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Lori - A Neighbor's Delight


Ken took another minute to ponder the future. His heart
did a quick flutter when he envisioned Lori's beautiful
daughter and how he planned to get into her panties. "Fuck, "
he said to himself, "I'll bet she is even a better
fuck than her mother." He already had set plans in
motion to seduce the girl. Ken marveled at how the blackmail
against Lori had worked and did not see why a similar scheme
would not work with Julia. The thought made his pecker jerk
a few times in eagerness and he chuckled.

He sat in front of his computer and clicked on 'Mail'.
The inbox opened and he noticed one particular email. He
quickly selected it and smiled broadly as he read. "I
would be pleased to be the model for your advertising and
would like to meet with your company to discuss the terms.
I have put the signed contract in the mail and it should be
back to you shortly. The Monday 3 p.m. appointment time
is good and I will meet your representatives at the address
given in the contract." Ken's stomach did many
summersaults in anticipation reading that Julia had agreed
to be a model for the marketing campaign he planned for his

The scheme was a masterpiece and Ken was proud to be the innovator.
He had called in a favor from his long time friend who worked
at the college Julia attended. Ken attained a list of all
the students in Julia's management marketing class
and sent an offer letter to each student. In it, he stated
that a new company was being started that installed backyard,
recreational equipment. The company wanted to conduct
a photo shoot for a future advertising promotion and deemed
it necessary for the success of the business.

Since it was a pool and hot tub company asking for models,
he asked for recent photos in a swimming suit, which made
the proposal more legitimate. Ken received numerous replies
and had to admit that more than one was interesting. One
girl in particular sent a photo of herself wearing a one
piece, with the one piece being bottoms only. 'Something
to keep in mind, ' he mused.

Julia submitted very conservative photos but Ken envisioned
the ones he used to blackmail her sexy mother. Ones that
showed a beautiful, young woman suntanning naked in the
secluded backyard and ultimately started Lori's
demise. Also ones that were about to begin the demise of
a daughter that Ken dreamed of making a slut just like her
adorable mother.

The formality of running a contest was true genius on Ken's
part and he basically ignored all the entries except Julia's.
His heart beat fast when he saw Julia's acceptance
email and he held off making a reply. He considered waiting
until receiving the formal contract in the mail with the
devious thought of making the young woman suffer. She wanted
the promising modeling offer and would surely be on pins
and needles waiting for a confirmation from his company,
he thought.

Julia was unaware of Ken's total domination of her
loving parents. The contest to pick a winner for an advertising,
photo shoot offered good money plus an opportunity for
other photo layouts and bit movie parts. The details did
mention there may be a requirement for some semi-nude pictures
but promised nothing too risqué. Lori could tell by the
excitement in Julia's voice when she told her about
the offer that her daughter looked forward to winning the
contest. Since their daughter was now over twenty years
old, Lori and Andy had no choice but to support her.

Astounded at how everything was falling in place, Ken decided,
'Yes! 'I'll send her an email in a couple of
days.' With the developing prospect that he would
turn Julia into a devoted slut like her mother he exclaimed,
"Damn yes! I'll have the daughter too!"
Visions quickly filled his head of the modeling photo shoot
developing into a gangbang, much like it did with her mother,

Ken had just installed a big, backyard hot tub for family
friends who were on vacation for two weeks. The family had
pleaded with Ken to do the installation and construction
while they were away to which he graciously agreed. It worked
into his plans perfectly and the friend readily agreed
that Ken could use their backyard for an advertising session
for his company.

His intentions were simple. Julia would show up for the
appointment and he would blackmail her into complying
with his demands. He was determined to use pressure and
dominate the young woman right from the start. He would
explain in no uncertain terms that she would perform just
like her slut mother, or else. His grin was devilish when
he imagined Julia naked and having an orgasm while he fucked
her brains out. Ken was never short of male chauvinism and
his ego flourished dreaming of sex with Lori's beautiful

Ken planned to show Julia the photos he collected over the
years of her and her parents in the privacy of their own backyard.
'Well, ' he chuckled, 'a yard they assumed
was private.' But Ken had turned his neighbor's
backyard into his personal hunting ground. He was positive
that once the young woman saw her naked photos, and ones
of her mother and father in compromising positions, she
would do anything to keep them secret.

If that did not work, Ken had put together a complete album
of her mother's photos. Ones, which showed her naked,
naked sucking his cock, naked sucking his son's cocks,
naked being fucked by all three Patterson's, and naked
with Rex humping her like she was the purest bitch of all
time. Ken was sure that Julia would become a devoted servant
to keep such immoral or compromising pictures from being
made public or being posted on any web site.

'God, ' he thought, 'Once she sees Rex fucking
her mother, she'll be putty in my hands.' Ken smiled
and was thoroughly confident his plan would work. 'It's
fucking foolproof, ' he thought. 'The sexy,
little bitch will do anything once she sees her slut mother
on her fucking hands and knees with Rex's big bone buried
in her cunt.' Eventually, he sent a confirmation to
Julia and the rendezvous was set for the upcoming, holiday

The days went by in a complete blur for Julia as well as the
Pattersons. Each having a vision of what was going to happen,
only Julia's vision was totally unsuspecting and
naïve. Ken made sure he outlined the plan to his sons. He
arranged for the boys to be present but remain out of sight
until he needed them. They would stay hidden while he coerced
the gorgeous, young neighbor into performing lewd acts
so he would keep the incriminating pictures of her family
from being revealed.

Not that he would ever show others the damning pics, Ken
reflected. He would only use them to blackmail the young
woman but she would never know that.

Ken prepared the intended photo shoot area down to the most
intimate detail. He had two cameras set up on tripods and
aimed at stunning backdrops behind the new hot tub. Extra
lighting stood off to the side and gave the whole area a sublime
appearance. He had a couple of towels lying on a cedar bench
and the hot water gave off a slight mist indicating the water
was steaming hot.

He planned to proceed with the pretense it was a genuine
photo session then break open the blackmailing material.
The fateful day arrived and Ken could hardly wait for the
3 o'clock deadline. He peeked out the window to see
a familiar car come into view.

Julia drove up to the house at #22 Riverstone Crescent and
suddenly wondered, 'Why is the shoot in a residential
location?' Shrugging it off, she parked in the driveway
of the sprawling residence and gathered her bag before
heading for the door. Standing at the large double doors,
she hesitated before ringing the bell. It took a few seconds
until the door opened and the smiling face of a man appeared.
She was utterly shocked to see her next-door neighbor and
stared at him with a most bewildered look.

"Hello Julia, sorry to be so official with our proposal
but you can never be too cautious. We do get all kinds of nuts
who want to model and take off their clothes for the camera.
But we wanted to make sure we chose the right girl, the one
who would do justice to our promotional advertising. After
all, it's about selling pools and hot tubs and as you
know, business is booming in the area right now, "
Ken told the young woman who remained quiet while listening
to his explanation.

"You had the best credentials of any candidate and
my company is pleased to welcome you to be the model for 'KP's
Hot Tubs & Pools', " he continued. "Please
forgive the studio, but we thought it was best to use an actual
location where one of our hot tubs was installed, "
Ken stated as he waved his hand to indicate the residence.
"We just put in a system for this family and they graciously
agreed to allow us to use it for the shoot as they are away
for a couple of weeks, " he informed the shocked Julia.

So far everything the man had said was true. That included
the details about the contest even though it was rigged
so that Julia would win. She stood in the doorway trying
hard to grasp what was really happening.

"Come, I'll show you the tub and where I will be
taking the pictures, " Ken said and motioned for
Julia to follow him to the back yard. He turned and headed
across the wide living room towards the patio door leading
to the backyard. Julia held her ground for a brief moment.
She watched his large, muscular body retreat until he reached
the large, glass doors. With a reluctant shrug of her slender
shoulders, she followed not knowing what else to do. Julia
definitely had a funny feeling about the shoot but did not
see any real harm pursing it a little further.

Entering the yard, Julia could see that Ken had a couple
of tripods with cameras set up around a steaming hot tub.
She took in the area with a glance, noticing that it did look
very attractive with new cedar decking surrounding the
large tub. The steam drifting up from the hot water gave
off a sort of surreal appearance. Julia was sort of awestruck
by the picturesque beauty.

Julia looked around for a photographer or anyone else that
might be doing the shoot. Ken saw her questioning look and
knew she was about to bolt from the place. He quickly decided
it was time to nail the coffin shut. This was what Ken was
good at. Once a weakness showed in an opponent, he was like
a bulldog and attacked the opening like it was a life or death

"Don't worry, honey. I will take all the pictures
and I have done it hundreds of times. Look, your signature
is on the contract and we have a legal, binding agreement
sweetheart, " Ken stated and held up the contract
smiling so confidently that it frightened Julia somewhat.

'Damn, ' Julia wanted to say. 'Please don't
refer to me as your loving girlfriend because you're
the last person in the world I would ever be intimate with.'
She did a quick about-face to leave and made only a couple
of steps towards the exit before Ken's voice stopped
her dead.

