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Lingerie Lovers


I noticed her at the local Kroger. She was about 50 years
old, and I remember thinking she had a nice body for her age.
I watched for a few minutes, and she slipped around the corner
to another aisle and I didn’t have another thought of her.
A few moments later, I ran into her again and we made eye contact
just briefly. She stopped and turned her back to me as she
was looking for items on a shelf. As I passed by, I couldn’t
help but notice her panty line. It was there, but just barely.
I noticed how the line rode high up on her hip. Obviously,
it wasn’t a thong ‒ too bad I thought, for an older lady, she’s
really kind of sexy. As I passed by her still staring at her
ass, she looked over her right shoulder and caught me taking
a peek. I looked up and she just sort of grinned a bit and turned
away. I made my way around the corner and turned down the
next isle, there she was staring straight at me. She gave
me a little grin again as we passed one another. This time,
I noticed her button up collared shirt. It’s made of a thin
fabric, and I see her bra straps over her shoulders as well
as another pair of thin spaghetti straps. Now I’m really
thinking about her! Has she on a silky camisole with matching
lace tap panties? There is no way she is wearing a satin teddy!
I’m really getting stirred up thinking about her.

I finish up shopping and make my way outside and I see her
loading up groceries into the trunk of her car. As I make
my way to my car, she looks up and smiles again. I can’t help
it ‒ I’m drawn to her and I smile and say hello. We talk for
a few minutes about how crowded the store was and I ask what
she does. Turns out she is retired from Delta. I didn’t ask
what she did, but she said she was new to the area. I gave her
my card and told her if she ever needed anything, to email
me. She thanked me and we both went our separate ways.

About a month later, I was online and had my yahoo IM up and
I suddenly received a message from someone wanting to contact
me. I wasn’t sure who it was, so I did a quick profile search.
Nothing. I accepted the message.

“Hey you! I bet you don’t remember me!”

I was hesitant to write back as I was using a profile I normally
don’t use.

“Umm..No..Who is this?”

“Remember me from Kroger? We talked outside for a second?
I told you I was new to the area and you gave me your card? I
was wearing black slacks and a white top. Remember?”

“Ohh yea! Hey! How are you, how did you get my ID?”

“It’s easy when you have yahoo. All I did was type in your

We talked on IM for a few and then she asked me about my ID.

“What’s your ID mean?

Well, I was about to make something up, but I decided what
the hell, I’ll tell her as I’ll never see her again anyways.

She didn’t write back right away, but then I could see she
was typing a response and stopped before sending it. I wrote
“I’m not the type of CDer your thinking of. I’m not into makeup,
dresses and the like. I’m into lingerie only. Just lingerie.
Meaning I love to slip into silky things.

Finally, she wrote back and said “That’s a little different.”

We talked every night for about a week on different things
from the local news to things going on in the national spotlight.
I never did mention my lingerie addiction to her again.

On a Thursday night, she tells me she had been shopping at
the local mall and wound up browsing several lingerie departments
and even Victoria Secrets. She goes on to tell me she had
bought several new things like panties, bra’s, slips,
and even three new gowns. I was stunned she even mentioned
it to me. I replied to her “well, did you think of me while
you shopped?” She writes back “As a matter of fact I did!
When I went into Victoria’s Secret I couldn’t help but think
of you what with your ID and all! Ha!” She goes on to tell me
about the things she bought from Victoria’s Secret. Thongs,
some thigh-high’s, several matching camisoles and panties.
She gets around to asking me about my lingerie and what I
liked to do. I tell her I’m really into it, and love to wear
it around the house. She asks “What else” Sheepishly; I
admit that I like to masturbate while I’m wearing it. And
that I love to model for myself in a mirror. She presses me
for more detail and I explain how good it feels when I slip
into thigh-high’s, a pair of silky thongs and a silky chemise
and cover it all with a floor length matching silk and lace
wrap. I tell her I love to mix and match different items of
lingerie and slowly untie the robe I’m wearing to expose
all that lovely delicate silk and lace in my mirror. By now,
I’m rock-hard telling her this. And she writes back “That
sound very nice! I’m getting hot thinking about it. Have
you ever been in lingerie with anyone before? Has anyone
ever seen you dressed like that?” I tell her no, even though
I have been with another woman before. “That’s really very
hot! I like that. I love lingerie too. All women do.” I joke
with her saying “Haa. Ya really. Maybe we’ll have to get
together sometime. I’ll bet there is nothing like two silk
covered bodies snuggled up to one another. You in your lingerie
and me in mine. I’ll bet I would explode!” She starts to write
back, then stops for a moment and the IM comes across “I’d
LOVE to. I think that’s so sexy. I’m wet thinking about it!”
I swear I about die when I see this IM. I’m now shaking in my
response to her and all I can say is “When?” “Friday? I can
meet you and you follow me here to my place. I’m retired and
live alone so it’s safe here.” I tell her “Yes, how about
we meet about 7:00pm at Kroger? I’ll be at the top of the hill
in the same car.” She says “Perfect! Oh I can’t wait! This
is so bizarre, but it’s making me soooo horney at the same

