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Let the Programming Begin


Let the Programming Begin

The Beginning.

Standing there next to her at the bookstore, watching her
move still turned him on although they had been together
for almost ten years now. She is 5’3” tall with long, curly,
auburn hair and a body with all of the right curves. Some
would look at her and think she was a bit on the heavy side
but I knew better. Under the loose fitting clothes was a
wonderfully built, trim, athletic body of 125 pounds.

She handed me a book with “hypnosis” in the title and I wasn’t
particularly interested, but I started reading the back
and caught the phrase “hypnotize your friends and family”.
Now that sounded interesting. I could hypnotize my wife.
“I wonder what that would be like” I thought as I put the book
back on the shelf.

Ten minutes later, we decided it was time to go. I hadn’t
thought too much about the book until Cathy asked if I was
going to get the book on hypnosis.

“Sure, ” I replied as I headed back towards the shelf that
housed the book.

We paid for our treasures and headed towards home.

Two weeks later, I finally got around to reading the book
on hypnosis after a couple of the fiction titles that I picked
up at the same time. It was interesting reading, especially
the section on sexual disorders (i.e. impotency and frigidity).
Reading through those sections made me wonder if I could
help improve Cathy’s libido a bit. Cathy was always great when it came to sex, it was just that
over the last 4 or 5 years with her career and our children,
sex seemed to slip down the list quite a ways. In my opinion,
it slipped down to the bottom of the list and was nowhere
near as uninhibited as it had been the first couple of years
of our marriage.

After having my interest piqued by that book, I decided
to do some research online about hypnosis, its uses and
if I could really learn how to do it. After what seemed like hours of searching (most of it at
work, under cover hoping that I wouldn’t get caught online)
I thought that I had read enough about it to maybe give it
a try. So, the next question was with whom do I practice?
Would Cathy let me practice on her?

Finally, a couple of days later I asked, “Cathy, you know
that book I read about hypnosis?”

She responded in a somewhat nonchalant manner.

“Would you be interested in being hypnotized?” I asked.

She again responded nonchalantly, but positively. So,
we set a time when the kid’s wouldn’t be interrupting us
and decided that we would just work on relaxation to see
if it really would work. “Close your eyes and relax” I started, “feel yourself sink
deeper and deeper into the bed, feel yourself becoming
more and more relaxed” I read from the script I had downloaded
off of the internet. “Know that you have nowhere else to
be, nothing else to do, with no one wanting anything from
you right now.”

She laughed, how could she laugh?

“I’m sorry, ” she said apologetically “but I don’t feel
like no one wants anything from me, you want me to relax don’t

Well she had me there, but what a shot to the ego. I thought
I had read and rehearsed enough that something like this
wouldn’t happen. Back to the drawing board, I schemed.

I dug even deeper, read even more, bought videos of others
being hypnotized and eventually found someone I could
practice on that expected to go into trance so my confidence
grew slowly, it continued to build up.

Then I came across a certification program. It wasn’t very
expensive and I could do it online and over the phone so I
enrolled in it. I continued to learn more and more and my
confidence grew even more as I got positive feedback from
the instructor. After about 6 months, I felt confident to try again and this
time I wouldn’t fail. “Close your eyes and relax, breathe in relaxing feelings
and breathe out all the stress and strain of the day. Now
relax your eyes so much that you know they are too relaxed
to open and when you know they are that relaxed, test them
to make sure they just won’t open” I began. It was such a simple induction and took far less time than
some of the progressive relaxation inductions and seemed
to work well on the other people I had hypnotized. “Very good, now take that relaxation to the top of your head
and send it down to the tips of your toes, feel the muscles
relax all the way down.”

She tested her eyes, they hadn’t opened and I could see her
starting to relax, this was working and I knew it would only
be a matter of time before she was deep into trance.

“Relax your eyes even further and again test them, very
good, now send that deeper relaxation down your body, feel
the sensations of relaxation as the muscles relax even

Her body and face looked even more relaxed and her breathing
was becoming shallower, almost there, but I am taking no

“I want you to imagine yourself at the top of a beautiful
staircase with 10 stairs. I am going to start counting down
from 10 to 1 and when I reach one, I want you to imagine yourself
sinking into the softest bed you have ever been in with the
most comfortable pillow and down comforter, can you do

“Yes” she replied sleepily.

I am getting so close now, I am starting to get a bit aroused
just thinking of the fun soon to follow.

“10 stepping down on the 1st step, going deeper into trance,
9 becoming more and more relaxed, 8 sinking deeper down
with every step you take, 7 deeper and deeper into trance,
6 more relaxed, more comfortable, 5 further down into trance
with every step down the staircase, 4 deeper and deeper,
3 more and more relaxed, 2 deeper into trance and 1 sinking
into that soft comfortable bed, feeling the weight of the
comforter on your body.”

She sure looked like she was in a trance, shallow breathing,
and eyes moving behind the eyelids. Maybe I should test
her? My confidence was still a bit shaky with her because
you just never know. Is she just playing along or is she really
in a trance? I know, I’ll test by using fractionization.

“Cathy, at the count of 3, not before, you will open your
eyes and look at me. When you hear me say the words “Good night
Gracie”, you will go back into a trance, deeper than before,
do you understand me?”

A slight nod accompanied with a quiet “Yes” let me know that
she was ready to give it a try.

“1, 2, 3”

She looked at me, and not before the count of 3, this must
be working. I gave her the code phrase and down she went.
I tried again, but this time I paused after the number 2 waiting
to see if she was anticipating the 3, but nope, she just waited
and after I said 3 she looked at me again.

This is so cool, I must be doing the right things, but I’ll
have to test just one more time. This time I paused after
the 1 and hurried through the 2 and 3 and she did exactly as
told. She sure must be in somnambulism! I did it, now on to the 1st part of the plan.

I thought I would start out easy and work my way towards the
fantasy that I’d had in my head almost from the day I finished
that 1st book.

“Cathy, I want you to remember when we were 1st starting
to date and how easy it was to get you sexually excited, can
you remember that?”

“Uh-huh” was the reply.

“Cathy, I want you to really experience that in your mind,
really feel the sensations in your clit, feel the wetness
build in your vagina, as if I was touching your clit and sucking
on your nipples right now.”

She slowly started to squirm and I could se her nipples harden
through her blouse.

“Cathy, really feel it, want it and crave it. Really experience
these sensations of having your nipples sucked and pinched
the way you like and feeling your clit rubbed in the circular
motion that you love.”

She was really starting to squirm and her breathing was
getting deeper and heavier.

“Are you enjoying these sensations? Are you really feeling

She groaned lightly and her hips swiveled and pressed down
into the bed. It sure seemed like she was feeling and experiencing
them, now it was time to set the post hypnotic suggestion
to see if this really works.

