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Lemon Aid From A Evening Lemon


You're never going to believe this. Honestly. I can
hardly believe it myself, it's why I absolutely HAVE
to tell someone. I'm not normally like this. It's
just so unbelievable. But so fucking fantastic. It's
kind of like finding out you've won the sexual lottery.
I'm rambling, I know, but when something like this
happens to you, you'll understand why.

For the sake of our small town politics, for the duration
of the story, I'll change my name to Wade, and the lady
in mention is Julie. We both live in one of those small country
towns that time forgot. Occasionally it startles itself
out of bed with a shocking new arrival, and that sets the
whole town alight.

My family and I were one such shock. We bought the local store
and took over the usual businesses, the papers, the news
agency, small foodstuffs. After about five years, however,
my family moved back down into the city. I stayed behind,
because I had landed a fantastic manager's job at one
of the local resorts.

I was keeping a low profile, staying out of trouble because
I didn't want to stuff up my new job, when I met a young
girl from one of the neighbouring forgotten towns. We hit
it off, but things didn't work out. I became convinced
that it was because I was overweight, and that if I slimmed
down, that she'd come back to me.

I started walking, and then jogging, and then running.
I bought one of those weird, masochistic personal workout
weight lifting and ab equipment monstrosities and started
to work at it. I'd tried to lost weight before, but only
because I thought I ought to, and always failed. Now I had
a reason.

As it's only a small town, in order to go for an hour's
run you basically need to cover the whole area. I run the
back roads mostly, because I like to be on my own. I bought
a simple and VERY loud MP3 player and I was completely content,
for the most part.

One night, after about six months, I was taking it easy because
I'd had a massive day and had already been for a quick
run that morning. I was swapping through songs on my MP3,
unable to come to a decision on what I wanted to listen to
when a voice sang out from the dark buildings to my right.

"Ignoring me again, Wade?" I turned and pulled
the earpiece out and cleared my throat, trying to peer into
the darkness of the porches. There was a light chuckle and
a bright light came on. A slim, blonde figure moved out into
the light. "It's Julie. Julie Haughton."

"Oh, hey Jules. Sorry, I've got these things
in my ears blaring away, I couldn't hear a thing."
I moved over to the light and hear Van Morrison playing faintly
in the background. I could smell delicious lamb and rosemary
on the air, and my stomach growled. Jules laughed.

"How's the exercise coming?" I grimaced
and shook my head.

"Not well. I think I got into it for the wrong reason,
but now that the reason is gone it's like I feel stupid
trying to get fit, you know? How's life in the Lolly
Shop?" She shrugged, and my eyes drifted down to her
chest for a second. She had on a warm woollen jumper in the
cold winter air, but I could see the swell of her breasts
showing clearly in the porch light.

I'd always thought she kept herself in amazing shape.
Her hair had streaks of gray through it, but she'd still
have trouble shaking most men out of her sheets. She had
hit fifty and not lost a stride, but she had a body most eighteen
year olds envied, and more than once she'd been perved
on by the school boys on the bus.

You had to face it, any woman who could make a red and blue
apron and a hair net look sexy was doing well, and to do that
at fifty plus was pretty awesome. I cleared my throat again
and tried to remember what she'd said. She was turned
away and untying her oil-splattered apron.

"Funny how you always seem to be wearing aprons when
I see you. Even in the store, I remember you always used to
wear them." Jules tilted her head and the neck straps
of the apron slid up the back of her head, loosing her blonde-gray
hair out. She ran her hand up the back of her neck and massaged
it for a moment.

"You have to make the candy if it's going to taste
the best." She gestured behind her. "Look,
this might be a bit forward of me, but you've always
been extremely polite, so I think I can trust you. I got ditched
by a date I was cooking for tonight, and there's a heap
of roast cooked in there."

"I was just taking in some air before packing it up.
Do you want to come in for a bite? I've opened a bottle
of wine, we can talk and catch up, if you like?" I felt
my breath catch in my throat as my cock began to jump up and
down for joy in my sweats. I turned back around and held out
my arms, showing her my hooded sweat top and pants.

"I'm not exactly dressed for company. Besides,
I've been out running, so..." Jules gave a small
smile and shrugged again.

"I may not have had a whiff of a man in three years, Wade,
but I do remember what it's like. It's okay, I can
manage. Come on in, kid." She was definitely fuckable,
and my pulse started to go a bit faster. I slowly moved up
the stairs and snagged a flower from the bush beside the
rail. I handed it to her with a flourish.

