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MON CHALET- Her first foursome


The event had been planned for over a month. My wife and I
would go to Denver on Saturday morning over the Labor Day
weekend. We’d shop, grab some lunch, and check into Mon
Chalet in the late afternoon. We’d unpack; set out all the
clothes we had brought, the toys, the video camera and everything
else we needed for our weekend get away including the two
bottles of Champagne. That is where my plans and her's

After arriving at Mon Chalet as planned, she changed into
a sexy but acceptable dress with only a garter belt and stockings
underneath and a great set of heels. Then we headed to someplace
nice for dinner and that is where everything that Rochelle
had expected would change. As we entered the restaurant,
the hostess asked if we were having two for dinner and I told
her that we needed a table for four as we were expecting two
other people to join us. The hostess said that she thought
maybe the other two we were expecting were already there
as she pointed to a table with two younger black guys already
seated. I told her she was right and we walked to the table.
She tugged on my arm and gave me a perplexed look wondering
what was going on. This was to be a weekend for the two of us
she thought. As we got closer to the booth, I could tell that
she recognized one of the guys. It was Antonio and she had
had sex with him before and a slight smile crossed her lips.
She looked harder at the other guy, but did not recognize
him, as well she shouldn’t. This was s new player.

As we got to the booth the two guys stood to greet us. Antonio
smiled at Rochelle, called her by name, took her by the shoulders
and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He turned to the other guy
and introduced him to my wife as Diasian. He then introduced
Diasian to me and we shook hands. She scooted into the booth
and I followed. Diasian and Antonio sat on either end with
her between Antonio and me, and Diasian across from her.
Rochelle expressed her surprise at the other two joining
us, as it was obvious that they would be joining us for the
rest of the evening. We ordered drinks as we perused the menu and made some awkward
small talk with Antonio and me taking the lead. The drinks
arrived and we ordered. As the drinks disappeared, the
talk came more easily and the coy allusions picked up. I
placed my right hand on Rochelle’s knee and moved her dress
up slightly so that I could feel her stockings. Soon Antonio
followed suite as the tablecloth covered our hands. Her
legs moved slightly apart to give each of us our own unobstructed
run of her legs. Diasian no doubt figured out what was going
on as he could see only one hand on each of us and expressed
a playful objection to being left out. She told him that
he was only left out for now.

Dinner came and we continued to chat. Our hands left her
legs to eat our dinner. We ordered another round of drinks
halfway through the meal. The tension was building as each
of us checked her out and she checked out all three of us,
with particular emphasis on the new guy. You could tell
that all sorts of things were running through her head,
and I knew even better than most what she was envisioning.
Diasian, commented on how good she looked and Antonio confirmed
that she looked even better than three years before. That
was about as far as our talk wandered towards what was going
to happen for the rest of the evening. We discussed jobs,
where we lived and other in sundry items as we finished dinner.
Our waitress returned to ask about dessert and another
drink, but the four of us had one thing in mind and declined.
I asked for the check and soon paid the bill.

After I paid the bill, I reminded the two guys about directions
to Mon Chalet and reminded them of the room number. I asked
them to go to the bar and have one more drink to give us time
to get ready for their arrival. We left and walked to the
truck and as we did so, she grabbed my hand, squeezed it,
smiled at me, and gave me a kiss. We drove to the hotel with
only a little discussion of what was to come.

We got to the hotel and went to our room and you could just
tell how excited she was for the evening to commence. She
was going to have three men to herself to do her bidding.
TABOO SEX: three men, two very much younger and even better,
two of the three were good looking black men. Dare she go
to the pool later and show them off to the other women there.
I got the enema out and she got undressed. She knew that this
meant some anal sex and even better some good double penetration.
She got on the bed on her hands and knees and I inserted the
tip of the enema bottle and emptied it into her. She went
to the bathroom to empty herself out and get cleaned up and
touch up her makeup. I handed her long white gown with the
high slit legs, white 6”heels, white stockings and white
garter belt to her for her to put on for her first outfit of
the evening.

