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Lovers by Chance


Chapter One

I was heading to North Carolina from Chicago to surprise
my best-friend and her new husband. They had just been married
a year and I had been unable to go to their reception. As I
got on the plane I wondered who I would get stuck sitting
next to. To my delight there was a handsome man sitting next
to my seat. “Well, ” I thought, “maybe this won’t be boring.”
You turned out to be a delightful diversion. As I came to
our aisle, you glanced up at me and then your eyes roamed
over my body. I was dressed simply in a white shirt and black
slacks, comfortable clothes for a plane flight, but I could
see the interest spark in your eyes. You had black hair,
dark expressive eyes and lips that looked like they knew
how to kiss. As I put my bag overhead I smiled to myself, nope,
definitely not boring.
I sat down and gave you a smile, you smiled in return and
I felt my skin warm in response. You introduced yourself
and we were soon lost in discussion. As we talked I stole
glances at your form. Your shoulders were broad and your
arms and legs showed that you lived an active lifestyle.
Your body gave me no doubt that you could do anything you
put your mind to and I found that sexy. My body warmed as I
considered the possibilities.
We soon got to what we did for a living and you explained
that you were an artist. “In fact, ” you said. “ I was just
thinking you would make a wonderful subject for a painting.”
I was immensely flattered but I had never considered myself
the sort of woman men would want to paint. I felt my eyes warm
and I smiled and said thank you.We moved onto other subjects
of conversation. However, I could tell your mind was now
elsewhere. Your expressive eyes moved over my body and
I could see your body respond to whatever it was you saw.
I kept up the conversation so that you wouldn’t feel awkward
by being caught appreciating my body. I felt my skin warm
and my breathing heighten from the attraction I felt building
between us. Your nearness was definitely having an effect
on my body, I could feel a warmth building below as your expressive,
warm eyes moved over my body.
To distract myself and you, I smiled impishly and said,
“What's on your mind? I can see that your obviously
not hearing a word I'm saying." I laughed as you
mentally pulled your mind back from whatever fantasy you
were indulging in.
"I'm sorry, " You said. "I keep
thinking what a wonderful portrait you would make.”
I smiled openly, “I’m flattered, but why on earth would
you want to paint me?” This I still couldn’t believe, even
though the idea of having you paint me had a sexiness to it
that appealed to me.
At that moment, the stewardess announced we were getting
ready to land. I masked my dismay that I would soon be parting
from your delightful and intriguing company. This flight
could have gone on forever as far as I was concerned.
“Is there someone here to meet you?” you asked. I looked
at you and shook my head.
“No. Actually, I’m paying a surprise visit to some friends
in this area. I’m going to call them and rent a car when we
"Well, " You said, "before you go...have
dinner with me. I'll get the portfolio out of my
it to you over dinner and tell you why I'm dying to paint
I made a show of thinking about it. The idea that you wanted
our interlude not to end, thrilled me. You made me feel things
I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I felt a touch of apprehension
as I considered the last relationship I had just been in,
but the appreciation and interest that your eyes poured
over me was a drink I didn’t want to stop drinking. But I didn’t
want to seem to eager, so I said quietly, “Ok, I would like
that.” I smiled and your eyes flared briefly as you smiled
in return.
As we landed and went to retrieve our luggage, I wondered
how in the world I could become so attracted to a complete
stranger. True, we had discussed many things on that flight,
but we still only had known each other for a couple of hours.
However, your eyes were pools I would swim in. I had never
felt so desired from any man I had previously known.The
knowledge that you didn’t want our time to end either, filled
me with a warmth that soon banished any worries I had. We
soon had my rented car and I followed you to a restaurant
of your choosing.
The place was small but elegant. It was decorated in a tasteful
Greek motif. The music was low and also of Greek origin.
You had brought in your portfolio and after we had ordered
some food, you handed it to me. I browsed through your artwork,
you had many types of images and styles. There were landscapes
and nudes, photographs and drawings. I was intrigued by
the variety of your artwork.
I was impressed. “These are very good.” You thanked me
for the compliment and I once again looked back at the artwork.

“Now, would you like to know why I want to paint you?” you
queried softly.
