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Loopie's Birthday Present from Jenny: A Night at the Wormpit


Ralph was particularly excited at the prospect of Jenny's
and Loopie's returning from the Wormpit.
Shirley and Micky were out on their own, and depending on
how many men they met, they could arrive back any time between
midnight and four. Their arrival would occasion a flurry
of sexual exchanges. The large-bodied but beautiful ladies
would be so drunk and oleaginous that Robert would try to
clothe their curvaceous, wet, and naked torsos in their
discarded party attire. If however they were too obstreperous
to be re-attired, Robert would spirit them in garters and
stockings, but otherwise unclean and unclad, back to Jenny's:
roaring, reeking and dripping in their flagrant nakedness.
Loopie had developed in two ways: her personality had become
outgoing, charmingly so, and as her sexual needs developed,
so had her blossoming breasts, far surpassing in girth
any normal child's. Today was her birthday, and she
had the breasts and bottomside of a twenty-five-year old.
The notorious Jenny had earlier given Loopie a birthday
party where she had enjoyed sex with: first, a group of Jenny's
usual studs; then most of the neighboring high school's
basketball team that Mindy had rounded up and brought over
to Jenny's for Loopie's party.
The youths were all told that they were to strip naked and
lie in a row so Loopie could jounce on their cocks. Alcohol
flowed as Jenny, Micky, Shirley, Mindy and Ralph conducted
the bulky and horny slutlet from cock to cock. Early in each
new fuck, the moppet, holding a cocktail glass in hand between
sips, rose and dropped slowly to both feel the cock slide
in and out and avoid spilling her strong libation.
Then, with lust building, she’d hand the glass she had emptied
over to Ralph to begin fucking in earnest. Loopie would
repeat the sex talk she had heard the other women slurr while
they were getting it during group sex. "Do ya fuck
yeeur muther, yeeuw bashaard?" Loopie asked the
boy as she deepened her rise and fall.
"Yesh, I fuck mom, " the boy admitted as he felt
his cock head touch Loopie's cervix.
"Gaaa, that makesh me horneee! Thad meansh yeeure
a reeeal mutherfucker!" the child gasped as she jounced
on the glistening wet shaft. "Ya know, mutherfucker,
I'm a slut! Call me a slut! Go on, mutherfucker, call
me a slut! Call me a pig, too, yeew bashtard mutherfucker!"
"Yeeuw PIG!" the lucky lad shouted
as he up-stroked into the slutlet's descending cunt.
Loopie's burgeoning breasts lifted with the downstroke
to flop against her chest as her ass accordianed against
the stud's pelvis with impact. "Yeeuw MUTHERFUCKER!"
"YOU BASSHARD!" the middle schooler
would gasp to her lover of perhaps fifteen or possibly twice
that age or even three times as old. "FUCK ME LIKE
A non-drinker, Ralph could smell the booze the child had
!" Loving every stroke, the overdeveloped
nympho would scream, "I'LL FUCK EVEREE BODEEEE!
!" Thanks to all the
partying Loopie had undergone after meeting Mindy, Little
Loopie had certainly gotten over her shyness.
Loopie's lover would roar as he shot his load up into
her tubular little body.
Each time a new cock erupted, the drunk adults took turns
siphoning out Loopie's ejaculute-filled vagina,
and depraved sensations drove the voluptuous sluttette
into gibbering orgasms.
There were only twelve youths plus Ralph, and had Mindy
managed to bring more cock, a drunk Jenny might not have
gotten the idea to take the piglet to the Wormpit to “get
her made into a real woman(a turn-on motif used to generate
licentious abandon).”
!" Of course, making Loopie into a pig was, as the grown-ups
collaborated in the child's further debauchery a
forgone conclusion. Loopie was “a real woman” and a pig
in almost every imaginable way. But at parties the little
nymphomaniac had been repeatedly turned into a "more
real" woman piggier pig.
Taking men on by the dozens was no problem for this stubby,
little fuck-fiend. Fully developed, she never tired from
fucking, and although her burgeoning cunt became inflamed,
it always gave her pleasure to feel yet another cock inside
her abdomen. "Oh darling, darling, darling!"
holding her breasts and twisting her nipples, Ralph would
whisper in Loopie's ear as, with a round, little face
twisted into a demonic grimace, she fiendishly tambourined
up and down on the cock of the moment.
Loopie not only had the body of a woman, but a voluptuous
woman at that, and with her fleshy, little face screwed
up into a fuck-trance, even when under lovers, the child
could use that body like a battering ram, arching her thick
torso and slamming her meaty crotch violently into the
pelvis of whoever was fucking her.
If there was anything Loopie knew how to do, that was fuck,
and she had the pudendum to show for it. If the measure of
a "real" woman was to get off, Loopie knew how
to do that also. No matter how drunk, she could always manage
to erupt into gibbering, shuddering orgasms, her little
voice: yelping, screaming and cursing with the stokes.
