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Long storie


is is your last chance, " Mazie said. Mazie was my
best friend. Her son, Terry was the same age as my son, Danny.

"You tell me the same thing every month, " I
said as I poured her another cup of coffee.

"Some month it's gonna be true. If it already
isn't true."

"What are you saying?" For the first time, I
was scared.

Mazie took a sip and hesitated before saying, "Well
... you don't even know if YOU can get pregnant anymore.
It might not just be Mel. It's been so long."

"I still get my periods. On time, every month. And
the doctor said I was still fertile."

"Even so, " Mazie said. She raised her eyebrows.

It suddenly dawned on me she was right. Melvin and I had been
trying desperately forever. Even more desperately these
last five years since the accident that left him paralyzed,
his legs useless and withered. We both wanted a child, but
I suspected that having a second would make him feel more
alive and vital once again.

"We tried normally a lot and then it's been the
in vitro that never worked, and now it's going to be
artificial insemination for the third and last time. Mazie,
maybe you're right." I slumped into the chair
at the kitchen table. Mazie got that look you get when you
see a hurt you can't heal, but want to try anyway.

"I'm sure it's gonna work this time, Jan.
I got a good feeling. I'm betting in two weeks or so you'll
be expecting again and all this talk will be something we'll
laugh about."

She patted my hand and rubbed my arm to comfort me, but I didn't
feel any comfort. All of a sudden, lots of things I never
said before were streaming out: "It's Mel. It's
pitiful. It was pitiful before, but now, after the accident

"It can't be that—"

"It's worse than you think. It's worse than
even I let myself believe. The sex between us was never any
good. Mel never cared about my needs or maybe he didn't
know what my needs were, or what any woman's needs were.
And since he's been paralyzed, he can barely keep an
erection, if that's what you want to call that semi-hard
thing, for more than a minute. I have to place him on the bed,
get on top and jam my hips down as fast as I can to try and harvest
the few drops of whatever drips out of him."

"Jan, that's the actual sex. But, you're
going to do the artificial insemination again. That's
got to work."

"You should see the little watery stain Mel delivers
into that specimen jar. Any rational person would know
it's not enough in volume or potency to get me pregnant.
I've got just the opposite problem with Danny. I keep
having to pick gooey tissues off his floor. What does he
think, that I figure he's blowing his nose 100 times
a day?"

"Hey, he just turned 18. If you don't have all
the ammunition in the world at that age, you never will.
Too bad he couldn't lend his father some of that rocket
fuel. That young, and an athlete in tremendous condition—his
sperm count is probably off the charts!"

"Off the charts, " I whispered.

Danny was my only child, and his 18th birthday was just last
week. He was, at the same time, a joy and a headache. He was
bright and handsome and well built from constant exercise.
But, he was rebellious and argumentative. He wanted things
his own way and was stubborn like his father.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just thinking this whole thing over. It's
funny how here I am trying to get pregnant, and I'm constantly
warning Danny NOT to get a girl in trouble. You know how boys
are at that age."

"Yeah. They got one thing on their minds, and that
thing is between a girl's legs. They'll fuck anyone
who's the least bit willing. They'll prey on the
slightest sign of weakness."

I'd heard Mazie use the word "fuck" before,
but I had never associated it with my own son.

"Danny looks exactly like father, " she said.

"Yeah, it's amazing. But, that's a family
characteristic. All the men, going back generations,
are carbon copies. It must be some super dominant genetic
trait, or something."

"We won't know for many years with Danny, after
college and meeting the right girl and getting married
and everything. And this generation is waiting until their
thirties to ever start a family. A long time, " Mazie
mused as she finished her coffee.

"Maybe not, " I whispered again, my non-seeing
eyes on the window, but my inner vision in deep thought over
a wild idea that almost bubbled to the surface of my consciousness.

She got up and said, "I don't know what the answer
is. I wish I could have been more help."

"Maybe you helped more than you know, " I said
and hugged her goodbye.


"Where's Dan?" Melvin demanded.

"He's at football practice. You know that."

"How do suppose I can keep track of what goes on outside
this damned hospital?"

"It's a recuperation facility, Mel. It's
beautiful here."

My husband had his fourth unsuccessful spinal operation
and was rehabbing yet again. I didn't blame him for
being in a foul mood, but it didn't make it any easier
to take.

"You'd think he'd want to visit his father
once in a while. That's all."

"You two always find something to fight about. I'm
sure he'll come soon."

"Did he start applying to colleges like I told him

"Not quite yet, " I said. Danny kept saying
he wasn't going to college. He didn't see why he
should waste four years. I tried to persuade him, but it
was no use. I had nothing in my power to get him to do it.

"Jennifer, you do whatever it takes to get that boy
on the right track. You hear me?"

"Anyway, today's not a good day for him to be here.
I've brought the specimen cups for you to use. I'm
ovulating tomorrow and we're trying again."
I dug into my bag and showed him one of the two identical cup.
They had screw top lids and his ID info typed on labels stuck
to the sides. The clinic, because of Melvin's condition,
had allowed me to deliver his "sample" myself.

"At least if I knock you up one last time, it'll
prove I'm still a man, " he growled, the bitterness
of his voice biting through me.

"Knocking me up" echoed in my brain. It made
it seem so cheap, and useless.

"I'll leave you alone while you fill that, "
I said.



"I want you to do it for me. And I want you to use your
mouth to get me hard."

"Mel, you know I don't do that." It was true;
something had always kept me from performing oral sex.
It just seemed so gross, so wrong to me.

"I should have known you have no compassion. Not even
any pity. Not even after all I've been through. Even
though you were driving the night of the accident that caused

Again with the guilt. I'd do anything to get rid of it.
Maybe that was part of the driving force behind trying to
get pregnant again.

"Here, you close your eyes and I'll do the rest."
I approached, and mercifully he complied.

It took five minutes for him to get an "erection"
and then another minute before I caught a thin, weak issue
of a few drops of clear liquid. My mouth at its driest could
spit more than that. I had no hope this would get me pregnant.

Out in the car, Danny sat looking at his phone. He didn't
even glance up as I slid behind the wheel.

"Did dear ol' Dad mention me?"

Danny wouldn't come in to see his father. It had nothing
to do with my task. They just didn't see eye to eye any
more. Before the accident, Melvin was proud of his son and
his athletic abilities so much like his own. Now, I felt
he was jealous of Danny's perfect body, always comparing
his own withered limbs against his son's strong and
fully-functioning legs.

The years of jealousy and scorn had turned their relationship
sour, and even though it might have been my imagination,
I think that Danny actually rubbed his superiority in his
father's face at any chance he got. He countered his
father's bitter sternness by showing him he could
do things his father couldn't.

"Did you get what you came for?" Danny asked,
giving a spiteful little laugh.

"Yes, " I sighed. "We have to get it to
the clinic so they can care for it until tomorrow, when I
go for the procedure."

"Tell me you really think it'll work this time.
You're dreaming! You're delusional!"

"Danny, don't talk like that."

"Come off it, Mom. He has no chance of getting you pregnant.
Not in a hundred years. If I were you, I'd give up. Or,
at least go to another plan." He still hadn't
looked up from his phone.

I sat there staring ahead, knowing what he had said was true.
That's when four recent thoughts came together:

1. Another plan

2. Gooey tissues

3. Off the charts

4. Rocket fuel

I didn't know if I was crazy, desperate, or desperately
crazy. I didn't even know if I could say the words I knew
I had to say.

"Danny, you like kids, don't you?"

"Mom, we talked this over before. You know I'd
like a little brother or sister. You know that. That's
not the problem."

"I know that, but ... in the future do you think you'd
want a child of your own?"

"I'd sure be a better dad than Dad. I'd treat
them right." This time he looked up and his blue eyes
met my brown eyes squarely, and I knew what he said came from
his heart.

"Danny, I'm going to say something, and you can
say 'no' and I'll understand. It's something
that is going to shock you."

"Mom, you're the most unshocking person I know.
I don't think you're going to shock me very much."

I didn't even know how to begin. I couldn't just
come out and say what I wanted to say directly. "Danny,
I know you have a lot of energy. A real lot of extra energy
that you have to let out at times."

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

This was sooo awkward. "You know I clean your room
on a regular basis and throw various debris and clutter
away." I was sounding like an idiot.

"So? You want me to keep my room cleaner with my extra
energy? Just say it then."

I took a deep breath. "No, that's not what I mean.
I guess by energy I mean sexual energy."

"Oh, you mean the tissues?"

He didn't seem the least bit embarrassed. "Yes,
that's what I mean."

"That's just on the weekend, after our games.
I don't jerk off during the week so I stay strong for
the game on Friday night."

Today was Wednesday. Hence, I didn't notice any tissues
for a while.

"How would you feel if instead of a tissue, you did
some good with that energy?"

"I don't get it?" He looked confused.

"Maybe this is a real bad idea, " I said. "Forget

"No, Mom. What are you saying?"

I pulled out the clinic cup, the extra one. I couldn't
find any words to say, and just held it there. We both looked
at it for maybe the longest fifteen seconds in history.

It was Danny who spoke first. "You want me to fill this?"

Before answering, I thought back to Melvin's pathetic
effort, and the word "fill" almost made me laugh.
But, it made me remember about a month ago when I was passing
Danny's room and heard his groaning. I peeked in just
in time to see him ejaculating into a wad of tissues in his
hand. Four or five thick cables of sperm gushed from his
fist. I had quickly retreated before he was done. For a week
I felt guilty over invading his privacy.

But now I wondered if he could indeed fill it.

"I know I'm asking you something no mother ever
should. But, it would probably save our marriage and—"

"You want me to get you pregnant?"

"Well, yes—technically. It's my last chance.
I really feel that, Danny, or I wouldn't put you in this

He took the cup from my hand and asked, "They got a rest
room in there?"

I nodded. He got out of the car and I watched his 5'9"
170 pound body jog to the clinic. I was numb, not knowing
what to feel.

A few minutes later, he walked back to the car and handed
me the cup. Then I knew what to feel: disappointed. It was

"Before he looked at his phone he said, "I thought
about it and decided this wasn't the right way to do


The ride to the clinic was in silence.

I felt like a stupid fraud when I delivered Melvin's
"sperm." The technician tried not to react
when she surveyed the contents, but I saw her eyes widen,
and the sad look she gave me betrayed her thoughts.

"We'll see you at nine tomorrow morning, "
she said, a note of false optimism in her voice.

The ride home was also in silence. Danny and his damned phone.
I guess he couldn't care less about the situation I
was in. I had given him the option to say no and he did. I shouldn't
be as angry as I was. But—I was! I was angry at Melvin, and
I was angry at Danny.

I slammed the car door and went to the kitchen to start dinner.

Danny came in and sat down at the kitchen table.


"Dinner will be ready in half an hour. Why don't
you go to your room or watch TV or look at that damned phone—or
something. I need to be alone."

I didn't want to sound angry, or to be angry, but I failed
on both counts. I was angry at Danny for not going along with
my plan, and I was angry at myself for asking a young boy to
make a life changing impossible decision.

"Don't be mad, Mom."

I put down the knife I had been using and turned to him. "I'm
not mad, Danny. Just frustrated. Come give mom a hug."
I spread my arms wide.

He got up and took me in his arms. We were about the same height.
I rested my head on his shoulder and teared up. "I was
wrong to ask you what I did today. I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Mom. I think
it was a good plan."

He must have been saying that to make me feel better. "Lucky
one of us had some common sense today. Right kiddo?"

"I STILL think it's a good plan."

Now that confused me. The plan was over. The procedure was
set. I was going to get my treatment tomorrow when I ovulated.

Danny sensed my confusion and held me at arms length.

"Mom, when I got to the rest room today and looked at
that cold, plastic bottle you gave me. I knew it was wrong.
That's not the way your baby should be conceived."

"I'm not following you, " I said.

"I didn't decide I didn't want you to have
my baby. I decided that wasn't the WAY I wanted to do

"Danny. We can't have you go into the clinic and
give your sample there. We could never let anyone know.
So today was the perfect chance to make the switch."

"But, Mom, I know a way where there will be no switch."
He smiled and hugged me close.

He whispered in my ear, "Mom, I want to make love to


"Think about it. It would be perfect. You're
at your most fertile and I've saved up four days of cum!
You would get pregnant for sure. Admit it!"

He sounded so sure and so excited over his "plan."
I had thought I was going to shock him that afternoon, but
he outdid me by a mile. I was more than shocked. I was speechless.

