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Latina (fm:one-on-one)


The restaurant was popular with the people of the city.
It was even
more popular on Saturday when the floor was cleared, the
bright lights
shut off, and the colorful lights of dancing were illuminated.
the people that made it popular were the dark skinned, dark
Latinos of the city. Rarely, during the daytime hours,
a white skinned
person or two would venture in for a spicy lunch, but they
never came
on Saturday nights.

This warm Saturday night, the floor was alive with people
from Mexico,
Columbia, El Salvador, and other Latin American countries.
They danced
Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue. Sometimes they danced fast,
slow. Coronas and Dos XX bottles littered the tables. The
smells of
spicy meat blew in from the back door where, outside, Juan
Miguel, the
owner of the establishment, was cooking tacos for the dancers.

Lorena sat at the edge of the dancers with her friends. She
dancing right now, and only a few of the men here paid her
attention. She was taller than most of them, and well known
for being
chaste. She was attractive by all standards, with her long
black hair,
and many of the men she would dance with often lusted after
her and
tried their luck, but all with same result. She was still
waiting for
someone who was different. And of course, there was her
father, who
was the epitome of Latin protectiveness.

Lorena was pondering if Armando, her coworker, would be
up for the next
dance. He was a good friend and good dancer and he was never

intimidated by her chastity and height. Then something
quieted the
whole room. Lorena looked up and found that everyone was
staring at
the door. Curiously, she followed their gazes to the door,
and was as
surprised as everyone else was.

A man stood there smiling. He was tall, dressed nicely,
and blond.
This Guero (pronounced Wey-do) was the first of his kind
to ever appear
in the night. Lorena, and most of the crowd, stared in shock.
He was
handsome, well built, and seemed to revel in the attention
he was
receiving. He was also not alone. Holding his arm and leaning
on him
was a beautiful Mexican girl with curly hair. Lorena thought
looked familiar, but before she could put a name to the face,
a voice
boomed out from behind her.

"Crazy Guero! What are you doing here with my sister?"
A big Mexican
man marched across the room. Lorena tensed, fearing there
would be a
fight. The big Mexican was named Hugo, and he was ex-military,
known to have had quite a temper in the past. Strangely,
Hugo was
smiling and when he reached the Guero, his arms went out
and hugged
both the Mexican girl and the American Man. The talked and
and soon the whole room was back to its normal din. Obviously
this man
was okay and accepted.

Lorena knew now who the woman was. Her name was Monique.
She was a
well known business woman, and often came through the store
Lorena worked. She had talked to Lorena a few times and had
about her love for dance. That explained why she was here,
but why was
she with that American?

She listened as best she could, and discovered the man's
name was
Travis. He seemed to know Hugo very well. Surprisingly,
a few other
Latinos seemed to know him as well. Before Lorena could
learn more,
Monique urged Travis onto the floor. And there Lorena got
her second
shock of the night.

Travis was one of the best Salsa dancers that she has ever
seen. He
twirled Monique, and danced like thunder, and his movements
were like
molten sex. He was fluid. She watched him dance tirelessly
three songs, with only tiny beads of sweat on his forehead
his exertion. Lorena was fascinated.

"You've never seen a white man before?"
came a Spanish speaking voice.

Lorena turned to see Hugo's cousin Sergio. "Never
one that could dance."
she answered.

"He's a good man. Always takes care of Monique
when she lets him."

"They are a serious couple?" Lorena couldn't
understand where this
curiosity was coming from. She'd been admired by many
men that could
dance, but they just didn't interest her. Just the
thought of Monique
having that dancing American made her jealous, and she
didn't even know

"No, senorita. Not any longer. They broke over a year

Confusion showed in Lorena's face. Monique and Travis
were obviously
close, and looked like a couple. The breaks Lorena had seen
involve her dancing with her exes.

"They had a hard breakup, but Travis always had her
happiness in mind."
Sergio leaned forward a bit so his words would not be overheard.
things calmed down, they always found themselves talking.
I don't know
if they have any thing passionate, and its not my business,
but they
never get back together as a couple. Just as very close friends.
adores Monique and our family, and she adores him, but they
are both
only friends and never step in the way of any other person."