By ten of the night she was taken to The Wormpit, Loopie had
fucked all the boys, and had had her cunt eaten out each time
by Mindy and all the grown-ups. The still horny and now very
drunk slutlet pleaded, "I need more mutherfuckin
cock, Mam. I need more fuckin an suckin." "We've worn the boys out. How about my cunt, baby?
Ish nice an full." The balloon-breasted Jenny had
also fucked everyone and now offered Loopie her overflowing
cunt to suck, a tacky gift.
As the taxi containing a woman and girl pulled up by the nondescript
entrance to the notorious Wormpit, Jenny asked Loopie
if she was still horny. "Oh, I'm very very horny
Mrs. Layman. I only got it a few times. Can I suck your cunt
again when we get inside?"
"I'm gonna tell them you're older than you
are and here to become a real woman. It'll turn 'em
on, believe me, " Jenny instructed the short, hefty,
and drunk girl as they pushed through the beaded curtain
into the darkness of the Wormpit.
Immediately, the discordant blair of trumpets met their
ears as they tried to adjust their eyes to the darkness.
Over by the bandstand, on her side so, with the thrusts of
intercourse, her higher breast bounced across the dome
of her belly, lay a nearly-naked, heavyset woman sucking
one man, while another stud, also on his side screwed her.
naked so her breasts danced under her chest with the thrusts
from behind howled another woman on her hands and knees
getting it doggie from a black man.
There might have been a hundred uninhibited revelers at
the Wormpit, more than thirty squirming horizontal scattered
across the room, writhing on the floor in pairings or small
groups; another twenty five or so standing and mingling
to admire each other's attractions, some naked, some
dressed in provocative party outfits, and some undressing;
and another twenty celebrants seated at tables, drinking
and also getting acquainted to accomplish the two goals
of getting crazy and getting physically connected. Added
to that were naked voluptuaries in transit across the huge
floor, lovely women staggering with bouncing breasts
to either get another drink or apprehend a new lover, or
men on similar errands, some, especially the black studs,
with stiff cocks bobbing.
As these men stepped over groups of pulsating and gasping
flesh, women's hands reached up to try and grasp passing
cocks, or extended out to grasp passing men's ankles.
"FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" screamed a female
voice from too far back in the shadows for Loopie and Jenny
to see what was happening.
Sweet Wendy, a tall, fresh-faced beauty was standing with
her pale arm reaching to grasp a black man's cock while
at her protuberant rear, a hairy brute lifted her mini-dress
to gain access to her pantiless crotch.
"Whoshe nesht?" slurred Lana, a drunk beauty
with platinum blonde hair and an alcohol-deadened, juvinile
face, on her hands and knees as an expended lover pulled
a dripping cock from between her proruding ass globes.

Alisha, a frozen-faced redhead rose with a dripping crotch
from an expended male and crawled with swaying breasts
over to an undulating pile of naked lovers.
Tiffany, a black haired, elegantly coiffured, wide-hipped
beauty arose from a table where she had been drinking and
acquainting herself with three bikers. They also stood
to surround her, one undoing the back of her fancy cocktail
dress while the other two helped slide it down her voluptuous
"Whoops!" they heard a breathy female voice
from nearby.
a gruff male voice shouted. That interchange was enough
to draw Jenny and her child companion over to a candle-lit
table next to the conversation.
Standing by seated male customers was a tall and attractive,
fleshy waitress holding a tray of illuminated, multi-colored
crystalline beverages.
With dark hair hanging negligently down hiding her face
from side viewing, she had on a glistening, metallic teddy
with fur-lined straps holding up naked, honeydew-mellon-sized
breasts with coarse, engorged nipples. Extending horizontally
from beneath the tray of beverages bobbed a long, thick
Meanwhile, as a Black behind her pulled her breasts toward
him, Sweet Wendy, had to drop her other lover's cock
as she straightened.
Her front lover moved in to sandwich her body between himself
and the Black who was now feeding a cock between her cunt
flaps. "Oooohhhh!" she gasped as she felt the
black prick's entrance into her vagina. "Hold
me!" she gasped to the stud in front.
The waitresses breasts weren't the only exposed portion
of her genitalia. Sticking out grotesquely from globe-breasted
Brenda's crotch beneath her "dress" was
a strap-on cock.
Her "dress" was just a fringe of bunting above
a set of protuberant, globiod ass cheeks. These jiggling,
spheroid buns framed the bottom of a hairy, underslung
pubic pouch. A pair of back-to-front straps encircled
her buttocks. From the bottom of her teddy sprung the ends
of dark garter belts that vertically traversed the barreling
flesh of her sumptuous upper thighs to maintain the encasement
of the net stockings her fleshy legs seemed to have been
poured into.
