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Lousie, my daughters best friend......chapter 1


Saturday afternoon the Wilson's 18-year-old daughter
Amy told her parents that her friend Louise was coming over
to spend the night. Mrs. Wilson complained and told her
she should have told her earlier, because she and Mr. Wilson
wanted to go out tonight. Amy told them she was old enough
to stay by herself for a few hours and beside it was only the
two of them and Louise was going to sleep over. Well after
a long discussion and some yelling from the daughter and
the wife, she finally gave in and told her daughter Louise
could come over. She arrived around 7:00 PM.

Now Louise was 18 years old the same as Amy their daughter
and she was her best friend. But this girl was one sexy young
lady who Mr. Wilson felt could pass for 24 or 25 without any
problem. She usually wears little or no makeup and is beautiful
with her dark brown hair and blue eyes. She stands about
5'3" and he bet she had 32 C breasts. She always
smelled clean and nice and not over powering like some girls.
She was also a huge cock teaser, a real sexy teaser and one
that liked to make a male's cock hard when he watches
her. She knew men loved looking at her and she loved the attention.
She would bend way over showing the guy her round firm athletic
ass or she would lean forward in front of them when she talked
showing them her very deep cleavage and maybe half of her
full young well developed "C" breasts. She
always wore very tight clothes and short skirts and wiggles
her ass as she walks. Every man who caught a glimpse of her
always turned around and watched her walk away. Her small
body always makes Tom, Mr. Wilson's cock get hard every
time she came to the house for a visit. She was there so often
Any told her mother Louise was like a second daughter to
them. Nut Tom didn't think of Louise as a daughter but
more liked a woman he would love to fuck.

Amy was always telling her parents that Louise was very
nice girl and didn't take drugs or any of that sort of
thing. She was just the biggest flirt with guys of all ages
but especially older ones. She did it all the time, with
every guy she met. She is very athletic, playing field hockey
and tennis along with Amy.

As usual, Louise was dressed in tight jeans and a tank top
that showed her very flat stomach and huge young breasts.
She looked hot as always! She came in the living room and
said "Hi" to all of them. As she walked by Tom
and smiled up into his eyes with that devious sexy look she
said, "Hi Mr. Wilson you look very handsome tonight
dressed in that dark shirt and jeans!"

He could immediately feel his cock tingle as it started
to get bigger in his jeans. But, his wife and he left a couple
of minutes later to go to dinner. After dinner they went
to a club to dance and drink. They didn't get home until
close to 1:00 AM.

When they finally got home that night both girls were in
their daughter's room and since the light was still
on Tom knocked on the door. His daughter asked who it was
and opened a little when she heard her father's voice.
She saw it was he and opened the door all the way as he walked
into the room just inside the doorway. As he stood there
taking in the view he saw Louise siting on the bed doing her
toenails. Her long tee shirt was up around her waist and
Tom could see her sitting in her pink little panties. Her
shapely legs were sticking out from between those panties
and he marveled at her shapely young thighs. She was sitting
on the bed with her left leg on the bed bent at the knees, painting
the nails on her toes. Her other leg was hanging off the bed
and they were opened just enough so that he could see the
front of her panties around her cunt and the jar of polish.
Tom could see the bulge of her pussy mound that was fully
apparent and pressing against the tight material. She
had her thighs open just enough so that the polish was resting
between them. She looked up and smiled and she didn't
move or try to cover up. Her tee shirt showed those big tits
pushing out against the material and Tom saw her nipples,
which were very apparent. Tom knew she wasn't wearing
a bra. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She had to notice
his eyes traveling up and down her body more than a second
or two. Finally he turned to his daughter.

Tom asked his daughter if everything was OK and when she
told him yes; he could smell booze on her breath. He asked
her if she had been drinking and she told him they both had
a beer, but only one. Louise then said, "Come on in
Mr. Wilson, here sit next to me."

Tom asked his kid if she was OK? But he was looking at Louise.
Amy wasn't happy about her father looking at her friend
Louise and stood by the door. Tom didn't move. While
he wanted to sit next to Louise he didn't dare. He stood
in the doorway and Louise smiled again at him and then said:
"How was your evening Mr. Wilson? You guys have a good
time tonight?"

She didn't make a move to close her thighs or cover her
panties. Tom smiled and looked down at her pussy and then
up into her eyes with what he was sure was a very hungry look.
Then he looked right down to her pussy again and told her,
"It was OK, nice. But Mrs. Wilson had a little too much
to drink and went to bed as soon as we got in the house. She
is most likely asleep by now. How was your night girls? Do
anything cool?"

He turned and looked at his daughter, and then heard her
say, "Not much TV and made something to eat and had
a beer."

