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Lusty Linda


Ever since I embarked upon my journey as my husband's
sex toy, I've noticed that there are some people who
disapprove more of his participation than mine. A lot of
these people seem to think that it's terrible that
he "forces" me to act like a whore. What they
can't seem to understand is that I've always loved
to fuck and I've always been an exhibitionist. John
hasn't created the slut, he's only allowed her
to be herself. The first time I realized what a whore I am
was during my first sexual encounter, which was long before
I met John. Just so people can understand that, I've
decide to retell that adventure.

I was a freshman in a large eastern college, and, believe
it or not, I was a virgin. I guess my problem was that I always
intimidated the guys around me. You see, I was 5'7"
tall and my 117 lbs. were distributed around a 35-23-35
frame. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately
for my sex life, I also have a very high IQ, which tended to
scare guys off. Even worse, the guys who weren't afraid
of my brains always bored me. Anyway, as my finals approached,
I still hadn't met a guy who interested me enough to
fuck. My last final of the year was to be in economics, my
toughest course. I was so worried, I stayed up most of the
night studying. I must have dozed off about 5 A.M., and when
I awoke, it was almost noon--an hour after the test was to
end! Frantically, I rushed from my room to the professor's
office. When I got there, he ushered me in and remarked that
he had not seen me at the final. I tried to explain and asked
if I could take the test now. He sadly shook his head as he
said, "I'm sorry Lynda, but that wouldn't
be fair. How do I know you didn't get the test questions
from someone and prepare? I'm afraid I have no choice
but to give you a zero on the final."

Panic struck as I realized what this meant. "Please,
you can't do that! A zero on the final means I'll
flunk the course and if I do that, I'll lose my scholarship.
Without my scholarship, I can't afford to attend school--I'll
be dead!" Again, he shook his head, "I'm
very sorry, but I don't know what else I can do. Rules
are rules, you know."

Tears filled my eyes as I begged, "Please, Professor
James, you can't just let one stupid mistake ruin my
life! There's got to be something I can do to make up
the test. How about giving me a different test, so you know
I'm not cheating? Please, please, I'll do anything...I
can't flunk this course...Please..."

Something I said seemed to touch him. Slowly a smile started
to form, and he looked at me differently. "Well, I
can see that you're serious about wanting to make this
up. I can also see that you're a beautiful girl. Did
you wear that outfit on purpose?" Without thinking,
I looked down to see what I was wearing. I had rushed out of
my room so fast that I hadn't realized I was still wearing
the clothes I had been studying in. Since it was very warm
and my room wasn't air- conditioned, I had been wearing
only a tiny tube top and a pair of "Daisy Duke"
style cut-off shorts. Embarrassed, I realized that most
of my body was on display. "No, no, " I stammered,
"I, I just sort of forgot what I was wearing in my haste
to get here."

"Too bad, " he frowned, "I was starting
to think that maybe there was a way to arrange a make-up exam."
"Wh-what do you mean?" I managed to ask.

Professor James walked over and stroked my tube top, licked
his lips, and said, "If you had worn this outfit on
purpose, I would have known that you were really willing
to do ANYTHING to avoid failing. I'm only human, after
all, and a sweet young thing like you who was really willing
to do anything may have been more than I could refuse. Too

I knew he was leaving the door open for me, and I knew what
he was hinting at. Could I do it? Should I do it? Did I have
any choice? Desperately, I said, "But, I am willing
to do anything! Really, I am!" "Prove it, "
he said quietly. "Pull your top down to your waist
and show me your tits." Even though I knew what he had
been hinting at, I was shocked to hear the words. Taking
a deep breath, I stood and did as he said. "Beautiful, "
he whispered. "OK, Lynda, I'm willing to give
you a chance. Meet me at the Day's Inn, room 217, tonight
at 7:00. I'd like you to be dressed like a woman who is
really ready to do anything...and I do mean anything! If
you successfully complete the test, you'll not only
pass, you'll get an "A". However, this
is an all or nothing test--if you fail to complete any of
its parts, I'm afraid there will be no more chances.
Am I clear?"

"Yes, " I whispered.

"Good--I'll see you at 7:00." With that,
he waved his hand, dismissing me from the room.