The cylendrical portion of thigh meat between the bottom
of Brenda's teddy and the top of her stockings showed
pink with the flickering of the candles, their inner flanks
reflecting moisture oozing from an engorged pubis at the
juncture of those billowing inner thighs.
There are not many females that look more overdeveloped
than the voluptuous Jenny, but the beautiful and totally
corrupt Brenda was one such woman--all woman!
When Charolette and her son had previously met Brenda,
she looked far more in control of herself. Now, after having
waitressed at the sex club for eight more months, the inevitable
erosion had taken place.
She still looked as alluring, but in a much more dissolute
way. Her face was now more supple showing greater plasticity
around her mouth. Having gained twenty pounds, her bouncing
breasts had grown even larger and hung animalistically
lower with very prominent, engorged nipples.
One of the owners of the Wormpit had spoken to Brenda about
her overly compulsive carnality and had determined that
Brenda would soon need to be replaced. That didn't
mean she would leave the club altogether. Because she drew
so many male customers, room and board upstairs would be
provided as long as she stayed fuckable; in other words
until she had to enter a rehabilitation clinic.
Brenda would get so drunk and drugged by the end of each shift,
she would dissolve into a slobbering animal, gibbering
curses and trying to suck any cock or cunt laying masturbating
on the floor of which, by then, there were usually quite
a few.
In the meantime, the lovely Brenda would waitress until
booze, drugs and fucking would make further employment
impossible. Then, she would join previous waitress, Rhonda,
in becoming a fleshy fixture, ballooning buttocks and
breasts, there for the fucking as, torpid from numerous
gang-bangs as she drunkenly crawled on the floor of the
Brenda's life would then become a perpetual orgy,
and she would try to wear out her cunt like her predecessor,
who was laying on the floor, surrounded by stiff-cocked
men, screaming, "ARE YOU MEN? ARE YOU REAL MEN?
"Who's that, Missus Layman, " the child
asked her usher Looking over toward the other side of the
room. Except for a pair of shapely, stocking-encased calves,
it was hard to see who had screamed out her needs so eloquently,
but judging by the violently plunging motion of a masculine
bare buttocks, she had gotten the results a lascivious
woman needs.
As their eyes adjusted, a pair of balls could also be occasionally
glimpsed during the thrusts. Nevertheless, the screaming
Jenny recognised the sultry voice. It was the incomparibly
beautiful, blonde bombshell, Rhonda. She was "in
pile-up, " obviously getting visciously gang-banged
in a spreading puddle of cum; but still the fucking wasn't
viscious and lubricous enough for this pineapple-breasted
beauty's insatiable needs.
"Thash Rhonda, " Jenny responded as she led
Loopie to the prone beauty and knelt down by the action.
!" <br>
"Oooww, she'sh pretty!" the child admired
while the blonde beauty twisted her countenance into a
depraved rictus. Rhonda had a sculptured face, lovely,
once-perky, but now cum-streaked, hairdo, and a body that
made Marylin Monroe look androgynous. "YA GODDA
Rhonda had been partying for ten hours solid and was even
more in need of cock than when she had started. She had beautiful,
large, smooth drumstick thighs coated with cum. The heightening
of her cravings could be attributed to the amount of booze
and sex drugs she had consumed throughout the afternoon
"I like it here, " the big-breasted slutlet,
announced to her mentor as she fondled her firm, young boobs.
"Will they make me a pig?"
"There'sh drugs in the booze."
"OH GOOOOOD!" the child exclaimed. "Will
it MAKE ME CRAAYZEE?" the girl asked eagerly.
"The drugs are gonna make this whole plashe crazy.
We're all gonna get crazy. We're gonna be like
she is soon, honey. The waitresh has the drinksh wif the
drugs in. Less go back to her, " Jenny urged pulling
the little hottie back to a table nearby where she was arguing
with a table full of patrons.
As Brenda, the lovely and sumptuous, dark-haired waitress
bent to deposit a drink on the table, and with the other hand
cupped her own protruding breast, a rough masculine hand
lifted the head of her strap-on cock so it wouldn't
hit him again in the cheekbone. While this was going on,
another member of the group slid his fingers up between
the globes of her naked buttocks, under the base of the cock,
and twisted all four fingers in her cunt hole. The ravishingly
beautiful Brenda froze in delight and gasped, "Aaahh,
yes! Oooow, deeper!"
"She'sh reeeeally sexy!" Loopie admired.
"SHIT!" the stud shouted as he pulled his
wet hand out of Brenda's cunt. "THE BITCH IS SOAKED
"Ooohh, she'sh wet! Would that lady let me drink
her cum?" Loopie gasped eagerly, squeezing Jenny's
hand and also grabbing her own, deliscious, mellony breast.
