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Little Lisa


I met Megan when I was 23 years old and still working on my
masters degree in college. Everyone I knew told me I was
crazy for dating her, and even more so much later when she
and I married! It definitely wasn't because of her
"looks" mind you, as Megan was definitely HOT!
But the fact was she was also TWELVE years older than me,
as she was 35 at the time we met. The problem was however,
and as I just said she was definitely HOT-looking even at
that age. Talk about a woman who DIDN'T look her age,
and that was Megan all the way around! As we all know of course
"looks" aren't everything however, and
so there had to be more, much more to make me fall in love with
a woman that much older than me! It's not like you probably
already don't know thew answer to that one, but I'll
tell you anyway I guess. It was SEX of course, and man-o-man
was the sex we had together equally hot too!

Now I might as well get this part over with right now, so I'll
just go ahead and say it. If I fell in love with her for both
her looks and how hot she was in bed, then if I'm being
totally honest about things here, she probably fell in
love (or at least lust) with ME, because of my large cock!
I've got pictures of myself posted for my profile,
and so I'm not just saying I have a large cock to make
the story better, believe me! As a matter of fact, and me
being able to say this BECAUSE I do have a large cock, just
having a cock the size of mine isn't always the hot fantasy
many guys think it is! I've had my share of women who
said I was "too big", and believe me when it comes
to oral sex, "I'LL" never feel some of the
tings other guys do strictly BECAUSE of the size of y cock
when I'm hard! SO just getting it out of the way now,
when I'm fully erect I'm over eight inches long,
and about six plus around.

Fact, not fiction!

ANYWAY, as I was saying before, if I fell in love with her
for both her looks and how good she was in bed, then she definitely
fell in love or lust with me because of my hard cock! And as
I was also saying before as well, almost everyone I knew
told me what a mistake I was making, once we announced we
were getting married! Those who knew me "well enough"
so to speak, all agreed she loved me for my cock, and at the
same time there might have been other reasons as well, since
even back then I was very well-off financially as well!
I lost both of my parents in an automobile accident when
I was only 15 years old, and the person they put as the trustee
of my estate, did very well with the money I received when
they died, as well as the fact it was quite a large sum of money
to begin with anyway!

I don't know I guess, but I guess at the same time that
old saying about love being blind had to have been true too!
Because I just didn't see the same things about Megan
my friends saw, and even their warning me eventually caused
me to lose many of them as "friends" in the process
as well! The real "kicker" to all this though,
as well as the whole reason for my story in the fist place
is what I didn't learn until we'd actually been
dating for over a full month! I mean I knew Megan was divorced
and all even before our fist real date, but it wasn't
until nearly a full month later I learned she also had a kid
at home too! Lisa, or as I eventually nicknamed her "Little
Lisa" was already 14 years old herself when I first
met her, and let me tell you, those first few meeting didn't
go well at all!

Megan's divorce hadn't been a pretty one (how
may really are though) and since she'd gotten full
custody of Lisa anyway, her "ex" had moved all
the way across the country, and was now living someplace
in Washington State or Oregon, or someplace like that!
Of course Megan blamed her mother for the divorce in the
fist place, since SHE'D (Megan) had been caught having
an affair with her boss at the time! (Another little fact
I'd not learn until much later on in our marriage too)
Anyway Lisa blamed her mom for the divorce, as well as her
dad moving a couple of thousand miles away. As a result she
wasn't what you'd call a happy camper anyway when
I met her, and then there was the fact she was a teenager,
as well as ME coming into their lives too!

Lisa pretty much hated me at first, but that was OK because
the feeling was almost mutual! I just thought she was a spoiled
little brat at the time, and even though I'm sure this
will cause a lot of hard feelings in some people, my own thinking
was what she really needed more than anything else was a
hard slap or two in her pretty little ass! That never happened
of course, and so no need for any kind of an uproar of course!
And speaking of uproars, I'm also pretty sure that
at least some people will take offense to some of the next
things I have to say about little Lisa as well! Now I'm
positively NOT a child molester in any way, shape or form,
and yet at the same time I think ANY MAN would just be flat
out lying if he didn't at least admit a pretty girl is
still a pretty girl no matter what her age is!

Megan was HOT, and that much I've already stated, but
I haven't really told you HOW! So beginning with her,
I'll tell you about her "looks" and then
move on to her daughter Lisa! As I've said a couple of
times now already, even at 35 years old or so Megan really
was hot looking! If I hadn't known her age already,
I'd have guessed she was maybe in her late twenties,
but certainly NOT over thirty! She was about five-six,
with shoulder length, really think and shiny dark brunette
hair, and pretty bluish/ green eyes, as well as a beautiful
face and smile. Body-wise, WOW! She was definitely a FULL
"D" cup in the tit department, and as a matter
of fact her actual measurement was 34D to be exact. As for
the rest of her, I can tell you she was slim in the waist with
a firm, flat tummy, nice round hips, and a beautiful (also
firm) round little ass!

