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Living on an island with two women


Shortly after I turned fifty, both my parents became ill
and eventually passed away and that is when I came into a
large sum of money. And even though I was raised to value
hard work, I decided to quit my job with a sizeable investment
portfolio of my own. I was kind of set for life although I
couldn't take trips around the world, every time I
got bored.

I had already been planning my retirement for many years
but the passing of my parents, just moved my plans up by ten
years. And part of my previous planning included the fact
I found an absolutely stunning piece of property with a
small pond on. It was several miles away from small town
I had grown up in. My plans were to someday move back to my
home town and build my dream home on the property. It would
give me the peace and quiet I wanted, yet I was still only
fifteen minutes away from the town.

So I began to interview builders and architects for about
six months before I finally settled on the builder and the
home plans , for my retirement years. It was an open concept
first floor with a first floor master bedroom and bath.
And the second floor included three other bedrooms, each
with their own private baths. I didn't have a lot of
relatives but just in case some distant cousin wanted to
come and visit me, I would have the room for them. But that
is not how it ended up working out.

My first housemate, so to speak was Joyce. A nice woman with
a very round bottom on her. She had recently gone through
a tough divorce and was having a difficult time making ends
meet. Since I had known Joyce since high school, although
she was two years behind me in school, I couldn't just
let her end up on the streets. In fact Joyce was one of the
first people I met when I moved back home, staying in a motel
while supervising my home's construction.

Of course neither of us looked like kids any longer but we
still shared memories of our childhood years and chatted
about them for over an hour. And it was more of what Joyce
didn't say than what she said, that lead me to believe
she had, had a very hard life. So when she finally got around
to talking about her current situation, I invited Joyce
to come live with me, just to help her out, short term.

Joyce accepted my offer and moved her few things into one
of my upstairs bedrooms. She immediately began to clean
for me, cook for me and do just about everything else that
needed doing around my new home. But it was after dinner,
when Joyce and I would sit on the deck and gaze out onto the
pond, that her company was most appreciated. So one night
a week or so after she had moved in, I asked Joyce what went
wrong with her marriage.

She glanced at me and smiled before she said that was a long
story. "Well, we have all night and tomorrow night
too" I replied to her. And when Joyce began to talk,
she went on for well over an hour. I think she just needed
to get it off her chest.

I heard that her husband had been terrible with money. And
that they fought constantly, to the point she even had called
the police a couple of times after he threatened her. She
never came right out and said it but I was pretty sure their
sex life was just as bad as the rest of their marriage.

I had never married although I had dated a few women over
the years. But when I thought about all the woman I had dated,
I suddenly realized, why it didn't work out for me.
They all had their own careers and they were all very independent.
The sex was always great but it was always on their time table
and based on their needs, not mine. So when Joyce asked me
to tell more about my life after talking about hers for over
an hour, I told her about my girlfriends and why I never got

She seemed interested and listened closely. "For
some people, especially women, being in charge is more
important that feeling sexy, " Joyce replied to
me. I asked her what she meant and she kind of explained that
what made a lot of women just wanted to feel pampered and
appreciated. "It sounds like the women you dated
didn't need that kind of attention, " Joyce
said and then shut up.

"I am not sure I ever felt sexy, " She finally
said. I decided that was enough personal information for
one night and changed the subject so Joyce and I talked about
what a beautiful night it was before we headed to our bedrooms.

Like I already said Joyce had a pretty face and was, a bit
too plump on the bottom, but I still enjoyed her company.
And even though her figure was far from what I was after,
Joyce still had a womanly shape. Joyce and I basically did
our own thing and shared only our meals when I was home and
sat out each night and gazed up at the stars, together too.
I had a second car in the garage and had told Joyce as soon
as had moved in, that she could borrow it anytime she wanted
to go to town. But she never did and spent her first two weeks
at my house either cleaning and cooking or wandering around
outside in the peaceful country side and took long walks.