We end up saying good night to one another and the “I’ll see
you tomorrow” IM’s. I didn’t think we would actually meet,
so I really didn’t think much else of the conversation.
As it was, I had other “things” I needed to handle real quick
after our conversation. I get off the computer and head
for the bedroom and go straight to the lingerie drawers!
I dig around a bit and find a pair of black thigh-high’s and
some really sexy silk and lace thongs (they happen to be
a favorite pair that I have) and I also get out a long silk
and lace night gown that’s also black. As I pull up the thigh-high’s
and thong panties, I’m so hard I’m about to bust! I keep thinking
of the conversation I had just 15 minutes earlier. I slip
the night gown on and reach into the closet and find my favorite
high-heeled strap shoes. These are really sexy shoes as
the make my legs look really long and trim. The shoes are
open toed, with a thin leather strap around my ankle and
down the middle of my foot.

As I finally get everything on, I walk down my hallway and
im very aware of how the silk and lace feels on my body. It’s
unbelievable and I’m so hard as I get in front of my mirror.
I raise my leg so I can see the heels I have on in my reflection.
I also slowly pull up the gown on the same leg to reveal the
lace tops of my thigh-high’s. I slowly move around so my
ass is in the mirror and I raise the gown even higher to reveal
the lacey thong I have on. It’s centered perfectly and resting
on my hips just right. I’m pulsing hard now and I move my way
back to the bed room where I slip into the bed. I move across
the mattress on my knees and rest against a pillow with my
ass in the air just a touch. I slowly lower myself down and
I feel the slight tug of the silky thongs against my cock
and balls. The feeling of the delicate lace surrounding
me is such that words can’t describe it! I roll over and reach
down to pull up the gown again. This time, I part my legs and
bend at the knees slightly and rub the fabric that has my
cock encased in it. I take a finger and slowly pull the panties
to one side and expose my cock and then wrap it in the gown
that’s pulled up around my waist. I stroke for just a minute
and stop as I near cumming in less that 45 seconds! The feeling
is such that I don’t want to stop just yet. I unwrap the gown
and take my panties and cover my cock back up. I stop moving
for just a second to allow myself to calm down. Precum is
making an appearance so I know I’m really close.

I hop out of bed and strip the black gown off. I pull out a yellow-gold
silky chemise and slip it on. I keep the same black thongs
and thigh-high’s on though. I cover myself with the same
black floor length wrap and make my way to the mirror. This
time I slowly reveal the chemise top which is trimmed in
lace. I slowly open the robe to reveal the whole things.
The contrast between the yellow-gold and the black is stunning!
As I turn, I notice the slight outline of the black thong
that I have on. I pull the chemise tight against my body and
I immediately notice the thong panty line. It’s so obvious
that I can even see the lace trim of the thong! I make my way
over to the bed and strip the robe off. I lie down and feel
the chemise against me and catch a glimpse of the lace trimmed
hem against the silk and lace of my black thongs. As I lie
back onto a stack of pillows, I again part my legs and raise
the with a bend in my knees ‒ just as if I were about to receive
someone in me. I grab my cock and stroke no more than five
times and I have an explosive orgasm. I lie there a moment
thinking there is nothing better than this! But I’m drawn
back to the earlier conversation on IM. I clean up and strip
out of the lingerie for fear of “dirtying” it up. 30 Minutes
later, I fall into a deep sleep.

