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Lynne, my lesbian friend.



I had met Lynne at a local watering hole I frequented. She
was in her late 20's and a lesbian, but we got to be drinking
buds a few times a week. We talked about nearly anything,
but sex never seemed to come up. I knew she was involved with
a woman, Mary, in her late 30's and taken.

Lynne was a 'plain Jane' of sorts. She is around
5'4", maybe 110 pounds and really not a remarkable
body. She was not fat or skinny, just average. Lynne has
dirty blnde hair hanging straight to her shoulders, blue
eyes and a great smile and laugh. But there was something
about her that made me want to fuck her. It wasn't a love
issue, just desire and lust. Most men know the feeling.

She always wore lose fitting shirts or tops and lose slacks.
Lynne just wasn't into the dresses and tight shit I
learned. Looking at her over the few months we chatted,
you could not really judge what was beneath the clothes.
It kinda made my even hornier over her. Lynne loved talking
and joking...also a few cold beers.

I went for a brew one Friday and scanned the bar. No Lynne.
No biggie, it was a Friday and I needed to chill. Then I heard
the familiar hello and she sat next to me at the bar. We chatted
awhile and she asked what I planned for the weekend. I laughed
and said, "Who knows?" She jabbed me in the ribs
and said, "What no women to take home?" We both

We talked and had a few brews when she said she had to eat.
I offered to buy her some supper if she wanted. "Sure"
was her answer. "How about a nice fish fry?"
I asked. She smiled and said that would be great. "What
about Mary, won't she get upset if you went out with
me of sorts?" I asked. "Hell, no. She is in a mood.
We haven't been close in weeks and I am bored"
Lynne answered.

I paid the bill and we headed for a local eatery that had great
fish on Fridays. Dinner was casual and filled with light
chat. Finally I decided to ask her the question I had always
wanted to. She seemed relaxed and I figured it was no harm.
We had gotten to be close friends and spoke of other personal

"Lynne. Can I ask you something?" She looked
at me almost as if she knew what I was goiing to ask. She did
not seem upset at all. "Yes, I have slept with a few
guys! I was 14 or so and my girlfriends brother got me a bit
tipsy and seduced me the first time. It was not bad, but too
fast and they had no clue what they were doing. Shit, neither
of them either knew how to eat pussy!" she replied.
"I just liked girls, ya know?" she finished.

I was a bit stunned. "You act like you have been waiting
for me to ask that?" I said. She laughed and said she
knew I had that question and could not figure out why it took
me so long to ask. "Just 'cause I am gay doesn't
mean I have not sample the offerings. Hell, I love good sex,
just I was young and the guys dumb. Now get me straight, I
am into women, but still itch for the variety." she
said. I laughed and we both relaxed. "Glad that's
over" I said.

Lynne looked at me and bluntly said, "I know you have
been wanting to get in my pants. Actually I am flattered.
Did you ever think maybe I was a bit interested too?"
she added. I was a bit taken back. "Lynne, there is
just something about you. I consider you a great friend,
but the idea of having sex with you seemed way too far out.
I do not want to mess up you and Mary. Honestly, I am looking
for a relationship with a lady that has some benefits without
the BS. You did not sem to fit the bill." I answered.

"Hmmm.What if I said maybe I like that arrangement
too? Mary has said I can play a bit if I need it. But she never
said it could not be a guy." Lynne answered with a low
chuckle. "Want to give it a shot?" she added.
I was stopped in my tracks. "Are you sure? I don't
want to ruin a freindship." With that she reached
under the table and squeezed my thigh and smiled.

We were quiet for a bit and got another round for after dinner.
"So, are you?" she asked. "If you are fine
with it, okay." I countered blushing like a guy setting
up his first fuck in high school. "Okay, Mary is out
of town this weekend. let's got to my house and chill
over some drinks and see what happens." Lynne said
smiling. We paid up and headed out to the car. My dick was
straining in my jeans.

On the drive home Lynne and I chatted about everythng but
sex. My dick was still pressing against my thigh and showing.
I could swear I smelled a woman in heat. I was answered quickly
as Lynne leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. She also
laid her hand on my dick. "There the fisrt kiss is out
of the way." she laughed. "I feel you are really
into this." Before I could answer she grabbed my right
hand and pulled it to her crotch. It was hot and damp.