He spoke knowing his words would have a dire affect on his
young neighbor. "Your mother did a shoot for me and
I thought it was a great idea for you to follow in her footsteps, "
Ken said softly but Julia heard every word as if he yelled.
Her heart began to beat much faster as Ken kept up the attack.
Julia desperately wanted to keep her feet moving but hesitated
not sure of Ken's intent.

"In fact sweetheart, I have put together a book on
my sinful, next-door neighbors that I am sure people would
find sensational and erotic. In fact sweetie, you could
say that the pictures are quite incriminating. And you
are in there as well, in true living color... naked as a jaybird, "
he said and Julia remained frozen on the spot. He swiftly
moved up to her and shoved a photo album at her.

"I didn't want to revert to blackmail, but...
here it is. See for yourself. If you're a good girl,
I promise not to post any on a porno web site. You and you alone,
can keep all the incriminating pictures of your family
secret, " Ken said and saw her face turn cold. It was
going to be a battle but one he would surely win, he assured
himself. "You model for me and let me do the shoot like
it was laid out in the contract, and you will save your family
any public humiliation, " he told the young woman
who by now was filled with total confusion.

Ken daringly pushed the book into her hands and Julia stared
at the cover in sheer disbelief. 'Lori - A Neighbor's
Delight' was written in bold letters across the cover
and Julia was totally shocked. Numbly, she looked at the
thick album. She didn't know what else to do but open
it to see what evidence the vile man held.

Julia opened the cover and saw pictures of a much younger
girl, herself, laying in her own backyard sun tanning.
Her memory went back a few years. It was obvious what really
happened by the way the pictures progressed from a girl
wearing a two-piece swimsuit to one that was completely
naked. 'Oh gawd, ' she thought, 'how did
he do this?'

She flipped the page and it revealed a husband and wife who
acted like they were in total privacy. The various pictures
showed her mother and father naked and Lori's sexy
body was pressed into the patio door glass. Julia could
see every intimate detail of the sexy body and it did not
take any imagination to know her mother had the nicest pair
of boobs. Also, there was no evidence of body hair on her
mother's lower regions and the hint of her pussy was
clearly evident.

Faster she flipped the pages and every one seemed to get
more immoral and more revealing. Some depicted Lori sucking
Ken's cock, and then had the two locked in heated intercourse
leaving no doubt her mother was being fucked by their hated
neighbor. Suddenly, Julia came to pics of Ken's sons.
First, her mother was sucking their impressive cocks,
and then it showed the two teens having sex with her. Julia
found it increasingly harder to breath and her heart rate

She came to images of a man. "Oh gawd, " she whispered,
"It's dad!" Julia did not want to believe
what she saw but right before her were pictures of her own
father sucking another man's cock. Everything about
the pictures was demoralizing, from the blowjob images
to the size of the man's penis.

Suddenly Julia was blown away. She stared at the photos
not wanting to believe that they were of her very own mother.
Her determination and will had remained strong all the
while sifting through the various pictures of sinful lust
right up until the first one depicting the mangy dog from
next door. Julia, herself, had many run-ins with Ken's
dog and always thought of the mutt as a nasty, dominating,
unruly beast. The first photos showed the dog's large
cock, and Julia saw it almost appeared unreal hanging down
between his hairy, hind legs.

Slowly, like she was in a trance, Julia turned the page and
her breathing stopped. The pictures showed the dog on top
of her mother and there was no sign of his cock. Pictures
were taken from every angle and the last one on the page showed
the united couple from the rear of the woman. Julia imagined
the enormous, doggie cock buried deep inside her nearly
naked mother and she had never seen anything so earth-shattering.

Her breathing did resume but it came in short ragged bursts.
Her teary eyes shifted from one picture to another, then
page to page and Ken knew he had her. Timidly, she raised
her eyes and peered into the dark eyes of Satan's son.
"Wha... What do you... want... from me?" Julia
asked with worry written on her pretty face.

Ken grabbed a bag from the patio table. It held the apparel
that he wanted his model to wear. He quickly reached out
and took the photo album from Julia's trembling fingers
and replaced it with the bag. "Here! You can use one
of the rooms inside to change and please wear the pink one
first, " he whispered and pointed to the side patio
door. The orders sent a shiver down Julia's spine but
somehow her knees did not buckle like she thought.

She contemplated ways to get out from under the heavy weight
she felt on her shoulders, but there seemed to be no viable
solution. Ken glared at her like a powerful dominator and
her legs began to move. She was about to enter the house when
she stopped.

"If I model for you, will you ensure that none of the
pictures get out?" Julia asked in a pleading voice.
"You have to promise me that you won't distribute
any of the pictures of me or my family. Is that a promise?"
she asked needing his reassurance for whatever reason.

"No problem, sweetheart! You model and do the shoot
for me and I'll make sure that nobody sees the incriminating
evidence, " he said reassuringly.

Every time he used the loving terms of endearment, it made
her shiver in disgust. Julia realized Ken was no longer
the bad-mannered slob that lived next door but a powerful,
controlling man. She shuddered from the fact his blackmail
seemed too overwhelming.

Suddenly Julia realized Ken was speaking to her. "I
have two suits in the bag which I would like you to wear. You
will probably recognize the suits from the pictures of
your mother. I want you to wear the pink one for the first
pictures, " he said to reconfirm his earlier orders.

"You may recognize the white one as the one your mother
wore in the pictures when she fucked old Rex boy, "
he said making it sound like Lori was the aggressor. "We
can save the white one for later, " he said and laughed
at her frightened appearance. "We use these outfits
in all our advertising and would like to stay consistent
with what we have done in the past, " Ken told her and
indicated to the bag in her hands.

Julia's feet refused to move until her mind flashed
back over the photos Ken had in his sordid album. She could
not remember seeing a swimsuit so skimpy as the white one
and she suddenly realized he expected her to wear it for
modeling. The sight of her very own mother wearing the skimpy
outfit almost as if she were modeling it for Rex blazed through
her head. More pictures burned into her memory, those of
her mother with the tiny white patches shifted off her adorable
tits revealing just how luscious her boobs were.

Her distraught mind drifted through the incriminating
evidence. Suddenly, a vision of Rex humping the naked buttock
of a willing bitch filled her head. The pictures correctly
depicted how the narrow string running between Lori's
legs offered absolutely no protection. The images showed
how the dog had succeeded in uniting with a woman. Probably
the most damaging picture was the one showing Rex's
cock embedded in her mother and the photographer had skillfully
shown the dog's small balls hanging behind the woman's

Julia shivered, as her memory was so vivid. It portrayed
how the puffy labia shut tightly around the small piece
of doggie meat between Rex's knot and balls. 'OMG, '
she thought realizing the cock was inside, even the swollen
knot she had heard about. One picture in the sequence actually
showed a trickle of almost clear fluid formed on the tip
of Lori's hairless pelvis.

Ken could see Julia was thinking; thinking of ways to combat
his superiority and strength. He let her ponder the horrid
situation, securing in his belief that she loved her parents
more than anything else in the world. The photo alum had
a drastic affect on the young woman and he wanted her to realize
that he held all the cards.

Abruptly, he decided to alleviate some of her worries just
to make the afternoon go a little smoother. "I merely
want you to pose for me so I can take some gorgeous pictures
that I can use for advertising. I find that customers like
seeing shots of beautiful women around my hot tubs and it
seems to sell them. All I want to do is sell lots of hot tubs
and pools honey, so don't get all wound-up on me, "
Ken said with a serious look on his rugged face.

"So all you want is me to model in front of this hot tub
and once you take the pictures, that's it?" she
asked still not sure whether to go through with the job or
if she believed him at all.

"Sweetheart... Look, I can get any good looking broad
to model for the shoot but... since your mother has done
it for me already, I thought it was a nice angle keeping it
in the family, " Ken said and waited a perilous minute
for the details to sink into Julia's confused head.

"Oh, maybe Lori didn't tell you that she modeled
for my company... I must admit, she has a body to die for, "
he said with a grin. "Hell, lets get down to the bare
facts sweetheart. Your mother is my devoted slut. She'll
do anything for me!"

Julia was dumbfounded. She didn't know what to believe.
The pictures surely did back up his boastful statements
and seeing her mother in so many compromising poses was
profound. It was frightening to think that the evidence
of her mother being fucked by the disgusting neighbor,
by his two sons, and then his mangy dog could ever be exposed.

Although Julia had seen many erotic and numerous porno
pictures, she had not seen ones that caused her to feel such
intense desire. Her heart beat was so rapid that she felt
completely flushed while her breathing had become very
ragged. For a fleeting second, she felt what seemed like
jealousy. How could such an evil man make her feel anything
remotely like jealousy, she wondered?

Julia clutched the bag tightly in her hand and suddenly
felt overpowered by the domineering man. Slowly as if she
were in a daze, Julia obeyed and went to the first open door
inside the house to change like Ken demanded. She closed
the door and fell back against it uttering a huge sigh of
relief to finally be alone.

Thoughts of what Ken wanted her to do, and what the repercussions
would be, filled her with doubts. She could not understand
how mental images of her mother were replaced with clear,
vivid pictures of herself being the one assaulted by the
rugged Pattersons. Nothing so drastic had ever happened
to her and at that very moment, her inner being had never
felt so stimulated or responsive.

