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License and registration please


The other night I was driving home from work. I had a couple of draft beers (Dos equis) after my shift so I was feeling pretty good.

I turned onto my road and noticed a car turned after me. Usually isn't a lot of traffic out when I go home so I kept watch of it.

Next thing I know, lights are flashing and sirens are blasting. I mumble a few choice words and begin to pull over.

As a tall man walks up to my window, I roll it down and hear, "License and Registration, please." I get them out and hand them to him and notice he is very sexy.

He asks me what I'm doing out so late, and I told him I just got out of work. He then asks me if I've been drinking. Against the advice of my friend to say no, I say I had a couple. He then asks me to get out of the truck.

I get out thinking to myself, dang I hope I'm not over the limit. He looks at me slowly up and down. It was summer so I was wearing shorts and a tank top. He asks me if I have any guns or weapons on me, and even though I tell him no, he tells me he it is standard procedure to check.

He instructs me to turn around and put my hands on the truck. I feel his hands running along my back, sides, and legs. Then I feel them again. This time he is feeling my breasts, cupping them, and then he moves down to my hips. He goes past my hips and I feel him between my thighs. I wanted to pull back, but he made his way to my pussy. A slight gasp escapes my lips and I feel him lean up against me. His cock already hard and it was poking my ass. I heard myself asking if he was going to arrest me for something, and he said he wasn't sure yet. He had a few more tests.

As he pulled away, he told me I had to walk heel to to to him without stumbling. I started and when I got to him, his hand reached out for me as if he was helping me to not fall.

I felt his hand brush my breast again, and thought to myself how badly I wanted him. I teased him a little by reaching out and grabbing his crouch. I could see it was hard so it wasn't hard to find. I could see the look in his eyes as I grabbed it. He wanted me as bad as I wanted him!

Again, I asked him if I was going to jail. He told me it depended on what I could do for him. I smiled and looked him in the eyes as I got down on my knees.

He was so excited he fumbled with his zipper. Once he got it open, I was thrilled to see it was huge! I licked it up and down the shaft as he grabbed my hair and pushed it into my mouth. I choked for a second, but I gathered myself and allowed him to fuck my mouth until he was about to cum. As he did this, I fingered my pussy and got soaked. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled me up, bent me over the trunk of his car, slowly pulled my shorts down, and slid his rock hard cock deep inside me. At first he it was hard to go in because he was so big and I had him so turned on. He began to fuck me like a jack hammer. I was thoroughly enjoying him. He suddenly stopped, and I started begging him to continue . He reached for his hand cuffs and next thing I knew, i was hand cuffed to the door handle of my truck. I was not able to move much, but he made sure I could prop my ass up so he could drill me again.

He mounts me once again, and jack hammers me until both of us yell as we cum. When he was done, he pulled up my shorts and took the hand cuffs off. As I was about to ask him his name, he looks at me and says, "Have a nice day mam." and walks away.

I just stood there as I watched his tail lights disappear. I wish every stop was like that! I got back in my truck and drove home thinking that I can't wait until he pulls me over again!

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police action some wanted some not


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Very HOT, so he left a Hot creamy deposit for your kitty? so nice of him,lol


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mmmmmmmm very hot story xox