I gently rubbed her crotch as she lighly ran her fingers
over my cock still concealed. He pants got wetter and I swear
I could her her breathing pick up. We pulled in her drive
and I shut the car off. We looked at each other and got out.
In the dim light as I walked to her door I could see a damp spot
in her beige pants. Lynne grabbed my hand and we went inside.

Once inside she turned to me and grabbed my face. Lynne leaned
up and planted her lips on mine. In seconds we were tightly
holding each other and kissing deeply. Her outh tasted
sweet. I had my right hand on her butt pulling her to me and
it felt so solid and firm. We stayed linked, breathing into
each others mouths for minutes, then she pulled back. Lynne's
eyes were smokey.

Not saying a word she grabbed my hand and lead me down the
hall. She opened the guest room door and tugged me in. Lynne
turned on the lights and stepped back. She smiled and said,
"Fuck me!" With that she undid her belt and quickly
pulled her pants and panties off in front of me.

Lynne stood in front of me naked from the hips down. Her bush
was small, but golden. I could see the moisture on her inner
thighs. Her legs were firm and athletic. "Well?"
she interupted my stare. Then she turned and bent over the
dresser. "Fuck me!" she again said. I fumbled
and got my jeans off. My cock was like a steel rod and ready
to go.

I moved cock brushed her crotch and she groaned.
Lynne reached between her legs and lined me up with her pussy.
I grabbed her hips and pushed. My cock spread her pussy lips
and started forward. Lynne's legs tensed and she stood
on her toes as I pushed deeper. "Fuck me!" she
urged. I pressed harder watching her pussy lips fold inward
as I entered her. The room was now filled with the sweet smell
of sex.

In the mirror I could see her biting her lip as she stared
at me. I felt the folds of her pussy clench and release as
I went deeper. Finally my hips met her ass as I hit bottom.
Lynne's legs shook a bit and her ass bounced. I stayed
buried as I heard her grunting and gurgling a bit.

Damn I was thinking, this was a fantasy come true as I felt
her pussy gripping me. Then I pulled back. I could see the
folds of her pussy stretch out as my cock pulled out. I then
pressed back into her. Lynne grunted. "Make it fast
and hard. Fuck me. I want to do this one quick and make the
next one slow." she moaned. I would not argue. My nuts
were already pulsing.

I hammered her ass with my hips for a few minutes. I could
feel her pussy sucking me off deep inside. Cumming was not
far away. Lynne whimpered under me as I fucked her hard and
deep. The stirring picked up, "Lynne, I am going to
cum!" I gasped as my legs started to shake and my tempo
got ragged fucking her. "Cum in me! I want it. It is
okay, just fill me!" she squeaked back.

That did it and I slammed forward, lifting her off the floor
as the first jets of my sperm erupted from my cock. "Shit,
yes, shit....keep cumming" Lynne gasped as I sprayed
deep into her pussy. I did and soon we fell forward on the
dresser exhausted. My cock was half hard now but still deep
inside her and twitching. With each twitch I had, her pussy
clenced and milked.

We lay in this awkward position for a few minutes when I started
to stand up. I looked down and watched as my cock pulled from
her body. Her pussy lips gripped it until it popped free.
Lynne;s body shook as I left it. Then a huge gush of cum streamed
from her still open hole. It ran down her lags and dripped
to the floor. "That was good." Lynne whispered.


I dropped to my knees behind her and grasped her ass cheeks.
I could see her pussy still contracting and cum ooze. I spread
her butt cheeks and pressed my face to her pussy. As soon
as my tongue hit her clit she bucked, gushing more of our
cum all over my face. I ate her as she hissed and shook. My
hands grasped her calves to keep her standing. They were
solid and well formed.

Finally Lynne tensed up and howled, "I'm goona
cum!" and she siezed in my grip. Her breath gasped
as I felt her body start to relax. After her orgasm, I stood
up and held her waist moving her form to the bed. She was like
a rag doll. Once I got her body moved, I colapsed next to her
and we stared at the ceiling catching our breaths.