And then there was her daughter Lisa.

Even at just fourteen years old Lisa was already "developing"
quite well thank you! At 14 she was already in a "C"
cup herself, and quickly headed to match her mom in the breast
department. (Which she eventually would) Lisa was much
shorter than her mother however, and at 14 she was still
just barely over five foot tall! Once again just keeping
it in perspective, and not because I stared or anything
but she did have an absolutely SEXY body too! Slim waist
and hips, and a pretty little ass she loved to show off (as
I find out later), Lisa was as cute as a button back then,
and as she got older she'd only get even that much more
cuter too! Oh and she too had shortish, thick brunette hair,
although it was slightly lighter brunette than her mother's
hair was. She had a very pretty face, and even prettier deep
green eyes, and even at that age boys were already staring
at her every move!

And so where to begin from there? Well I watched Lisa growing
up, and although we had our fights and arguments, eventually
we even became sort of friends! (but I'll get to that
in a moment) Of course Lisa attracted boys like a magnet,
but her mother didn't either seem to notice or care
even. It wasn't all that long after Megan and I married
that I quickly figured out there really was just two things
she wanted out of life anyway: my hard cock in her pussy,
and my money in her purse! Those two things kept her contented
and happy, and other than that she pretty much ignored her
daughter Lisa anyway! I was right at the point of finishing
school when we met and married, and after I started my own
business, and so with my hours I quickly became more of a
"mother" to Lisa than her own mother was! I'm
the one that attended all school events and took her places,
and eventually I was the disciplinarian as well!

Megan was already a "partier" when we met and
I knew that, but at the time and at my age as well, I found that
as exciting and hot as I did her body AND the sex we were having
together! Megan was wild when it came to our sex too! Doing
things like giving me blow jobs in public places, as well
as us even fucking in a public place or two also! It was all
such a blast and so wild the first year or so we were married,
and even in spite of Lisa being around all the time! Megan
and I even did a few wild things like threesomes with other
women since she was bisexual herself, and we even "swapped"
with another couple, although we didn't actually
call it swinging at the time! As time passed however, and
as my new business began to take off, I wanted a more traditional
kind of marriage I guess, while Megan wanted to keep on partying!

Keeping on partying became a sort of sore spot with the two
of us, and even though our sex life stayed as strong as ever,
we were already having "problems" by the second
year of our marriage! For one thing there was Megan's
drinking! I mean I wasn't any kind of a teetotaler myself
mind you, but as time wore on Megan really did begin to drink
more and more and more! At the same time Lisa was growing
up, and without at least SOME discipline from me, there
was no telling how wild Lisa would have gotten too! At first
Lisa hated the discipline of course, but I think eventually
she grew to love the fact I cared enough about her to do it!
There was that, but there was also several other things
I never put together, or at least not until much later on
and AFTER it was all too late anyway!

First of all there was what I later called the "incidents"
involving Lisa and her walking ion on her mother and I as
WE, were having sex! The very first time it happened Lisa
was still fourteen, and we were definitely still in her
hating me stage! I didn't have kids of course and besides,
I was only 23 at the time myself, and so I just never thought
about our need to ENFORCE, our privacy! The first time it
happened was very late at night and Lisa SHOULD have been
asleep anyway! Megan and I'd been out partying that
night, and I guess we'd both had a little too much to
drink! It wasn't a full ten minutes after we'd
sent the babysitter home that night, that Megan and I were
already in bed fucking! Well we weren't "quite"
to the fucking stage when Lisa just sort of walked right
ion the room however, as at the time we were actually locked
together in a rather hot, "69"!

My head was towards the foot of the bed at the time, with me
on the "bottom" and Megan on top of me! As Lisa
walked into our room (me not knowing) she had a great view
of her mom's ass spread wide open as I held it in my hands,
as well as her wet pussy as I licked it! Lisa moved every so
quietly and slightly then, and by the time I knew she was
in the room with us (after hearing her saying: "ooh
yuck") she also had a great view of MY full erection
and her mother licking away at it down at the other end of
our bed! Of course there was lots of screaming and scrambling
around after all that, and then there was Megan and I fighting
later on, because SHE still wanted sex after getting Lisa
back to be, while "I" just wasn't in the
mood by then! After that "incident" I made SURE
to always lock our bedroom door at night, but then again
there are ALWAYS, "accidents"!