This wasn't fair! Beautiful Brenda didn't ask
the customers to masturbate her cunt, so they had to take
her wettness as it cums. The overendowed beauty had been
in the Wormpit six hours. No normal female could be in those
surroundings six hours and not have fucked at least four
or five times.
"I'm wet, too, " the recently gang-banged
child asserted, having unclasped her breast and slid her
fingers down under her panties into her opening. "See?"
she lifted her pudgy wet hand up to Jenny, who bent to savor
"I knew you'd like her, Loopie. And what about
the men? Aren't the men sexy mutherfuckersh?"
"Ooohh yes! I want them all."
"Well, ish your birthday. You should have them all,
an there'sh more men comming in all the time."
Offended by their ignorance and squeemishness, lubricous
waitress with drunken mannerisms, the straightened up
so her mellon-like breasts rose and her strap-on cock bobbed
over the center of the table. With her cock in front of the
four men's faces Brenda slurred, "If you were
regularsh, you would know what I do on my breaks. Jush becaush
I work here doeshn't mean I don't have normal sex
needsh jush like everee one else. You would not exshec my
pussy to be dry when I meet so many men
an see so mush fucking. Here! Take your own fuckin drinksh!"
With that, the jiggling-assed beauty placed the tray beyond
the head of her cock onto the middle of the table.
"Can I suck her cunt, Missush Layman. She'sh
been fuckin losh of men."
"I'll make sure you get to suck her cunt, child.
I knew you would love this place, Darlin, " The voluptuous
Jenny told her protegee. "It's places like this
where you an I belong, Sweetheart."
All of the sudden, a bellowing scream filled the room. Off
near the bandstand three musicians were pleasureing a
very large redhead, tall and meaty. One musician had been
fucking her doggie style while she sucked another's
cock. She had only been there three hours, and although
drunk, was not nearly as drunk as Rhonda. She had a pretty
face, but slightly vulgar, and it was evident that she liked
her sex on the floor of a nightclub near the bandstand.
One man, his cock dripping, had pulled away and another
tried to take his place, but, in an effort to draw a mouthful
from the other musician's cock, Cynthia had fallen
off to the side.
While the two patrons who hadn't been served lifted
their goblets out, the drunken Brenda stood lifting one
of her massive breasts, and seeming to speak to her own nipple
slurred, "I happen to be a very sexshully active lady,
or I wouldn't be working here, an there's a lot
of fucking goesh on here. So, even though I'm a waitress,
if you stick your hand in my pussy, you gotta exspec I might
have partied firsh." Brenda was exceptionally drunk.
She picked up the tray and turned when she felt another hand
on her ass. This time, she looked across into a decadent,
yet lovely female face. This woman had on an evening dress
that displayed the inside contours of a set of very bulbous
jugs. With long, dark hair floating down across her shoulders
framing a passionate, elongated face, she had a extended,
elegant nose and her leering mouth was bracketed by lines
of evil sensuality. Next to her in a short t-shirt that was
held out from her bulky waist by her humongous breasts sat,
Loopie, the well- endowed tike smiling lewdly up at her.
"I better warn you, my pussy'sh wet!'Brenda
huffed, still angry from the previous exchange. "I've
had losh of men tonight, " warned Jenny, not wanting
more complaints. "And I'm not even started."
Now, while lifting a drink from her tray, Jenny reached
under Brenda's cock and hooked three fingers up into
her cunt opening. "I don't mind your pussy being
wet. In fact, We're glad it's that way."
Now, Jenny started hand fucking the waitress.
"Aaahhh! Aaaahhh!" Brenda gasped in delight.
"She'sh too young to be here! Uuuhh!" the
waitress remonstrated in spite of being masturbated.
With that, Jenny pulled her fingers, dripping cum, from
Brenda's cunt and inserted them in her jaded, but lovely
mouth. This gave Brenda a chance to warn, "Don't
give the child any to drink. There'sh drugsh! drugsh
in the drinks."
Jenny pulled her hand out of her mouth and slid all four fingers
back up Brenda's cunt. As she expertly twisted, she
offered, "This is Loopie. It's her birthday,
and she's ready to be made into a woman. A real woman
like you and I are." <br>
Brenda gasped, "Aahhh! Aaagghh! Shesh not a virgin,
is she?"
"You gotta be kiddin! Were you a virgin at thirteen?"
Again, Loopie wanted to set the record straight, and, this
time, Jenny allowed her to speak, "I'm always
having sex, Lady, and I take drugs too, an I jush been gang-fucked."
"A gang .."
"She did. Her pussy'sh wetter than yours."
"I'm depraved, " added the slutlet. One
glance at the twisted leer on Loopie's immature face
seemed to confirm that claim. "I wanna be a bad tonight.
