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Life Changes


I opened my eyes and leaned forward on the couch enjoying
the feel of Tonya’s tongue cleaning me up after another
incredible blow job. What made me start to get hard all over
again was when I looked up and saw my wife Lisa. You see she
was half naked. Wearing only a pair of black boots and a leather
top that was pulled down exposing her breasts. She had a
look of pure animal lust on her face that was even more emphasized
by the fact that she was on her hands and knees moving down
the few steps leading into the lower portion of the room
we were in. She had the look of a woman that has been fucked
hard and needs more. As she crawled towards me I knew that
our life would never be the same.

I am getting ahead of myself and should start this story
from the beginning. Before this weekend Lisa and I were
your typical “white toast” couple. We had bought a little
starter house in a small town in Northern Michigan, with
plans to save some money have a couple of kids and grow old
together. Lisa and I had started dating off and on in our
senior year in high school, but we did not get married until
about five years after graduation. I was part of a band that
some friends and I had formed in school and we decided to
try and make a go of it. We played a lot of bars, weddings,
even warm up for some popular area bands. After 3 years of
living on the road and being broke most of the time, I was
ready to settle down for awhile and regroup. So I moved back
home trying to decide what to do next. I found Lisa still
working at the same diner she was working in during high
school. Happily waiting tables and living with her best
friend Tonya in a small two bedroom apartment just outside
of town. Lucky for me she was not dating anyone seriously
and was just enjoying being single and 21 years old. The
old spark was still there and it did not take long for us to
become a “couple” and then a couple of years later decide
to get married.

Getting married had a unexpected affect on us both. We both
had a bit of a wild streak, but once we had gotten married
it seemed like we had turned into our parents. Sex was great
and regular, but we also started thinking more seriously
about our future, stable income, and raising a family.
Before we knew it we were staying home more often then not
and were hanging out with couples in our neighborhood,
instead of our single friends.

There was a small plant in town that made parts for the big
automotive companies in Detroit. I managed to get a job
there repairing the machines and doing general maintenance.
The pay and benefits were good and with Lisa also working
we were on our way to living the American Dream.

Three more years passed quickly and Lisa and I had managed
to save a little money and start thinking about starting
a family, then the bottom dropped out. The economy took
a down turn and my plant closed. It devastated our little
town. The only jobs left were the local farmers and merchants.
Not only was I out of work, but Lisa was barely making any

We were better off then most in the short term because we
had managed to save a little money and other then the mortgage
on the house we had no debts. Our cars were paid for and we
almost never used our credit cards. The real problem is
that my unemployment would not last forever and there was
no work in this community.

It was early in the afternoon when I heard Lisa drive up.
She was getting home from working the morning shift. I was
sitting at the kitchen table in my boxers going over the
want ads as this had quickly become part of my daily routine.
Feeling down and frustrated that we had to depend on Lisa’s
income alone. Lisa walked in and as always she lights up
the room with her smile and says “Hey Lover!”.

As she gives me one of her best smiles. I looked at her and
marveled at how lucky I am to have her in my life. I quickly
admired how beautiful she is. Let me tell you. Lisa has long
brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes to match, with red
full lips that you know are made for passion. Her 5’ 4” frame
is perfectly proportioned with full breasts and a heart
shaped ass that you can only get from being on your feet all
day and running around a restaurant.

It must have been the look on my face when I looked up from
my paper and said, “ Hi Honey, I am glad you are home.”

Lisa’s smile never dimmed and she came up behind my chair
and gave me a hug and a kiss on the neck and tried to make me
feel better. “Come on Josh cheer up. I know you have been
out of work a few weeks now, but it is not your fault the plant
closed. You have been pounding the pavement and trying
everything to get work. Everyone in town is hurting right
now we will get by. At least we have my income for now and some
money saved.”

