felt,

We were both talking by then! Me telling him how good his
big cock felt inside of me, and him telling me how hot and
tight and slick AND GOOD, my ass felt inside! Soon however,
he began to build up momentum, and neither once of us was
speaking, as he fucked me harder and harder, faster and
faster! Brad was really slamming that big hard cock into
me now, and a couple of times his big balls even hurt mine,
as they slapped against them! I did let out a quick "yelp"
but by then he was so into it, I honestly think he could have
cared less! Suddenly I lost my balance and feel forward
onto the bed, and Brad came crashing down on top of me, just
impaling me on his big hard cock! It took us both a moment
to recover, and then O told him to straddle my legs and fuck
em that way and he did! In that position he could really fuck
me hard, and yet it was honestly less stain on him as well
... PLUS ....

My own had cock was rubbing hard against the bed under me,
and Brad was very quickly driving me towards my own orgasm
as he fucked me! Suddenly it was like my entire world just
exploded, and then my cock was jerking hard underneath
me, as my hot cum shot out, and I just flooded the bed sheet
under me! Of course anyone whose had their finger up a guy's
as as the guy was climaxing knows, the interior walls of
you anal canal really flex and contract as you orgasm, and
mine was most certainly doing just that right then! Brad
groaned loudly, and after stating the obvious, that I WAS
cumming, he suddenly blurted out that it just felt incredible,
and that I was going to make HIM cum too! Brad then slammed
his hard cock as deeply inside of me as he could manage to
get it, and then his entire body went stiff on top of mine,
and then he too climaxed, and it was both powerful, AND extremely
intense for us both!

I could literally FEEL his hard cock jerking inside my ass,
and I could FEEL his hot cum squirting out, squirting deep
inside of me, and just filling me with his wonderful hot
load! I honestly think it was one of the longest orgasms
(mine) I'd ever experienced in my entire life! I finally
felt Brad's body go slack on top of mine, and then his
full weight press down onto me. I could literally FEEL his
heartbeat through his cock, as it continued to pulse deep
inside my ass! Neither of us spoke, not that either of us
probably could have anyway at that point! If you believe
there is such a thing as an all-consuming moment of total
intimacy between to men, that right then was it, or at least
that's how "I" felt right then!

After Several long minutes, Brad started to roll off of
me, and I almost immediately clinched my butt cheeks around
his STILL hard cock, and told him "NO". He suddenly
relaxed again on top of me, and so I started to slowly rotate
my ass under him, and at the same time, continued clutching
and un-clutching my butt cheeks! Brad moaned, and then
whispered in my ear: "Damn Steven, you are a hot slut
aren't you, if that's what they call a guy like
you"? "Your hot slut" was all I told him,
and then Brad moaned again! We both stayed like that for
another minute or two, and then it was BRAD, who finally
asked that IF he was going to fuck me again, then could we
try a different position? Of course I eagerly agreed, asking
him what he had in mind?

Actually he didn't answer me verbally, but instead
just slipped his hard cock out of my ass, and before I could
even object or protest, he flipped me over onto my back!
Hovering over me, I felt him shove my legs open wider with
his knees, and then he reached down and held his own hard
cock, as he rubbed the head against my asshole! Neither
of us spoke, but he was staring me straight in the eyes this
time, and so I reached down and took hold of my own thighs,
and lifted my hips up slightly, giving him a better angle
for penetration! He smiled and called me a "good girl"
and then he thrust forward, and once again his big hard cock
was buried deep inside my ass! Of course between him just
having fucked me, my ass still slick with the lubricant,
and now his own cum as well, his big hard cock just slid right
up my ass, until his balls pressed into me, and his crotch
pressed against my hard cock!

Brad's eyes closed as he began fucking me again, and
I dropped my thighs, and immediately reached over him and
grabbed hold of his butt cheeks and held on, as he began pounding
into me! There was no slow build up this time, as right from
the beginning he was fucking me so hard that his big balls
WERE literally slapping off of my up-turned ass cheeks!
He was grunting and groaning as he fucked me, and I was grunting
and groaning right along with him! I personally would never
have thought it possible, that I would have, could have
climaxed again so soon after I'd already climaxed
once! Yet it wasn't all that long before I could feel
my balls tightening up, and I KNEW I was going to cum again!
Suddenly I just left go, and Brad almost screamed out as
my cum shot out splattering us both, and he kept telling
me over and over again to cum for him!

Brad was literally right behind me however, and his orgasm
began even before mine had ended! Just as he started to cu

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Absolutely awesome story.


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Great story, a bit long but a great story.. Cant wait to get
my 1st m2m


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Great story, I cam twice before I finished it! I would like
to experience that one day.


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Nice story, a little similar to mine...and very much true.
HOWEVER...WAY TOO LONG...sorry...keep em cumming...


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Great Story... Good insite regarding married life. Whats
up with married women that they lose intrest in sex, when
their men still want to have fun?????????????


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Brad is one lucky dude to have a neighbor like you. Where
do we find such a neighbor?


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I do know where youare comming from..

I to am a bi-sexual male all my life an have enjoyed sucking
cocks and having my very tight ass-hole fucked as well as
have fucked a lot of very nice ass my self ..

I have also had to keep my bi-sexual hiden, keep secret,
even from my wife. I've been bisexual for many, many years most of my life
... AT least 51 yrs and have loved every bit of it ...

It is really the best of both worlds ...



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You write some of the best stories on here!

Keep up the good work!


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HOT! HOT! HOT! story.


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Very nice, reminds me of a fun time I had.


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Hot great story, give us more.


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That was one very hot story. I wish that I had a wife and neighbor like Steve has. Definitely the best of both world's


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That was one very hot story. I wish that I had a wife and neighbor like Steve has. Definitely the best of both world's.


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Wow great story,did he ever suck your cock.


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This is exactly what I wished I had. This story is awesome and I could read this over and over. Im guessing next version is after the wife comes home and that would be great also. Cant wait for more