I tried to push him away, but he held me tight with those strong
arms of his. Here we were, a 40-year-old mother and her 18-year-old
son in an embrace in the middle of the kitchen.

"Just think, Mom, tomorrow you're going to get
pregnant. Finally pregnant. After all this time, pregnant.
Say something, Mom!"

"NO!" That's the only word I could think
of so I said it again: "NO!"

"But it's the perfect plan. Dad would think it's
his baby. It would look just like him because we look so much
alike. He would never know. He would be happy and probably
let up on you and me. And you would be happy with another child."

"NO! Let's pretend you never even suggested
anything like that, young man! NO! I don't want to hear
another word about it."

"And doing it the natural way would increase the chances
by a lot. You see how much I cum, Mom!"

"We're NOT going to have this discussion."

"I know you were watching me when I jerked off that
time. I could see you looking in. You were in my bureau mirror.
You watched the whole time. Did you see how much cum there
was? And that was the second time that day. Just think how
much four day's worth will be. You'll get pregnant
for sure."

"Danny, a mother and son can't have sex. That's
called incest, and it's wrong."

"We're doing it once for a specific purpose.
We're doing something for a few minutes that will make
our family happy for the rest of our lives. What's wrong
with that? Think of the big picture!"

He was throwing my own line back at me. I always told him that
when he was making decisions.

"Aren't you embarrassed to even think of doing
something like that with your own mother. And not only that
... I'm so much older than you. Don't you only think
of girls your own age when you do that to yourself ... masturbate?"

"You'd be surprised who I think of the most."

"Danny ..."

"It's Mrs. Walker."

"MAZIE WALKER? My best friend? Your best friend's
mother? She's older than I am by 8 years! She's
almost 50!"

"Yeah. I've wanted to fuck her for about five
years now. She's got that great body and that grey hair
and those big boobs too."

"I can't believe you!" This was another
shock. Hearing that my son wanted to have sex with my best
friend. She was a beautiful and sexy woman, I had to admit.
But, dignified and modest. "I don't think it's
right for you to have filthy thoughts about Mrs. Walker."
I tried to sound stern.

"Oh, they're not filthy thoughts. Just us having
oral sex and her riding on top of me mostly. That's the
one that gets me the most. Her on top of me."

Danny was speaking so matter of fact like. He could have
been telling me what was on TV that night.

"That's enough of this, Danny. It can't
happen and that's that. Your father is the only man
I've loved and the only man I've ever had sex with.
And that's how it is and how it will be in the future."

"All I'm asking is that you think about it. All
the sperm I have inside of me here, " he grabbed his
crotch, "think about if it was deep inside you. You
know you would get pregnant. Admit it."

His suggestion did make me think about it and admit to myself
that all that sperm would indeed impregnate me.

"All we have to do is get it from here, " Danny
repeated grabbing his crotch, "to here." He
rubbed his hand against my lower belly. "And there's
one sure way of doing that."

"And that way is OUT. Forbidden!"

"A few minutes. That's all. Think about it."


"Promise me you'll think about it."


"We have this one shot at this, Mom. It's perfect.
The clinic will think they did it. Dad will think he did it.
We'll have a new baby to love. And only we'll know
the truth."

"This discussion is closed, " I said.

"Just promise you'll think about it. Take all
the positive things I said about it and think about them.
A few minutes versus a whole lifetime of happiness. And,
us having another life in this world we can love."

That jolted me. Another life. A baby to love. The most wonderful
thing in all the world. This was my last chance—

"It can't happen, Danny. That's the end."

"You said you had only made love to Dad and you loved
him. Well, I love you, Mom. And you love me. Doesn't
that count for anything?"

"It counts as the love between a mother and son, not
the love between a man and a woman. A man and a woman feel a
special excitement for each other's bodies. There's
a passion there that isn't present with a mother and

"That's only because we haven't appreciated
each other, naked that is. I can tell you got a great body,
Mom. When you're in your bathing suit, you look great.
All the guys kid me about what a beautiful mother I have."

Suddenly, I wondered if I was in any of Danny's friends'

"Danny, after a certain age, a mother and her son shouldn't
see each other naked. It's a private thing for lovers

"And, that's just it. We should be lovers tomorrow.
To make a baby. It would work. You have to admit it. What would
happen if all my cum shot deep inside you, Mom? What would
happen?" He grabbed my shoulders and looked into
my eyes and posed that very question again, "What
would happen if I came inside you tomorrow?
Watch me here, mom said.

Whether it was the tension of the day, the fatigue, the emotions
... I don't know, but my answer, swimming up from my
subconscious blurted out: "I would get pregnant."

"Think about THAT, Mom, " Danny said as he left
the kitchen.


"It's my own fault, " I said to myself.

I was getting ready to shower. Dinner had taken place without
any mention of the taboo subject. Much to my relief. Maybe
it would all be an uncomfortable thing in the past.

I couldn't help blaming myself though. If I hadn't
made my original request, Danny never would have even started
thinking in the baby-making direction. Especially the
part about making love to his mother.

I had stripped off all my clothes in my bedroom, and before
I could put on my robe, I heard a slight noise behind me. I
whirled just in time to see Danny taking a snapshot with
his phone. A photo of his naked mother.


"You look beautiful, Mom. What a great body you have!"

"Delete that this second!" I had whipped my
robe on and tied it tighter than I usually did.

"Have a good shower, Mom."

Danny left and I sat down on the bed. Shocked yet again. My
teenaged son now had seen his mother naked.

My phone beeped and I found I had two texts. Both from my son,
and both photos. One was of me facing away. The caption said
"Great ass, Mom!" The other was when I turned
around. There was a surprised look on my face. The caption
read "I'm glad you don't shave, Mom!"

The black triangle of my full bush was evident.

I didn't know what to think any more. I replayed what
we had said and about our bodies and the line between a man
and a woman and a mother and son. Perhaps Danny was trying
to blur that line.

I showered and got into bed. Sleep wouldn't come to
me in the darkened room, lit only by a nightlight. I started
thinking. Thinking thoughts I would have imagined impossible
just hours before.

One image that kept coming back to me was of Mazie Walker.
She was naked and on top of Danny. Her face was smiling and
obviously enjoying herself. I couldn't believe I
was visualizing my son fucking. Yes, fucking. He was my
son and I was replaying his own fantasy. That image was stuck
in my head.

It was stuck in my head until I heard the word "Mom."

My eyes flew open and saw my son next to my bed. He was naked
and lighted dimly.

"I studied your photos for a long time, Mom. At first
you looked just like my Mom. But then, something happened.
I saw you as a beautiful and sexy woman."

"Danny, shut up. Shut Up! You don't know what
you're saying."

"I know a real woman when i see one. Mom, you have such
a great body. Those tits are as good as magazine models.
I've seen your bras: 38D. Just right. And you're
in such good shape from all the exercise and watching your
weight. Only Dad and I know how good you look. And he doesn't
appreciate it."

"Leave this room right now."

"It's only fair you see me too, " he said
disregarding my order. "I'm in good shape too.
Don't you think?"

Danny's body almost glowed in the low light. His chest
was covered with muscle and his abs were defined without
being obnoxious. His thighs bulged with muscle and his
calves swelled with every step he took. He was approaching
my bed.

"Go to bed, Danny. I'm warning you. You're
going to be in big trouble." As I said this, my eyes
drifted to his waist—and below. My son's penis dangled
as he walked. But something was happening. It started to
twitch and then grow. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

By the time he had gotten to my bedside, it was almost fully

"Danny, you should be ashamed of yourself, parading
around like this in front of your mother."

Now the head of it was swelling. It was fully erect. And it
was magnificent. Much bigger—longer and thicker than
his father's.

"Look what you did to me, Mom. Look what thinking about
you did to me."

"Danny, " I said, never taking my eyes off the
tip of my son's cock. Was there a glint of liquid on the
tip? It was hard to tell in this light. Finally I said, "You
have to leave. Right now before you do something you'll
be sorry for."

"I'm not going to do anything, Mom. That's
for tomorrow. That's when we're going to do something.
Something important. That's when we're going
to make a baby. Make it right here." He stepped close
and tapped the bed.

"Danny. Go, " I whispered. The head of my son's
cock was now just a foot from my face. I could smell something,
something musky and heady and strong. I was smelling my
son's lubricating fluids. It was clear they were leaking
from the depths of that throbbing shaft.

He took another small step forward and I instinctively
put a hand up against his hipbone to stop him. He didn't
offer any resistance, but gently placed his hand on mine.
He backed up and inch, freeing my hand from his hip, and guided
my palm to his hot penis.

I should have immediately recoiled, but didn't. Danny
closed his hand around mine and put pressure on his cock.
He slowly thrust his hips back and forth a few times.

I was paralyzed by the audacity of the act and the electric
feel of a real rock-hard cock in my hand, so different from
his father's earlier in the day. I couldn't pull
away and I couldn't speak.

"How is that going to feel inside you tomorrow, Mom?
My cock will reach deep when I cum and make you pregnant."
He took his hand away, and to my horror, mine stayed and even
gave his cock a slow pump before I woke up to what I had done.
My hand flew off his cock.

"How dare you!" I said.

"Tomorrow" was all he said as he left. I watched
his taut and muscular butt as he walked away.

I looked at my palm; it was shiny and slick with precum. I
brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply. It had been so long
since I was with a virile male. My body was remembering things
I didn't know I had forgotten.

I dipped my hand down to my crotch. My son wasn't the
only one whose body was producing.

My panties were soaked.


I hardly got any sleep. I kept having that image of Mazie
riding Danny. Then, because Danny had mentioned oral sex,
I pictured Mazie on her knees in front of my son, sucking
his penis.

Then, I guess because he had been so close to me, I envisioned
myself inching forward and taking my own son's penis
into my mouth.

I couldn't believe it. That had always disgusted me
in the past, and there I was fantasizing about it. I kept
shaking my head "no" and trying to banish the
thought. Thankfully, sleep finally came to me well after
3 a.m.

Mazie, that same Mazie, was taking me to the clinic while
Danny was in school. She came over just as he was leaving.

"Hi, Mrs. Walker, " he said and walked over
to give her a hug. She was shorter than me and dressed in her
"uniform"—a denim shirt with snaps that
did little to conceal her big breasts, and jeans. She and
her husband had owned a small horse ranch. Since he passed
away, she and her son, Terry, did all the chores and kept
it going. All the physical labor kept her in remarkable

Danny looked at me over her shoulder as he hugged her and
smiled. His confession about his "go to" jerk
off dream made him look to me in a conspiratorial way.

I avoided his glance as best I could, but that didn't
stop me from feeling a little bit ashamed about my previous
night's imaginings. And, there was another feeling,
something that surprised me: jealousy. I was jealous of
Mazie being in my son's arms.

He rubbed her back and she didn't resist, and maybe
even snuggled a little.

"I'm off to school, " Danny said. "Good
luck, Mom. I have a very good feeling about today. You're
definitely going to get pregnant today!" He smiled
at me in a knowing way that made me think this wasn't
over by a long shot.

"You've got a regular hunk there, Jen."

"What?" Mazie had broken me out of my thoughts
about how to handle Danny and his preposterous proposition.

"Danny, " Mazie continued. "He's
so handsome, and what a body! He's all muscle."

"Yeah, I guess."

"You don't see it because you're his mother.
I bet all the girls just drool over your sexy son. I don't
mind saying so myself—he's yummy!"

I looked at Mazie like she was crazy, but I knew now, after
last night, that she was right. My son was a stud, with a body
built for sex and a cock to match. He had partially accomplished
what he had wanted: he blurred the line between mother and
son ... and man and woman. I could now appreciate him as a
man. Not that that made any difference about my decision
to nix his plan.

"If I were younger, and he were older, and he liked
older women, and so on and so on, " she said, then sighed.

"How long has it been ... since Bill died?"

"You really mean how long has it been since I've
had sex! Bill passed away seven years ago, so there smarty-pants,
now you know. You probably think I'm a sexually frustrated
old broad who needs a good fuck."

"Mazie, I didn't mean to—"

She laughed, and said, "And you'd be right!"
She laughed again. "But, running the ranch alone
and raising a son—alone—takes up all my excess energy.
Still, holding a young virile buck like that gets the juices
flowing again and wakes things up, if you know what I mean."

"You know, Danny's always had a crush on you."
I didn't know why I was sharing this with her. It was
all so confusing. Maybe I wanted to redirect his interests
and intentions.

"Really? He's just like my own son to me. I mean
we're known each other forever. But, now that you mention
it, I do catch him watching me once in a while. I wonder what
he's thinking?"