He turned back to look at Louise again and she smiled at him.
Seems she was smiling all the time at him and he wondered
what she was thinking. She pulled her other leg up on the
bed now bending it as she sat there resting her arms around
the tops of her knees and put her head on the top of her knees.
She said, "It was boring since none of the boys we knew
called us and you weren't here either Mr. Wilson."

She smiled again and then moved her legs until she was sitting
cross-legged now. Tim looked directly between them and
saw the small patch of material that was covering her beautiful
young pussy. He sighed with desire. Louise watched his
eyes and saw him looking between her legs again. She pushed
her ass forward a little making the front of her panties
pill even tighter. Tim could see the slit outline of her
pussy now. His cock jumped with his excitement as he looked
again directly at where her smooth thighs met her body.
Her nice pussy slit made a long outline against the material
of the panty. He could see a sweet little bulge in the pink
material where her legs met and the outline of her pussy
lips were evident enough to make him shift his feet as he
felt his cock beginning to harden more in my jeans. . "Oh
if only that small patch of cloth on her little pink bikini
panties was gone", Tim was thinking.

Tom just knew she had a very sweet tight pussy. He was thinking
she must shave that pussy or trimmed it close since there
was no sign of any hair or stubble around her panty leg opening
and both were only an inch from that pussy. He moaned to himself
and she watched his eyes looking at her thighs. She shifted
them again on purpose.

Tom realized he had been looking directly at her pussy and
he finally turned away. When he looked at his daughter Tom
realized she was wearing a pair of thong panties! "God
she had a thong on with that ass. That should have been illegal",
he said again to himself.

His cock was hard and pushed out against the front of his
jeans he knew it was noticeable. The idea of these beautiful
young women and what they were wearing was stimulating
him more with each second that went by. One with a very small
pair of bikini panties and the other one had on a thong. Tom
saw the shaving cream and razor on her dresser and he knew
they must have both shaved their pussy tonight while he
was out. He had to leave his cock was hardening faster with
every second and hurt as it was housed in his tight jeans.

As Tom turned he stopped at the doorway and chatted another
minute with both girls trying not to be overly obvious about
looking at Louise again. But each time she moved he would
look her way. Finally, she moved her legs and sat up and crossed
one over the other covering her cunt. He had to look away
because his mouth was watering as he saw her legs and breasts.
Louise looked right at his bulge pushing out against his
jeans. She smiled up at him and licked her lips. Tom swore
that he could have cum right there if she had touched him.
She was teasing and flirting with him badly tonight. He
asked them again how many beers they had and Louise told
him, "Just the one beer and a cranberry and vodka drink.
That's all Mr. Wilson, how many have you had?"

Tom was a little upset but didn't say anything as he
was to busy staring at her tits and legs. He could swear that
he could see a small wet stain in the center of her panties
now as she stood up. Na, it was his imagination he was sure!
As she stood there and had her legs open a little he said to
himself, "No wait, there is a very small wet stain
directly in the center of her panties. Jesus her pussy is

Finally, she walked towards the door and the bathroom,
which meant she had t walk past him. He watched her walk towards
him as her tits bounced and swayed as she came closer. Tom
moved away from the side of the door, and stood next to his
daughter. Louise came up to him and said softly, "Excuse
me Mr. Wilson I have to go pee."

He stuttered and said, "OK. Have good night girls!"

As Louise past him Tom closed the bedroom door half way saying
good night to his daughter. Then he turned around and walked
down the hallway. He saw Louise standing by the bathroom
door with her ass pointing towards him. Those pink panties
fit tightly around the cheeks of her sweet round ass and
she looked damn erotic. She had a very nice round high standing
ass! Tom could only imagine her pumping that ass up into
him as he fucked her!

She turned her head and told him, "Good night Mr. Wilson
sleep well!"

She smiled and looked down his body and then right at the
bulge in his pants again. He felt it jumping with desire
for her and she smiled. She turned and walked into the bathroom
closing the door. Tom's daughter was now on the bed
and looked very sleepy. He was guessing it was from the drinks
she had. As Tom looked in he told her good night again but
she didn't answer him. He closed the door all the way.

Tom was about half way down the hall when Louise called to
him. Then he saw her ran slowly down the hall. God her very
nice tits were bouncing up and down as she ran. She told him,
"The bathtub is stopping up Mt. Wilson. Could you
take a look at it? I want to take a shower and wash this dirty
body before I go to bed."

She ran her hands up and down the sides of her body. Tom smiled
and looked her up and down. God she was hot! He knew her tits
were huge for her size! She looked up at him and said, "Well
it's dirty Mr. Wilson and I always take a shower or bath
before I go to bed! It helps to relieve the tension and helps
me sleep better."