The guys must have gulped down their drinks as they knocked
on the door a mere 20 minutes after us. She was still in the
bathroom getting ready. I poured four glasses of Champagne
and set them on a table. I told the guys that they should get
ready for her as I stripped down to my thong. I handed each
of them a thong that we had bought earlier for their use (even
though Antonio had remembered her likes and had brought
a couple of his own) and I had another for each of them for
later. I gave Antonio the tan and black mesh one and I gave
Diasian the black sheer one. There we three were in our thongs
sitting on the bed waiting for her entrance. I decided to
show Diasian where the video camera was and how to operate
it including the zoom lense. I broke it to him that he was
on camera duty first. I reminded them about our belief in
safe sex and they had remembered and showed me the stack
of condoms they had brought with them for the evening. They
were obviously planning a long evening.

She came out of the bathroom in her white gown, choker and
white heels, garter belt and white stockings. I got up,
kissed her and then handed everyone a glass of Champagne.
We toasted and she sat on the bed between Diasian and me.
We sipped our drinks and Diasian reached over to squeeze
her leg gently to make up for what he had missed at dinner.
She reached over and rubbed my leg. She commented on how
good all three of us looked in our revealing and sexy thongs.
She finished her Champagne in record time and Diasian was
close behind. Antonio had wanted to watch the tape of our
threesome from three years previous. He had brought a VCR,
so we hooked it up and popped in the tape. It would make a great
warm-up for the evening. We relived the moments on the tape
and it loosened everyone up for what was to come. Diasian
now had a better idea of what to expect. All of us were getting
horny and were touching her and she us. We fast-forwarded
through some parts, as it was obvious that the real thing
was uppermost on everyone’s mind. We left on the tape, but
I indicated to Diasian that it was time for him to begin his
camera duties. Antonio took that cue and moved to the now
open side of my wife.

Antonio and I both set down our drinks and moved our hands
on to more productive activities as we each chose a leg and
began running our hands up the full length of her thighs.
Antonio was the first to move all the way up to her pussy and
a sigh escaped her lips. No doubt she was already seriously
wet with anticipation. With the gown being split so high
on both sides, it was easy to move out of the way of our hands.
The front of the gown slipped between her legs as they spread
further apart to give both of us unrestricted access to
her wet pussy. I began rubbing her clit as Antonio ran one
and then two fingers in and out of her pussy. All the while,
Diasian was operating the video camera and obviously getting
some good shots of us working on her. She now lay back on the
bed and Antonio and I shifted positions. Antonio got on
his knees at the foot of the bed and continued with his fingers
on her pussy. I lay down beside her and continued to circle
her clit with my fingers. Then I pulled down the top of her
gown and began sucking on her nipple. As I looked up, Diasian
was still operating the camera, but also had a raging erection
that had escaped his thong underwear. Her eyes were closed
and her breathing became more rapid as her stomach tightened
while rising and falling. I knew she was closing in on a great
orgasm. Antonio obviously knew too, because he removed
his fingers from her pussy and began eating her pussy. I
moved my hand out of his way and moved my hand to her left breast
and began kissing her. That didn’t last long as her orgasm
began in earnest. She screamed, her legs flailed and she
just plain shuddered and her orgasm went on and on. Antonio
was still licking her pussy furiously despite her throws.
Finally, he could keep his tongue working no longer and
so I replaced his tongue with my fingers to keep her orgasm
going. Three minutes and counting when I finally let up
on her and she slowly began to relax. She lay there breathing
hard and trying to catch her breath. Diasian continued
to film us.

She sat up finally and told both Antonio and I to stand up.
We did as we were told and she pulled down both of our thongs
and got on her knees between us. She began stroking both
of our erect cocks and then alternately licking each. She
looked over at Diasian and his still erect cock and asked
him if he was capable of joining us and still filming the
action. He shook his head and joined forming a circle around
Rochelle. She pulled down his thong and now began to stroke
his cock also. With Antonio’s cock in one hand and Diasian’s
in another, Rochelle began to suck my cock. She shifted
slightly and while still stroking Antonio’s cock, she
began stroking mine and sucking Diasian cock. I’d never
seen her suck another mans cock until now. Diasian was still
filming, but I was questioning his control of the camera.
He was obviously approaching orgasm since he had had an
erection for so long and Rochelle took his cock out of her
mouth and stroked him to orgasm. His creamy white fluid
fell to the floor with a little hitting her dress. No doubt
he probably missed filming his orgasm as the camera came
away from him as he arched his back and looked straight at
the ceiling. He breathed deep and moved back to resume filming
as Rochelle continued to stroke me and then suck on Antonio’s
cock. She stroked his cock and balls as she sucked his cock.
She then moved back to sucking my cock as she continued stroking
both of us. She moved back to sucking on Antonio and he too
began to show the spasms of impending orgasm. She withdrew
her mouth and stroked his wet cock more furiously as he too
came. I was left and she looked up, smiled and engulfed my
cock in her mouth. I could hold back from this hungry woman
no more and I came and came while she held my cock in her mouth
and massaged my balls. It felt SOOOO good!