I spent the rest of the day wondering what I had gotten myself
into and whether I should go through with it. Finally, I
came to the realization that I had no choice. It was either
let him fuck me or go home in disgrace and look for a minimum
wage job. Resigned to the inevitable, I decided to make
sure I did it right--I couldn't give him any excuse
to flunk me. I made a quick trip to the mall, where I bought
a black garter belt and stockings. As 7:00 approached,
I got dressed "like a woman who would do anything"--the
new garter belt and stockings, my tiniest pair of black
bikini panties, no bra, a black leather miniskirt (which
barely covered the garter belt) and a silky, sheer white
blouse. I finished the outfit with dark red nail polish
and lipstick and a pair of black spike high heels. Looking
in the mirror, I could see the dark shadows of my nipples
through the blouse. "If this doesn't do it, nothing
will!" I thought as I left for the motel. I have to admit,
I almost didn't make it--I had to force myself to knock
on the door, fighting the impulse to turn and run. As he opened
the door, the professor's grin changed to a huge smile.
Whistling softly, he gasped, "Wow, you are gorgeous!
Please, come in." As I walked past him into the room,
I could feel his stare and knew he was undressing me in his
mind. After what seemed like forever, he spoke, quietly,
"Lynda, if you want to pass this test, you will do everything
you are told as long as you are in this room. You have promised
to do anything, and believe me, you will. An important part
of economic theory involves the barter system, and you
are here to barter for a grade. If you have any inhibitions,
I suggest you leave right now. Otherwise, I will expect
you to satisfy my every desire and to follow all orders completely.
Do you understand, and do you agree?"

There was no turning back as I nodded my head. "Good,
now, I would like you to remove your skirt and blouse."
As my clothes came off, I closed my eyes, trying to avoid
looking at him. "Open your eyes, Lynda--I want to
see them as you remove your panties." Meekly I obeyed,
and stood before him virtually naked. "Are you ready
to fuck?" he asked. I nodded my consent. "Not
good enough!" he barked. "Say it... tell me
you want fucked!"

"I, I want you to fuck me." I murmured.

"Not very convincing!" he spit the words out.
"Get on that bed and masturbate until you can convincingly
tell me you want fucked!" I fought back the tears as
I lay on the bed, legs spread, fingering myself as he watched.
Finally, my body started to respond, and my pussy started
to get warmer and wetter. As my fingers found their mark,
I started to think that maybe getting fucked would be kind
of nice; after all, I didn't want to be a virgin forever.
Almost absent- mindedly, I started to approach an orgasm,
and my mind ran from my body. I heard a strange voice coming
from my mouth, begging, "Oh, please fuck me...I really
am getting horny...I really need a cock right now...please,
please don't make me wait...please fuck me, please..."
I guess I was convincing, because before I knew it, he was
on me, pushing deep into my cunt. Within seconds, he was
pounding into my pussy, fucking me with unbelievable power.
The force of his thrusts turned me on even more and I again
heard that voice babbling, "oh, yes...Oh, God, yes...Oh,
you're fucking me...Oh, it feels so good...Oh, fuck...Oh,
Oh, I can't believe it...Oh, deeper, please...harder...yes,
Oh, yes...Oh, God, I'm coming..." my orgasm
exploded over me like an atomic bomb. None of my past secretive
finger-fucking had prepared me for this feeling. My body
went through spasm after spasm, and I struggled to stay
conscious. As I gained control of my senses, I realized
that Professor James was frantically driving his dick
into me. His eyes closed, he arched his back, thrust his
shaft as far into my snatch as he could, and screamed as his
cock exploded inside me. I could feel spurt after spurt
of semen splashing against the walls of my vagina as his
scream changed to a gurgle. Finally, he collapsed on top
of me, murmuring, "Sweet Jesus, you're tight.
God, what a are fantastic!"

As we lay on the bed gasping, I realized that someone was
knocking on the door of the room. Professor James rolled
off of me and joked, "Maybe we're making too much
noise. Don't worry, I'll handle it." As
he walked to the door, I saw my reflection in the dresser
mirror. The stockings on my wide-spread legs acted like
beacons, pointing directly at my just-fucked cunt. Sperm
dripped from the red lips, staining the beadspread. My
nipples were still hard, and projected at least of an inch
from my heaving breasts. Mesmerized, I reached down and
stroked my pussy, marveling at how erotic my bright red
finger nails looked against my blond bush. As I stroked
my clit, I began to wonder if the professor intended to continue
my test--and to hope that he did. Moments later, my questions
were answered. I heard Professor James saying, "Lynda,
I want you to meet Dr. Simons, the head of the economics department.
Dr. Simons, this is Lynda!"

Startled, I tried to cover my dripping snatch with one hand
and my tits with the other. "Dr. Simons--This, this
isn't what it looks like...I can explain, really..I,

Laughing, Dr. Simons managed to stop my stammering, "What
it looks like, Miss, is that Tom here has found himself one
sexy little whore to fuck! It also looks like that little
whore is ready for some more action! Is that what it looks
like to you, Tom?"

"That's exactly what it looks like, Jack, and
that's exactly what it is. Lynda here was just about
to start the oral portion of her make-up exam. Weren't
you, slut?"

Shocked, I answered, "I guess so...we, we hadn't
really discussed what was next."