“Cathy, from now on, any time you hear me and only me say to
you “Nipple Time” you will feel these sensations. Your
nipples will harden and you will feel the wetness begin
to grow between your legs as these sensations are triggered
in your body. If you hear me say “Nipple Time” within 5 minutes
of the last time I said it, the sensations will grow more
intense, as if the sensations doubled and this will happen.
Every time you hear me say “Nipple Time” the sensations
will double again and again. If you don’t hear me say “Nipple
Time” within 5 minutes from the last time I said it, or I say
“Back to Normal”, the sensations will slowly fade away
and your body will return to normal. Do you understand these

“Yes” clearly was the reply.

Now I had to bring her out and hopefully get her to think that
this was just a relaxation session.

“Cathy, your inner mind will remember these instructions
and act upon them any time you hear me say those special words,
but your conscious mind will only remember that you were
very relaxed and comfortable and that you enjoy having
me do hypnosis with you, do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes” again was the reply.

Hopefully that will work, only time will tell, time to bring
her up.

“Cathy, when I count to 3, you will be fully alert and awake
remembering what a relaxing and comforting session this
was. 1 ‒ More and more aware, 2 ‒ coming back into awareness
and 3 ‒ fully aware and awake.”

Now I had to distract her a bit.

“You sure look relaxed, do you feel relaxed?”

“Definitely” she replied looking dreamily at me.

Later that evening, Cathy and I went for a walk along the
waterfront of where we live. It’s a beautiful area with
a big beautiful lake on one side of town and mountains on
the other. It’s the fall, leaves are starting to change
and she loves seeing all of the changing colors and feeling
the cool fall air. As we were walking, I asked her if she remembered
much about the hypnosis session.

“Not much.” she replied, “just feeling very relaxed and
looking forward to having another session.”

Fantastic, she didn’t say anything about the post-hypnotic
suggestion that I gave her; it’s time to try it out. “Nipple Time.”

She turned to look at me with a questioning look and then
sheepishly turned away.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Fine, I’m alright.”

But I noticed a bit of breathlessness in her reply.

“What did you say to me?” she asked. “Because I just had the
strangest sensations.”

“Really, would you like me to say it again?” She just mumbled and kept on walking although not as quickly
as before. We walked for a few more minutes, but I couldn’t
wait any longer.

“Nipple Time” I said again.

This time she turned towards me and I noticed her face starting
to blush and her nipples protruding through her t-shirt.
She was breathing heavier and just standing there squirming
a bit, but she didn’t say anything else.

“Nipple Time” I repeated.

She inhaled deeply and seemed like she was having a hard
time standing so I reached out to steady her. She was breathing
heavier and her eyes were barely visible under her eyelids.

“Nipple Time” I again repeated.

She leaned heavily into me with panting breath. She was
starting to grind into me and I could feel her nipples poking
me like two little knobs through my shirt as well.

This is going to be fun I thought as I considered whether
to continue or to give her a break. Just then I saw another
couple approaching from around a corner.

“Back to Normal” and her eyes blinked a couple of times and
she peeled herself off of me with a quizzical look on her

“What in the hell did you do to me?” she asked.

“Well, now that you know I can cause this affect, I should
probably fill you in on the details.”

“Damn right you should, I didn’t give you permission to
do anything like that to me!” She barked a little too loudly.

She was right, I shouldn’t have done it without her permission,
although from what I had read, she would have rejected the
suggestions had she truly not wanted to do this and as I explained
this to her, she started to calm down. After calming down
and walking for a while she stopped and looked at me. “I’m still a little turned on, ” she whispered with that
sexy little look that I hadn’t seen in quite a while. “What
shall we do now?” she asked.

Going Deeper

On the walk back to the car, I was deep in thought as I pondered
what fun yet naughty, wonderful things we could explore
and how she would respond to them. Cathy was quiet as well
so I assumed she was also deep in thought. As we reached the car and got inside, Cathy asked, “Could
you keep doing that to me on the ride home?”

“Sure” I answered, but decided I wouldn’t let her cum until
much later after she was begging me to let her finish. As soon as I turned the ignition switch and put the car in
reverse I started, “Nipple Time”, “Nipple Time”, “Nipple

Immediately she started squirming and her breathing became
very heavy as her eyes rolled back into her head. It was tough
for me to drive, as I wanted to pay attention to her moans
and watch her squirm. I tried to time the subsequent suggestions to just about
5 minutes when I knew she would start to wind down a bit. Each
time I did this her gasps became deeper and her moans became
louder. I wanted to take her over the top, to hear her orgasm
and watch her thrash about, but fought the urge because
I knew that later the orgasm would be the most intense she
would ever had have, not to mention use it as leverage for
her to give up even more control later. We were just about home now and I decided to get her all worked
up again, to see how high she could go.

“Nipple Time, Nipple Time” and she nearly screamed as we
pulled into the garage.

She was still breathing very heavily as the garage door
closed behind us and I swore I could smell her musky perfume
that I remember emanating from her hungry pussy.

Just then she looked over and with pleading eyes asked,
“Finish me now; I want to cum so badly.”

With that I said, “Back to normal.”

She looked so disappointed and slapped me on the arm. “How could you do that to me? I was so damn close and then you
just shut it off. I’m going upstairs to finish this myself
and you are not invited!”

With that said, she jerked the car door open, jumped out
and practically ran into the house.

I chased her into the house and caught her just before she
slammed the bedroom door and said “Goodnight Gracie”,
with that she stopped immediately and just stood there
staring ahead.

I was getting so turned on myself with this control that
I had to fight not throwing her on the bed and ravishing her
right there.

“I’ll have to work on a trigger word to cool myself off.”
I said to myself, but Cathy didn’t say a word. Just then I
had an idea that I thought would be educational for both
of us and told Cathy to go sit on the bed and wait for me quietly.

As she did, I went into the bathroom to cool down and get a
drink of water while I organized my thoughts. After getting
my heart rate down and letting my cock relax, I went to my
desk and grabbed my tape recorder that I kept there to record
thoughts I had for work or the books I was working on. I also
grabbed a fresh tape and another set of batteries just in
case this went longer than I anticipated. I also glanced
at the clock and realized that there wouldn’t be any additional
fun at least until the kids went to bed since we would need
to be picking them up from their friend’s house in about
an hour or so.

I grabbed a chair from the desk and moved it close to the bed
so I could easily make sure the recorder picked up any words
being spoken. I wanted to make sure that I had this on tape
for 2 reasons, the 1st being that I wanted to not miss anything
and the 2nd being in case Cathy didn’t believe what was being
said, I could just play her the tape with her voice on it.

