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Last Year at Church Camp


Note: I first posted this as pghpa_girl so if it looks familiar
that is why.

I had given Steve, the older brother of one of my girlfriends,
my virginity the summer before I started high school and
ever since then I have wanted (and had) sex as often as possible.
At first I only felt comfortable with Steve and we fucked
dozens of times in the months afterwards so you can imagine
how crushed I was when Steve’s dad was transferred and he
moved away later that winter. It didn’t take long after
he was gone though for me to realize how much I missed the
steady diet of sex he gave me. Sure masturbation is great
but once you’ve had the real thing it’s not enough. Not surprisingly,
I didn’t have any problems finding plenty of horny boys
around who were more than willing to do their best to satisfy
my needs. I was heavily involved in a number of school and
church activities so even though I had an active sex life
I managed to avoid acquiring a public reputation as the
school slut in the process. Well, I guess that is except
with the boys at school. It was now a year after that first
time with Steve and summer was in full bloom. Bikinis and
cutoffs were the standard uniform for my friends and me
and I was having a great time.

I had been going to church camp every year since I was 8 and
I always looked forward to it. This summer though my reasons
were a bit different than in the past due to my experiences
since the last time I was at camp. The last couple of years
I had started flirted with some of the counselors at camp
but it was all just innocent fun. This year I wasn't
a virgin and my intentions went way beyond flirting! I was
determined not to miss a week of sex just because I was at
church camp and if I had learned anything in the past year
it was that anywhere there were boys there were opportunities
for sex. I had also learned early on that it didn’t take much
effort to get a boy to fuck me and in fact, it was actually
quite the opposite in that I think if I let them, just about
every boy would. Your average boy would do anything I asked
for a chance at getting in my panties (when I wore them) and
I found it to be intoxicating to have that much power over


My bags were packed and I was ready to go (I think there is
a song in there somewhere). After church we stopped home
for lunch and then we were on our way. It is a two-hour ride
and I could have taken a church bus with some of the other
kids but my parents wanted to see where I was going to be and
it was a pleasant trip for them in any case. We showed up about
the same time as everyone else and for a while it was chaos
as everyone got his or her gear and lined up to check in.
I was thrilled to see that one of the guys working the registration
table was someone I recognized from the previous year.
Mark was one of the college students that worked at the camp
as counselors. This year I knew he was 21 making him so much
more mature than most boys I knew. Tall and handsome, every
girl in camp had a crush on him last year ‒ me included. When
I got to the front of the line I felt a chill run through me
when I noticed that he was looking me over ‒ all over, as he
checked me in. It didn't hurt that I was wearing cutoffs
as short as I could get away with (our church was pretty strict
so they weren’t TOO revealing). I smiled at him and as I walked
away I was pretty sure he was taking a good look at my ass.
There were lots of other things to occupy me afterwards
and I forgot about him for the moment. My parents helped
carry my stuff to the cabin where I was assigned with 11 other
girls and our counselor. Mom helped me to put my things away
during which she noticed I had brought my bikini with as

“Now Kelly, ” she gently scolded me, “You know you can’t
wear this here. My goodness, they would be calling for us
to pick you if you showed up at the beach in that! Now where
is the one we bought you for camp?”

Reluctantly I pulled out the suit she was talking about
from the very bottom of my suitcase. I hated it!! It was one-piece
and covered my ass and boobs completely making me feel like
I was wearing a straightjacket when I had it on! Oh well,
at least all the other girls would have to wear one like it
as well. My mom put it on the drawer and stashed my bikini
in her purse for safekeeping.

“So what else did you sneak in here you naughty little girl?”
she said with a smile. “Just because you are having now doesn't
mean you can look like a slut at church camp.”

She confiscated one pair of my cutoffs, my favorite pair
too in that my ass hung out both sides when I walked. Then
she rummaged through my things and looked me in the eyes
saying, “What, no bras?”

“Mommmmmm!” I protested.