I knew she was right and she did make me feel a little better.
“It is not just being out of work that is bothering me.” I
said. “ I have also been thinking about how hard we have worked
and it made no difference. We are no better off then our friends,
and worse off then the ones that moved away. Hell Lisa we
are still in our twenties and I feel like we are acting middle
aged. I can’t remember the last time we did anything spontaneous
or a little reckless.”

“So what do you want to do Josh? Get drunk and then ride your
motorcycle through town naked.” She said with a chuckle
and grin.

With a sigh I said, “Hell Lisa I do not know what I mean. I guess
the walls have been closing in and I am feeling a little claustrophobic.”

Lisa began to kiss my neck and whisper to me, “If you are feeling
a little caged in maybe I can help.” Lisa moved her hands
down over my chest until I felt her slip he fingers under
the band of my boxers. “What have we got here? She cooed.
I felt her hand move down to cup my balls and slowly began
to massage them. I quickly started to get hard and the head
of my cock poked up through the top of my boxers. Lisa moved
her other hand down and gently gripped my cock and said,
“It looks like he does not want to be confined either.” I
slightly turned in my chair and tilted my head back and kissed
those beautiful lips as Lisa continued to massage my balls
and stroke my cock until it was rock hard. Her lips slightly
parted as our tongues met. We shared a very slow and passionate
kiss. Lisa certainly knew how to distract me.

I swiveled in my chair so that I could turn towards her without
breaking our kiss. I moved my hands up and felt the weight
of her breasts as I began to massage her tits and rub my thumbs
over her nipples making them hard as little pebbles. Together
we both let out little moans of pleasure as we continued
to caress each other. Lisa broke our kiss as she began to
get to her knees in front of me. I never broke contact with
her and continued to massage her breasts and rub her nipples.

Once on her knees Lisa leaned forward and began to flick
her tongue over the very swollen head of my cock. She gripped
me a little tighter making my cock swell even more as she
rubbed her puffy lips over the crown blowing and giving
it little kisses. I thought I was going to cum right then
but she gripped the base tight and did not let me cum. She
was now in complete control of me, and she knew it. It was
then she looked up at me and said, “I want to taste you. I want
you to cum in my mouth.” Never breaking eye contact she engulfed
the head of my cock and wrapped her warm soft lips around
my cock as she lightened up her grip and began to stroke me
as she sucked on my swollen head.

I would like say that I lasted awhile, but it was not very
long after that I threw my head back and cried out “Ahhhhhhhhhh
Lisa I am cummming!” I let loose a torrent of cum and pulsed
several times as she milked and swallowed every drop out
of me.

As I leaned back in my chair Lisa stood up and ran her tongue
around her lips, then with a little smile leaned down and
kissed me softly and tenderly then whispered to me, “ I Love
You Josh.”

As I reached for her I said “I Love You too Lisa.”

She jumped back with a little laugh and said, ” That is all
you get for now. I am going to go and take a shower and clean
up after working at the diner. Why don’t you put on some clothes
and we will get out of here for a little while. It is a beautiful
day and we can take a walk down by the lake once I get dressed.”

It was not long and Lisa and I were walking down the boardwalk
enjoying the breeze off the water and the sound of the waves.
We stopped and leaned on the rail and looked out over the
water as the sun reflected in the small swells like sparking
diamonds. “It sure is beautiful here Josh” Lisa said as
she gazed at the lake. Turning to me she asked “ So Josh setting
aside time. money, and circumstances if you could write
your life what would you like to do?”

I continued to gaze out over the water and thought about
her question. After a moment I turned to Lisa and said, “I
would want to have a career as a musician. I know I am very
good playing my guitar and have been told I am excellent
on the keyboard. I have always received good feedback on
the road from the songs I wrote for the band. It is just that
I set those dreams aside when I moved back here.

“Do you regret moving back here and settling down Josh?”
Lisa said as she looked away back across the water.

I reached for Lisa and turned her back to look me in the eye
and said “Lisa I love you very much and I would not change
anything. The only regret I would have is if I had not come
back here and married you.” Lisa smiled and gave me a kiss.