"That was nice, we have to do that again, " Lynne
softly said. "But, I still like girls!" she
added and we both started laughing. "So, just fuck
me and forget me?" I teased. She laughed and said,
"No, I will keep you around. We still have a few days
before work. Let's rest for a bit and shower. Then I
need a drink!" We both held our half naked bodies close
and rested.

After about an hour or so of dozing, it was starting to get
light out. I stiired and Lynne said, "What time is
it anyways?" "Around 7 in the morning."
I replied. In the early morning light I could see her laying
next to me with her legs slghtly parted. Her pubic hair was
crusted with our mutual cum from earlier and her legs had
dried streaks of cum on them. Her shirt all crumpled.

"I think we need a shower and coffee. Don't you?"
Lynne said as she felt her mound and the dried cum. "Sounds
good." I said. "Together?" I added. "What
did you think? I am not going to wash all this off alone!"
she chided me. In my mind I was excited. Finally I would get
to see her completely naked. We got up and she held my hand
as we headed to her bath.

As we walked and I anxiously waited to see Lynne fully naked
my cock started to get hard. He butt was so firm and hard as
I watch it bounce just a bit as she walked. Once inside she
leaned over to start the shower. I could see her pussy lips
protrude between her legs as she bend over. My dick was now
at full attention. She turned to face me and glanced down
then smiled and laughed.

"Now what have we here?" she teased. He looks
like he needs a good washing too!" she added. Then
Lynne started unbuttoning my shirt. I reached and with
slightly shakey hands did the same to her's. I got her
blouse open and off her shoulds and reached for the clasp
in the center of her bra. It snapped free and I xposed her
breats to my gaze.

They were not huge, but nice handfulls with puffy light
pink nipples that justed like little mountains off he breasts.
Her nipples were half erect and asking for a lick. I bend
down and put my lips to her right breast sucking her nipple
into my mouth. Lynne gasped and giggled. Her body shock
a bit and she cradled my head as I played with her nipple.
"Okay, enough of that." she humorously scolded.
"Let's get cleaned off."

We got into the warm rain of water and rinse our bodies. I
grabbed the liquid soap and said, "May have the honor
of doing the lady first?" She giggled like a schoolgirl
and said, "I was hoping you would offer." I squeezed
a stream of the liquid out over her shoulders and breasts.
Then I rubbed her shoulders from behind, turning her to
my face.

I worked my hands down and cleaned her arms and hands. Then
I started on her chest. Lynne was breathing a bit hard as
I messaged her breasts with the soap. Then I knelt down and
applied the soap to her legs. I washed each one and paid attention
to her feet too. Then I took my soapy hands and slid up her
legs to her thighs. Lynne spread her legs as I moved up. Her
eyes were smokey a bit as I reached her crotch.

Slowly my hands lathered her small bush and then I took my
fingers and reach between her legs. As my hand parted her
outter lips she gasped and shook a bit. She put her hands
on my head and tipped her head back. Lynne jutted her hips
forward a bit and I tenderly washed her pussy clean. Everytime
I hit her clit she gasped.

On my knees I gently slid one finger into her pusy as I used
my thumb to make small slow circles on her clit. Lynne groaned,
"That feels sooo goood. Keep it up and I will cum."
That was what I wanted to hear and kept a slow rythymn with
my finger in her pussy and thumb. Soon she was leaning on
the shower wall her hips trembling.

I looked up and could see the flush of an orgasm preading
across her chest and neck. My fingers worked a bit faster
and I thrust a second finger into her. Lynne tensed and grabbed
my head. Her hips bucked and I felt her pussy walls clamp
on my fingers. "Shit, oh shit, I am cumming....ahhhh!"
she wailed. Her body shook and trembles as she whined quitely
and squeezed my head as she came.

Lynne steadied herself and smiled. "I have to sit
down after that. I have never had that done in the shower.
I will have to teach it to Mary when she gets home."
she giggled. With that she sat on the shower floor facing
me. The water streamed over her rinsing the soap off. She
smiled at me. Her hair was hanging straight down soaked.
Her face looked content.