Reeeal baaad."
"She is depraved!" Jenny assured the
festeringly drunk waitress. Then, Jenny lifted a luminescent
tumbler out of the tray and handed it to Loopie who drank
it off in three sips. "She eats pussy better than any
man, so be nice and serve her, and she just might eat your
pussy, that is, if you take that cock off." <br>
Again, Jenny pulled her glistening-wet hand out of Brenda's
cunt and, this time, held it in front of Loopie's little
mouth. Loopie instantly began to suck cum off her fingers.

"How many men have you had so far?" Jenny asked
Brenda as she pulled her hand away from her mouth and pushed
a 2nd drink over for Loopie to devour instead of the cum off
her hand. Next, Jenny lifted a glass to her own ruby lips.
"Five. Only five men. She shouldn't be drinking
that. No child can handle what's in those drinks.
"5 men?" Jenny repeated after having downed
anpotent drink, herself. Lowering an empty tumbler, Jenny
gasped, "That's stuff. Will the drugs help Loopie
become a real woman?"
"They'll drive her out of her mind."
"Good! I want us all to be out of our mindsh. You should
be wetter for having five men. Here, could you come closer?
Loopie needs you closer." Jenny knew that, having
had a taste of Brenda's cunt, especially after hearing
she had had five men, the slutlet would want something substantial
out of this cunt now.
Brenda, the ass-globes of her billowing bottomside sashaying,
clomped in close enough for the child to stick her fingers
up inside her. Immediately, fluids discharged from Brenda's
cum-loaded overflow coated the child's pudgy fingers
and overflowing into her little palm.
"Remember how to ush your hand to drink fuck juishesh, "
Jenny reminded the child. Curling her pudgy little hand
to make a trough for Brenda's cunt flow, the piglet
tilted her face under her wrist so as to intercept the rivulet
with her mouth.
Loopie now smiled lewdly as, with sloshing sounds, she
plunged her fat hand in and out of Brenda's vagina.

"Aaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Rhonda ate me out a while back.
I've only fucked one man since Rhonda ate my cunt. Aaahhh!
Aaaaahhh! Oh, I could get off like this! I could get off like
"Ishn't this slut got a wonnerful ass?"
Jenny asked the child. "Wouldn'tsha like to
suck out the waitress' cunt after all thad fuckin she'sh
done, baby? Thad could be her preshent to you for yeeur birfday."
With that, Jenny rose, and bracketing Brenda's shoulders
in her strong hands, steered her in closer to Loopie and
gasped ferverntly in her ear, "We're gonna get
you off, right now, lady. Here, lift up your cock so Loopie
can get her face in between it and your cunt."
"Ish her birthday, an she wansh yeeur jushesh. That
'ill be yeeur birthday preshent to her. Push your crotch
out a little so she can suck."
"Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Brenda
shouted as Loopie started to suck and swallow.
came from Rhonda.
All four men had risen and were surrounding Jenny, Loopie,
and Brenda as they unbuckeled their chinos. "Ish
Loopiesh birfday preshent, " Jenny slurred to them.
"She needsh cock, too."
"Thass right! Uuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Give it to mee! Give
it to me! Oohhh God, I love to fuck!" came from Cynthia
getting rammed by the musician.
"Sslluurrp!" came from Loopie's mouth
as she swallowed more of Brenda's outpour."
"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Now Brenda's
teddiette expanded then contracted with the surging of
her abdomen. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! YES! SUCK IT!
!" came from Rhonda.
"Sslluuuurrp! Sllluuuurrrp!" Hearing the
suction caused Jenny to bend over, her own jug-like breasts
swaying under her dress, to talk to Loopie.
"Ya getting it, Hon? Is it a good birfday preshent?
Ooohhh, it must be good! She's so ripe!" Then,
straightening up, Jenny grabbed Brenda's breast,
and intensely urged, "PUSH! PUSH BITCH!
Let the baby have your juishes for her birfday! Let her have
it all!"
shouted, her whole body beginning to quiver in orgasm.
The base of Brenda's cock had moved half way up the front
of her teddy. This gave Loopie even more to swallow as she
demoniacally siphoned from the hefty-assed woman's
shuddering crotch.
Jenny, now kneading Brenda's glorious breasts, hissed
to the four studs, "We're gonna turn this little
girl into a real woman tonight, but Brenda an I need you firsh.
You've got your work cut out for you, Mutherfuckersh."
"LOOKOUT BITCH!" one of the studs growled
as he approached Brenda's backside with an immense
erection. In an instant, he had inseted his shaft in her
hole, pushing Loopie's chin further up on Brenda's
cunt mound.
"YES! YES!" Brenda shouted. A crowd had gathered
and encircled the group. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! CUM
!" <br>
There were at least a dozen were men, some naked with pricks
like hammer-handles and there were also were three staggering-drunk,
, " a female voice shouted.
