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Let the good times roll


It was a warm summer morning already on the way to being hot
when I was getting ready to go to the local supermarket to
get a few things while my husband, Jerry, watched our toddler
Saturday morning. I stopped to check myself out in the mirror
before leaving in my new pair of hot pink, satiny, skin-tight
short shorts. I was trying them out for the first time along
with the new thong Jerry had just bought for me, celebrating
getting back down to 95 pounds after having Christy a little
over a year ago. The thong was so tiny it completely disappeared
between my butt cheeks. The shorts were naughty, covering
only a little over half my butt and clinging to what they
did cover, leaving nothing to the imagination about the
shape or firmness of how they looked, very nice. It’s nice
that all that exorcise is showing. It felt a little strange
my butt showing when I wasn’t by a pool, but it was a strange
that made me totally wet. I was finally getting back into
sex in a big way again with Jerry and one of my fuckbuddies
from before I became pregnant. Three others had moved away
and I hadn’t been able to keep up with them. I had had to stop
most fucking as I grew and especially after she was born,
so it was nice getting back into shape again, physically
and sexually. I squeezed my tits in the mirror as I examined
them. I had stopped breast-feeding a month ago and they
had grown during my pregnancy and breastfeeding, so I expected
even more action than before. I know Rod; the old man who
was such an incredible lover, had loved my new size yesterday
when I invited him over for a friendly fuck. Back to my butt,
I had never worn thongs much and the unusual feel of it was
making me horny and feel half naked. I love the feelings
that I have when I give up control over what I wear and whether
or not someone fucks me, but I still feel a little shy about
going out in public dressed raunchily. Of course, it is
just enough shy to increase my libido, not to actually stop
me. I couldn’t believe that Jerry had talked me into going
out in public away from a pool, wearing this little.
I had done this before when I was fucking everything in sight
to get Christy, but having her had calmed me down some. I
mean I have been stripped naked in the mall in front of Fredrick’s
of Hollywood twice and fucked inside there many times standing
up behind some clothes racks, by Rod and a strangers and
once by the three friends I usually sat with at the pool.
This outfit was bringing on those same old, super-horny
feelings again. The thin gauzy shirt with no bra also didn’t
help me feel any more proper either, since the dark color
of my nipples were showing clearly through the nearly sheer,
white fabric and they pushed out nearly an inch where they
were trying to poke through. Jerry had cut it short enough
for the bottom inch of my tits to always be visible. In fact,
they were so short that I wondered how often that not just
the bottom of my tits would show, but my actual nipples.
I bounced a little and sure enough, my left nipple caught
the fabric and held it up. My left tit hangs a little lower
than my right one. I smiled coyly at Jerry and covered her
up again.
“At least I still have the figure for this. It was hard getting
back down to less than a hundred pounds.” I said to Jerry
in the master bedroom from the master bathroom.
“Yes, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? I mean you said you had
started fucking Rod again and I know our sex life is getting
back to normal.”
“What do you think?” I asked as I walked out.
His reply was to just ogle me. “That looks even hotter on
you than I thought it would. I ought to write ‘Boy-Toy on
your belly or something. You going to find someone to invite
over for a gang-bang or just fuck whoever sees you? You wanted
to have another baby by a few guys you don’t know now and you
seem to be back in form. I know you never started back on the
pill after she was born...”
I giggled and I said, “I don’t know. I’ll just play it by ear.
We haven’t had a gang-bang since Little One was born. That
might be fun too.”
“Looks more like you’ll be playing it by tit and ass, instead
of by ear.”
I looked at my butt and swung it towards Jerry. “I think I’ll
be playing it by ass instead of tit. I’ll use tit as backup.”
He smiled and said, “Honey, would you please consider going
on the pill for a year. You know how much you enjoyed that
intense fucking around you did to get pregnant with Christy.”
Then he kissed my neck and squeezed my pussy, working his
fingers inside my shorts and then inside my pussy.
“Um hum. Ok. But later this month, when my next period starts…
or doesn’t. I plan on getting laid good and proper by someone
new today. And if I don’t get pregnant this month, then I’ll
wait, but today, I get fucked good and hard and take my chances.
Then I can wonder for a month.”
“Well, if that’s the way you want it, we’ll do it that way.
I hope to see your new lover or hopefully, lovers, soon.
Bounce a little for me before you go out.”
I bounced very little, so that nothing happened. He spanked
me, so that I jumped. My right tit, my absolutely perfect,
perky tit, caught the fabric, exposing her and he smiled
at me. I pulled the top back down and leaned over to get my
keys. He goosed my pussy and I leaned over further. When
I stood, my top was caught three inches above both breasts.