Tom just said, "I bet you do. It's always good
to be clean in case you get kidnapped in the middle of he night
by some handsome stranger!"

Tom laughed and she smiled as she looked at his bulge again.
They started to walk down the hallway with her in front of
him. He watched her ass sway from side to side and again imagined
him fucking her, this time from behind. As he passed his
daughter's bedroom door he looked in again and saw
her lying on the bed, her eyes were closed and he figured
she was almost asleep.

Tom then walked into the bathroom with Louise and knelt
down to see big bunch of hair in the drain. He used his fingers
but it was stuck tight. Tom knew he needed something long
and thin to get the clog out. As he turned his head to ask her
to look in the closet, his eyes looked directly between
Louise's athletic smooth legs. He saw the little bulge
in her pink panties up close now and knew for sure there was
a wet spot there. She was standing right next to him watching
him watching her pussy. Her pussy was only inches from his
face! She asked, "Is there anything I can do to help
you? Can you unplug it for me?"

Tom looked up at her and she smiled down at him as she took
a step even closer! She bent over and her Tee shirt top opened
enough to show Tom a large amount of her breasts. His eyes
went right to them and for the first time Tom saw all of he
tits and the red hard nipples attached to them. He moaned
a little of it came out and she heard it. She was looking down
and slowly turned her head and saw him looking down the neck
of her tee shirt. She smiled and slowly closed the top of
her shirt. She smiling again and said, "Oops, I didn't
realize my top was open that much. Have a good look Mr. Wilson?"

Tom couldn't think of anything to say he was busted
and so he just smiled and told her, "I don't mind
at all, in fact you are a very beautiful young woman and I
think you have a wonderful body. So I don't mind looking
at it!"

She stood back up and Tom could now smell her body. It smelled
sweet! She stood there with her pussy inches from his face
and he said, "You smell wonderful Louise. What is
that you are wearing?"

She told him, "It's a body spray and I wear it almost
all the time. "I love it! It makes me feel sexy. The
she said softly, "Here, smell right here."

She was pointing at the top of her right thigh very near where
the cloth to her panties started. Tom moved his face to where
she was pointing and inhaled deeply. Then she said, "And
here too. Smell right here Mr. Wilson."

He moved his face over to her other thigh and as he passed
her pussy mound in took another deep breath and received
a hint of her real body musk. As he moved his nose to her thigh
he touched both sides of her hips with my hands. She didn't
jump or move them away. Tom took another chance and started
to lick across her upper leg with his tongue. She took her
hands and put them on both sides of my head. She gently moved
them and directed his head towards her pink center.

Tom let her move his face to her pussy center. There was a
darker spot in the middle of the pink material now and almost
immediately his mouth and tongue tasted it. She was delicious.
As his mouth moved over that little bulge and the dark spot
in the middle Tom covered her pussy with his mouth and sucked.
She moaned and held my head as she opened her thighs wider.
. As Tom sucked the cloth of her panties and some of her actual
pussy into his mouth, he held her hips and moved his mouth
around pushing in and around. He was moving his lips around
her snatch and stimulating her pussy. With each movement
he heard Louise moan or sigh! She said, "Oh Mr. Wilson
that feels so good. How does it smell now? Is it as nice as
my body spray?"

Tom looked up into her eyes and took his mouth off of her panties
long enough to said, "It's much better Louise
sweeter and smells fantastic. But I need to do some more
testing! OK?"

She smiled down at him and said, "Do whatever you want
to make sure I smell and taste OK. I don't want to smell
bad before I go to bed Mr. Wilson!"

He took his fingers and gently slid the leg of her panties
to the side an inch. He saw a very bald opened beautiful pussy.
It was swollen and puffy and he felt it was as lovely as he
imagined! When he put his face into it, he found out that
it was also a very wet pussy. Facing that wet pussy, Tom licked
it right in the center with his tongue and she arched and
pushed her cunt into his mouth. She spread her legs even
wider and put one foot up on the bathtub! "Oh my god
she had gotten me into the bathroom and had me against the
bathtub so I could eat her pussy", Tom said to himself,
"She is so beautiful."

Tom put his hands around her body and held her ass pulling
on it as he pushed her pussy into his mouth. He covered all
of her sweet young cunt and licked her opening like a starving
man! He kept sticking his tongue into her as deep as he could
get it as rubbed her ass with both hands. She held his head
and told him how very good he was making her feel.