Another female shouted, "I WANNA GED FUCKED TOO!"
"Hold her, " Jenny ordered no one in particular.
"I gotta get down." With one swift, sure motion,
Jenny whipped her dress off over her head exposing her fantastically
provocative body. Tall with extremely prolonged, flairing,
bell-bottomed breasts sprinkled with freckles, her full
jugs terminated in large, crudely coarse nipples. These
nipples weren't
entirely under her boobs, however. They could be seen from
eye level because her jugs curved slightly upwards at the
bottoms. The effect was very lascivious.
Particularly promiscuous, Jenny was a sexually overdeveloped
older woman, who had learned to carry herself in such a way
that her breasts hung in an especially lewd manner. They
abandonedly dangled far down to the mid-section but since
they gained in girth, the bottoms presented a nippled balloon-like
effect, even when viewed from behind. Jenny's indecent
provocativeness didn't end there. In addition to
this, her oval, out-thrust hind quarters formed perfect
hemispheres of obscenely protruding ass flesh which,
in turn, framed a dark, massive pubis which encircled long
labia leading to a vaginal canal that had accommodated
more commerce than the one in Panama.
Although everyone parties naked, Jenny usually had on
high heels and stimulating net stockings. A very heavy
drinker, it's not an unfamiliar sight to see her rounded
hind quarters pumping with each step. High heels tend to
exaggerate the synchronized tilt of any swiveling pelvis,
and the rocking motion of her sumptuous, oval buttocks
are accentuated due to being framed in garter belting.
Walking in high heels causes her jiggling, spherical buttocks
to gyrate around a massive, engorged cunt. There was no
mistaking the fact that her crudely displayed genitalia
usually leaked a ribbon of milky cum.
Drunk or sober, she got more than her share of cock and cunt,
and the flushed skin above the tops of her stockings would
usually glisten lewdly with juices leaking out of engorged
pubes down the insides of her rippling thighs.
Smooth skin also covered a strong athletic back, firm limbs,
spacious hips, protuberant, rounded buttocks, slightly
projecting belly, elegant bony shoulders and a long sinewy
neck. She had remained fit and firm because of her unrelenting
and maniacal sexual acrobatics.
Jenny had a Joan Collins shaped face framed in an Egyptian
hair style with eyes like Cher, elongated jaw, aquiline
nose above a wide mouth with plush lips bracketed by deep
vertical creases of decadence. Her eyes were direct and
intelligent but gleamed with insatiable lust. Sunken
cheeks under prominent cheekbones, and a tongue that often
moistened pursed lips, bespoke of unmitigated wantonness.
Now, she squatted so her already wide ass flaired out even
further. Then, her fulsome legs shot out in front as she
lay back so her head was right by Loopie's stocky ass.
"Honey, get naked!" she fervidly pleaded,
pulling the wide-bottomed moppet's cum-soaked panties
down, but the Loopie couldn't because Brenda was about
to get a load, and she needed to slurp it before it ran down
the fleshy insides of the waitress' tubular legs.
Aaaggghhh!" the stud shouted as his monstrously
wide cock plunged in and out of Brenda's cunt and his
ejaculate-filled balls slapped against Loopie's,
short, wide neck.
The sex drugs were flooding through Loopie's little
body and she was ecstatic tasting Brenda's cum while
having a huge cock-shaft sliding against her sucking lips.
Having sucked off many, many cunt-cock combinations in
the past several months, the piglet could almost tell when
the balls that here slapping against her neck would explode
up the shaft sliding by her slavering lips and out into the
cunt she was sucking.
Brenda's cunt had now slid down over the back of Loopie's
head so it pulsated in the same plunging motion as the sinewy,
male buttocks driving the cock that was jarring the bountiful
female crotch the child was sucking. Because the cunt-eating
child was not visable from a distance, it looked like two
revelers were fucking doggie style, and under the woman's
spherical, flailing breasts, an over-long cock plunged
into thin air.
Meanwhile, Misty, a recently corrupted newlywed, rolled
over as a stud pulled his expended cock out of her cunt and
noticed the sight of Brenda.
Lushene had arrived two hours ago under doctor's orders,
of all things. Earlier in the day, Lushene's personal
physician, Dr. Twist, had presented the alluring and voluptuous
wife with bad news: the over-endowed beauty was suffering
from erovagamammary cunaclitoritis.
He had told his sumptuous patient that erovagamammary
cunaclitoritis was a mental-visceral disease of the most
virulent kind. Unfortunately, Dr. twist was the one suffering
from a mental-visceral disease, Satyriasis. In other
words, the good doctor was a pervert, and there was no such
thing as erovagamammary cunaclitoritis except in Dr.
Twist's dissolute imagination.