Her dainty hand went into the bag and pulled out the pink
material. Holding it up for appraisal, she noticed how
skimpy and revealing it was going to be. Suddenly she got
the urge to see the other one and pulled out a white piece
of cloth that would stretch ones imagination to call it
a swimsuit. "Oh my gawd, " Julia whispered,
"he can't be serious? I may as well be naked, "
she whispered.

Suddenly she realized that the likelihood of him making
her completely disrobe was probable and she shivered with
the possibility. It was excitement, even desire that she
felt instead of disgust and that made her feel guilty for
actually wanting Ken to see her naked.

Quickly she shoved the white suit back into the bag and threw
it onto a chair. "Christ, if I don't do what he
wants, he will post my mom's pictures all over the net, "
Julia thought. Her hands trembled as she disrobed and consciously
donned the pink suit pulling and stretching the small patches
so that her most private parts were fully covered. There
was a full-length mirror in the room and Julia looked at
her reflection. It was a beautiful garment and she had to
admit it made her look sexier than at any time in her life.

Her dark, tanned skin looked even more enticing against
the pink material and she could see the three triangle shaped
patches were smaller than her own sun-tanning suit. Somehow
the evidence of lighter tanned lines showing around the
patches appeared alluring. Focusing on her breasts, she
was astounded at how hard her nipples had gotten and how
they pushed out the flimsy material. Surely they would
draw the stare of the evil man, she realized.

"Will he approve? Will he like what he sees?"
she whispered wondering if Ken would think she was a real,
grown woman. The shameful uncertainty brought on an instant
regret for thinking of something so wrong. She could not
delay any longer and her movements were deliberate and
shaky as she slowly returned to the patio.

Julia was greeted by Ken's smiling face and he acknowledged
her beauty. Why she felt happiness or satisfaction for
pleasing her hated neighbor was a complete mystery to Julia.
"You look adorable and as gorgeous as your mother
in that suit, " he said when she entered the backyard.
"I bought that from 'Wicked Weasels' for
Lori and it does make both of you look entirely stunning, "
he said with a pleasant smile.

Things happened fast from that point and the next thing
Julia knew there were countless flashes from the cameras
while Ken was taking pictures. He had her pose and model
in and around the tub and once he began taking pictures,
the modeling job took over. She actually tried to do the
best possible job so the poses looked good for the camera.

"Now take off the top and throw it over here, "
he ordered. Julia froze. She looked at him with pleading
in her eyes but Ken merely held up the camera to indicate
she was delaying his mission. There was no evidence that
he would relent and with a shrug, she removed the bikini
top tossing it to the man. Even though it must look silly,
she cupped her boobs in her hands in an attempt to retain
the last thread of dignity.

"Move your fucking hands and let me see those gorgeous
tits honey, " Ken said. Julia could not remember
any man speaking to her in such a demanding manner or with
such disrespect. She never understood why she followed
his commands but she did.

The flashes went off again and she posed like a professional
thinking it was a real job. Suddenly he walked right up to
her and Julia knew exactly what was going to happen. She
remained fully immobile when his big hands grabbed the
flimsy bikini bottom and quickly rolled it down her muscular
legs to her feet. He bent and picked up the pink material
and she moved her feet to allow him to take the bikini. Ken's
head got close to Julia's midsection and he got an inviting
whiff of her womanhood. It was all he could do to resist the
powerful temptation to ravage her body at that very moment.

Julia did not make any attempts to shield or cover her nudity
and watched Ken as he resumed taking pictures. When he ordered
her to open her legs, she did. When he ordered her to put her
finger over the pink slit between her thighs, she did it
without any protest.

It was going so smoothly that Ken decided to press the issue.
"Put your finger inside your pussy and feel that clit
that I am going to be kissing in a few minutes, " he
ordered. Brimming with self-satisfaction, he watched
Julia's slender finger enter the wetness without
question. She hated being overcome by someone so revolting
but somehow she couldn't resist doing what he demanded.
It was the first time in her life that she had been an exhibitionist
or done anything so voyeuristic. Strangely it gave her
a huge thrill of excitement.

"Now stand over there and give me a lovely pose for
one last picture, " he said. Julia hoped he was telling
the truth while at the same time she felt pangs of regret
that it might be all over. Confused by her strangely mixed
feelings, she moved to the far side of the tub and watched
Ken as he snapped a few more pictures.

A noise from the home's patio door attracted Julia's
attention and she looked to see Ken's two sons standing
in the open doorway. She was flabbergasted and quickly
put her right arm across her chest with her hand over her
left breast. Her left hand went to cover the magnetic area
below her waist that drew three sets of eyes. There was no
sound, nothing said and all four stood motionless for many

Julia was traumatized and looked to Ken for help. She pleaded
with her eyes and desperately wanted him to save her. The
only escape route was right past the two boys so she stood
motionless realizing she was in deep peril. She could not
remember a more helpless feeling and her heart skipped
a few beats in anticipation.

For his part, Ken was finished playing games. "Get
your ass over here bitch. It's time you were shown how
to act. Do you know what you are going to do now?" Ken
asked looking Julia directly in the eyes.

She shook her head as if to say, 'no, I don't know, '
and she acted in a most timid fashion. Julia didn't
know what to do and it was Ken who showed her. He made explicitly
obscene gestures with his hands and voiced an order from
hell. "Get your ass over here now!" he ordered.
Ken was such an arrogant man and Julia was actually afraid
of him so she moved in his direction.

It took all but about 30 seconds for Ken to remove all his
clothes. He stood proudly in front of Julia who had halted
her advance a few feet before reaching him. Horror struck
her when suddenly a naked man stood a mere few feet away and
she noticed that Ken was different than any of her college

Why she looked and just didn't run was a mystery to Julia.
Ken's cock not only stood hard and erect in front of
his hips, bobbing up and down signaling for her undivided
attention, it was measurably longer and thicker than any
she had seen. Unable to move a muscle, the girl watched the
loathsome man walk right up to her. Julia stared into the
eyes of the devil and shivered when he spoke.

"Get on your knees and suck a real cock. You saw the
pictures of what a slut does and that's what is going
to happen right now sweetheart, " Ken said with a
devious smile.

"Mr. Patterson, Ken please, not when Sean and Troy
are watching, " she begged the controlling man.

"Don't worry honey, they will be using their
hard cocks on you just like I am going to, " Ken whispered
and held Julia's complete attention. "Just
like they did with your mother and just I did when she became
my slut, " he said. "I like my bitches to beg
for it and by the fuck, you're going to beg or I'll
slap the shit out of you, " he told the horrified,
young woman.

"Now put your hand on my rod before I have to get rough, "
he said and laughed out loud seeing Julia's eyes cast
a downward glance. "Yes, look at my pecker and tell
me, is it bigger than the college boys you fuck?" he
asked with a chuckle. Her eyes stared at the big cock, then
at the smug grin on Ken's face and Julia really didn't
know what to do.

Before she could react, Ken grabbed her by the hair and forced
her down to her knees. Her face was so close to his groin that
she could feel his body heat. Nobody had ever treated her
with such contempt and lack of respect. Although a blowjob
was not foreign to Julia, it was not something she relished
doing with any of her boyfriends. Somehow the thought of
the filthy deed worked magic on her confused brain causing
tremors in the pit of her stomach.

"You're a slut just like your mother and you are
going to show me how much you love sucking my big dick. Now
suck bitch!" he voiced an order that was not going
to be refused.

Before Julia realized what was happening, her small hand
went to the large pecker. She wrapped her fingers around
the thick shaft and held the flared head a mere inch from
the target. There was not time to open her mouth before Ken
thrust his ramrod into her lips. In a split second his cock
was inside her mouth and all she could do was hold her breath.

"Suck it baby, suck, " came the orders from
hell. Julia put both hands on the throbbing pecker and did
her best to hold it from going down her throat. She could
not believe what Ken was telling her and sobs began to rake
her slender body. "I can hardly wait to fill your mouth
with hot chizz, " he uttered. The vile statement
made her shudder with fright.

It was time to dominate the confused woman. Ken was going
to demonstrate to her who was in control and what she had
to endure to make him happy. He planned for Julia to be a willing
servant for her three, sex-starved neighbors and he would
accept only strict obedience.

"If you don't want me to post all the naked pictures
of your family on the Internet, start doing what you're
told, or I'll kick your naked ass out the door. Everyone
in the country will see your gorgeous tits, and that wonderfully
trimmed pussy you like showing off to the world, "
Ken said and held motionless for a few seconds.

"And what will people say when they see your sexy mother
being fucked by so many cocks she looks like a bitch in heat, "
he whispered and laughed with his next response. "And
what will they say when they see Rex's bitch? Fuck that
was the best fuck I have ever seen when Rex filled your mother's
cunt with doggie cum."

His dirty talk seemed to work magic on Julia and she felt
totally flushed. Her temperature soared and must have
fried her brain. Along with that her breathing got short
and very ragged as she tried to get enough air with a stiff
cock in her mouth. "That's it bitch, suck my hard
cock, " came the words she least wanted to hear.