"Milady's flower's for her date. Flaky
charm is my best and only asset, unfortunately. Can't
say I'll be much of a dinner companion." Jules
gave a light laugh and sniffed the half-wilted petals.

"Well, they do say it's the thought that counts.
I'm surprised I've got any left after the last
few weeks. Winter's arrived with a crunch. I think
we skipped autumn." I couldn't help but agree
as she preceded me inside. My eyes were glued to her sculpted
ass, and I got the sudden image of my cock with two plastic
devil horns and a pitchfork whispering into my ear to bend
her over and fuck her brains out.

I started to laugh, and Jules turned around and smiled at
me. "What?" I controlled myself and shook my

"Um, just that I... I feel sort of bad. I don't
want your reputation to suffer, inviting wayward youths
into your... back door." Jules shrugged and laughed,
then turned back to the kitchen.

"That's only if you were fucking me, Wade."
She threw it back over her shoulder with a laugh, but I stopped
dead in the middle of the kitchen floor and felt my skin heating
up. She pulled the roast out of the oven and I looked down.
My cock was pushing against the front of my sweats, and I
could see a tiny dark gray patch where my precum was oozing
through my briefs and onto the light material.

"Um... yeah, well, uh... shoes on or off?" Julie
looked up and gave me a slight grin, then I thought her eyes
dropped down past my waist for a moment, then slid away.
Her lips parted as she licked them quickly.

"I'm having my spare room sanded, so the whole
house is covered in dust. On would probably be better."
I couldn't see anything on the floor, or the kitchen
for that matter, but I nodded and moved slowly to the kitchen
bench, then quickly slid into the stool.

"Smell's amazing. Anything I can do?"
Jules gave me that naughty little half-smile again and

"Maybe later." I began to grin foolishly at
her, and she picked up the knife and began to slice into the
lamb with the ease of long practice. "With the dishes,
I mean." My smile faded and I silently berated myself
for acting like a horny idiot. Okay, I berated myself for
BEING a horny idiot.

I couldn't help it. I was a bit slow on the uptake, but
I could almost feel and hear the innuendoes, and I was certainly
not being shy about what I wanted to do to her. I took the offered
plate with a murmuring of thanks and poured her a glass of

I poured some ice water for myself and clinked glasses with
her, scarcely believing what was happening, and not really
knowing what was. We ate in comfortable silence until we
neared the end of the meal, when Jules slowed down and began
to talk again.

"So what was behind the sudden health kick? I mean,
not that it hasn't done wonders for you, but why now?"
I savoured the flavours of the roast and then washed it down
with a sip of ice water.

"There was this girl. I fell for her big time, but she
only went out with me because she felt sorry for me. It was
hardly going out. There was nothing there beyond a close,
intimate friendship, really. But yeah. I decided to win
her back by getting fit and looking wonderful. That was
six months ago, and yeah. Here I am."

Jules nodded as she sat back and held her glass loosely in
one hand. "Yeah, the opposite sex and lack of fun can
make you do strange things. The last time I cooked a roast
was about three months ago, for my brother's birthday.
I haven't touched one since. I live alone, so there's
hardly a use." I couldn't help but agree.

"I usually go for the red or white meat for tea and a
heap of fruit. Fruit's my friend these days, it may
not go well with the meat, but it's easy, nutritious,
and leaves virtually no scraps. I guess I've turned
into a hermit, or close enough." Jules stayed seated
as I began to clear the table, and crossed one silk-skinned
leg over the other, her wineglass getting low again. I topped
it up with the last of the bottle and realised she might be
quite a bit far-gone.

"So, you did all this for some ungrateful male? What
an idiot. Dinner with an entrancing woman and a lamb roast?
How unbelievably idiotic for him to pass up." Jules
laughed richly as I began to fill the sink and waved her fingers
at her face, fanning her flushed cheeks.

"If I was that entrancing it wouldn't have been
three years since I'd last... well." I paused
as I flicked off the tab on my watch and sat it on the windowsill.
I switched the taps off and began to scrub the plates and

"Three years without a date isn't that bad, especially
considering the choices you have on offer in our charming
little hamlet." Jules drained off the last of her
wine and came to the bench. She slid in to the stool and flicked
her hair back over her shoulder. She handed me her wineglass,
and my soapy fingers touched hers for a moment.