I was quite different than Joyce. I also liked the quietness,
I also needed other people around me. So Joyce did the cooking
and the cleaning while I did our shopping as well seeing
some of my old friends most mornings at the old cafe we always
met up at and had breakfast together. I would then pick up
anything Joyce had put on my shopping list and bring back
home where she would put it away. It was apparent to me quite
early on that no one and I mean no one in that small town knew
where Joyce was living and I never told them either.

I remember one day right before lunch I asked Joyce how she
could just stay out here in the country and avoid everybody
else for so long. I remember she said this felt like an escape
for her and she loved taking a break from the rest of the world.
"No one knows where I am or what I am doing. I really
like that privacy, " She added.

It was as if Joyce was living on an island except I was there
with her some of the time. And Joyce never left my home unless
she took her afternoon walk down the dirt road that ran in
front of my property. "Don't forget your water, "
I use to remind Joyce before she headed out for one of her
walks. And if I was going to be gone, in town, I would leave
a note taped to the refrigerator that said, "Take

Joyce had been living upstairs for about three weeks by
then. I remember we had just eaten dinner and had walked
outside to sit on the deck again, like we did almost every
night just to relax and talk and soak up the countryside.
Joyce had on a pair of her shorts which really showed the
thickness of her upper thighs. And I only remember that
because I thought Joyce's face was rather cute but
her bottom was quite large and the two never seem to fit together.

We had just sat down and next to one another and always spent
the first few minutes just looking out at the pond in silence.
There are moments and settings where words can wreck it
and that was one of those moments. Joyce had just taken a
deep breath, more like a sigh before she softly said to me, "
When are you going to ask me to move out?"

I knew from the start Joyce was not going to live with me forever
but I hadn't really give any time table to it, either.
It was rather nice having her company, even though I still
wanted my privacy as well. I looked at her and wondered why
she had asked me that question in the first place. "I
don't know. Are you not happy here?" I asked Joyce.

She smiled at me and told me this was what she needed and it
had come at the perfect time in her life. "If Vince
doesn't give our house away when it sells, I could have
as much as five thousand dollars so I would be able to take
care of myself after that, " Joyce explained. "Well
then let's just wait till your house sells, I said back
to her which caused her to smile and nod ok.

Joyce wished me a good night and headed inside shortly after
that conversation. But I just loved the outdoors especially
when the dark sky was full of stars like it was on that particular
night. So I sat on the deck for another hour or so before I
finally went to bed myself.

I don't want what I am about to say to sound poorly. But
one of the downsides of having Joyce in my home, living with
me was that it began to stir me more as a man. Just being near
a woman, even one with a big bottom was kind of getting to
me the longer she lived with me. And it really wasn't
because of Joyce herself, but the mere fact she was a woman.
All women have a scent and her scent was in my house and in
my nose constantly. I was fifty one but I wasn't dead.

And two days later that point really hit home when Joyce
handed me the list of things we needed at the grocery store.
Like I always did, I quickly scanned her list, just in case
I had questions before I left. And there near the bottom
of her list she had written "Tampons."

She was standing in front of me watching as her face was growing
redder by the second. I didn't want to make this even
more uncomfortable for her than it already was. So after
reading her list, I told Joyce I would get everything she
was asking for. As a grown woman clinging to whatever pride
she had left, Joyce smiled and thanked me.

I had never bought tampons before in my entire life and when
I got to that section of the store, I was shocked by all the
different choices. If I had known there were so many, I would
have asked Joyce which kind she used before I had left the
house. So being a resourceful person I was, I just put one
of almost every kind into my basket and figure I would return
the wrongs ones the next day. The cashier looked at me oddly
when I checked out with fourteen different boxes of tampons.

Joyce was very embarrassed when I carried the groceries
back into my house once she realized one bag was nothing
but tampons. "I didn't know there were so many
choices, " I told Joyce as she picked out the ones
she uses and thanked me. "Let me see that box again
so I will know next time, " I said to her as she handed
me her tampon box, so I could memorize what exactly she used.
Light blue box, smooth glide applicator, etc.

It was during breakfast the following morning that Joyce
shocked me again. It turned out she had been chatting on
the phone, daily, with a close friend of hers the entire
time she had been living with me. Joyce began to act very
nervous before she said, her friend , Melody was also looking
for a place to stay too. "She just needs a place for
a few weeks , " Joyce explained.