Lorena's heart darkened a bit. It sounded like the
two of them were bed
partners, even if it was discreet. But she lightened a bit.
Monique's whole family accepted him, so maybe he wasn't
a pure
hedonistic American. And if he is, maybe its not so bad a

naughty part of her mind said.

"You know how to dance well, don't you?"
Sergio asked as the song that
was playing wound down.


Lorena assumed that Sergio was asking her dance, but Sergio
raced out
and spoke a few words to Monique and Travis. Before Lorena
protest, Sergio ran back to Lorena and pulled her by the
arm on the
dance floor. Sergio brought her right up to Travis. Embarrassed
smiling, Lorena was about to try talking to Monique. Standards

dictated that Monique talk to Lorena. But before she could
open her
mouth Travis grabbed her right hand with his left. Monique
moved to
stand next to Lorena and held her right hand to Travis's

Travis leaned to her ear so she could hear his softly spoken
words in
fluent, but heavily accented Spanish, "Just follow
my lead like we
were dancing alone. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
If you do, just
start again where you left off, and find my lead again. If
you feel
like you can't stay with me, break away, but keep the
rhythm and wait
for my hand again."

The music started again, with a strong beat, and the sound
of trumpets
heralded the beginning of a lively Salsa song. Lorena knew
it well.
It was called "Vestida de Blanco."

One, Two, One, Two and they were dancing. She caught the
movements and focused on Travis' smiling eyes. The
steps remained
simple enough. By the time the reached the chorus of the
She was
twirling beside Monique and Travis kept his hips moving
so as to face
both Monique and Lorena. The crowd clapped at the spectacle
of the
three dancers. Somehow Travis dipped Monique while keeping
the rhythm
with Lorena and then it was Lorena that was dipping. Both
women kept
their places, and then Monique broke from Travis and danced
alone, and
Lorena found herself in the arms of Travis for a few brief
Lorena's heart was banging like the drums in the music
for those few
moments, and then Travis spun her and released her and was
dancing with
Monique alone this time. After a few moments Travis'
eyes caught
Lorena's' and she saw his muscles tense and knew
that it was time for a
big finish. The music was reaching its climax, and Travis
Lorena's hand and Monique and Lorena finished the
dance it a series of
twirls that were quite simple, but fast and with two women
impressive. The music ended, and panting, the dancers
stopped frozen
for a moment as if time had stopped.

The crowd applauded and let out hoots and calls of approval.

"Beautiful, Senorita, Beautiful!" Travis
said as be bowed a bit
to Lorena. Monique giggled.

"Guero, This is Lorena, she works at the grocery store
I go to

Travis took Lorena's hand, "Pleasure to meet
you, Lorenacita"
Travis said with a curious emphasis on the name "Lorenacita"
Little Lorena. This made Lorena tingle in a way that made
her flush
and almost made her feel guilty.

To avoid being embarrassed or flushed, Lorena turned her
attention back
to Monique who was already talking to Lorena. Monique asked
about Lorena's family, and Lorena learned that Monique
knew her father
rather well. Monique informed Lorena that Travis had met
her father
through business contacts. They chatted on for a few moments,
and then
Travis stepped back.

"If you will excuse me ladies, I wish to visit Juan
Miguel before he has
no more Tacos. Can I bring either of you anything?"

Both girls shook their heads, Monique absent absentmindedly,
Lorena's shyly.

Travis walked away, and Lorena followed him with her hungry

"He thinks you are attractive" Monique said
with a devilish smile.

Lorena looked back at Monique with a stunned look "No!
I don't believe
that, he didn't say anything"

"Come on! I know Travis well. He used to look at me with
those same
eyes. Don't worry, I'm not jealous. He and I are
only just friends.
If we wanted to be back together, we would be."

