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Laundry Room Fantasy


An erotic fiction story by RPB Copyright © 2003-2007

The first time Jack saw her he immediately felt aroused.
He’d met her moving in furniture with a bulky guy whom he’d
assumed was her boyfriend. He had been impressed with her
athleticism and well-developed body. Jack had just come
home from a long, hard day on the construction site he was
currently working on. It was grueling work but he could
handle most days without difficulty.

Jack watched her work as he waited for the other elevator
that wasn’t locked down. She was average in height with
long auburn hair, currently tied back and up to keep it out
of the way. Sweat gleamed off her exposed skin. She had little
difficulty lifting the easy chair along with Mr. Bulky
helping her. He gave Jack a dirty look as they moved the chair
into the locked down elevator.

Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. What
did the guy expect with a woman like her? She is any man’s
type. Beautiful, strong, and built like there is no tomorrow.

Jack heard the other elevator ‘ding’ open. He had to force
himself to pull his eyes away from her body and move into
the elevator. He turned around and tapped the button for
the 5th floor, his hard hat under his other arm. The doors
closed and the elevator began to move up. No one else had
arrived while he was waiting for the elevator so he only
had to wait a few seconds for it to rise to his floor.

The doors opened on the 5th floor. Jack stepped out and immediately
noticed the couch sitting in the hallway.

“Shit, they’re going to be on my floor.” Jack didn’t know
whether he was cursed or lucky.

He stepped around the couch, which was of good quality.
It almost looked brand new. It was tan in color and very stylish.
He walked down the hall towards his apartment. The door
opposite his was open. He took out his key and stared over
his shoulder into the apartment. He couldn’t see much as
the front hall was still fairly barren.

Jack wondered if Fate was testing him.

* * *

A week passed and Jack hadn’t seen her since. He hadn’t seen
Mr. Bulky either. The apartment across from his was obviously
now occupied, but he never ran into her in hallway or in the
elevator. He’d get home from work and they’d either be home
already or not there at all. Jack began to wonder if he’d
imagined her.

Then it happened.

Sunday morning brought Jack his only day off. He slept in
until noon but didn’t dare push it beyond that. He needed
to wash his work clothes and clean up his apartment a little.
He wasn’t the typical bachelor who let his apartment get
completely out of control. He had to keep it relatively
clean in case his mother stopped by with no notice.

The day seemed to drag as Jack washed load after load. He
kept having to waiting for the other tenants to finish a
load of laundry before doing his next one so it felt like
it was taking all day. He really only needed to do three loads
but decided to wash a few of his heavier clothes, that had
been sitting in a box, as well. It was mid-September and
the days were getting colder. He’d need to dress warmer.

The wash cycle went fine, but Jack had had to run the clothes
through the dryer twice. Satisfied, Jack took his basket
of clothes back to his apartment. He stared at their door
out of the corner of his eye. Light shone from underneath
the door and he could hear soft music.

He shook his head in frustration. He’d soon become obsessed
with her if he wasn’t careful. All week he’d had trouble
getting to sleep right away. Thinking about her made his
heart pound and several nights he’d become so hard he’d
had to masturbate in the shower before he could relax enough
to sleep.

Jack pushed open his half-closed door with his foot. He
took the clothes into the living room and put the basket
down. He started going through the clothes, laying them
out over his couch. He folded the sweaters and heavy, long
underwear. Then he picked up his favorite red under jacket
and shook it out.

A pair of red, lacy panties fell free from the jacket into
the basket below.

Jack wasn’t surprised to see someone else’s clothes end
up in his basket. It happened all the time. He picked up the
panties and immediately noticed how soft it was. Then he
noticed they were designed with a hole in them right where
the crotch is.

“Whoa, ” Jack hadn’t ended up with anything like the panties
in his basket before. “These are hot.”

Jack lifted them up to his face and gave them a sniff. There
were several hot women on his floor and he knew several of
them were single and adventurous. Of course, they’d never
gone adventuring with him.