“There, that’s better. Uh uh. Don’t pull it back down until
you’re out of sight.”
“But the car is so far away.” I complained as I pulled my top
back down.
“Christy is asleep so I’ll just bring it out to you.” He said
as he pulled my top off altogether and held it.
“Now go. I’ll bring it, but only after you are inside the
He had me so horny just like in the days before I became pregnant
that my goodbye kiss threatened to devour him as I pushed
him back onto the bed. I nibbled on his neck and shoulder
while slipping out of my shorts and thong and said. “Bring
them to me after I unlock the car. I’ll put everything on
out there behind the car after I have an audience.”
“Mmmmmm, hmmmmm, ” he said through our kiss while he fingered
my wet, wet pussy. He rolled me over while kissing my tits
and worked his way down to my pussy. The rat! He wouldn’t
kiss her, though he worked his way all around her, but wouldn’t
touch her with his tongue or fingers! I pushed her at his
skilled lips and tongue, trying to hump them, but he dodged
me. Finally, in desperation, I wrapped my legs around his
head and pulled him into her. He is so strong, he just resisted
the full force of both my legs. He pushed my legs apart and
kept teasing me. Finally, and obviously under his control,
not mine, he moved down to her. At last, his tongue was where
it belonged. He took a long slow lick on one side of my pussy,
then the other. Then he nibbled a little on my clit. I was
in heaven. He stuck a finger inside to help while he licked
and slurped inside and around my wet, wet pussy. I came within
seconds it seemed and he just kept squeezing that wonderful
mouth and tongue inside my hungry cunt with my legs. I kept
my moans to a minimum so as to not wake Christy while he tongue
fucked me. After I came down, Jerry moved back up to my mouth
while finger-fucking my sopping wet pussy. I enjoyed the
taste of my love juices on his tongue.
He fisted me to another climax before he said, “Honey, give
me a show to keep me hot when you go out there and feel free
to take a little longer at the store if you ‘bounce’ into
an interesting situation. Just give me a call if you are
picked up by someone and need to fuck him. And, just like
before you were pregnant, tell me everything when you get
“Um hmm, ” I murmured as I pulled his shorts off and pulled
him inside me. He got into the rhythm quickly and, though
he was so worked up that he may not have lasted as long as I
wanted, as worked up as I was, it was long enough to put me
over the edge a third time.
“Remember, don’t even think of bringing me my clothes until
I’ve unlocked the door and have an audience, ok?” I told
“Gotcha. Wait until you give someone a good show.” I kissed
him again to show how much I loved him and loved the freedom
he allowed me. I knew how lucky I was that he had always loved
seeing my titties squeezed and seeing me be an exhibitionist.
I also loved how he had started sharing me with his friends
early in our marriage. Letting him see me “put on a show”
with public nudity and especially getting felt up was how
I “paid” him for letting me fuck around. Pretty good deal
as far as I was concerned.
There was no one in the parking lot as I walked slowly to the
car parked in front of the next apartment building, so I
walked even more slowly back to their apartment, stopping
to look at some flowers and hoping that my luck would change.
It was early, about 7 AM on a Saturday, so very few people
were out yet. I had forgotten my shopping list when he distracted
me so thoroughly, so I went back in to get it and walked back
to car. I lay back against the door without unlocking it.
It was still cool so the paint didn’t burn. Finally, one
of the neighbors came out to get his paper and saw me. I smiled
and waved at him. Jerry drove his truck up with my clothes
while I was waving at the guy in all my nude glory. He laid
my clothes on the trunk and drove back to our apartment,
but stopped and leaned against the door to watch me. A couple
drove past and I waved at them as well. Only after a cute guy
I had been eyeing stepped did I lean over, showing him my
pussy and slowly pulled my thong on. I waggled a finger at
him to motion him over and waited till he arrived. I was so
horny dressed only in my thong that I wanted to fuck him right
there in the parking lot.
“Hey gorgeous, shouldn’t you be wearing a little more?”
“That depends.”
“On what? If you get kicked out?”
“Oh, you’re new. This is the weekend. Nothing’ll happen
as long as I don’t dress like this during the regular office
hours during the week. The staff is a bit lazy.”
“Good, I’d hate to see you forced to move.”
“Really, how much would you hate to see that happen?”
His eyes never made it to within six inches below my collar
bone, just as I‘d planned. “A lot, ” he answered.
“Enough to do a couple of little things to make me want to
“Uh, I guess.” Guys are so easy.
“Ok, then kiss my tits, really make them know how much you
like seeing them out here.”
“You’re kidding. Right here?”
“Right here, right now… or would you prefer that I get upset
and we move?”