"Come on boys, take your clothes off and get ready
for some of the sweetest pussy you'll ever fuck, "
Ken whispered to his sons. Julia noticed movement on both
sides and knew they were obeying their father's wishes.
She desperately wanted to say something but that was impossible.
His strong fingers were wrapped in her hair and there was
no way for her to move her head away from the embedded cock
in her loving mouth.

Up until that moment, Julia thought she had a measure of
control. Enough that would enable her to stop Ken from actually
having intercourse with her. Suddenly Julia was filled
with a deep peril that Ken and his sons were going to ravage
her body and make her into their slut-toy just like her mother.
Obediently, she sucked the man's cock while the world
closed in on her.

Suddenly Sean was on her right and brushed his pecker against
the soft skin of her face making her emit a dire moan. Julia
felt like dying when Troy's cock pushed into her ear
and she whimpered when he wiped the pre-cum off the head
of his pecker. She realized these vulgar men, or boys, were
treating her like a whore and like a toy for their personal

"That's it boys, rub your cocks on her face like
that. Let her feel the dicks that are going to fuck her, "
Ken said. Never in her life had Julia felt so overwhelmed
and her heart beat so fast it was hard to thinking straight.
The meat in her hands was throbbing madly making her feel
shameful lust in anticipation of what Ken was planning
to do.

Suddenly, Julia realized he was going to make her drink
his poisonous venom without any recourse. She had given
blowjobs to some of her boyfriends but never actually swallowed.
When they ejaculated, Julia always took the cock out of
her mouth and shot the creamy liquid somewhere else. Now
Ken held her head positioned on his cock and pumped his hips
so that his piston went in and out of her hot mouth like he
was about to climax.

It happened so fast and furious that Julia almost choked
on the large quantity of thick liquid that blasted down
her throat. She swallowed cum for the first time but it was
that or suffocate. There was no time to taste or think about
what she was doing, she merely drank from Ken's fountain
until he was fully contented.

Julia could not remember so many fantasies running through
her mind at one time. The images doing the most damage were
of herself acting like a loyal slut just like the pictures
in Ken's photo album of her mother. She closed her eyes
tightly to be able to see the images more vividly while the
three Pattersons manhandled her body. They easily shifted
her lithe body until she was lying on a soft blanket and all
Julia managed to do was make animal sounds of elation.

If she could have seen herself, Julia would have been totally
amazed by the brazen actions. Sean had his hands on her thighs
holding them splayed so wide her precious opening was exposed
to his leering eyes. All the events were making her feel
totally numb like she was in another world but that quickly
changed. Suddenly Sean was between her widespread legs
and his hungry mouth closed over her innocent soul.

Sean tasted the sweet nectar and knew he was born to eat pussy.
He loved the way a woman responded to getting her cunt licked
and caressed. His experiences with Lori had taught him
how to perform cunnilingus so a woman falling prey to a lapping
tongue lost control. Julia's hips rolled side to side
when Sean swirled her tender morsel around in his mouth.
He battered the vulnerable clitoris non-stop and the young
woman quickly fell under his spell.

His fingers went to the swollen labia and he spread them
like the petals of a pretty flower sucking the tiny clit
deeper into his mouth. With the realization that she would
be wantonly used and fucked by all three men, Julia was smitten
and overcome with a lust not known to her. She didn't
know how to fight the rising tidal wave threatening to wash
over her sanity so she merely let it happen.

The response to her dilemma came from her body and the truth
destroyed her will to survive. "Holy fuck, look at
her ass go. Sean, boy, you're doing it to her and I think
the slut's having an orgasm, " the father said
and it made Julia moan in agony. He was correct and tears
filled her eyes. She could not understand how such dirty
and derogatory words could make her feel so passionate
but they did. Her desire to be the ultimate slut for a man
she hardly knew was profound.

The initial spasms rocked her loins and she knew that a major
collapse was immanent if there was no respite. Sean kept
his fingers on the soaked, puffy labia spreading Julia's
soul so he could devour her illustrious treasure. Slapping
the exposed bud with his tongue took her to the crest at the
end of the world and she teetered. Julia dug her fingers
into the soft blanket and prayed for salvation.

On one level of her consciousness, the second to last thing
in the world Julia wanted to do was experience an orgasm
at the hands of these dirty bastards. But strangely, the
last thing in the world she wanted to do was stop the mounting
orgasm, an orgasm which threatened to devour her completely.

Julia was on the brink of a dramatic collapse and her whole
body stiffened. She could see over the cliff's edge
and peered down on a sea of ecstasy wondering if it were not
easier to surrender. Suddenly Ken was at her side. He grabbed
a handful of her hair twisting her head so her tear-filled
eyes looked right at him. "Say it bitch. Tell me you
want Sean to eat your slut cunt. That's it, shove that
little pussy into his mouth just like you're doing, "
Ken said and Julia cried from not resisting. Yes, indeed
she was pushing back as if to say, 'take me', to
a meager teenager.

Just like her mother, Julia was in foreign territory and
really didn't know how to fight off the rising urges.
'Surely she could resist, ' Julia kept thinking.
'I am a grown, mature woman and surely can resist a mere
boy, ' she mouthed in a silent prayer. None of her other
boyfriends made her feel such wanton lust.

Suddenly the sky was a blazing inferno, a brilliance like
Julia had never seen, and her mind was on fire with intense,
fiery desire. The teenager turned the young woman's
spirit to ashes as the unwelcomed yet craved for orgasm
burst into lustful ecstasy. Ken jerked a handful of black,
curly hair and demanded she respond. Julia knew that her
demeaning neighbor wanted her to speak and for some unknown
reason, she complied. "My pussy. Oh gawd, he's
eating my cunt. His mouth is sucking my clit, oh fuck I can't
stop it. I'm cumming..., " she whispered in
an almost non-audible voice.

When the sharp, pearly teeth closed on the protruding clitoris
and nibbled, Julia lost all reason. "Oh fuck, not
that. Oh fuck! It hurts! Oh no, not like that! Oh....oh...
my clit... oh gawd... my clit is throbbing sooooo hard.
Oh fuck, I'm creaming and can't stop, gaaaawd
noooo..., " she moaned letting out a long, mournful
moan of lost control. She looked into Ken's eyes and
realized he was a powerful man and there was something she
had to tell him.

"I want to be your slut. Your bitch... oh gawd, please
fuck me. Make me your slut, fuck me. Oh gawd I am a slut and
you can fuck me anytime, " she whispered hoping to
convince the strong man that she was sincere.

Sean's hunger was enormous and he sucked the raw clit
with a passion not known to Julia. She secreted love juices
into the mouth of the teenager and Ken voiced her final demise.
"Atta boy, eat'er out. Make her cum in your mouth
and drink her joy-juice boy, " he said and Julia knew
she would comply, even eagerly, with every rotten demand
he made of her.

She felt brutal guilt from the awareness that the intense
orgasm was extremely lustful and made her a pawn for a mere
teenager and his father. Nothing like it had ever consumed
Julia before now. Ken watched the slender hips thrashing
wildly with the young woman in the deep throes of an intense
climax. "Wait until you've been fucked by a Patterson,
honey. You'll be a cum slut just like your mother, "
he whispered

Julia heard Ken's revelation and her whole body quivered
with expectations. She wondered if his statement was a
promise or a prayer? Sean's tongue gave the last licks
as it swirled between Julia's puffy labia ensuring
to give the throbbing clit prolonged caresses. She could
not remember such heightened emotions remaining or lingering
at such a towering peak and it made her head swim with lust.

Vaguely, Julia heard the three, vulgar males discussing
their conquest like she was a cherished possession. "Atta
boy Sean, suck her twat and make the little bitch squirm.
She wants you to fuck her boy, " the father said degrading
Julia once more. The humiliation should have made the young
woman disgusted and upset but it did quite the opposite.
Her pussy was steaming and it needed something. She had
never felt such ache, such a yearning to be fucked.

The last spasms rocked Julia's lithe body just as the
older boy rose, kneeling between her tanned, velvety thighs.
His big, strong hands held the muscular limbs splayed as
wide as possible while his hardened pecker hovered above
his victim leaving no doubt what he planned. He twisted
his hips lowering them to the perfect level and aimed his
throbbing cock at the snatch of a truly gorgeous female.

Sean's eyes were ablaze. He stared at the sparse hair,
which had been skillfully trimmed to leave only a small
patch above the delicate opening. The moisture on the narrow
slit glistened and Sean was positive he could see the tip
of her tiny, pink clitoris poking out of it's hood.

The noises coming out of Julia's mouth were like that
of a schoolgirl as she left little doubt to what she wanted.
"Oh gawd, please don't hurt me. Your cock...
it's so big, so long. Oh gawd... I'm your slut just
like my mother... oh fuck, " she moaned and twisted
her hips pretending that she wanted to escape. When the
teen put the head of his cock against the tiny, exposed tip
of her clitoris, Julia thrust madly in an attempt to capture
the wide, flared head.

For the first time in her life, Julia felt like she had absolutely
no control. She was going to get by one of the Pattersons,
and realized that two more would follow. The drastic fact
was she yearned to be ravaged and her body had somehow separated
from her mind. Suddenly the rotten pictures from the photo
album flashed through her head in a brilliant, illuminating
fashion as she pictured the Patterson's hairy pet
her as well. She did not know how to extinguish the
fiery desire deep inside her belly but Ken was about to become
the consummate fireman.