“Listen up Josh. I was thinking about what you said while
I was getting dressed and we do need a change of scenery.”
It must have been the look on my face because Lisa held her
hand up and said “Hear me out. I am not talking about chucking
it all and backpacking across the country or anything like
that. What I was thinking is we should take a trip and clear
our heads.”

“What did you have in mind.” I asked.

Turning back to look out over the lake Lisa said, “You know
I stay in touch with Tonya since she moved to L.A. She is always
inviting us to come out for a visit and we can stay with her
and her boyfriend. She is living outside the city but says
she is still close to the ocean. Tonya also told me that we
could use her car to drive out to the dessert or up in the mountains.
Whatever mood we are in, it sounds like we can go with the
flow. Maybe that would help shake some of the cobwebs out
for both of us. I think we should take some of our savings
and get away. Our plans have been so disrupted it is time
to make new ones and this may be the right start. What do you

“I think that is a great idea Lisa! Your right that may be
just what we both need. As long as you can get the time off
from work we can go anytime. What about Tonya’s boyfriend?
Are you sure he is okay with us staying with them for a couple
of weeks?”

“I can get the time off from work. We are so slow everyone
is begging for hours. I will give Tonya a call when we get
back, but I know it will be fine. I guess they have a nice three
bedroom condo. One room is a office and the other two are
bedrooms. We will have our own room to ourselves. Besides
Tonya told me that Carlo works with a production company
and is on the road a lot.” Lisa said now smiling broadly.

“What kind of work does Carlo do?”

“I guess he is involved in making commercials, music videos,
and the like. Tonya said he meets a lot of really connected
people and a few stars. She does not talk about his work that
much, but I know he makes good money and Tonya even works
with him some time. It sounds like it is exciting and certainly
not as boring as this little town.” Lisa said with a grin
and a chuckle.

It was not long after that Lisa and I were boarding a plane
in Detroit and heading to LAX. Tonya was going to pick us
up at the airport and be our tour guide. We planned to stay
two weeks, but our tickets were open ended so we were really
just going with the flow and seeing where life led us. It
felt great to be breaking out of our self created shell.

The flight was uneventful and as we came through the gate
on our way to baggage claim there was Tonya waiting for us.
I had not seen Tonya since shortly after our wedding and
she looked great. I would not have recognized her if I had
not been looking for her. The best way to describe the change
is that she went West Coast. She was always blond, but her
hair was as long as Lisa’s. She was also very tan, thin, and
wearing tight white shorts and a halter top that showed
her flat stomach and displayed a cleavage that could not
be ignored.

As soon as they seen each other they squealed like school
girls and rushed to give each other a hug.

Stepping back and holding Tonya at arms length Lisa beamed
and said, “Tonya you look stunning! LA has been good to you.
I can’t wait to hear about what you have been up to? You have
been so mysterious and would only tell me that I had to come
here to find out. So now that I am here You have to tell me all!”

Laughing Tonya giggled and said “Don’t worry best friend
there is plenty of time to catch up“. Turning to us both Tonya
said, “ I am just so happy to see you two. I hope you are in the
mood to party LA Style. It would be a shame if you have just
turned into a old married couple.” Carlo gets invited to
some of the best parties. I know you will just love him Lisa
he is so much fun.” Tonya then stepped between us and took
each of us by the arm and we walked to the baggage claim to
get our bags and start our LA adventure.

We left the airport heading up the coast towards Santa Monica.
I sat in the back seat and Lisa sat up front with Tonya. The
two of them laughed and chattered on, while I took in the
sunshine and listened to the radio.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful and soon we were
pulling into the complex where Tonya was living. I got out
of the car and took in the palm trees with the sun reflecting
off the white stucco of the buildings around us. This was
so different from being in Northern Michigan. I felt a little
culture shock.