He mouth sucked that young pussy making soft and tender
love to it. He rotated his tongue inside her opening and
then licked up the pink slit! She held his head tighter now
and pushed it tighter into her body each time he got into
her hole or touched her very hard clit. She arched her back
and pushed that pussy into his face as she held his head tightly
and began to hump on it.

Tom loved the taste and her smell. Her body spray and her
sexual musk mixed together were driving him over the edge.
He moved his hands around to the front of her body now and
used his fingers to spread her wet cunt lips wider apart.
He sucked that beautiful pink inside of her cunt and then
located her very hard full clit now! It was so swollen that
it looked and felt huge. Tom flicked his tongue over it again
and again until she shoved her body against him, moaned
and began to fuck his face hard and fast. He marveled at her
beautiful body cumming so hard against his mouth. She held
his face directly on her clit now and moaned louder and humped
and humped and humped faster and faster until she arched
her back and squeezed her ass cheeks as she froze and climaxed.
"Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Oh!! OH! OH! Oh God Mr. Wilson.
Oh yes, yes, yes....yes....yes...yes!" Oh GOD!
YESSSSSSSSS!, " she cried out. Tom knew she had climaxed
from his mouth and tongue loving her pussy.

As her orgasm swept over her beautiful young body he heard
her grunting and whimpering as she pumped that sweet body
into his face and continued to climax. Tom could now taste
her sweet cum juices as the flowed into my mouth! She was
cumming very hard and she was so young and so sweet as he continued
to lick and suck on her cunt! As her wetness came spilling
out of her opening Tom drinking all of her juices and just
kept licking an sucking! He didn't move his face out
from between her thighs. He held his face right there and
his mouth on her cunt and continued to work on her pussy.

She moaned again and again as she climaxed again seconds
behind her first. She had two orgasms in a matter of seconds.
Finally when he looked up, he could see she had her tee shirt
up over her breasts and was holding each breast as she sucked
on one of those beautiful red nipples! Her tits were so nice,
and he lifted one of his hands up her body and squeezed one
of her tit as she kept on sucking and sucking the other one!

She finally let his head go and fell back against the wall.
Tom was still on his knees and he looked up and saw her looking
down at me. She smiled so sexy and said, "Oh Mr. Wilson!
That was wonderful. I always wanted to try that too. Thank
you sweetie. God! You are very good at that Mr. Wilson! I
never cum that fast in my life! I knew you would be good at
licking my pussy! I just knew it. And I loved it too. Oh my!
I absolutely love having my pussy licked! God you got me
off so fast, you are very good! I owe you one Mr. Wilson."

She adjusted her panty and pulled her top down covering
her breasts again. Then she turned and walked towards the
door of the bathroom. She had taken a few steps away from
him when she stopped and bent over. She looked over her shoulder
and told him, "Here's how it looks from behind."

She pulled her panties down to her knees and bent over showing
him both of her ass and pussy holes. Tom told her: "Why
don't you come back over here and I eat you again!"

She smiled at him as she stayed bent over with her back still
towards him. Then she said, "Feel it! You have it all
hot and bothered!"

Tom stood up and moved behind her. He ran his hand under her
ass and between her legs from the back and cupped her very
fat swollen pussy with the palm of his hand. It felt so wet
and he was so fucking hard! She turned around and told him,
"Do you like that Mr. Wilson? One day soon I may want
to see that big bulge in your pants. It looks huge! How big
is it Mr. Wilson? Are you as good with that big bulge as you
are with your tongue?" He rubbed her pussy and cupped it from behind as he told her,
"I'm better with it baby! And, I want to put it
right in here! In fact Louise I have wanted to eat your pussy
and then fuck you since I saw you that first time in your cheerleader's

He used his fingers and slowly began to insert 2 of them.
She didn't moved so he pushed them into her hole all
the way as He held her from behind. God her ass and pussy was
so hard and tight! Tom told her, "And, I want to show
you how much better it would be with my cock in your pretty
little pussy. Here touch it baby. Touch it and feel how hard
you have made it!"

She smiled as she reached around and squeezed his cock with
her small hand. Tom couldn't help it he moaned. Then
he started to fuck her with his fingers and she moaned too
as she was feeling how hard Tom's cock was. She asked
him, "Take it out for me. Please Mr. Wilson, let me
see it! I want to see how big it is!"

But just then my daughter called Louise and she just stood
up and smiled it Tom and then simply walked out to the bedroom
leaving him there with a wet hand and a hard cock. Tom fixed
the bathtub drain and came out to see Louise lying on the
bed next to his daughter. Amy was almost asleep. When she
saw him Louise walked to the doorway and whispered to me:
"You tell me when Mr. Wilson and I'll be there!
I really do want to see how big it is! And, maybe I want it where
you put your fingers tonight!"