"Thank you sir! My turn. But first I want to do something."
she said. With that she grabbed the bottle of soap and filled
her hand, then she dumped a large glob on my still hard dick.
Smiling she grasped my hardon with both hands and began
to jerk me. "I want to see it shoot." she informed
me. Then she tightened her grip and pumped my meat. She took
one hand and gently cupped and messaged my balls as she stroked

I leaned back against the tub edge and enjoyed her hands.
Lynne leaned over and kissed me. Our tongue entwined as
she pumped me. Then she moved her thumb and used it to rub
the head of my cock. I jumped and kissed harder. "You
are going to make me cum soon." I grunted into her mouth.
She elaned back and stared at my cock as she intensified
her work on me.

My hips and legs twitched as she stoked me. "Cum for
me baby. Shoot for me. I want to see it spurt." she urged.
I knew this would be a big one and it was going to shoot soon.
Then it hit me as my orgasm started. My legs stretched out,
I saw sparkles of light in my eyes and then my hips lunged.
"Aaaaah, damn!" I shouted and my cock twitched.
She increased her speed and the first blast erupted.

Closed eyed I kept siezing as I came. I could feel the sperm
shoot like a rocket from the end of my dick. The cum seemed
to go on and on. Then with one final shudder I fired one last
stream. "Damn, that was neat!" Lynne said.
"Messy though." I was sprawled on the shower
floor with her between my spread legs. Slowly I opened my

"I guess you liked that, huh?" Lynne asked teasing.
I focused on her and I could see I had indeed come a ton. Gobs
of my juice were all over her stomack, breast and one glob
under her eye. It was running slowly down her face and she
reached up and wiped it off with a finger. Then to my surprise
she licked it off. "Not bad. I always wonder what that
stuff tasted like." she siad with a smile. Her other
hand was still wrapped around my dick.

"That tastes alomost as good as Mary's cum."
she giggled as she slowly kept stroking my still hard cock.
Never in my life have I stayed so hard after a cum. "Okay,
if you can stand up, let me wash you now." she commanded
a bit. I pulled myself and her back up. The water from the
shower hit us and the cum flowed off her chest and stomach.
She rinsed her face and grabbed the bottle of soap.

Lynne tenderly washed my whole body and carrassed me at
the same time. In my heart I thought here is a lady that I would
like to have as mine. But I knew it was not to be. But I also
knew this would not be the end of our weekend or later on deep
down inside.

She rinsed me off and I turned to her. Holding her cheeks
I said, "Thanks, that was wonderful." She smiled
and teased, "My pleasure." Then I pressed her
to the shower wall and kissed her. Lynne ate my mouth and
I felt her breast press into me. Damn I was still horny and
so was she. My cock was between her legs and I felt her reach
behind her and brush the head. Then not saying a word, Lynne
put her foot up on the bath edge and reached between us.

I brushed her hand aside. I grasped my cock and raised it
to her pussy. In one thrust I buried it in he willing pussy.
She kissed me and sucked her breath. Slowly pressing her
against the shower wall with water still streaming I started
a slow motion in and out of her pussy. She never broke the
kiss. Just paused at moments to gasp as I fucked her.

We ground our bodies together in a slow dance. Our pubic
bones pressed and bumped togegether as I thrust into her.
Lynne and I slow fucked for a long time and then she grabbed
my ass. "Oh God, I am going to cum again, " she
screahed. She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her tight.
Our motion was stopped, but her pussy was clenching on my
cock. Lynnne twisted as the first wave hit her. "Oooooh,
yes!" she grunted and her hips bucked.

That did it for me and I slammed into her. My cock swelled
again and I felt another load spraying into her pussy as
it sucked on him. My hips jumped as I came. It was not as much
as before, but still made me see some stars. Lynne looked
into my eyes and smiled. She kissed me again and said, "That
was great. But I need some coffee."

We rinsed again and stepped out of the shower. In unison
we dried each other off and laughed. My dick was now soft
and hanging. She joked and asked if she broke it. I chuckled
and said, "You wore him out a bit, but I think it will
still work. Let's get that coffee." She smiled
and grabbed my hand. Both still naked we headed to the kitchen.