The next time it happened was mid-afternoon, and Lisa was
SUPPOSED to be at school of course! I'd come home for
some reason and I'd actually caught Megan masturbating
in the living room on the couch! Well, talk about a real turn
on! And so of course that event lead to us having sex! This
time we were actually at the point of fucking, or at least
about to anyway! Once again without us knowing she was on
the room at the time, I was sitting on the couch at this point,
and Megan was on her knees straddling me! She was reaching
down between her own legs and holding onto my erection,
as she slowly lowered herself down onto it! After pretty
much sitting all the way down on my hard cock Megan let go
of it, and I think she'd risen up and lowered herself
down at least a half dozen times before I looked over her
shoulder and I saw Lisa just standing there and staring
at us fucking!

Of course another fight ensued, this time between Lisa
and her mother, and the really weird thing to me was the fact
Megan was more concerned with her catching us in the act
again, that she was with the fact Lisa was skipping school
that day! I mean yes, it was bad she caught is "doing
it" but I mean come on now, as MY question was why she
wasn't in school? Moving on though, that was really
the last time Lisa caught "Megan and I" in a compromising
position, but it wasn't the last time she caught "ME"!
OH and that next time she did catch us fucking, Lisa was fifteen
years old at the time. (Just as a matter of info I guess) SO
although Megan was as wild as ever sexually, we were much
more careful to not let ourselves be caught by her daughter
in such compromising positions! Almost at the same time
however Lisa's "interested" began to
shift anyway!

Those first couple of times, as well as a couple of other
times I haven't mentioned that she "ALMOST"
caught us doing it, most definitely seemed intentional
to me! Megan just played them ALL off as "accidents"
as well as natural teenage curiosity, even though I considered
things much more serious! SHE was Lisa's mother however,
and so there wasn't much I could do yet! As I was saying
before however, that was the last time Lisa actually caught
"Megan AND Me" anyway, but it certainly wasn't
the end of her playing "peeping Tom" much less
some of the other things she did too! There was the couple
of times Megan walked right in as I was showering in my OWN
SHOWER, and yet pretended not to know I was in there before
she did it! The shower in the master bath is all glass, and
so both times Lisa got a great view of my totally naked body!

There was the time she walked into the hallway bathroom
as I was peeing, and still had a morning erection! I'd
had to go bad enough that I'd ran down the hallway in
only a bathrobe, because Megan was using our master bathroom
at the time! Once again I thought Lisa was still asleep that
early on a Saturday morning anyway! I was standing there,
bathrobe wide open and holding my erect cock as I tried to
aim and pee, and suddenly the door flies open, and Lisa is
once again just standing there and staring! It was a full
three or four seconds before she finally said "Oops"
and then quickly disappeared, before I could actually
say a thing myself! I was so horny that morning that I didn't
want to get in a fight by telling her mom about it, and so I
never did, and I just fucked her mom instead!

There were a couple of other times Lisa either walked in
on me pretty much naked, but the worst, was the time she actually
caught me masturbating! I was alone in our house, or at least
I thought I was at the time! Megan was out of town visiting
some friends, and Lisa was supposed to be spending the night
at one of her friend's houses too! I was all alone and
I was horny and I was naked on my back on my own damn bed in my
own damn bedroom! This time the door was neither locked
or shut, as I was SURE I had the house all to myself that night!
Eyes closed, my cock in my hand and all "lubed up"
with some nice sex lubricant, I was busy just slowly stroking
away as she walked in and then stood there watching me doing
it! Then it wasn't until she actually made a sound,
that I realized she was right there in the room with me!

NO, nothing happened that night, except for me almost loosing
my temper with her, and yet all she did is giggle! There were
a few other incidents of her walking in on m, e in various
stages of either dress or undress, but that night she caught
me stroking my hard cock, HAD TO BE, the most embarrassing!
All of that was on my side of the coin so to speak, and yet there's
really even more! It was around the time she was 16 or so,
that I actually felt like Lisa was even beginning to tease
me purposely! It seemed like she was always running around
in nothing but a T-shirt and a skimpy pair of panties, and
no matter how many times her mother would "warn her"
I was in the room and she definitely wasn't dressed
appropriately, the more often she'd do it!

Not only was I a man, but I was still a very young man myself
at this point too! The reason I mention that now, is because
no matter what anyone say about it, some of my, ah, well my
"reactions" to Lisa were perfectly normal
as well! I mean come on! I was only 25 (going on 26) by then
myself, and the actual age difference between Lisa and
me when she as 16 and I was 25 (almost 26) is actually smaller
than the age difference between me and her mother! Still
16 is a bit young and I damn well knew it, and yet at the same
time with all this going on, you don't think I already
had my own private fantasies about her anyway? I mean what
normal, healthy, and sexually active man wouldn't?
I mean if there's a man out there who's seen a few
teenage girls in their bikinis and not at least "thought"
they were hot, then more power to him, and I'll definitely
give him credit for more will power than I had!