He laid me back on the trunk to lick them. I moaned pleasantly,
so he kissed them thoroughly and a bit roughly, biting and
nipping in his passion. I pulled his hand to my pussy and
slipped his fingers inside while his other hand and tongue
worked me over. I pulled his head into my now “D” size tits
while I humped his fingers till I came hard. I hadn’t cum
like that since several months after becoming pregnant.
This is great I thought; I’m getting back into my old form.
I loosened his belt and reached inside, grabbing his rock
hard cock.
“What are you doing?” He demanded.
“Pulling out your cock, silly. So you can fuck me.”
His cock shrank in a heartbeat. “Not out here. Everyone
will see us.”
“But, but… no”
I knelt and pulled him out, quickly wrapping my lips around
his manhood. I knew very few guys would back off now. He didn’t
back off, but he filled my eager lips with his cum almost
immediately. I stood up and showed him his cum filling my
mouth briefly before I swallowed it. I already had his cock
in my hand as I said asked, ”You ready to fuck me now?”
“You’re one crazy bitch.”
“Uh huh.” I said, slipping his cock behind my thong to the
folds of my labia and played with myself with the tip of his
“No, this is just too much.”
“Damn! Well, later then, ok?”
“Sure… Wait, don’t you have a baby? Aren’t you married?”
“Uh huh, that’s my husband over there, watching us. Christy’s
inside, asleep. I promised I’d give him a show. I enjoyed
it, didn’t you? You don’t have to stop you know. In fact,
I really, really want you to fuck me right now.”
He backed off. “You’re too kinky for me, ” he said.
“Please, ” I begged.
“No, you’re just too kinky.” He said as he tried with some
difficulty to stuff his rock-hard dick back inside his
shorts through the zipper. He zipped it shut and painfully
caught a bit of it in the zipper. It shrank quickly then and
he was able to get everything back inside where it defiantly
did NOT belong. Served him right, getting it stuck after
not satisfying me after I satisfied him.
“Well, the offer stands. I’ll come visit you soon, ok?”
“No, bitch.”
Damn, I thought as he turned away. That didn’t go well. I’m
loosing it. Disappointed, I dressed slowly, waving to
another guy while putting on my little bit of fluff that
I was calling a top and drove to the local grocery store.
I backed up and pulled back in. I had forgotten to put my shorts
on. I smiled when I saw the dark spot on my thong where my hyperactive
pussy was wetting it. I drove to the Bi-Lo and put them on
in the parking lot.
As I walked into the store, I thought, “Man, I‘m glad that
Jerry could watch Little One. It’s strange not having her
with me.”

As I walked down the aisles with my cart, picking up the items
I needed for jambalaya, I noticed a handsome man already
shopping. Dark-haired, he was of average height, but with
the build of a contractor, like Jerry. With broad shoulders
and a slim waist, he filled out his T-shirt well. As she walked
past, he smiled at me and said, “Morning, ” pleasantly
in passing. I felt his eyes stripping me as I walked toward
him. My nipples stood to attention, showing him how I hoped
he would strip me and with more than his eyes.
I smiled back and returned his greeting while looking at
the obvious bulge in his pants making him look down for a
second. I took advantage of his distraction to stroke his
swollen cock while passing him and putting a nice sway in
my walk as I walked down the aisle. As I continued to shop,
I was glad that no one else, except for a cashier, was in the
store this early. That is, until I got to the aisle in the
far back where the paper towels were. I couldn’t reach the
size I needed. When I stretched up, my shirt caught on my
nipples again, completely exposing them. “Well, that’s
why I wore this top, ” I thought. “Let’s see if it does the
The handsome stranger noticed my trouble or possibly my
tits and came over to help.
“Are you trying to get these?” he asked as he reached up to
the package to the left of the one she wanted.
“No, those, ” I replied as I reached back up and pointed.
“Okay, ” he answered as his left hand grabbed the package
I wanted while his right hand squeezed my butt firmly. I
could feel the warmth of his hand on my naked butt and it got
me so hot, I almost couldn’t stand it.
He released her, leaving a cold empty spot in its wake as
he handed me the package and smiled down at me. By the way,
I stand all of 4’11” and he was about six foot tall.
Quickly grabbing his hand, I pulled it back to my butt cheek.
“Thank you, but you aren’t finished squeezing are you?”
As his eyes widened in surprise, he smiled and squeezed
her a little more firmly and completely.
“How do you like my new shorts?” I asked.
“Fine, they’re very cute on you, ” he answered as he stepped
back to look at them better.
“I have a question for you.”
“Shoot, ” he replied.
“Do I have on anything under them?”
“Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”
“Wanna bet on it?” I asked.
“Sure. What are the stakes?”