"You didn't do too badly. You've really
turned yourself around. And flaky charm isn't your
only asset. You listen." I lifted my shoulders and
smiled at her. My hands were back in the scalding water,
but I barely noticed the heat. My erection finally began
to fade as my mind went elsewhere for the first time that

"Yeah, but women my age don't really care about
that. I'm twenty-six this year, and that last time
I had a meaningful conversation with someone my own age
was my stepsister. It's only about looks and all that
crap. I hate the hypocrisy of people, so I kinda just stay
away for the most part." Jules lifted her jumper over
her head, revealing a simple white singlet underneath
that clung to her breasts and showed off her slim waist.

"When you get to my age kid, you move past all that crap.
You don't care what someone looks like because the
reflection in the mirror isn't so great anymore either.
You just want someone..." I snorted.

"Real?" She nodded and her eyes lifted to the
liquor shelf above her pantry. "And no offence, but
the reflection isn't exactly horrible, you know that
right? You're the official town MILF to all the school-boys."
Jules laughed and leant forwards, and my eyes darted down
for an instant to her cleavage. My eyes darted back up, and
met the sparkle of laughter in hers.

"Can I tell you something horrible?" I stared
back to the sink as I drained the dirty, oily water and began
to rinse the stainless steel.

"Sure, " I said, filling it again for the glassware
and cutlery. "Whatever you want." Jules looked
down at her hands and ran her fingers together, pushing
them through one another and smiling sinfully.

"I get really hot over that. I mean, really. I know
they're just boys, just barely teenagers, some of
them. But to think that seeing me in the store making candies,
they go home and pull their little cocks for me. I mean, it's
just such a turn on. What sort of compliment can you get from
a group of young boys other than you're still sexy?"

I pulled the plug and began to dry my hands. She smiled unsteadily
at me as I leant back against the sink. I realised that my
cock was getting hard again and walked back around the bench,
leaning against the end. I pressed the head of my cock against
the wood and clenched my jaw as I went to moan. She was watching
me, and somehow I knew that she knew exactly what I was doing.

"Is that so bad, to just think that?" I shook
my head.

"I guess not. I mean, I've always gotten hot over
girls with glasses and curly hair, you know? No matter how
old. Well, at least late teens. The kids these days are dressing
so... risky. I mean, some of the outfits you'd expect
to see a price tag on their ass or something, you know?"
Jules was staring at me with her mouth slightly open.

The image flashed in my mind of forcing my cock past those
thick red lips and having her stare at me with those naughty
eyes. I blinked as she leant down onto the bench, propping
her head up on her hand as she smiled with half-lidded eyes.
"When was the last time you got some, Wade?"

I stared at her as I felt a droplet of precum hit the inside
of my knee. Images again flashed through my mind of her begging
for me to fuck her hard, to pull her hair, to make her cum.
I blinked and slammed back into reality as she slid the stool

"I think that um..." She put a hand to her stomach
as her other trailed a fingertip down the side of her singlet
to skim the edge of her breast. "I think that maybe
I'm drunk. Sorry. It's been a long day. Making
sweets isn't easy sometimes, especially not with
Easter coming up soon." I nodded and wiped a hand across
my forehead as I felt myself beading sweat.

My hands were shaking as she led me towards her front door,
and my cock was so hard it hurt. As we moved down the hallway,
I reached down and squeezed my cock for a moment, and the
pain eased my erection off somewhat.

Jules had her hands on the door and opened it, then closed
it slowly. I took a deep breath and stepped up behind her.
I put my hands high on her waist, above her hips and below
her breasts, but close to both. I could have been just moving
past her in a tight space. Or I could have been wishing I was
shoving my cock into her tight space.

"I'm sorry. I don't mind talking to you drunk.
Do you... do you really want me to go?" My hands slid
down to cup her ass cheeks when she didn't answer, and
I pressed myself up against her back. My cock strained painfully,
weeping precum as I dragged its cotton-covered head over
the crack of Jules' tight jeans.

She didn't turn and slap me, or phone the police. I heard
a click as the latch clicked back as she shut the door fully.
Her head turned slightly, her face obscured by her thick
hair. "You're gone in the morning?" I pressed
against her again as I moved her hair aside and nodded against
her cheek.

