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LeAnna does the truck driver


I want to see if he's as good as he lets on,she said to me one day. I was pretty sure she had fucked other guys while we were married,but never knew for a fact. "OK" I said,"but when you come back,you have to tell me about it." She agreed,and ater her store had unloaded the truck,she was off to a neighboring town,where his next stop would be. I waited all afternoon for word from her,even though I was busy at work. Finally,shortly after I got off,she called and said she would be home shortly. When she came in,I could tell,just from her actions,she had had a great time! I kissed her,started undressing her,and fingered a very wet,sloppy pussy. I mounted her right away,sinking a throbbing hard on into a loose,wet,but very warm cunt. "Was it good?," "Yes,she purred" I wasn't going to last long,so pul;led out and went down on her. She tried to pull away,but I insisted I wanted to taste her,she she relented,opening her legs. I gazed on a very red,swollen puss,seeping his cum,as I went down on her..

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You are a very lucky man to have her.