"I don't know what to say, I don't even know

Monique laughed. "I know that Guero too well. You
are going to know
him soon. No problem. I just like to see my friends be happy.
curly hair doesn't make me jealous anymore."

Lorena didn't know what to say. She was embarrassed
and confused, and
here was Monique talking about her ex-boyfriend like Lorena
was her
little sister with her first crush.

Travis returned and Monique and He were suddenly talking
in English that
was too fast for Lorena to understand. She was pretty good
at English,
but these two were talking so fast. She bid them a quick farewell
made her escape to gather her thoughts.

* * * * *

It was a couple days later after the dancing and Lorena was
at work.
She had put the thoughts about that dance away, and it was
back to life
as usual. Right now "life as usual" was a pretty
slow day at her check
out stand, and she was fighting off boredom. She knew she
should do
some stocking, or something constructive, but she was
feeling up to it.
She just found herself preening a little white fleck out
her dark hued
jeans, trying to get that spot of something that just wouldn't
go away.

"Hola, mi Amiga" Lorena's head snapped
up and she stared into those
blue eyes. She stammered a bit, but managed to shyly bid
Travis hello.
His Spanish was excellent as he made smalltalk, and his
big American
accent made it seem so much more provocative. He leaned
into her
direction as she talked and she could feel her legs involuntarily

shifting in response to his presence and proximity.

"I heard that you had been dancing with my daughter,
Hombre" Lorena
tensed and jerked back away as her Father's booming
voice split the

"Ah, Delgado, my friend" Travis said as he turned
his attention to
Lorena's father "If I knew you had a daughter
that could dance so
beautifully, I would have been coming here to buy your tamales
before today"

The men shook hands and talked about business. Lorena discovered
Travis was working for a distributor that supplied the
store with
produce and dairy. They had apparently met when there was
a shortage
of milk in the store, and Delgado tried desperately to get
emergency delivery before the distributor closed its
warehouse for a
holiday. Travis had heard the call, and offered to deliver
the milk
himself. Lorena's father and Travis hit it off, and
Travis often spoke
to Delgado about coming in for the famous tamales but never
showed up
until today.

Lorena lost all hope of being flirted with when her father
offered to
have lunch and Travis accepted.

"With your permission, Lorenacita, I promise to
say goodbye before I

"Okay" was all Lorena could say. She punished
herself for only coming
up with that one word. She couldn't believe that her
father was so
open and friendly with this American, and it was a side of
him that she
didn't see often. Sighing in confusion, an emotion
she was getting
very used to, she returned to her work.

Before he left, Travis delivered on his word, and bid her
farewell, with
a promise to return. Lorena watched him as he walked away.
She hoped
he would return soon, but it still made her nervous to think

Lorena's father watched all this with a careful eye.
He approached his
daughter and said only four words "He is a good man."
Lorena was
stunned. It was obvious that Travis was flirting with her,
and she
with him, and this was a behavior that Lorena's father
was always
difficult about. That was the closest to anything she had
every heard
her father say that came remotely close to approval.

Travis came into the little store every three or so days.
He got to
know Lorena and she got to know him. Lorena often thought
about him
when she was getting ready to sleep. How she burned for him!
never wanted anything so much. His light skin and yellow
hair. His
blue eyes that always had a fire behind them. He was so alien
to her.
And he obviously found her interesting. At least she thought
so most
of the time. He was unlike anything he had heard about the
people in this town. He was respectful, and careful about
choosing his
words. He never made much of an advance on her. Just mild

flirtations. He even got to know the rest of the people who
there at the store. He was polite and friendly with everyone.

Behind his back, they called him the "Burrito"
because he seemed to be
white on the outside, but his love of Mexican food, the Spanish

language, and the Latino cultures, gave him a spicy interior.
always flushed red when they referred to him as this, because
the other
girls would tease her nastily about "getting a taste
of the burrito."
She tried to deny that there was anything special about
her. But then
one day Travis proved her wrong when he showed up with a little
flower with a little ribbon tied to it. She melted with that
and even made a little promise to go dinner with him.