She got to her feet and asked what she should put on next as
she retired to the bathroom to clean up and change. We voted
for the short pink skirt, no underwear and the “lick me ‘til
I scream” white top. Choice of heels was up to her. Diasian
set down the camera and sat down on the bed. From the bathroom,
she asked us to pour more Champagne for all of us. Again,
we did as we were told and topped of Antonio’s glasses and
mine and poured fresh glasses for Diasian and my wife. She
emerged once again in pink heels, the black and white halter
top (with the appropriate message), and hot pink short,
short skirt that barely covered her ass, but even better,
only barely covered her pussy. As she sat on the bed, we found
that it didn’t really cover her pussy. I kissed her, then
Antonio kissed her and then Diasian really kissed her and
told her how beautiful she was, how he was glad he had been
invited to play and then asked how old she was. She smiled
at me and then lied to him (ah, a woman’s vanity). She took
her glass of Champagne, took a sip, and then downed the first
half of the glass. She looked at all of us naked on the bed
and asked why we too hadn’t put on something sexy for her
to remove later. I gave each of them a second thong and put
on one of my own that we had recently purchased for me. All
were novelty thongs for her to have fun with. Diasian had
the elephant thong as he was hung the best and had the most
opportunity to fill out the “trunk” as he became erect which
she was sure he would. We sat back down on the bed surrounding
her and all of us began to touch and caress her as she finished
of her glass. Antonio asked her if she was serious about
the halter top she was wearing. She said she was and was hoping
we would take the obvious hint (even though it was not a very
subtle hint). This time, the remaining three of us downed
our glasses and stood up. I grabbed the black satin blindfold
and then grabbed her hand and lead her to the next room which
was where the “sex chair” was located. I had considered
bringing the ties so that I could tie her to the chair, but
decided that she was much too animated during orgasm for
her to be this restricted.

I adjusted the lights in the room. Then I adjusted the chair
so that the back was at about a 35-degree angle. This would
allow her to relax, but still be able to watch the action
of us eating her pussy. As she got seated in the chair, I reached
around her back and untied the top of her halter for later
access to her tits. Antonio volunteered to man the camera
first this time and got situated and turned on the camera.
I guess that was our queue. I seated myself on the seat in
front of her pussy. I moved her skirt up just a little as her
pussy was already pretty well exposed to us for our pleasure.
Diasian moved up towards her head as I began slowly licking
her pussy lips and clit. Diasian moved her halter top aside
and began playing with both of her tits. He began playing
with the nipples and then kissed her. Then he moved his mouth
to her tits and began sucking one nipple and then the other.
The visual image and feeling of two men pleasuring her and
knowing another was watching her got her excited very quickly
and her pussy was already very wet. I circled my tongue around
her clit faster and faster and harder and harder. This was
to be her quickest and eventually her most intense orgasm
ever. Her stomach tense as it rose and fell. Her breathing
was more rapid. Her legs tensed. Diasian continued his
work on her tits. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and
her orgasm rushed over her. Her legs flailed, her arms shook
as she screamed. I continued to lick her clit and rapidly
moved my fingers in and out of her pussy. Diasian pulled
his lips from her tits and rubbed them furiously with his
hands. Antonio was getting some great footage of her face
during orgasm and some very good close ups of my tongue working
on her pussy. I had never heard her scream this loud and I
had never seen her have such a violent orgasm.