The question almost felt like a caress. My skin responded,
my heart beat a little faster, and I felt a warmth spreading
below. Oh, how that simple question affected me. There
was more going on here and I was very curious as to where this
would lead. I closed the portfolio and returned my attention
to your eyes and smiled. “Yes, I’m very curious.”
You turned thoughtful and began, “The short answer is
that I don't believe in god or life after death. I believe
that this life and this world is all we get...and that all
we have to be happy with is that...and each other.”
You sipped your water. "Go on." I said.
"Art serves many purposes to many people...for
me it's an expression of my philosophy. In my art I create
concrete visual images of subjects that are of value to
"All too many people think that God is perfect and
thus all that is not God is imperfect...flawed...even
evil. They believe in some perfect heaven and that by contrast
life here on Earth is unimportant at best and evil at worst
and needs to be rejected in the name of god for promised rewards
after death. My art is a statement that those people are
wrong! In effect my art says 'See this...This is what
life offers...This is worth living for!'
Why do I want to paint you? Because you glow with life! Your
eyes...your mouth..."
As you said those last words your eyes turned very hot.
I was burned by that gaze and my body responded. Our eyes
were locked and I could see the yearning there before me.
Never before had I felt desire like this, never had I felt
so appreciated and wanted. Your hand moved slightly, as
if you needed to touch me, and I felt my body thrill to that
unspoken need.
The mood was broken by the arrival of our food. Stupid waiter,
I thought, but I was also glad for the distraction. My body
was playing havoc with me and I could tell from the wetness
below that it wanted whatever you were offering me. I realised
that you were also just as affected as I was. You leaned back
and I could see you breathing deeply as if you needed to get
a hold of yourself. I hoped I was having as much affect on
you as you were having on me, that this was mutual between
us, and from the heat in your eyes as you gazed at me, I wasn’t
worried. I smiled , suddenly shy, and began to eat my meal.
I thought about your offer of painting me and a need began
to fill me. I paused and considered that I might be jumping
into this to fast, but I had never been appreciated or desired
to such a degree. The idea that a handsome stranger wanted
me for a portrait was very erotic. I also didn’t want to lose
your company and couldn’t think of a better reason to stay
with you. Besides, I was only in town for a week, I could spend
a fun time with you getting painted, visit my friend, and
then go back home. My best friend would more then understand
me not stopping by her place immediately. I could just imagine
her response if I told her about this opportunity. She would
arch her eyebrow at me and say, “And your pausing why?”
I smiled to myself as I made my decision. I sipped my drink
and looked back into your eyes. I realized that you had been
staring at me all this time, your food was barely touched.
The desire that was blatant in your eyes was intoxicating
and I responded to that.
“Lets do it.” I said.
“Do what?” You nearly whispered. The stunned look on your
face was that of a man who couldn’t quite believe what he
had heard. I loved the fact that I affected you like this.

I laughed, “Lets do the painting.”
You were thrilled, “Really? Wonderful.”
We spent the rest of the dinner talking over the different
aspects of the process, trying to decide what type of picture
would be best in my limited time frame. I finally just put
the idea in your hands. “You decide. After all your the artist.”
Without hesitation you replied, “A nude, head and shoulders.”
My eyes widened, I hadn’t expected this. I smiled quietly
and I felt my eyes warm and I said okay to your suggestion.
Again heat flared in your eyes as you smiled in return to
my answer.
We finished our meal, got into our cars and drove to your
home and studio about an hour away. As we pulled into the
driveway and got out, you inquired about my friends.
“I’ll call them and let them know where I am. They didn’t
really know I would be here, but I better call in case someone
calls them looking for me. I don’t want anyone to worry.”
I thought about what my friends response would be.
“Excellent, you call and I’ll carry the baggage up to the
house.” You grabbed my suitcase and led me into the house.
As I looked around I could see this was definitely the home
of a bachelor. Sparse but comfortable furniture was organized
in a relaxing non fussy manner and that pleased me. Artwork
was hung upon the walls and I enjoyed looking at them. You
showed me where the phone was and then went back to the bedrooms
with our luggage.
I called my friend and although she was thrilled at my surprise,
she laughed as I told her where I was. “I always said you were
beautiful, but you didn’t believe me.”
“Yeah, well I’ve never had a guy fall over himself this
much either.” I replied. She just laughed at my grumbling.