“Oh, I don’t know. You choose.” I said as I reached out and
stroked his thoroughly aroused manhood. I then pulled
his right hand to my still exposed left tit.
As he squeezed her firmly, he said, “All right, if you don’t
have panties on, you give me a blow job at my apartment. It’s
nearby. And if you are wearing panties?”
“If I have on no panties, I’ll give you a blowjob that can’t
be beat. But if you’re wrong, you fuck me and in any case,
you eat my pussy at your apartment as well as me giving you
a blowjob. Then we go swimming in your apartment pool.”
“Well, in that case, you’re on. But you don’t have a swimsuit
with you, do you?”
“Do I need one? I plan on leaving at least my shorts hidden
in the shelves here. Would you mind walking to the pool with
my pussy and butt out for everyone to see?”
“You sure? Wouldn’t wearing your shorts and no shirt be
“The hornier you get me, the less I’ll wear. If you get me
horny enough, I may leave everything here in the store.”
“Really? That sounds good. Now, how do we find out if you
have on anything under those delectable shorts? Are you
going to pull them down?”
“No, I was thinking you could let your hands do a little exploration,
since there isn’t anyone else in the store. Feel me up, then
take off one piece of clothing at a time and hide them in the
shelves but low enough for me to get to later.”
“My pleasure, ” he answered. He squeezed my tits and pulled
the shirt up, stopping while my hands were pointing straight
up so that my hands were voluntarily tied. This got me so
horny; I wouldn’t have done a thing to stop him if he chose
to fuck me right then and there. I love the helplessness
of being tied up with an aroused guy. I gasped as he explored
one nipple with his tongue. Licking circles around her
areola, he finally engulfed the entire nipple and sucked
hard. I gasped again and wrapped a leg around one of his and
my arms around his head, taking care to keep them inside
the shirt. After teasing and then sucking my other nipple
for several minutes, he finally pulled my shirt completely
off and hid it behind some paper towels.
Next he kissed me and explored my mouth with his tongue while
grabbing my butt with both hands. This time he didn’t stop
with a gentle squeeze. He reached under my shorts and his
middle finger touched my butt-hole immediately. Gasping
in pleasure, I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him
to my eager lips and tongue. He pulled back and smiled at
me, then latched onto a tit and continued his explorations
of my butt-hole. His middle finger slid smoothly from my
butt-hole and to between my completely drenched labia.
I gasped again and spread my legs wider.
“I see you do have on a thong.”
My eyes closed, I whispered, “Um hmm, I won, you fuck my brains
Smiling he pulled his hand out and kissed me again. He then
tried reaching my pussy from the front, but from below,
not from my waist.
I huskily said, “No, just unsnap me and let them fall.” I
then pulled his head down and kissed him again. I explored
his mouth while my shorts fell to my ankles. I stepped out
of them and tossed them to the end of the aisle with my toes.
As his hand slid down my belly and under my thong into my throbbing
pussy, I gasped again and hugged him as I wiggled on top of
his probing fingers.
“More, ” I said.
“More.” I demanded.
“More fingers.”
“Oh, OK, ” he said as he slid a second finger into me. I sighed
in pleasure, rapidly building towards another orgasm.
“Just a minute, ” he said as he dropped my thong as well.
He hid them on the top shelf. He hid my shorts at the end of
the aisle while I checked to see if I could reach my thong
on my tiptoes. I couldn’t, but he could finger-fuck me even
more easily while I was reaching up. After enjoying his
explorations for a minute, I said, “That’s too high, I can’t
reach it.”
“Oh, all right, ” he said reluctantly. Then he held me close
and stroked my bare back and butt, coming around to my pussy
and finally to my tits. He was kissing them and fingering
my joy-hole when we heard some shoppers come into the store,
so I hid behind him, though I think one naked side still showed
when I wrapped my arms around him. That’s because when I
waved and smiled at the shoppers walking down the main aisle
the man stopped to stare at me. I just flashed my pearly whites
at him and pulled away from this handsome stranger hugging
me, giving the shopper a good, full look at me. I giggled
and stuck my tongue out when his middle-aged wife pulled
her ogling husband along with her, though I winked when
he turned around for one last peek.
“Since I know you won, let’s go to my apartment before we
get arrested or something. Do you have anything frozen
in your basket yet?” He said.
“No, let’s just leave them here, we can come back later.
But first, let me put my shirt back on.”
“Not your shorts or thong.”
I stroked his rock hard cock and smiled. “No, just my shirt.
I’ll wear either this or nothing to your pool. And there's
so few people out, I think I can get away with this right now.”