After several minutes, I withdrew and let her orgasm subside.
I moved quickly to take the camera from Antonio and motioned
to Diasian that it was his turn to pleasure her pussy and
he wasted no time getting seated between her legs as Antonio
moved along side her near her face and tits. Her orgasm had
barely subsided when Diasian began using his tongue to
penetrate her pussy lips. I moved closer to get good close
ups of his tongue working on her. She grabbed Antonio’s
erect cock and began stroking it as he played with her nipples.
She smiled at both of them and closed her eyes for a moment
and just enjoyed the attention. This was different for
me. Watching her have sex for the first time since we were
married that I was not part of it. Her next orgasm was already
building and she had had very little rest in between. Again
her stomach began to rise and fall as moans escaped her lips.
She was now watching Diasian very intensely licking her
pussy as she continued to stroke the cock to her side. She
began to jerk Antonio’s erection more violently as her
next orgasm was immanent. She released his cock for fear
of hurting him as her orgasm was reaching full level. Again,
she began to scream as her legs clamped down on Diasian’s
head and she also reached down and grabbed his head forcing
it further down on to her pussy. She did not want him to stop.
EVER! I was getting all of the action on camera. Antonio
was stroking his own cock as he worked his way in between
her extended arms to play with her tits. She finally released
Diasian’s head to let him come up for air and she again reached
for Antonio’s cock to again stroke it. Diasian began lightly
licking her pussy to continue her orgasmic experience
although letting it subside slightly as he went. The juices
were now flowing out of her pussy and down her ass. She was
so wet. She was so horny. She was exhausted.

But we weren’t done. It was Antonio’s turn. I told Diasian
I would continue with the camera if he wished and he agreed
whole-heartedly. Antonio moved between Rochelle’s legs.
She was still quivering slightly as he did so. No rest for
the wicked. Antonio immediately went to work on her pussy
as I continued to film the three of them. Diasian kissed
her long and deep as he caressed her all over and she in turn
grasped his cock and alternately stroked and squeezed
it. With no time between her previous orgasm and with the
site of two young black men paying her such attention, it
would not be long for her next orgasm despite her exhaustion.
She squealed with delight as his tongue worked on her clit.
Diasian tweaked her nipples as you could watch her legs
tense and her stomach tighten again. She just wanted to
cum and cum again and she had little time to wait. God she
looked so sexy. Her hips began to rise from the chair as she
tried to get closer to Antonio’s tongue. With the obvious
wetness running out of her pussy and between the cheeks
of her ass, Antonio took the opportunity to slip a finger
in her ass. That was all it took as he continued to suck her
clit and move his finger quickly in and out of her ass. Her
orgasm hit full strength. Her back arched from the chair
and she screamed as loud as I had ever heard her scream. No
doubt everyone in the hotel heard her. She was reaching
new heights of orgasm and she begged alternately for them
to stop and to never stop. As Antonio moved away, her back
again returned to the chair, but as I filmed her, I encouraged
her to use her fingers to continue her orgasm. It took nothing
more than that as her hand slid between her legs and she maintained
her orgasm by rubbing her clit. She then controlled when
her orgasm would end and Diasian helped her along by sucking
on her right nipple. Slowly she reduced her pace and let
her orgasm subside. She was covered in sweat as she lay there
still breathing heavily and still quivering slightly.
We all watched her with erections poking out of the thongs
that could no longer contain them.

She was about to try and get up from the chair when I told her
to stay put as I sat the camera down. I put the blindfold that
I brought into the room over her eyes and told her it was our
turn now. HUH? She wondered what was in store next. As I lowered
the chair so she was lying flat, I told her that we were all
going to fuck her. Then why the blindfold she queried. “You
know how I love to watch when you are fucking me. “ I told her
that this time, she wouldn’t know who was fucking her. We
whispered among ourselves and came upon a plan.

Antonio put on a condom as he was to be first and I again took
up the camera and turned it on. Antonio spread her legs apart
a little further. Her skirt was now fully around her waist
and her halter-top was on the floor. Antonio pushed the
head of his erect cock between her pussy lips until it was
in about an inch. She was still dripping wet and Antonio
thrust the remainder of his cock deep into her with one thrust.
She gasped and squealed as it entered her. Diasian took
her erect cock and rubbed it across her lips as Antonio released
his pent up frustration by hammering her as hard as he could
with his cock. Her tongue slipped between her lips to run
across the head of the cock at her lips. It was hard though
with the ferocity with which Antonio was fucking her. At
this pace, it would not take long for him to cum. Diasian
was stroking his cock slowly as he rubbed the now oozing
head around her lips and cheeks. Antonio began to tense
as he was standing still fucking her and she could sense
that whoever was in her was about to cum. This excited her
as it always does when she can tell that a man is about to cum.
She reached for the cock at her mouth and took it in a firm
grip. She began to tense, as the cock in her grew a little
longer and a little harder. They were both reaching the
impending orgasm. She released the cock in her hand and
reached for her clit and rubbed it rapidly and her and Antonio
let fly with their orgasms. Both quivered, both thrust
their hips and both screamed. Antonio ceased his thrusts
and rested with his hands on the armrests of the chair. Diasian
had moved to retrieve his condom and was putting it on.