"Before you wake up, if you want it." She stayed
still, then reached behind her, grabbing hold of my hard
cock. I moaned in her ear and hissed a breath in between my
teeth as she let go. Her fingernails moved over the top of
my pants and eased them over my cock. The thick meat sprung
up, and hit her forearm.

Jules was still silent as she began to move her hand back
and forth over the skin of my cock. Her thumb dragged across
the glands on my head and I moaned again, thrusting slowly
into her grip. Her brown eyes rose to mine, and her naughty
smile flickered on her face for a moment. I leant forwards
to kiss her, pushing her against the door. Her nipples hardened
against my chest as her free hand came up to cup the back of
my neck.

She continued to slowly jerk my cock, rubbing it lovingly
almost in time to our gasped breaths. I moved down and began
to suck at her neck, grazing lightly over the skin with my
teeth. There was a strange sweetness to her, a richness
from hours over sugars and candies. Her hands moved to my
buttoned sweatshirt and ripped.

The metal tabs pulled apart down my body, and her hands spread
over my chest, her fingertips finding my nipples. Her leg
moved between mine, and my cock strained pleasantly, almost
putting out the fiery urgency as the elastic stretched
the skin against my balls.

She was panting against my ear as her hands spread over me,
and she was pulling me against her rough and hard. I took
a chance and pushed her hard up against the door roughly.
There was pure lust in her eyes as I forced my body against
her, my hands rough over her breasts and my hips grinding
roughly into hers.

She was moaning and had a high pitched whine as she began
to shake in my arms. I yanked back on her hair, and raked my
teeth over her jaw and down her throat. With a sharp jerk
I ripped down her singlet and bent my head down further,
capturing a heavy breast in my mouth. She was moaning as
she pushed her chest up towards me, and I flicked the top
of her nipple with my tongue.

Jules was running her hands over me, and whispering dirty
words to herself. I reached down and grabbed my cock, then
began to push down on her shoulders. I was holding my cock
towards her, and Jules looked up at me. "Foreplay
later. Fuck me now."

My eyes showed my surprise as she ripped open the button
on her jeans, and shoved her pants down to her ankles. Jules'
hand was still gripping the back of my neck as she pulled
me against her. Her free hand moved my sweats down my hips
and then reached around to cup my ass and push my hips against

I leant against her body, pressing us up against the door.
My hand moved between her legs, and Jules bit her wet lips
as I fumbled between her thighs for an instant. Her hand
left my neck and reached down between us, but my fingers
spread her and I was inside. Jules gasped and her eyes closed.

She was so incredibly wet, it was unbelievable. I began
to move my cock back and forth, giving my hips little jerks
when I was deep inside of her. Jules' hand moved up to
push against the door. Her legs moved around me and squeezed
me inside her thighs as I kept going.

We weren't making love, we were fucking, pure and simple.
We didn't speak, and Jules stopped her whispering
as the hallways filled with the sounds of my cock wetly sucking
air into her. Her hand moved off the wall and began to squeeze
at her nipple. Her hands and fingers moved over her chest
as my cock moved inside of her.

I could feel her juices running down her thighs, the cool
air making my hips twitch as she wet me, too. Her hands moved
to hold my shoulders and neck as I began to speed up. Jules's
eyes widened as her mouth opened. I kissed her, but she didn't
respond as she began to moan lowly. The moan escalated as
she shut her eyes.

Her face screwed up, and I could feel her clenching around
me. My cock moved like lightning in and out of her, and I could
feel our pubic hair rubbing together coarsely. Jules began
to gasp and whine as her fingernails dug into my neck, and
she arched against me.

I felt like someone was pissing against my balls, and Jules
was shuddering as she came. I couldn't take the sensation
and I began to yell as my balls erupted, blowing my cum far
inside of her. She was squirting and clenching down onto
me and squealing in my ear as she climaxed, and I believed
well and truly that it had been years since she'd come
from a man's cock.

Her body was tense for several heartbeats, until she went
limp in my arms. I slowed down and tried to keep my stance,
but my knees gave way, and I sank to the ground, Jules on top
of me. She moaned and clenched down on me again as we hit the
floor with a thump.

There was no sound in the hall except for our laboured breathing.
Jules moaned and sat up, my softening cock easing up into
her again. She looked down at me, a wicked smile on her face.
There was a thin film of sweat on her face, and her eyes were
very bright.