“Well have fun my dear...I dare say you should have a good
time in any respect.” She made me promise to call her when
the portrait was done, which had been decided would take
about 16 hours.
You came up to me with a drink and asked me if I was tired.
I looked into your face and I knew that the heat in my body
would make sleep impossible. “No, lets do it now.” I smiled
in excitement and your eyes warmed in response. You took
my hand and showed me the rest of the house, pointing out
various pieces of artwork and how you acquired them. We
finally got to your studio and you showed me around and led
me to the dressing room.
“You can freshen up in here, and there are robes in the closet
for your comfort. I’m going to turn up the heat and change
clothes so that you won’t be cold during the sitting.” Your
eyes once again moved over my body, and I felt a shiver race
down my spine in anticipation.
You left and I turned to remove my clothes. I un buttoned
my shirt and let it slip to the floor. I unclasped my white
bra and my breasts moved with the release. I decided to remove
the rest of my clothes. I was getting to wet to stay in my underwear
anyway. There was a full length mirror in the room and I retouched
my makeup and examined my body. I had always considered
myself plain looking. But the heat in your eyes made me look
at my body from a new light. My breasts were on the large side
and my nipples were pink and rosy. They were not perky but
they were full. I looked at my hips and saw how they flared
from my small waist. While I would never be as small as the
models in the magazine, my body held my weight evenly and
that gave me curves enough to be attractive. My best friend
liked to refer to me as lush. My skin didn’t tan so it was pink
and smooth. My skin was soft and I was lucky not to need a lot
of moisturizers to keep it that way. I turned to the closet
and examined the robes. There were many choices and I debated
whether to wear the red or blue robe. As I was feeling decidedly
sexual standing there in the nude, I pulled out the red one
and slipped it over my smooth body. Oh it felt good. My nipples
hardened against the cold touch of the fabric and my body
covered itself in goose bumps. I did a final check over my
makeup and feeling decidedly naughty, barely closed the
robe and tied it.
As I opened the door to step out, I was engulfed in the brilliant
reds of the sunset streaming through the window. You were
standing with your back to me and I saw that you had changed
into a short sleeved shirt, shorts and sandals. The shorts
showed off your legs to good effect and I could see that you
kept yourself in shape. The cords in your legs and arms promised
strength and gave me a secure feeling. The shorts covered
your narrow hips and from behind you looked very sexy. The
reds of the sunset reflected off your skin giving it a bronzed
look that set my heart and breath to quicken. How in the world
was I going to be able to sit there, half naked, wanting you?
Only heaven knew the answer to that.
“It’s beautiful.” I said about the view and you turned
around and your eyes scorched me with their sudden intensity.

“Yes, you are.” you replied. Your eyes had darkened with
desire as you looked at me. In the sunset I could only imagine
how my auburn hair , reddish brown eyes and white skin were
reflected, but that became unimportant as my body responded
to the thrill of desire that was in your gaze. If I had any
doubts about how I looked to you, they were gone.
I put a hand up to my breast and pointed to the robe, I got
this from your dressing closet, is this okay?”
“It’s perfect.” you breathed. I walked over to the stage
and I felt the robe open slightly as I moved. Your eyes went
black and I could see the effect I was having on you. You turned
away and went to the bar. I smiled to myself, the air was charged
and I felt emboldened by the response you couldn’t hide
from me. Although you were trying to be calm and casual about
this session, I could tell this was not the way ordinary
sessions went.
You turned back to me and I could see that you had gained
your composure somewhat. You handed me my drink and I smiled
warmly as I took the drink and turned toward the couch. I
sat down and put the drink on the stand beside it and waited
for your instruction.
You instructed me that I would need to drop the robe down
to below my breasts. I got up and turned my back to you. It
wouldn’t do to show you how much this whole scene was affecting
me. The red robe slid down my shoulders and I re fastened
it below my breasts. My arms were still caught in the sleeves
and the feeling of being restricted in my movements only
caused me to get more aroused.
I turned to you and your breath caught. Spellbound, you
just stared at the picture I presented. With my arms caught
in the robe sleeves, my breasts were forced forward a little.
I drank in the sight of you just worshipping me with your
eyes. Those hot eyes that turned to black pools as the attraction
between us consumed you. I felt even more brazen then before.