I never acted on it, or at least not then. No matter what fantasies
I might or might not have had about my step-daughter! I can
honestly say that, and I can even say it in spite of the fact
that by the time Lisa was turning 17, whatever "hot"
sex life I'd had with her mother before all this, was
now long, long gone! Megan was drinking more and more and
more, and more often than not there were many more nights
(and even afternoons) when she was already so damn drunk,
that even thinking about having sex with her was out of the
question! Lisa might have still been young, but she wasn't
stupid either, and she could clearly see as much as I could,
and she knew damn well her mom and I were rarely having sex
anymore too! Lisa could see it happening for herself, and
once again it was like her whole attitude changed again
as well!

The so-called "teasing" seemed to slow way,
way down, and instead she was much more of a sympathetic
ear, and she was acting much more as a friend rather than
a daughter or even step-daughter! Lisa knew what was going
on, and she even knew a few things I didn't know yet myself
too! Most of the time Megan was drunk, but there were times
she was sober, or at least near sober, when she knew our sex
life was in the toilet right then too! Sometimes we'd
fight about it and she'd just get drunker, and other
times we'd fight, and then she'd just disappear
for hours on end! I was always scared she'd be out there
drunk and either kill herself or someone else, but it just
never even crossed my mind she was actually out there, having
an affair! So much for having the biggest cock, right?

Every once in a while I'd have to travel on business
myself, and it was during those times Megan was even stupid
enough to actually bring her lover home with her! Of course
she'd find ways to get rid of Lisa for a while or even
for the night, but as I said before, Lisa wasn't stupid,
and she knew damn well what was going on with her own mother!
She (Lisa) never said a word to me though, and I think that
was because she had her own little plan in mind, and she probably
knew damn well her mother would eventually screw up herself
anyway! When it eventually DID happen, it could have been
some story straight out of AdultFriendFinder itself! It could have been
one of those storied you read about here, only the ended
probably didn't turn out like it might have in some
fantasy story! (Unfortunately I guess!)

I was out of town attending a conference of course, and once
again Megan had managed to get rid of Lisa for the night at
least! Problem was the conference I'd been attending
had been cut short by a full day! Not one but both of the speakers
for that last day had come down with the flu or something,
and so the conference had been cut short by a day, and I'd
decided to fly home early, and see what was happening, just
on a hunch! Like I said before, it could have been an erotic
story right off the pages of AdultFriendFinder, as it was me walking in and
seeing my wife on her back, legs spread and high in the air,
as some guy I didn't even know is on top of her, and slamming
his hard cock in and out of her hot wet pussy! The difference
between fantasy and reality however, is I DIDN'T get
all turned don seeing it, and I DIDN'T strip naked myself,
and I DIDN'T join right in OR stand there all excited,
and jerking off!

I guess no one can ever gauge or plan out there reactions
to something like that really happening either! In my own
mind I'd always grabbed the guy up off the top of her,
and quite literally beat the living hell out of him right
there! Once again however, reality is often SO different
from fantasy, and so instead of beating the crap out of him,
I just turned with tears streaming down both ny cheeks,
and calmly walked right back out of that room! It's
not that I was afraid of him in any way, but more that I was
just stunned and almost in a trance of sorts, and all I could
honestly think to do right then, was to just turn around
and walk right back out of that room! I then got in my car of
course, and even as I peeled out of our driveway, I could
see my still naked wife standing in the front doorway to
our house, arms waving int he air, and screaming who knows
what at me?

I drove straight to the nearest hotel, which not only has
a liquor store right next to it, but is also right off the
highway and very easy to find if you are out looking for someone
too! Of course that someone who came looking for me was Lisa,
and by the time she found me I was well into a bottle of Scotch!
As I've said a couple of times now, Lisa knew EXACTLY
what had been going on with her mother, even though I didn't!
(Or rather I wasn't sure and had no proof before then
either) She actually been spending the night just two houses
down from ours at her friend Teri's, and she'd
seen the stranger's car in our driveway, and then she
and her friend had heard all the commotion as I'd gone
screeching off in my car, after discovering her mother
and her lover together! Lisa had borrowed her friend's
car to come looking for me, and as I've also already
said before, I wasn't all that hard to find!

Lisa simply started at the first hotel closest to our home,
and just one trip around their parking lot, and she'd
spotted my parked car! Showing the desk clerk her I.D with
the same address as mine had gotten her a key to my room, and
a few minutes later, and she was using it to open my door!
The first thing I'd done after I'd gotten into
my room was to open that bottle of Scotch of course, but then
I'd stripped off all my clothes, and I was actually
standing under a hot stream of water in the shower, by the
time Lisa had come into my room! I'd spent a couple of
minutes drinking before I'd gotten in the shower,
and then I'd been in the shower a good fifteen or twenty
minutes by the time she got there! Why I'd felt the need
to shower right then I don't know, but the need had been
strong enough at the time, so I'd done it!