He wasn’t that lucky.

Jack sighed knowing he had to take them back to the laundry
room. He folded and hung up the rest of his clothes before
grabbing the hot, little garment and heading for the door.
He’d forgotten he’d left his door open. He was shocked to
see their door open across the hall.

His heart raced at the thought coming into his mind.

He left his door open and slowly walked back to the laundry
room. He could smell her scent in the air before he got there.
He looked slowly around the corner and there she was. She
had on a pair of functional, yet tight, black shorts and
a white halter-top. She was on her hands and knees on top
of the dryer. Her hair was loose and flowing around her face
blocking her view towards him.

“Fuck, where is it?” The panties were obviously hers.

Jack felt himself getting hard. She was such a hot bombshell.
His dick was swelling up in his jeans.

Jack cleared his throat.

She turned her head, pulling back her hair. Her eyes fixed
first upon his face and then on his left hand as he lifted
it up with the panties in it.

“I take it that this is yours?” Jack tried not to think of
her wearing them while he fucked her. “They ended up mixed
in with some of my clothes.”

She climbed off the dryer and reached out and quickly snatched
them away from Jack. Her face was red and she was biting her
lip. Either she hadn’t noticed the bulge in his jeans or
she was being nice.

“Sorry about that, ” she pulled back her hair as she stared
at Jack. “I’d thought I’d lost it or forgot to put it in the

“Don’t be sorry, it was the highlight of my week.” It was
corny but it was true.

She laughed and gave him a big smile.

She moved quickly past Jack in the doorway. She slid gently
against him as she went. He could feel her hips rub against
his swollen dick. She could have easily moved past him without
touching him. She had noticed his bulging member.

Jack watched her ass as she walked down the hall. He followed
her keeping his distance. He didn’t want to spook her.

She stopped in front of her door and looked into his apartment
for a second. Then she turned back to him as he got close enough
and leaned against the frame of her doorway.

“I’m Diane. Thanks for returning this.” Her eyes were darting
back and forth between his face and hard-on.

“My pleasure, Jack couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her
hips and breasts. “Your boyfriend is a lucky man.”

“Boyfriend?” She was playing with her hair. “I don’t have
a boyfriend.”

“So that guy helping you move in was?” Jack didn’t care but
needed to know if the guy was going to be around.

“Oh, ” Diane smiled at him like a cat stalking her prey.
”That was my brother.”

“Well that’s nice to know. I’d hate to say something that
would get me in trouble with that guy.”

“Yes, he’s very protective.” She was studying him intently.

“My name is Jack.” He felt a thrill of excitement.

“Nice to meet you, Jack.” Diane arched her body and then
stepped into her apartment. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

Her door closed with a click.

“God, I hope so.” Jack closed his door and immediately went
too take a shower.

* * *

Unfortunately for Jack, he didn’t see Diane the rest of
the week. Work was heck and the foreman had offered overtime.
Jack needed the money and as the week went on he needed the
distraction as well.

Every time he went home and looked at her door he started
to get hard. He kept imagining her standing on the other
side of her door with only those panties on finger fucking
herself and watching him through the peephole.

He was tempted just to knock on her door and ask her out. She
didn’t have a boyfriend and had been turned on by his hard-on.
The question was would she want to go through the usual mating
process. Jack had become frustrated with the last girl
he’d gone out with ‒ Rachel.

Rachel was forever primping herself and comparing herself
to other women. Jack had hoped that her obsession with other
women meant she was bisexual, but it turned out she was simply
insecure. He tried to reassure her that he liked her and
that she shouldn’t be hard on herself.

She had taken that to mean he wasn’t happy being with her
and had broken up with him in front of his building. She had
yelled at the top of her lungs and thrown everything she
could at him. Half of her purse had ended up on the ground
around Jack’s feet.

Jack was getting even harder, Rachel had been a good fuck.
However, her moods had been the result of a deep depression
and she soon moved back home to Wisconsin.