No sooner had Antonio pulled his cock from her pussy (she
gasped), and Diasian was there to insert his. She was surprised
that there was no time between her sexual adventures. As
soon as Antonio regained his composure, he took over camera
duties and began with close-ups of Diasian’s cock also
hammering her pussy. She was liking all of this hard pounding
sex and her pussy was wet enough to handle it. Since her orgasm
never subsided from Antonio’s fucking of her, Diasian’s
pounding merely continued her orgasm and she screamed
and shook with the throws of a major orgasm. Diasian’s previous
stroking of his cock along with her playful licks had him
on the brink of orgasm when he entered her pussy and watching
her wave after wave of orgasm just increased his excitement.
He too was on the verge of orgasm and her orgasm just got even
more intense as she could sense this cock also getting harder
and bigger. I was barely going to get any time to help with
her orgasm by playing with her tits and nipples. Diasian
gave a big lunging push as his orgasm began and His screams
and grunts were in sync with hers. He pumped her pussy harder
and harder as he came. Her hips pushed upwards to meet his
thrusts. He began to slow as he finished cumming. He too
was drenched in sweat as he pulled away from her.

She obviously now expected another cock in her pussy before
her orgasm would even begin to subside. Antonio was getting
a close up of her wide-open and drenched pussy as I moved
into position. I surprised her as I first rubbed my cock
in her juices to fully wet it before I thrust it deep into
her ass. She gasped again and tensed at the same time. As
I pumped my cock into her ass, she relaxed and her orgasm
was continuing with different sensations now. She was
so hungry for sex that she reached down in an attempt to pull
me further into her. Diasian kissed her again and then used
his lips on her nipples once again. I took my thumb and rubbed
her clit as I continued to fuck her nice tight ass. I had never
seen her have an orgasm that was lasting this long, but she
was still going and asking for more. The juice was running
out of her pussy and down her ass serving to continually
lubricate my cock. I grabbed her thighs tightly as I was
approaching my orgasm and again, she could sense the pending
eruption of a male orgasm. It got larger and harder than
ever before just before I came in her ass. She too screamed
with delight and I kept pumping my cock into her ass as long
as I could to keep her orgasm coming. As I slowed, I again
resumed using my fingers on her clit until I had to let her
rest from her pure exhaustion. I pulled out of her ass and
removed my fingers from her pussy. She lay there breathing
hard and sweating even more.

I removed her mask as we all stood around her. Antonio continued
to film her in her glistening sexual bliss. We let her lay
there for a couple minutes to regain her strength, then
help her to her feet. She didn’t even pull down her skirt;
she just gave each of us a light kiss and headed for the bathroom
to clean up for the rest of the evening. When I asked her what
outfit she wanted me to get for her, she that that she wanted
her smallest thong bikini and that we all should put on something
appropriate for the pool. We figured that she just wanted
to show off her three men and knew she wanted to make the other
women jealous. We asked if she wanted more Champagne and
got the expected response “YES”. When she returned, she
had on her shear Wicked Weasel thong bikini and said that
she really needed to relax in the pool and hot tub as all of
her muscles were sore from over two hours of non stop sex
and she needed a rest before she continued to try and please
three men. I had on my thong, but Antonio and Diasian had
merely wrapped towels around their waist. Guess they decided
to go au natural in the pool. We grabbed our glasses of Champagne
and headed off.