The next day, Friday, I wake up and check my email. There’s
one titled “Tonight” I think Great, she’s canceled. No
big deal, I can have plenty of fun here myself. I open it and
I’m blown away. “V…Looking forward to tonight! Are you?!?!
Here’s my cell just incase…770-555-1212. See you tonight!
I log onto IM and she’s on and writes me. “Hey! Are we still playing around tonight?” I say “Of Course
we are!” She then writes back “Great! You may be a little
shocked by me. I’m a lot older than most girls you prob meet.”
I tell her no worries, and that it’s all about just having
a good time and relaxing and enjoying the moment. She writes
back “I agree. I’ll see you at 7:00pm. Call me if there are
problems.” Okay I say. See you later.

As I wrap up and get ready to head out, I can’t help but think
of her and lingerie. What type of things did she have? Would
she think I’m weird because lingerie makes me so hot? Would
she do anything bizarre? What should I bring? Just pack
up my silky things. I go off for the day and run errands. Of
course I can’t help but stop by the mall. While I’m there
I pick up some really nice things for tonight’s fun!

I get home around 4:30pm. I throw all the new stuff on the
bed and cut the tags off. I picked up 4 new pair of thigh-high’s
from VS’s and get those out of the little card board box panels
they come in. I get everything together and pile it up and
look at it for a moment. Man, there is some really nice stuff
I picked up today. No wonder I’m $436.00 lighter in the wallet!
This is an expensive hobby! Lingerie isn’t cheap unless
it’s cheap lingerie. I always buy nice quality lingerie.
I’m not much for the “whore” look, rather the classier,
sexier look. I jump into the shower and get cleaned up real
quick. I get out and dress in my normal clothes, jeans and
a pullover. I find a large duffle back and pack everything
I have up in it. I leave behind a few things like thigh-high’s
that have runs, panties that I’m really not fond of, I leave
back some bras and a few other things. I only pack the one
pair of heels I had on last night. They are such sexy shoes.
I have to take them too. I get everything packed up and make
sure I have a few condoms with me (I DO!). I stop by the computer
and grab my cell phone ‒ no messages! Good. I look at the computer
and I see I didn’t log off IM. As I’m about to, I notice a message
flashing in the Minimized section. It’s from her. Oh great.
She’s backing out. I pull it up and it was timed stamped 6:12pm.
“Hey you there?” 6:13pm “I’m about to head over to Kroger.
I’ll be in a gold Chevrolet Caviler” I take a deep breath
and look next to my feet with my bag full of goodies. I’m already
getting excited! She’s really going to meet me! I grab my
stuff and head out.

Twenty minutes later, I’m pulling into the parking lot.
I hate waiting on other people, then I notice the gold car
on the hill ‒ It’s her. I get a little nervous and pull up next
to her. She throws out a cigarette as I pull up. “Hey! Fancy
meeting you here” she says with that same smile she had in
Kroger just weeks before. I laughed a bit and said “well
ya, you never know who you going to run into these days now
do ya?” She laughs a bit, starts her car up and says, Okay,
you follow me. I only live five minutes from here. I draw
a deep breath and roll up my window and pull out to follow.
It’s getting fairly dark, so I turn on my lights.

She’s right ‒ it was only about five minutes away. We pull
into her driveway and she remotely opens her garage door.
She pulls in and I notice thru her rear window that she’s
motioning me to pull into the garage too. I do, and the door
closes. We both get out of our cars and she says “Sorry. But
I don’t want the neighbors thinking that something is going
on.” I understand completely. “No problem” I tell her.
I grab the duffle bag full of my finest silk and lace and she
see it and says “Geezz! What’s in there I wonder? Hehee!”
I tell her, “care to guess?” She unlocks the door and we both
go in. It’s a modest place. Very comfortable and has the
smell of new carpet. I tell her “well, I can tell you’ve had
new carpet put in recently.” She laughs and says “Yea, I
had water damage a few weeks ago and it ruined the carpet.