What had happened was Lushene, seeking to reduce her anxiety,
had been referred to the bad doctor by her health plan. When
she had arrived and Dr. Twist saw how her breasts heaved
in and out with her excited breathing, he almost had an orgasm.
He had an instrument similar to a lie detector, but with
a crotch pad to measure labial moisture. So, Lushene had
arrived not knowing what to expect. After finding out,
she had becum a regular at the Wormpit.
could be heard from Lushine's 14th lover of the night
as he shot his load.
Some women look more naked than others, and Cynthia's
flesh made her body appear particularly lewd, especially
when she would squat to impale herself on a cock. Her breasts
had lovely bulk, but because of being long and pointed,
looked distinctly animalistic. They angled to the outside
of her fleshy chest, reaching the bottom of her ribcage
with the spikey nipples jiggling about a foot apart as a
cock would push aside her cunt lips and enter her vaginal
tube. And this is what happened six times already, only
Cynthia took it in a squatting position only once. She got
it missionary three times and doggie twice. So when she
was invited to get honeysuckled, she had plenty of honey
to give.
Bull lay on his back waiting for the long-legged, yet fleshy
redhead to stagger over and impale herself on his prick.
This time, however, Cynthia would get plenty of attention
through the fuck.
Loopie had developed a skill of lolly-popping reasonably
accessable clitorises, that is, the ones that were long
enough for her to get her lips around. Even the clits she
couldn't capture in her mouth, she could stimulate
with her small child's tongue. Jenny coached her in
this, then encouraged her to suck her clit while she got
Jenny would squat down on the stud's cock until his
shaft was enveloped by her insides and, as she spread her
knees to admit the child's face, his balls peaked out
beneath her cunt hair over the gorge of her ass lobes.
As her udder-like breasts dangled over Loopie's meaty
shoulders, Jenny would tilt her pelvis forward so the child
could encompass the spike of her clitoris between her lips.
Then, Jenny would slowly raise off the stud's balls
so part of his shaft would show beneath her crotch while
Loopie would follow, keeping her mouth attached to Jenny's
After numerous fucks like this, Loopie had developed the
talent of clit sucking or licking while she jounced so vigorously
up and down on each diferent lover's cock that her huge,
floppy breasts became airborne on the way down and slapped
against her ribcage with each total impalement. The child
had become an expert at clit-licking during fucks, and
Jenny proudly volunteered her to her various lady-friends.

After having learned to synchronize her clit-licking
with the up and down motion of fucking, Loopie next had gone
on to being able to masturbate while all this was happening.
This made it all so much better, because, Loopie, being
so voluptuous that her miniature bulk with tightly jiggling
breasts, stocky little thighs, and zoftig arms and shoulders
became a magnet to other partiers.
The only reason the moppet wouldn't always live up
to her advance billing was when she was super-drunk, but
even then, she'd always tried her best.
This, clit-sucking during Jenny's fucks drove the
old seductress and her friends into massive howling orgasms.
Loopie could tell from Jenny's savage, curse-laden
screams when female cum was about to pour forth, and course
down the cock-shaft.
Automatically, Jenny or Charolette, or Norma or whoever
else was fortunate enough to have Loopie to amplify the
corrupt sensations of their fucks, would force the child's
face into their spasming crotches by pulling at the back
of her dark-haired little head.
This was good, because the slutlet was usually masturbating
visciously, herself, and could then suck at the cock-cunt
junction and enjoy that much more lascivious fluid generated
from the fucking that she had helped make that much more
Sometimes, as a fortunate stud's engorged shaft received
the attention of both a cunt and a lovely and well-stacked
child's mouth, the stud would erupt first. Then, as
ejaculate oozed back out of Jenny's (or other womens'
cunt, coating the shuddering pole, Loopie would strip
it off the man's cock, swallowing every drop, then
writhing on the floor screaming, often orgasm, herself.

Then, as a cock dropped out of the engorged cunt, Loopie
would attach her mouth to the opening and gobble every drop
she could as the cunt disgorged its load. Then, if there
wasn't another stud ready to fuck either herself or
whoever's cunt she had sucked out, the child would
insert the flacid cock into her pig-like mouth, and she
would suck to make it hard enough to try and get the fuck started
As Jenny spied Cynthia staggering towards her, she, Brenda,
and Loopie were now fully influenced by the lascivious
feelings of the drug-alcohol tumblers she had consumed.
The red-headed Cynthia, both long-limbed and fleshy,
had risen from her small group of men.
Loopie immediately saw the wet, seeping pudendum under
her jiggling belly roll and realized that wonderful sex
was staggering her way. Twice, the red-head stumbled,
and while drunkenly trying to right herself, showed her
expansive ass and torpedoe-like breasts to good advantage.