“Cathy, have you enjoyed this little game we’ve been playing
today?” I asked.

Her reply was surprising.

“No, I haven’t liked it a bit because you haven’t let me finish
and I was so damn close! You asshole!” she added as an afterthought.

She didn’t usually talk this way so it surprised me a bit.

“Did you enjoy the sensations and the feelings of submissiveness?”
I asked to clarify the question.

“Yes, very much. I didn’t think I could feel so excited,
especially after having kids.”

I smiled thinking back to the gasping and groaning, getting
a little hard remembering.

“Are there other things you would like to try?” I asked.

“Sure, I would like you to make me feel like your cock is inside
of me as I cum while I’m all alone.”

That sounded fun and I started creating ideas for those

“Would you like to keep playing this game and doing more
new things?”

“Oh Yes!” she replied enthusiastically.

“Is there anything you don’t want to try?” I asked trying
to set up some boundaries.

“About the only thing I can think of is that I don’t want to
have sex with anyone else, just us two.”

That was kind of a bummer because one of my fantasies was
to share her with another man where she was completely the
center of attention, but oh well; I had other ideas and was
glad that she didn’t limit me too much. I was surprised that
she didn’t rule out anal sex because she had always adamantly
opposed it every time I brought it up so I would have to get
something in place soon to take advantage of that lapse.
I smiled at the thought of finally sliding my seven inches
to the hilt in that sexy ass of hers.

Just then the phone rang. “Hello, ” I answered quickly hoping that the ringing wouldn’t
disturb Cathy’s trance. “Oh hi Bill, how are things?”

He responded with a question of his own, “Are you ok, you
sound kind of winded?”

“I’m fine, just surprised when the phone rang.” I answered.

“Can the kids stay the night tonight? The little ones are
having so much fun I don’t want to interrupt them.”

“Sure, I can bring some stuff over in about an hour for them
to sleep in.” I grinned as I said this, thinking this could
be a heck of a good night.

I hung up after the goodbyes and immediately returned to

“So to clarify, you would like to try anything in this submissive
state except having sex with someone else?”

She responded with a quick yes and then followed with, “Unless
you could find a hot girl to share, I’ve had this minor fantasy
about sharing you with another woman, touching and kissing
her while you were ramming her with your hard cock!”

She started to squirm a bit while saying this, it seemed
to turn her on more than me, but I’m sure that was because
of the shock I was experiencing. I decided to file that away to the back of my mind to let my
subconscious work on that one a bit.

I decided to let our conversation sink in a bit and to get
the things ready for the kids to run over to Bill’s house.
Maybe I could talk him into letting the kids stay all weekend
if I helped him to be able to do the same to Tina.

“Okay Cathy, just sit there and relax, remembering what
you want to about this conversation, but knowing it would
be more fun if you just decided to forget about what was said.
As you sort that out, at your own pace, emerge yourself from
this wonderfully relaxing session of hypnosis.”

With that I got up, put the chair back at the desk and the recorder
in the drawer and headed to the kid’s rooms to pack enough
clothes and pajamas for a couple of nights stay at their
friend’s house.

After about five minutes, I could hear Cathy walk into our
son’s room as I finished packing things into his backpack
for the next night or two.

“What are you doing?” Cathy asked.

“Bill called and asked if the kids could stay the night so
I am packing clothes for them.”

“That sure seems like more clothes than they would need
for tonight and tomorrow.”

“Bill mentioned something about maybe taking them for
the weekend in exchange for us doing it some time for them.”
I replied, trying not to smirk at the fun I was anticipating.

“Sounds fair.” she said. “We haven’t had any alone time
in quite a while, we could use it. Oh by the way, why was I sitting
on the bed like that? I feel kind of confused because I don’t
remember anything after you caught me racing into the house.”

I just smiled knowing that she was anticipating the fun
as much as I was whether she consciously knew that or not.

After dropping the clothes by and getting Bill’s agreement
for the weekend in exchange for helping him work with Tina
and a promise to share some of the details, Cathy and I went
out to grab a bite to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
Our discussion inevitably returned to earlier in the day
when she was so close to orgasm.

“I’m still so damn horny, ” she said under her breath as
she slid closer to me in the booth. “Hit me with that again,
I’ve always wanted to orgasm in a public place without others
knowing.” I was stunned, she’d never brought that up before, and I
guess we were starting to get the lid to Cathy’s naughty
box pried off. It was starting to feel more and more like
the beginning of our relationship.

“Nipple Time” I said as she took a quick gasp of breath and
let her head rest against my shoulder.

“Again.” she directed.

“Nipple Time, Nipple Time.”

She took a long slow breath and pressed her breasts into
my arm. I could almost feel the heat being generated between her
legs while my hand rested on her leg.

“Again please!”

Again, I said “Nipple Time, ”

Her hips started to grind down into the bench seat and I slid
my hand between her legs as she willingly spread them to
allow me to feel the moisture starting to seep through her

“I’m getting so close, say it again, ” she pleaded under
her breath.

I took a quick look around and it didn’t seem that anyone
was noticing her gyrations or her heavier than normal breathing.

“OK.” I said, “But you have to promise me one thing.”

“Anything, ” came the reply, “Just make me cum!” almost
too loudly.

“You have to allow me to hypnotize you later tonight so we
can continue this game with some new rules.”

“Yes, Yes, I agree!” even louder this time as she started
to grind her hips into my hand.

“Nipple Time” I said slowly.

She started slowly to shutter and her breathing became
deeper and heavier. Just then, our favorite waitress came
up to the table and looked at Cathy.

“Are you all right?” she asked Cathy.

“Fine.” I replied for her. “The drink must have gone to her

The waitress smiled at me with a knowing glint in her eye
and quickly left our table. Cathy shuttered again and I
could feel the moisture starting to get our bench wet as
her orgasm started to subside. After a few minutes to allow
Cathy to cool down and finish her drink, I paid the bill and
got up from the table. I had Cathy stand in front of me so I
could block any views of her now soaking-wet shorts from
behind and she held her hands down in front of her as nonchalantly
as possible.

Our waitress just smiled and offered, “Have a great evening,
I have the feeling that you will have more fun than I will!”
as we went out the front door.

“God that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had! Can you
make me have one even more intense?”

I thought about that as we got closer to home.

“I’m sure we can work on it, it’s obvious that an orgasm is
all in the mind so I’m sure we can make it even more intense,
how much more intense would you like it?” I asked smiling,
thinking of how far we could take it.

“I’m not sure about how intense, but I’d be interested in
finding out how much more I could stand.” She smiled as she
said this and I was certain that the naughty box was opening
more by the second.