As we walked up towards the door it opened and standing there
with a big smile was who I knew must be Carlo. I don’t pay much
attention to the looks of guys, but you could tell he had
no trouble with the ladies. He was about 5’8”, obviously
worked out, he had that young Erik Estrada look going. I
found out later that he was from Spain and had been living
here in the states for about 8 years. Lisa noticed him too.
I overheard her turn to Tonya and whisper, “You were right
he really is hot.”.

We brought our things in and after the proper greetings,
Tonya showed us to our room to unpack and freshen up. Acting
like the perfect hostess Tonya gestured with her arm and
said, “This is your room the drawers are empty for you. You
both also have a private bathroom attached to this room
for your convenience.

“This is wonderful Tonya, thank you.” Lisa said as she looked
around. “No big deal. I am just so happy that you are here. Go ahead
and get settled, and then come join Carlo and I on the deck.”
With that said Tonya turned around and headed down the stairs.

Lisa said she wanted to take a quick shower to help shake
off the jet lag and walked into the bathroom. I offered to
unpack and said I would meet her out on the deck with Carlo
and Tonya.

I went down stairs and could not help notice how different
the architecture was. The condo was very modern and the
rooms were at different levels with short staircases separating
the rooms. The result was that I managed to get a little turned
around trying to find the deck in my new surroundings. Then
I heard the sound of voices and headed in that direction.
I was not trying to eaves drop but just before I came around
the corner I heard Carlos ask Tonya, “Did you tell Lisa and
Josh about my business and the work that you do?”

I then heard Tonya shift her weight on the chair and say,
“ No not yet. I was going to tell Lisa first and get her reaction,
and then let her tell Josh. It is not a big deal, but then I
feel like I am telling my parents or something. Not because
I think Lisa and Josh will care, but they will be the first
to know from my home town how much my life has changed.”

I then heard Carlos say, “Handle things as you wish little
one. I will just try and be a good host for you and your friends.”

I took that opportunity to walk around the corner. Tonya
noticed me and waved me over with a smile and said, “Come
sit here on the deck with Carlo and I. We have made a pitcher
of Margaritas and have plenty of toasts to make and a lot
of catching up to do.”

I sat down on the settee and put my questions aside from what
I had overheard and took the margarita that Carlo held out
for me. The three of us sat and enjoyed our drinks and waited
for Lisa to join us. It was about a ½ hour later that Lisa came
down, and like me she had gotten a little turned around looking
for the deck. She looked great. She was wearing a pair of
tight white shorts and a flowered bikini top that I had not
seen. With her tan she already looked like she belonged

Tonya was the first to speak, “Wow Lisa you look terrific
just like a native!”

“Yes you are very beautiful Lisa. Please join us.” Carlo
said as he held out a margarita for Lisa.

Lisa moved into the room with a slight blush to her cheeks
and joked, “ I think those margaritas are going to your heads,
but thank you for the nice compliments.”

Lisa sat down and we started to enjoy our drinks and start
to catch up. Over the next couple of hours and several more
margaritas we covered most of the basics. We told Tonya
and Carlo about the plant closing and how we had no idea what
we were going to do next. How we hoped just getting away would
give us some ideas. They filled us in a little bit about LA
and touched on Carlo’s work.

Come to find out he was a agent / producer of sorts. He owned
a small studio that recorded local commercials, demo tapes,
video resumes, etc… He was often contracted to do background
work and filler shots for big projects, even some movie
credit with some of the studios. Now I understood why he
knew so many people in the business and had great contacts.
It all sounded pretty impressive so I wondered what the
big secret was that Tonya was waiting to spill to Lisa?

We were all starting to feel pretty relaxed when Tonya asked,
“Hey do you guys still like to smoke pot? We have some killer
Hawaiian that I know Carlo will be happy to roll.”