I cocked a impish smile, “Is this what you were looking
“Absolutely.” you replied in a husky voice. Your body
responded in a most delightful way and those shorts left
nothing to the imagination. I felt like purring I was so
enjoying this. My breathing quickened, my nerves came
alive, I could feel my nipples harden as you gazed at me.
You seemed to focus on them and if possible your body hardened
even more. I enjoyed and revelled in the power I seemed to
have over you. My smile widened and turned knowing. We looked
at each other and knew the effect I was having on you.
You adjusted the lighting and then asked if you could adjust
my pose. The first touch of your hands nearly did me in. It
was all I could do to stop moaning right there. Your hands
were warm and alive, and sent shock waves through the nerves
of my skin. I had never been so attracted to another man as
I was to you, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long
without making love to you.You adjusted my body to the pose
you wanted and with a lingering touch reluctantly let me
go and walked back to your table.
You seemed shaken and my eyes warmed and my breasts seem
to swell as I contemplated how to get you to make love to me.
As you gathered your composure I tried to think of a good
way to distract you and get this damn robe off. I looked at
my flushed skin and noticed my bra line on my shoulder. Perfect!
“Oh no.” I said. Watching your face, and trying to look
“What’s wrong?” You glanced up and I could see you weren’t
collected either. This would work out perfectly.
I showed you the bra line and feigned disappointment,
“I wanted everything to be perfect for this. Perhaps if
I take a warm shower it will fade.”
You seemed eager at the chance of a distraction and quickly
offered to start the shower for me. I followed you, I was
not going to miss this golden opportunity. I stood in the
doorway quietly watching you adjust the water. I admired
your back and my eyes moved over your hips and down to the
strength of your legs. I watched your hands and knew I would
enjoy having those hands on my body.
Once the water was ready you turned and saw me standing
there. I smiled knowingly and noticed the erection you
couldn’t hide. I smiled when you said in your best english
impression, “Your bath madam.”
I allowed the robe to fall and it slid down the rest of my
body, landing in a heap at my feet. I took a step forward and
purred, “Thank you kind sir.” in a soft voice. You stood
mesmerised as I stepped into the shower. I didn’t bother
to close the shower door, but let you look at me as the water
sliced over my body. I turned with the front of my body to
you and while I washed my hair let you look your fill at me.
Under your hot gaze I felt my breasts swell and my nipples
harden. My pulse raced and as the water caressed me like
a lovers hands I felt myself get wet and hot with my need for
You stood there staring at me, you couldn’t move. Your
erection so hard that I thrilled with the fantasy of what
it would feel like to have you move inside me, to feel your
hands stroke me and to have your lips on my breast. Oh, I wanted
you so much. At some point you had picked up my robe and held
it to your face, your eyes never leaving me however, and
I wondered at what fantasy was running through those hot
I started to soap my body and turned my back to you. Calling
over my shoulder I said, “I can’t reach my back, could you
soap it for me?” You stammered that you couldn’t reach me
from where you stood and I rather huskily replied, “ Well
then you’ll have to come in here, won’t you.” I turned slightly
and looked straight at you suggestively.
Oh my, one would think you’d died and gone to heaven. The
joy that sprang into your eyes was wonderful. You quickly
removed your shirt and sandals and removed in one fluid
motion your shorts and underwear. Your erection was full
and I shivered as you stepped into the shower with me. I handed
you the soap from over my shoulder and turned my backside
to you. You lathered your hands and chest and then gathered
me to you and pressed against me. Oh, the feel of you hard
against me was wonderful, and I could feel the pressure
within me deepen. You snuggled me against you and your arms
surrounded me and softly kneeded my breasts. I laid my head
back against your shoulder and moaned softly.
“Is this what you wanted, my love” you whispered against
my ear.
“Oh, yes.” I breathed. I was lost in your touch. Your hands
caressing my breasts, gently pulling at my nipples making
them harden and my breasts swelled underneath your sure
handling. I gently pressed my hips back so that I was pressed
firmly against your body, and with a gentle swaying motion
teased you in return.
The soap was covering us, making us slick and smooth. It
only heightened the effect we were having on each other
as we enjoyed the gentle caresses of your hands and my butt.
I heard you groan and you turned me around and kissed me fiercely.