"What's next is that you are going to ask Jack
to fuck your sexy little mouth, and you are going to say it
like you mean it! If you're lucky, he'll agree,
and you can suck his cock. But, remember, he's the head
of the department and is used to the best, so you had better
suck him really good if you want to pass the test! Now do it!"

The tone of his voice made it clear that he meant business,
so I started, "Please, Dr. Simons, please fuck my
mouth. I really want to taste your cock. I want to suck you...I
want to prove to Professor James what a good little whore
I am. Please, please say I can suck your cock, please?"
I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth.
I was begging like a bitch in heat to suck the cock of a man
I had never met before. Even more amazing, as the words came
out, I realized that I meant them! I wanted to suck his cock!
I wanted to prove to both of these men what a good fuck I could
be! As both men smiled, I continued, "Please, please
say you'll fuck my mouth! After that, I'm sure
Professor James will let you use my cunt, too! Oh, God, I
need your cock...please..."

As my begging continued, Dr. Simons unbuckled his pants
and approached the bed. "Get on your hands and knees,
bitch!" he ordered. "If you're going to
suck my cock, you'd better do it good. I want to feel
your tonsils on my dick! Now, suck it!" Eagerly, I
jumped to my knees and guided his dick into my mouth. I was
surprised at how soft the head of his hard dick was as it entered
between my lips. In seconds, I was delivering my first blowjob,
trying to remember what the girls in the porno flicks I had
seen had done. Dr. Simons helped, guiding my head up and
down with his hands as his prick gradually moved deeper
and deeper into my throat. Slowly, I learned to breathe
between strokes and how to swallow as he pushed into me.
After about 5 minutes, I started to establish a rhythm,
and could hear him start to moan in pleasure. Suddenly,
to my surprise, he roughly pushed me away. As I looked up
questioningly, he growled, "That's enough
playing, I want your pussy! Turn around so I can fuck you!
You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I didn't need to be told the answer to that question:
"Oh, God, YES! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me good! I was hoping
you would!" Staying on my hands and knees, I turned
to allow him to enter from behind me. In one quick stroke,
he slammed into my already wet snatch, driving his cock
in to the hilt! As the force drove me forward, I felt Professor
James's strong arms catch me. As I looked up, I saw his
cock was rock hard again and was inches from my mouth. Instinctively,
I knew what was coming and opened my mouth to let him in. I
could taste my pussy juices which still mingled with his
semen on his dick and was surprised at how good the combination
tasted. I struggled to once again develop a rhythm--this
time complicated by the fucking Dr. Simons was giving my
hot cunt. Slowly, I was able to start a tempo--forward,
pressing the cock into my throat, then back, sliding Professor
James out far enough to breathe, while impaling myself
even deeper with Dr. Simons's prick, then reversing
once again, feeling my pussy slide off his cock while my
throat filled with another. I loved the feeling of being
filled with cock...I wanted to go on like this forever.
Sneaking a peak out of the corner of my eye, I once again saw
myself in the mirror, and again was amazed at the sight.
Dr. Simons had his head thrown back, gasping for breath
as his cock rammed in and out of my cunt. His balls bounced
and slapped against me with each stroke, while his hands
squeezed my hips in an effort to hold on. Meanwhile, Professor
James held my hair in his hands; I watched the mirror almost
in an out-of-body experience as his prick disappeared
into my mouth. My tits bounced with each stroke, and my thighs
strained to absorb the impact of the cock pounding into
my twat. My brain reeled--I was fucking two men at once and
I was loving every second of it! I watched the mirror, continuing
to be amazed at the girl I saw. That was no innocent virgin
looking back at me; that was a horny, wild slut who was fucking
up a storm! "I'm not a whore!" I interrupted.
"Please stop talking about me like that."

"Excuse me, " he replied. "Unless I misunderstood,
you just fucked two men you don't know so that you could
get an 'A' in your course. You sold your body for
a grade--if that doesn't make you a whore, I don't
know what does. Unless you're telling us that you would
have fucked us for the fun of it, in which case you're
not a whore, just a cock-hungry slut! Now, which is it?"

Stunned, I said nothing. Maybe he was right! Maybe I had
become a whore! My thoughts were interrupted by Professor
James: "Don't get upset. You happen to be a fantastic
fuck! Why not admit you like it?" As my head whirled
in confusion, he started to finger my dripping snatch,
and continued to speak softly, "I'll tell you've already earned as 'A'. You're
free to go, if you want. But, you're also free to stay.
If you stay, the two of us will fuck you for the rest of the
night. I think you'd love that. But, if you stay, you
have to admit that you're a whore and that you love being
fucked--after all, why else would you stay? And, if you
stay, I have another offer for you. I have an opening for
an undergraduate assistant. You'll get paid to help
me with research, writing, etc. for as long as you keep the
job. Of course, what you'll really be doing is fucking
me and my friends whenever and however we want! Now, what
do you want to do?"