We sat and were drinking our coffee, still both naked. "Let's
just stay her all day...naked." Lynne offered. "I
have plenty of booze and we really don't need to go out."
she finished. I smiled and siad, "Sound good to me."
In my mind I was excited, but at 45 was I up to more sex? Damn
three cums in less than twelve hours.

As we talked I admired her small body and beautiful breasts.
I had to have more of them later. Lynne and I talked about
the night before and the shower. My dick stirred but was
not ready to go back on the job even if my mind was. Then Lynne
laughed, "Oh my God!" she interupted. "What?"
I relied. Come here." she commanded. I got up and walked
to her side of the table.

She spread her legs and said, "Look." I looked
and between her legs was a big puddle of cum oozing out. We
cracked up laughing and she commented teasing, "Damn
big boy, you are just full of it!". I laughed and said,
"No it looks like you are." She then grabbed
a tissue and mopped up the seat and her crotch smiling. "Hope
you got more of this stuff." she said. "This
is another first!" she giggled. "But I still
like girls." she completed the comment with an evil
grin in fun.

We dabbled the morning away chatting and joking. I loved
watching her do the dishes mude. Her ass was magnificent.
She knew by now that I was staring at her. Of course she did
the same. She commented that my dick look funny swaying
as I walked. Lunch time came around and she fixed a great
soup and sandwich deal for us. Then we went to the living
room to watch some TV.

Lynne popped a DVD in and we sat back to watch. Still naked
we sat on the couch. She cuddled next to me and the show played.
The vid she picked was a porno. These two unknown actors
flirted and chatted leading up to a blowjob. She laughed
at it. "For a lesbian that seems to like dick too you
confuse me. You enjoy seeing a guy and girl having sex?"
I asked.

"Yeah, but I like it with two girls eating each other
then the guy gets in the foray." she answered. "I
think it's hot seeing them go at it as the guys fucks
one of them and then shoots all over them." she continued
a bit embarassed. "I would love to have you fucking
me as I ate mary. Bit that is kinda out of the picture. Hey,
I can fanticize." she finished.

The conversation died a bit and I reached over and tugged
her pubic hair lightly. She giggled and squeezed my naked
thigh. Then she grabbed my hardening cock and loosely stroke
it as we watched the video. I twirled her down lightly in
my fngers and could feel the heat of her pussy below. She
just kept slowly jacking me.

On the creen the guy was playing with this girls pussy as
she sucked his dick. I felt Lynne squirm a bit and her hand
tighten on mynow hard cock. The girl on the screen then moved
and got on her knees sucking the guy. He was holding her head
and groaning. Then he shot a huge load into her mouth which
she promptly drank up. Lynne giggled nervously and with
her free ahd covered her mouth a bit.

"What was that about?" I asked. "I don't
know really. It just seems weird. I mean I have had other
dicks, but never even considered putting it in my mouth.
Maybe I was too young and the guy was too fast and inexperienced."
she answered. "Hey it is a personal choice. I have
known straight women that would dream of sucking a dick.
Then again I have known ones that loved it." I answered.

We sat playing with each other as the girl swirled the cum
in her mouth for the camera and swallowed. Lynne squirmed
again. I pushed a finger between her pussy lips and she was
soaked. "Turned you on a bit watching that, huh?"
I asked. "Yeah in a funny way." she responded.
"If I were to try it with you and stop, , would you be
upset?" she finished. "Up to you. But you don't
have too." I answered.

Lynne was quiet and just stroked me as the next scene started.
Then she said, "Fuck it, I gotta know!" and slid
to the floor. She spread my legs and jacked me as she looked
at me. "Can I try?" she asked quietly. I smiled
and said, "Up to you dear, up to you." With that
she smiled and moved closer to my cock.

Lynne studied it closely and felt all around. Then she lighly
licked the head. I bucked and she pulled bak. "Wrong?"
she asked worried. I sad no and smiled. "Okay, how
do I do this? Any advice?" she firmly said. "Just
be careful of teeth, they can hurt! I personally have not
sucked a dick!" I answered. She laughed and said,
"I figured that." We laughed.

Lynne came closer again and staring at me kissed the head.
She opened her mouth and tasted a bit. I was precumming by
now and told her. She said nothing but her eyes smiled. Then
she took the head in her mouth. Her tongue twirled over my
cock head. I squirmed and she kept at it. By now she knew I
was enjoying. She stroked my cock shaft with her hand ad
sucked the head.