In that moment I knew I had never been kissed as you were kissing
me. I could feel your longing, desire and heat in that searing
kiss. Your tongue slipped inside my mouth and did battle
with mine. Deeper the kiss became as I followed your lead
and enjoyed the taste of you. Shivers seemed to run though
both our bodies and our hands were not still, we spread the
soap over each other as our hands moved to feel every part
we could touch.
I moved my soapy hands to your erection and slipped my hands
around you. I felt you shudder as the contact made you nearly
lose control. “Oh damn that feels good.” You moaned into
my lips. Our kisses turned to more erotic nips as I slid my
hands over you, enjoying the strength of your erection,
running my fingers through the hair at the base, caressing
your balls as I soaped you thoroughly.
You removed my hands with a gentle, “Not yet.”
You kissed me gently and slowly dropped to your knees.
Curiosity filled my imagination. You soaped your hands
again and reached around me. Your hands soaped my backside
and explored every curve and hallow. Kneeding the skin
you sent shivers running through my spine. I moaned and
leaned my hands on your shoulders for support. As I closed
my eyes I felt your tongue slide to my groin and slip past
my lips. Tasting me, licking me, your tongue slid over the
sensitive nub that made me start shaking. I spread my legs
apart so that you could move closer, locking my knees so
that I wouldn’t fall. I leaned back on the shower wall to
support myself as I opened myself wider to you. You moved
in and I could feel your tongue reaching deep within me.
Tasting me, drinking me, stroking that nub that would send
me over the edge. As the need built within me you continued
your stoking and probing with your tongue. My hands tightened
as the tremors took over my body. Arching my groin against
you I could feel your tongue licking and flicking the sensations
higher.You probed your tongue deep within me and I felt
my body snap. Pleasure filled me and I shook uncontrolably
against you. Every nerve of my body sang a pure note of pleasure
that left me spent. You held me as the tremors wracked my
body, drinking your fill and slowly bringing me back down
to earth. You lowered me to the floor and cradled me as my
mind recovered from the pleasure you had given me.
I looked into your eyes, my body spent but my passion for
you filled me. The joy you gave me had to be returned. Fairness
and my heart demanded it of me. You stood to help me up and
your erection lay there before me. Still swollen, still
wanting. I looked up at you and smiled a naughty little grin
and took hold of you in my soapy hands. Your gasp of pleasure
and delight told me I had caught you off guard. Now it was
your turn to lean against the shower wall. I soaped you thoroughly,
allowing my fingers to run through the hair at your base,
stroking the sensitive skin where the shaft meets the balls.
Caressing your balls and stroking the skin underneath
and just behind. With each stroke you moaned a little more.
Allowing the water to rinse you, I than licked the length
of you. My tongue stroked your erection from the base to
the tip. I ran my tongue around the edge of your tip where
it met the shaft and you moaned some more. I gently took you
inside my mouth and let the heat surround you. Now it was
your turn to moan and shiver...I smiled to myself in triumph
as your knees locked and your hands ran through my hair trying
to find some distraction from the pleasure I was giving
I continued to lick and wrap my tongue around you. Slowly
pulling away from you, and then moving you back inside.
Creating a little suction with each pull, drawing your
passion to complete itself. I kept that up for a little bit...slowly
pulling and gently returning my mouth to take in the full
length of you. Your moans and shivers picked up urgency
and you also could not keep your groin still. You joined
the motion and we picked up speed as I sucked you and stroked
your balls with my fingers. I stroked my fingers from the
underside of your balls up the side of your base and back
down again. You kept moaning, “Oh baby” as the urgency built
inside you. Eventually I felt your body stiffen as you left
earth and your release took over. Warm liquid filled my
mouth as I quickly swallowed your release. I kept my loving
attentions going as you finished and followed the orgasm
You slid to the floor and looked deep into my eyes. The smile
we shared was tender and full of the desire we felt for each
Smiling I said softly, “I think I’m to tired to start the
painting tonight. Why don’t we wait until tomorrow?” I
gently leaned in for a kiss. We kissed and as I pulled away
you replied, “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”
You stood up and pulled me to you, kissing me with all the
passion I had been missing in my life. I wanted to stay in
your arms forever. No man had made me feel this way, had taken
such care to see to my needs and we were just using our mouths.