I knew exactly what he was thinking, but wasn't about
to share that. "Hey, he's 18 now and legal and
can make up his own mind."

"Are you saying ...?"

"All I'm saying is that he's a big boy now
and can make big boy decisions."

Mazie shook her head in puzzlement.

She drove me to the clinic and they clinically did their
best. They tried to be encouraging, but when I pressed them
on my chances, they said very low, a couple of percent chance
of success at best. You know what that means: another failure.
All because of Melvin's lousy nonexistent sperm.


I spent the afternoon dozing, probably catching up on the
sleep I had missed.

I also spent the time coming to the realization that it was
all over. I would never get pregnant again. That was the
new reality and I just had to live with it.

No more false hope, no more disappointments with Melvin,
no more costly procedures. It all had to be in the past now.

Danny got home from football practice in the late afternoon.
I hadn't even thought about dinner.

"Why don't we order a pizza, nice and easy, "
he suggested.

A half hour later, we were eating sausage and mushroom at
the kitchen table.

"How did it go today?" he asked casually. It
was the first time either of us mentioned the elephant in
the room.

"Really well, " I lied. "They're
really optimistic."

"Come on, Mom. Be truthful with me. I'm part of
this family too, you know."

I looked down at the piece of pizza in my hand for a long time,
then said, "All right. They're not very hopeful.
There wasn't enough to make the chances very good.
Danny, you have to understand now that you'll never
have a brother or a sister. That's just how it is."

"Mom, you have to open your mind to the possibilities.
You KNOW if we made love tonight you would get pregnant.
You KNOW that!"

"Danny, OK! I DO know that! But it wouldn't make
it right. It wouldn't make it natural. When I suggested
using your sperm, that was one thing. You would have been
a donor. And even if we did have a child that way, we would
have still been mother and son. What you're suggesting
crosses a line that would redefine our relationship for
the rest of our lives."

"So let's redefine it. What would be so bad. We
would be mother and son, but added to that we would be the
parents of a kid we would both love. You know we would love
that child. And Dad would feel more like a man again instead
of decaying like he is."

I had been only thinking of the sex act between us, not the
results of a pregnancy. It would be so nice to have a baby
in the house again.

"I've been through enough today, Danny. At the

"Yeah, the clinic. The cold bright clinic that has
no humans in it. Only technicians with their white coats
and fake smiles. Picture what they did to you today, all
nice and tidy and antiseptic and not caring at all. That's
not how it's supposed to be. After you remember that
scene, picture me, and real human being on top of you, a real
woman, and me pumping about a quart of hot cum deep inside
you! Mom! That's how it should be done, and that's
how we can do it tonight!

I sat there with my mouth open. I had nothing to say.

Danny got up quickly. "I'm taking a shower. Think
about it, Mom. Think about it. This is your only chance.
Your last chance."

I thought about it. All of it. And the one image that wouldn't
leave was of my son pumping his sperm into me.


I heard Danny finish his shower, gave him some time to get
to his room, and then took mine.

I let the hot water try to soak all the pain and indecision
and guilt and sadness away. Of course, it didn't work.

In my bedroom, I was about to put on some panties and a robe.
That's when i heard "Mom."

I turned and there was Danny ... naked. And, here I was ...

We had both seen each other naked in the last day, but this
is the first time it was in the same room, at the same time.

"Danny! You have to leave. You can't invade my
privacy like this! We can't be here ... like this ...
naked together."

I made a grab for my robe, but Danny was too quick. He turned
me to face him and held me tightly by the wrists. I could writhe
and struggle, but couldn't turn my front away from

"Mom, it would be so easy. Right now. Just let's
get on the bed and make a baby. So easy."

I struggled some more, and noticed his eyes were on my breasts
as they swayed and jiggled with every movement. My nipples
were rock hard from the emotions and the movements.

"Mom, you're beautiful. And your body is ready
to make a baby. You know it! Let me make you pregnant. Look
how close we are to it. Just a few inches away. What's
in my balls just has to travel from here, " he grabbed
his testicles, "to here, " he boldly reached
out and cupped my crotch, pressing on my pubic hair.

"DANNY!" I screamed as I slapped his face with
my freed hand.

He wrapped his arm around me and pinned my arm by my side and
pulled me tight against him.

"Mom, you know all that we talked about today makes
perfect sense. We've seen each other naked. You have
to admit we're not just mother and son any more. Our
bodies are turned on by each other. We're man and woman

And with that, he lowered his head and his mouth took in my
right nipple.

"NOOO!" I cried. "STOP!"

His mouth sucked, and a jolt went through my whole body.

"Stop, please stop, " I said.

I felt his rough tongue swirl around and around.

"Danny, this is so wrong. You don't know what
you're doing. You may think it's right, but it

His answer was to switch to the other nipple.

"AHHHH!" I exhaled everything in my lungs.

He tried to kiss me, but I violently turned my head back and
forth. I could feel the heat from his body as he held me tight.

I could feel something else. Between us he had trapped his
penis. It was now throbbing and fully erect. It hugged against
my body from my vagina to my navel.

"I have to sit, " I said. I had become dizzy with
all the effort and the situation. "I have to sit, Danny.

There must have been something in my voice that told him
to go along with my request. He released me and pushed me
back until I could lower myself to a seated position on the
bed. He never let go of my hands.

I had my eyes closed and my head lowered.

"Danny, this has gone too far. I told you all the reasons
why this is wrong, why we could never do this, why we could
NEVER be ready to do this."

Danny guided my hand and suddenly it was encircling his
penis. I had my son's red hot cock in my palm.

My eyes flew open and saw a string of precum stretching towards
the floor.

"You know what that is, Mom? That's lubrication.
To help lubricate your pussy." Quicker than I could
react to, he reached between my legs and ran a finger alone
my vaginal slit.


"Look, Mom, " he said as he held up his finger.
It was shiny and wet. He rubbed his thumb against it and little
gooey strands showed how thick that fluid was. "You
know what this is? Lubrication. Admit it our bodies are

Danny forced my hand back and forth, pumping his cock.

"Look how excited and ready I am, Mom." He took
his hand away, and again, mine remained of its own hypnotic

I squeezed gently and a new flood oozed out of the dark hole
at its tip. My eyes wouldn't leave it. I pumped again
in a long stroke, and got more of a reward from my son's

"Mom. You need this. I know it's been a long time.
You need to feel like a woman again. A woman that a man desires.
You can see how you make me feel. I can tell from your body
that you need this. Not only to get pregnant, but as a woman."

"Danny, I admit my body is responding, but that's
not what makes us human. That's the animal nature in
us. We can't let that rule us. We have to be able to balance
all the factors and come up with a decision."

"OK, Mom."

"Danny, please don't force this."

"Will you promise to think about it with an open mind?"
he asked.

"Yes, but I need to be alone for a while."

"I'll be in my room."

And with that, my naked son left his naked mom.


For the first ten minutes after Danny left, I paced the floor
and tried to calm down. My body was shaking with nerves,
anger, and I had to admit ... desire. I don't think I
had ever been this horny.

Danny was right. My body was on fire. Every part of me was
ready, ready to make a baby.

Every part but my mind. That still clung on to that shred
of motherhood I had developed over the 18 years of my son's
life. He was my son, first and foremost. I had to keep that
in mind. It was much easier to do that when he wasn't
in front of me naked.

Then, like he said, he became a man too. A man with a big, juicy
cock. A cock that could easily get me pregnant.

If it were just lust I was feeling, if it were just a question
of crossing that line over carnal desire, it would have
been so much easier. I would say no with no problem. But,
the added feature that made this so difficult was that there
was a purpose to what Danny was proposing. A good purpose
that made all the sense in the world.

All the sense until I remembered again he was my son. And
if we did this he would become a father, a father to my baby.
A father to OUR baby.

As soon as I had it all straight in my mind one way, all the
reasons and factors would go against it. Then, I would be
good with the other way—for a while.

Finally, I decided that it was selfish of me to want a baby
so badly that I would potentially permanently scar my son
by having sex with him.

I called Danny on my phone. It would be easier this way.


He answered, "Yeah, Mom."

"Baby, I'm sorry. We can't go through with
this. That's my decision and the way it has to be."

"Mom, at least have to courage to tell me face to face."

He hung up and a minute later came into the bedroom. He, at
least, wasn't naked. He had on his sweatpants and a
T. I had on my robe, bra, and panties.

I stood up and met him near the door. "Danny, I really
gave this a lot of thought and after weighing all the factors—"

Danny roughly took me into his arms and before I could turn
away planted his lips on mine. I struggled but he kept kissing
me and when I opened my mouth for a breath, his tongue entered
and probed, tasting my mouth and tongue. Again and again
I tried to break free, but his hands roamed all over me—my
back and my ass. He rubbed and squeezed my ass as he continued
to explore my mouth.

I was weak from the exertion and the invasion of his tongue.
My mouth started to respond by reflex, and then by desire.
His hands went to the tie of my robe and freed it. In one motion
he slipped it over my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

There I was only in my bra and panties.

"Mom, I love you, " he said and then kissed me
gently. I melted into his arms and kissed back. It had been
years since I was held ... and desired.

"I love you, Danny, " I whispered into his ear.

His hungry mouth went to my neck, kissing, biting, and sucking
gently. His hands fumbled with the clasps of my bra, and
soon they were free. He pulled the straps off my shoulders
and I let it fall, exposing my breasts to my son. He trailed
his kisses down from my neck to my breast. His strong hands
now rubbed them and cupped them and weighed each one. He
slowly brought his mouth to my nipple and sucked.

"Oh my God!" I said as I raised my face to the ceiling.

Danny's thumbs went to the waistband of my panties.
In one last effort, I grasped his hands and pleaded while
looking into his eyes, "Danny, are you really sure?"

His answer was to kiss me while he slid my panties over my
hips. They drifted to my feet and I stood there totally naked.

My hands went to the bottom of his t-shirt and raised it over
his head, exposing that taut physique. I dragged the elastic
waistband of his sweatpants over his hips and thighs. He
wasn't wearing anything under them.

We hugged and clung to each other for a few moments. Mother
and son. In another few moments we would be totally man and
woman. a fertile woman and a virile man doing what nature
intended: procreating.

"Danny, it's been such a long time I—"

"Don't worry, Mom. I'm going to be gentle.
I want this to be a great experience for us both."

He guided me to my own bed, to his father's bed. Here
was my son, taking the place of his father, not only occupying
the space, but usurping the function: getting his wife

We lay next to each other for a few minutes, saying little
meaningless yet meaningful things you don't remember
later. We kissed and hugged and Danny explored my body with
his hands and fingers.

"You're really wet, Mom."

"I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to get.
Are you, Danny. You can still back out if your want, Baby."

His answer was to position me on my back, spread my legs and
climb between them. I felt his hard cock brush up my vaginal
slit and part my pubic hair. I reached down and took his hot
penis in my hand. I dragged it up and down a few times, coating
myself with his precum as well as coating the shaft with
his mother's lubrication.

Then I fitted the tip at my opening and said, "Nice
and easy."

Danny nudged ever so slightly, and half the head of his penis
entered me. It dawned on me—my son's penis was entering
my vagina! This was actually happening!

Danny pulled back and nudged again. The whole purplish
head of his penis was engulfed by my long-underused pussy.

"Ohhh!" I whispered.

"You OK, Mom."

"Yes, yes. Keep going."

Danny pulled back and this time slipped half his length


"Mom, this is amazing. You're so tight."

Back out and with one last long push, Danny plowed all the
way into his mother. Son and mother were fully joined! Man
and woman completely coupled!

"So deep, " I whispered. "Oh, Danny ...
never ... never ... so deep!" It was incredible. Danny
was reaching farther into me than his dad ever did.

"Mom, you feel so good." He kissed me tenderly.
I kissed him back. "We're doing it, we're
really doing it."

Danny's voice had amazement in it, like he couldn't
believe it. I could hardly blame him. Just a few days ago,
I would have found it impossible to imagine I'd be flat
on my back in my husband's bed with my son sunk deep in
my throbbing pussy. But here we were, mother and son about
to try and create a new life.

A new life. Maybe this was the beginning of a new life not
only in my womb, but for Danny and me too. Life would never
be the same. There was no going back now.

"Ready, Mom?" Danny said as he gave a meaningful
look. I knew he was holding back, not letting his body do
what it wanted, which was start thrusting with all his boyish,
teenaged, hormone-fueled fury.