"Play it boy, play it. I've never seen a bitch
so hungry for cock. Fuck, she's hotter than her mother
and she wants all the Patterson' cock she can get, "
Ken said. "Hell, Sean, I swear to fuck she's cumming
and you aren't even fuckin'er yet, " he

Sean's hips were at the perfect level and his eyes grew
wide when he thrust the tip of the guided missile forward.
The warhead grazed the long, narrow slit running through
the valley between Julia's velvety thighs. With a
jerk, her head came up; her eyes flew open and looked to the
side into the eyes of the devil. Julia saw Ken's rugged
face covered with a broad smile. "Now honey, you're
going to feel a man-cock and my boy is going to fill your cunt
with hot chizz, " he told the young woman of his dreams.
"You better be on the pill, girl. If not, you're
going home knocked up."

The powerful teenager thrust his hips with such a force
it overcome any pithy resistance from Julia. She was like
a virgin and her vagina stretched to accommodate the man-sized
pecker causing her breathing to halt. In one fluid motion,
his big cock separated her cervix, which had never been
bruised by anyone. When the head of his weapon entered her
womb, Julia was suddenly consumed by savage lust and a wanton
craving for the sordid world of raunchy sex.

It took many seconds before her breathing resumed but in
the meantime her heart rate soared out of control. Her whole
body was on fire and Sean proceeded to stoke the flames.
The orgasm began like any other but quickly consumed all
reason and logic in her flustered brain. "Oh fuck,
oh fuck, what are you doing to me? Your cock, your cock...
is so deep. Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming for
you, I can't stop, " Julia moaned the words demanded
by her new master. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me. Sooo goood!"

"She's a slut boy. A slut just like her mother
and she can't stop fucking a hard cock, " Ken
whispered. He suddenly grabbed her by the hair again giving
her head a quick jerk. "What do you think sweetheart?
Do you want my Rex to fuck you and make you his little doggie
bitch too?" he asked and looked her directly in the

Julia was no longer in control of any of her functions and
the teenager took her spirit for the ultimate joy ride.
How she could feel anything remotely similar to love or
devotion towards a tormentor like Ken was unbelievable.
She uttered more moans and groans of lost passion as the
orgasm roared along the freeway of ecstasy. Once the spasms
had diminished to a point where she could speak, Julia complied
with Ken's wishes.

"Please fuck me, oh yes fuck me. Make me a bitch, "
she moaned a dire confession. Julia was willing to do whatever
Ken wanted including being his faithful slut. The thought
of being Rex's bitch should have disgusted and made
her stronger in an effort to fight the man but she surrendered
her soul to his devious intentions.

Sean had succeeded in getting every inch of his extended
cock into Julia's volcanic cavity. He robbed her of
the last shred of dignity while penetrating her to the hilt
with every downward thrust. Julia knew the teen was going
to fill her womb and she held her raised pelvis high for boy.
None of her past boyfriends had ever crammed her head with
such intense hunger and Sean's endurance surpassed
any Julia had encountered.

Suddenly, Julia saw a vibrant fantasy of her mother being
fucked by a teenager. Her pretty face was etched in agony
with an obvious eruption occurring deep in her epicenter
and the daughter was envious. "Oh fuck, oh he's
doing it, he's doing it... so deep. I can feel him deep
inside me and I'm cumming, oh so deep and cumming, cumming,
I can't stop it, " the young woman moaned. Her
voice was desperate knowing the fantasy was really one
she was experiencing at the very moment.

No climax had been so enlightening or fulfilling. Julia
screamed for the boy to take her, 'fuck her, '
she uttered in uncommon desire. Her mind wanted to know
why? Why had she succumbed to her hated neighbor and his
unruly, vulgar son? Was it the fact that an evil man controlled
her destiny, or maybe it was the fact the hardened cock belonged
to a boy, or maybe it was the fact that it was the most explosive
climax of her life, or maybe it was just the fact Julia knew
her ordeal was only beginning and these three Pattersons
were going to treat her like a ordinary whore.

She suddenly looked at Sean in an entirely different light.
His body was that of a prince. 'Oh gawd, ' she thought.
'It's the first time in my life I've been fucked.'
Oh yes, she had sex before but certain elements were missing.
Lust, desire, excitement and all the erotic things associated
with fiery passion.

The teenager's cum scorched and filled her most secretive
regions that had never been touched by any man at the peak
of an orgasm. Her salvation was over the highest mountain
of ecstasy and Julia rushed to satisfy her desperate longing.
Her hips thrust up at the boy in reckless abandonment and
he obliged by driving his cock into her treating her like
his devoted slut.

Julia's heart raced a marathon and made her complete
body feel overheated and flushed. The noises out of her
mouth were merely expressions of extreme rapture as Julia
joined her mother and father as a Patterson slut. Riding
the peak of ecstasy, she prayed for forgiveness but it was
merely a formality.

She may as well have been unconscious as Julia was only vaguely
aware of being manhandled. Sean shifted his lanky frame
off Julia's sweaty body but it was a very brief respite.
Ken, or maybe it was one of his sons, pulled Julia into a sitting
position and she willing cooperated. Suddenly she could
feel her titties being caressed and groped by hands, many
hands belonging to more than one person. When the hard,
swollen nipples were stretched and pulled so roughly that
it would normally hurt, she only moaned with a wish to be
abuse even more.

"That's it baby, suck his cock and make him a man, "
came the depraved request. Though her eyes were glazed,
Julia could make out a cock, one that was measurable longer
than any of her past boyfriends and she marveled at how slender
it was. It was a perfectly shaped cock and just like all the
pictures she had ever seen of a male penis.

Ken was at her side and she could feel his hot breath on her
face. "Grab it sweetheart. Feel another Patterson
cock. You can give Troy a blowjob and make him a man just like
your mother did, " Ken whispered and suddenly Julia
could see her mother doing exactly that. Sucking Troy's
pecker and acting like Ken's loyal bitch. But Julia
had already conceded she was Ken's loyal bitch just
like her mother so her hand moved to comply with the lewd,
sinful demand.

It was immoral but somehow she could not fight it. She shifted
her body to be more comfortable and sat on her haunches facing
Ken's youngest son. Suddenly her dainty hand reached
out and her fingers went around the long, lean shaft. The
boy's cock was extremely hot and Julia's eyes
never left the glistening tip, which attracted her stare
like the most powerful magnet. 'It was impossible, '
she deemed, 'to fight the three, strong men who have
physical control over me.'

Julia did not turn her head or try to evade the head of Troy's
pecker. The boy aimed it between her rosy lips and watched
in amazement as they separated. She engulfed the head of
his teenage cock with one gulp. Her mouth was hot, so hot
that Troy felt the heat in his loins quickly surpass tolerable
levels. His young hips thrust to and fro and without any
real willpower until her throat captured the intruding

Troy had watched the previous erotic events with his dad
and brother and his stamina was rated in seconds instead
of minutes. He desperately pinched the nozzle shut hoping
to prolong the session and cherish the wonderful blowjob
from his sexy next-door neighbor. The volcanic heat of
Julia's mouth quickly overcame his resolve and his
cock jumped in her fists. The young woman suddenly realized
the teen was going to ejaculate and the first blast of creamy
lava shot down her throat unabated. Quickly, she put both
of her hands on the teen's pecker in an effort to prevent
him from ramming it all the way down her throat. The boy's
hips bucked wildly and he was in total bliss as Julia sucked
his pulsating cock.

Julia held the throbbing cock tightly in her hands while
pumping back and forth on the long shaft to milk the boy's
cum. Troy lost any semblance of control and rammed his rod
into her mouth forcing some of the length down her throat.
How long it took before his hips began to subside and his
emotions came back to earth, Julia didn't know, but
she was forced to hold her breath until her face was beat
red. She swallowed the boy's cum knowing it would please
Ken and for the second time, marveled at how erotic it was
to give a blowjob. Julia shivered with the thought that
Troy was only sixteen and she was willingly sucking the
teen's cock.

Everything was going better than Ken had planned and he
felt intense desire rising in the pit of his stomach. Normally
it would take him an hour or two to get rejuvenated but today
was different. He watched Julia stroke his son's pecker
with both hands and sensed she was being totally obedient.
"Fuckin' right. I think little miss perfect
should be my little bitch. All those fucking years you strutted
around your fucking backyard with nothing on. Well slut,
get on your knees and show me how much of a doggie bitch you
really are, " he whispered his most intimate thoughts.

She was sitting on her haunches when Ken's big, strong
hands went around her waist at the top of her slender hips.
He easily guided Julia into the position he dearly wanted
her to be in. Reluctantly, Troy released his grip on her
and pulled his already dwindling pecker out of her hands
while she spit his cock out of her mouth.

Julia's ass was rounded and seemed almost too perfect.
Suddenly Ken had the urge to punish the young woman. He vividly
remembered how Lori had reacted to being spanked by Sean
and it gave him inspiration. Slap, slap, slap and Julia
began to whimper like a little girl being scolded. Surprisingly,
the spanking did not hurt although it was painful to her
fragile ego. It was the very first spanking of her life and
one that for some unknown reason Julia welcomed.