As the tall but slightly overweight nymphomaniac neared
the three females and dozen-or-so males, everyone saw
the veneer of ejaculate coating her expansive, fleshy,
inner thigh flanks. There was a sexy roll of tummy flesh
immediately over her cum-drenched cunt pouch, and it too
reflected a coat of glistening of sex juice.
This tall, heavyset party-animal with the facial features
of a crude bitch, was bringing, captured within her abdomen
a wealth of fluids for the three females to devour.
As Cynthia's pelvis tilted back and forth with each
breast-jiggling step, a rivulet of fucking juice emerged
from the pair of cunt flaps guarding the opening of her vaginal
canal to further coat the inner surfaces of her fleshy legs.

All of the sudden, the red-head almost stumbled again in
her drunkenness, and in doing so turned turned her rear,
so the group awaiting her had a view of her wet, globular
ass and, beneath that, her cunt-pouch-bottom.
Because of having been fucked six times in the previous
half hour, the rear inner flanks of Cynthia's wide
thighs were also enveloped in ejaculate. Even though Cynthia
was thouroughly drunk, filthily lascivious, sexual feelings
were flooding her innermost being with utter depravity.
It couldn't get much better than this.
When Cynthia arrived at the group, she found herslef enveloped
between Brenda's and Jenny's voluptuous bodies.
"We're gonna
honeysuckle you, bitch, " Jenny slurred through
cum-bridged teeth.
When a group of naked people cling drunkenly together,
a natural swaying motion usually develops that actually
helps to keep them upright. As these three fleshy women
fluctuated back and forth in their encounter, little Loopie
bent slightly beneath Brenda's ass checks and then
pushing her skull between Brenda's and Cynthia's
crotches, straightened up enough so her mouth was at Cynthia's
cunt. The group didn't notice Rhonda crawling on hands-and-knees
towards them.
"AAAAGGGGUUUHH!" Cynthia gasped as Loopie
suctioned the first mouthfull out of her cunt.
"NOOOO! I GET HER! I GET HER!" shouted Jenny
realizing what Loopie was doing. Jenny leaned forward
too fast, and the whole group fell over with only Loopie
standing. Now, Cynthia was on her hands and knees, her breasts
swinging down towards the floor. The men, now stiff-pricked
converged on the four drunken females. Then--even better--a
group of six dark-skinned men pushed through the beaded
curtains in time to see Jenny slide between Cynthia's
knees so her face was under the corpulent nymphomaniac's
When Loopie had briefly sucked Cynthia's cunt, the
drunk piglet had gotten more than she could immediately
swallow, and much of Cynthia's load had run down the
child's face and onto her over-sized mammaries.
Now, Loopie, her face glistening was attempting to lick
the cum off her breasts. "Waannagedmiicunnsucked!"
Rhonda had now crawled up to them and gabbled, "Waaaasshha-fuckin-cunnsuckin-cocksugger?"
Rhonda, had been there since early afternoon, so she was
drunk beyond drunk, and had not only sucked Brenda out but
had also managed to fuck every man who had come in except
the four that Brenda was serving and the seven new arrivals.

Trailing a tendril of ejaculate from her cunt flaps, she
tried again to communicate, "Wheresshhhthecocksgonnafuckmeeee?"
28 times, the blonde beauty, cursing drunken virulence
from her cum-enslimed lips, had experienced wrenched
Just before Jenny and Loopie had left to celebrate Loopie's
womanhood, Ralph had taken the child aside and, holding
his hand under her dripping labia, asked, "Loopie,
I need ya to promise me something."
"Yes Raaf, " the swaying slutlet slurred fron
her ejaculate-loaded mouth.
"Jenny's gonna take you to the Wormpit tonight
so you can finish becoming a real woman. I know you've
fucked a whole
lot tonight, but the Wormpit's an entirely new thing.
There's so much filthy an crazy sex goin on, you'll
think you're in an insane asylm. You're sure want
that don't you? You want to be a real woman tonight?"
"I wanna be a reeeal woman, Raaaff, " the drunken
child remonstrated pulling her dripping hand from her
crotch to enjoy the taste of her cunt load.
"There's a lot of drugs and the people go crazy
so that things happen there that are absolutely vile.
"Thash whad I wann, Raaaf, " Loopie insisted,
returning her hand to her crotch to capture more outpour
in her little palm. I wannna be crazy. I wanna ged fuck-crazy, "
she added as she held her little hand to Ralph in an invitation
for him to share with her the juices emerging from her overflowing
"Good, Loopie, honey, " Ralph approved after
licking the sex juices pooled in her little palm. "Then,
you're gonna go get fucked like a pig in heat. I want
you to promise me after you do it all; come back to me so I can
enjoy your slippery wetness. I'll know you're
a real woman if you come back messed up like my fiance gets."

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