I was so excited feeling the cashier’s eyes on me as I walked
bottomless hand in hand out of the store that I had a little
orgasm while just walking to his car. He unlocked the door,
but I stood outside till he leaned over and pulled the handle,
opening the door. We rode to his place, which was on the other
side of town near the campus. He had had an early morning
meeting with a client. In the course of the small talk on
the trip, I discovered that his name was Steve. To get to
his downstairs apartment we had to walk past the pool. Two
girls smiled at me as they sunbathed topless. After he unlocked
his door, he said, “You won’t be needing this, ” and pulled
my shirt off, dropping it just inside the door. We didn’t
realize it at the time, but it stuck just inside the door
keeping it from closing all the way. He took off his shirt
and motioned for me to go to the couch. I sat down waiting
for him. He took my hand and stood me up, then turned me around.

“Bend over and put your hands on the couch.”
I obeyed him, spreading my legs as well. He stuck three fingers
noisily inside me. I was so juicy, I squished as his fingers
entered me. Since I was expecting his tongue or dick, I asked,
“I thought you were going to fuck me.”
“I will, believe me. I just want you as wet as possible because
I love the taste of a juicy cunt. Though I don’t think you
could get any wetter.” He shoved his fingers into me harder,
which changed my reply into a muffled grunt with squishy
notes from the choir down below. After several minutes
of fingering me, he replaced his fingers with his mouth.
I moaned in pleasure as his tongue ran along my slit in long
slow strokes. He alternated between probing and fucking
me with his tongue and teasing my clit with his teeth. After
eating me out for close to half an hour, I came for the third
time since meeting him. The first times were minor when
he fingered me and when we left the Bi-Lo. This one wasn’t
minor in any way, it was a grand slam. Moaning and grabbing
the cushions with desperate strength, I shuttered as wave
after wave of pleasure passed through me. After I came down
from heaven, I turned around and kissed him passionately,
pulling him on top of me.
He pulled his pants and briefs off and pushed me down onto
the couch without interrupting our prolonged kiss. As
our arms intertwined, I wrapped my legs around his. After
some more necking, I felt him slide inside me. I loved how
wide his cock was as it slid easily inside my overflowing
cunt. His muscles were just as hard as Jerry’s as he moved
me to his will.
After several strokes, he paused and asked me, “You are
on the pill, aren’t you?”
I first wrapped my legs firmly around his broad backside
stroking it and finally pulled my heels into his butt, pulling
him more firmly into me and blocking his retreat as I pulled
his mouth back to mine. Only then did I mumble “Um-hmm, ”
I lied through our locked lips. He relaxed and began reaching
a rhythm that was good for both of us.
I was thinking the whole time how this baby might look like
I released his back and pushed him off of me gently. He obeyed
my unspoken request and backed off. I turned over so that
he could do me doggy style. His hands stroking the sides
of my tits almost brought me over the edge again. Then he
grabbed my butt and really fucked me hard and steady till
we both came so hard we were breathless. I was so turned on
by the thought of getting pregnant by this guy I had just
met that every time he spurted his hot, creamy jism inside
me, I came all over again. When he finally finished, I collapsed
onto the couch. He went to the kitchen. My pussy was still
pulsing, so I raised her into the air. I know I must have looked
like a cat in heat, but well, that’s what I was. I was playing
with myself and licking his cum out of my cunt and eating
it. I didn’t want to go clean myself out yet in order to give
his sperm a better chance of traveling inside me, but I did
scoop out what was leaking out and eat it. I have a great husband,
one who loves kids, but I just love doing the outrageous
sometimes and he is letting me live out this fantasy I’ve
been having since I first started fucking at 13. I’m so lucky
that Jerry enjoys seeing me neck heavily with strangers.
He has watched and participated so many times while I fucked
other men and even set up a bunch of gang-bangs for me, especially
for getting me with Christy. This is so cool; I hope I don’t
get pregnant quickly. I will start the pill when my next
period starts, well, if it starts.
He called from the kitchen, interrupting my fantasies,
“Would you like something to drink?”
“No, actually, I was hoping you could do it to me again.”
Amid the sound of glasses being set quickly down, he replied,
“Really? I think I can do something about that.”
“Ok, just a sec, I can go clean myself off, or do you mind sloppy
“Suck me off to get me jump-started and sloppy seconds are
just fine.”
“Good.” I thought he’d shove his cum deeper inside me with
the lubrication of the first time.
“Well, get yourself over here!” I demanded in a playfully
firm voice.
“Oh and bring a towel, I ‘m leaking.”
After a minute, he returned with a large beach towel, which
he laid over the couch. Taking his cock into my mouth, I licked
his balls and pulled them inside one at a time. I licked his
shaft, but not his swollen head, teasing him, like Jerry
had teased me earlier. When I finally moved to the tip, I
sucked hard for just a second before pulling off and asking,
“Which will it be? Suck or fuck.” While I said this, I scooped
up a little more jism that had leaked out a little, ate it
in front of him which got his cock even harder and the tip
swelled a little more. Then I took him by the shoulders and
rolled him onto his back.