* * *

Lorena was buzzing that night when she got home. She couldn't
the things she was feeling. She wanted this man like she
wanted no
other. She locked herself in her room. This was the one place
felt she could be herself. She stood in front of her big mirror
considered herself. Her hair trailed down her neck. The
clothes she
chose always accented her curves that were the gift of her
Latin genes.
She thought that perhaps she was reasonably attractive.

She lifted her shirt over her shoulders and looked again.
Her hair
touched the top of her back and her shoulders began the portrayal
her slenderness. Her chest led delicately to her breasts,
which were
small. The little curves that were hidden by her bra matched
her well
in her mind, but a nagging feeling wished they were bigger.

She took off her bra and regarded her nude torso. Her dark
skin made
her darker nipples took like a touch of chocolate in a sea
of mocha.
They were small, but thought of the Guero made them hard
to the touch,
and very sensitive. The cool air made them stiff and looking
at her
own image released a moistness that made her flush, even
alone as she

She stripped away her pants, and with a determined sigh,
removed the
rest of her clothing. The naked girl in the mirror stared
back at her.
The mocha skin and curves, looked alone. She closed her
eyes and
pictured the cream skinned man, nude behind her. She could
almost feel
his skin on hers. She dipped her fingers into her waist.

She gasped in surprise and the moist sensation of her finger
in between her legs. Oh, how she wished those fingers weren't
her own.
She rubbed the little nodule of flesh and felt the pleasure
through her. She opened her eyes and looked at herself in
the mirror.
If she looked hard enough she could see those blue eyes urging
her to
move faster. Her breathing became tense, and she moved
her left hand
to her right nipple, massaging it and squeezing it till
she could start
to feel pain. She gasped and released her nipple, as her
fingers moved
in a steady rhythm through her sex, touching her own clitoris
sliding just inside herself. She stroked the rest of her
naked body
with her free hand, and as she slowly touched her own hip,
the first
flash of orgasm reached her.

She collapsed to her knees under her own weight as that spark
hit her.
Her breathing was ragged, but she continued to stroke herself.
could see her body writhing and the involuntary motions
of her hips
began pushing herself into her fingers as if they were her
lover. She
moved with a steady rhythm as the man who wasn't there
gave her a
pleasure that, through imagination, she could feel deeply

And then it hit her.

"Oh, Dios Mio! My God!" She whispered to herself
in almost a squeak

Her body burned as the waves of pleasure hit her. She jerked
and heaved
as the orgasm hit her in full force. She hadn't felt
so good in a long
time. She let the fatigue of the day hit her as the feeling
She panted on the floor in front of her mirror with a feeling

* * * *

Over the next week, Lorena saw Travis three more times at
her Father's
store. He talked with her in his heavily accented Spanish
about his
work, his family, and his goals. He learned that he came
to this city
that just minutes away from the ocean to take care of his
family. He
didn't intend to stay, but he soon fell in love with
the city and
stayed here. He asked about her dreams for the future, and
confided that she didn't know what her dreams were.
He smiled at that,
and told her that was the beauty of dreams. They come in night
you don't expect them and give you goals to aspire to.

On the third day, Travis asked her to make good on her promise
to go
dinner that night. She was nervous, and even though her
body cried out
to say yes, she hesitated. The war between her body, and
nervousness made her stomach hurt. But before she could
to decide if
she was going deny him, he produced the single bud of a white

"Por Favor, Lorenacita. Please." His eyes
had a serious look of a man
that was asking for something he wanted more than anything

"OK" She found herself replying, "Call

She hastily scribbled her number on a piece of paper. He
took it in his
left hand. He brought the bud of the rose to his lips with
his right
hand and brushed the flower across those lips before handing
it to her.
Then without a word, phone number in hand, he walked away.

She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding,
and all the ladies
that worked with her in the store starting giggling and
talking at her
about her white man who was so seductive.

"Ay, Lorena, those blue eyes took your heart for a
moment." said one

"Tu Principe Azul" Said one girl referring
to the White man as her "Blue

All the girls quieted suddenly, as her father Delgado approached
register. She tensed expecting an outburst.