Ken watched the tender flesh of Julia's ass turn a brilliant
red and heard the musical sounds. The slaps echoed and the
young woman whispered, "Oh gawd, oh fuck. I don't
know what is happening to me. I feel like I can make you happy,
like I can be your slut. Yes, oh gawd spank me."

Her emotions simmered on a plateau very near the summit
and quickly came alive with the demeaning spanking. "Open
your legs bitch. Let me see your little pussy and I will give
it a spanking too, " Ken whispered and immediately
there was a compliance. He stared at the wet, pink slit between
Julia's legs and saw the remnants of his son's

Ken remembered her mother when his oldest son spanked her
but Julia was far more animated and responsive. He could
tell by the way the young woman's hips thrust and quivered
that spasms were rocking her slender body. The wetness
between Julia's thighs grew and each spank got louder.
Ken was positive the puffy lips began to swell and he couldn't
take his eyes off the narrow valley between her legs.

Out of the corner of her eye, Julia could see a camera in Sean's
hands and instantly knew it was too late to go back in time.
She realized the bastard would take pictures and her demise
would be assured. The son would attain new evidence that
would surely be used against her to fulfill his father's
many fantasies. Little did she know but Troy had already
taken pictures of all that happened before he received
the thrilling BJ.

Julia was the third member of her family to fall under the
control of Ken Patterson. The young woman was at a loss to
understand her emotions. They had become so intense that
it mystified her. Never in her life had she experienced
multiple orgasms. Suddenly she felt positive that if Ken
did not stop spanking her, she would have another climatic

"How many times had she and her girlfriends talked
about orgies, gangbangs and even forced sex?" Julia
wondered. During all the talk, Julia considered it preposterous
that any woman could fall prey to untamed lust. It was impossible
to loose all common sense, she thought. Suddenly the quivering,
young lady was kneeling on all fours before Ken, willing
to do anything for him.

Julia felt captivated but not threatened. Spasms, or was
it tremors, were running through her midsection with such
velocity that her whole body appeared to be in convulsions.
Ken paddled her pussy with the skill of a surgeon and quickly
found the tiny bud that controlled every sensation. Her
hips jerked with every slap and he relished the ultimate
control of yet another woman.

He was sure that Julia had orgasmed. It was the most erotic
and captivating sight with Julia on her hands and knees
in doggie fashion waiting to be made into a faithful doggie
bitch. Ken felt powerful and dominating to say the least.
Julia's ass was a crimson red when he was finished spanking
and his eyes opened wide when she rotated her hips towards
his body. "Holy sweet fuck, she wants me to fuck her, "
Ken whispered and grabbed a hold of the slim, rounded hips.

There were whimpering sounds coming from the young woman.
She felt Ken shifting his body so he was directly behind
her butt. Julia knew exactly what was coming next when the
wet tip of Ken's weapon touched her flesh. She jumped
and flinched from every probing thrust but Ken was merely
playing around. "Oh gawd, please, oh gawd please, "
she whispered knowing full well it would sound like begging.

Julia held her hips high. She braced herself by dropping
her upper body downward and hoped that Ken would merely
take her. Couldn't he tell she was being obedient and
loyal, she wondered? His strong hands closed around her
flared hips holding them in a perfect position. Then he
teased and waited.

"Make me your bitch. Fuck me like you did my mother.
Oh gawd, I feel it, I need it now, please now just you did in
the pictures, " she whispered knowing her demise
was complete.

Suddenly Ken gave a strong pull with his hands and Julia's
hips thrust backwards. All the air gushed out of her chest
when the big, thick cock embedded her overheated essence.
He gave a vicious thrust with his powerful hips and drove
his cock into Julia's inner being like a to make
her the third slut in her family.

He started a rhythmic pounding and Julia was like a china
doll being used as a masturbator. The two sweaty bodies
slapped together with every demanding thrust. Ken watched
his cock go in and out of the girl's young cunt and noticed
how it glistened with the juices of a goddess. Her universe
was controlled by a man she considered her master. Julia's
body jerked and thrashed as he fucked her unmercifully
as if she were nothing but a common fuck-toy.

The most thrilling part of all of it in Ken's mind was
the fact Julia was such a willing slut. She succumbed to
his demands even more readily than her mother. He dreamed
of many things for his newfound slave but there was one priority.
Ken smiled thinking of the erotic scene... old Rex humping
his new bitch.

Strangely the images were the same. Both Julia and Ken dreamed
of a woman having sex with a dog. His plans were already set
firmly in his mind and Julia fully understood she would
be asked to surrender her soul to a beast.

Once again a pre-mature climax was apparent. Julia felt
embarrassed but the humiliation did not last long. She
could not contain the orgasm as it washed over Ken's
big cock, which was caressing every sensitive nerve of
her vagina. Every time he stroked the G-spot, she secreted
juices coating the cock in loyal fashion.

There was no need to interrupt the demeaning orgasm and
Ken merely enjoyed the woman's uncontrollable urges.
He embraced Julia's sexy body as she climaxed all over
his cock. "It's almost time sweetheart. I like
it when my sluts climax so readily when I fuck them, "
he exclaimed. His joy and satisfaction filled Julia with
immense elation knowing she was his slave.

It was a fuck to remember. Ken felt his stamina hitting the
end of the line but dearly wanted it to last longer. He stiffened
and held off for as long as he could but eventually the dam
burst. The first blast of molten lava struck the deepest
regions of Julia's tender being causing her to moan
loudly. "Oh gawd, I can feel it... inside, feel it
deep inside. So hot and I can feel you cumming. It's
so good... I can be your bitch. Fuck me, fuck meeeee."

Ken could not believe his good fortune as he fucked his faithful
servant. He relished her complete devotion and wondered
out loud. "You're my slut, my bitch just like
your mother. Fuck, I am filling your hole with cum just like
Rex is going to do, " he whispered through teeth that
were clinched tightly.

His filthy words made both orgasms even more intense and
fulfilling. The ecstasy was profound and the bystanders
felt renewed desire. Ken kept pumping his throbbing cock
in and out of Julia's tight pussy while his sons watched
the magnificent intercourse.

The flames of desire were no sooner extinguished when Ken
found the anticipation too great. He had to proceed to his
final stage of humiliation of the gorgeous young student.
With hand gestures, he motioned for his oldest son to get
the beast. Sean immediately opened the patio doors and
Rex bounded into the backyard with immense eagerness.

Julia did not have to look. She knew what Ken was up to and
suddenly felt a hot, wet tongue on her burning flesh. Rex
licked his intended bitch displaying the happiness he
felt. Ken coaxed the dog to lick here, there and all over
Julia's exposed body. Julia merely whimpered and
held motionless knowing she was going to be ravaged by the
big, mangy dog much to the delight of her new master.

Would Ken just leave her and let his dog have complete freedom,
she wondered? How could she just let a dog have sex with her?

Reluctantly, Ken withdrew his profuse pecker. He shifted
his body until Julia's distraught face was next to
his. "It's time sweetheart. Your mother became
a bitch and now it's your turn. You do want this, don't
you?" he asked with a grin on his stern, rugged face.
He could see her pretty face twist in agony not wanting to
divulge the truth.

"No matter, " he whispered for he knew the answer.
"My dog is going to fuck you, sweetheart. Now I like
my sluts to look sexy. You remember the white outfit, well
get your ass inside and put it on right now, " he ordered
holding her eyes in a deathly stare. His voice was stern
but not mean.

Julia's body was so intensified and alive that it was
difficult to move. Her legs were shaky but somehow she managed
to make her way to the room where she left the bag. Once inside,
she closed the door and breathed a temporary sigh of relief.

She looked at the bag sitting on a chair wondering if she
had the strength. Slowly and deliberately, she took the
skimpy suit from the bag with her heart skipping a beat.
It befuddled her that anyone could wear such a skimpy outfit
but then she remembered her mother. Not only did Julia think
of what Lori looked like with the white suit on, but also
she remembered what she was doing. It appeared by the sequence
of many pictures that Lori kept the suit on even though it
never covered the appropriate spots.

Julia could see no alternative but follow Ken's orders.
In a matter of a few seconds, she was dressed in the white
bikini. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and shuddered.
There were two pronounced bumps in the small, triangle
strips of material over her breasts. But the thing that
was most disturbing was the definite 'V' in her
crotch. The flimsy material was embedded in her pussy.
No matter how she arranged or adjusted it, the cloth would
slip between the puffy labia whenever she moved.

Her mind was raging methodically. She pictured her mother
wearing the exact outfit and how beautiful she looked in
the first series of photos. The next few depicted a woman,
a fully-grown woman on her hands and knees. One shot actually
showed Lori from the rear and revealed how minute and minuscule
the white string was running through the center of her thighs.
Suddenly, the image of her mother with the dog was illuminated
in her head.

Mr. Patterson had just ordered her to dress in the same skimpy
bikini and Julia knew the reason. He had plainly told her,
"My dog is going to fuck you." She was about to
be totally debased. To become a bitch for Ken's unruly
dog to mate and there did not seem to be any way out. A strong
tremor shot down her spine with the horrendous thought,
'Did she really want to stop the man?'