I know that it wasn't love, and was barely lust, just
desperate need for release and intimacy, but I couldn't
help myself. I surged up, my hands cupping her cheeks and
chin as I kissed her. Jules hesitated for a moment, then
kissed me back. As our tongues moved against one another
tenderly, her arms enfolded my shoulders.

After a moment, we stopped, and she looked at me with a strange
expression. She stood up and pulled me with her, then began
to ditch the rest of her clothes. I followed suit, and she
grabbed my hand. We moved into a strangely barren room.
The floors were tiled, but the smell of fresh sanded wood
filled my nostrils.

The walls were bare, and several workbenches were sitting
around the room. There was a pale white light from the ceiling
when she shut the door, and I looked up. There was a huge glass
skylight, clear as day, and obviously new. I looked back
to the strange plastic octagon on the floor. It had a weird
shine to it, and I realised that it still had a thin plastic
film on it.

There was a small control panel on the side of the octagon,
and Jules lowered to her knees and pressed several buttons.
I heard a pump and an electronic hum start up, and Jules turned
back to me. "I'll be back in a minute, "
she whispered. There was a strange tint to her eyes, and
she ducked back out the door.

I looked around the room and then up at the skylight. There
was a thin sliver of white to the side, and I realised that
it was the moon. I looked down to check the time, but my watch
was still on the windowsill in the kitchen. I couldn't
see much in the pale starlight, but I could make out two small
red lights and a single orange light on the side of the octagon.

I could feel the cold tiles beneath my bare feet, and the
fine dust of sanded timber. There was a strange looking
fan cut into the sidewall, and I walked over to it. It lead
straight out into the night air, and as the air touched my
bare skin, I shivered.

My cock shrank against my thigh, and I closed my legs tightly
and crossed my arms. The door opened and closed behind me
again and I turned as Jules came in with her arms full. I went
to help as she spread a small tarp down and set down two candles
and a small stereo. She also had a beach towel with her.

The console on the octagon gave a small beep, and Jules came
in close to me. Her fingertips grazed my hips and began to
move in slowly. My cock gave a twitch, and my thighs began
to tingle as I thickened up under her touch. She reached
down and hit a button on the console, and the octagon began
to move back.

I could hear bubbles and shook my head as I realised belatedly
that the octagon was a spa. Jules plugged the small stereo
in and turned the CD on. I didn't know the band, but they
played soft rock while Jules lightly ran her fingertips
over my balls and cock.

I was getting hard again and we slipped into the hot water.
Jules crooked a finger at me as she sat on the other side of
the tub, and I moved towards her through the bubbles. She
bit her lip and her foot rose up, sliding onto my chest and
stopping me.

I looked down at it and stared at the painted fingernails
in the faint warm candlelight. My gaze shifted upwards,
following the wet brown curves of silky leg until it disappeared
below the bubbling water. My gaze lingered about where
her pussy would be, then travelled upwards.

My eyes stopped on the bubbles barely obscuring the perfect
breasts of this unbelievable woman, and my cock rose out
of the hot water. Splashed water hit my chest, and my eyes
lifted again, travelling a line up her neck and jaw to her
lips. She was biting her lip again, and my cock gave a twitch.

Her shoulders were pressed against the edge of the spa and
her arms were resting on the rim comfortably. I again went
to move to her as she beckoned me with a crooked finger. I
gave a low growl as her foot pressed hard against me, then
began to move down.

I pushed against her, feeling her foot sliding down my chest,
abbs and waist until finally it dipped below the water and
pressed against my cock and balls. Her toes wiggled against
the flesh of my sac, and a low groan slipped from me.

Her eyes held me, pure lust and desire in them, the aphrodisiac
of control flowing through her as I whined at her. Her toes
moved past me and cupped my balls on the top arch of her foot,
her toes sliding up the curve of my ass. She pulled me towards
her and her knee pressed against her chest as I came close.

I kissed her lightly, her knee keeping me from kissing her
more fully, as I wanted to. Jules moved her foot against
my balls, her ankle rubbing the skin on my cock as she moved
her foot side to side. I closed my eyes and groaned.

I heard plastic rustle and opened my eyes as I braced myself
against the side of tub. Jules had something in her hand,
and her eyes looked up at me. "Give me your cock. I want
to suck it." She said it so deliberately, knowing
that the dirty words would make me hot and harder than before.
It worked, and I rose up as her foot sunk down into the hot
water again.