"I'm ready, Danny. Do it, please do it to me. Just
remember, when you cum, cum as deep as you can and be still
there. We want as much of you to reach as far as possible to—"

"I know, Mom, to reach your egg to get you pregnant."
Then Danny let out a low growling "Mmmmmm!"
and began a slow in-and-out. His eyes were closed and if
I didn't know it was intense pleasure, I would have
thought he was in pain. Maybe the human face knows only the
same expressions for both.

I don't know what my own face was showing. It had been
so long since I had "real" sex that this was almost
a virginal experience to me. I was gasping with each invasion.
My hips began to vibrate, then to meet each thrust of my son.

It seemed every inch of our skin was in contact. His hard
chest pressed hard against my soft breasts, which cushioned
my boy. My hands went to his butt, and I felt his hard gluts
tense and strain with each downward motion. I pulled at
them to get my son even deeper inside me.

Faster and faster Danny ground into me. I pulled my hands
away and threw my legs into the air, crossed them over his
hips and locked my heels. I used the leverage to tip my pelvis
up to welcome my son at an even better angle. I opened my eyes
and took in the strange scene of seeing my painted toenails
resting at such an absurd position on my own son.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Danny groaned.

"Danny ... Danny! That's it! That's it!"

My head was turning on the pillow, right, left, right, left.
Faster and faster. As Danny neared his orgasm, I was starting
my own climb to—

Wait! I suddenly realized that I couldn't let myself
go. Not let go completely. Not let my emotions break down
that final wall and achieve an orgasm with my son. I would
never be able to live with myself if I didn't cling to
some shred of evidence that we were doing this solely for
the purpose of making a baby.

Somehow, I disengaged from the intense pleasure I had been
feeling, and submerged myself in the role of a mother guiding
her son.

I stopped my body from moving so much and became more of a
vessel to be filled than a sex partner.

"Remember, deep, Danny, when you cum." My voice
was missing the breathless passion it had contained just
moments before. It was my motherly voice instructing her

I felt the head of Danny's penis swell within me. He
stiffened and drove himself as far into his mother as he
could. "MOM! MOM! AHHGG!" he yelled.

I knew he was cumming. Until this moment, some part of my
mind had established that we really weren't having
sex ... yet. But, now the line had both metaphorically and
physically been crossed. My son's potent seed had
left his body and made the journey into his mother. We were
as joined as any two human beings could be. Man and woman
in their most elemental form.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" he groaned. A total of six
times. I knew with each throaty grunt he was sending a hot,
white, thick gooey blast of sperm and semen toward the vicinity
of my cervix. True to his word, it felt like my son pumped
a quart of cum into me. There was no way gobs of that wasn't
going to reach its destination.

I swear I could feel the heat of his ejaculation.

He finally collapsed on top of me.

"Stay still, Danny. Stay still there and don't
move for a while. Let it all settle inside me. Good boy, "
I said and kissed his forehead. "Good boy."
I hugged him close.

Now, as I lay there with my son's deflating penis still
inside me, I started to have all kinds of doubts and fears.
The peak emotions had passed and now reality set in.

I had sex with my son. I had been persuaded, cajoled, and
seduced into having sex with my son. I had to deal with that
the rest of my life. And, Danny had to deal with that too.
What if he regretted it? What if he pictured it as me having
taken advantage of him? What if—

"Mom, that was sooo great. I came inside you. Deep
inside you."

"You did. I feel it. You did really good. Now ease out
of me slowly. We want to keep as much of you inside of me as

He did as he was told. I looked and his cock was glistening
with the combined fluids of son and mother. The sight of
it made my hips twitch a couple times.

Danny made a motion to lie down next to me, but I said, "No.
Get that big pillow and put it under my butt. I need to tilt
back and stay still for a while to give all your sperm a chance
to do its thing."

He did as instructed. "Cover Mommy up so I don't
get cold. And then let me rest for a while."

He threw the sheet and blanket over me, then bent down to
kiss me. I offered my cheek, not my lips.

"What's the matter, Mom? Did I do something wrong?
Did I hurt you?" Danny asked in a concerned voice.

"Danny, nothing like that. What you did was amazing.
Wonderful. Incredible."

"Then, what is it?"

"Danny what we just shared is a rare treasure. I'll
always think of it as such. We set out to accomplish something
that was great, and we did it. We did it mostly because of
you. You couldn't have done any better, not in a million

"But ...?" he asked. He knew from my tone of voice
there was something I was going to add.

"But, it was this one time and we have to get back to
reality. Now you're my son again and I'm your Mother.
The sooner we can forget—"

"Mom, I never want to forget what we did. How we felt
together. Mom, I never came that hard before. Did you ...
I mean ...?"

Danny wanted to know if he gave me an orgasm. It was natural.
I couldn't tell him what had really happened, that
I caught myself and shut it down. "No, I didn't.
I didn't reach that peak. In a guy, it's a lot easier.
It's a lot more physical and not as much mental and emotional.
For a woman, many things have to line up perfectly, and then
it happens."

"You mean you could never cum with me?"

This is where I had to be a little bit creative if I didn't
want to flat out lie. Danny could never know how close he
had gotten his mother to the edge. "You did your job
great today. You delivered all you could of yourself inside
me. My job was to receive it. Your job REQUIRED that you cum.
Mine didn't, so I didn't get to that point. I told
you, a lot of factors have to be right, and lot were, but not
enough to make me feel that way.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

He sounded, not sad, but disappointed.

"Danny, we did a wrong thing for a right reason. Let's
leave it at that. You've got to understand I'll
be feeling guilty about doing this for a while, maybe forever.
I'm the adult here and should be more responsible.
I want you to know you shouldn't feel the least bit guilty
yourself. You were only doing what I told you to do, what
I let you do. It's all on me."

"It's all IN you, Mom!" he joked. In spite
of the situation, that made me smile. "I don't
feel the least bit guilty. I'm glad it happened. Real

I felt a little better. Still, I had to somehow reestablish
our roles as Mother and son. It would probably take some
time, so I was prepared not to push it.

"Don't ever be afraid to tell me about any bad
feelings you have about this. Other than that, I don't
want to discuss our having sex ever again. This was one,
beautiful, magical time we got to spend as few human beings
get to do. And, you can never tell anyone else about this,
especially your father. Do you understand?"

He maybe gave a nod, then asked, "When do we know?"


"When do we know you're pregnant?"

I figured this was the ONE question he should be able to ask
since he was intimately, biologically involved.

"About two weeks. My period is due in 10 days, and I'm
like clockwork. Always have been since 12 years old!"


It was funny to see his embarrassment with talking about
periods when he had just been shaft-deep in the same female
geography. Maybe he was going to be OK. Maybe we were going
to be all right.

"Let Mommy rest now. It's the best thing I can
do to make this work."

He disentangled his clothes from my panties and bra on the
floor and as he left he said, "I love you."


I managed to doze. I wouldn't have thought it was possible
with all that raced through my mind, but a kind of exhaustion
caught up with me.

When I awoke, at first I didn't remember what had happened.
And, then I did. It all raced back with all the repercussions

I looked at the clock and an hour had gone by.

"Just as well, " I said out loud to myself. I
eased the pillow away from my bottom. I felt it and there
was only a small damp spot. "Good, it stayed put."
I was referring of course to he flood of cum my son had deposited.
The more that stayed inside, the better chance of success.

I felt between my legs. My pubic hair was stiff and crusty
with dried cum. The entrance of my vagina was gooey. I took
a wad of tissues and jammed them there. Then got up. This
had begun with a shower, now, a few hours later, I definitely
needed another. I picked up the panties, those same panties
my own son had stripped off me, and slipped them on to hold
the tissues secure.

In the bathroom, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.
There I was the same person I had always been, but different
now. I stared at my face for a long time before saying, "Hi,
I'm Jen, Danny's Mom. We just had sex, and right
now this minute I'm loaded to the brim with his sperm."
I shook my head.

I looked at the reflection of my big breasts. My nipples
were now relaxed. I couldn't believe a short time ago
my son had sucked and teased them with his tongue, driving
me crazy.

"At least I didn't cum. At least I didn't
let Danny make me cum, " I said. Thank goodness I had
caught myself before I shattered that ultimate intimate
barrier of sexual passion between a man and a woman. That
seemed to give me some moral reinforcement. You have to
take what solace you can when you just had sex with your son.
I guess.

The shower was hot, and long.


Mazie, my savior, came over with a big container of homemade

"Hi, Danny, " she said.

"Hi, " he said before leaving the kitchen.

"He hardly looked my way, " she said. "Not
like him. He's usually so friendly."

I couldn't tell her my son had emptied his balls already
today into his mother and didn't have any need for fantasies.

"Who knows with teenagers, " I said. I knew
more today than I usually did.

"So. How do you feel now that you've had a chance
to rest?"

Rest was not what had mostly taken place after I got home.
"You know, I'm a lot more optimistic than I was
earlier. I actually am feeling this is my best chance yet."

"Really? That's not like you to change like this.

"Mazie, I know that look."

"Did something happen to make your chances better
by any stretch of the imagination?"

Mazie had often encouraged me to have some affair to fill
the void caused by Melvin's disability, growing cruelty,
and inattention. I never had even taken her seriously.
But, she was relentless.

"Wouldn't it be the perfect time to pull the old
switcheroo? Right? If you had some mysterious lover come
and 'water your garden' today, so to speak—wouldn't
that be the perfect little scheme to stack the odds in your

"You and your plots. You know I could only do that with
someone I loved. You know my boring life. How many people
have I recently fallen in love with?"

"You're letting facts get in the way of my theories,
as usual. Are you telling me nobody visited today? And you
didn't go anywhere since I dropped you off?"

"Just me and Danny since he got home from school."
That was the truth. The falsehood by omission was that as
we sat there, Danny's sperm was wiggling and swimming
around my ovum, looking to penetrate it as effectively
as his cock had penetrated my vagina.

"Well, it was a good theory."

"How many of your good theories have proven right?"

"I'm due, " she said.

"How about if you make a theory about you finding a
guy to water your own garden?"

"I can't tell you how long the drought has been, "
she said. There was little playfulness in her voice.

I knew it had been rough for her, being a single mom and trying
to still run her horse ranch.

"Like you said, " I patted her hand, "you're

"I should be going."

"Danny! Mrs. Walker is leaving, " I called

Danny walked in and gave me a look I couldn't identify.
There must have been some reintegrating of all the emotions
he was feeling.

"Goodbye, Mrs. Walker. Thanks for the soup."

Mazie looked at me. She had expected her customary hug from
him, but it wasn't coming today.

"I'll heat up the soup for us, Danny."

"No, Mom! I'll do it. You shouldn't be standing
so much today. We have to give this the best chance we can."

"That's right, Danny, " Mazie said. "You
take care of your Mom."

"I took special good care of her this afternoon, Mrs.
Walker." He looked at me and smiled for a split second.
I didn't smile back.

Mazie leaned close an whispered, "He so cute with
his concerns. He must really want a little brother or a sister!"

More accurately, I thought, a son or a daughter. "Yeah,
he's something, " I said instead.


We ate mostly in silence. I didn't know if nothing needed
to be said, or so much needed to be said we both didn't
know where to start. The silence wasn't forced, and
it didn't feel that uncomfortable.

Maybe I was hoping it would continue and wouldn't have
to face any questions I couldn't handle, either emotionally
or just plain fact-wise.

"Mom, I know you said we shouldn't mention this
afternoon any more, but I think we should talk."

"I agree." That seemed to surprise him. "Go

He didn't look up at me and stirred the rest of his soup
around a few times.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, Danny. Nothing
was your fault. Nothing. If anyone ought to feel guilty,
it has to be me. I told you, I'm the adult and could have
stopped it if I really wanted. And don't think you persuaded
me or talked me into it. You made a lot of really good points,
intelligent points. You gave me a lot to think about, and
I did. I made my decision. I admit there was a physical factor
that I hadn't counted on, but I'm a big girl and
can handle that. I went into it with my eyes wide open."

"Mom, I never want you to feel guilty about it. I don't
have one regret about it. I hope you never do either. I think
it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I never
felt so close to anybody or ever loved anybody more than
this afternoon. I think it was beautiful and I hope you'll
think so too when today is over." He reached over and
took my hand in his. This was the first physical contact
we'd had since the bedroom. Our hands together felt
just like before, the closeness of a mother and her son.

I said, "What we shared this afternoon WAS beautiful.
It truly was 'making love.' It all happened because
we love each other and wanted to bring that love to another
life we hope to create. That's the difference between
making love, and now your Mom's going to shock you—that's
the difference between making love and 'fucking.'"

"Mom! I never heard you say that before.