The young woman resigned herself to the fact that she was
going to give the Pattersons a look of a cheap slut. She returned
to the patio and looked at Ken's face to see his reaction.
He acted like typical Ken. His eyes opened wide and they
never left her crotch. The material was thoroughly soaked
and clung to her like a second skin. There was an explicit
outline of a gorgeous pussy and Ken took it all in with his
heart skipping many beats.

Suddenly Julia's heart stopped cold. Behind Ken's
chair and lying still and docile was the animal she feared
yet now yearned. Rex was on his stomach with his front paws
stretched out in front. His head rested on his front legs
and his eyes focused on the magnificent bitch. There was
a strong scent of female in the air and the dog fully realized
the woman was his for the taking.

To say that Julia was stunning was an understatement. Ken
marveled at her beauty and just how sexy she looked in the
white outfit. He chuckled with the hint that every woman
he seduced or got for his beloved pet would be dressed in
the same attire. It was a quirk that made Ken feel extremely
aroused but at the same time devious.

Julia stood absolutely still. She stared at the brave animal
and watched as he slowly got to his feet. She began to whimper
before Rex even took a step. Ken was not going to be any help
and he demonstrated that immediately. "You know
what to do. Get down on the blanket, on your back and open
your legs. Rex wants to taste his sweet little bitch before
he fucks her, " he said.

Everything happened fast and furious. Julia was not sure
how she got into the proper position for Rex or even how she
got onto the blanket. But she found herself lying down with
Rex hovering by her feet. She knew enough to cross her legs
in an effort to keep the dog away from her most vital zone.

Suddenly, Ken's mouth was at the side of her face and
he grabbed a handful of black, curly hair twisting her head
sideways. This took her eyes and concentration off her
lower extremities but not for long. "Now what are
you going to do for me? My Rex wants to taste a woman in the
worst way. He can smell your sweet pussy and now needs his
bitch to open her legs real wide so he can lick her cunt, "
he whispered.

Julia was positive she did not open her legs but suddenly
the wet tongue raked her flesh. Her complete body lunged
and jerked as the tongue slowly licked between her legs.
The tongue was wet, the tongue was hot, and the tongue was
so coarse it felt like sandpaper running across her open
crevice. Rex licked her labia forcing them apart with each
stroke. The narrow band of the swimsuit between her legs
simply curled into the wet crack. Rex's tongue caressed
her raw clitoris like nothing before. She was unable to
hold her body still and jumped in reaction to every lick
of the dog's skillful tongue.

"Are you going to be Rex's bitch?" Ken asked
and gave her head a vicious shake demanding she reply. How
could her life get any worse, Julia wondered? The most degrading
aspect about the question was the fact she felt a raging
desire to be used by a most magnificent dog. "Oh no,
please Ken, don't make me. Don't make me do it,
please, " she whispered in the quietest voice. "Not
with a dog. Not in front of Sean and Troy, please no, "
she begged.

She could feel her chest pounding with sheer excitement
and anticipation, and had never felt anything so dramatic
in her life. Swiftly, she closed her legs and crossed them
in an attempt to redeem her soul. She held her thighs, locked
together with all the determination remaining in her body
and knew she was safe as long as the dog could not taste her.

Vaguely she heard, "Sweetheart! Rex wants his little
bitch to open her legs. He wants to lick your sweet pussy
until you get on your hands and knees. My fucking lord, when
I watched your mother get fucked, it was the raunchiest
scene in the world." Julia returned the man's,
steely gaze for a long moment and Ken deviously allowed
her time to consider her fate.

Ken knew she would comply; she had been like putty in his
hands with no real resistance to his demands. She would
do this too, willingly, he believed. His fingers were still
locked in her hair and he turned her head tilting it upwards
so she could see her invader. Julia looked at Rex's
big, dark eyes that seemed to summon her with shear animal
desire. She felt pity for the inquisitive, uncertainty
in his glare, which pleaded with her to open her legs. She
remained still, not moving a muscle. "You heard me?
Open your legs and let Rex show you why he is the master of
all bitches, " Ken whispered in her ear. "When
you feel his large, doggie cock, you'll be his woman
forever and ever... just like your slut momma, "
he said with the same arrogant tone he used with all women.

Suddenly Julia's mind flashed to the photo album.
The white suit, the big dog, the woman, the mother, the swollen
cock all became vivid in her head. Everything turned serene
and tranquil. Her eyes were glazed but still she saw her
legs spread. It was as if a madman devoured her sense of right
and wrong and Julia was absolutely bewildered at how she
could comply with such immoral demands. An earth-shattering
awareness surged through her loins like a tidal wave, much
to Julia's dismay and she held her legs splayed for
her animal lover.

There was a sudden slurping sound and then a fierce consciousness
ran through her body. It was eerie, a loud licking noise
then a powerful sensation rushing through her tender being
like no other. Julia glanced at the big head between her
legs and saw what captivated his attention. The long, drooling
tongue made a slow, exacting stroke through the vast wetness
between Julia's thighs. In response, her whole body
jerked wildly with her ass leaving the blanket the whole

Another, and another stroke, each started at her asshole,
raking her puffy labia with ease. The white bikini was almost
transparent and soaked with immense saliva and juices
embedding into the soaked cracks. Suddenly, Ken's
hand was jerking her head and demanding she do something.
Julia read his mind. "Oh gawd Mr. Patterson. You can't
be serious?" she whispered with a soft pleading voice.

She knew what to do. Slowly her hand went to her crotch and
shifted the soaked material away from the dog's tongue.
When the coarse tongue hit her delicate clitoris, Julia
thought she was a lucky woman to be on her back. She was certain
her legs would have collapsed from the overpowering vibrations
running through her deepest regions.

The animal lust captivated everyone in the backyard. Julia
was absolutely positive that she would experience an orgasm
if the dog did not stop licking. She teetered on the crest
of collapse and prayed someone would prevent her far-reaching
fall. Julia sobbed and desperately wanted to plead for
Rex to stop drinking from the geyser between her legs because
she wanted more. She could not remember such a river of pussy
juice flowing from her insides without an eruption of a
total climax.

Ken anticipated the demise of his sexy prize and grabbed
the collar around Rex's neck. He yanked the big dog
away from the delicious feast but not without a fight from
his shaggy friend. Suddenly Julia's heart rose to
her throat and she wondered if she might faint. She peered
at the big dog being held at bay but it was the half-sheathed
dog cock swaying between his hairy haunches that made her
heart rate soar out of control. The immoral sight held her
total focus even though she knew it was wrong and that she
should look away.

Her eyes never left the swinging meat, which looked huge,
almost too big to consider as a feasible substitute to a
man. The tip was fairly narrow but blunt, and the shaft was
swollen giving the cock a menacing appearance. It was the
darkest red and clear, slimy liquid was squirting from
the odd shaped tip. Julia began to whimper and it appeared
to Ken like she was a lost child who needed help. Directions
were Ken's forte. "It's time girl! It's
time to become Rex's bitch. Now get on your hands and
knees and act like the slut bitch you are!"

For some unexplained reason, what Ken said did not upset
Julia like it should have. Julia appeared to be in a trance.
She got up and stepped off the wooden deck to the soft ground.
The cool grass felt pleasant beneath her bare feet. She
was well aware that real comfort and satisfaction would
come after she succumbed to her captor's demands.

Ken saw the young woman stand like she was in a dreamlike
state. His eyes opened in amazement when she pushed the
bikini bottoms down and stepped out of them. She turned
around and then got down on her hands and knees. She hung
her head low to the ground and acted like she was waiting,
willingly submitting to the severe treatment. Even as
Rex rose up on his hind legs wanting to attack, Ken held his
big dog in check while watching the wanton girl slowly rotating
her hips in an unmistakable invitation.

Suddenly Ken released his hold on Rex's collar and
the dog bounded towards his timid prey. A sob escaped Julia's
throat when the heavy weight of an animal mounted her back
and long, hairy legs went around her slim waist. There was
a need and a furious demand from the dog and it was conveyed
into his bitch by primitive, animal lust. He clamped his
front legs tightly around the bitch's waist like a
giant vise and pulled her hips back into his soft belly with
a ferocious pull. It was Julia's last recollection.

The soft fur was against her bare ass and suddenly something
hard was poking into her crotch area. Rex rammed his steel
rod into Julia's crotch with machine gun speed, luckily
for her, missing the vulnerable target. The beast emitted
hot, burning pre-cum from his cock with every thrust and
it scorched Julia's flesh everywhere it landed.

The sight was spellbinding to the three Pattersons, reminiscent
of the girl's mother when she met their beloved pet.
The noises from the pair were merely animal sounds and it
was hard to tell whether they were ones of agony or ecstasy.

"Oh gawd, he's trying to fuck me, he's trying
to put his cock in me. I can feel it burning... burning, "
Julia said and was abruptly cut off by the dog. Her words
were barely out of her mouth when a dog's growl filled
the air. Rex was a master and kept squirting the secret potion
covering the complete crotch of his human bitch. He noticed
how she stood on all fours waiting faithfully for him to
mount her. To Rex, she appeared no different than the other
dogs he fucked.