You turned off the water and grabbed a towel off a nearby
rack. Gently you towel dried my body, taking care and attention
to get every drop of water. My skin warmed to the gentle caress
and your eyes burned me as only you could. When you had finished,
I took the towel and dried the water off of you. I could see
you stirring to life once again and I kneeled down to give
you some loving kisses and to warm you with my tongue. You
hardened immediately and I looked at you and smiled seductively.
You grinned back and lifted me back up to my feet and kissed
me once again. Your erection pressed against my belly.
Opening the shower door you led me out of the bathroom.

Chapter Two

As we walked from the bathroom, hand in hand, you kept looking
back at me. Your eyes were so full of the promises that your
erection clearly stated. You raised my hand and kissed
the knuckles ever so softly, sending shivers through my
arm and fingers. I looked at your face. Your eyes were such
a wonder to me. Even in the darkened hallway, the fire in
them made my breathing quicken and the excitement of future
promised passion began to take me.
We entered your bedroom and you pulled me into your arms
and kissed me. Tenderly at first, but with growing passion.
Your tongue slipped past my lips and once again danced and
did battle with mine as the passion between us deepened.
Our kiss deepened and I reveled in the taste of you, in the
sensations your tongue was stroking in my mouth and I could
feel my belly tightening as once again my body prepared
for that most pleasant of journeys.
Our kisses turned more demanding and my nipples hardened
against the hair on your warm chest. My body molded itself
to yours and I could feel your erection pulsing against
my belly, hot and full.
I slowly stepped back and smiled seductively at you. Your
eyes were once again liquid pools and I knew that I wanted
to pleasure you and make you burn.
I pushed you back on your bed and smiled mischievously
and brazenly gazed at the picture of you, lying there naked,
your erection unwilling to be ignored. Your muscles in
your chest, arms and legs were showing off the tension my
gaze was creating as I slowly moved my eyes from your face,
down your chest, over your belly, pausing to burn your erection
and then traveling down your legs.
I paused to consider my options, and smiled knowingly
to myself. I took your legs by the knees and spread them before
me. Climbing onto the bed between them I slid my hands down
your knees, up your thighs, over your hips and slip them
up to your chest. Running my fingers through your hair and
slowly caressing your nipples with my fingers. They hardened
at my touch and I ran circles with my fingers.
I grinned as I heard you moan and I slid my hands down over
your ribs and, curling my fingers, softly raked my nails
down your side to your hips. Your moans of pleasure made
me grin with the power I had and I leaned my head down and started
kissing your erection. Running my tongue down the shaft
and up to the tip where I took you into my warm mouth. I dragged
my nails down your hips and to the sides of your erection,
gently raking the sensitive skin as I finished the caress
under your balls.
I heard you moan and shudder and then your hands stilled
on my hair and I looked at you. Your gaze was hot and tortured
and you shook your head and said, “Come here love.”
I took you one more into my mouth for a final loving caress
and then began to crawl up your body. Your erection moved
down against my throat and I paused to kiss your firm belly.
Your eyes closed and you leaned back to enjoy my ministrations
on you. I moved a little higher and nestled your erection
between my breasts. They swelled with the contact and I
felt you pulsing against them. The soft skin of my breasts
cushioned your erection and I gently moved them up and down
your shaft. The hair at your base tickled my breasts in a
gentle caress that sent shivers running down my spine.
I could feel my body get wet and hot as I crawled up your body.
I kissed your nipples while I gently moved my breasts against
your erection. Your moans of pleasure was a drug in my veins,
fueling my desire to pleasure you and make you melt under
my body.
My tongue swirled against your nipples and my hands moved
through the hair on your chest, my nails softly scratched
the skin in a teasing caress. Your moans increased and you
could no longer stay still and moved your hips against my
breasts. Pushing your erection against the soft fullness
of my breasts. Sliding down my soft skin only to push back
through once more.
I continued my cat-like crawl up your body, my breasts
leaving your erection and now sliding up your belly to your
chest, while my belly gave your erection a soft caress.
The hair on your chest teased my nipples and they hardened
and tightened against yours. I moved my hips and slowly
pulled my legs to straddle yours. I raised my eyes and glanced
at your face. You looked at me with your burning eyes and
I knew I was driving you crazy. We grinned at each other in
recognition to the sweet torture I was delivering to your
willing body. My body wasn’t unaffected either. Your erection
now cradled itself against my groin and my hair gently caressed
your shaft as I gently moved my hips over the length of you.