I was getting pretty horny myself and I was trying to think
of creative ways to have fun with that. Cathy was always
willing to give me head, but felt she wasn’t any good and
that I was to large because she always gagged on me any time
I got even remotely deep into her mouth.

I decided that once we got home and Cathy showered I would
put her back into hypnosis and see if we could remove the
gag reflex and make her feel just as good sucking dick as
she makes me feel when she does it.

Cathy entered the bedroom from the bathroom with just a
towel on her head and headed towards the lingerie drawer.
She looked so sexy naked that I just didn’t understand why
she didn’t spend more time in the nude. Her wide hips swayed
so seductively when she walked that you just couldn’t help
but pay attention to her round firm ass. She didn’t have
the smallest butt around but it was shaped perfectly and
felt so firm under my hand when I caressed it that you were
sure that she must work out religiously. She had this amazing
metabolism that she didn’t seem to have to work-out at all
to maintain her sexy figure. Her breasts were full and firm
although not the largest around and I loved to suck on them
when we were playing with each other. The nipples were perfectly
round and in proportion to the size of her breasts, but when
she was very excited, they stuck out a good inch and a half.
I was impressed every time I saw them protrude out so far
and when she was close to orgasm, they were the most sensitive
parts of her body.

She pulled an emerald green, lace negligee out of the drawer
and slid it over the top of her head which was still covered
with the towel before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“I’m ready for you to hypnotize me again or we can just have
sex since I’m sure you’re pretty worked up already!” she
smiled at me with her come hither look and I almost took the

I could tell that she was enjoying the fun, but was a little
hesitant about what would happen next.

“I think I’ll hypnotize you now and we can take care of the
rest later.” I replied.

With a somewhat disappointed look in her eyes, she took
the towel off her head revealing her lovely auburn hair
which accentuated her pale skin and green negligee she
was wearing and laid down on the bed, her head on her pillow.

I looked at her, asked if she was ready to play some more and
she responded positively. “Good Night Gracie, ” I said and she quickly went relaxed
with her eyes closed and her body loose and limp.

“Cathy, are you having fun with our game?” I asked.

She nodded her head positively and went back to the slack
look on her face.

“Would you like to play some more?”

Again the nod.

“Shall we try something different?”

She had a somewhat confused look on her face as she answered

“We won’t do anything you don’t want to do and I know you will
enjoy doing what I am going to ask you to do, is that ok with

“Sure, ” she replied with a faint look of relief.

“Do you like giving head?” I asked.

“Yes, but you are too big and I feel like I choke.”

“Do you have any sensations while giving head?”

“Sure, it makes me a little wet because I know you are enjoying

“Good, I’m glad to hear that, would you like to give me head
and to feel those wonderful feelings even more intensely?”

“Sure, but I don’t like the feeling of you hitting my gag

“I’ll take care of that.” I replied, “But you have to promise
to follow my instructions, will you do that?”

“I promise I will do what you say if you promise to make me
cum again.”

“I promise, and it will be at least twice as strong as the
best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“OK, I’m waiting, ” she replied obviously ready to find
out more.

“Cathy, in a little bit, I’m going to have you open your eyes,
you will remain in hypnosis, but you will be able to move
and see and talk in any way necessary for what we are about
to do. In a minute, I want you to open your eyes when I count
to three and you will see me lying naked on the bed beside
you. You will have the strongest urge you’ve ever had to
suck my dick. You will suck it as if it’s the most important
thing you’ve ever done and while you are doing so, you will
notice you are completely relaxed and you can take more
of it into your mouth than you ever have. The more you take
of it, the better it makes you feel, in fact as you continue
to take more and more of it, it will almost feel as if someone
was sliding the biggest, hardest cock you’ve ever felt
into your pussy and at the same time, the best tongue you’ve
ever felt will be licking your clit. The more of my cock you
take in your mouth, the better your pussy and clit will feel
and the better those feel the more of my cock you will want
to take into your mouth. As you take more and more of my cock,
the deeper the cock sinks into your pussy and the more your
clit is stimulated. When you feel my cock slide down the
back of your throat you will have a very good orgasm, not
the best ever, but you will feel oh so good when you feel my
cock reach down your throat. You will easily accommodate
my cock in your throat and it will excite you even more when
you feel your lips reach the base of my cock. It will excite
you so much that you will begin to feel another orgasm rise
up as the feelings of the cock and tongue continue working
your pussy and clit. The orgasm will grow so intense so quickly
that you will sink my cock even deeper into your throat and
suck so hungrily that the only thing on your mind will be
our mutual orgasms. All the while your own orgasm will be
building and building and you just know in the back of your
mind that when I cum in your mouth, you will explode in the
most intense orgasm of your life, at least twice as intense
as the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. If you would
like to experience this all you have to do is open your eyes
and begin and in doing so, you will know that it will be one
of the best sexual experiences you have ever had. When you
are done, you can relive this experience just by hearing
me say “Deep Throat Girl.” One, Two, Three and open your

Cathy slowly opened her eyes and saw me lying naked on the
bed next to her. She looked me in the eyes and slowly let her
eyes roam down my body.

Although I’m in my mid-thirties, I take good care of myself
and work-out every morning at the gym. I’ve been told I look
better than most 25 year olds and I always take that as a very
strong compliment. Cathy’s eyes wandered until they focused on my rock-hard
cock. I’d been so horny all day and the thought of Cathy taking
all of me into her mouth just about had me cumming the moment
her soft lips wrapped around the head of my cock.

She gently slid my cock deeper into her mouth and I noticed
her hips were starting to gyrate as she slid up and down my
shaft. With each stroke, she took just a little bit more
of me into her mouth and I could hear little moans escape
her mouth. Her pace started to quicken and I could feel her
making my cock even wetter with her mouth. With each stroke,
she took more and more, moaned louder and louder and squirmed
even more.

I could smell her juices flowing and I felt the tip of my rod
touch the back of her throat. She had taken almost all of
me and almost slammed her face down into my groin as she finally
managed all of me in her mouth. She paused with her nose grinding
into my pubic hairs as she let out a gasp and her hips bucked.
She was cumming and I looked to see her eyes roll back into
her head as her curly, auburn hair cascaded around her gorgeous
face. She was flushed and breathing heavily through her
nose as her grinding slowed down.

As she opened her eyes, she looked into mine and slowly slid
her mouth up my shaft to the tip and slowly took my entire
cock into her mouth again. She continued this wonderful,
slow, cock-sucking with our eyes locked, easily taking
all of me for what seemed like twenty minutes.