And that is how I suddenly had two middle aged women living
in my home. Melody was in her mid forties and had just broke
up with her abusive boyfriend of the past four years. Melody
was also a nice person but she also was no movie star or anything
even close to one. Sandy blonde hair with a more normal shape
but what really stuck out were her thick dark rimmed glasses.

I wasn't sure this was a good idea or a bad one but at least
Joyce had somebody to talk with, besides me. And they both
had so much in common, being middle aged women ending bad
relationships with men and neither had any really good
options about their futures. I doubted either of the women
were going to find another man, any time soon. But then I
got the feeling neither of them wanted another man any time
soon, either.

So with the three of us all living together it went well,
not perfect but not bad either. It was the sixth night since
Melody had moved in with us, that the three of us had a bottle
of wine with our dinner. I had never been a big drinker but
the wine did make me feel like everything was a little better
than it probably was. And the two women were feeling it too
because they laughed more and both seemed to be in very good

Just as I finished eating, Joyce said she had something
she wanted to say to me. I told her ok and sat there waiting
for her to say whatever was on her mind. Joyce got rather
emotional for a moment before she told me no man had ever
treated as good as I had treated her and she just wanted to
thank me for being so nice to her. Melody then chimed in and
told me even though she had only lived with me for only one
week, she felt the same way as Joyce did.

No one said another word as we all raised our glasses and
toasted our odd living arrangement. "It might just
me, but don't we feel like a family, just a little bit?"
Melody said next. Joyce quickly looked at Melody and then
back at me before she said that she agreed too. . I thought
it was touching but they might have also become more emotional
because of the wine.

So the two women quickly cleaned up the dinner dishes but
not before they both walked me onto the deck, helped me sit
down, brought me another glass of wine and one of my cigars.
I had to admit it did feel nice being pampered by not one woman
but by two women.

They both joined me ten minutes later and together the three
of us enjoyed another perfect summer evening in paradise.
Joyce spoke after about ten minutes of tranquil relaxation.
"If there is anything we can do to pay you back, just
let us know, " She said. I almost broke out laughing
but held it back because I don't' think Joyce realized
how that sounded. But Melody did and quickly said they didn't
mean it, the way it may have sounded.

"You two don' have to pay me back" I told
the two of them. "Well if you ever think of something,
just let us know, " Joyce said with a red face. I assured
them both I certainly would. Other than groceries the two
women weren't costing me very much and to tell you the
truth I was getting use to their company.

But the longer they lived in my home the more our lives became
intertwined and other than when I went to town, it felt like
the three of us were living alone on an island. I got use to
see my underwear in a basket in the laundry room with their
panties and bras.. And in the morning when I saw either of
them, their robes sometimes opened up a bit too much and
I could see some of the cleavage.

And I will admit they were arousing me more as each day passed.
I don't' believe they were doing this on purpose
but just having them near me so much, it was just happening
by accident. I just gotten home from the store when Melody
rushed out to help me with the bags. I remember looking at
her, thick rimmed glasses and all and I was surprised by
how shapely she suddenly looked.

I grabbed some bags, Melody grabbed some bags and together
we carried the groceries into the house. "By the way
I know I have stayed longer than I expected to. I do want to
thank you, "Melody said. "That's ok, it
is nice having you and Joyce around, " I think I said
back to her. "You mean sort of like your family?"
She asked giggling.

'Yes, we do feel sort of like an odd family, "
I said as I put my bags down and went back outside to get some
more. Melody followed me back to the car to get the rest when
she asked me if the nights are sometimes, as difficult for
me as they are for her and Joyce. It was the closest any of
us had gotten to talking about this living arrangement
and the issue of sex.