Maybe it had been some sort of symbolic need to wash the filth
of my cheating wife off of me or something like that maybe?
Whatever the reason, I was in the shower and just finishing
up, by the time Lisa was opening the door to my room and walking
in! Of course "I" thought I was alone, and so
after getting back out of that hot, steamy shower and drying
off a bit, I simply wrapped the towel around me, and then
I grabbed up my bottle of Scotch, and took another big swing
from it! I was already feeling more than just the warmth
of the Scotch by the time I walked out of that bathroom, and
yet I nearly jumped right out of my skin as I saw Lisa just
sitting there on that hotel room bed! After the initial
"What the hell are YOU doing here's?" were
out of the way, I literally plopped right down beside her,
put my head in my hands, and let go with yet another weeping
and crying episode!

Lisa put her arm around me as I sat there weeping, and I honestly
wasn't even thinking about the fact I was alone in some
hotel room with my step-daughter, dressed in nothing but
a bath towel right then! Lisa was holding me as I cried, and
she was telling me what a great guy I was, and how sorry she
was we'd gotten off to such a rocky start, but also how
SHE could never do to me what her own mother had just done,
and other stuff like that! Half of it I heard and half I didn't
but for the most part it just felt good to have someone's
(ANYONE'S) arm around me and comforting me as I cried!
Eventually the crying stopped, and Lisa continued holding
me next to her! I started to turn towards her to tell her how
much I needed this and to thank her really, when all of a sudden
our lips just seemed to meet!

Almost instantly I felt Lisa's tongue slide in between
my lips as we kissed, and although I didn't slide my
own lounge back out in her mouth, I didn't stop her from
doing it to me! As soon as that kiss ended I started to say
something, although I damn sure couldn't tell you
now, what I was about to say right then! Lisa stopped me from
talking however and handed me my bottle of Scotch, and I
immediately tipped it up and took a nice long gulp! At the
same time Lisa suddenly stood up, and before I could say
anything she quickly stripped off her T-shirt, and then
just as quickly she slid down her shorts and panties at the
very same time! Since she obviously wasn't wearing
a bra right then, in just two quick, smooth motions, she
was now standing right in front of me, completely and totally
naked! Once again I started to speak but she silenced me
by placing her fingers across my lips!

I was silenced for the moment at least, and as soon as Lisa
knew it, she quickly dropped to her knees in front of me!
Her hands then slid up under my towel, and she quickly located
my now hard cock! The towel pealed open then and I was naked
too, and looking down I cold see Lisa's small hands,
as the were wrapping around my hard cock! I think I barely
managed to get out an "oh God Lisa no", before
I felt her small, soft, wet pink tongue sliding around the
base of my hard cock! It flicked rapidly across the sensitive
underside at the base, and then as I moaned it began flicking
it's way up my hard shaft as she licked me! Oh my God it
felt so good, and I'd just by lying of I said anything
different! Lisa's tongue flicked rapidly across
the underside of my hard cock, as she licked her way up to
the head!

Once there her soft wet tongue swirled all around the head
of my hard cock, and I moaned very louder and I couldn't
help from doing it! Lisa looked up at me then and asked me
if it felt good, and it was all I could do just to utter a simple
"Yes"! Her tongue swirled around the head once
more, and then she slipped it right inside her sweet young
mouth! I grossness as she sucked on the head and licked it
with her tongue at the same time, but then something inside
me decided to give trying to fight her off, one last try!
I sort of pushed Lisa back a bit and my hard cock did slip out
of her mouth, but even as I was trying to speak, she was already
leaning back into me and licking it once again! I finally
did manage to speak however, and I said something about
how we shouldn't be doing this or something like that!

Lisa looked up at me then and stopped licking, but it was
only to tell me that she was over 17 now, and therefore over
the legal age of consent. No sooner had shes said that, than
she once again took the head of my hard cock, into her mouth
and started to lick and suck! It was a natural reaction on
my part, as my hips came slightly off the bed and I moaned
loudly! I then felt Lisa's moth sliding further and
further down my hard cock, and I was actually surprised
at how deeply she could suck me! She damn sure got a lot more
of my hard cock in her mouth and don her throat than her mother
ever had before! God it felt so good, and as I looked down
at her BEAUTIFUL, oh so SEXY naked body in front of me, there
was just no denying how much I wanted her doing this to me,
no matter what!