Soon we were passing our third joint around and we were all
getting very toasted. The mood was so warm and mellow I just
blurted out, “Hey Tonya. I have to make a confession. When
I came down earlier I heard you say something about telling
us when you were ready. Were your friends, what did you want
to tell us?”

Poor Tonya got that deer in the headlights look and Lisa
looked at me and said, “What are you talking about?” Then
like a light bulb went off Lisa turned and looked at Tonya
with a grin on her face and said, “Oh is this the big mystery
about your job that I had to wait to find out? Come on Tonya,
spill your guts. I am your best friend.”

I noticed Carlo all of a sudden took a interest in his drink
as he was looking down at the glass in his hand and said, “Go
ahead baby and get this off your chest. Lisa and Josh seem
like great friends they won’t care.”

Tonya took a big swig of her drink and said, “I have been working
as a Fluffer. Actually that is kind of how Carlo and I met.”

Lisa and I looked quizzically at each other, then back at
Tonya when Lisa said, “Okay what does that mean? What is
a Fluffer?”

Tonya looked up with a little smile and said, “You two are
so white toast, you do remind me of home. I work behind the
scenes in Porn films. A Fluffer is a girl who keeps the actors
hard before a scene or gets them hard again after they cum.
I could have been in the films but I do not want to be on camera.
Actually I am pretty popular on the sets and get requested
a lot.”

I looked over at Lisa and there was a momentary pause then
she exclaimed, “Why did you keep that a secret from me?

“Because I thought you would be mad or something” Tonya
said with a look of relief relaxing her face.

Lisa sat up in her chair now more animated and interested
and questions spilled out, “How did you get started in this
job? What do you have to do to keep them hard? Are you afraid
of catching something? Doesn’t Carlo mind? I want to hear
all about it.”

Seeing Lisa’s excitement and looking at Tonya in a new light
I could not help but start to get aroused, and had to shift
a bit to hide my semi hard dick. I also noticed that Lisa’s
nipples had gotten hard and when she leaned forward there
was little left to the imagination.

Now that the cat was out of the bag Tonya opened up and started
to tell Lisa and I about what happened when she moved to LA
and how she met Carlo. “Well when I first got out here I was
able to stay with my aunt and uncle in Glendale. That was
okay for awhile, but I was working at a nice place in Marina
Del Rey waiting tables. The money was real good but the commute
was murder. I was saving a little money but not enough to
get my own place. I found out that I needed to have a video
resume if there was any hope of getting a agent or even a audition.
I had heard about Carlo’s studio and what a great reputation
they had in making video resumes and working with new clients.
I saved up a thousand dollars and decided to get my resume

Carlo spoke up then and said, “Now Tonya be sure to tell them
that I never did charge you for your video resume.” Turning
to look at us Carlo went on to say, “You see when Tonya came
in I happened to be in the studio and was struck by the thunderbolt
as we say in Europe. I normally do not get involved in the
production of video resumes, but I had to meet Tonya. So
after her demo was done I told her I would waive the fee if
she would have dinner with me. The rest is history as they

Tonya just beamed and looking back at us said, “Well that
is another story. Carlo and I started dating right away
and frankly I enjoyed my life so much then my desire to pursue
acting just wasn’t there anymore. I did take a real interest
in the behind the scenes work and I never realized how much
work goes into a 30 second commercial. Carlo wanted me to
move in here with him right away, but you know how independent
I am. I would not move in until I could share the expenses
with Carlo. I did not want him to think I liked him for a place
to stay. The only problem is that my job at the restaurant
did not allow me to save very much money, so I was becoming
a little frustrated.”

At that point Carlo sighed and shook his head a little and
said, she can be so stubborn, but that is one of the reasons
I love her.”