"Fucking to me is when you have to have sex because
your body can't stand not to any more. There's
so much passion and desire that your mind can't handle
it. It's a wild, out of control feeling that drives
you to one goal and one goal only—an orgasm. That's
the only thing that can cure that emotional state."

"Mom. I—"

"I'm only telling you this to point out how different
what we did today was, how much purer our motives were, and
how you shouldn't ever feel it was wrong and feel bad
about yourself."

"But, it was so special."

"It WAS special. And made more special because it
was a once in a lifetime gift we gave each other."

"So ... it could never happen again. I mean ..."

"No, Danny. Get THAT idea out of your head. We could
never repeat what we experienced today, the beauty of it.
We could never have a purpose so great as to want to make a
baby together, never again in the same way it came about
today. I can't think of any reason I would ever find
the courage or the strength to ask you to do that or to ask
myself to do that again. Please respect that."

"I guess, " he said. "Can I ask one question?"

"Sure, Honey."

"Today, you know, as a guy, as a guy was I all right?"

He was asking for grade on his performance. I wasn't
expecting this. I knew this was important to his ego though,
and could well affect him from now on in his relationships
with girls.

"Danny, you were wonderful. You were gentle and forceful
and strong and passionate and considerate—all the things
a woman would want in a man."

"Was I as good as Dad?"

Another question I wasn't expecting, but should have.
His father had alienated him and berated him for years.
Now, Danny was looking for some redemption, or vindication—or

"I won't answer that. It's unfair to compare
you both. It's disrespectful."

"Does Dad make you cum?"

"DANNY! That's personal, and I won't dignify
that with an answer. Just because it didn't happen
today doesn't make it fair ground for discussion between
us." The truth was Melvin never was a good or considerate
lover. He was concerned with his own needs and when those
needs were met, he was done, finished, uninterested in
me. Many a night I cried myself to sleep in frustration.

"One last question, then. An easy one. Am I bigger
than Dad?"

Ah. The big question. The ultimate measuring stick of manly

"And, that's another one I won't answer."

"Come on, Mom. That's an easy one that has only
to do with size and nothing to do with opinion. It's
black and white. A yes or no type question. You've seen
us both and had your hand on us both. It should be the easiest
thing in the world to answer."

"Why would it make any difference?" I asked
as if I didn't know why.

"It just does. You don't understand how Dad treats
me all the time. Aww, forget it!" Danny got up and took
his bowl to the sink.

I breathed deep. As he was leaving the kitchen, I said, "You


"You're bigger. Bigger than your father ever
dreamed of being. You're bigger by a lot. OK? Are you
satisfied now?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I really am!" He had a wide grin.
"So today you could feel the difference?"

The subject was open, so I gave him as honest an answer as
I could: "Danny, when you were all the way inside me
today, you reached places your father never could. You
stretched your mother like she never experienced in her

"Wow! That makes me sooo happy, Mom. I'm glad."
He came over and kissed my cheek.

As he left the kitchen, I called out for some reason, "And
you're much thicker too!"


I spent a restless night, rehashing all that went on during
the day. It wasn't only mental, either.

My body throbbed and ached in places, and worst of all my
pussy remembered what it had partaken of that day. It had
awakened and let me know it. My breasts were sore, but in
a good way. Letting me know they had been handled and sucked.

I kept having flashbacks of Danny, Danny's butt, Danny's
penis, him mounting me, my feet high in the air then entwining
around his strong body. His voice as he came. The feel of
his penis swelling. On and on. I couldn't stop thinking
of it. The forbidden aspect should have made it easy to shut
down, but it didn't.

I had successfully curbed my orgasm the day before, but
it incurred a debt in my body, a debt that cried out to be paid.

I got Danny off to school and dragged through all the errands
that needed to be done. With Melvin in the hospital, there
were piles of things that constantly needed tending.

I picked Danny up from school at 2 p.m. He didn't have
football practice on Fridays when he had a home game. It
was tonight at 8.

"I'm glad you're going to visit your dad
with me, " I said.

"Yeah, I want to see him."

His tone made me wary. "You're not going to say
anything stupid are you?"

"I might say something stupid, especially according
to him. But, if you mean about yesterday, no. That's
between you and me."

I felt better, but was still uneasy. Melvin knew how to get
under Danny's skin. He knew how to get under my skin

Melvin wasn't in his wheelchair. He was lying in his
hospital-type bed with an IV sticking into his arm. The
attendant had told me he said he wasn't feeling well
and they determined it was probably dehydration.

"Mel! I'm so sorry you're not up and about
like the other day. You were doing so well, " I said,
a little song in my voice.

"Quite a day we had." He barely opened his eyes.
"Oh, and I see the big football star finally took time
out of his busy life to finally come and see his father.

"Hi, Dad. Hope you're feeling better. When are
they letting you out of this place?"

"What do you think, I'm dogging it here? I'll
be out as soon as they say I'm out. Another botched operation,
another stay in this dump. I'll be home, don't
you worry, and when I do things will change. You won't
have it so easy when I get there. You're going to start
applying to colleges, and I don't care what you say."

"Dad, you don't have to worry. I decided yesterday
that I want to go college and make the family proud of me."

"Where's this coming from all of a sudden? We
argue for months and then you have a big change of heart?
Do you know what happened, Jen?"

"This is the first I've heard of it. Danny! That's
great! Just what your father wanted."

Danny came over and gave me a more-than-friendly hug.

"You're making a mama's boy of the kid."

I covered up by saying "He's just happy about
his decision." I disengaged Danny's strong
arms and went to Melvin's side. I tried to take his hand,
but he pulled away.

"So, how did the thing go? At the clinic?"

"Without a hitch. They were all really positive and
optimistic this time, " I lied. "And, I've
got a really good feeling about!" That part wasn't
a lie. I had a much better chance after Danny whitewashed
my womb with his load of sperm. I promised myself I wouldn't
think of what happened the day before when I was in Melvin's
presence, but I couldn't help picturing Danny's
face as he came and feeling the pressure of his penis as it
swelled inside me. I felt like I was betraying Melvin when
I did it, but I had no control.

"If it doesn't work again, I bet it's your
fault. I'm tired of all this. We're in our forties
now. Maybe nature is saying something. You're not
as young as these women having babies, even later in life."

"Dad, you shouldn't talk to Mom like that. She's
plenty young, and I bet this time it's going to work."

"I'll talk to my wife any way I want. Don't
you forget that, Mister. I'm still the man of the house
and what I say goes. Got it?"

"Got it, " Danny said.

"And what do you know about what works and what doesn't?
Are you all of a sudden a fertility expert with some magic
spell? Are you a big man who's going to guarantee results?
You don't know what you're talking about. As usual."

"This time I DO know something that's going to
make you eat your words."

"Danny!" I said while grabbing his arm. I didn't
want him to blurt out something that was forever going to
damage relationships. "Stop you two. Let's
just have a nice visit for a change."

"I'm just saying you're not the woman you
once were. You have to admit that, Jen. With me it's
the accident you caused. With me it's obvious. With
you it's little things about the way you act, your body—"

"I think Mom has a great body!"

"Every mama's boy does. Believe me, she's
let herself go in a lot of ways. I'm only saying what
you've told me, Jen."

Melvin, in his mean-spirited way, was betraying all the
little confidences I had told him over the years. All the
self-examinations and critical comments I had made about
myself. Melvin was using these to tear down my self-esteem
in front of my son. And it was working. I had walked in here
feeling wonderful, and now, now I had a hard time holding
back my tears.

We stayed another twenty minutes, and Melvin hammered
mercilessly at us both. Whether it was the bitterness over
this latest operation, or his skepticism over me getting
pregnant, I don't know.

In the car, Danny said, "You don't know how much
I wanted to tell Dad about yesterday. About how I'm
really a man."

"You know you can never do that. Neither of us can ever
do that. He's so cruel now, but that's not how he
was. You remember. If only one of these operations would

"It's funny to feel this bad after feeling so
good yesterday, " he said.

"I know what you mean." I was devastated by Melvin's
words. He tore into my physical and emotional being, breaking
down any confidence I had built. On top of that, I had to deal
with what I had let Danny do. And on top of that, I had a gnawing
frustration that I had imposed on myself by holding back
my sexual release the day before. It was increasing rather
than easing away.

Suddenly, behind the wheel, my tears began to flow. All
of it, everything was suddenly too much to handle. They
began silently, but soon I had my face in my hands and sobbed.

"Don't cry, Mom. It'll be all right. Dad
doesn't know how much he hurts with his words."

"He's only thinking of himself. He doesn't
know how much I miss having a man at home that can take care
of things. Take care of me ... and you, " I sniffled.
I felt the world was falling down, right on top of me.

Danny leaned over and cradled me, letting me bury my face
in his shoulder. I cried for a few minutes without talking,
and he let me. My kind, strong son comforted his Mom, and
it felt good.

I looked up at him and said, "Thanks, Danny. I feel
better now." He leaned down, and kissed me. Not on
the cheek, but on the lips. Just a light kiss, but on the lips.

"I'll drive, Mom."

We switched places and got home about 4 p.m.


I went straight to my bedroom and had a really good cry alone.
I made sure Danny didn't hear.

Then, I shed my clothes and checked my body at every angle,
trying to refute everything Melvin had ever criticized
me for. I was picking on small flaws even I knew didn't
matter. And, looking at my naked body reminded me of how
Danny had seen every inch, touched every inch of me, sucked
on me ... it was maddening. I was making myself crazy.

I finally put on my robe.

Soon I'd have to make an early dinner so Danny could
get to his game.

"I can't fix anything, " I said to myself.
"I can't fix Melvin, I can't fix his attitude
toward me, and I can't fix this feeling that got ignited
yesterday. I should have let it happen. What was I thinking?
I had my son inside me already. He was pumping deeper and
deeper. My body responded, responded for the first time
in years. You idiot, no wonder you're crazy! You should
have let yourself go!" I said to myself in the mirror.

Still looking at the lunatic in the mirror, I said, "If
I had to do it over again, I would have let myself cum!"
Those words did something to me. I stared for a long time,
then walked out to the living room where Danny was watching

I stood in front of him, and when he looked up I calmly said,
"Danny, I need you to fuck me."


"I need it, " I said. I untied my robe, and shrugged
it off. I stood in front of my son completely naked. "Danny,
I want you to fuck me now."

"You want to make love again? Now?"

"No, Danny I want to fuck. I want you to fuck your mother.
But, yes—now."

I took his hand and pulled him up and led him to my bedroom.

"Are you sure, Mom?" he whispered.

"I've never been so sure of anything."

He skinned out of his clothes and hugged me to him, Mom and
son both naked in an embrace.

"Is this because of Dad?"

"This is because of me, and this is because of you.
I missed something yesterday, and I won't miss it today."

"You want me to make you cum, don't you?"

"Yes, Danny, oh yes! Can you do that for me, Baby?"

His answer was a deep kiss followed by sucking my already-stiffened
nipple into his hungry mouth. "Oh my God!" I
moaned and fed it hard into his face. My whole body was on
fire. Only now did I realize how many times I had played this
very scene from yesterday in my mind. Our lovemaking had
been on a constant loop somewhere in my subconscious. Now
it was all breaking free.

My hand went to his penis, which was already leaking in anticipation
of what was sure to come. I jacked it back and forth, taking
possession of it, knowing that I would soon sheath it in
my warm body.

He led me to the bed and we hugged and kissed and he sucked
on me and worked even lower. 'Danny, what are you doing?"

"I always wanted to try this, Mom." He buried
his face in my pubic hair and before I could react, his tongue
traced a furrow along my vaginal slit.

"OOHH!" I screamed. Waves of pleasure coursed
through me. But, this is not how I wanted to experience my
orgasm. I wanted it the way I had cheated myself out of the
day before. "Danny, I want you to fuck me. Like yesterday."

He stopped and crawled, not between my legs, but beside
me and lay on his back. He took my hand and wrapped it around
his penis.

"Mom, please suck my cock."

I was shocked. "Danny, I can't. I've never
done that. I can't."

"Just lick it then. Just a little." He positioned
himself so the drooling end of his penis was inches from
my face.

"Danny, don't make mommy do this, " I whispered.

"Please, Mom." He pushed forward and his cock
was positioned near my mouth.

I took hold of it and squeezed, then pumped it. A long transparent
string of precum hung off it and stretched until it broke
and landed on the bed. I could smell it, strong and pungent.
Like in a dream, I moved my head and opened my mouth. I flicked
my tongue out and let the next stream coat it. I pulled my
tongue into my mouth, and for the first time in my life, tasted
a man's fluids. That man happened to be my son.