Lisa's head began bobbing up and down in front of me
as she sucked on my hard cock! I moaned and told her it felt
really good! When I said it I actually called her baby first,
and as I did I could "feel" her moan as she continued
sucking me off! Oh my God she was doing such a good job, and
I could already feel a tingling in my balls, as she sucked
and stroekd me and I got closer and closer to cumming! You
can honestly tell the difference you know, or at least I
can with most women! A guy can tell, he can feel it really,
the difference between when as woman is sucking your hard
cock as part of foreplay, and when she just doing it, to get
you off! The tingling in my balls was getting stronger and
stronger, and the urge to cum was getting even more powerful!
I just barely managed to tell her she was about to make me
cum if she didn't stop, and then all of a sudden it was
happening anyway!

It felt like a small explosion in my cock and balls at first,
and then the shock waves of pleasure just shot through my
entire body! I actually heard Lisa making a loud sort of
humming satisfaction sound as I filled er mouth with my
hot cum! I felt the first huge glob of cum shot out and into
her still sucking mouth, and I felt her throat move as she
went to swallow it! Over and over I felt the hard pulses of
my cock as I spurted into her mouth, and over and over I felt
her sucking and swallowing! As the last of my cum dribbled
out of the head of my still hard cock Lisa sucked harder and
swallowed again. I then felt my cock slip back out of her
mouth, and then the she slowly began licking up and down
my hard shaft, just like she was licking a lollipop! Something
inside me just seemed to snap at that point, as I reached
down and picked her up, and pulled her onto the bed with me!

I guess I COULD sit here right now and lie to you! I could tell
you that in spite of the fact I'd just cum in my own step-daughter's
mouth, I pulled her up and scolded her, and told her over
and over again how wrong we both were, and how wrong everything
we were doing was too! I COULD say all that, but it would just
plain be a lie! It was like after all that I just kind of snapped
I guess, and all those years of teasing and all those "incidents"
and "accidents" came pouring out! I reached
down and picked Lisa up like she weighed nothing, and I set
her on the bed next to me and then gently rolled her onto her
back! Even though I had both of her arms pinned down at this
point as I hovered over her, it wasn't like I was actually
holding her down! Right then I wanted nothing more than
to stick my hard cock in her and fuck her, and yet I also wanted
to do a thousand other things to her at the same time!

Somehow I managed to hold myself back, and instead I leaned
over her and I kissed her! This time I made sure it was my tongue
in her mouth first, and besides tasting my own cum, I also
"felt" her moaning into my mouth as I kissed
her! I made that kiss a long, passionate one, and then as
soon as I broke it I was softly kissing her neck! She turned
her head to the side as I kissed her neck, and then closed
her eyes as I kissed my way lower! Her breasts had to be the
size of her mother's now, a "D" cup at least.
The difference however was Lisa's breasts were so
round and firm compared to her mother's, and oh mu God
her nipples were so large and swollen and stiff as I began
licking them! Lisa arched her back up as I sucked a tit into
my mouth, and I felt her hand on my head and her fingers running
through my hair! I sucked fist one tit then the other, and
then I was slowly licking lower, once again!

I was definitely surprised at one thing, and that was the
fact Lisa was already shaving her pussy and her mound as
clean and as smooth as a baby's butt! As I slipped down
between her legs I pulled her swollen, wet lips open, and
I then took my time before I started licking her, to fully
examine her young vagina! Smooth hairless lips, all swollen
with excitement and lust! I pulled them open and her young
hard clit barely slid out from under it's protective
hood, and that's when I finally leaned over and took
y first long lick, and I got my fist real "taste"
of her pussy! I breathed in deeply just before I licked her,
and just the smell of her young pussy excited me terribly!
Then there was that first long lick, and oh my God she just
tasted so fresh, and so clean, and so very, very good!

I'd always loved the way Lisa's mother's
pussy had smelled and tasted, and the saying like mother
like daughter was definitely true here too! Except for
the fact Lisa's pussy really did taste so much fresher,
and so much cleaner in a way, and that's about the best
way I can honestly describe it to you even now! I began really
licking her young pussy then, and as I did I could feel her
body tremble and slightly shake! She had both hands on my
head by then too, and her fingers were tangled in my hair,
as my tongue flicked back and forth between we wet pussy
lips! At first I purposely avoided her hard little clit,
as I poked and prodded her wet "hole" and I licked
and sucked on her wet, swollen lips! Eventually however
I began licking her swollen hard clit and all around it,
as I learned just how much pressure she either liked or didn't
like, as well as just how she seemed to like her clit licked!
(or sucked)

I could feel her building towards her orgasm, as he fingers
flexed and gripped my hair and as he legs stretched out,
went stiff, and then relaxed! Her ass and her pussy mound
were moving in more of a "fucking rhythm" as
I licked and sucked her now, and her moans were getting louder
and louder as well! "Oh God Daddy that feels SO GOOD"!
It was the very first time sine I'd ever even known her,
that she called me by that name! Hearing her saying it right
then just seemed to add that much more excitement to the
whole situation, and it really did make me lick her even
faster, and even harder than before! She said it again after
that, calling me "daddy" as she said it! The
next words however were that I was going to make her cum,
and then her hands gripped my head so tightly, as she tried
to just shove my face as hard as she could into her young wet
pussy, and her hips arched up off the bed, and she CLIMAXED!