"Kind of, " was all I said to Melody as we carried
the last of the bags into the kitchen. The subject was dropped
as Joyce joined us and the two women began to put our groceries
away. A few more days passed and although no one brought
up the sex issue again, we all seemed a bit tense, just the

But that all changed one night while the three of us were
outside on the deck, sipping some wine and enjoying the
peaceful night sky, after dinner. "It feels like
I am living on a different planet, " Joyce said after
she had glanced over at me sitting between her and Melody.
I think I smile and nodded my head in agreement when Joyce
said, " I mean it. It really does feel like we are the
only three people living on this island, all alone?"

I chuckled and told her that maybe it wouldn't feel
that way if her and Melody ever went to town with me for a change
of pace. "No, I think I like it just where I am at, for
now. No one knows where I am or what I am doing, " Joyce
added before she took another sip from her wine.

I didn't know if either of them had their periods but
for some reason I could smell their female scents more strongly
on that particular night. We all went back to being silent
for another five minutes or so before Melody broke the peacefulness.
"You two know what I just realized?"She asked.
Joyce and I both shook our head no as Melody giggled her nervous
giggle that I had also gotten use to.

"The three of us could do whatever we wanted to do and
no one would ever have to find out, " She said to us.
Joyce and I had been living together for some time now and
I remember we both immediately looked at each other but
didn't comment. Big bottom and all Joyce was looking
very good to me. Joyce then said " But what do we want
to do?"

Melody and Joyce quickly agreed that I was the man of the
house and in fact it was my house, not theirs, so I should
come up with an idea. . "You decide and tell us what
you want from now on, " Melody said grinning from
ear to ear. This was the first time in my life when any woman
ever gave me control and now I had two women telling me I was
in charge.

And from that one conversation, the mood began to change.
I had some rather dirty thoughts at first but then as a man,
my mind just works that way. But I also kept them to myself
for the time being. "Do either of you have any ideas??"
I asked them. They both shook their heads no, as their faced
began to glow.

I took a deep breath and then asked them if they were only
talking about jobs around the house or were they giving
me more control than that. That caused them both to jump
up and rush back into my house to discuss this idea in private.
My body was literally shaking as I sat alone with my head
imaging all sorts of perverted things.

It could be like having my own private harem, if they were
willing to go that far. I waited, and waited and waited but
Melody and Joyce did not come back out for at least fifteen
more minutes. And by then my dick was beginning to swell
and throb. But there was still a real possibility I was imaging
this to be a lot more than they intended it to mean.

Finally Joyce and Melody walked back out onto the deck and
sat down without speaking for a few seconds. Melody spoke
first and explained to me that her and Joyce were worried
I might tell somebody if we all did something together.
"What ever the three of us decide, would have to be
our secret no matter what happened, " Joyce added.

Melody then added that since we all lived out here in the
country, together, that does offer the three of us some
real options. I felt like they were still very leery while
talking in circles. "Ok I have an idea. Why don't
we start with one idea but if you think it is too crazy, I will
understand, " I said to them.

Joyce and Melody looked at each other very excited and quite
nervous. "You have to leave your bathroom doors open
when you take your morning showers, " I said and then
shut up. "Oh my God, " Joyce said as she looked
like she was gripped with panic. "Is that so you can
come inside our bathroom and watch us taking our showers?"
Melody asked.

Joyce asked Melody and Melody asked Joyce as they bickered
back and forth, right in front of me. "But you're
not touching us, just looking, right?" Joyce asked
me. When they both finally agreed to try it, Joyce said she
needed some wine and rushed back into to get herself a glass."I
need some too, " Melody said to her. "I think
we all need a glass of wine right now, " Joyce said
as she walked past me and back into my house.

I tossed and turned all night long and that was even after
I had jacked off to relieve my sexual tension once I was in
my bed. But my eyes were wide open just about dawn the next
morning as I wandered into the kitchen to put the coffee
on. No one ever gets up that early but found Joyce and Melody
both there in their robes drinking coffee at the kitchen

"Looks like none of us could sleep in, this morning, "
I said as they both offered me a nervous smile back. It was
the most quiet the three of us had ever been. The women's
tensions were high but then so were mine. We all knew that
once one of them went to take her shower, I was going to walk
into the bathroom and watch them wash their bodies.