She smiled and told him, "And make it soon Mr. Wilson,
real soon! Think about me tonight OK?"

Tom told her, "There is no way I could forget you sweetheart."

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek and then closed the
door. When Tom got back to his bedroom his my wife was sound
asleep! He tried to wake her up so he could fuck her and get
some relief but she was out of it. She had drunk way too much.
Finally Tom just forgot about it and went into the bathroom
and jerked off. As he did he was thinking about Louise and
smelling his fingers that had been inside her sweet tight
little pussy.

Tom lay there in his bed again after cumming and closed his
eyes and saw Louise's pussy as he remembered his mouth
tasting her. He began to feel another huge hard-on growing
and just couldn't get to sleep! So he went back into
the bathroom and slowly jerked off again thinking about
her beautiful young body. Tom stroked his cock watching
it grow larger and larger, and thicker and thicker! He inhaled
her sent again from his fingers and was daydreaming about
her legs spread wide open, knees bent and she was smiling
up at him as she opened her pussy lips for his cock to enter
her. He could almost hear her saying: "Oh yes!! Mr.
Wilson put your big hard long man's cock into my pussy
and fuck me! Oh god you are so much bigger than the boys I have
fucked. Yes Mr. Wilson fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me Mr.
Wilson! I want to be fucked by you so badly. Give me that huge
cock! Fuck me Mr. Wilson! Mummmm! That feels so good! Faster
Mr. Wilson, fuck me faster! Oh yes, I'm cumming!! Ahhhhhhh!"

Tom could see his body slowly moving over her body as he entered
her soft sweet pussy with his hard cock. Inch by wonderful
inch by inch he pushed it into her hole. Once he was fully
inside that beautiful young woman's body she arched
up and began to fuck him hard and fast lifting that beautiful
hard body and round ass up to meet each thrust of his cock.
She moved with a steady pumping motion sending thrill after
thrill through his body! Tom's cock had never been
so thick or so hard or so long as it was inside her pussy! As
he daydreamed about her body pumping up and down, up and
down as he fucked her he jerked of faster. Her lovely body
pushed against his cock sending him into heaven. Her image
was making him cum for the second time that night.

Tom had his eyes closed and saw she was on top of him and bending
as she held her breasts to his mouth. Tom saw his mouth licking
and sucking those long very red long nipples as his hips
just kept thrusting his cock up into her pussy. Her cunt
milked his cock as it squeezed it tighter and tighter! Finally
as Tom held her legs up over his shoulders, they both exploded
into an orgasm like no other he have ever experienced. He
dreamed that her young body did the most unbelievable things
to him for over 2 hours. But this time it was only in his brain
as he jerked off to her images. But soon, very soon he would
have her body for real and he would show her what a big cock
could do and give her. He imagined that she kept him inside
her pussy locking down on his cock and wasn't letting
it go or letting him deflate. Tom saw his cock ramming into
her again and again until he was completely drained. In
fact the last time he orgasm as he jerked off, he climaxed
but there was no cum coming out. He was drained for the night.

He closed his eyes and saw his mouth take a nipple and again
he began suck it. He was thinking about how nice it would
be to actually suck on her nipples but even better to have
her full lips around his cock and watching her suck his cock
after he fucked her. She would suck him and try to keep it
hard or get it hard again. But, he had had it for tonight and
couldn't get hard again. So he smiled as he imagined
she would straddled his face with her cum filled pussy and
Tom would licked her into at least 2 more climaxes before
she collapsed on top of him.

Tom saw them laying there together until that next morning
when they began fucking again! All of a sudden Tom came back
to reality and realized his cock was so hard it hurt! He stroked
it a few more times and orgasm again He almost passed out
from the mind-blowing orgasm this time just thinking about
her. He could only image how the real thing would feel. He
knew he had to have her! And, soon! He was sure she wanted
to fuck him by what she did in the bathroom earlier that night.

Then he realized he had cum everywhere and cleaned up his
mess before finally going to sleep thinking about Louise's
beautiful young body and that sweet wet pussy he was going
to fuck one day. He didn't forget about Louise that
night or many nights to follow.

The next morning Tom woke up and looked over and saw his wife
still out cold. She would have a hell of a hangover today
he was sure of it and most likely she would spend most of the
day it in bed. He got up and walked towards his daughter's
room. Opening the door he saw the two 18 year old girls laying
in the bed sleeping. Both girls were beautiful and Tom could
see their asses as they slept above the covers. Louise still
had on that small bikini panty and his daughter was still
wearing her thong. He marveled at their beautiful athletic
legs and firm round asses as he squeezed his cock remembering
what he did with Louise in the bathroom last night. Then
he closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen he made coffee and started to drink
it. Tom could not get Louise out of my brain. All he could
smell was her body spray and her pussy musk! It was still
in my brain and he felt his cock jump and begin to harden.
As the coffee was made he showered and shaved and went down
to the kitchen again. His wife was still in bed feeling sick
from all the booze she drank last night! Neither of the girls
was up yet either. Both his wife and he sleep without anything
on so Tom had just slipped on a pair of jean shorts one with
no underwear under it. He sat at the table drinking coffee
and reading the paper.