This time my open mouth took the head of his penis in and my
lips closed on it. I sucked and that brought a groan from
Danny. I looked up and his eyes were on me. I can only imagine
what went through his mind as he looked down at his mother
with a mouthful of his teenaged cock.

He placed his right hand on the back of my head and pulled
a little. I sucked in more of his penis. Then he rocked his
hips. He was gently fucking my mouth.

It was he who stopped, not me. He pulled out, positioned
me on the bed and kissed my mouth, the one that had just sucked

"Mom, I'm going to make you cum now."

"Oh, Danny, you don't know how much I need this.
Please fuck me."

He slid between my legs and his cock found my vagina. "Mom,
I gonna fuck you."

"Do it. Do it hard!" I said.

In one great thrust, my son sank all the way into me.

"YEESSS!" I screamed.

Danny started pumping his hips, and my hips found a perfect
rhythm to meet him. His mouth covered mine at times, thrusting
his tongue deep. Then it would find my breast and suck and
nip at it. It was like he wanted to devour every bit of me,
to take me in every way.

Minutes raced by and my body shook and writhed, pinned by
my son's weight and penetrated to an even greater depth
than the day before because of the fury of his attack.

"Danny ... Danny! That's it! That's it!"

Sweat covered the skin where Danny's body made contact
with mine.

"This is so great! So great!" he said.

Every once in a while, he would thrust deep and stay there
for a few seconds, our pubic hair tangled and entwined in
a wet mass between us. then he would resume his furious onslaught.

I felt what I had felt before, but this time I didn't
control it, I didn't delay it, and I didn't diminish
it. I felt it rushing from my clitoris to my pelvis. I convulsed,
tightening from my abdomen to my asshole. I clenched my
butt and raised my hips high, lifting Danny.

All the air exploded from my lungs as I screamed: "I'M

"Do it, Mom! Let it happen!"

"GOD! MY GOD!" It wouldn't stop.

Danny let out a loud groan and yelled "MOM!"

I felt him ejaculating, cumming into the womb which had
given him life. I was again full of his fresh, hot, baby-making

He fell on top of his exhausted mother. Every ounce of energy
that had been pent up in me had been expended in those minutes
of sexual union.

No pillow, no positioning this time. Danny rolled off and
we cuddled and kissed and dozed.

When I opened my eyes, Danny was propped up on his elbow,
looking at my face.

"You made me cum, " I said.

"I'm happy I could do that for you. I was hoping
it would be good for you."

"Danny, that's the best ever. Nothing even is
close. I've never felt like this in all my life. Better
than your father by a mile."

He sucked one nipple, then the other. Easily, gently. "Mmmm.
I forgot how good that feels."

"We fucked, Mom."

"I asked you to fuck me, and I got every bit of what I
asked for."

"I've been waiting for you to wake up and look
at what seeing you there naked did for me, " he said
while pointing to his crotch.

There, not ten minutes after he had emptied his balls into
me, was his again-hard cock.

"Danny, you're amazing. You can't be serious!"

"Mom, I want to fuck again."

"NOW?" I couldn't believe he could want
a repeat this soon. I had never in my life done it twice in
a whole night, let alone in the space of a half hour.

I didn't want to waste the moment, so I positioned myself
on my back and parted my thighs for my son.

He looked at me and said with a grin, "How about like

With a gentle roll, he turned me on my stomach and got behind

"Danny, no. Don't do this to your mother."
I didn't resist, but it seemed awfully undignified
to be in this position.

"Please, Mom, " he said and he pulled my hips
up and back until I was on my hands and knees..

It was then that I was sure I was about to be fucked by my son—doggie

He rubbed his cock up and down my vagina and then placed his
hands on my hips.

"I wish Dad could see me now, " he said.

"Danny, don't be like that, " I said. I
knew he didn't mean it literally, but that he wanted
to vindicate himself by showing his father he had bested
him. He had taken possession of his wife and made her his
own. His son had sexually replaced him and made his woman
cry out in pleasure as he satisfied her deepest sexual needs.
Melvin's son had exceeded him in every sexual regard
and had laid claim to his woman physically. He excited her,
buried his seed, and was attempting to breed with his mother.
No wonder he wanted to lord that over his father, the man
who disdained and belittled him at every chance.

He moved forward and I felt my pussy expand as he entered
me. It was a totally different sensation from this angle.
One I hadn't experienced in over a decade.

"Oooooohhhh!" I moaned as my son slid all the
way in my sperm-lubricated vagina. "Danny! So good
... so good."

He pulled back and spread my ass cheeks. "Mom, you
have the cutest little pink asshole."

You'd think by this point I would have been over any
shyness with my son, but the thought of him staring at his
mother's asshole made my face feel hot with blood as
I blushed. Just a few days before we had a normal relationship
where modesty was the byword. Now, every physical secret
of mine had been revealed. Not many sons see their mom's
butts, let alone their assholes. I guess I was one of the

Danny rocked back and forth, sending waves of ecstasy through
my body. He might have been delving even farther into my
pussy from this angle.

I surprised my self when I begged: "Harder, Danny!
Please—harder!" He complied and the motion made
my tits sway wildly beneath me.

Danny must have seen them swinging there and the temptation
was too great to ignore. He leaned forward, reached beneath
me, and cupped my breasts in his strong hands. I felt utterly
and totally possessed by him as he held me tight and surged
into me. It sent me over the edge for the second time.


It lasted a good thirty seconds, and then all my strength
left my arms. My upper body collapsed on the bed. Danny held
my hips up and continued to pound into me. Having already
cum once must have given him greater staying power the second

He fucked into his mother faster, and it was another minute
before he yelled: "TAKE IT! MOM! ALL OF IT!"

My pussy was too numb to feel the flow, but I knew Danny had
again flooded me with his precious seed. I had more cum in
me now than had been deposited since I was thirty. All in
two days.


I had showered. Danny refused to. He said he wanted to be
covered with me when he played his game that night. Our afternoon
activities barely left time for him to get to the school
without being late.

I sat in bleachers, my bottom throbbing against the hard
seat. Mazie sat beside me. Danny was a wide receiver, and
her son was the kicker.

"Jen, you look amazing. Look at the color in your cheeks!"

I must have still been flushed with surging blood from the
explosive excitement of the afternoon.

"I'm surprised your new protector let you come
to the game and sit in the chilly outdoors, " she joked.

"Danny's a good boy, " I spat back.

"Whoa! what's going on with you? I was kidding."

"Sorry. I guess I'm a little sensitive still.
We had a row with Melvin at the hospital. He insulted Danny,
and ..."

She put her arm around me and shook a hug. "I get it,
you need a little TLC is all. There's Danny waving at
you. Look at him so handsome standing there on the sideline
with his helmet off. Mmmm! I bet he could use some TLC too."

I felt a pang of jealousy, but said, "Go for it!"

"Jen! I'm like his mother for God's sake.
He probably thinks the same thing and doesn't even
see me as a woman, but an old lady who dodders around! And
again, I was only kidding. Don't take everything I
say so literally."

Part of what she said was probably true, but when I watched
her face while she looked at Danny, I recognized something.
Something she would never act on, for sure, but something
caged there because of her own self-imposed chastity.

"I'm only saying he's 18 and I told you before,
he's got a crush on you."

"Now I'm embarrassed. End of subject."

"End of subject, " I agreed.

I had been afraid Danny would be fatigued after the exertions
he performed. I thought he might be drained of his energy
along with his vital fluids, which were all present at the
football field. But unlike the other players, they were
carried in his mother's pussy.

Danny caught two touchdown passes. Mazie's son, Terry,
missed a field goal and a point after.


I was late. Not for a meeting or an appointment. I was just

Two weeks had passed, and there was good news about Melvin.
They had decided to try another technique on him and it had
worked. It was going to take a lot of rehab, but all indications
were he would almost surely recover.

He appeared to be a changed man. He was even nice to Danny.

While we were visiting Mel, I made my big announcement:
"Attention everyone." Everyone in the room
consisted of Danny standing beside me, and Mel in his wheelchair.
I pulled a white plastic stick out of my pocket. I was the
only one who had seen it before my big reveal here.

"Ta-Da!" I said with a magician's flourish.
"If my eyes don't deceive me, and they don't,
I see an obvious 'Plus sign' indicated here!"


"You mean—" Mel whispered. "This has
got to be the best week ..."

"Way to go, Dad, " Danny said.

Mel brought his hand up to wipe his eyes.

I put my arm around Danny's waist, looked into his eyes
and echoed: "Yeah, way to go, DAD!"


Bonus Ending — Danny & Mrs. Walker

Dad was so happy. First the operation worked and then he
found out Mom was pregnant. Things were really going good.

We had just gotten home from telling Dad. Mom kept saying
"Wow!" and waving the ept stick at me.

"Mom. We did it! I can't believe I got you pregnant!
I got you pregnant." The reality of it was starting
to set in. I was going to be a Dad!"

Mom hugged me, and I kissed her lips.

Mom said, "You know, once your father gets home, we
have to go back to being a regular family. For real."

"I know, Mom."

For the past two weeks, Mom and I had sex at least once a day.
I even got her to blow me. At first she wouldn't let me
cum in her mouth. Then she did, but spit it out. Finally,
she took a huge load of mine and looked up at me and swallowed.
The feeling of my own mother swallowing my cum made me feel

But, I returned the favor too. I ate her pussy and made her
cum hard each time before I fucked her. That didn't
stop her from cumming again on my cock. She got better and
better at having an orgasm. They seemed a lot stronger now
than at the beginning.

It would be hard to give all that up, but I knew once Dad got
home it would only be trouble if we got caught, and I didn't
want to mess up the family, especially since we were adding
to it. I couldn't believe I got Mom pregnant—and
I was going to be a father.

I'd just look at her sometimes and it wouldn't
be my Mom, but a beautiful woman that was mine and I had done
what a man should do—mate with her. That's what I
did: I mated with my own Mom.

Mom called Mazie to tell her the news. It wasn't ten
minutes later that she came in.

"Jen! You told me two weeks ago! You somehow knew!
It's like magic!"

It was like magic if magic was what gushed out of my cock into
Mom's pussy for two weeks.

"How will it feel to finally have a brother or a sister?"

I rubbed Mom's stomach. I really wanted to stick my
hand down her pants and rub her clit. "Mrs. Walker,
I can't tell you how happy I am right now!"

Mrs. Walker held her arms up and I gave her a hug. She felt
good, and I held on maybe longer than I needed to.

"I wish I had better news to share, " she said.
"Terry's in the hospital."

Terry, my friend and Mrs. Walker's son, had gotten
hurt during the football game the night before. He had kicked
a punt and some jerk ran into him while he was in the air. He
hurt his knee.

"He had an MRI on his knee and he's going to have

"Nooo!" I said. Why couldn't everything
go right on a happy day like this?

"Aww! Mazie, I'm so sorry, " Mom said.
She hugged her.

When they let go of each other, Mrs. Walker had tears in her

"That's just the start of it, " she said.
"I have a big horse show tomorrow and I was counting
on Terry to help get ready today. Now I'll probably
have to cancel. I don't know if I can take a financial
hit like this. I only have four of these shows a year and they're
all locked in."

Mom looked at me. I wasn't the volunteering type, but
this was a different situation.

"Mrs. Walker, " I said, "I've helped
Terry bunches of times when I was hanging around with him
on the ranch. Maybe I can sorta fill in for him today."
I was hoping she'd say no. I wanted to stay with Mom and
look at her all pregnant and everything.

"Danny ... would you! You would be a lifesaver. Oh
my God! Oh my God!"

She hugged me again. This time it was her that didn't
let go.

She held me finally at arm's length and said, "It's
a lot of hard work. Some heavy stuff, and some where you have
to get dirty. A ranch is a hard taskmaster. You can say no
if you want."

"Sounds like fun, " I said. "Maybe I'll
even get a little exercise."

"You sure?"

"Today's a day when we all should be happy, "
I said. Mom was smiling.


Mrs. Walker was right. There was lots of lifting hay bales
and using a pitchfork and shoveling manure, and a million
other things. I had done some of the stuff before and the
rest was easy to learn. I was in great shape from all the football
workouts, so the things Mrs. Walker needed me to do to do
were no great strain. If she had been alone though, it would
have been impossible.

Every once in a while, I would take a look at her. She had on
a long-sleeved denim shirt with snaps down the front. It
had two breast pockets, also with snaps. Those two pockets
strained against what was beneath them. She wore tight
faded jeans that showed off her great ass and legs. All the
hard work on the ranch was better than a gym membership.