I continued staring into her eyes while I tried to hold off
my orgasm for as long as possible. I had always wanted a woman
to suck my cock like this and I was going to enjoy it for as
long as I could. Gradually her pace quickened and the moans
began to get louder and louder. Again, her hips squirmed
and her suction increased. She was moaning even louder
and it seemed like she was going to come any second. I reached
my hand between her legs and felt the wetness streaming
out of her pussy. I couldn’t remember a time she felt so wet
and I knew that this would be an extremely intense orgasm
for her and for me. I couldn’t hold on much longer and I pulled
her head down on my cock with so much force I thought I hurt

She eagerly took all of me and began to suck like I had never
felt before, almost immediately I started to cum in what
felt like huge streams of burning liquid. They just kept
shooting and shooting and Cathy eagerly swallowed all
I had with a hunger I’d never seen.

Just then an orgasm hit her so hard I thought she was going
to jump off the bed. Her whole body shook and shuttered and
a loud moan escaped her mouth, but her lips stayed wrapped
around my cock.

After what seemed like an eternity for an orgasm, I stopped,
almost out of breath and definitely unable to move. Cathy
was still quivering and spasming as she let my cock fall
out of her mouth. Also out of breath, Cathy lay down beside
me as her convulsions slowed to a halt. The look on her face
returned to the complacent look she earlier had and I remembered
that she was still in hypnosis. I rolled over onto my side
to look at her beautiful face and body. Her legs glistened
with moisture from her orgasm and her face and chest were
still flush with color.

“In a moment I want you to emerge from hypnosis when I count
to three, remembering only that you had an incredible orgasm,
but not how you achieved it. I also want you to remember that
any time I say “Deep Throat Girl” you will want to re-experience
what we just did. If that is ok with you, nod your head yes.”

As she did, I began counting, “One, two and three, eyes open
and feeling great.”

“WOW! That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, what did you
do to cause that?” She asked dreamily.

“As we were talking earlier, orgasm is mostly in the mind
so I asked your sub-conscious to make it the best ever and
it did.”

“But what were you doing to make me cum like that?”

“Do you really want to know?” I asked.

“I sure do, because I want to be able to do that again.”

“Let’s go get cleaned up and have a quick drink and maybe
I’ll tell you.”

With that she again hit me for the 4th or 5th time that day
and we got up off the bed and made our way to the bathroom.
After a quick shower for both of us, a new piece of lingerie
for her and some lounge pants for me, we headed down stairs
for a glass of wine.

Deeper Still

After a couple of glasses of wine while basking in our respective
afterglows, mine a feeling of accomplishment and Cathy’s
of pure sexual bliss, Cathy approached the subject of what
I was doing to give her such a great orgasm.

“I wasn’t doing anything other than enjoying what you were
doing.” I offered.

After a few moments of silence, Cathy asked, “So what was
I doing that you were enjoying so much?”

“Are you sure you want the answer?” I smirked.

“Of course I want the answer or I wouldn’t have asked!”

“Well, you were giving me the best head of my entire life
and you took all of me.” Smiling at the memory, my penis started to twitch.

“There’s no way I took all of you, you know I’ve always had
a problem gagging when I try that.”

“Well you most certainly did and you came when I came in your

“You came in my mouth and I didn’t gag? Are you sure that was

“Absolutely and I can prove it if you like.”

“Unless you videotaped the event, I don’t believe you.”
she answered back with a bit of a smirk.

“I’ll say three little words and you will more than happily
do it again.” I answered back getting more erect as I spoke.

She noticed the rise in my lap and looked at me suspiciously.
“Go ahead, say the words, I still don’t believe you.”

With little fanfare and great anticipation on my part I
stared her in the eyes and said “Deep throat Girl”.

With that she again eyed the growing bulge in my pants, rose
from her chair and proceeded to kneel between my legs and
began tracing the outline of my now hard cock through my

Her eyes wide she said to me, “I have this incredible urge
to suck your cock, and you know that I don’t really like doing

“Well you must.” I answered, “Or you wouldn’t be doing it.
Remember our earlier conversation about not being able
to get you to do anything against your will?”

“Yes I recall, ” in between licks, “Slide your pants down,
I want you in my mouth!” she demanded and I happily followed
her orders.

Eagerly she began bobbing up and down on my cock easily taking
all she wanted to without gagging. In just a few short strokes
I felt the head of my cock again hit the back of her mouth and
quietly she shuttered in orgasm as she continued to aggressively
suck my cock.

If anything it was better than before and much more intense.
Part of the fun was knowing she knew exactly what was going
on and would definitely remember when we were done. Again, she had me completely in her mouth and was sucking
harder than before. I could usually hold out for quite a
while when getting head, but this time I was sure I would
cum any second. It had to be the thrill of knowing that she
was responding so well to my post-hypnotic suggestions
and I started trying to think of others we could use in this
little game of ours.

Within mere moments, I could feel the orgasm growing inside
of me and I knew that she was getting closer because her moans
were getting louder and her hips were rocking quickly in
rhythm with the stroking of her mouth.

Before I could even think about trying to hold off, the orgasm
was at hand and it hit hard on one of her up strokes. Although
it didn’t seem as powerful as before for me, it was still
incredibly intense and as she felt the cum enter her mouth,
she dove down on my cock engulfing it as another orgasm wracked
her body.

This time she couldn’t keep me in her mouth because her orgasm
was even more intense than the last one and as she pulled
off gasping and moaning a shot of my cum landed squarely
on her lips.

The sight of her flushed face, her quivering body and my
cum on her mouth was one of the most erotic I’d ever seen and
it seemed to extend my orgasm even longer.

After what seemed to be five minutes of pure sexual bliss,
we both started to come down to earth. After some additional
time to cool down, she licked the cum off of her lips and seductively
moved in close for a deep and very sensual kiss.

Having never tasted my own juices I started off hesitantly
but quickly became engulfed in the passion and intensity
she was feeling and gladly accepted her probing tongue
into my mouth.

“Oh my god, that was even better and I didn’t even touch myself.
I guess you were right when you said that an orgasm is all
in the mind. The strange thing was that it felt that someone
was shoving this huge cock into my pussy filling every part
of it and stretching it as far as it would go while a tongue
was licking me better than I had ever been licked, did you
do that to me?”

“Yes, ” I replied. “I set it up so that while my dick was in
your mouth, it would feel like that to you. I wanted you to
feel as good as you were making me feel.”

“Well, you accomplished that and more, I’m sure it felt
better for me than it did for you!”

“I’m not sure about that, ” I replied, “But it sure did feel

“God what else could you do with me? I’m afraid that I could
become addicted to this.”

“That’s fine with me; I’ve got plenty of ideas if you want
to try another some time.”