I wanted to get up and run. Every fiber of my moral upbringing
said to get out. But the finger rubbing my clit said stay,
enjoy yourself. I could still taste the sweetness of his
cum, and my pussy ached for more attention. Was being a whore
really that bad? How could anything that felt so good be
bad? Slowly, the words formed and pushed themselves out
of my mouth, "I am a whore...I do love being fucked...please
keep fucking me...I need more...please...fuck your whore..."
The words startled me--I couldn't believe they came
from my mouth! But, they were out, and the two men standing
over me were smiling broadly as they glanced at each other.
Dr. Simons approached, dick in hand. "Ok, whore,
you can start by sucking this. When it's nice and hard,
you're going to beg me to fuck your ass with it. Understand?"

"Yes, " I answered meekly as I grasped his manhood.
Sucking it into my mouth, I surrendered to total and complete
lust. After 5 minutes of passionate sucking, I removed
the dick and looked up. "You're so big and hard...won't
you please fuck my ass now? I've never been ass-fucked,
and I really want you to do it! Please fuck my virgin ass with
your gorgeous cock, please?"

He didn't hesitate. Moving quickly behind me he lubricated
my ass with the cum dripping from my snatch and slowly worked
his cock into me. As he did, Professor James fed me his cock
which was just beginning to stiffen. As I endured the most
exquisite pain I had ever experienced, I knew that I would
take the job as teaching assistant and that I would be the
best whore ever employed by the economics department.






That summer was the longest three months I ever spent. Every
night I dreamt of being fucked by Professor James. I could
hear his voice and see his eyes as he ordered me to do unspeakable
things and treated me like a complete whore. I spent most
of my waking hours trying to find someone in my home town
who could turn me on like he had, but couldn't find anyone
even close. By the time I got back to school, I was so horny
I could barely walk. Without even unpacking, I rushed to
Professor James's office. Luckily, he was in and allowed
me to enter his office. As I opened my mouth to tell him how
glad I was to see him, he held up his hand, signaling me to
stop. "I assume you are here because you have decided
that you wish to become my full-time whore. If you are here
for any other reason, please leave." After a brief
pause, he continued, "Good. Since you are still here,
you must be ready for whoredom. In that case, remove your
clothes." As I stripped, he continued, "You
are a very good fuck, and I'm sure you will make a wonderful
whore. However, you must first learn the rules and promise
to obey them. Rule number one is that your body belongs to
me and you will do anything I tell you, no matter how you may
personally feel about it. In addition, you will follow
those orders not only willingly, but enthusiastically
and without question. Understand?"

"Yes, sir" I whispered.

"Good. Now, tell me why you're here."

"I'm here because I want to be your whore. I've
never felt like I did the day you fucked me and shared me with
Dr. Simons. I love being fucked and I love being dominated
and controlled by a man who knows what he wants and treats
me like a slut. I can't wait to follow your orders--I've
been waiting all summer."

Smiling, he handed me a sheet of paper. "Call these
three phone numbers. Tell whoever answers your name, that
you are naked, that you are in my office, and that you want
fucked. Then ask him to help you and hang up."

Without hesitation, I picked up the phone, and dialed the
first number. When a man answered, I said firmly, "Hi.
My name is Lynda. I'm naked and I'm in Professor
James's office. I want to be fucked. Won't you
help me?" The same script was followed for the next
two numbers. By the time I was done, the first callee was
entering the door. I recognized him as an economics professor
named Wilson. He was followed by two more professors, each
of whom calmly appraised my body as they walked in. Professor
James smiled and said to me, "OK, everyone's
here. Don't you have something to say?"

For a moment I was at a loss. I didn't know what he expected.
Then, it dawned on me that he wanted me to let our guests know
what a whore I was. Eagerly, I jumped at the chance: "Hi.
It's great to meet all of you. Won't you fuck me
now? I'd really love to do each of you. I bet you'll
really enjoy fucking my hot little cunt...I'm told
it's really tight! If you prefer, I also love sucking
cock and even getting my ass fucked. All I want is to please
you...fuck me any way you want, just PLEASE fuck me."
One look at my master told me I had said exactly the right
thing--his smile widened as our guests stripped off their
pants. Dropping to my knees, I fondled all three cocks,
kissing each and stroking them as they hardened. By now,
my cunt was taking control of my brain and I no longer worried
about what I was supposed to say or do. Instead, I just said
and did what my dripping pussy commanded: "Oooh,
how beautiful...who's going to fuck me first? What
gorgeous cocks...oh, God, please fuck me...oh, yes...that's
it...fuck my cunt...oh, God, that's great...look
at that cock fucking me..." Before I could continue,
a cock was pushed into my mouth. Now I was in heaven...getting
fucked at both ends, with a third cock in my hand, while my
master watched and shouted encouragement, "That's
it, fuck her good...she's the hottest slut I've
ever met, and she's ours for the rest of the year!"
As his words registered, I realized that I was going to be
fucked all year by every professor who wanted me--a thought
that turned me on even more! I sucked deeply on the dick in
my mouth, guiding it into my throat. I could hear its owner
moaning in pleasure and delight. Meanwhile, the professor
behind me was slamming deeply into my pussy, fucking me
as hard as he could. The combination of the feelings, sounds
and thoughts of being fucked like a slut for the rest of the
year drove me towards an orgasm. As I fought to retain control,
I felt the cock in my mouth twitch and then explode, sending
gobs of cum down my throat.