When we got to the pool, there were about 20 people there.
About 4-5 single guys and the rest were couples. All turned
when we entered to see who the new players were. We decided
to start with the pool to cool us all down. Antonio and Diasain
dropped their towels and got into the pool followed by us.
She was obviously feeling a little more comfortable this
time. Why not with three guys, four drinks down and another
in hand, multiple orgasms already under her belt (so to
speak) for the evening and a sheer micro thong on. This time
she headed for the center of the pool where everyone else
was and we followed. Conversations struck up and we exchanged
pleasantries before the inevitable topic arose. The women
wanted to know if she was with all three of us? Had we already
been having sex? Was she going to have more? She laughed
and told them all how I had set this up for her and she was having
the time of her life and she loved me for it. The others wanted
to know if we were all up for an orgy in our room or someone
else’s room (the women obviously wanted to share the well
hung young black men). She laughed and declined explaining
she really didn’t like to share and grabbed my hand and kissed
me. She did mention that sometimes she liked leaving the
shades open because she liked being watched, especially
by other men as she gave a sly smile to the men also around
us. She definitely was feeling somewhat more liberated
by the atmosphere around us and the drinks. We continued
to visit for a while and both Antonio and Diasian’s hands
were not only roaming over her (as were mine), but also some
of the other women in the group. It also appeared that some
of the women were getting some good feels of the guy’s equipment.

We had cooled down by now and some relaxation was in order,
so we headed for the hot tub, which only had one guy in it by
now. The water was warm and soothing and Rochelle abandoned
her top and her tits seemed to float on top of the water for
all to enjoy and the guy that was already in the hot tub did
seem to enjoy. He tried to strike up a conversation, but
it was obvious that he was trying too hard to join us. We got
real close together and all played with each other and slowly
a few from the pool joined us, but it was getting crowded.
We finished our Champagne and she said that she was ready
to go back to the room and two of the single guys asked if they
could join us, but she told them that she had all she could
handle with the three of us. We got out of the hot tub, she
retrieved her bikini top, and we retrieved our towels and
headed for the room. Looks of envy crossed the faces of the
women left behind and one even approached Antonio and asked
him to stop by her room before he left for the night.

As we entered the room, she stopped and opened the shades
about half way for anyone who decided to take her up on her
offer to watch her. She headed for the bathroom after picking
up a garter belt, half bra, stockings and heels. In the bathroom,
she touched up her make up, got dressed and returned. All
three of us guys were naked on the bed waiting for her and
discussing what was in store next.

She lay on the bed between all of us and beckoned us to start
the camera again and the others could lay on the bed with
her. It appeared that Antonio was willing to take up the
camera and so he did so and Diasian and I lay down on either
side of her. Looking out the window in the dim light, it appeared
that we were gathering some onlookers (both men and women).
I nodded to her; she took note, smiled at me and then rolled
over on top of me and kissed me hard. As she lay on top of me,
Diasian played with her exposed ass. I told her to straddle
my face and she did so. I began to eat her pussy as she began
to stroke Diasian’s cock and he continued to play with her
ass and tits. Antonio was getting another erection as he
got some very good close ups of us. She was starting to get
excited, but I knew that she had trouble reaching orgasm
sitting or standing upright so I told her to lie down on her
back and went back to work on her pussy. She then took back
up stroking Diasan’s cock and rubbing it across her breasts
and nipples. Now we were talking. Rochelle started to wiggle
and moan as her muscles tightened. She smiled for the camera
and those outside the window. Her husband eating her pussy,
a young black cock in her hand and a naked black guy filming
her, she was in sexual heaven. Her pussy got very wet all
of a sudden. She worked the cock in her hand faster and faster.
Then the legs clamped on my head and she screamed and convulsed
as the orgasm washed over her and her hips bucked with my
head between her legs. Diasian manhandled her tits as she
came and I continued circling her clit with my tongue. I
slowed down and so did she. She grasped the black cock near
her tits and again began to stroke and caress it as her convulsions
slowed. I inserted my finger in her pussy to keep her going
with her orgasm and that made a small scream emanate from
her lips. I withdrew my head and let her relax. She smiled
first at Diasian, then at Antonio and then at the window.
She then asked the three of us if we were ready to fuck? We
obviously were with all three of us sporting hard-ons.