The whole experience had made Jack a little gun shy with
really hot women. He didn’t feel up to a serious relationship.
It was too much like work. He shifted his shoulder hearing
an audible pop as he opened the lock and threw his jacket
and boots down just inside the door.

Tonight he’d soak in the tub and go to bed early.

Tomorrow was Saturday.

* * *

Jack woke the next morning to the sound of someone making
an awful noise outside his apartment door. It was probably
the landlady vacuuming the rug. He looked at the time.

“Crap, it’s not even 9 am yet.” Jack knew the routine.

It happened every Saturday and was why he worked most Saturdays.
However, after a whole week of overtime he needed the day

“Well, might as well get up. I’m not going to sleep anymore

Jack’s mother worried he spent too much time alone and worried
about him when he talked or mumbled to himself. In truth
he only did it when he was tired or annoyed.

He pulled off his underwear and got into the shower. The
water relaxed his still aching muscles. He washed and masturbated.
He pictured Diane in his head, her mouth wrapped around
his dick. The warmth of the water didn’t feel exactly like
a woman’s mouth but it was enough to get him going.

Rachel had given great head. He missed her despite all her

He came against the wall then washed away the cum with the
shower nozzle. He had been content before Diane had moved
in. After Rachel had dumped him he’d thrown himself into
his work. But now he couldn’t get through the day without
getting hard.

He knew he had to have her.

Jack toweled off, dressed, and started picking up dirty
laundry off the floor.

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll be doing laundry too.”

* * *

Jack’s first load of laundry went without incident and
he noticed that it looked like she wasn’t home. He did another
load and another. He hadn’t gotten around to washing anything
for a whole week and most of his warm work clothes needed
to be washed again.

He considered leaving something of his in the dryer by accident
but thought better of it. Anyone could end up with such an
item. The last thing he wanted was the old guy at the end of
the hall to end up with it.

By the fourth load, Jack noticed light coming out from under
Diane’s door. The hallway was fairly dark. The landlady
always remembers to vacuum but could never seem to change
light bulbs. He had tried to help her when he first moved
in but she kept forgetting to buy light bulbs. Jack didn’t
like having to pay for light bulbs for the whole hallway.
It was annoying.

Jack dumped the latest basket out onto his couch ‒ shirts,
socks, and underwear. All clean and folded. At this rate
he’d be done before Noon. Jack bundled up his second last
load for the day and opened his door.

Her door was slightly ajar.

He looked down the hall towards the laundry room. God yes!

She came out of the laundry room before he could move.

“Hi, ” she stopped in her tracks looking at him. “Sorry,
just put a load in.”

“It’s all right, ” Jack’s heart was pounding with excitement.
“This is my fifth load for the day.”

“So I can do a couple loads and you’ll wait.” She was wearing
a short white skirt and tight, white T-shirt which said
“Porn Star” on it with gold stars all-round. Her breasts
filled out the T-shirt and then some. A red bra showed through
the shirt and Jack imagined it might be part of a bra and panty
set with the red, crotchless panties he’d discovered like
gold. She had cool looking black sandals on her feet and
her long auburn hair was tied back in a ponytail.

“No problem, ” Jack wanted to tear that shirt off her and
find out. “You do a couple of loads and then let me know when
I can put another load in. All right?”

“Sure, thanks Jack.” She stepped towards her door and kicked
her sandals off. She flashed him a smile and closed the door.

“It is a matching set.” Jack had clearly seen the same panties
through her skirt.

Jack backed up into his doorway and closed the door. He resisted
the urge to go and relieve the pressure.

* * *

Diane’s next two loads seemed to take a lifetime. He was
just beginning to wonder if he’d been duped when there was
a knock at his door.

“Here goes nothing, ” Jack was determined to find out just
how far this beautiful woman would go. Would she be coy and
act all innocent, send him signals, or simply move in for
the kill.

He opened the door and she was so close he felt his dick move.
She had on the same outfit but she had also teased her hair
and put on her makeup. Now she just wasn’t good-looking,
she was smoking hot.