We all seemed to waste a lot of silent time together as we
all just sat there drinking our coffee that morning. I became
so uncomfortable I finally got and walked out onto the deck
to finish my coffee there and get same fresh air. From time
to time I heard Joyce and Melody chatting inside but didn't
know exactly what they were saying. And when I walked back
inside to get myself another cup, they both shut up immediately.

It felt a lot better being outside by myself than it was being
inside with the two of them. And please don't take that
to mean they were suddenly bad people because they certainly
weren't. It was just less tense on the deck. I finished
my usual two cups and was just relaxing when Joyce walked
out still wearing her robe and looked at me and said, "I'm
going to go take my shower now, " and then she went
back inside.

Melody was still sitting at the table when I went back inside
and smiled at her as I headed upstairs towards Joyce's
bedroom and bathroom. I heard the shower running as I slowly
walked into the bathroom and saw Joyce's silhouette
behind the shower curtain. I coughed once so she knew for
sure, I was now in her bathroom with her.

I reached for the shower curtain and slowly pulled it back
until Joyce's body came into my view, from the side
as she faced the shower head. Joyce's eyes looked huge
as she stared at me for a moment before she turned so I could
see her full frontal view. Joyce looked very sexy in her
own way with narrow shoulders and small breasts on her top

But as my eyes roamed down and I saw her hips just explode
below her waist, it made her look simply fantastic, in a
way I never thought a woman could look before. And of course
Joyce also had a very thick patch of dark curly hair covering
her pussy but her pinkish slit was still visible too.

She had a very classic shape that made her look extremely
sexual . Although today, she didn't look like most
of the other women , in the sixteenth and seventieth centuries,
Joyce would have been viewed as a woman with the most desired

. I just stood there soaking up her feminine features as
she lathered up her breasts in front of me and washed them.
And I watched as Joyce reached between her legs and washed
her vagina too. My dick was so hard, I could hardly walk.

"I'm going to take my now, " Melody called
out to me next as she passed by Joyce's room. So I walked
into Melody's bedroom next and waited until I heard
her shower go on too. I had never seen Melody without her
dark, thick rimmed glasses but then I had never seen her
naked before either.

Her breasts were larger than Joyce's and had this interesting
curve to them. She was also keenly aware that her nipples
had gotten hard by the time I pulled her shower curtain back
to watch her taking her morning shower. She noticed me looking
at her pointed nipples and blushed before Melody said,
"They just do that a lot."

I told her that her nipples looked cute as Melody blushed
and went about washing her body in front of me. I guess the
only surprise was that her sandy colored hair looked darker
after she got it wet but her pussy hair was darker, right
from the start. Joyce slowly washer herself in front of
me and had a smile on her face most of the time. When she was
finally rinsing herself near the end of her shower, Melody
looked at me with a big grin on her face and said "This
was definitely a first for me." I told her it was a first
for me too before I left.

The rest of the day went about as normal as it could and all
three of us did our own thing. I went to town to have breakfast
with my friends and I am pretty sure Joyce and Melody talked
all day about their nude shower show. And while we all had
dinner around six, Melody asked me if that morning had been
a onetime thing or was I going to watch them taking their
showering every morning. I chuckled and told them that
was now going to be an everyday thing.. And both women seemed
to accept it and just nodded their head while they both smiled.

We were all back outside on the deck later that night soaking
up another fantastic evening under the stars.. When Joyce
asked me if I had any other ideas I wanted to share with them.
I had watched them both taking their showers in the morning
and my desire was naturally for more than just looking at
them.. I also wasn't sure how far I should take this
but they seemed interested so I took a huge chance.

"I was wondering if you would want to come and visit
with me at night in my bedroom?" I said. "At the
same time?" Joyce asked while appearing to be taken
back by my idea. I immediately chuckled and told them just
one at a time.

"Come and visit you? Are you saying lay on your bed
with you?" Melody said. To my surprise Joyce jumped
in before I could answer Melody's question and reminded
us, no one would ever know what we did out here in the country.
And then Joyce said she would do that for me, so Melody then
said she would too. "So which of us do you want tonight?"
Joyce asked.