"If he hurts you, I will make him curse the day he spoke
his first word
in Spanish." Then he kissed his daughter on the head
smiling, and
walked away.

* * * *

She left work as soon as she could and walked home. There
butterflies in her stomach and she tried to decide what
to wear. She
had high-backed clogs on now, and dusty brown and blue jeans,
and a
black blouse that was her favorite, but it didn't seem
enough. She
wanted to get home as soon as possible to change before the
phone rang.
She heard laughing behind her, and it returned her to the
real world.

She turned and tensed as she saw that three young cholos
were following
her home. As soon as they saw her they started whistling
and calling
at her. She hurried her pace. She didn't like cholos.
Her whole
family agreed that cholos were something that made her
people look bad,
and some of them always seemed to be up to no good. These three
that way.

"Hey baby, where you going?" Said the biggest
of the three and the
other two laughed. She looked around and there was nobody
nearby. She
didn't know if they would just harass her a bit, follow
her, or do
something worse, but she didn't want to find out. She
thought that if
she screamed someone might hear her.

She kept walking as fast is her legs would move without running.
the boys kept calling her to slow down. Her mind was racing
as she
thought of what she was going to do, she could hear a car coming
thought about getting the drivers attention, but before
she could
decide it pulled up next to her and stopped. She saw the chrome
and the shiny blue metallic finish and the dull throb of
the engine.
It was a classic Mustang that had obviously been customized
and Latin
music was escaping the windows. Her heart pounded as she
realized that
the cholos must have friends in there. The driver door opened
as she
walked briskly past the car.

"Lorenacita" came the familiar voice.

She stopped and turned and saw Travis in a dark suit, and
blue shirt
smiling like a true "Blue Prince." He didn't
have a tie on, and it
made him look even more relaxed. The cholos had stopped
walking behind
the car. The were silent as they tried to figure out what
happening. He walked to the passenger side of the car and
opened the
door and held his hand to her.

She walked quickly to her rescuer and sat in the car. He gently
the door and walked back to his side of the car. As he was walking

around the front of the car, the cholos started making noise.

"Hey, where you going with our girl, Guero?"
One of them called at him.
He didn't reply, and he didn't lose his smile as
he sat in the car.
He shifted the monster car into first and rolled away in
a pace that
wasn't hurried. Lorena sat in silence. She admired
the fact that he
just showed confidence in himself and not machismo. He
call back a challenge at the cholos or even say one word.

"Gracias, Guero" She said meekly.

"I only saw you walking and thought it was better just
to pick you up
for dinner." He replied. It was then she realized
that Travis didn't
know where she lived, but before she could say a thing, the
car pulled
to a stop. She looked around, and saw that they were at a little

Italian restaurant. She panicked when she thought about
how she was

"I don't have good clothes on!"

"You look fine. You're beautiful, and you look

"But, but"

"Hush, " he said "Its time to eat."

He got out of the car and walked around to her side and opened
the door.
She smiled shyly, and took the hand he offered and got out
of the car.
He tucked her hand into his elbow and escorted her inside.
She was
nervous and stayed very quiet. He told the hostess he needed
a quiet
table for two. She took them to a small table that was lit
with a
little candle in a red globe.

He pulled the seat out for her and she sat. She felt as if he
sweeping her away. He sat across from her.

"You speak English" he said. More of a statement
than a question.


"Why not more with me?" This time he was asking.

Switching to her broken English, "I think that, no,
its not too good. I
am a little embarrassed I don't want to ... making mistakes."

"Don't worry about it"

"Porque? .. uh .. Why?"

"You sound beautiful with your accent and the way
you talk. I love to
hear the words of Spanish come from your lips, but I also
love to hear
the accent."