Tonya chuckled at this and said, “Well one day I was at the
studio visiting Carlo and I could see he was frustrated.
He was real evasive and said that he was contracted for a
shoot later that day and they were short a crew member and
it was his responsibility to fill the position and make
the shoot on time. The problem is that he could not just call
the union for a replacement so he was not sure what he was
going to do. Of course I told him to cut the crap and tell me
what was going on. That is when he said the shoot was for a
sex scene for Vivid Video a porn company. It was a small part
with some of the minor actors and he took the job because
the money was very good. The problem was that the director
had called to say the Fluffer had been in a accident earlier
and they could not shoot without a replacement.”

Tonya paused and took a drink of her margarita and looked
back at us and said, “I was like the both of you I had no idea
what a Fluffer was, hell I had never even seen a porno before.
So I was quite taken back when Carlo explained it to me.”

Carlo spoke up again and said, “You have to understand that
everyone on the set has to be screened for STD’s regularly
for 6 weeks prior to shooting, even the Fluffer. The business
is very cautious about health and safe sex. The only reason
they wear condoms in the films is to promote safe sex, not
because they have too.”

“Well to make a long story short.” Tonya chimed in. “I pressed
Carlo for more details. I was very intrigued and a little
turned on. When Carlo told me that the Fluffer gets paid
$500 dollars for each actor on the set per shoot I was stunned.
This days shoot would involve 4 male actors and the Fluffer
was guaranteed to make $2000 dollars for the days shoot,
even if she did not have to fluff any of the actors. It took
a lot of persuading and even a private audition for Carlo
here, but he let me do it. I make about $3000 a week now.”

When Tonya said how much money she was making Lisa and I both
had our mouths hanging open. We had no idea Tonya was making
that kind of money. I looked over at Carlo and had to ask,
Carlo how do you feel about Tonya working as a Fluffer? Do
you get jealous?”

Carlo laughed hard for the first time that night and said,
“Are you kidding I get all of the benefits, and I do not mean
the money. At first it was hard and I thought I would be very
jealous, but the truth is that it was really hot watching
Tonya. She is very good at what she does. She gets the actors
very close and then makes them wait. They do not get any release,
but neither does Tonya. So by the end of the day she is very
randy and ready for anything. Our sex life is incredible.”

Carlo leaned over and kissed Tonya, then leaned back and
said, “Honestly before I met Tonya I had no desire to settle
in with one woman. In my business I meet a lot of woman and
they are all willing if they think you can advance their
career. Tonya and I have discussed this at length and we
both enjoy sex and do not confuse it with love.”

Of course we were all pretty high and talking freely by now.
Carlo grinned and went on to say, “You may as well hear it
all. Tonya and I never cheat on each other, but we do selectively
like to swing. We have some friends that we get together
with every now and then as couples or as a group. You would
be surprised to know that many of them we met in the porn business.”

Tonya gave Carlo a quick glance then quickly said, “Now
I hope this does not make you uncomfortable. We are not perverts
just free spirits.”

Lisa and I looked at each other and smiled. “Oh Tonya” Lisa
said as she leaned over and gave her friend a hug, “I think
you are the most honest and open person and I love you for
who you are.”

Sitting back and reclining against me, Lisa snuggled in
and said, “You should have given us both a little more credit.
Besides you know I am not a prude, and Josh is very open minded.
Frankly all this talk about sex and swinging is making me

I knew the booze and the pot had mellowed our inhibitions,
but I was surprised to hear Lisa be so forward. What caught
me off guard is when Lisa moved her hand over my bulge and
started to gently rub my dick making me hard and with a little
laugh said, “I believe all this talk about sex is making
Josh hot too.”

It was at that moment the door bell chimed and Carlo got up
and made his way to the front door and said, “I will get it.
Everyone relax I will be right back.”

We heard voices and Carlo reappeared followed by a couple
he introduced as friends of theirs named Nikki and Ken.
Nikki was a very hot blonde that looked a lot like Jessica
Simpson. Ken was also blonde and had that chiseled surfer
look going for him. They look like the typical Southern
California couple you would expect to find at any beach

Tonya stood up and walked over to Nikki and gave her a hug
and then gave Ken a hug and said, “This is a nice surprise.”
Then turning to us Tonya went on to say, “I would like you
to meet my very good friends from Michigan, Lisa and Josh.”