Her mouth was warm and she seemed okay with it. Then Lynne
took part of my shaft into her mouth. Her hair swayed as her
head bobbed on my cock. Lynne used her other hand like before
to rub my balls as she sucked me. I could feel her breasts
brushing my thighs as she moved.

Lynne's breathing got rough. I knew she was getting
into it a bit. So was I. "Lynne, I will tell you when
I am going to cum. She looked back to my eyes not breaking
a stoke and winked approval. By now she had four inches between
her lips and I could feel my dick hit the back of her mouth.
She would lick and suck alternately on my cock.

This felt so good. I placed my hand on her head and stoked
her hair. Lynne was really gettting into sucking me. My
body was too. I jerked and shot a bit of precum. Her eyes widened
and I said, "No just you have me going dear. It is not
here, but soon." Her eyes smiled as she kept going.


After a few minutes I was tensing and holding back, "Lynne
I am going to cum, just warning you." I said. She kept
the pace and felt my body quaking. I laid back my head and
felt it build. My balls were ready again and I murnurred,
"It coming." She pressed her face hard at me
and we looked eyes. My balls contracted.

In a flash of light I started to cum. "I am cummmming!"
I wailed as my hips rose to her face. Lynne's eyes got
big as the first spurt hit her mouth. I could feel her ulp
to swallow and she kept going. Two, three, four, I lost count.
I shot int her mouth. I could feel her throat contract trying
to swallow it as fast as I shot it.

My hips bucked and legs twitched as I continued to shoot
into her sucking mouth. I was covered with sweat and lost
in a little world of extasy. My dick was done and started
to go soft in her lips. She sucked and pulled iit all in. Lynne's
lips were now pressed to my puchic hair as I felt her mouth
move and her tongue twirl. I was drained.

I relaxed and Lynne let my cock drop from her lips. She had
a bit of cum on them and a drop was seeping from my now soft
dick. She smiled and licked it off. I sighed in pleasure.
I owed her big time now. Lynne smiled and leaned back. "Was
that good for you?" she asked. I could see my cum still
on her tongue as she spoke. "Yes, that was tremendous."
I sighed.

"That was not so bad. I actually got horny doing it."
Lynne said as she swallowed a bit. "Feel this."
she said as she sat back by me. She grabbed my hand and pushed
it between her legs. She was dripping wet. "Damn girl,
give me a few to recover and I will return the favor."
I replied after feeling her soaked pussy.

Lynne smiled and leaned back her head on my shoulder. Damn
I thought. This girl is a lesbian and sure acts like she knows
her way around men. I was not going to complain. I had the
rest of the day and Sunday to let this fantasy continue.
Lynne lightly rubbed my dick and cuddled. "Want a
nap lover?" she giggled. "Yes, " I said.

After I got composed we headed down the hall. I crawled into
bed and she siad, "let me cook us some dinner. You can
grab a few hours rest." I laid back and she kissed me
lightly. "I hope you are enjoying this as much as me."
Lynne said as she tucked me in. I smiled and nodded, "Yes,
I hope you mean that. You made a fantasy real for me."
I was out in a flash.

I awoke a few hours later to the smell of a great meal. I got
up and hit the bathroom to piss. Then I headed to the kitchen.
Lynne was in an apron still naked and fixing the table. "Feel
better now?" she asked. I said, "How much better
can a man feel. Be real, you are gay and have fucked and sucked
me to heaven. I owe you a big one." She giggled and set
the food on the table. "I know, " she said. "I
am sure you will deliver."

We quietly dined and talked. No sex in the conversation.
After dinner we hd coffee and she broke out a bottle of wine.
I felt good, but stuffed. We enjoyed the meal and the day.
The light outside was fading a bit and we cared less. We were
home for the night. "You know, I was supposed to meet
the girls tonight for drinks. Fuck 'em. I am staying
home. Besides I think they would shit to know I have been
fucking a guy." she joked. We both laughed and toasted.