“Any time, ” she replied, “Especially if all the orgasms
feel this good.”

“I’m sure that I could actually make them feel better if
you like.”

“Let’s get some rest and maybe we could try again, but I’ve
got some ideas of my own if you don’t mind, ” she said smiling

I wasn’t sure what those ideas would be, but I was game for

After spending a couple of hours doing our own things, me
working on a project for work, coordinating a trip and her
doing some housework and paying some of the bills, we decided
a good nights rest would do us both some good.

Before I could drift off to sleep, I just had to ask Cathy
what some of her ideas might be.

“So, what kind of ideas did you have for adding some fun to
our life?” I asked.

After quite some time she replied, “Well, you are going
off on a business trip for a few days and I was wondering what
you could do to help keep me occupied while you are gone.
With all the fun we’ve had today, I don’t know what I might
do while you’re gone to keep my mind occupied. You know that
I love being with the kids when I’m not at work, but I’m going
to need some excitement for myself for those five days.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

Again and hesitantly she answered, “Well, I really liked
the feeling of having that big cock in me, even if it was imaginary.
If we went and picked out a toy tomorrow, could you have me
put on a show for you with it?”

I smiled to myself, imagining her ramming a big dildo into
her hot pussy and thinking of me. I was surprised with the
request, because she wouldn’t even let me buy her a small
vibrator in the past, but now I was sure that the naughty
box was wide open and we were in for some exciting times.

“I’ll see what I can come up with overnight and maybe we could
try it out in the morning after a quick shopping trip.”

She smiled, gave me a passionate kiss and rolled over. Quickly
we were both asleep, working through the day in our subconscious
minds while the night passed.

I awoke feeling her body on top of mine and her kisses gently
on my neck.

“Morning beautiful, ” I said as I was quickly returning
to awareness.

She didn’t answer, but pressed her body firmly against
mine and ground her hips into my rapidly rising penis.

I could feel her nipples poking me in the chest as she pressed
even harder and ground her hips even more into me. Very rarely
did Cathy wake me up this way, but I wasn’t about to complain.
I reached down and grabbed handfuls of her firm ass and pulled
her even closer to me.

With a light moan, she sat up and removed her nightie to reveal
her lovely breasts. She started to grind back and forth
along my hard cock as she reached up and pinched her nipples
causing even more moaning.

She was obviously very horny this morning and I was ready
to feel her mount my wanting cock. I reached down and slid my boxers down to reveal my throbbing
dick. She quickly grabbed it by the root and positioned it to allow
her to impale herself upon it. In one quick stroke, I was fully inside of her and she was
grinding away with an urgency that was hard to believe.
I began pushing back and her head tilted backwards as she
moaned deeply. She continued to grind as she reached down
to pull my head up to her breasts. I eagerly took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked
greedily. I knew she loved this and again moaned, louder
this time. Her pace quickened along with her breathing
and I knew it wouldn’t be long for her release to arrive.

Changing nipples in my mouth and lightly pinching and twisting
on the other, she started to moan even louder. If the kids
were home, we would have some explaining to do. Even louder she moaned and I could feel the spasms grabbing
at my cock. With a couple of quick thrusts, she let out a yell
and her head fell backwards as the orgasm completely ravished
her body. Her hips kept thrusting harder and harder as the orgasm
grew and her moans were louder than I had ever heard come
from her lips. Feeling the contractions of her orgasm around
my cock was too much for me to handle and I let out a yell as
well as I shot my seed deep inside of her. Even after all of the climaxing I did yesterday, it still
felt like I hadn’t cum in a week and I could feel the commingling
of our juices flowing onto my stomach and down my balls.
We held each other close while our pulses slowed; enjoying
a level of intimacy we hadn’t felt in such a long time.

“Get up, ” she commanded, “We have shopping to do!” as she
rose out of bed and headed for the shower.

I watched her gorgeous ass covered in a light sheen of sweat
walk away from me. I was such a lucky guy to get my sexy wife
back after wondering if I would ever be able to climb up from
the bottom of her priority list.

“You better hurry, or I’ll have to do the shopping for myself, ”
she said in a sing-song voice from the shower.

I got up from the bed and wandered into the bathroom trying
to think of a place that we could go look at toys without being

“I saw a place the other day on the way back from Bill &
Tina’s that was back from the street a ways, I thought we
could check that out first.” she said, obviously reading
my mind.

“Sounds good to me.” I replied as I stepped into the large
2 two-headed shower we added to the house when we had it built.

She was soaping up her breasts and stomach as I stepped in
so I paused to admire her flat stomach and still very pert
breasts before I began the process of taking my shower.

After finishing my shower and toweling off, I went out into
the bedroom where Cathy was already getting dressed.

She was just pulling on this short wrap around skirt that
she hadn’t worn in quite some time. It looked great on her
and allowed quick peeks at her purple, thong panties if
you knew when to look. Standing there in just the skirt and
nothing else, I felt like attacking her right then and there,
but I knew she was very excited about our shopping trip.

I worked on getting my rising penis to relax as I also looked
for something to wear. As I finished pulling on shorts and
throwing on a t-shirt, Cathy reached into the back of her
bottom drawer and pulled out a dark purple shirt. It appeared
to be a tank top and she pulled it down over her head and shoulders.
Cathy always wore a bra so it surprised me to see her putting
this shirt on without one. She then turned around and my mouth dropped. The purple
tank-top was very tight and very low cut; you could almost
see the outlines of her nipples it went so low. Cathy never
wore anything this revealing, but it looked incredible
on her.

I had to fight myself even more because I was getting so turned
on looking at her. Even though she had two children and was
over 30 years old, her tits were still very firm, probably
because of the exercise she did to keep her body firm, damn
they worked great because I would swear they were the tits
of a 20 year old.

“Damn honey, are you trolling for guys today?” I asked.

She just smiled at me and went to do her make-up.

I busied myself by logging onto the computer to check email
and get a quick dose of the daily news. A few minutes later, she came out with her auburn hair pulled
back into a pony tail and just a few touches of makeup on her
beautiful face.

“Let’s go, I’m starting to get wet just thinking about picking
out a toy or two.”

I gave her a quick once over and could see that she definitely
was getting excited because her nipples were straining
against the purple fabric of her blouse. She slipped into
some sandals and we headed for the car.

On the trip over, I imagined what types of toy’s Cathy would
be interested in and how she might react to being in an Adult
Book Store. I had never been to the one over by Bill and Tina’s,
but some of the ones I had been into in the past weren’t what
you would refer to as classy.

Cathy sat in the passenger seat staring out the window and
squirming in her seat every now and then.

“Are you ok?” I asked, but her answer was a slight “Uh huh.”