We were all feeling a little awkward at first, but Carlo
lit up another joint and passed out margaritas and soon
we all chatting away like old friends. Then Nikki spoke
up and said, “Hey Tonya I brought some outfits for you to
try on. I was not sure what you wanted so I grabbed a few. You
can return them when you are done with them. I left the hanging
bag in your hall closet.”

“What kind of outfits?” Lisa asked.

Tonya grinned a little and said, “When I work I try to dress
in the theme as the actors to help maintain the realism of
the mood on the set. If they are filming a Roman Orgy I wear
a toga, beach setting a bathing suit, bedroom a teddy, you
get the idea. It helps me to blend in and the actors have told
me it helps.”

“It sure does.” Ken said with enthusiasm “Making the extra
effort on the set is appreciated by all of us and that is what
makes Tonya special and in demand.”

Once again I was a little blind sided and blurted out to Ken,
“Do you work on the set?”

Carlo laughed and said, “I guess you two do not see many adult
films or you would have recognized Ken. He is one of the biggest
stars right now in adult films and is in high demand. He is
famous for having a real 12” cock. Nikki is a make up artist
and does all the make up for the actors. That is how we all
met and became such good friends. They are part of the select
few we told you about.”

Lisa gapped at Ken, and then looked toward Tonya and mouthed,
“Does he really have a 12” dick?” Tonya chuckled and then
held her hands apart about a foot and then all the girls laughed
while Ken blushed a bit and shook his head grinning. I then
felt Lisa squeeze my leg and when I looked at her she had a
glazed look in her eye as she stared at Kens crotch trying
to see through his pants.

Then Tonya spoke up and said, “Well Nikki what did you bring

“I had little to choose from since Ken and I are not big S&M
fans, but I do have some pretty hot leather outfits. You
should fit in just fine on the set for the dungeon scene.”

Then Lisa spoke up a little breathy and asked, “Can we see
them?” Knowing Lisa, I could tell that she was getting very
horny and excited. She seemed to be evolving before my eyes
into a hot wife, not the innocent country girl I married.
Even more surprising to me is that I was loving the change
and wondered where it would take us.

“Of course you can see them.” Carlo said, “I think it would
be even nicer if you all modeled them for us to see. Then we
could appreciate the outfits even more.” Ken and I clapped
a bit and chimed in what a good idea we both thought that was.

“Oh you think we are just going to model for you?” Nikki said
with a grin. Turning to Lisa and Tonya, Nikki went on to say,
“I think if we model these outfits it should be to guys stripped
down to boxers. What do you girls think?”

Lisa and I looked at each other and when our eyes made contact
we communicated volumes without saying a word. I could
see the apprehension and the desire in Lisa’s face. I am
sure she could see the same in mine. We both knew that we were
approaching a point of no return and that this could lead
us somewhere we have never even talked about going. I gave
a little smile and shrug letting Lisa know I was okay and
the ball was in her court. That was all it took because Lisa’s
faced beamed with a smile and she turned to Nikki and said,
“ I think that only sounds fair. C’mon girls lets go change.”

The girls no sooner turned around and made their way out
of the room when I noticed Ken and Carlo grinning broadly,
had already started to strip down to their boxers. I stood
up and slowly began to strip down feeling more then a little
nervous with the sudden turn of events.

That is when Carlo spoke up and said, “Hey Josh, I know you
have figured out where this could be heading so if you want
to stop right now it is okay.” Carlo then turned to Ken and
said, “Lisa and Josh are not swingers and this is brand new
to them.”

Ken looked at me with a little concern and said, “Hey Man
I didn’t know. If you or Lisa are feeling weird or anything
we can just stop and mellow out. No hard feelings.”