“This is fine, I guess, ” he said.
“Good. Now for a little more fun, ” I said as I rubbed his
balls and groin area with just the very tips of my nipples.
That got him, his cock was quivering within seconds. I continued
to stroke him with just the tips of my nipples as I moved up
his chest to his hungry mouth. After he sucked first one
tit and then the other I groaned in pleasure and slid my saturated
cunt onto his shaft for a second ride. Just after I was good
and seated for a second ride, the door opened and two more
construction worker types stepped in.
The taller of the two took in the scene before him and immediately
said, “Oh God, Steve, I’m sorry! We’ll go see Terminator
III by ourselves, we didn’t know you were getting lucky.”
Steve had jerked up to his elbows in alarm. “My God, is it
that late already? I’m sorry Gigi. This was so unexpected
and I forgot and…”
I set my finger on his lips and said, “It’s alright.”
The two new guys were halfway out the door when I called out.
“Stop! Come back! I love threesomes. Let me fuck all three
of you. You know three holes, three screwdrivers to stuff
them. It’s perfect math, my kind of math.”
They stopped immediately while I turned around on Steve
and positioned my asshole on the tip of his cock. I lubricated
myself with my overflowing cunt while slowly forcing Steve’s
hardness into my butt-hole. I pushed slowly on and off,
on and off, pushing him a little further into my asshole
each time till he just popped in. Then I started slowly fucking
Steve with my butt. The two guys just stared at me while I
slid almost off of him and then impaled my back door onto
Steve’s dick over and over. When their eyes strayed from
me at all, it was to gape at Steve who just held his hands up
briefly before he set them back around my waist and then
onto my tits, where he really worked them over. I was in heaven…
“If it’s ok by her, I guess its ok with me.” He said while I
continued my slow pumping. Soon he laid his hands to my waist
and took over the rhythm. I took advantage of his taking
over to fluff out my hair with hands. I love what that does
to guys as I arch my tits out.
I loved the way their jaws were on the floor as I told the guys,
“The first one undressed fucks my pussy while I suck the
other one off.”
That decided them. They finally swung the door shut, but
I saw my shirt held it open and it bounced back to the wall.
That’s just fine, maybe more will see and join in. The guys
were in such a hurry that they just half ripped their clothes
off. The taller one finished first and rushed over. I lay
back onto and opened my legs wide to receive him. His cock
was thick and about the size of a large cucumber. Steve was
squeezing my titties hard as the new guy entered me. I sure
was glad that the milk was gone and that they had grown a size
with making milk for half a year. Guys have always loved
my tits, but Steve just couldn’t get enough of them.
“Oh yeah, that feels so good. Fill me up, both of you. I want
to fuck all three of you till you can’t get it up! Get over
here and stick that thing in my mouth!”
The two new guys fucked my mouth and pussy hard while Steve
pretty much just filled me with just enough action to make
it perfect. After about fifteen to twenty minutes of hard
fucking in all three holes I came like a freight train. The
two new guys filled me with squirt after glorious squirt.
I pulled the guy in my pussy into me hard to fill me with his
soothing, hot cum. The cock I had my tongue wrapped around
reminded of a long Andouille sausage just before he began
filling my mouth with his jism. He pumped me full and it overflowed
onto my chin and he still kept cumming. I pulled him out and
directed the rest of his load onto my face and the last good
squirt onto my tits.
I showed him his cum before I swallowed it. Then I slowly
licked my lips with a big smile while I rode Steve. “Steve,
rub that cum into my tits, would you?” I rubbed my face to
get more cum and brought it down to my tits as well. Then I
grabbed the hands of the guys who had filled me so well and
pulled them to finish rubbing my tits down with his cum.
Steve pulled back and in a final frenzy and a scream, filled
my butt with his cum. I screamed myself as I came all over
When I came back to reality and felt hands on my tits rubbing
warm, fresh jism into me, I remembered, “Oh, what are yall’s
The tall one in my pussy returned my smile and said, “Bob,
and who are you?”
“Gigi.” I stroked the Andouille sausage cock while the
owner rubbed my tits enthusiastically and asked, “And
Tim’s cock got hard again fast.
“Are both of you disease-free?”
“Uh huh and yup, ” were the immediate answers.
“Good, I was so excited when I saw yall at the door, I forgot
to ask. In that case, I want to fuck all three of you till you
can’t cum anymore, go for a swim, and fuck you some more.