It was getting cold outside and the chill was entering the
hous. "How about a nice fire and some wine?"
Lynne asked. "Sounds great!" I answered. She
said she had to clear the table and I volunteered to built
the fire in the fireplace. She smiled and pecked me on the
cheek, "Okay, damn I feel like a housewife. But I already
am I guess!" We laughed again as I headed to the family

The fire was going good when she joined me. I had already
gotten a bottle and some glasses and had them on ice when
she came in. Lynne sat next to me and hugged me. "I never
thought I could enjoy a man, but I am. But remember, Mary
is still my heart and I will not leave her." she almost
sternly said. "I know, let's just enjoy the time."
I counterd. Lynne smiled and stretched out on the comforter
I had spread on the floor by the fireplace.

Both still naked we enjoyed the heat from the fire and drank
the wine. We both lightly carassed each other and talked.
"This fire is getting hot." Lynne said. My devious
mind went to work. "Let me cool you off if you want."
I answered. I reached to the wine bucket and grabbed an ice

Lightly I ran the frozen bit over her shoulders and butt.
She smiled and laid cross on her stomach enjoying it. I sat
up and got betwwen her legs from behind. Lynne's legs
were spread and I could see her soft pussy exposed. I grabbed
another ice cube. Gently I let it melt between her butt cheeks
and the cold water ran between her legs. Lynne twitched
and gasped.

"Shit that is so hot!" she said. "Well
you now what I mean!" she stammered as she lay on her
crossed arms. I grabbed one more cube and ran it over her
pussy lips. Lynne's hips jerked and I heard her suck
air. Then I pushed it into her pussy. Lynne tensed and groaned.
"Oh shit that is increible? she moaned. I grabbed
another and pressed it inside her body. She bucked and stretched

I messaged her ass and watched the melting ice seep from
her pussy as she slowly ground her hips to the floor. I grabbed
two more cubes and inserted them. Lynne tensed and froze.
Before she could say anything I pressed two ingers in her
pussy from where I sat. "Oh shit, Oh shit." was
all she said as her hips quivered.

I probe her pussy with my fingers, pushing the melting ice
arond her vagina. She jerked in front of me and I curled my
fingers. I must have hit the right spot because Lynne went
ridgit and cried, "Oh fuck, I am cumming, don't
stop." Her hips were now hammering the floor. I grabbed
one more cube and slid it in with my other hand as I worked
her pussy. She moaned and her hands clenched the comforter
beneath us. "Fuck." was all she said.

Stretching back I spread her legs farther open. She must
have known my intentions as she raised her hips off the floor.
I took another ice cube and put it in my mouth. Leaning down
I tongued her pussy lips and clit. Lynne quaked and gasped.
The I pressed my tongue into her love hole. Softly I spit
the ice into her body. She went rigid. "Oh fuck."
and a groan came from her.

Pulling on her hips I pressed my face into her crotch. I licked
her opening, clit and sucked on her pussy lips. Lynne just
vibrated on the floor under me. Then I got bold and grabbed
two more cubes. I pressed one in her pussy and boldly one
in her ass. Lynne froze and her body violenty shook. "Oh
shit I am cumming, unnnngh!" grunted from her. I kept
tongueing her pussy and ass and she trembled. Her oragasm
took all controlas she mumbled and thrashed.

As she slowed down and qieted, I moved up. My dick was like
steel again to my surprise and I wanted to fuck her. I knew
because I had come so many times this would be a long one.
Lynne was quiet as I spread her cheeks and placed my cock
on her pussy hole. I pressed hard and sunk deep. Lynne raised
her hips and I felt the melting ice move aside as my cock hit
her cervix.

Her butt trembled and I just started fucking her. I looked
down and her pussy lips were kissing my cock as it moved.
I could see her inner lips fold in and out as I alternately
penetrated and withdrew from her body. "Gawd"
was all she mumbled as I fucked her. I watchedboth her pussy
cream and melted water run from her pussy as I thrust into

I reach to the ice bucket one lat time. As I fucked Lynne I
pushed one more ice cube up her asss. As it popped in she whined
and I felt her pussy clamp me. "Oh shit, that feels
so wionderful!" she whispered. I kept thrusting
into her. I could feel her vagina clasp me then open till
it nearly touch my invading cock. She quietly groaned each
time I filled her pussy.