That was all it took to get rid of my butterflies. I could
tell these guys were having fun and sex is just a normal part
of partying for them. Lisa and I had been quickly invited
into their small group and were accepted for who we are.
It was if a bubble popped in my head and I did not feel threatened
by the situation and was now looking forward to seeing what
Lisa would do.

I chuckled and looked at them both and said, “ Thanks for
your concern, but we are both fine. Besides Ken I do not think
I could stop Lisa now. She wants to see if you really have
a twelve inch cock.”

Ken grinned and slowly nodded his head. I then went on to
say, As a matter of fact I think we should make a few plans
of our own. Ken how would you feel about initiating Lisa?”

Ken looked me in the eye and said, “It would be my pleasure.”

“Then light up a joint Carlo and lets decide how we are going
to do this.” I said.

It was not long and we heard the girls coming down the stairs
giggling and talking. Obviously we were not the only ones
who decided to smoke another joint. When they walked around
the corner they took on a serious look and did their best
to look fully in charge and Nikki announced, You will call
all of us Mistress. I am Mistress Nikki.” Then pointing
to the others said, “This is Mistress Tonya and Mistress

I was stunned I did not expect to ever see Lisa dressed the
way she was. All three ladies were wearing black leather
outfits of different styles, but they the all had in common
spike heels, black fishnet stockings, leather thongs,
and a leather bodice. I could not help notice that Lisa’s
bodice had break away patches with snaps over her tits,
Her thong was more of a wrap held together by what must have
been Velcro. She was not wearing the fishnet stockings,
but had a wide leather collar around her neck with metal
studs and a ring for a leash.

Nikki then lead the other two along the rail and down the
steps to where we were waiting for them sitting in our boxers.
Their entrance had the same effect on us guys. We were all
sporting erections that were sticking out of our waist
bands. Carlo and I had nothing to be ashamed of and were about
the same size 7”or 8” , but Ken was almost scary as he gently
stroked what was his claim to fame.

The girls came into the room and Lisa sat on my lap, Tonya
on Carlo’s lap, and Nikki on Ken’s lap. They all leaned in
to give us a kiss. Lisa started to whisper in my ear and ask
me how I was doing, and if I was okay? I am sure they planned
this opportunity so Lisa and I could talk. I assured her
that I was just fine and if she was comfortable anything
goes. Lisa then gave me a deep kiss and as our lips parted
and our tongues explored each other I felt Lisa slide up
and rub her pussy over the head of my cock sticking out of
my shorts. I was surprised to feel that she was obviously
not wearing anything under that wrap and her bare pussy
was very wet as she slid up on down over my cock. This moment
was also enough time for Ken and Carlo to pass on our plan
to initiate Lisa to Ken’s monster.

It was then that Nikki once again took the lead and said,
“Okay Mistress Tonya and Mistress Lisa come with me.” Then
turning to the three of us she went on to say, “Okay boys the
rules are simple you may look but not touch without permission
from one of us.” Nikki then grabbed Ken by the hand and pulled
him up the steps to the next level. She then pointed at Carlo
and said to Lisa, “Bring him along.” Looking at Tonya she
pointed at me and said, “You stay here with him. We will be
right here and you can see everything, but not close enough
to touch.” Then with a smile they moved up to the next room.

It was like watching them on stage in a theatre setting.
They moved into the center of the room and Nikki clearly
in control had Lisa stand while she moved Carlo in front
of Lisa and Ken behind. Lisa had a glazed look on her face
now as if she had no control and could be easily guided. It
was then that Nikki slipped a finger through the loop on
Lisa’s collar and pulled her to her and gave her a long and
passionate kiss. As I watched their tongues explore each
other I was amazed because to my knowledge Lisa had never
kissed a girl before.

When they broke apart Lisa was obviously excited and breathless.
Nikki then instructed Ken and Carlo to Kiss and fondle Lisa
only. Carlo pulled Lisa to him and began to kiss her softly
and deeply. Ken moved behind Lisa and b

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