My body was wet and moist and building in heat as hte excitement
of teasing your body teased mine as well.
I licked my lips as I lowered my body over you, breathing
against your neck and laying kisses along the artery, pulsing
to my touch. Oh, how I loved the feel of you against me. My
breasts pressed firmly against you, the curls of my groin
cradled the length of you and I could feel you pulse as my
wetness slowly seeped over both of us. Making the hair wet
and our groins slick.
Your moans were heaven and your body moved on its own, as
if it wanted so much and didn’t know where to go or do first.
I trailed kisses from the base of your neck up to your ear
and along your jawline. Finally coming to your lips and
looking into your eyes I whispered against them, “What
would you like now, love?” and then I leaned against your
lips for a kiss.
Wordlessly you placed your hands on my hips and shifted
your erection into my wet body. I felt you slide in, the tip
of you caressing the opening of me as you entered. You were
so hot and strong, just as I had imagined in the shower. You
shuddered as you penetrated me deeper, sitting me fully
upon you. I closed my eyes as I felt you pulse within. The
skin inside was sensitive and hot and my wetness spread
over us both.
I sat upon you, my hands on your shoulders, your hands on
my hips and we looked at each other as you moved within me.
Your hands guiding my hips, keeping the rhythem slow at
first. I loved your eyes. They told me so much, and I could
see the enjoyment you were having just watching me move
up and down over you. We fit so beautifully, I could feel
you touch me deep inside and as we moved, that tightness
built and grew within me.
You grinned and your eyes burned as we moved. You then lowered
my head to yours and your tongue slipped into my mouth to
deal as erotically with my tongue as your erection was teasing
me below. Your hands left the rhythem of our hips and moved
to my breasts. Kneeding and caressing and teasing the nipples.
I moaned as the tension built, as your fingers tweaked my
nipples and your tongue stroked my tongue.
As the urgency built within me you responded to the heat
and moved faster, thrusting harder into me and pushing
yourself to the deepest point within me. I returned your
ardor with equal power as our hips met again and again, driving
my passion higher, building the tension. I moaned, and
cried as the frustration grew, as the release I knew was
waiting for me drew closer and stronger.
I heard you whisper to yourself, “Not yet.” And a look of
pure tortured concentration captured your face as you
then gazed at me. Your hands moved from my breasts to my fevered
face and you held me in your hands, looked into my eyes, whispered,
“Yes, just a bit longer.” And then you thrust stronger and
deeper within me and I felt my body shatter into a million
My groined tightened around your erection and I shook
with the force of the orgasm you had given me. You moved slowly
within me as I traveled that journey and clung to your body
and shook with my release.
As my mind slowly cleared I realized that you had not joined
me and I looked at your face. You were watching me, enjoying
my reaction but I could tell you were working hard to increase
my pleasure and extend your own. I frowned a little, but
you just grinned and then drawing me close, while my body
had not yet really recovered, you began to thrust into me
again. You moved me against you and your hand stroked my
nub to help build the magic again. I whimpered with the torture.
I shook and moved and thrust my groin in response. My nerves
tingled and I found that I could not keep still.
Your hands slid down my spine, sending shivers through
my nerves and you cupped my butt to increase the power of
the thrust. Oh, my, I had never felt like this. I had never
been made love to like this and I didn’t know how to deal with
it. I couldn’t stay still, but movement was torture. Your
erection moved hard against me and my body remained wet
and hot in response to the stimulation you were giving me.
The power of this second build to the orgasm was more intense
then I knew how to handle. I moaned, I shivered, I squirmed,
I thrust in response to the rhythem of your hips. I nipped
your shoulders as I buried my head in our arms. Quickly this
time the orgasm that ripped through my body blew my mind.
I screamed in release as I shook around you. I captured you
lips and my tongue battled yours as I endured the pleasure
of this second, powerful release.
As my body began to relax once again I felt your pulse within
me. I kissed you and stroked the hair around your face and
looked into your eyes. You smiled knowingly and as understanding
dawned I exclaimed in disbelief, “Your joking?”