About 10 minutes later Louise popped her head around the
corner and asked if there was another cup of coffee? She
was wearing that same tank top and panties as she was last
night. He could see her very nice cleavage and big nipples
as they pushed out against the material. She had semi hard
nipples, which could be seen very clearly under the very
faded and thin material. Tom got up and began to pour her
a mug when she came very close to him and whispered in his
ear, "Did you get any last night? I'm betting
you didn't."

He shook his head no and told her he had to jerk off and that
he did it thinking of her. She stood on her toes and kissed
him. She smiled and said, "Oh Mr. Wilson I bet you were
hard all night weren't you?"

He said pretty much. She kissed him again and said, "I
want to thank you for helping me with your tongue last night.
I didn't get any either Mr. Wilson cock that is. I had
to finger myself in the bathroom to get off before I could
get to sleep. I was wishing you would come back to the room
and get me off with this big cock."

And, she reached for it and felt it growing in her hand as
she squeezed it on the outside of his jeans! Tom moaned and
told her, "I jerked off twice thinking about you last
night! I was wondering how it would feel with my cock deep
inside your body! I was wishing I would have went back to
your room too but it is just to dangerous."

She pulled his zipper down and pulled his hard cock out of
the hole made by the down zipper. She held his cock in her
hand and looked him right in the eye and asked, "So,
what are we going to do about it?"

Tom faced her and took his hand and put it between her legs
and cupped her entire pussy with it. This time Louise moaned
as she felt him cup all of her cunt. As he began to stroke it,
she whimpered and opened her legs wider and pushed her cunt
down into his hand. She held him around the neck with her
free hand and whispered, "Oh god Mr. Wilson! Oh God
that feels so good. We have to find a place! I want you as bad
as you want me! Mummm!! God your hand feels so nice down there!
But, I want you big hard cock! The one I feel in my hand. I know
you'll fill me up so much better than the boys do. God
your cock is so huge!"

So they stood in the kitchen holding each other's sex
and wanting to fuck each other's brains out! Finally
after a few minutes of stroking the other person's
body, Tom told her: "Well we are just going to find
a way baby! I have got to have you. I want to fuck you so badly
Louise. You have really got to me last night and my cock wants
you badly. I have to fuck you until you scream and cum. I want
to show you how a real man can satisfy your cravings! All
of your cravings and I plan to have you satisfy my needs to

She just held him close and stroked his big cock as he continued
to rub and stroke her pussy. Then she pulled back a little
and said very sexually, "When? Where? I want your
cock now! But I know it's dangerous so we have to be very
careful! Maybe this will help until we can really do it!"

And with that she dropped to the floor and opened his jeans
all the way. They fell halfway down his legs to his knees
letting his very hard cock jump out at her. She smiled up
into his eyes an as he looked at her she engulfed the cock
head with her mouth. She popped the head out after a few seconds
and said, "Oh yes now this is a cock. It's sure
not a boy's cock that is for sure! Oh yea!! God you are
bigger than I ever imagine! I love your cock Mr. Wilson!
Oh god I'm so wet already! I think I'm dripping!"

He moaned from her words as her mouth attacked his cock sucking
and licking it. He held her head now and told her, "Well
it's not quiet at its fullest yet. But keep on sucking
it and you'll see how big it gets."

She asked him, "OK! I want to see it get as big as it gets!
I want to see just how big it really is! God it's huge
now!! What can I do to make you cum Mr. Wilson?"

Tom touched her beautiful face and told her, "Wrap
your hands around the shaft and pump it! See how jumps from
your touch? See how thick it's getting baby? Faster
stroke it faster baby! Yea, like that! Now suck the head!"

She moaned when she heard him tell her to suck the head. And,
as she pumped it as fast a she could back and forth watching
the head get thinker and thicker she licked and sucked on
it. She began to really jerk it off now. Faster and faster
she pleased him and Louise looked up at him saying things
like, "I want you to cum for me Mr. Wilson. Cum for me.
Shoot your load. I want to see your cock shoot your cum Mr.
Wilson, Shoot it in my mouth! Come on baby!"