After yall are drained, you can call someone else over or
I’ll invite someone from the pool to fuck me there. I don’t
want to go home till I can’t walk from fucking. Now Tim, it
feels like you’re ready so get inside my pussy and work me
over. Bob, have you ever butt-fucked any lucky girl before?”
“Uh, no.”
“Oh, goody. I’ll be your first. As soon as you’re hard, well,
that’s now, I see. Ok, Bob, you get inside my butt first,
then Tim, fill my pussy with that sausage of yours. Steve,
you’ll have just enough time to wash him off while they fill
me below the waist before you let me taste your cum. I feel
cheated. I mean, you’ve filled two holes, but you haven’t
let me taste you yet.”
“I think I can change that.”
“I’m looking forward to it.” I said.
About five minutes later as we were just getting into the
rythm, my cell phone began ringing. Steve got it out of my
purse and handed me the phone. I glared at him momentarily
before answering.
“Jerry, how are you?”
“Fine, and you?” he replied.
“Fine, I got delayed.”
Tim entered me and I moaned.
“You naughty girl, you’re getting fucked.” I could hear
the smile in his voice.
I smiled, “Yes, actually that is what happened. I have two
inside me right now and a third waiting. The door was open
and two friends of the guy who picked me up dropped in, so
I decided to fuck them all. Would you be a sweetie and do something
else for lunch? I want to spend at least the afternoon here.
I’ll bring the groceries home this afternoon.”
“No problem. So I take it you’re trying for the next out-of-wedlock
baby and getting that good gang-bang you have been wanting.”
“Uh huh, I’ll call when I’m ready to come home.”
“Well, since I left a deposit in you this morning, if you
want, Christy and I will be fine till tomorrow morning.
Have fun.”
I smiled, “Thanks, I’d love to spend the night here. I really,
really want to go skinny-dipping in their pool or go meet
some of their friends. I left those new shorts at the grocery
store so I guess I’ll have to go nude or maybe just wear that
see-through shirt.”
“Really? I’m proud of you. Do you remember how shy you used
to be? How you were so scared your tits might be seen?
“Uh huh, ” I laughed.
“So where is your shirt?”
“My shirt? I wore it over here. But I was so horny, I left my
shorts and thong hidden in the shelves.”
‘Oh, what’s the name of the lucky guy whose house you’re
“Let me speak to him.”
“Steve, Jerry wants to speak to you.”
“Fine, and you?”
“Yeah, she’s a wild one. I tell you. Two of my friends and
I are balling the crap out of her right now.”
“Yes, we will be.”
“Yes, I could do that.”
Oh, OK.”
“Yeah, I think we’ll enjoy that.”
“Next weekend? Here, let me check.”
“Hey guys! Jerry, her husband, wants us to come over next
weekend and gang-bang her at their apartment next weekend!
Yall up for it?”
Both guys said, “Oh yeah!” in unison.
“OK. Here she is again.”
“Just a sec, dear. Bob, pump my ass hard. Tim you fuck me hard
too! Let Jerry hear how hard I’m being fucked right now.
Smiling like a cat dropped in a bowl full of cream, I finally
picked up the phone after they were banging me hard and loudly.
“Hey, again… moan, ” I said.
“Well, I hope for your sake that you get knocked up again,
it you’re ready, but I’d really prefer to see you go on the
pill for a year or so.”
“Yeah, me too. We’ll just see what happens, but I’m with
you now. Here, stay on the phone while they cum in me for the
second time. I’m squishing all over, I have so much cum in
me. It’s great!”
Tim grabbed my tiny waist and banged my cunt for all he was
“Oh, oh, oh! Harder, Tim! I love it! Oh, that’s good!”
“You naughty, naughty girl. I love you. You seem like you
are really enjoying yourself. I can’t wait till you get
“Ummm, ummm, ”I panted. “I love you too and, yes, I am enjoying
myself. You just wait till I get home, Rascal.” I gave the
phone to Bob to hold near my mouth as the three pumped me hard.
After they came in me and I groaned loudly in ecstasy for
Jerry’s sake after swallowing Steve’s full load, I picked
up the phone again. “Jerry, you still there?”
“Uh huh.”
“You heard me?”
“Half the parish must have heard you, you horny slut.”
“As long as you did, Sweetie.”
“Oh, is the door still open?”
“Is the door open? Why yes it is.”
“Would you do me a favor and move your gang-bang to beside
the door?”
“Yes, we can all move beside the door. No, we’ll move to the
Setting the phone aside for a second, she asked, “Hey guys,
is it all right if we move this to the pool?”
Steve was back inside my pussy again and said, “Yes, this
is an all adult complex and everyone here is cool about nudity.