My cock lifted out of the water and Jules opened her mouth,
trailing her tongue down my shaft. The hot water had made
me slightly numb, and I was looking forwards to a long and
pleasurable blowjob, but Jules knew too well what she was
doing. My cock was leaking precum before a minute was out,
and I shook my head ruefully.

Jules hands were running over my ass and balls, and I closed
my eyes as I moved my hips back and forward. There was fresh
lipstick on her full mouth, and it felt like hot silk against
my skin. I could feel the tingling at the base of my spine,
and my chest was pounding as my hips began to speed up.

Jules was watching as I neared my climax, and suddenly I
felt her fingers inside my ass. I gave a yelp as I came, falling
over her and holding myself up on the tiles. My hips were
jerking, and Jules fingers pulled out of my ass as I gasped.
I caught my breath as I moved back into the water and sank
down beside her.

Jules leant down and rinsed her mouth out with the water
from the spa, and then eased herself on top of me. I shook
my head against her and kissed her. I didn't know how
I felt about... I suddenly felt warm and feverish, and my
cock spine felt like it was either being blasted with steam
or liquid nitrogen. I looked at Jules, who was smiling knowingly.

"What was that?" She shrugged and ran her fingers
down my chest and under the water. I could feel my heart speeding
up and my cock was suddenly rock hard. Jules slid her hand
down and cupped my cock, then eased a leg over and sat on my
waist, my cock against her ass as she rubbed her pussy with
her fingertips.

"I knew that you'd never let me do anything like
that if you weren't being... distracted. It's
a rectal enhancer. I want to get fucked all night, Wade,
and macho boasting bullshit aside, I want more tonight
than most guys could handle. So you're getting a bit
of pharmaceutical assistance." She eased up onto
her hips and suddenly the spa felt cold compared to the heat
around my cock. The pressure was intense, and I moaned.

Jules gave a low laugh. "And there's a little
something extra up there, too, to make you enjoy this all
the more." I could feel every bubble and intensity.
The sensations were exploding around me, and then Jules
was rubbing her fingernails over my nipples, nearly killing

My heartbeat was exploding, and my cock was hard and hot.
The whole world was my cock moving inside of the hot silk
wrapped around my shaft. Jules was leaning back and bouncing
up and down, her hips rocking over mine as I moved back and
forth inside of her. I couldn't take much more of it,
but somehow I knew that I had to.

I had just cum twice in quick succession, and knew I wouldn't
be able too soon. But what I knew and what my body was doing
were two different things. Jules was laughing wickedly
as I leant forwards to bite her nipples. My teeth squeezed
the rock hard little buds, and I felt her shivering.

She was shaking in my arms as she rocked back and forth on
my cock, and I could feel the skin moving against hot, wet
tightness. Jules threw her arms out wide as my arms encircled
around her. I felt like I was cumming, but just the numbing
sensation of pressure, no explosion of cum.

My heart was beating a billion times a second, but it was
like it was happening to someone else. Jules collapsed
against me, but my hips kept moving. Her wet hair was against
my face, but my hips were moving and that was all that mattered.

Her eyes were closed, savouring the feelings rushing through
her, and I stared at her as I fucked my cock into her for what
seemed like hours. Jules was moaning in a prolonged state
of bliss, and I could feel the orgasm lasting for several
seconds as she clenched against me.

She didn't raise her head as her fingers tightened
around my throat. My cock twisted inside of her as I arched
my hips, and she moaned. Jules' fingers and arms went
limp around my neck, and I kissed at her mouth, but it didn't
move. After a moment, my cock began to throb painfully again,
and I frowned.

My spine still felt tingly, fire and ice at the same time,
and Jules panted in my ear. I looked up at the bright white
moon shining down through the skylight. It must have been
somewhere around midnight, but it could have been ten am
for all I knew.

My whole consciousness was Jules, my cock and the silk of
her pussy around me. Jules leant back, putting pressure
on my cock again and my hips gave a lurch. Jules sighed, a
smile on her face as she shakily stood up. My hands slid up
her wet legs and settled on her ass cheeks. She looked down
at me and gave a low laugh as my cock stuck out of the water
like some kind of perverted shark's fin.

The CD was long over, and one of the candles had been knocked
over with a splash of water. It still smoked slightly, and
wax droplets were all over the tarp. My arms snaked around
her legs and I knelt up, and my face was level with her pussy.
I could smell her, and she looked to the tarp, and the towel.