“My second load is just about finished in the dryer.” She
smiled and tilted her head. “You can wash you’re next load

“Is anyone else using the machines?” It was a loaded question.
She knew he wanted to be alone with her.

“No.” She turned and bounced down the hall towards the laundry

Jack straightened out his hardening dick and grabbed his
laundry basket. He moved out into the hall and noticed her
door was shut with the lights off. He closed his door and
locked it. He had a feeling he was about to have the sex of
his life.

He walked down the hall calmly and into the laundry room.

* * *

She was standing near the dryer with her elbows on the machine
watching the timer. Jack noticed it would finish in roughly
five minutes. He put his laundry basket down on the table
next to the washer and lifted the lid. He carefully put in
the detergent, let it fill with a foot of soapy water, and
put the clothes in one at a time. All the while he kept staring
at her body and making sure his bulging hard-on was visible.

She wasn’t being shy that was for sure. She kept glancing
over at him, licking her lips, and rubbing herself against
the machine.

Once the last of his clothes were in the dryer she was licking
her left index finger and breathing heavily.

“Turn the light off, ” she leaned against the wall rubbing
her ass against it. “But don’t close the door all the way.”

Jack didn’t hesitate. He closed the door but left it propped
open with his laundry detergent. He flicked off the lights
and they were soon encompassed by darkness. He could still
she her due to the one remaining good light bulb at the far
end of the hallway outside the door. The light reflected
in her eyes and made her skin glow. Jack walked towards her
reaching out to wrap his arms around her waist. He pulled
her to him and kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms around
his neck and kissed back opening her mouth. He followed
suit and soon her tongue was in his mouth. He lashed back
with his own and ran his hands down across her ass. He squeezed
her ass checks and she began rubbing herself against him.

“Mmm, ” her moan filled his ears and kissed her harder.

She ran her hands over his shoulders and arms. She continued
to grind against him and he felt his dick swelling even more.
He moved his up along her back and turned her around so his
back was now against the wall. He moved his hands around
to her stomach and up over her shirt. He massaged her breasts
and began kissing her on her cheeks and chin. She moaned
again throwing her head back. He kissed her neck nibbling
her shoulders. She pulled at his jeans panting.

“Show it to me.” She growled.

Jack helped her unbutton his jeans. She pulled them down
and pulled open the crotch of his underwear. His dick popped
out now completely erect.

“Ooh, ” Diane gripped it in one hand massaging it. “I hoped
it would be just my size.”

She slid to her knees and began to lick the end. She ran her
hand up his stomach and then began to deep throat it. She
was good. She was as good as Rachel had been. He felt her run
her tongue along his shaft as she sucked. She was better
then Rachel.

“Oh, ” Jack relaxed against the wall but concentrated
on holding back.

She was stimulating him so well he was having trouble holding
back. She bent his dick to one side and wrapped her mouth
around it from the side then she bent it the other way and
repeated the process.

“I’m going to make you cum like a rocket.” She smiled up at
him in the shadowy light licking her lips. “Ooh, this tastes
so good.”

She wrapped her mouth around it again and sucked it back
and forth harder and faster. She grabbed his ass and moved
back and forth groaning with each suck. She puled away,
took a deep breath, and sucked him even harder.

Jack had to steady himself against the dryer. He looked
at the timer and noted her laundry was dry. He was trying
to think of anything to keep from exploding.

Her tongue was lashing against his dick with every motion
and soon he was seeing stars. He felt his knees shaking.
He was so going to return the favor. Jack leaned forward
running his hands down her back. He was too far up to reach
her ass so he concentrated on running his hands under her
T-shirt and trying to undo her bra.

She grabbed his balls just then. He groaned out, loud enough
for anyone in the hallway too hear. He didn’t care. He pumped
his dick with her mouth thrusts and spewed into her mouth.
His cum ran out from in between her lips, as she tried not
to gag on the amount of cum pouring from him. He felt her swallow
and pull back just long enough to find the rest she’d missed.
She licked at him over and over until he was clean.