Tom held her head and told her, "Put.....put the head
in your mouth and suck on it! If you want me to cum, suck on
it as you jerk it off!"

She smiled up into his eyes and asked him, "Do you want
me to suck your big man cock Mr. Wilson? You want to cum in
my mouth don't you?"

Tom smiled and told her, "Hell yes Louise. Fair is
fair. You cummed in my mouth 2 or 3 times last night. And,
pull your top up again so I can see those beautiful tits."

She smiled up at him and slid her tank top up over her tits
so he could se them. Her nipples were hard as rocks. They
were as beautiful as Tom imagined. "God they're
beautiful with nipples long and bright red, sticking way
out. He moaned.

She rubbed her tits over his hard cock and wiped away the
pre-cum that kept forming in the hole of his cock head. She
smiled up at him again and slowly, teasing him, sliding
her lips over the head of his cock very slowly as her hand
stroked the hard long shaft. Tom felt like he might passed
out again just from the sight of seeing her mouth on his very
hard very thick cock! She sucked on the head hard while she
beat him off just like he told her how he wanted her to do it.
. She played with his big balls and tried to take as much of
his cock into her mouth as she could get in. She began to fuck
his cock with her mouth while both of her hands pumped the
rest of his hard shaft! He moaned loudly and told her, "That's
it! Suck it baby! Suck my cock!! I'm almost there! Ahhh
yes, here it comes baby! I'm going to cum!"

And she pulled her mouth off his cock and beat his dick with
her hands until he arched his back and began to shot cum all
over her tits. She worked on his cock and worked on it until
she squeezed the shaft trying to get all of his cum out of
his shaft. She kept stroking it for a long time after he had
finished cumming. She worked to make sure she had gotten
all of his cum and that he was completely finished his climax!
Then she sucked his cock again for a few minutes tasting
his leftovers and draining his balls. Then she smiled and
wiped her mouth and stood up. She smiled and told him, "Rub
it in for me Mr. Wilson. Rub your cum into my tits! I know you
want to feel them. So rub all of your cum into my tities."

Tom grabbed those melons and worked on them with his hands
and mouth until he had her nipples hard and long. Her tits
were so solid, so hard and big for her little body! She told
him she was a 34-C! And he felt her tits were perfect. He bent
down and sucked them like a starving man licking his own
cum off of them. He didn't care he wanted those tits
in his mouth since the first time he had seen her. Tom slid
his hand between her legs again and felt her pussy, I was
very wet and he stroked it slowly as he sucked on each of her

"God she is so wet", he said to himself.

He told her to sit on the counter and he helped to lift her
up on it. He moved her knees and opened her sweet young shapely
legs as he moved her ass to the edge of the counter. She smiled
knowing what was coming and opened her legs wider for him.
As he stood between her legs he pulled her panties to the
side and was looking at her beautiful, young shaved pussy
with its fat full lips open for him like a flower. He placed
her feet back on the counter and held her thighs open wide.
He marveled at her body, so young and so beautiful and so
fucking sexy.

She pulled her little panty leg further away and asked him,
"Are you going to eat me again for breakfast Mr. Wilson?
Oh god I hope so!! My pussy hurts so bad! God your cock was
unbelievable!! Next time I'll fuck you dry baby! But,
I wanted to see you cum this time! Your cock is beautiful
Mr. WILSON! And you really cum a lot!"

Tom slowly moved his head down between her thighs and began
licking the sides of her inner thighs. As he got closer and
closer to her sweet pussy he knew she could feel his warm
breath on wetness around and on her pussy! She moaned and
told him, "Oh yes baby! Lick me! Eat my little pussy
for me baby! Make me cum! I have to cum so bad! Oh god yes! Stick
your tongue into my pussy hole! Oh god that's so good
Mr. Wilson! Ahhhh! Mumm! That's it! Yes Oh god I'm
cumming! I'm cumming Mr. Wilson! Oh god I love it!!

Tom ate her pussy a very long time for breakfast and he felt
her body tightened up again and again and he knew she had
cum many times. It took only a few minutes before he had her
moaning and pumping her pussy to the movement of his tongue.
Her ass pumped her body up off the counter as she began to
orgasm again. Her pussy juices tasted like nectar to his
mouth as they ran down his chin. She had only the faintest
of any odor and it was like a drug to him now. He licked and
sucked on her sweet cunt for another 3 or 4 minutes before
her legs squeezed against his head and her hands pushed
his head into her cunt hard! Tom knew she was having multiple
orgasm now and he sucked her entire cunt into his mouth and
began to flick his tongue across her clit and hum on it!