I didn't release her as she moved to the side of the tub
and grabbed the towel. She sat down and began to dry herself,
but I couldn't handle the scent so close. My arms bulged
as I spread her thighs, and Jules looked at me as I began to
suck and eat at her wet lips. I could feel their heat on my
tongue, and her taste was heaven.

There was nothing but the taste of her musk in my mouth. I
could taste the hint of my own salty cum, but couldn't,
wouldn't stop my tongue exploring every inch of her.
The tip of my tongue moved against the top of her, finding
and rubbing hard against her clit. Jules gave a low moan
as I gently sucked at it, then wriggled the tip of my tongue
against her.

She gave a shriek as she leant back, squeezing her nipples
roughly while I ate her. She tensed up, and the scent and
taste of her musky cum filled my mouth and nose. I craved
her cumming like an addict, and shook with the need to make
her cum more and more.

My tongue moved against her, and I sucked her lips and clit
while she came several more times. Each time, I savoured
the flavour of her juice, a man dying of thirst finding the
freshwater oasis. Her fingertips were feather-light
on my shoulders, and she collapsed. There was a smile on
her face that I couldn't match, and I felt pride swell
in my chest.

A clock began to chime somewhere, and let out two echoing
tones. Jules weakly lifted a hand to the console and flicked
a lever. The spa lit up as the bubbles faded, and my hard cock
was bright red in the blue-white lights. I looked up, but
the moon was gone.

I don't know how long I had kept her on my tongue, tasting
her waves of pleasure, but it must have been more than an
hour. Jules was almost asleep, half in and half out of the
spa, her legs in the cooling water. I stood up and picked
her up, whatever she'd given me feeding me strength.

Jules chest was moving slowly as I brought her to her bed.
She opened her eyes as I switched on the lamp, and stared
at me. Her eyes moved over my body, finally coming to rest
on my cock, still rock hard. Her eyes flicked up to mine,
and I saw wicked pleasure there.

I began to jerk my cock as I stared at her, and she began to
writhe on the bed like I was inside of her. She closed her
eyes and her fingers began to make circular motions over
her clit. "I feel... so fucking good... I think I've...
don't know how many times I've cum. I feel so wickedly
sinful, Wade. You want me still, don't you?"
I nodded as I sank to my knees on the bed.

"Want you like so fucking bad. I'm so hot and hard,
and you've made me this way. You're so fucking
hot, just want to make you scream so loud with your cum, I..."
She opened her eyes and got off the bed, moving the sliding
door open to the balcony. The cold winter air touched me,
but I couldn't feel it.

On some level, I knew it was cold, but I didn't notice
it. Jules reached up and grabbed a lighter and a joint from
a hanging pot-plant, and sparked it up. The coppery smell
came strong, and she leant over the railing, showing me
her ass.

I moved behind her and began to rub my cock along the cheeks,
then leant down and gave her a light slap. Jules squealed
naughtily, like some little girl caught looking at bad
pictures, and wriggled her ass against my cock. She looked
at me over her shoulder as I bent my knees. Her legs spread,
and I pushed against the dark rose I could see in the moonlight.

Jules sucked back on the last of the dope and blew the smoke
out, then braced herself against the small balcony and
pushed back against me. My hard cock pressed against her
hole and then with a quick jerk of my cock, I was inside her

Jules moaned loudly and pressed her forehead against the
railing as I began to move back and forwards inside of her.
If the heat of the spa was intense, then the feelings roaring
through me at the factors of the cold air, the openness of
the balcony, other houses just within screaming distance
and the searing hot tightness of Jules ass was extraordinary.

Jules was moaning loudly each time my cock slid deep into
her bowel. Her back arched, and her still damp hair was steaming
in the cold. She was pushing back against me and moaning
as my cock began to piston in and out of her. I don't know
how many times my spine exploded in that icy fire, but I know
that Jules was screaming when she came. Lights began to
come on in the houses around us, and I slowed down.

Jules looked back at me and flashed me a grin as she worked
her ass in circles around my cock. I was shaking my head,
drunk on lust and high on whatever as I kept fucking her.
I reached my hands up and brought them down as I pumped my
cock into her, and Jules was screaming at me to keep fucking

I kept spanking her bouncing ass with one hand, then reached
forwards and pulled her hair with my other. Jules screamed
in ecstasy and I felt her cum streaming down my legs. I gave
a deep bellow as I blasted her with a massive load of cum that
shouldn't have been there. My spine was on fire and
my hips were jerking back and forth as I sprayed cum everywhere.