I could almost smell the aroma of the wetness between her
legs so I thought I would play with her a little bit.

“Nipple time!” I said a little under my breath.

The moaning began immediately.

“Stop it you jerk, I’m already all worked up and you saying
that just about made me orgasm!”

I smiled and a bit more loudly repeated “Nipple Time!”

A loud gasp escaped her lips and she started squirming rapidly
in her seat.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her reach for her protruding
nipple and tease it through her shirt. Her moans were becoming
more and more intense so I thought I would help her along
with her orgasm.

“Nipple Time, ” I commanded and she let out a loud deep moan
and she started bucking in her seat as the orgasm wracked
her body.

Her orgasm continued on loudly while she was pinching and
tugging both nipples through her purple top. It was obvious
that this was another intense orgasm because it kept going
even after I had parked a few spots down from the front door
of the adult bookstore.

“Damn, that wasn’t playing fair! I was already very excited
and now I had this huge orgasm and I’ll have to take off my
panties because I swear they will drip if I walk around in
them.” Cathy chided.

She looked around to make sure no one was watching and slid
the panties off and tried to dry the wetness from between
her legs. She reached down and slid the panties under her
seat, smoothed her skirt and opened her car door.

I almost didn’t get out of the car because I was hard from
the aroma of her orgasm and knowing that she wasn’t wearing
anything under her skirt and top. She hadn’t gone out like this in quite some time and it really
turned me on knowing that someone could get a good look if
they caught her just right.

We walked in the door of the store and I was pleasantly surprised
at how clean and classy the place was. There was plenty of
room and things looked neat and organized. Even the sales
associate looked and acted like a very professional individual.

We immediately went towards the vibrators where Cathy
started checking out the different models trying to decide
what would be best for her while I was gone.

The shelf was stocked with the classic hard plastic vibrator,
the steel kind, the “Magic Wand” as well as others costing
$100.00 or more. I was just as overwhelmed as Cathy was by the colors, sizes,
features and cost. After a few more minutes of bewilderment,
Cathy was approached by a very cute gal with the nametag
of Susan on it.

Susan appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, about 5’6”
tall with slightly above average breasts, a tiny waist
and full hips. Her beautiful, blonde hair was cut and styled
very tastefully and her make-up was impeccable with a full
red pair of lips with matching nails. Her petite nose and
fair complexion almost made her appear to be a china doll,
but with a very sexy and knowing air about her.

“Is there anything you are particularly looking for?”
she asked.

“I’m not sure, it’s been quite some time since I’ve considered
a vibrator and I don’t have any idea what I’m looking at.”
Cathy replied.

“Are you going to be using this alone or with help?” she smiled.

“Probably both, ” I replied. “Is there any particular
one you would recommend?”

“There are some very high-tech ones, but you’re probably
just looking for something you can get started with. Let
me ask you a question or two, if that’s ok with you?”

Cathy looked at me and smiled at Susan. “Sure, ask away Susan,
my name is Cathy by the way.”

“Cathy, are you able to orgasm with just vaginal stimulation,
or do you require clitoral stimulation?”

“Until recently, I needed the clitoral stimulation, but
my husband here has hypnotized me to be more easily stimulated
during sex. He can even make me cum just by using trigger
words.” Cathy responded with enthusiasm.

Susan looked at me, then back at Cathy and asked, “Do you
mind if he could do that for me? I am multi-orgasmic, but
would love to be able to cum on command, that sounds very

Susan started to flush a bit and was gently rocking her hips.

I was stunned when Cathy replied, “I’m sure we could work
something out, you are a very attractive woman, why don’t
we give you our number and you could call us to arrange a time
to get together.”

Susan and Cathy both smiled at each other and appeared to
be giving each other the once over before they returned
to their previous conversation.

“Well, I have this one at home, ” as she picked up a vibrator
that appeared to be about 9” long, “but I also have this one
and love to use it when I’m all alone.”

The second vibrator she picked up was about 10” long and
had this part sticking out that looked a bit like a dolphin.

“It has beads on the inside that rotates around and they
hit my g-spot perfectly and this little dolphin is great
to hit the clit as well.”

I was getting hard thinking about both of these sexy women
using this hi-tech vibrator.

“And it has separate controls for either part so you can
customize the sensations to what you are in the mood for.”

Cathy took the vibrator from Susan’s hands and I could see
her nipples starting to strain against her top again.

“It feels kind of heavy. Is this the one you would recommend?”
Cathy asked.

“Definitely, I would go with this one, it’s kind of expensive,
but you will love the feeling, I guarantee it!” Susan responded.

Cathy searched the boxes on the shelf and asked, “What other
colors do you have? Do they make it in purple?”

“I don’t see a purple one here on the shelf, but the one I have
at home is purple so I know they do, let me check the back.”

She strode off towards a set of doors in the back of the store.

“She sure is a sexy gal, ” Cathy said as Susan walked away.

“I’ll say, and she looks great in those slacks!” I responded.

“I hope she calls; I think she would be great to play with!”
Cathy replied.

My mouth dropped to the floor and Cathy just smiled as I stammered
my positive reply.

As Susan returned with a box and rejoined our small group,
Cathy began to flirt. “Thanks for grabbing this for me, ”
as she openly brushed Susan’s hand while taking the box.
“I’m sure we will enjoy this and if we don’t we are going to
call you to make good on your guarantee!”

Susan blushed slightly again and said, “I would expect
nothing less, I work here most days except Sunday and Monday,
so make sure you call during the days I’m here, I would really
like to know how you like it.”

The lovely women smiled at each other for a moment or two
and then Susan asked, “Are you looking for anything else?
Maybe a smaller vibrator for anal play or how about a dildo?”

“Oh a dildo, I have this fantasy about a big cock in my pussy
while I’m sucking my husbands cock!”

“I’ve got just the dildo for you, but it’s quite large, ”
Susan answered.

We obediently followed as Susan led us to another section
of the store. We arrived at another area where dildoes were
lined up along a display with the smaller ones on the left
end working up to some of the largest one could imagine on
the right.

“This is one that I use but it took some work to get all of it
in me. It was worth the effort because the sensation of fullness
I felt the first time I felt the balls touch my clit made me
cum like never before!”

Cathy’s eyes were huge as she took the cock off the display
and held it in her hands.

“I don’t think I could take all of this, are you sure about

“Oh believe me, once you have this inside of you, you will
thank me for selling it to you.”

Susan’s eyes were almost smoldering with lust as Cathy
held the molded penis. The text on the box just below the
display said 12” insertable on it and 2 ½” in width. It looked
massive to me as well and I wasn’t sure if Cathy would enjoy
my cock after having this monster inside of her.