"I understand very much, Guero." She reached
her hand to his lips, but
drew away from them before she touched him "Very much,

They ordered dinner and talked through the entire meal.
He listened to
every word she said in Spanish and English. They switched
back and
forth between the languages. Toward the end they sat very
close to
each other and his hand found hers. She could feel her body
She wondered what she would do with this man if he kept paying
so much
attention. He had ordered some sort of a dessert she didn't
Something called a Tiramasu. He grabbed the spoon and scooped
small bite and held it to her lips. She tasted it and made
a happy
noise. In one smooth motion she handed the spoon to her and
her closer to him.

She leaned her head on his chest and finished the desert.
It was
wonderful with flavors of coffee and sweetened cheese,
and a little
chocolate. As she slowly took the bites, she listened to
his heart
beating in his chest. She decided to let go. She moved from
his chest
after the last bite and turned her head. She looked at those
realizing how attracted she was to them. She kissed them.
She started
just by teasing at his lips, and then relishing the feeling
of him
slowly pushing into her lips. Her tongue tasted at his lips.
tongue met hers in the rich moistness of the kiss. He pulled
her body
in closer, embracing her as they kissed. The held the kiss
for many
minutes, oblivious to the people around them in the room.
They tested
each other through that kiss seeing how much passion there
was between
them. She began to tremble, and she could feel his heart
begin to

"I needed to taste your lips, Guero." She said
as they released.

"Beautiful." Was all he said.

"I need to..." She hesitated, and then decided
to take her fears
straight on and allow them to pass through her "...I
need to be alone
beside you. Tonight."

Travis looked surprised, then thoughtful, and then the
smile returned.
He opened the ticket book the waiter had left during their
kiss at the
thirty something dollar tab. He threw pulled two twenties
and a ten
from his wallet, placed them in the book, closed it, and
stood up.

"Come" he urged as he gently pulled Lorena to
her feet. They walked out
of the restaurant and again he opened the door for her before
going to
his side of the Mustang. She leaned across the seats and
unlocked the
door before he got his keys in. He smiled something that
looked like
approval as he sat in the car and started it up. She kissed
him again,
this time deeper with more force running her hands through
his hair and
he in turn stroked hers. Then he started the drive.

She didn't know where he was going as he raced out of
town, and she
didn't care. Her hands gently caressed his legs. She
began toying
with the bottom of her blouse tugging slowly down to expose
more of her
chest than she could believe she dared. She was almost embarrassed
her behavior, but she pushed on with a confidence that was
less false
and forced with each moment.

He took a rarely used highway, and pushed the engine through
a dull roar
of acceleration into the soft purr of cruising. The road
twisted and
turned, and she was amazed he could keep his composure as
he made
several glances toward her slightly exposed breasts.
It was dark, and
with only the light of the moon and the stars she wasn't
sure how much
he was seeing in the shadows of the dimly lit interior. The
smell of
the leather mixed with her light perfume and his masculine
cologne was
intoxicating to Lorena, and she was glad he was driving
and not her.

He gently pushed the car through gentle curves and dips
on the highway
through the coastal mountains that lay just outside the
city. Toward
the peaks, she could make out the light dancing off the ocean
Then he let of the accelerator, and coasted smoothly downhill.
she thought they were finally at the bottom he started uphill
bringing the engine back to life with his urging. They went
through a
series of turns as that path through the night narrowed.
The movement
became intense for a moment and her hand on his leg went from
a gentle
stroking to a grip that teased the flesh through the fabric
of his suit
with her nails. He maintained his concentration and then
slowed the car down and turned in to a parking lot she didn't
was there.

She tore her eyes from his face and looked. They were at some
sort of a
resort with white walls and big windows. The sign read "The
Springs of
Avila." and he passed by the front door toward a smaller
toward the edge of the resort. He pulled the car into a space
stopped the engine.

"We're here" Was all he said as he exited
the car, and went around to
her side. When she got out the chill hit her, and she instinctively

pulled her arms close to her. Without so much as pausing,
Travis' coat
was around her shoulders. They walked into a small building.
was a diverse array of colors and. Wines, clothing, robes,
books and
baubles. There was a clerk behind a desk who smiled at their

"Need one of the pools?" He said.