I was still cumming as I collapsed down onto the doorway,
and banged my elbow onto the sliding door. Jules sagged
down onto the wooden rail and then collapsed on the floor
with me. We moved inside slowly, and faintly heard the neighbour's
loud complaints. Jules began to laugh as she shook her head
and smiled as she caught her breath, and bit her lip again.

"I don't think I've ever going to walk straight
again." I gave a low laugh, then a sigh of relief as
my cock softened. I stared down at it, begging it not stay
that way. My heart began to slow down finally, and I weakly
smiled at her. Jules looked across the room at the clock,
and then out the window. Off to the east, the sky was beginning
to lighten. I was about ready to collapse, and wasn't
looking forwards to the walk home, especially like this.

I got up slowly and helped her into bed. Jules stared at me
as I opened the door, then turned away. I went back around
the corner and collected our clothes. I put hers back into
the bedroom, and quietly dressed as Jules dozed. I leant
down and kissed her lightly on the forehead, and her eyes
opened. She didn't say anything, and I didn't
really expect her to, I guess. I moved out of the room and
she didn't stop me.

The next day, I got to work with red, bleary eyes and absolutely
no intention of telling anyone about the unbelievable
night I'd had. I know that it was my sacred duty as a guy
to tell absolutely everyone with tackle matching my own
about what had happened, but another part of me, the quiet
part, knew that if I said anything that I'd never believe
it, like it was some kind of dream.

Ross was already spinning one of his famous weekend drinking
stories, and I quietly made my way to the espresso machine
and made myself a strong coffee. Damien gave me a wave as
I sat down and looked at the clock. "Ten minutes, D,
what've I missed?" Damien was my second, and
the only guy there younger than me, at twenty.

"Nah, Boss, it was Rosco here that missed out. Seems
he had a hot date and stuffed it up." I smiled at Ross
as he shrugged.

"Not to be helped, boss. Someone beat me to it. I was
all lined up with that Sweets Galore chick, right, the nice
piece that wants it so bad she's always out flirting
with those school kids on the bus, yeah?" I desperately
hoped that no one would notice my sudden pallor, and cleared
my throat.

"Oh, yeah?" Ross nodded as Irene the receptionist
came in.

"Yeah, well anyway, some of the tourists were playing
pool, and you know how I like a challenge, so I played, too.
I was three hundred up when the time came to go and give that
candy chick her what for, but they put down double or nothing.
It only took an hour and a half, but by the time I was done,
I'd had a bit to drink."

Irene gave Damien a soft caress on the back of his neck and
smiled knowingly at him as he put his arm around her waist
and hugged her to him. "Save it, you two, I'm busy
with my story, here." Irene raised an eyebrow at Ross
as he grinned cheekily and spread his hands wide.

"So yeah, as I was saying, I was running a bit late,
but by the time I got there, someone'd already gotten
to her! I was only two hours late or so, but by the time I got
to her front porch, I could see her plain as day copping it
hardcore against the glass!" I coughed into my coffee
and wiped my chin as the others laughed.

"Get a good look in, did ya?" Ross shook his head.

"Damien, my lad, she's got frosted glass on the
front of her door, so all I could see was the shapes, and hear.
That was enough. Whoever he was, he was giving it to her exactly
as she wanted it, and well, too." I got up as I felt my
skin flushing red, and Irene followed me over to the sink
as I washed out my cup.

"Alright, guys, that's it, fun time's over.
We've got to get back to work eventually." I cleared
my throat again and stared down at the sink as the guys headed
off in their separate directions. Irene handed me an envelope.

"Julie Haughton dropped this off for you this morning,
she said you dropped it while you were out jogging."
Damien came over just as she handed me the package, and I
pulled my watch out. He put his arms around her waist and
gave her a light squeeze as I slipped the watch back on.

Damien stared at the watch, then at Ross's back as he
left for the morning's groundskeeping rounds, then
back at me as I feverishly cleaned the cup in the sink. A slow
smile came to his face and he began to laugh.


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a little long but worth reading. I have enjoyed most of your



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nice story.


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Prolific writing. Might want to think twice about your
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