I started to go back to my old images of what I thought she
might look like naked. Since Mom and me, you know, I hadn't
thought about her once like that. But being so close and
her bending over and everything. Again I wondered.

Funny thing was once in a while I caught her looking at me.
Was it she was checking if I was doing everything right,
or something else?

We took a break, and she said, "I can't believe
all we're getting done. And so fast! Must be all these
muscles you have." She ran her hands over my back and
ended on my biceps. Of course I flexed. "Oh my goodness.
You're so strong. You're twice Terry's size."

"That's why he's the kicker, " I said
with a laugh. "But look at you, Mrs. Walker. You don't
have an ounce of fat on you. I ran my hands over her shoulders
and then rested them on her waist, giving a little pinch.

We stood there looking into each other's eyes. "You've
certainly grown up to be a handsome boy. Your Mom is so proud
of you. You really took over while your dad has been ill."

"I filled in as best I could, " I said laughing.
"Mrs. Walker, I always thought you were so beautiful.
From the first time I saw you."

"Danny, that's so sweet." She was about
three inches shorter than me. She tiptoed up to kiss my cheek.
I turned my head and caught her full on the relaxed mouth.
Before he could react, I slipped my tongue in and swished
it across hers.

She broke free. "Danny! What are you thinking? What
if I told your mother?"

"I don't think she'd care. I told her how
I felt about you."

"Felt about me?"

The weeks with Mom had changed me, given me more confidence.
I figured I had nothing to lose.

"Yeah, I've always had a crush on you. Mom told
me you like me too. You thought I was 'yummy' or

"I was being playful, Danny. You should be looking
at girls your own age, not some old lady 30 years older than

"I'm not thinking about age. I'm thinking
about how nice you are, how pretty you are, and how sexy you

"Danny, stop that right now. I'll drive you right
home if you don't stop."

I stood close and said, "That won't change that
I want to fuck you." Her mouth gaped open and her eyes
widened. "That won't change that I want to make
you cum." I kissed her again, hard. She didn't
move, probably paralyzed by what I had said.

I went back to work. It took her another 30 seconds to go back
to her own chores.

About an hour later, she called from the house: "Danny!

She had made sandwiches and chips. We ate at the kitchen
table. She didn't look me in the face the whole time.
All of the talk was about the work still to be done.

Finally, she said, "Danny, I going to forget about
what you said. I'm not going to tell your mother. She
would be very disappointed, young man."

Maybe a few weeks ago she would have been disappointed.
Now, not so much.

"Mrs. Walker, I don't want you to forget about
it. I meant what I said."

She got up without a word and took half the dishes to the sink.
I took the rest and as she was rinsing some, I came up tight
behind her, digging my boner into the crack of her ass. Her
body stiffened. I reached around her with both arms and
placed my dishes in the sink. As I pulled my hands back, I
cupped her breasts and gave a squeeze as I dug my prick in

I let go and said, "I'll be cleaning out the stalls."

She didn't turn and she didn't say anything.

I worked hard for a few hours before I saw her again. She came
into the bunkhouse and said, "We should talk, Danny."

I wiped the sweat off my forehead with my shirt. I had taken
it off because of the heat of the day and the hard work I was
doing. Mrs. Walker's eyes drifted over my chest and
gave a brief look to my crotch before she looked me in the

"Danny, I'm very flattered by your attentions,
but this has got to stop. If I did anything unintentionally
to encourage this over the years, I apologize."

"The only thing you did, Mrs. Walker, was to be gorgeous,
and funny, and have that sexy body."

"Danny. You're Terry's best friend. I'm
his mother. How could you ever think of me in any way but that?
I'm your mother's best friend. You can't
betray those kinds of friendships. It isn't right.
It would damage both families. That's why you have
to change your thinking."

"My thinking is still the same. I want to fuck you and
I want to make you cum—hard!"

"Please, Danny. Don't talk like that. It's

"Mrs. Walker, I don't think it's disrespectful
to appreciate you as a woman who has needs and had sacrificed
so much for her family. I know how hard it is for you. Even
more today when I see how much it takes to run this place.
I think your deserve credit for all you done and accomplished."

"Danny, that's besides the point. You, you are
just the wrong person to be saying this. You're like
my own son."

I approached her. She put her hands on my sweaty chest, probably
to brace herself and not let me kiss her again. I reached
around and grabbed her ass and forced her crotch against
mine. I know she could feel my hardon.

"Danny, let me go." Her hands made small rubbing
movements over my pecs, coating her palms with my sweat.

I timed gentle thrusts with my hips against her pubic area
to coincide with her hand movements.

"Mrs. Walker, I want to fuck you and make you cum hard.
I want to see you naked and suck on these." I released
her hard ass and lifted her breasts and weighed them beneath
her shirt.

Her crotch, which had remained glued against mine, gave
a little jerk forward against my prick.

I squeezed her breasts again. "Danny. Stop it. Stop
it. We have more work to get done in the next two hours."

"One little kiss, " I said.

"No, " she said as I kissed her and licked across
her lips. The tip of her tongue sneaked out to meet mine.
Then she pushed away.

"I'm going to pick up supplies. I'll be back
in an hour."

I worked doubly hard to try and get everything done. I heard
her truck get back a little over an hour later. I worked on
for another hour and a quarter before I finished everything
on the list.

I even did some extra things she said she would have to get
done in the morning.

I put on my shirt and walked into the house. "I finished
everything, and even did that other list you had."

"Thanks, Danny. There are few heavy things in the
truck that need to go into the storeroom here."

"OK." I carried them into a narrow room and neatly
stacked them where Mrs. Walker directed.

"All right. That's everything. I'm even
way ahead of where I thought I'd be, even with Terry's
help. That all the chores we needed to do. Danny, I don't
know how to thank you."

I turned to her in the narrow confines of the room. "You're
wrong, Mrs. Walker."


"There's one chore left to do. And it also takes
care of thanking me."

"Danny, don't start that again. We have to put
that part of the day behind us. You're a young boy who's
listening to one part of his body and forgetting the rest
of his good judgment."

"My body is just listening to your great body, Mrs.
Walker. Don't tell me your body isn't telling
you some great ideas too."

"Danny, stop it." I had stepped closer, backing
her into the shelves in the room. "We have to leave
now. You mother will start to get worried."

"She'll know I'm with you, safe and sound."
I pressed up against her, our faces just inches apart. "Don't
you want to hug and kiss me goodbye like you usually do?"

"Let's go. You have to let me out of here. What
would your mother think or what would Terry think of you
if he saw you do this to his mother?"

"What would he think if I made you cum—hard?"

"Don't say that again?"

"Don't you want to cum?" I kissed her lips

"Stop it."

"Don't you need to cum?" I kissed her harder,
and she feebly pushed against my chest.

"I'm so much older than you. Doesn't that
bother you?"

I kissed her as she finished the sentence and teased at her
closed lips with my tongue. Her tongue met it and gently
played with mine. Then she turned her head aside.

"I think of you as a beautiful, experienced, profession
woman." I kissed her exposed neck and nibbled at it.

"You don't know what you're doing to me.
It's not fair. It's not fair."

I turned her face back to me and looked into her eyes. "You
deserve some pleasure. You deserve some tenderness. You
deserve to let your feelings out."

"That doesn't make this right. I'm vulnerable
right now. You have to stop this before it gets out of hand,
before we do something we'll regret."

"Do you regret this?" Then I kissed her. She
didn't move. "Or this?" I took her into
my arms. She didn't help, but she didn't resist.
"Or this?" I kissed her and let my tongue part
her lips. They opened and I glided my tongue inside Mrs.
Walkers mouth fully for the first time. After a few seconds,
her own tongue came alive and intertwined with mine. Then
she stuck her tongue into my mouth and gently probed. Her
rate of breathing was increasing.

My hands tugged at her shirt. It started to slide out of her
jeans at the waistband.

Her eyes flew open and her hands went to mine. "No, "
she whispered. "we have to stop."

I tugged steadily until her shirt was completely free of
her pants.

"I want to get you home, " she said, her voice

"I want to get you in bed, " I said at the same
volume. My hands ventured up to those big, soft breasts.
I massaged them for a moment before her hands came up to fend
me away.

"You can't, Danny. This is so wrong."

My hands went up to the collar of her shirt. I pulled and the
topmost snap went "click" as it parted.

"No!" she said, but made no movement.

Click, click, click. Three more snaps, and Mrs. Walker's
white bra was exposed to my view.

"You're embarrassing me. Please stop."

"You have beautiful breasts, Mrs. Walker."
I rubbed my left hand over both of them. Her nipples hardened
under my touch. "Don't you want me to see them,
to touch them? Don't you want me to kiss them and suck
on them?"

Click, click, click and her shirt was completely open in
the front. Before she could protest again, I kissed her
while snaking my hands around and under her shirt in an embrace.
She kissed back with more fierceness this time, but she
broke our lips apart when she felt my fingers on her bra clasps.

"You can't. Danny! Don't!"

A few weeks ago, I would have fumbled around and maybe lost
my momentum. But after all the practice I had gotten taking
Mom's bras off, this was no challenge at all. With a
quick flick of my fingers the clasps had parted.

Before going any further, I thought I should disrobe a bit
too. I flipped my shirt off in one motion and let it drop to
the floor. While Mrs. Walker stared at my chest, I peeled
back her shirt and dropped it aside of mine. There she was,
standing silently with her bra loosened and ready.

I reached for her bra straps, but her hands flew across her
chest. "I won't go any further."

"Don't you want to see how it feels when I rub my
chest against yours?"

She weakened and I tugged the bra free and dropped it. Her
breasts might not have been quite as big as Mom's, but
they looked bigger because she was smaller. And, though
not saggy, they hung lower than Mom's and were more
relaxed. Mrs. Walker also had bigger nipples. They were
longer and darker. Her aureoles were about the size of poker

I pulled her close and crushed her breasts against me.

"Oh my God! What am I doing? What am I doing, "
she repeated again and again.

I kissed her and now she really responded, hungrily tasting
my mouth. I pushed her away and dipped my head down. I took
in a delicious nipple and sucked hard.

"OOHHH!" she screamed. It sounded extra loud
in the small room. Something told me Mrs. Walker didn't
like the same kind of treatment I gave Mom. Maybe it was from
watching how rough she was on the ranch and doing her work.
I knew she didn't need the gentle touch Mom treasured.

I ran my tongue around and around as quickly as I could. "Aaaaahhh!"
escaped her lips.

I couldn't believe after all these years, after all
the times I jerked off thinking about Mrs. Walker, that
I was standing here sucking her tit. But, I had to make sure
it didn't stop here. I took her hand and slid it into
my sweatpants and beneath my underwear until it brushed
against my raging cock. It took her a few seconds to realize
what had happened.

Mrs. Walker tore her hand loose and out, saying, "No!
No! I can't do that to you. You're so young!"

I switched to the other nipple and gave it equal attention.
A long low "MMMMMM!" escaped her. "Oh,
Danny! That feels ... that feels ..."

I took her hand again and placed it at the top of my sweatpants
and let it go. It rested there for a few seconds, and then
on its own did a slow tracing downwards. Inside the sweatpants
and inside my underwear.

I felt her rough palm glide over my penis, and then encircle
it. "Oh my God! So big!"

Her hand now glided more easily. My precum must be covering
most of her small hand by now. "Danny! I never dreamed.
You're such a big boy!"

I took my mouth away from her breast, moving it to her mouth.
Her hand jacked me back and forth with little motions. I
whispered in her ear, "How will that feel deep inside

Her eyes flew open with the realization at how far and how
fast this was all progressing. "No! That can't
happen! We can't have intercourse. That would be totally
wrong for us. Your mother, Terry. Can't you see how
wrong it is? You have to understand."

My hand went to her crotch and I rubbed hard there for the
first time. Her hips arched forward to make greater contact.
Obviously her body was saying one thing while her mouth
said another.

She got desperate and was willing to sacrifice her mouth.
She dropped to her knees, dragged my clothes to my feet and
said, "Look! Danny, I'll blow you! That's
as far as we can go."

She stared at my cock in her fist. Then without further hesitation,
took about four inches into her mouth. A loud groan drifted
up from her mouth as she tasted me for the first time.

Her fist pumped with an amazing speed. She was trying to
get me to cum and be done with me and the temptations I handed
to her.

It might have worked before, but not after two weeks of the
most exciting sex a son can have—with his sexy mother.