Louise had never felt anything like this before. Most guys
licked her and made her cum and then quickly came out from
between her legs and shoved their cock into her so they could
cum and get satisfaction. Most guys didn't give a damn
if they made her cum or not. But Mr. Wilson knew how to make
love to her pussy with his mouth. She marveled at how long
he stayed there just licking and sucking her and giving
her more orgasm at one time than any male had ever done to

Another orgasm hit her and her knees squeezed his head so
tight he was worried she was going to hurt him. Her legs were
so strong and athletic from the sports she played. She cried
out and hissed at him, "Eat it! Yes! Oh yea!! Oh god
yea! Eat me pussy! Suck it baby! Suck my pussy! Oh that's
so fucking good! Oh yes! Oh eat me! Oh god Mr. Wilson! I'm
cumming again! Oh yesssssssssssss! Yessssssssss!"

And she did. She climaxed again and then again right behind
the other! She held his face in her cunt for a long time just
letting him lick and suck on her and bring her body off to
one climax after another. "God her young body was
like a machine fucking his face and climaxing! She loves
it", Tom smiled thinking as he licked and sucked.

"She really loved this. I know she'll be back
for more and one day the time and the place will be right and
I'll get to fuck this beauty, " he said again
to himself.

He was as addicted to her pussy as she was to his mouth. She
wanted more and more of his tongue between her legs! She
was going crazy with desire as she fucked her pussy on his
tongue, mouth and face crying out over and over, "Oh
god yes! So good!So good! So good God Oh God! Oh God! I love
it! So fucking good!"

She just kept telling him, "Oh yes Mr. Wilson don't
stop! Oh god yes! Eat me! Oh it's so good Oh yes! I love
your tongue in my pussy Oh god here I go again! Mummm! Ahhhhhhh!"

He knew she was young and inexperienced and he loved how
her body reacted to his mouth. He loved the way her body climaxed
again and again. And he even loved how she pulled his hair
and pushed hard on the back of his head as Tom kept licking
and sucking her pussy over and over and over. And, she loved
the way he made her cum again and again into one climax after
the other!

Finally he pulled his cum covered face off her pussy and
moved up and kissed her hard sticking his tongue deep into
her mouth! She sucked it hard just like she sucked on his
cock. She tasted her cum just like Tom had tasted his cum!
They stayed like that for a longtime. Tom squeezed her tits
and ran his fingers around her nipples pulling and pinching
them just like he imagined for so long. She held on to his
cock feeling it grow hard again! They finally broke their
embrace and she smiled into his eyes as he told her, "OK
here's what we are going to do. I want you to meet me on
Thursday night by the Cleaners on Madison and State streets.
I'll pick you up at around 6:30 PM." She smiled
and said, "We're going to do it in your car?"
He laughed and said, "No baby only boys do it that way.
We're going to a hotel, in Bradford County in the next
state. It's only10 minutes away and it's where
no one will know us. As far as anyone knows you're my
daughter and we're getting a room for the night! But
we'll use it for a couple of hours and then I'll
take you home! All you have to do is tell anyone who asks that
you are going to do research at the library. OK?"

She looked at him smiled and asked, "Are we going to
do it Mr. Wilson? Are you going to fuck me on Thursday night
Mr. Wilson?"

He smiled and said, "Do you want me to fuck you Thursday

She moaned and squeezed his big cock and said, "Oh
God yes, Do you have protection?"

He smiled and told her, "Don't worry about that
sweetheart, I had a vasectomy three years ago. So there's
no problem with that we can fuck all night and I'll cum
in you more than any guy ever did and I'm shooting blanks.
So you don't have to worry about me knocking your pretty
little ass up. It's the best birth control there are
no baby and no messy rubbers, just skin against skin. I'm
going to show you what it's like to fuck a man! I'll
fill your pussy with this cock and make you cum like you have
never done before. Are you ready for me baby? You won't
hang me up will you?"

She looked at him and then down to his big hard cock. She took
it back in her hand and told him, "Get some rest because
I'm so hungry for your dick Mr. Wilson I may fuck you
until you pass out! Are you ready for me is the question?"

He smiled and told her yes. Then Louise looked at him and
said, "Oh, but first I want you to eat my pussy for me.
I'll suck your cock real good to before we do it! So we
have a date on Thursday night. See you at 6:30 PM."

He kissed her and said, "You can count on it baby. I
love to taste your little pussy."

She kissed him back and then jumped off the counter, fixed
her top and panties and ran up stairs. Tom stood there with
a tremendous hard on, wondering if he was really ready for

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Excellent story. I have a daughter with some sexy friends
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great story


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I am at a loss for words... great fucking story, man...


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Great story, very hot and erotic. Its got my cock harder
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pure writing talent....