My God her pussy produced so much juice, and my face was literally
soaking wet by the time her climax was over! Her body still
continued to shake however, and her hips still bucked slightly
in a fucking motion! I slid back up her body after that then,
and lay on to of her, poised above her, and with my hard cock
resting in between her wet pussy lips, and slowly rubbing
it back and forth as I kissed her! "Oh God daddy I can
taste my pussy all over your face"! My cock jerked
in between her wet pussy lips as she said it! I then looked
down at her and told her to tell me what she wanted, and she
didn't hesitate an instant, before she was telling
me she wanted me to fuck her, to stick my big hard cock inside
of her and fuck her with it, and how she'd wanted that
for so long now, and almost since we'd first met!

"I used to masturbate all the time with that picture
in my head of mom squatting over you daddy, and slowly lowering
her pussy down onto your hard cock"!

"I used to close my eyes and pretend it was me, and pretend
it was MY pussy your hard cock was sliding into"!

I groaned as she told me all that, and once again my hard cock
jerked and twitched in between her wet pussy lips! Suddenly
SHE was the one in charge once again, as she reached down
in between us, grabbed hold of my hard cock, and then guided
the head inside of her! Once again not to sound to very cliche'
but her young pussy really was so very hot, so very wet, and
so very, very VERY, tight inside as I began to slide my hard
cock in her! I could hear her sucking in her breath as just
the head penetrated her young pussy, and then letting her
breath back out again in a long, slow moan as I began to slide
my hard cock into her! She'd let go of my hard cock as
I'd first penetrated her, and her hands had first gripped
my shoulder and then my back, and they were now sliding down
to my ass cheeks! Lisa spread her legs open even wider, and
raised them up in the air!

As I slowly slid more and more of my hard cock inside her,
she moaned so loudly I swear people had to be able to hear
her in the damn parking lot! God she was just SO hot and wet
and TIGHT, that I had to stop when I was only three-quarters
of the way inside of her! I had to stop because in spite of
the fact I'd only come a short while before, I honestly
felt like I might cum again right then! Lisa kept on moaning
and telling me how good my hard cock felt, but then as I stopped
she suddenly got worried or something! It was when she then
asked me if SHE was doing something wrong, I began to wonder
if MAYBE, she hadn't still been a virgin? I mean I'd
just never thought about it before right then! I just, well
I just ASSUMED she wasn't a virgin! I knew she'd
had "boyfriends" and I KNEW that she'd
fooled around with them, but hadn't she ever fucked
at least one of them before?

Between how hot, and wet, AND tight her young pussy was,
as well as me now realizing she had been a virgin, it was all
too much! I could feel the tingle in my balls once again,
and I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop it! I moaned
out at her that I needed to pull out, but she quickly wrapped
her legs around me, and then just yanked me down on top of
her! The last quarter of my hard cock slipped inside of her
then, and as it did I climaxed! My back arched up and I thrust
my hips down hard, as Lisa cried out and told me SHE, was cumming
again too! God I could so feel my cock swell inside of her
and then jerk hard, as my hot cum shot out and I filled her
young pussy! Lisa humped back against me with each jerk
of y hard cock, and she held onto me, making sure I stayed
deep inside of her!

"Cum in me, oh God daddy cum in me; you're making
ME cum too"!

Over and over she said it, as my cock jerked hard inside of
her and I filled her with my thick, hot, cum! Beads of sweat
formed on my forehead and dripped down on her young breasts,
and we both lay there just shaking! It was all I could do to
just support myself on top of her, and not crush her with
the entire weight of my body! I finally had to pull out of
her and roll off of her, and as I roiled onto my own back beside
her, my cock, and my entire crotch was just soaking wet with
our combined juices! I was laying there beside her panting
and breathing hard, and remarkably enough, my cock was
still as hard as ever! I felt her reach over and sort of give
my still hard cock a playful push, and then she watched as
it sprang back upright again! Then just like some excited
little kid, she suddenly announced she wanted to, "ride
it next"!