All the girl’s sunbathe topless or nude and at most parties
at least a couple of the girls fuck someone by the pool.”
“Yes, Honey, we’re taking this to their pool. And yes, I
will invite anyone who wants me to come on in, the water’s
great, hehe. Ohhhhh! Bob, that’s great! Fill my ass! Gotta
go! Love ya!”
When we arrived at the pool, it was empty, but my guys weren’t.
Hours later, we stopped from sheer exhaustion. I thought
that each of them had come each of my holes at least two or
three times each.
One girl, Jenny, had come down while we were fucking and
lay out. After swimming for awhile and getting to know everyone
better. Jenny was a Cajun, short and swarthy, and built
like a brickhouse. It was obvious she never wore a top while
sunbathing. I walked back to the apartment to put my shirt
on and said, “I’m hungry. Could we go to Wendy’s or something?”
“The drivethrough?”
“No, sit down, I’m dressed. Sort of. All I want to be, anyway.
I do have on sandals and a shirt.” I smiled, “I want to keep
you three horny. And if I don’t feel someone step up behind
me and finger my pussy while I’m ordering, it’s over for
today. Clear?”
“Uh huh.”
Jenny said, “Honey, you’ll get arrested like that. I’ll
loan you either a shirt short enough to not cover your butt
since you want to show off or a thong. Which do you want?”
Tim said, “The thong. That way you’ll be totally legal and
we can see your tits just fine. That shirt you have on, may
be legal, but it doesn’t hide a thing. And we’ll still be
able to finger you with a thong on.”
“Sounds good to me, ” I said.
Jenny brought out the top to her thong bikini when she brought
me a thong to wear. She joined us for the trip. We agreed to
put our tops on after we were at the Wendy’s. She and Bob played
in the front seat while Tim and I played in the back.
There were no little kids in the Wendy’s when we entered,
they must all have still been at church, but the store was
full. I got so horny being practically nude that I could
barely stand it. Steve was good. He not only fingered my
pussy while I ordered, squeezed my tits as well. It took
me forever to actually get my order out. Every time I started
to say something, he would goose my pussy again. Jenny was
having as hard a time with Bob as I was with Steve. Tim floated
between us. The pretty girl taking the order just smiled
and said, “A little distracted, aren’t you? At least the
rush is over.”
“Mmmmm, yes.”
“Looks like fun.”
“It is. You should try it. I just met these guys this morning.
That makes it even more fun.”
The guys on the kitchen crew were just staring, so Steve
pulled my shirt up over my tits and left it there after squeezing
them for a few seconds and tweaking my nipples to attention.
I smiled at nothing in particular as he felt me up, but when
I looked back to thank him, I saw at least half the restaurant
staring at us. Jenny’s top was pulled outside her tits and
the bottom no longer covered her pubic hair or even all of
her pussy. I was a little jealous, so I just smiled and stretched
languorously with my hands in my hair and facing the people.
Before I finished my stretch, I turned around to face the
crew and give them a nice show as well. My shirt was in a little
pile on top of my tits, several inches from my nipples.
I left my shirt where it was as we went to one of the tables
in the center of the store and before sitting down, I made
a show of bending over while pulled off the thong, Jenny
had loaned me and laid it in the center of the table. Jenny
plopped hers down beside mine. We sat down in the booth to
eat. When no one said anything, Tim pulled Jenny’s top off
and set it beside the thongs. My top followed quickly. That
was the most enjoyable meal I have ever eaten at Wendy’s.
Several guys went to the bathroom and walked past us ogling
us the whole time. By the way Jenny squirmed sometimes,
I was sure she was getting felt up as much as I was and enjoying
it as much. It was wonderful, the kind of thing I wish I could
do all the time, but “C’est la vive.” (It is life)
As we stood to leave, Tim grabbed my clothes and Bob grabbed
Jenny’s and they took our hands. Steve wrapped his arm around
my butt and walked with me, squeezing me firmly as if to say
that there was no escape, as if I would want to. I have never
been in a Wendy’s wearing only sandals, and I wasn’t about
to stop now. When we reached the car, Tim opened the door
for me, but Steve closed it, dropped his pants, and fucked
me right there in the parking lot. He so horny he squirted
in me almost immediately, but it was still the perfect climax
to the perfect meal. Jenny got in on the other side, flushed
from Tim filling her as full as Steve had filled me.
On the way home I sucked Steve off or rather cleaned him,
he couldn’t get it up again. I just thought about this wonderful
day. I had lost count of how many times I had cum and how many
times the guys had cum inside me. This was a wonderful day.
I lay out for a bit of nude sunbathing, before I picked up
my shirt to go home. I decided to wait till Sunday morning
to get my shorts and thong.


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