We make small talk as she pours two glasses of wine. It’s
nice just to talk a bit. I’m getting comfortable and I believe
she sensed it. She says, “Well, let’s take a look at what
you’ve brought. Care to do it here, or would you rather go
to the bedroom?” I say the bedroom is just fine with me. We
make our way down her hall, and I notice several family type
pictures lining the walls. She sees me looking and says
“Yea, that’s my family. My husband was killed 7 years ago,
and my children are now out on their own. I see them about
twice a month if I’m lucky.” I remarked that they are nice
looking kids. Her daughter had a very hot body though. There
were apparently at a beach when that picture was taken.
She had beautiful long blonde hair too. Damn. Anyways,
we reach the bedroom and she shows me in. The bedroom is well
kept, a beautiful queen sized bed with lots of decorative
pillows. The furniture is a dark wood. It’s dim in the room
with only a small table lamp on, so I can’t tell if it’s a dark
oak or Cherry. At this point I could really care less. All
I’m thinking is LINGERIE!

“Okay..Let’s see!” she says. I lift the bag up onto the bed
and unzip it. I start to pull things out one at a time and she
says “Aww, just dump it out!” I do, and she giggles a little
bit and remarks as she picks up a pair of beige silk thongs,
“You weren’t kidding! You have nicer things than I do!”
She picks through a few things and remarks how pretty this
is and how pretty that is. I just grin and watch. She gets
up and walks over to a door which leads to a huge walk-in closet.
She motions for me to come, so I go in with her. This has to
be the biggest walk in I’ve ever been in. It has an island
inside with several drawers underneath. On a hook behind
the door, my eye catches that there are several long silky
gowns hanging there. I say “now these are nice” she grins
and says “ya think? I have more stuff over here.” One thing
is for sure; she is extremely organized. She pulls open
a drawer full of beautiful panties. I’m hard right away
as I finger through her panties. There are G-Strings, Thongs,
French cut, boy shorts and even hip huggers. All silk, satin
or nylon. Some are a little old, most are outrageously sexy.
There are no cotton undies in here! She opens more drawers
and they are lined with bras of every color. Some are underwire,
some aren’t. What I notice is how sexy they are and how they
are trimmed in lots of lace. I pull a few out and I notice the
size right away is 40C. A little bigger than I thought. She
hides it well. She does have a nice body, some would say just
a tad overweight ‒ but I didn’t care. She could have been
400lbs and I wouldn’t care. She was a very nice lady and to
top it off, she was deep into lingerie and didn’t seem to
mind that I was too. She opens another drawer which is nothing
but pantyhose. All kinds of colors there too. She moves
the pantyhose to one side and there were several little
balls of nylon. Ahhh, these are the thigh-high’s. I notice
that several are the same as mine, which are from VS’s. I
can tell by the lace tops. There are also several that are
a lot nicer than mine. These thigh-high’s have a larger,
wider lace top. I’m about to say something and she tell me
“These are European thigh-high’s. A little nicer than
what you can expect to find around here.” Yes they were.
Very sexy. My cock is now full and ready to go! We continue
to go through her things. I’m really surprised at the things
she has ‒ some really beautiful lingerie. A majority of
the things came from Secrets In Lace. I tell her I’m always
looking at that site; she just grins and says “well, let’s
have you look at the real thing then!” She starts to undress,
but stops and looks at me. “Aren’t you going to slip into
something too? I tell her well of course, but where do you
want me to change? She can see I’m a touch nervous, and says
“well, the bathroom is fine with me if it’s okay with you.”
I ask her if there was anything she wanted me to slip into,
any color or style? She told me “No, just surprise me.” I
make my way to the bathroom and bring all my stuff in there.
I go through and find some really nice Thigh-High’s which
are ivory. I also find my silky champagne color thongs and
the floor length silk and satin gown that matches the thongs.

I slip the thongs on and adjust them just right with my cock
straight up and to the right side underneath the thongs.
It’s a bulge that’s hard to miss at the moment. The panties
lace trim is hiding it, but just barely. I slip the gown on
and the rush I feel as it cascades over my nylon coved legs
is almost too much ‒ I feel like I’m about o cum and minute.
I sit on the toilet seat to slip on my heels. I go through and
find my floor length ivory colored robe, also a silky nylon
material. I slip it on and take the tie and make a bow in the
front so the robe overlaps my chest. All you see is the robe.
It comes down to the tops of my toes and moves very well with
me as I walk. Just the right length to be perfectly sexy.