I'd barely had time to recover from my orgasm, before
she was up and on top of me and squatting over me! Once again
I felt how hot and tight and wet she still was, as she slowly
lowered herself down onto me, and sat down on it! We both
groaned in unison as she sat down and held still, but then
she suddenly leaned over me and began to move! She lifted
her ass up and lower it down again slowly, as she began to
fuck me and I just lay there enjoying the feelings of her
doing it! Apparently Lisa got off on talking during sex,
as I was quickly figuring out! She kept asking me if it felt
good on my hard cock, and then she was wanting me to describe
to her how it all felt! I then took over the conversation
at that point, telling her what a bad little girl she was,
and how bad little girls like her, really needed to get fucked

I instantly knew I'd definitely hit the right note
with her, as she moaned loudly and told me over and over again
to keep on talking to her while we fucked! Eventually Lisa
climaxed again, but this time I'd been able to hold
off my own orgasm! After all, "I'd" already
cum twice in a row! As soon as her orgasm was over, I playfully
picked her up off of me and threw her over onto her side of
the bed! I then TOLD HER to get up on her hands and knees for
me, and she did it so fast it even surprised me just a bit!
I then got up and got behind her, but I didn't just fuck
her right away! Instead I slowly stroked her ass cheeks,
and then spread them open so I could see her pretty little
pink asshole! I tickled it with my finger and she squirmed
and moaned, and I told her that playing with her ass turned
me on, and that other people did it all the time too! I felt
her immediately relax after that!

I was talking to her once again too, and telling her how cute
and pink her little asshole was! I told her to reach up under
herself and p[lay with her pussy for me, and then I really
surprised her as I leaned over and began licking up and down
her cute little ass crack! Lisa moaned loudly and really
began rubbing her hard little clit then, as well as telling
me how good it felt and then begging me not to stop licking
her ass for her! I'd pretty much just been licking p
and down her ass crack up till then, but after she said all
that I suddenly began to concentrate almost exclusively
on her pretty pink little asshole! Lisa was really squirming
around then, and she suddenly made herself climax again!
As soon as she started cumming, I quickly got up behind her
again, and then just rammed my hard cock in her young pussy
from behind, and then I REALLY started fucking her hard!

Lisa was still climaxing as I entered her from behind, and
she was still rubbing her hard clit! I suddenly pushed her
face down into the pillows then, and she reached out and
gripped the bed sheets, as I really started pounding her
from behind! Less than two or three minutes later, and I
was again filling her hot young pussy with my hot cum! As
I ground my crotch into her small soft ass cheeks and again
climaxed deep inside of her, she moaned out loudly and urged
me on to cum inside of her! BELIEVE ME, I WAS!

I emptied my balls deep inside my step-daughter, as she
cried out she was cumming again herself! Once again we seemed
to be sharing another mutual climax, and then as she sort
of collapsed forward onto the bed, I just feel right with
her and on top of her! Both of us all hot and sweaty now, I just
let my full weight lay on top of her as I slowly ground my crotch
into her young ass! Eventually my cock began to soften inside
of her, until it finally got to the point when it just slipped
back out of her! My cum and her pussy juices soaked the bed
under her, as she lay there in the huge wet spot we' d made together! Eventually I lay down beside her and she
rolled over, and then she rolled to face me as I held her,
and we both drifted off to sleep together!

It really is almost a miracle I didn't get her pregnant
over those next twenty-four or so hours! I mean we honestly
must have fucked eight, nine or even ten more times! It was
like every time my cock would go soft she'd let it rest
a few minutes, but then she'd be right there on it, stroking
it or sucking it or both, until I was hard and ready again
to fuck her! The hot little bitch was practically a damn
nympho, but I can't say I didn't love it! Because
this story has already been so very long, let me kind of move
on now and sum it up and come to the conclusion!

Of course Megan and I divorced. During the divorce and at
least until high school graduation, Lisa continued living
with me in a small apartment, and we continued fucking like
rabbits EVERY chance we got! Of course I immediately got
her on the pill too, because she absolutely refused to let
me wear a condom! (Except for the first few weeks on the pill)
Megan never care where Lisa was even, as most of the time
she was either drunk or fucking her new lover or both! As
long as Lisa was out of the hose she was happy, and so I guess
things worked out for the best, for all three of us in a way!
I never expected things to work out between Lisa and I in
any other way , other than as "fuck Buddies"
I guess! Eventually she went off to college on an academic
scholarship, and that's where she met her future husband!

Lisa id now happily married and the mother of two wonderful
kids, and yet every once in a while at least .... Well apparently
she STILL, loves my big hard cock!

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too much jibber jabber, but none the less a good story.


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A slow start, but it improved VERY NICELY! Give us more!


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Would be so hot to have a stepdaughter like that. Big tits,
tight, and a nympho. Awesome!


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The last half of the story was excellent. You seem overly
enamored with your own cock, however. Best to remove your
ego from your stories, since none of us cares about the alleged
size of your cock.

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.


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Interesting story, but a little bit long. The characterizations
and themes are well done. The writing is somewhat stilted.
The spelling is good.