She sat up and told Diasian to put on a condom and lay on his
back. She straddled him, took his cock in her hand and guided
it in to her pussy. She looked around to me still sitting
on the side of the bed and told me she wanted my cock in her
ass. I wasted no time. I lubed up my cock and positioned myself
behind her. All the while, she was riding up and down on the
cock in her pussy. As I got into position, she stopped for
me to insert my cock in her ass. I was facing the window and
saw two guys move closer to the window for a better view of
the action. I found her tight little asshole with the head
of my cock and with one strong push had it all the way in. This
was met with a scream of both pain and delight from her. Then
she began to rock back and forth with both cocks inside of
her. Both of us wanted to thrust deep inside of her, but couldn’t
get the rhythm down and even she had to take it slow to insure
that both cocks stayed in her. Occasionally she would wiggle
down to insure that she had the full length of both cocks
in her. I could take this slow torture no longer and I held
her hips still and began plunging my cock deep into her tight
ass. I loved the tight feel and her ass seemed to just pull
my cock deep into her. Diasian was obviously excited too
as he could see and feel two cocks in the same woman at the
same time separated by only a thin layer of skin. She loved
the feeling of being very full and having two guys fuck her
at the same time. I was approaching orgasm, as was she. I
grabbed her hips firmly and thrust with even greater force
and she and I both came at the same time. I came for along time,
as did she and her head moved violently from side to side.
Diasian had reached up and was twisting her nipples while
she came. I was hot and sweaty as I withdrew from her ass.
I got up from the bed and took the camera from Antonio.

He could hardly wait. He knew what was waiting for him after
putting on his condom and applying the lubricant. He was
to get her ass next. She continued fucking Diasian after
I pulled out of her ass. He was excited and orgasm was building
which Rochelle could feel, so she slowed down. She still
wanted two hard cocks in her. Antonio was now ready and got
on the bed and positioned himself between her legs from
behind. He found it easier to insert his cock into her ass,
but it was still plenty tight. Again she squealed with delight.
I got a close up of him burying his larger cock deep into her
ass. Again, She began a slow rock back and forth on the cocks
in her. Then she increased the tempo and all three of them
were screaming to fuck harder and harder. The audience
outside appeared to be getting larger and I told her. This
got her even more excited and she rammed her body harder
onto the two cocks in her. She was getting the rhythm down
pat now and both cocks were staying in her as she flailed
back and forth on them. Diasian was holding her tits and
Antonio was hold onto her hips as the fucked for all they
were worth. They all three came in unison. All three thrust
their bodies, all three screamed, all three shook and then
all three collapsed in a heap. Diasian on the bottom, her
on top of him and Antonio on top of her, in a big sweaty heavy
breathing heap. Antonio’s cock had slipped out of her ass
and he rolled to the side. She in turn rolled to the other
side. All three were on their backs side by side on the bed.
From outside, you could here cheers and whistles from the
crowd that had gathered. We had the entire evening on film,
every bit of it.

After about five minutes, she got up from the bed and went
to the bathroom. The guys removed their condoms and threw
them away. My wife returned from the bathroom after several
minute and asked for one more glass of Champagne if there
was any left. There was just enough for one more glass for
her and I gave it to her. She was now wearing another lingerie
outfit, which was again comprised of a blue half bra, blue
garter belt, black stockings and 6” black heels (again
no thong). She sat down and chatted with all of us. All three
guys were still naked and the crowd outside had diminished
although I figured they would check back later for more
action. She got up and closed the blinds, which I think was
her way of telling everyone that the show was over. She sat
back down and kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful evening.
Antonio and Diasian asked if that meant that the evening
was over. She turned to them and said that as far as the sex
and the foursome, that indeed it was over. She explained
that she was just much to tired and sore to continue at this
time. They faked the pouting, but understood. We sat and
talked some more, but it was approaching 1:00 in the morning.
I asked if I could take some photos before they left to complete
her memories for the night. They gladly agreed. The guys
stood up, as did she. They posed with the guys naked and her
in her blue lingerie with the guys on either side of her with
their arms around her. They posed with each guy cupping
one of her tits. They posed with her holding each of their
cocks. They posed with her on her knees with both cocks near
her mouth. They posed with the guys on their knees and kissing
her pussy. Finally, there was a picture with each of them
kissing her on the cheek and her holding their now erect
cocks. They got dressed and we said our good byes and she
kissed each of them and they left.

We got ready for bed for the night and crawled into bed, she
gave me a big kiss, thanked me and then really thanked me
with a blowjob to make sure I slept well and to make sure I
knew who she loved. We both slept well.

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I have been lookingforward to my first group encounter
in many years at the Mon Chalet. This just makes me want to
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thanks for sharing, a hot story.


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A very well told very hot story.


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That was a great story, thanks for sharing it.


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great story keep them coming!


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gawd so amazing n it got my pussy so fucking hot n wet .....wished
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