"Yeah, something quiet."

The man turned to a map that showed little pools. She remembered
hearing about this place, or one like it. These were natural
springs fed from the ground below, cultivated by the resort
for the
pleasure of its clients. She saw names on the little pictures
of pools
like "Gemini, " "Oasis, " and
"Retreat." The clerk smiled, took a set of
keys from one the edge of the map called "Rendezvous."

"Here you go, " he said as Travis exchanged
the keys for his credit card.
"Need towels and robes?"

Travis gave an affirmative and collected to white towels
and two white
robes from the clerk. He took Lorena by the hand and led her
through a
set of big wooden doors in the back of the building. There
was a dimly
lit path the walked up in the brisk air. Lorena shyly stayed
beside him, wondering what she had gotten herself into.
Then it began
to gently rain.

She worried at first, but Travis just kept moving as if the
rain wasn't
there. He stopped at a wooden gate with a carved plaque that
had the
word Rendezvous on it. He produced the key, fiddled with
lock, and with a click, the gate swung open.

They stepped inside the gated off area and Lorena could
feel herself
shaking with excitement. There was indeed a pool that was
steam and bubbles in a jacuzzi like fashion. Benches under
a shelter
roof were the only thing not under the night sky. The moon
followed them on the drive was gone, and now only the bright
from inside the pool gave them light to see by.

Travis pulled away from her. And she watched as he unbuttoned
shirt, neatly folded it and placed it on the bench, and then
pulled the
black undershirt he had on over his head. She could feel
moisten at the sight of his chest. There was a little black
hair on
his chest and his arms and chest were muscled just enough
to be
attractive and showed that he was a man who wasn't afraid
to work with
his muscles. and shifted her weight and took off her shoes.
For the
moment that was all she took off. He turned and looked at

"I won't ask you to do anything you aren't
ready for. I'll also ask if
its okay if I take off all my clothes or you prefer me to keep

something on." He said.

"Its okay" she said, feeling even more moistness
creep into her lower
regions. He took off the suit pants, and folded them and
placed them
on the bench. His legs had the muscular tone of a man who was
on his
feet all day. He turned and bent removing the underwear.
His buttocks
were made of the same muscular sinew, and she quivered at
the sight of
his nudity. He stepped into the pool, and sat in a seat the
concealed beneath the water.

"I think I keep some on" she said. She removed
her pants, and Travis
stared in open admiration of her legs. She removed the bra
from under
her blouse and turned to the bench. She let him see that she
wearing thong underwear and knew at the slight moan that
he made that
he was enjoying the sight of her curved behind. She turned
around with
a seductive smile and stepped into the pool. The water was
hotter than
she imagined and as she stepped in she reveled in the feel
of the
natural waters. The last step came as a surprise to her and
she half
fell into the arms of Travis. Then she relaxed as he gently
coaxed her
into the seat beside her with his arms around her.

She loved the look of her mocha skin next to his. The water
closed her
body in natural reaction and she felt relaxed instead of
nervous now.
She put her hand on his naked leg, feeling the water and the
tickle of
the little hairs beneath her fingers. She couldn't
believe how relaxed
she felt, as the bubbles from the water moved up her sides
and back
making the thin black material of her blouse ride upwards
and float
through the water.

"This is nice" she said

"Good" he replied.

She relaxed for a few moments, and then felt the vibrations
in Travis'
chest as he began to hum almost beneath his breath. She could
that now he was tense too. Somehow that made her feel more
at ease and
she began sliding her hand further into his legs and higher
toward his
middle. She teased at first, not knowing how far she wanted
to go.
Then she decided. She wanted him now. She needed him now.

"I enjoy to be beside you, Guero." and she kissed
him again. As she
kissed him her hand crept up and she cupped his balls in her
feeling them both and rolling them in her hand. He moaned
into her
kiss and began to touch the exposed flesh on her back. She
loved the
feel of the softness and held them for a few moments with
her thumb
testing and teasing the bottom of his hard cock. She could
feel her
own heat adding to the heat of the pool and changed her grip
and began
sliding her hand up and down the shaft of his penis. The firm
flesh of
the head felt as if it has made for her hand to touch. She squeezed

with more and more strength with each stroke.