It was already late so I told them they were both very special
to me so I was going to let them decide for tonight and I would
like a visit from the other one, the next night. They both
looked very tense and very sexy when I left to wait on my bed
for one of them to come for a visit.

It had been a couple years since I last bred a woman and I am
sure it might have been even longer for Joyce and for Melody.
I nervously laid on my back with my head propped up waiting
to see which lady was going to walk through my bedroom door.
Watching someone taking a shower is sexy but sharing the
same bed was what I really needed.

While I laid there getting more excited by the second, I
heard the two of them finally come inside and locked the
patio door before they began to shut off the downstairs
lights. Of course we always left a small light on in the kitchen
in case any of us needed to get up in the middle of the night.
I heard Joyce say "Good night" and I heard Melody
say back to her, "Good night" too.

I have always had large nuts and a big hairy sack that held
them, so my manhood was more that tingling by then. My cock
had stiffened about as much as it could stiffen while I stared
at my doorway almost holding my breath. And then I saw a shadow
at first but knew by its shape, it was Joyce coming to be with

She had already removed her clothes and as she got closer
to my bed, Joyce's small lovely breasts and hairy crotch
came into my view. Those deliciously very wide hips looked
amazing as did her juicy looking vagina. And she was also
staring at my very hard cock and large hairy ball sack, as
she climbed onto my bed rather slowly but she still climbed
on it, just the same.

When the sexual parts of our two bodies would finally be
joined together, I think Joyce and I both felt that was going
to be a very special moment for both of us. So I moved towards
her while she moved towards me until we met in the middle
of my bed. Joyce's face was glowing and the dim lamp
I had left on made her look like an angel, who had come to rescue
me and me her.

I offered Joyce a quick smile as the tension in her eyes was
still controlling her. And then our soft lips finally met
for the very first time. Joyce may have been a very desirable
woman but she was also still a really good friend. And mixing
our friendship with our lust was going to be a tricky thing.
I need Joyce would have to feel respected, valued and cherished,
instead of feeling like she just got fucked.

So as Joyce and I slowly got use to kissing one another, our
bodies relaxed at the same time they also became more excited.
Our first tender kiss lasted well over a minute before she
pulled back, from me. "Are you ok"? I asked Joyce.
"Yes, I'm fine. I just never thought I would ever
do this again, " Joyce said softly to me still laying
on her side facing me.

" What do you mean?" I asked Joyce. "I'm
just not use to being with a man, " Joyce said while
offering me a sweet smile. Joyce they reached up and gently
touched my face with her soft hands as we faced each other
while staring into each other's eyes. "I truly
want you to know how special you are too me, " Joyce
said next. "You are special to me too, " I told
her hoping we might kiss again.

Joyce then moved her warm soft body even closer to mine until
we touched before our next kiss. My arms reached up to hold
her while her arms reached up to hold me back. Joyce's
breathing picked up after that and she began to show her
womanly desires, her heat and her passion. By then my dick
was insanely hard and throbbing more than it may have ever
throbbed before in my entire life.

Joyce sensed the affect she was having on me as we snuggled,
kissed and touched. And then Joyce pulled back again as
she smiled and told me, "You know what would make this
moment, even more special?" I shook my head no and
waited to hear what Joyce had to say while trying to catch
my breath. .

"If we invited my lover in to join us too, " She
said. I looked into Joyce's eyes for a moment not understanding
what she had just told me. Then I saw Melody walked into my
bedroom completely naked too. "You and Melody"?
I think I asked. Joyce explained that her and Melody had
become lovers many years ago after the men in their lives
were treating them so badly and they had turned to one another.
"It started even before that, " Melody said
as she climbed onto my bed with Joyce and I.

"Do you two want me to just leave"? I asked the
woman. "Oh no, we want all three of us to be together, "
Joyce softly said to me. So I kissed Joyce again and then
turned to hold Melody and feel her body brush up against
mine. Her breasts were much larger her hips much more narrow
but her passion was just as strong. Taking turns kissing
two women and feeling their very different body shapes,
was amazing.