“Yummy, ” she stretched her neck cleaning her face with
a towel she pulled from the dryer. She licked her fingers
and kissed his dick. “Oh so tasty.”

“Thank you, ” he could wait to taste her. “Your turn.”

“Ooh, I was hoping you’d say that. She stood up throwing
the towel to the floor. Diane hopped up on the dryer. She
dug change out from in between her breasts and started up
the dryer again. Then she pulled off her T-shirt and unclasped
her bra from the front. Her breasts were delectable but
Jack resisted exploring them for now.

“Going for a ride are we?”

“I noticed my clothes still need to dry.” She smiled pulling
up her skirt and exposing her special panties. “Of course,
thee heat from the dryer has other uses. Now eat me, baby.”

"My pleasure, ” Jack went down on her licking her
moist pussy with lust. She tasted wonderful and was already
wet. The designer panties were a perfect fit on her. He could
eat her out and fuck her without having to worry about them.

He licked at the panties anyway to gather all her moisture
into his mouth. He rubbed at her nub and mons with his forefingers.
He thrust his tongue slowly into her and she moaned.

“Yes, ” Diane was rubbing her breasts pinching the nipples
to help stimulate her body. “Stick your tongue in me Jack.
Ooh, yes just like that.”

The dryer was heating up and so was she. Jack knew her orgasm
would have as much to do with the heat from the dryer as the
thrusts of his tongue. He flick her nub with his tongue several
times while massaging her hairless mons.

Jack had never had a woman with a shaved pussy before. Rachel
had been trimmed but that was it. The taste was completely
new to him and he began kissing and licking all-around the
edge of her hole.

Diane’s moans of ecstasy were becoming louder and more
frequent. She was breathing heavier and heavier with each
touch of Jack’s fingers and tongue. Jack glanced up to she
her licking her fingers then rubbing her nipples. She pinched
and pulled hard on them with both hands gasping for air as
her chest heaved.

Jack felt his dick getting hard again. He’d be ready to fuck
her soon.

“Oh God, ” She cooed her head thrown back in pleasure. “Oh
Jack, lick me, taste me, fuck me with your tongue. Make me

Her hair was a tangle matted to her sweating body. Jack began
to thrust in and out of her with his tongue more vigorously.
He concentrated his hands along her thighs and under her
knees. He wanted to reach out and grab her breasts but there
would hopefully be time for that later.

“Oh Diane, my sweet, laundry room goddess. I dreamt of having
you since I first laid eyes on you.” Jack whispered sweet
nothings into her pussy.

“Yes, ” Diane all of a sudden wrapped her legs around Jack’s
neck and began to buck on the dryer. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

And indeed she was. Any more sweet nectar and she’d be spraying
in his face. She moaned bucking wildly. Jack did everything
he could to keep up with her movements. He licked and sucked
every bit of her he could. It was all over his face, dribbling
from his chin.

Diane was massaging her mons with her left and her breasts
with her right. She panted, moaned and groaned her mouth
agape sucking in as much air as she could get.

“Ooh Jack, baby! Oh God! Oh! Oh! Oh!” She gritted her teeth
baring down as the last of wave of her orgasm approached.

Jack stuck his tongue in her hole again, thrust wildly with

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yeah! Oh! Oh! God yes! Thrust harder! Uh!
Uh! My God, just like that! Yes! Yes!" Her voice filled
the laundry room and echoes down the hallway.

She sighed and moaned a few minutes more. No one came to investigate,
which Jack considered strange. Jack spent the time licking
her clean.

“Damn, I have to fuck you.”

* * *

Jack helped Diane down off the dryer. She kissed his chin
and neck, tasting her wetness on his face. They embraced
for a moment rubbing against each other.

“Wait, ” Diane began to pull off her skirt. “Let me get rid
of this.”

“Ok, but keep the panties on.”