That was all it took for me to lose control and explode into
my own orgasm. As I writhed in pleasure, I realized that
the prick in my pussy was also beginning to spasm; soon hot
sperm was splashing into my cunt, sending me into a second
orgasm. I felt myself being turned onto my back and realized
that the third stranger wanted his turn. With one thrust,
he buried his rock-hard cock into my dripping snatch. His
prick was the longest of the three, measuring at least 10
inches, and he was wasting no time in giving it all to me.
As I surrendered to his pounding, I heard my voice which
sounded like it was coming from miles away: "Oh God,
what a great cock...fuck me with that huge dick...that's
it, give it all to me...oh, fuck me deep...harder, fuck
me harder...I love it...fuck me, fuck me...oh,'re
so big...oh shit..oh fuck...oooooooh..." My third
orgasm in 10 minutes nearly drove me into unconsciousness--the
feeling of that huge cock splitting my cunt was absolutely
fantastic! As my orgasm subsided, I felt my master lift
my head.

As I watched, the huge cock was removed from my pussy and
held inches from my face. Hungrily, I reached to suck it,
only to have my head jerked backwards. "Please, "
I begged, "I want to suck that beauty. Please let me
suck him...let him fuck my mouth." Before anyone
could answer, I saw a stream of semen erupt from the cock
in front of me. The first spurt caught me in the forehead;
the second splashed against my cheek. Frantically, I adjusted,
managing to catch the third shot in my open mouth. As my head
was released, I dove forward, swallowing the twitching
cock and sucking the remaining sperm into my throat. When
I had finished licking the dick clean, I released it, and
looked back at the others. I saw that the other two strangers
were once again hard, and Professor James was still grinning
broadly. "It's sandwich time, Lynda, "
he said. "Bill why don't you lie down and let Lynda
climb on?" One of the men nodded and laid down on the
floor. I obediently straddled him, impaling myself on
his thick shaft. Slowly rocking forward, I worked his dick
into my pussy, to the delight of my audience. Professor
James urged me on, "Come on, slut, fuck that dick.
Prove you're the best fuck in town...tell him how much
you love being fucked like a whore!"

I didn't need anymore instruction; by now, I knew that
my "friends" liked to hear me talk dirty, so
I started, "Oooh, what a nice thick cock...bury it
in my cunt...fuck me real good...come on, baby split my
pussy wide open...fuck me like the slut I am...I love being
fucked by a big fat cock...come on, show everybody how good
you can fuck me...oh, God....oh, fuck me...." As
I babbled on, I felt my ass being fingered, and realized
I was being lubricated for an ass-fucking. Since I couldn't
resist, I figured I might as well make it good, and incorporated
it into my monologue: "Oh, God, you're going
to fuck my ass...I can't wait...fuck it good...oh,
you feel so big back there...oh, that hurts so good...I
can't believe how good those two cocks feel fucking
me together...fuck me, fuck your whore, fuck my ass and
cunt...oh, God, I'm coming...." Once again,
an orgasm ripped through my body, exploding from my cunt
into my brain, and reducing me to jello. As I recovered,
I felt both cocks being pulled from my body. I looked up to
see both pricks above me, with their owners jerking furiously
on them. Both erupted at the same time, spraying sperm onto
my face and body. Squirt after squirt cascaded onto me,
covering my lips, throat and tits. As the last few drops
fell onto my stomach, Professor James tossed me my dress.
"Put it on and get out!" he ordered.

Shocked, I asked, "Did, did I do something wrong?
I'm sorry, I'll do better...."