Her sweet butt spread as i pressed into her body. I could
feel her trying to grip me inside and with her thighs. I pounded
for a few more minutes and then want to look into her eyes
shile I made love to her. I puled back and my cock popped from
her pussy. A drench of water flowed out as I did. Lynne grunted
and said.' What are you doing?" I said roll over.

On her back now Lynne spread her legs wide. Her pussy was
soaked. I moved over her and kissed her. Then grabbed my
cock to reenter her body. "Wait, more ice!"
she murmurred. I grabbed two more cubes and with her grunts
pushed them in her pussy. Then I guided my cock back to her.
I pressed into her body and felt the ice move on my cock. Lynne
groaned and grabbed me. She raised her legs and locked them
around my waist.

I pressed deep as we stared into each others eyes. Finally
all the way in she kissed me. I held still feeling the ice
on my dick. Her nipples were like arrows and dug to my chest.
Then I started a slow movement fucking her gently. Lynne
wrped her arms around me as I thrust ino her middle. I ould
feel the ice melting and the liquid dripped from her body
over us.

Our pubic bones set a rythymn as we made love. I sucked her
lips, tongue, ears as I pressed into and out of her. Lynne
was softly moaning under me. Her nails occassionally dug
my back as I hit special spaces in her. Lynne's hair
was sticking to her face as she sweated below me. I dripped
perspiration on her chest and forehead as I lunged into
her body.

The ice had long melted as we kept our love dnace going. The
comforter was soaked and so were we. I continued my slow
penetration of her body. Each time I pressed I heard her
groan. Ny cick glanced of her cervix as I jammed deep into
her. Lynne started to quake under me. "I am going to
cum, and I mean a big one. Don't stop." she wailed.


Lynne dug her nails into my back and lifted me off the floor
as she came. "Oh fuck, Oh shit, give it to me. Shit don't
sotp...." she wailed. Then she tihtened beneath
me and threw her legs straight out and gasped. "Here
it is, here it is. fuck cum in me!" she gurgled. I quickened
my pace into her body.

As Lynne twisted in orgasm my balls tightened. I jammed
hard into her and let it go. My cock felt like it would explode
as I felt me cum run up the length. It went off and I could feel
it shoot into her bdy. She did too and pulled me close. Lynne's
legs relocked on my hips. "Give it to me, give it too
me. Ahhhh shit." she wailed as I fired load after load.

My cick spurted and spruted. Each time I shot into her she
grasped my body. We jerked in orgasm together. At every
spurt Lynne tensed and slammed her hips to me. Her pussy
was in overdive, milking and sucking me off. My head was
spinning and again I saw stars as I emptied my balls into
her body.

We were both spend. Our bidies were glued togehter with
sweat and cum. Our hips still shook as we came off the cum
high. "Damn Lynne, I have never cum like that!"
I gasped. A few seconds later she whimpered, "Me either.
I hope I live through tomorrow! I want to try this again."

I relaxed on her and still deep inside, but softening enjoyed
being part of her body. We kissed and despite the wetness
under us, fell to a deep sleep. As I dosed she kissed me and
hugged me. "Mary needs to feel this too!" she
mused as she cuddled into my shoulder.

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Great story..Keep us posted on how things go with Mary.


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it is great. I liked it very much


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An incredible story!! I wish I could find a fuck like that!!!


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This would hae been the best ever in AdultFriendFinder if there were not
so many errors and typos and mistakes. I can also tell from
personal experiences with Lesbians that this is not very
realistic, unfortunately!


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Outstanding, hope thers a sequel with Mary!!!!!


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Awesome story. Had a similar story happen over 20 yars ago.
Just wasn't as memorable. I forgot all about it until
now. Thanks for the revisit. I wonder where she is now?


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Great story.A bit long, BUT definitely kept my attention
& I'd rather have a story be too long than too short
w/o enough info like many people on here do.


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thanks great story, please write the sequel when Mary gets


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I'm a lesbian and enjoyed this story a lot ... it could
happen, after all everyone likes variety once in a while...
it is the spice of life.


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Fantastic Story!