Susan appeared to be reading my mind when she said, “If you
do go with this cock, it will stretch you, but it will be the
best stretch you ever felt. I would also recommend “Betty’s
Barbell” because it will help you strengthen your pelvic
muscles so you will still be able to enjoy the feeling of
your husband’s penis as well. And a side benefit is that
you could become multi- orgasmic if you aren’t already
because of the stronger muscles.”

Just then, an attractive young couple entered the store
and headed towards the area we were in.

“I trust your guidance and will take what you recommend,
but I’m still not sure about that large one.”

“If you don’t enjoy it, let me know and I’ll make it right
for you, ” Susan responded, “Besides, I didn’t think I
could take it either, but it’s my favorite toy now.”

With that Susan took our items to the front counter and set
them down and returned to our sides.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to check on this couple over
here, but there are a couple of other things I want to show

Cathy and I continued to browse around, but I noticed the
young man checking Cathy out every chance he got.

“Hey, you have an admirer, ” as I directed her view with
a small nod of my head. “Maybe you should give him a show?”

I never expected Cathy to respond other than maybe a hit
in the arm and the obligatory “Jerk” remark, but Cathy nonchalantly
bent forward towards the young man to reveal as much of her
breasts as the low cut shirt would allow.

His eyes focused on her lovely breasts and then he noticed
that I saw him and he quickly looked away.

Cathy looked at me with a smile and winked. “Follow me” she
said quietly as she strode towards Susan and the couple.

They were looking at the display of dildoes as we were earlier
and Susan was describing the benefits of a smaller dildo
that could be used for anal play. Cathy sidled up next to the young man and pretended to look
at some of the different sizes and colors available. She
grabbed an average sized cock and asked “What do you think
honey, are you bigger than this one?”

“You should know, ” I responded as she put it back.

“How about his one, should we try this one out?”

The young man couldn’t help but look as Cathy pulled what
appeared to be about a 9” cock off of the shelf. Cathy could
apparently see him looking out of the corner of her eye because
she inched back ever so slightly towards the young man and
began to bend over as if looking on the shelf for the matching
box. As she did, her skirt rode up to just barely expose the
very bottom part of her gorgeous behind.

As the young man noticed and eyed her ass carefully, she
pretended to bump into his hand.

She immediately stood up and said, “Oh excuse me, I didn’t
notice you were so close.”

She smiled as he looked at her speechless, obviously comprehending
that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Susan looked over at me and smiled and continued speaking
with the young lady.

After the young couple left without purchasing anything,
Susan again joined us.

“There are a couple of things I want to show you. The 1st is
the little dildo I was showing the young lady. Once you are
used to the new dildo, this little thing will add a whole
new level of sensation. It puts me over the top every time
I ride the big dildo after sliding this into my ass!” she
gushed, obviously starting to get worked up just thinking
about it. “You have to have this, and I’ll throw it in for
free because I know how much you will like it.”

We followed her sexy ass over to another shelf where she
took a small box with 2 silver balls in it and handed it to

“These I am using right now and I am in a constant state of

She smiled at Cathy and pointed to a door marked restroom.

“Go ahead, slip them in, I guarantee that you will have an
orgasm, just from the ride home.”

“But what are they?” Cathy asked.

“These are Ben Wa balls, you just slide them into your wet
pussy and you will have such a heightened sense of arousal,
you will wonder what you were like before you had them. Go
ahead; I’ll throw them in as well because I know you’ll love

Cathy wandered off to the restroom while I paid for our new

“Make sure you give me your number, because I’d love to have
you hypnotize me as well” Susan added “And maybe Cathy and
I can have coffee or something together.” She said with
a smile.

I just couldn’t get the image of these two gorgeous women
together out of my mind. I hadn’t really considered the
idea of sharing Cathy with another woman until I met Susan,
she was just too sensual to ignore.

“Oh, and here is a card for a very good friend of mine who does
sensual massage for couples, I would highly recommend
you give her a call, she is the best, but you would have to
work it out to pick her up because she doesn’t drive.”

“Thanks” I replied wondering what sensual massage was,
“I’ll give her a call. Anyone or anything you recommend
I’ll make sure to take advantage of!”

I looked at the card and it was rather plain. It read “Penny,
your sensual massage expert” and gave a phone number.

“I’ll let her know you’ll be calling, ” Susan said. “Here
comes Cathy, you better be ready to help her to the car.”

“Why’s that?” I asked and then I noticed how carefully Cathy
was walking.

She was flushed and walking gingerly with her hips swaying
much more than usual, but in a very sexy way. I hurried over to help her and noticed she was slightly moaning
with each step and her breathing was heavy. I directed Cathy towards the car as Susan handed me our bag
of goodies on the way out the door.

“You’ll get used to them soon and I look forward to hearing
how much you enjoy your new treasures.”

As the door closed behind us, Cathy demanded “Get me in the
car, I think I’m going to cum soon!”

With that I hurried ahead to open the door, helped Cathy
in the car and placed our new toys between her legs on the

Cathy already had her skirt hiked up and she was rubbing
her clit as fast as I’ve ever seen her as I closed the door.
By the time I made it around to the driver’s door, Cathy was
thrashing about and nearly screaming, “Oh God Damn, this
is so damn good!”

I slammed my door shut just as I noticed an older gentleman
walking towards the front door. He stopped dead in his tracks and just watched as Cathy orgasmed
with a lustful look on his face. Cathy saw him watching and continued rubbing her clit as
she pulled a breast out of her shirt and starting pinching
her erect nipple and moaning even louder. With that, I started the car and backed out of our parking
spot while the gentleman looked on in awe. I wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or proud, but I did
know that I needed to get home so I could have some fun of my
own with this newly sex starved woman sitting next to me.

In a Deep Trance

The drive home was excruciating. With Cathy’s moans each
time we hit a bump, sped up or slowed down and my fascination
with the thought of hypnotizing Susan, I would have cum
with the least bit of provocation. Cathy was in a near constant
orgasmic state from the Ben Wa balls by the time we got home.

“These are the best and the worst things ever made, ” she
remarked, “It feels like every movement is going to make
me cum and I’ve cum at least five times since I’ve put these
things in between the balls and the thought of Susan!”

With that though

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fucking awesome, love you to hypnotise my wife the same.
Please continue


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WOW what a great story, can't wait to hear the rest!!!!!


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This was simply, flat out fun to read. Yes, it obviously
was a lot of work to write (it was a lot of work to read!)
but it is worth it.


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The best story I have ever read here. I would like to learn
to hypnotise too. Can you suggest me on how to learn? Thanks
for the story. BTW, let us know about your 3somes.


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Can you do my wife!!!!PLEASE!!!