Before I could finish, my master cut me off, "You didn't
do anything wrong slut. You did just fine. But now we're
done with you and it's time to go. You will put on your
dress and walk across campus to your room. Anyone who comes
near you will see that you're covered with cum and will
know you're a whore. If anybody reacts, you are to smile,
look them in the eye, and say, 'Tomorrow I get to fuck
four guys at once. Are you jealous?' and then walk away.
I want you to be proud of how well you fuck and how well we use
you. You are free to tell anyone and everyone what you do,
but you may not tell who it is that's fucking you. Do
you understand?" Obviously, I did. As I walked back
to my room, I couldn't help thinking about my situation.
Dry cum covered my face, and my dress stuck to the spots on
my body where semen had landed. I smelled like I had just
fucked a football team, and I knew that I was going to get
more of the same the next day, and probably every day after
that. Was I really ready for this? As I entered my room, my
phone was ringing. I was surprised to find that the voice
on the other end was Professor James's. "How's
my whore?" he asked.

"Just fine, I guess." I answered.

"Good, I just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am.
All three of my friends agreed that you're the hottest,
sexiest bitch any of us have had the good fortune of fucking,
and believe me, that's high praise! I hope you know
how special you are." His words somehow melted me;
how could I have ever doubted that I wanted to be his whore?
I was special! At that moment, I would have fucked every
man alive to get his approval! After I thanked him for the
compliment, he continued, "I have something special
for you to do tomorrow. Can you come to my office about 4:00?"
Of course I could! Why would he even bother asking? Eagerly,
I agreed to meet him.

That night and the next morning seemed to last forever.
Finally, my last class ended and I hurried to Professor
James's office. I was a half hour early, but figured
he wouldn't mind. When I got there, his office was empty.
Luckily, he had already given me a key, so I let myself in.
I decided to surprise him, and removed all of my clothes.
Curling up in his chair, I swivelled so that I was facing
the wall. When he entered, he wouldn't be able to see
me, and I could then turn around and please him. A few minutes
later, I heard the door opening. As the lights were turned
on, I took a deep breath, spread my knees to expose my pussy,
and spun the chair towards the door, shouting, "Surprise!"
As the chair stopped, the surprise was complete--on either
side of my professor stood a young athletic-looking black
guy. Their jaws dropped as they saw my totally exposed body.
I, in turn, froze at the sight of my unintended guests. Professor
James broke the ice: "Well, Lynda, it's nice
to see you--literally!

This is Lou and Carl. They're both All- American high
school football players who are visiting the campus to
see if they want to play their college ball here. I was hoping
that you would be able to show them the sights around campus,
but I think they are seeing all the sights they really want
right now. Why don't you come over and say hello?"
As I walked over to the three men, I could see large bulges
forming in all of their pants. I started to extend my hand
to shake theirs, but the professor stopped me. "I
think a kiss hello would be more appropriate, " he
said. Taking a step closer, I put my arms around Lou and kissed
him, lightly caressing his teeth with my tongue. I then
turned and gave Carl the same greeting. The professor remarked,
"I bet you guys don't get greeted like this at
all your visits! Lynda here is one of the greatest fucks
you'll ever meet. I have to go to a faculty meeting--why
don't you three get comfortable and let Lynda show
you the advantages of coming here? Lynda, I expe ct that
you will show the guys how friendly the girls here can be.
OK?" As I nodded my head, he smiled and left the room.

I turned to find both guys staring at me. I again stepped
into Carl's arms and kissed him-- this time deeper
and more passionately. I could feel his prick straining
against his pants as our bodies pressed together. "Why
don't you get undressed while I get better acquainted
with Lou?" I whispered in his ear. Stepping over into
Lou's arms, I buried my tongue in his mouth. As his hands
roamed over my ass, I ground my pelvis into his, again feeling
a cock hardening at my touch. "Ooooh, " I murmured,
"you feel so big! I think you want to fuck me almost
as much as I want to feel that big cock in my cunt! Please get
undressed and show me your beautiful prick." As Lou
stripped, I turned to Carl who was now naked. Shock hit me
as I saw his cock: it had to be at least 11 inches long and was
almost as thick as my wrist. "Wow!" was all I
could say as I sank to my knees. Taking his shaft in my hand,
I gently stroked and kissed it, feeling it get even harder.
Slowly, I fed the head of the huge dick into my mouth, straining
to open wide enough to fit it in. I had never seen a cock this
big, but I knew I wanted to enjoy every inch. Working feverishly,
I bobbed up and down, sliding the gorgeous monster further
into my mouth and throat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw
Lou, now also nude, approaching. To my amazement, the hunk
of meat hanging between his legs looked even bigger than
the one in my mouth!

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "Where in the
world did you guys get cocks like these? You'e enough
to destroy the virtue of a nun! Oh, please Lou, fuck me while
I suck Carl's dick! Make me cum with that huge cock and
then I'll do anything you guys want! You can fuck me
as much and however you want! Just please fuck me really
good! Come on, come and get some college twat! See what's
waiting for you!"