“Wanna bet?” You said devilishly, your eyes lighting
up in delight and expectation. I laughed joyously at the
look in your eyes and you withdrew from me and then flipped
me under you. I stared up at you and smiled in anticipation.
Oh, how my heart was losing itself to your hot gaze. What
a gift you were giving me. I could only imagine the control
it took to deny yourself until you could pleasure me multiple
times like this. But I also knew your climax would be increased
because of it. Our eyes became hot as we watched each other
in joyous excitment of our coming mutual explosion. I knew
you would not hold back this time and I knew I was going to
make your wait worth every tremor. I opened my legs wide
and felt you re-enter my body. You thrust hard and slow,
filling me up and then slowly withdrawing. We both looked
down at our joining and saw how wet we were. Your erection
shined in all your heavy glory with my wetness all over you.
What a glorious mess. Our eyes captured each other again
and we grinned, knowing how good this was going to be. You
entered me and drew me close. Cradling me within your arms
as our bodies began that journey together. Our hips were
thrusting against each other over and over again, and I
felt the excitment building within me. Starting low but
slowly moving along every nerve as my body prepared for
this new delight. You kissed my face, tasting the sweat
on my brow, nuzzled my neck and drank in the taste of me there.
I pulled my legs around your hips and locked you to me, my
hands on your back holding your sweaty body to me as we thrust
and thrust against each other.
As the passion grew, I could feel you moaning to the pleasure
that was claiming your body. Mine also echoed your passion
and demanded the release that was building. Our eyes locked
and we moved even harder as we tried to see who would build
the other’s pleasure first. Again and again we moved together,
pushing each other to finish first, determined to be the
one who sent the other one over first. The contest between
us just built the excitement and pleasure.
“Oh, baby.” You cried, and then as your eyes closed and
your body stiffened as your release took you. I felt you
shudder within me as the power of your release pushed against
the center of me, setting off my own release. Both of us cried
out as we took that journey together. Locked in each others
arms, pulsing and shivering together as wave upon wave
ripped through our nerves, setting them on fire and coursing
through our blood.
Gradually we came down to earth and the intensity of our
passion became a warm afterglow of contentment. I laid
with my head on the pillow, your head laid next to mine on
my shoulder and I enjoyed the feel of your relaxed weight
upon my body.
I knew you so intimately now and I also knew my heart was
lost to the feel of you. I could only stay a week, yet I never
wanted to move from your arms, not after this. I closed my
eyes as I contemplated what to do about all this.
I felt you stir and lift yourself up a bit. Soft kisses on
my eyelids and soft strokes on my hair made me open my eyes
and contemplate your dark ones staring down at me. I laughed
“What’s funny?” You asked with a smile.
“I was just thinking that I’ve discovered another reason
why you love your work.” I chuckled teasingly.
“My work!” You laughed at the gentle tease. “How are we
going to get your portrait finished if I can’t keep my control
around you?” You gazed at me lovingly. I once again wondered
how in the world we were going to make this week work. But
right now was not the time to worry. Right now, I was tired
and the thought of leaving your embrace was not even possible.

You shifted me to the crook of your shoulder as you left
me and moved to lie beside me. I ran my hands over your bear
chest, running my fingers through the hair there.
“Your tired love. Why not wait till tomorrow? After all...”
I broached the subject tentively, “I have a whole week to
stay....if you want me to?” I looked at him, my face neutral,
just in case he didn’t want me.
I shouldn’t have worried. You laughed, “If I want you too?
I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to keep
you here. And your right, it’s late and we’re both tired.
I should put you in the guest room so we can both sleep.” You
looked at me and I smiled knowingly and just nestled my head
on your shoulder. “But I can’t bring myself to leave you
tonight.” You pulled me close and kissed me. I smiled and
reached out to touch your face. Your hand joined mine and
you closed your eyes and enjoyed my caress. Then gently
taking the hand you held you brought it to your lips and kissed
the center of my palm. My breath caught at the sweet touch
and as your eyes caught mine we closed for another kiss.
And then another.
We touched....we made love again. Slowly, gently, lost
in each other as we opened our hearts to each other. My soul
lost itself in your gentle undemanding embrace and you
loved me and brought out the woman I had never known existed.
We pleasured each other until we were both spent. Finally
sated, resting in your arms, content, I felt sleep finally
lay claim to my body.

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