I see on her vanity some perfume and think, well, why not?
I take a little shot of her perfume and spray it behind my
knees and on the front of my panties. Just a little hint though.
Not too much. As I’m doing this, I can hear her in the closet
moving around some coat hangers. I’m trying to think what
she night be wearing when she comes out. I have to stop thinking
about it as I’m about to cum again. I hear the closet door
open and she says “okay. I’m ready!” I turn out the bathroom
light and ease the door open. I have no idea what to expect
as she’ll see a man in lingerie ‒ really stunning beautiful
lingerie - in front of her.

As I step out, she has her back to me and she’s lighting scented
candles on top of her armoire cabinet. There is about five
burning, casting a nice even light within the room even
with the little lamp still on. She turns and looks at me.
“Ohhh..” She looks me up and down and says “That’s really
pretty on you. You have heels on too!” She giggles just a
little and moves towards me. She has on a beautiful flowing
black silk and lace gown. It’s hugging her hips just right.
It has a plunging neck line trimmed in lace. It’s obvious
she has on a black lace bra too but the lace edging is almost
a silver color. She has really nice cleavage. I look her
up and down and can tell she also has on those European thigh-high’s
I liked so much earlier. I can’t really see if she has panties
on or not. I’m so hard that it’s obvious to her. She moves
in closer and reaches down to the bow. “Can I untie this?”
I don’t even answer her, she knows the answer. She slips
a finger into the bow and slowly works it apart. She looks
up at me and I bend my neck so we can kiss. She opens her mouth
and we are locked like this for what seemed forever. I feel
her fingering the bow again, this time with both hands as
the pulls the bow apart. I pull up from the kiss, and look
down as she does too, the bow is open, and now she has both
hands slowly opening the robe. Her right hand slides down
and brushes up against my cock as she is opening the robe.
As she does, she admires the silky gown I have on. “This is
absolutely beautiful. It’s one of the prettier gowns I’ve
ever seen.” The light is just right in the room. It’s making
it really sparkle and even the thigh-high’s I have one are
glowing just perfectly. We continue to kiss for a few more
minutes, and then we ease our way over to the bed. As we both
sit, she tells me to lie back on the pillows. I don’t say a
word and move back. She climbs into the bed and straddles
my left leg, kissing my thigh slowly making her way towards
my cock. I’m almost at the point of a huge orgasm when she
passes by it. She takes both of her hand and slowly raises
the gown up above my panties. “Wow! These are really sexy!
I love these, are they thongs?” Yes I tell her. “Good, I really
like them ‒ they are really pretty on you!” As she moves up
my legs, there’s a little wet spot just below my knee where
she was straddling me. WOW! She’s really into this lingerie
thing with me!

As she moves up she straddles by panty-covered cock and
takes both of her hands and rubs my nipples over my silk gown.
I slowly raise her black gown up above her waist and see she
does in fact have panties on. She stops rubbing me, and lifts
her gown all the way off over her head and tosses it to the
floor. Her black bra is trimmed in a silver lace, and she
has on matching thongs. The thongs are stunning; obviously
high-dollar and I know where she got them ‒ Secrets In Lace.
Same as the bra. She also has on a matching garterbelt attached
to the thigh-high’s. My God, this is perfect. While she
straddles me, she lifts her body up slightly and rubs her
panty-covered pussy over my equally panty-covered cock.
She does this just four or five times and I hit my Climax!
I come really hard. Sperm is just pouring through the fabric.
She sees this and immediately reaches down and massages
my cock with her hand. She didn’t care about getting it on
her. Her touch had me cumming even harder now. I came so hard
all I could see was white for a few seconds. I don’t think
I had ever had an orgasm like this before. After a few minutes
of catching my breath, I tell her I’m sorry about that. She
says “why be sorry! I came on your leg and you didn’t even
know it!” We laughed about it and she hopped up and grabbed
a towel and I cleaned up. I told her I needed to change into
something else and she said she needed to also now that I
made a mess all over her.