"I've never fucked a white girl, " Lou
said as he stepped behind me.

"Well, I've never fucked or sucked a black cock, "
I replied. "But I'm sure ready to start both!
Now FUCK ME!" With that, I went back to sucking Carl's
dick, waving my ass in Lou's face for good measure.
Lou took my not so subtle hint and was soon rubbing the head
of his cock against my moist slit. For a moment, I was afraid
the huge head wouldn't fit, but I soon felt a satisfying
"pop" as it made its way into me. With that obstacle
behind me (so to speak), I concentrated on Carl's awesome
cock. Sucking deeply, I started to work it further into
my mouth. As the tip hit the back of my throat, Carl moaned
and grabbed the back of my head. Backing off, I took a quick
breath and then plunged forward, ramming his meat down
my throat. He gasped, then thrust his hips forward, sliding
further into me. Now, he was out of control, begging me to
suck him deeper, "Oh, yes...come on baby, suck my
cock...oh, God, you're good...oh, fuck...suck it,
bitch...oh, man, what a cocksucker..." His ramblings
were music to my ears as I worked to prove that I was the best
he'd ever have.

Gradually, I inched his massive prick down my throat. I
was determined to swallow every inch of that black beauty
and I wasn't stopping until I felt his balls against
my chin. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I reached
my goal: my chin nestled against Carl's balls as my
nose pressed into his stomach. I had done it! I had swallowed
all 11 inches! My feat was not unappreciated--I could hear
Carl gasping, trying to avoid coming as he continued to
babble: "Shit, no bitch has ever done that! God, she
took it all! Oh, baby, you're good! Suck it, baby...Oh,
God, I'm going to cum! I can't hold it anymore....Uuughh..."
With that, his cock twitched and throbbed, sending a tremendous
load of semen into my throat. With all of his cock buried
in me, I couldn't possibly swallow, and had no choice
but to back off slightly. His cum oozed down my throat and
out of my mouth as he spurted again and again. The sweet,
salty taste of his load kicked off my own orgasm, and a wave
of pleasure and relief swept over me. As I regained my senses,
I realized thaat Lou had overcome his initial shyness and
was now slamming his cock deeper into my pussy than anyone
had ever been. I had never felt anything like that foot-long
licorice stick that was filling my twat completely.

Abandoning Carl's now semi-limp dick, I concentrated
on Lou, "That's it, fuck me with that big dick!
How do you like white pussy now? Am I tight enough for you,
lover? Oooh, you fill me up so-o-o-o good! Fuck me, baby,
fuck me!" With each word, Lou's tempo increased,
until he was completely out of control, fucking me like
a jackhammer. I knew neither of us could keep up such a pace
for long, and I soon felt my second orgasm approaching.
Wanting to take him with me, I pleaded, "Come on, Lou,
fuck me...I'm almost there...I'm going to cum...cum
with me, sugar...fill me with your cum..ooooh, fuck...."
As I hoped, my pleading combined with the contractions
of my orgasm threw Lou over the top and he erupted deep within
me. The force of his ejaculation made me feel like his cum
was going to shoot out of my mouth. Spurt after spurt splashed
inside me as he moaned in pleasure. As our orgasms subsided,
Lou slid out of my cunt, collapsing on the floor in exhaustion.
Before I could join him, Carl grabbe me and rolled me onto
my back. "I'll take sloppy seconds off you anytime!"
he grinned. Climbing between my legs, he easily pushed
the head of his cock into my sopping pussy. He was as hard
as a rock as he slid all 11 inches into me. Backing off slightly,
he reached down and lifted my legs over his shoulders, opening
my twat even wider. Now he had complete access to my pussy
and he rammed his prick in to the hilt. "OK, bitch, "
he said, "I heard you talking to Lou. You like to talk
while you fuck? Well, talk about this! Come on, whore, what
do you think of this fuck?'

"It's great!" I answered. "I love
the way you fuck me! Your cock is wonderful! Come on stud,
fuck me real good! I bet you don't know any of your little
high school girlfriends who can fuck like this! Come on,
show Lou how good you can fuck me! Bury that big black dick
in my little white pussy! Oh, yeah, that's it...fuck
me hard!" As I urged him on, Carl fucked my cunt harder
and harder. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at Lou. "Ready
for some more action?" he asked. One look at Lou's
raging hardon answered the question. Struggling to his
feet, his cock still buried inside of me, Carl lifted me
and carried me to the professor's desk. Laying me on
the desk, Carl stood between my legs and continued to fuck
me while he directed Lou to straddle my stomach and titty-fuck
me. The sight of that big black dick sliding in out of my creamy
white tits was really exciting. Each stroke brought the
head of his prick within inches of my face, only to have it
then disappear into my cleavage. Meanwhile, of course,
Carl was busy probing the deepest recesses of my pussy with
his dick.