She pulled down her skirt while he stripped off his shirt
and kicked off his jeans, which had still been around his
ankles. They stumbled and pawed at each other for several
minutes until only her special panties were left. He stood
there naked in front of her. She was soon running her hands
across his warm, hairy chest. She kissed his nipples and
massaged his stomach and ass checks. He, in turn, ran his
hands up and down her back, kissing her shoulders and the
back of her neck.

“Mmm, ” Diane kissed Jack’s check and whispered in his
ear. “Suck my breasts, baby.”

Jack responded by groaning while pulling her up by her ass
pressing her against the dryer. He placed her at just the
right height to massage her shoulders and suckle her breasts.
His dick was had against her but he’d yet too penetrate her.
He licked one breast then the other, sucking hard on the
nipples. He gave the left one a ginger nibble and she giggled.
He flicked right one with his tongue and she sighed. He moved
his hands down to massage her breasts while sucking, nibbling,
and flicking.

“Ooh, Diane was squirming in delight. “Now enter me a fuck
me hard right here!”

“Oh yeah baby, ” Jack lifted her higher and entered her
from below. He leaned back against the wall holding her
up by the thighs. She steadied herself with her elbows on
the dryer, her lower back balanced on the edge.

Jack began to thrust. She was hot and wet. His dick slid smoothly
in and out of her. She threw her head back moaning as he pumped
his dick into her over and over again. The angle was difficult
to maintain.

“Diane, sit up, wrap your arms around my neck. We’re going
for a little ride.” Jack held on tight to her ass and stepped

She responded without a word, wrapping her arms tightly
around his neck. His face was now buried in her breasts and
the smell of her was intensely erotic and intoxicating.
He stepped back to the wall continuing to thrust into her.

“Uh! Uh! Baby! Baby! Yes! Oh!” Jack quickly walked over
to the table near the washer resting her ass on the edge.

“Lay back, ” he knew this would be more comfortable for
her. “I’m going to pull your calves up onto my shoulder.”

“Ok, ” she laid back while massaging her breasts. “Do it
to me, Jack. Fuck me so hard, baby.”

“I’m going to fuck you until my balls turn blue, baby.” Jack
pulled her calves up onto his shoulders and began thrusting
harder and harder. The table shook with each stroke and
Diane began to pant and moan louder and more often.

Jack didn’t care if someone caught them. He was going to
cum into this gorgeous woman all night. Soon sweat was dripping
from their bodies again. Jack was so hard he dick ached.
He could feel the cum stirring in his body and was distracted
by her pleasuring herself. She rubbed her breasts and stomach
in erotic rotating circles. She licked her lips while rubbing
her mons with left index finger. She got up on her right elbow
and ran her fingers around the edge of her pussy as Jack thrust
in and out of her. She licked pussy nectar and pre-cum off
her fingers and then went back for more. So she was rubbing
pussy nectar on her breasts and stomach.

“Mmm baby, ” her voice was lustful. “It feels so good. Oh!
Shift a little to the left. Ah! Yes! Right there! Ooh! Ohh!
Yes! Oh God!”

She began to move her hips in time with Jack’s thrusts. Her
heat was rising and Jack knew he would come real soon.

“Baby, I’m going to cum real soon. Do you want me to slow down
and wait for you?”

“Fuck that, ” she growled at him. “I want you to fuck me harder.
Cum in me! Cum in me now!”

She clenched and rotated her hips from side to side. Jack
emptied himself into her his voice raised.

“Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Damn you’re so hot! Fuck yeah! Oh baby!
Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” His dick would be sore tomorrow.

“Ooh, it nice and warm! Yes! Cum in me! Oh Jack! God you’re
a great fuck!” She was laid back with her head thrown back
in joy. Her chest heaved as she rubbed her breasts.

Jack kept thrusting into her. He wasn’t as hard anymore
but he wasn’t about to stop now. He knew she was close and
he wanted her to remember this. He picked up the tempo trying
his hardest to imagine her going down on him again, fucking
her hole, and licking her breasts. Anything to keep hard.
Rachel flashed threw his mind but that only distracted
him more.