She broke the kiss, but continued stroking his erect member
slowly. She
couldn't believe how sexy she felt with his cock in
her hand. It was
so arousing. His hair was now slick with the steady soft
pour of the
raindrops. She knew hers was the same. She realized her
blouse was still on, and that Travis hadn't done any
exploring on his

"Stop being the gentleman" She said as she watched
herself stroke him

He took that opportunity immediately, and worked the blouse
of her,
exposing those breasts he been trying to see. The dark breasts,

crowned with a darker nipple were moist with the steam from
spring and
he reached to touch them gently. The small breasts were
so soft, and
the nipples so hard and the contrast was amazing. As he touched
she felt herself let out a small sigh of arousal. She could
feel him
getting even harder beneath her hands and stroked faster
and faster.

She stopped suddenly, and urged him to the wooden edge of
the pool, and
he climbed on the edge. She was excited now, and want to do
things she
never dared before. She cupped his balls in her hand and
gently kissed
the head of his exposed member. It was delicious to taste
his flesh,
and wrapped her mouth around the head. She moved her head
in the same
stroking rhythm she used moments ago with her hand. He groaned
absolute pleasure and she gently pulled on his balls. She
buried his
member in her mouth and then released it the head. She flicked
tongue over the the very tip of him and he let out an "Oh
God" much to
her delight. She kept the movements till he moved her head
away and
returned into the hot water and held her close and kissed

He turned her around and his fingers slid from her breasts
down below
her waist. He bit her neck gently as his finger penetrated
her. Now
it was her turn to moan. His hands were strong as he stroked
her sex,
but he was very gentle as he tried to bring her closer to orgasm.
began panting and backing into him, trying to hold back
the orgasm that
she knew was coming.

"Go ahead, mamacita, do it!" he whispered into
her ear.

She let herself go, and with a little noise, the orgasm beneath
water hit her. The pleasure raced through her body and she
As the pleasure began to subside, Travis began sliding
the head of cock
along the back of her vagina. As the head experimented with
the brown
flesh, she realized that her orgasm had opened her up, despite
water. He slowly began to penetrate into her, and she gasped
at the
feeling of him sliding into her smooth, warm flesh. She
had never been
taken from behind, and this feeling was tremendously arousing.

He began to stroke softly at first, in and out of her. The
water lapped
against their flesh and the sides of the pool. His arms moved
to hold
her waist and her breasts. He stroked and she relished the
feeling of
his body and water moving in and out of her. He pushed her
together, and the friction on her clit was intense and she
bit her lip
and closed her eyes as pleasure began to wash over her. As
she began
to near another orgasm, he turned her around and used her
buoyancy to hold her in to position. He had a crooked smile
as his
they looked into each others eyes, and she when she saw those

sparkling, blue eyes, she felt passions of the mind and
body coming

"Oh Papi! Oh Papi! I want to do it again, do it with me!"
She cried
into the night. He held her closer and pumped harder and
faster into
her. As her eyes began to roll back into her head, he kissed
biting her lip in uncontrolled passion, and he began to
groan her name.
She could feel the stirrings of his sex within her and then
the warmth
of his semen, filled her, and her body bucked in orgasm.
She pumped
hard against his hips, as her body tried to swallow his.

"Oh Si, Oh Si, Oh Dios Mio! Si!" she cried as she
arched her back in
orgasm. The paused for a moment, his body pushed as hard
as he could
into her, and then they both relaxed in the slow, tender
strokes of
afterglow. He held her and leaned back pulling her body
on top of his.
He stayed inside her as she rested her head on his chest and
to the rain that fell on their bodies. She opened her eye
and watched
the drops of water from her dark hair run down the Guero's
body into
the hot pool below. Again she listened to the slow steady
beat of his
heart, and smiled sleepily.

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