When I came back out, I was wearing black thigh-highs and
black silk thongs. These thongs I have on are just about
perfect fitting. They’re trimmed in really sexy lace and
lots of satin with a tiny bow on the front. Just a nice pair
of silky thongs. I also slipped into a black satin Chemise
that comes to just below my thighs. It’s trimmed in really
nice lace. I get back into the bed and wait. She opens the
closet door and is wearing a very pretty Chestnut colored
silk slip trimmed in a light color lace. She has on matching
silk and lace thongs. I know for a fact this came from Secrets
In lace, and she said yes. She also has on a pair of brown thigh-highs.
No heels. She makes her way over to me and comments on my panties.
“I really like these. They’re really nice and simple. But
they are really sexy at the same time. Where did you get them?
I told her I got them from VS’s last year. “Well, I really
like them.” She runs her finger over the edges of the thongs,
and around the little bulge underneath which is what’s
left of my cock after the earlier explosion. I begin to rise
again quickly. She looks up at me and winks “Good, I was hoping
for just that reaction”. She moves off of me and lies next
to me kissing me and stroking my cock. I pull up from her,
and roll her onto her back. I part her legs and lift her slip
up and kiss on the inside of her thighs around the lace band.
I move to the top of her panties and begin to slowly rub them.
These are really beautiful silk thong panties. Her body
is moving slightly as I slowly make my way to her pussy. I
move two fingers inside of her panties and am shocked at
how moist she is. I hit the sweet spot and she begins to arch
her up upwards. “Go down on me” she whispers. I move her panties
to one side and begin nibbling on her pussy. She is really
moving her hips up and down now. She’s shaved and takes really
good care of herself. She is about to come and I stop. I lift
up off of her and tell her to roll over. She does and she grabs
a pillow. I rub the outline of that beautiful sexy slip around
her back and put my hand under her left hip and lift up a little.
She knows and raises her body up on both of her knees. I get
behind her and part her legs and begin to rub her panty covered
pussy. Her slip falls to just above her breasts and I pull
it back down her back and hold it there with one hand. She’s
so warm inside her pussy. She reaches back with her left
hand and pulls my cock out of the panties I have on and pushes
my panties down below my balls. I move directly behind her
and she raises her hips up waiting on me to enter her. I’m
rock hard now and she’s almost to the point of dripping.
I quickly slip on a condom. I push her panties to the side
and begin to enter her. As I do, I also spread her ass a little
and begin to massage her. She is already moaning and is really
enjoying this. I get deep into her and use my body to slightly
push her up the pillows a little. Her eyes open and close.
She loves this. I thrust deep into her several times and
as I’m pulling out, she it tightening down on my cock. My
God, I’ve never had sex this good in my life. I begin to circle
her asshole with my fingers and she tightens up on me even
more. I spread her cheeks out further, and take both of my
thumbs and massage and slightly enter her asshole. It’s
driving her crazy and she cums quickly. I can feel it all
over me. The bottom of the black satin chemise I have on is
soaked in her cum. I don’t care a bit. I keep driving into
her and a run my fingers over the back of her thongs. I grab
the sides of her thongs and drive myself deeper and deeper.
My cock hit a point that I explode again. As I’m cumming,
I thrust deeper and deeper. She is moaning quite loud now
and I am too. We both collapse, both in fine silk and lace,
both just having huge orgasms. We’re both panting hard
and trying to catch our breath and when we finally do, we
both fall asleep.

We wake up just a little bit later. She gets up and blows out
the candles and comes back to bed. I’m still in lingerie.
She’s just in a pair of thongs. As she climbs under the covers,
she starts to rub the front of my panties again and I begin
to come back to life. But as I do, she falls asleep.

I get up and change back into my street clothes and pack up
my silky things and make my way to the garage. I start the
car up and head out. Thankfully, I’m less than 30 minutes
from home.

Some days later, I get an IM from her. “Feel like playing
in silk and lace tonight?” You know my answer!

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fucking hot!!!


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Very nice. Wish I could find someone like that.


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very hot and erotic.made me rock hard keep it cumming


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Unusual story but hot.


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I wish there were more women like her! That was the hottest
story I've read on here!!


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I'll be shopping at Kroger from now on!