Deliriously, I reveled in the sight and feel of these two
stallions enjoying my body. As orgasm after orgasm swept
over my body, all I could do was silently thank whatever
urge had caused me to want to surprise my master by appearing
naked--this sure beat a tour of the campus! Carl and Lou
obviously agreed, as both were soon enjoying their own
orgasms. Lou's load cascaded over my tits, face and
neck while Carl deposited his deep inside my cunt. To my
surprise, neither lost his erection--both were ready
for another round! Carl stepped around to the side of the
desk, from where he could stuff his dick into my waiting
mouth, while Lou happily filled the now vacant space between
my legs. I couldn't believe that after two orgasms
apiece they weren't even slowing down! I made a mental
note of this difference between the 40-something year
old professors who had fucked me the day before and these
nice young studs. What the young guys lacked in style, they
sure made up for with their insatiable erections.

As I enjoyed round three (and wondered if there would be
a round four), I heard a familiar voice say, "Are you
three still going at it? I thought you'd all be exhausted
by now!" Looking up, I saw Professor James, still
grinning from ear to ear. Before I could answer, Carl responded,
"Hell, we're just getting started! This is one
sexy bitch! And you were right, she really does love to fuck!
As a matter of fact, I was just thinking that I should try
her ass on for size--it's the only hole we haven't
stretched for her."

The professor chuckled, but added, "Sorry, Carl,
but I think you'll have to wait for that. You're
due at the training table for dinner in five minutes. How
could we explain to the coach that you missed it because
you were busy fucking one of our coeds? But I know that if
you do decide to attend our fine institution, Lynda will
be more than happy to see you on a semi-regular basis next
year." With that, both guys reluctantly pulled out
of me and got dressed. It was obvious that both would have
passed up dinner to stay, but the professor hustled them
out the door, reminding them that "Lynda is our little

Returning to the room, he remarked, "Well, you certainly
look well-fucked! I hope you and the boys had fun."
As I smiled my answer, he suddenly got a very serious look
on his face. "Now, " he started, "There's
something we need to get straight. Your little 'surprise'
turned out OK this time, but don't you ever do that again!
What if that had been my wife with me? I'm not about to
go through a divorce because a slut decides to surprise
me, understand?"

"Yes, but..."

"No buts!" he cut me off. "You'll
fuck when I tell you, not when you feel like it! Your cunt
belongs to me, and you will use it only when I tell you. If
that's not acceptable, get the fuck out of here."

I had never seen him so mad. Helplessly, I answered, "It's
acceptable. My cunt is yours and I will never show it again
unless you order me to. I'm sorry, Master, I didn't
mean to offend you. I just assumed the 'something special'
you mentioned meant a fuck session. In the future I will
wait for instructions. Fuck me as often or as little as you

"That's better. A whore has to know her place.
Now, I will give you your next assignment, which you will
complete exactly as instructed. Tomorrow is Saturday,
so I won't be in the office. However, you are invited
to dinner at my house. Be there at 7:00 sharp. Dress conservatively,
but wear red panties, a garter belt and stockings."

"But, but what about your wife? I thought..."

Again, he cut me off, "You don't think--you just
fuck, slut! My wife will be there; she wants to meet my new
assistant. We are going to convince her that she has nothing
to fear from you."

"How are we going to do that?" I asked.

"After dinner, I am going to excuse myself to come
back here and do some work. You are going to stay and help
my wife with the dishes. I know my wife has some lesbian desires,
and it is your assignment to get her into bed where the two
of you will fuck each other senseless. You are to convince
her that you are a total lesbian and that you love her pussy.
If she's convinced that she's your lover, she
won't worry about the two of us spending time together.
I figure that one good fuck session per week with you will
keep her satisfied all year and let me fuck you all I want."

"I, I can't do that--I can't fuck another
woman!" I pleaded. "Please, anything but that.
You know I'll give you anything you want, but not that,

Walking to the door, Professor James shook his head. "I'm
afraid this just won't do. First you risk everything
I have by showing up naked, then you refuse a direct order.
Please leave--your services will no longer be required."

Stunned, I gasped, "What do you mean?"

"I mean you're fired. I'll find another
assistant. I'll probably not find anyone who fucks
like you, but I will find someone who will know how to follow
instructions. Now go."

"Please, " I begged, "Don't do this.
Give me another chance. Here, let me suck your cock and show
you how good I can be..."

"No. I've made up my mind. You're much too
dangerous. I'm sorry. Now please leave."

Thus ended my first experience as a sex toy. Even though
it lasted only a day instead of a year, it was a truly memorable
24 hours that set the tone for much of my future and prepared
me for my present role.

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