Still, this was my hall of fame scene: Mrs. Walker on her
knees giving me a blowjob. In all my imaginings, it was never
as good as what I was actually seeing before me. Her beautiful
bare tits jiggled and the top of her gray haired head shook.

When I didn't immediately cum, she changed methods
and deep throated me. It was so different from the delicate
way Mom gave me oral sex. Not any better or any worse, but
very different. I could feel Mrs. Walker's throat
open up and take the head of my penis in. Every once in a while,
she would make a gagging sound.

I knew I had to act, and act quickly. I wasn't going to
be shortchanged by a blowjob.

I backed away from her leaving her breathing hard on her
knees. I pulled her to her feet. "Did I do something
wrong? It's been a long time." She sounded unsure
of herself.

"No, nothing wrong. Just the location. I want to lie
on your bed while you do that." It was only partially
an untruth.

"Come on then, " she said. I stepped out of my
clothes and followed her to her bedroom. It was big and had
thick mahogany furniture in it. No prissy, girly stuff.
I wouldn't have expected anything else.

She pulled the covers down and motioned me to get on the bed.

"First I want to see you naked, Mrs. Walker. Totally

I didn't wait for her response, I unbuckled her belt
and whipped it through the loops and dropped it to the floor.
She tried to stop me from unbuttoning her jeans but I had
them unzipped before she could react. I think the whole
situation had her dazed and not in the possession of her
usual reflexes. Add to that the possibility she actually
wanted to be naked in front of me. Even if that was a little
piece of the puzzle, it still fit into why I had a relatively
easy time with her jeans.

The one thing that surprised me was when she grabbed my hands
and said, "Danny, I haven't shaved in so long.
I can't let you see me like this."

I guess not being married and not having a man in your life
makes it a needless chore to keep up with that king of grooming.

"I'm going to love looking at every inch of you, "
I said while dragging her jeans to the floor. She stepped
out of them. I kissed her and played with her breasts. Again
I sucked them both.

And then I pulled Mrs. Walkers white panties down. She had
the thickest bush I had ever seen. It was about half black
and half gray, all mixed together. Some of the hair crawled
down her inner thighs for about an inch.

She was 48 years old but had one of the most amazing bodies
I had ever seen. Slim and muscular and strong and sexy.

I cupped her bush and she tried to back away. "No! You
promised I could finish you off here. We can't do anything

She still clung to the hope that I wasn't going to fuck
her. I thought I would clarify that by restating my original
prediction. "Mrs. Walker, I'm going to fuck
you and make you cum."

"We can't, " she said again as I covered
her mouth with kisses. My right hand drifted down her abs
until it reached the tip of her pubic hair. She groaned when
I parted the dense jungle with my middle finger and squealed
when I bumped over her big clit.

"Get on the bed."

"I've never been in that bed with anyone but my

"Until today." I led her by the hand. At first
she pulled back, but then came to the edge and sat down.

I had learned from Mom the power of oral sex. I surprised
Mrs. Walker by dropping to my knees and burying my face deep
into her tangles of course hair. She smelled musky and strong,
a lot different from Mom. But a good different.

"No! No! You're just 18! You can't ... oohhh!"

I had found her clit with my tongue. I swirled it around and

"What are you doing? What are you doing?"

Another minute proved I knew what I was doing. Mrs. Walker's
hips bucked and vibrated. She emitted shriek after high
pitched shriek and then cried out "YEESS! YEESS!

I had made her cum. I had made Mrs. Walker cum. Now it was her
turn to make me cum. She needed a moment apparently to regain
her sanity. She lay there as if she were dead.

I climbed onto the bed an positioned myself on my back. My
second hall of fame fantasy was Mrs. Walker riding me.

She stirred and looked for me. I calmly waited.

"Ohh. Danny. What did you do to me?"

"I told you I would make you cum, didn't I?"

"Oh my God. You did. You make me cum. You made me cum

"What else did I tell you?"

"Danny. You used your mouth on me. I'll do the
same for you right now. Deal?"

"What else did I say I would do?"


I continued to look at her until she said, "You said
you would fuck me. But that's just too much. We can't
go that far. You have to change your mind."

"OK. I changed my mind. Instead of me fucking you,
you're going to fuck me. I'm going to lie on my back
and you're going to crawl over here, straddle me, and
fit my cock to that delicious pussy of yours and sink down
on it. Understand?"

"I can't. I could never be the one to initiate
it. Never."

"You want to know what it would feel like inside you.
You know your pussy wants to surround me. You know that you
can cum even harder than you just did. But only if you have
my cock shoved deep inside you."

"No. You have to stop talking."

"You know you want me to shoot all my cum up inside you.
You want to make me cum. Say it. I made you cum. Now it's
your turn. Say you want to make me cum."

"Danny, I do want to make you cum. It's only fair.
But not that."

I pointed at my cock. It was stiff and at attention and waiting
for that hairy home Mrs. Walker was sitting on only a few
feet away. I could have forced the issue, but this was much
more exciting for me. Again, if it hadn't been for Mom
recently, I wouldn't have had the will or patience
for this. In the back of my mind was "If this doesn't
work out, I'll just go home and fuck Mom."

"You want to cum again, don't you? You want to
be fucked. To feel that again. Admit it."

It took a long time for her to say "Yes."

"Tell me you want to fuck me. If you fuck me you're
going to cum, and I'm going to cum. Tell me now you want
to fuck me."

"Danny, of course I want to fuck you now. But I can't
because of who you are, who your mother is, and because of
Terry. For God's sake. It would be like fucking my own

"Would that be so bad?" That slipped out before
I weighed what I was saying.

"Danny! How could you think of such a thing. You wouldn't
think of your own mother like that, would you?"

I didn't say anything.

"Danny! Think of your mother!"

"My mother is pregnant now. That's all you have
to know about my mother. The important thing is what's
going on between your legs. Do you honestly want me to leave
here without feeling me inside you?"

"You have me all confused. It's been so long since—"

"And how much longer would it be if you don't crawl
over here right now. I want my cock inside you, pumping sperm
into your beautiful body. It's not like I could make
you pregnant too."


"I said its not like you can get pregnant."

"That's not the point. I'm just confused
now. My body wants one thing, but my mind says no."

"Come over here and blow me then."

Mrs. Walker took this as an out and crawled up onto her own
bed. I kissed her and let her start sucking my cock. My hand
went to her vagina and soon I was teasing at her clit. She

"My cock doesn't belong in your mouth, it belongs
here." I slid my middle finger deep into her soaked

"Oh my God, " she said and went limp.

In and out my finger went. "You don't want just
a finger, do you?" No answer. "You want my cock
in there, don't you?"

"Yes, " she whispered. "I want you inside
me." That final barrier had been broken. Mrs. Walker
knew and admitted to herself that she needed to be filled
in a different way. In slow motion she rose to her knees and
looked down at me maybe with a little sadness, but certainly
with that lusty look of desire.

She straddled me, reached back an took hold of my cock. "You
can never tell anyone about this, especially Terry, or
your mother. This will be your biggest secret."

It was hardly my biggest secret, but I wasn't going
to argue. "Tell me you want to fuck me, " I said.
I wanted to hear it from her.

"Danny, I want to fuck you. I need it, I really need
it. It's been so long since ..."

I felt the tip of my penis brush aside all that pubic hair
and then it slid into a 48-year-old pussy. She sat down on
me with a big groan. Her eyes were closed and she raised her
face to the ceiling.

Mrs. Walker wasn't quite as tight as Mom, but I could
feel a rougher texture to her that made it all the more exciting.
After all these years, I couldn't believe I was fucking
Terry's mother. Again I had that weird wish that Terry
could see this right now. I wished he could see that I was
making his mom moan and shake from being horny—for me.

And shake she did. Her hips ground down and curved towards
me in a slow arc. She had her hands planted on either side
of my chest, bracing her and giving her a strong base to work
from. This position made her big tits dangle in front of
my face. I lifted my head and sucked on one of her stiff nipples.

"Oh yeah! I love that!" she said.

There was no rush in her. She took her time and pulled herself
up so that only the very tip of me was still in contact with
her pussy. Then she eased herself down until I was fully
embedded. At that point she tilted her hips forward to get
the maximum penetration. It finally occurred to me that
she was riding me like she did her horses. Her body knew just
how to coordinate her movements.

I wished she could teach Mom this technique, because it
felt so sensational.

I grabbed her ass. It was hard and muscular. I pulled her
even tighter to me when she was at her lowest.

"Oh! Danny, you're so big. This feels so good.
I can't believe you got me to fuck you."

I couldn't believe it either. No jerking off could
ever match the scene I was finally seeing after all these
years. All the times I had been over to visit Terry. All the
times I watched her in the kitchen making us lunch or dinner.
All the times she visited Mom. I wish I could go back in time
and tell myself that someday I would actually have that
woman naked on top of me. That I would be sucking those big
tits. That I would have my hard cock deep inside her hairy
pussy. And that she would be loving it.

That would have blown my mind!

My present day mind was pretty blown as it was. She was grinding
faster and faster and harder and harder. She straightened
up and took her hands off the bed. They went to her tits, and
she rubbed them and kneaded them as she continued to ride

The steady stream of "AHH! AHH! AHH!" was punctuated
by high-pitched squeals. She was getting close. And I was
getting close. The thought of cumming in another woman
other than my mother gave me a strange vibe. Maybe it was
because there wasn't the chance of getting her pregnant.
Boy, I would have really liked to give Terry a little brother
or sister!

"Oh! Danny! Danny! Oohh! Ooohh!" Her face took
on an expression like when you try to lift the heaviest thing
you ever lifted. My cock then lifted her to a tremendous
orgasm that had been waiting in her pussy for years.


She went crazy on top of me. She bucked and screamed and groaned.
Just when I thought she would be done, she speeded up, squeezing
every bit of pleasure she could from the experience. And
with that, her pussy squeezed my cock. Even tighter than
Mom's ever did. That did it for me. I closed my eyes and
let go stream after stream of my steaming cum into my mother's
best friend, my best friend's mother, the woman on
top of me.

"OHHHH! MOM! MOM!" I yelled.

Then it was over. I had all of Mrs. Walker's weight on
me. We were both drenched with sweat.

I had fucked Mrs. Walker. I had made her cum. She was now full
of my stickiness. Every time I looked at her in the future,
I would know that I had seen her naked. I would know that I
had made her cum. I would know that I had fucked her.

And she would know it too.

Mrs. Walker stirred and fell off me to the side. I wrapped
my arms around her and kissed her face.

"I shouldn't have done that, " she whispered.

"I'm glad you did."

"I don't know what to think."

She was probably having regrets now that the force of her
lust had been satisfied.

"This is a one-time thing. We can't ever do this

"Not even today?" I asked. I knew I was going
to get hard again very soon and I wanted to fuck in at least
one other position before I left.

Her answer was a gasp and a shudder.

We lay there for a while without talking.

"Your pregnant mother is all alone at home. Don't
you want to get back to her and take care of her?"

"Oh, I've taken care of her plenty in the last
two weeks." I smiled at my own joke.

"It's kind of a miracle that she got pregnant,
isn't it?"

"Yeah. Who knew it could happen after all this time."

"I'm really full of your cum, Danny. You cum a
lot don't you?"

"Oh yeah! It can be a real mess."

"But not a mess when it's in a woman. Deep in a woman.
Where it can get a woman pregnant."

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at me. Looked
at me differently than she had before.

"Your mother told me time and again your father couldn't
get her pregnant. Time and again. And he proved it time and
again. Yet, this time it happened."

"Like you said. A miracle."

"This may shock you, Danny, but I suggested that you
mom have a little affair to get pregnant. All hush hush and
secret so nobody would ever know. She said she could only
be intimate with somebody she loved. You hear me—somebody
she loved."

I didn't like the sound of her voice. I didn't like
where this was going. It felt like I was on the witness stand
and the lawyer was piecing things together for the court.

"You said 'too' earlier."


"Yeah. You said you couldn't get me pregnant
TOO." I didn't think much of it at the time. But
then, when you came inside me, you didn't call 'Mrs.
Walker.' You yelled at the top of your lungs, "
she brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered, "Mom!"

"Your mother loves you very much, doesn't she?"


She laughed and clapped her hands together. She looked
at the ceiling and yelled, "Jen, I can't believe

Then she faced me again. "Danny, you naughty boy!

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a long great story of a motherfucker keep up the great writing
and tell us more


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I'll agree it was long but well written. Hope to hear
more about having fun with Mrs Walker.


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This was a long story, but it was very good.


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WTF is a Storie??


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Dam, long time for a mother fucker.