It didn't take the three of us very long before we threw
all the rules out the window. Our foreplay bounced all over
the place. One minute I was licking Joyce's sweet pussy
while Melody was teasing my cock with her mouth. And the
next minute I had Melody in my arms kissing her while Joyce
licked her pussy.

I always had a breast to hold, some lips to kiss or a pussy
to taste. My cock had begun to leak just after the three of
us had gotten started. Melody helped Joyce climax and then
I licked Melody's wonderful pussy and I truly enjoyed
being part of both of their climaxes. It was pretty much
over for me by then and I needed one of them or maybe both of

Somehow Melody ended up in her back as I began to mount her
first. She was very excited and very nervous as I got into
position to fuck her for the first time. And Joyce laid right
next to us, holding Melody and comforting her as my cock
moved closer to her vagina. One second I felt Melody's
slipper outer lips touching the swollen round end of my
cock and then next second my cock was fully planted inside
of her womb.

Melody may have given up in men at some point in her life but
she was definitely excited to have my full shaft deep in
her womb. And then Melody ad I began to fuck each other, very
slowly at first so we could both savor every inch of my dick
sliding out of her and slowly pushing back into her pussy.
She had my cock so hard, so alive and so excited I knew I was
not going to be able to take much of this. And while I fucked
Melody, my balls began to feel like grapefruits.

Neither of them were young girls anymore and both sensed
how excited I had become. "Ok, now it's my turn, "
Joyce said to Melody who told me to stop moving in and out
of her and go be with Joyce too. I remember Joyce had this
amazing look in her eyes as she laid on her back and I climbed
on top of her next.

Those incredible hips of Joyce's looked perfect for
what I needed. And her hairy wet crack was dead center between
her hips as my throbbing shaft moved closer to her womb.
For as large a bottom that Joyce had, she was also amazingly
tight, almost too tight. But that didn't stop Joyce
and I from working things out so my thick hard cock finally
fit in her crack.

I don't think there was a time in my life when my balls
felt any bigger than they did when my cock was buried inside
of Joyce's womb. She gasped a lot and I grunted just
as much and we moved together in harmony while Melody remained
by both of our sides, touching us both while telling Joyce
and I how amazing we looked being together.

And every time I pushed all the way up into Joyce so our pubic
bones touched, it only made us both get even more excited.
I let out one final grunt before I rammed her and my orgasm
rushed into both of our lives with uncontrollable force.
It didn't take very long for whatever I had in my ball
before it was quickly deposited inside of Joyce's

And then the most amazing thing happened as all three of
us began to laugh together as we laid on my bed, still naked
of course, in a kind of a celebration for what we had just
shared. Melody was the most vocal and suggested the three
of us do this a lot more, real soon. And Joyce and I agreed
that, that was a good idea.

It truly did feel like the three of us were now living on an
island where no one else knew what we did or when we did it.
There were many night when I thought I heard the two of them
upstairs sharing a bed but that didn't bother me at
all. Because every time I suggested they come and join me,
they both did. It was the best time of my life and I never wanted
to leave our own, private island for very long.

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Makes me wish I had my own private island, lol! Very nice story!


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That would have been so awesome!


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if you take your time and learn all bout you opposite sex then when it comes to mating then it is wonderful and enjoyed by every one


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I actually have an island, well a cut off penninsula any way. With a beach and a balcony to look at stars from. Just waiting for Melody and her friend Joyce. Perhaps they would like to visit for a while? Or perhaps a couple of other ladies who have not been treated special by their men. Sounds like enjoyable and sensual making two abused ladies know how special they really are....

Keep writing them, this was also "Special"



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Awesome for certain! Love to hear more also!


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Excellent,every mans dream i guess.


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wow some story sounds like a lot of fun.


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Your story and experience even got this 85 year old up and throbbing again. Thanks and the best to all three of you.


Palidin6999 56 M
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This is a very Sweet story of three middle aged people finding love, contentmen and Hot threesome sex. I have always loved threesomes; MFM and FMF. Made me smile....


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Great story, keep them coming


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Very nicely written. I have dreamt of an island like that