Rex had screwed many bitches in his time. He marveled at
finally getting this one who he remembered as living next-door
with his prized bitch. He felt his blunt cock go into the
bitch's wetness every once in awhile and knew he could
mount her with one thrust. Rex loved the sounds coming from
his enslaved bitch and he tightened his legs around her
waist to bring louder moans of obedience.

Julia could feel the intense heat of the clear, slimy oil
and there was so much of it that the inside of her thighs were
coated as well as her exposed crotch. Rex abruptly shifted
his body and the flat tip of his penis suddenly jammed into
Julia's opening with blunt forced. She jerked as if
to get away and severely arched her back. Rex clamped his
front legs around her flared hips curling his big paws under
her belly and Julia felt like a prisoner. She had never felt
so controlled or restricted and the aroused dog seemed
to know what a woman wanted.

Rex skillfully pierced the narrow opening and Julia was
no match for the powerful dog. He felt her body twitch and
hump as if begging him to hurry up but he was far too experienced
to fall to temptation. His hips vibrated with the fury of
a wild beast and he continued coating the gaping pussy with
lubrication until a pool of it formed on the ground.

Suddenly Ken was near her and Julia glanced in his direction.
"He's finished, he's going to leave me alone
now?" Julia asked as if it were a pleading question.
The stream of hot, sticky cum made her believe the man's
large dog had climaxed and her ordeal was over. It had been
a frightful experience, she thought, but it certainly
wasn't as drastic as she had imagined.

Ken leaned closer and whispered, "No, honey, he is
going to mount you just like he does all his bitches. His
is going to make your precious pussy his very own and I promise
you haven't felt a cock like Rex's. Fuck, he is
going to tie with you just he did with your mother, "
he said and it made Julia shiver in fearful anticipation.

Rex bent his hind legs and lowered his haunches a tiny bit,
pausing for a brief second to give Julia a well-deserved
respite. The big dog somehow kept the very tip of his penis
at the door of her vagina and he could feel the heat of Julia's
cavity. Rex knew it would take but one powerful drive. Suddenly
the beast thrust forward with the extra power in his hind
legs planting all his enormous cock into the waiting female.

Julia's head came up like she had been knifed with a
sword. She felt heat like nothing before. The dog's
cock was a fiery spear and he inserted it into her tender
cervix with the first shove. Beads of sweat instantly formed
on her body and Julia's temperature rose to match her
mate's. The dog pumped in and out of Julia so fast her
knees barely touched the ground. Higher and higher her
temperature rose and her heart rate increased in likewise
fashion. Her mind was enraged with a lust known only to animals.

The young woman was being taken again and by another animal
of the Patterson family. Suddenly, Rex paused, staying
still on the ground with his powerful haunches bent in expectation.
Thinking her turmoil was almost finished, Julia allowed
herself to relax and welcomed the reprieve.

There wasn't a bitch in the neighborhood that Rex hadn't
knotted with and he assumed this one was no different. It
was time to show that he was a superior beast. The whole duration,
he kept filling her grotto with pre-cum in true doggie fashion
and eventually it started leaking from the taut seal at
Julia's opening. Rex was determined to demonstrate
to his loyal master that he had a special skill of being able
to knot with all his bitches.

Rex thrust upward with all his might. The end of his pulsating
cock sliced through Julia's cervix and into her womb
so easily that it amazed everyone including the young woman.
She suddenly realized that the dog was not finished but
only beginning. The intense heat had destroyed any chance
of her remaining sane and spasms rocked her entire inner
regions. Julia felt such extreme pressure and strain on
her vagina and the heat from Rex's cock was intense.

The dog pounded away at her delicate pussy wanting desperately
to satisfy his frantic hunger for animal sex. His hips were
a blur moving at such a great rate of speed it gave the young
woman no chance to counteract the dog's thrusts. Julia's
breathing was merely gasps of air and she uttered grunting
sounds that made the affair seem heavenly erotic to Ken
and his sons.

Julia felt her opening slowly contract and tighten around
the far end of the fattest cock. It was the strangest feeling.
She imagined the dog's immense ball at the base of his
cock and suddenly realized it was inside her precious womanhood.
Rex had waited an eternity to feel her tighten around the
small gap behind his knot and knew it was time to expand.
The ball swelled to great proportions and the seal was complete
securing Julia on his dog meat. He held his wonderful bitch
as tight as he could with his paws and his tongue hung out
of the corner of his mouth. It was exhausting but he was prepared
for one of the best rises in history.

Julia's inner regions were filled with the hottest,
most searing liquid imaginable and the thick cock seemed
to scorch her entire vaginal walls unlike any before Rex.
Her back was arched as the powerful mongrel held Julia in
the air like a featherweight puppet. He didn't pump
or thrust anymore, merely held steady while his thick cock
pulsated madly emitting vast quantities of boiling cum
into Julia's womb.

She knew what Rex was doing and her belly quickly filled
with molten lava. How long it took Rex to empty his large
reservoir, Julia could not remember, but when he was done,
he began licking the side of her face. 'Oh gawd, '
she thought, 'he likes me and thinks I am his girl doggie.'
She felt used, dirty, yet... she also felt happiness for
pleasing her master.

Immoral, sinful images flooded Julia's mind and she
realized that her neighbor's dog was actually tied
to her. She had heard of such a thing happening but never
dreamed it in the realm of possibility. Then she remembered
the photo album and what her mother looked like. Suddenly,
a weird, sadistic explosion erupted inside her epicenter
and Julia realized there was a further journey to travel.
She fought what felt like another building orgasm but really
didn't want to hold back from her phantom lover.

"Oh honey, you are so beautiful, so sexy with the big
fucking dog on your back. You look fucking gorgeous...
as gorgeous as your mother did when Rex fucked her, "
Ken whispered with his face next to Julia's. She wanted
to scream at Ken yet the passion, the desire deep inside
was far too compelling to make her feel remorse. Julia had
never felt so occupied yet so contented as her hips jerked
randomly while her tiny grotto milked every ounce from
the massive cock buried in her womb. The large cock squirted
lava into her and Julia became the ultimate bitch.

"Fuck, what a picture. Rex has his big stick embedded
in your cunt and you look like a bitch in heat, " Ken
said. "Fuck, how many times did you cum on Rex's
big cock, darling?" he asked. Suddenly Ken saw her
slender hips quivering out of control and wondered if it
could be happening again?

Julia could hear Ken and it was embarrassing to know she
actually succumbed to his dog. The fact she could not stop
the spasms and tremors deep within her body made her question
if an orgasm could last forever? Every time she tried to
calm her emotions it seemed the next spasm was twice as powerful.
She fully understood the dire consequences of going through
another dramatic orgasm but as she attempted to quell the
convulsions, they got more intense.

Rex wanted to clean himself and lick his jewels in total
bliss. His knot was squeezed so hard it almost made him yelp
in agony but somehow he managed to stand still. Sean, Troy
and their dad stared with eyes so wide and bewildered that
none of them said a thing. Everyone held their breath and

Rex had much more fluid than anyone could imagine and remained
totally focused with keeping his ball enlarged to keep
his cum encased inside Julia. Normally his bitches cried
and whined when he kept them locked on his enormous cock.
Not this one, he realized. This bitch kept squeezing and
milking his cock in a faithful manner and never tried to
free herself from the tight bond. He marveled at how willingly
she submitted to his debasing humiliation.

Julia did her best to hide the erotic thrill of having Rex
inside her but she could not control the intense convulsions,
which continued to rock her inner soul. Afraid to turn her
head either direction for fear of seeing one of the Pattersons,
she could only imagine what the immoral scene looked like.
The reality of experiencing an orgasm while being fucked
by a mere dog was the most humiliating, yet strangely exhilarating
event in her young life.

'How long were they locked together? Was it seconds
or minutes? Was it like her mother's experience?'
But Julia was far too confused to tell. Every time the dog's
thick cock pulsed or throbbed, her inner being retaliated
by matching his intensity with swift spasms. A last fleeting
vision from Ken's photo album flashed through her
head and Julia pictured herself and her mother on hands
and knees. There was a big, mangy dog fucking each woman
and the vision etched in her memory was that of being Ken's
bitch the same as her mother.

Eventually, the large ball subsided enough for Julia's
pussy to release the swollen cock. All eyes watched intently
as the dwindling cock finally slipped out of Julia's
midsection and a torrent of liquid gushed from her honey
hole. It ran down the insides of her thighs much to the delight
of prying eyes. She couldn't move and felt frozen to
the spot as great relief floated through her mind like a
heavenly cloud through the sky.

Julia's evening was far from complete as now there
were three hard cocks each throbbing with raging desire.
She assumed her reservoir had run dry but Ken was determined
to refill her tank with sinful passion. There was no deadline
for satisfying lustful demands and Ken knew he wanted to
taste Julia's potion again and again.

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If this is true, it is . If it is a story, it is in poor taste.


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Steamy as anything that I have read. Would have loved to
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That was a GREAT story!! Are there going to be any sequels?


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sick sick sick fuck.


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I like your stories, except this one. is serious. Now,
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Thats no mater how ya look at it not something that should
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I love the story, so decadent, so depraved. As faggot I would
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I liked the bi side - because I am bi-sexual --
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