Diane had become the fuck of his life.

“Oh yes, don’t stop baby! I’m so close!” Diane rotated her
body around trying to stimulate his dick with her movements.
Soon she was on her stomach on the table. Jack pulled her
back so she could stand up with her hands on the table. He
continued to fuck her from behind.

Diane’s breasts swayed back and forth just above the table
her long auburn hair pulled to her left side. Jack widened
his stance reaching out to grab her breasts with his hands.
He rubbed them pulling at her nipples hard. His cock was
semi-hard again and getting harder.

“Oh Jack, baby! Oh! Oh! Yes! Harder! More! Don’t stop! Uh!
Uh! Uh!” She was grunting so hard and loud Jack was sure someone
would hear them.

“Uh! Yeah! Uh! Uh!” Do you want it harder, baby! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Jack matched her volume and grunted along with her.

“Uh! Uh! Y-yes! H-harder! H-harder! Uh! Uh! Uh! F-fuck
m-me h-hard-d-er!” Her voice wavered with each thrust.

Jack picked up the tempo and grabbed her waist. He moved
his hips back in forth faster then he’d ever done before.
He was now fully erect and building up steam. He grunted
and growled her name.

She responded by widening her legs and hips and rubbing
the crack of her ass.

“Oh yes! Baby! Baby! Baby! Uh! Yes! Yes! Oh my God, it feels
so good! That’s it! Harder! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Yes!”
She was peeking so hard Jack could feel the energy pass though
her into his dick, hips, and torso.

“Oh wow!” It was all he could say as she had a second orgasm.

“YES! YES! Ooh, baby!” She was screaming and panting. “Fuck!
Twice! I haven’t had an orgasm is so long! Twice! Yes! Baby!
Baby! Baby!”

Jack wanted to cum into her again but was still spent from
earlier. He pulled out of her, bent over and began licking
her ass with his tongue. He could hear gasps of wonderment
and pleasure coming from outside the door of the laundry
room. The voice was female but he didn’t care. He only wanted
Diane tonight. She was his and he was hers.

“Ooh that was fantastic!” Diane turned around stretching
her body. “Did you hear something out in the hall?”

”I believe the blonde from 510 is fingering herself out
there.” Jack whispered the words but the woman heard him
anyway. She gasped and ran off down the hall.

“I think you’ve got a fan.” She picked up her clothes, putting
on the T-shirt and skirt. “We have to do this again some time,

“Definitely, ” Jack thought about when his next laundry
day would be. “Same time next week?”

“Sure, ” she pressed her body against his still naked form
grabbing his dick. “But next time, my apartment on the balcony.”

“You little vixen, ” he bent down kissing her hard. “Hmm,
but what about this? He pointed at his hard-on."

“Maybe Miss 510 can help you with that, she’s outside the
door again. Come on in girl, he isn’t shy.” She pulled open
the door and stepped aside as the blonde came in.

“You two were really going at it.” She looked at Jack’s dick

“Yes, he’s a great fuck.” Diane stepped past the blonde
to grab her keys off the dryer. “Do you think you can take
care of him for me? I have to get ready to go to work.”

“I’d love too.” The blonde steeped towards Jack as Diane
took out her laundry. She got on her knees and began sucking
his dick. Diane watched as she folded her laundry.

“God you’re amazing, ” Jack meant it for Diane but the blonde
giggled anyway.

Diane mouthed ‘thanks’ and blew Jack a kiss as she picked
up her laundry. She stepped out into the hallway kicking
Jack’s laundry detergent nit the room with them.

The room went completely dark and no sound could be heard
except the slurping of the blonde’s sucking motion.

Jack knew he’d see her again before next week. Diane had
taken his laundry basket. His dick shuddered at the thought
of her and his cum poured into the blonde’s hungry mouth.
She gulped and sighed.

But first he’d fuck the woman attached to his dick while
imagining Diane.

The End

The Darkstar

The Bearded One: Dark_Star1972

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