Mom just shook her head. She and I were always fighting over
this. I hated bras and never wore one unless she forced me
to. It wasn’t like I was all that well endowed anyway. Usually
the only time she really pushed was for church activities.
Although the camp rules did not specifically say bras were
required, there was this general statement about “proper
dress” that could be interpreted in about any way. I knew
this was going to be my last year here so if they kicked me
out then who cared? My mom knew me too well though. She reached
in her purse again and pulled out one of my bras.

“I figured you would ‘forget’ one of these so I brought one
for you. You should at least wear it to the services at night.”
I let out an overly dramatic sigh and quickly put it in my
drawer where I had every intention of it staying for the
rest of the week. Everything was finally ready and my parents
kissed and hugged me goodbye. My dad lingered back for a
minute and whispered in my ear.

“Now behave yourself Kelly. Don’t do anything crazy and
get yourself in trouble, OK?”

I looked at him with my “innocent girl” look and licked my
lips slowly. “Of course daddy, don’t I always behave?”
My dad laughed, evidently thinking there was something
funny about what I had said, and then winked at me before
leaving to catch up with my mom. Frankly, I wasn't sure
about going a whole week without feeling a cock in me. What
I WAS sure of was that I would be masturbating like crazy
all week! It didn't help when my cabin went to dinner
that night and Mark was assigned to serve our table. Twelve
of us were there from my cabin, all of us 14-15 years old,
and every eye was on him! That night when the evening service
was over and we were all back in the cabin, everyone was talking
about Mark. Most of it was just girl talk as usual but I couldn't
help but feel a bit wet listening to everyone dreaming about
being with him. We finally went to bed but I couldn’t sleep.
All I could think of was Mark. I imagined him sneaking into
our cabin and having a massive orgy with us, a dozen horny
teenager girls taking turns riding and sucking his cock.
How many of us could lick his cock at one time? Who would get
his cum? My hand slipped between my legs and I began to masturbate
in my bunk. It was dark in the room and I was quiet. Besides,
I had a feeling that I wasn’t the only one with a finger on
her clit at the time! When I finally came it was all I could
do to keep from crying out as I dreamed of Mark cumming in
me, his fat cock shooting stream after stream of his hot
sperm into my tight pussy. I was so damn horny once wasn't
going to be enough so I rolled over on my side and brought
myself to another climax, even better than the first. I
tasted my fingers and took in the odor of my pussy, imaging
what his cock would taste like after he fucked me. I finally
fell asleep imagining him lying nude behind me, his hard
cock pressed against the small of my back and his arms around


Early in the morning our counselor woke us up. We took our
bags into the bathroom where everyone shared a central
shower. Fortunately the toilets had doors because as usual
I had woken up so horny I had to do something or go nuts. I hooked
the wooden door, lifted up my nightshirt and had a seat on
the ancient but fortunately clean toilet (I don’t wear
panties to bed unless I am on my period). Nature called so
first I peed but then I was ready for better things. Spreading
my legs, I leaned back against the back of the stall and reached
between my thighs with my right hand, rubbing my clit slowly
at first but quickly building up speed. Sometimes I like
to masturbate for hours, just laying on my bed, cumming
several times and eventually working myself up to a stunning
climax which would leave me totally exhausted but oh so
satisfied. At other times masturbation was just a means
way to relieve myself of the overwhelming sexual tension
that was threatening to overload me. These quick and dirty
orgasms worked for the short term but naturally did not
give me near the satisfaction of a more thorough masturbation
session. This was one of those times when I needed a small
orgasm to scratch my morning pussy itch so in less than 5
minutes of dreaming about waking up to the feel of Mark’s
cock pressing against my pussy, I drew a deep breath and
let that wonderful sensation I get with any orgasm flow
through me. I quickly pulled down my nightshirt, unlatched
the door and went to the rows of sinks where Beth, my best
friend, has just finished brushing her teeth.

“Feeling better Kelly now?” she said with a smirk.

“What do you mean?” I replied with all the innocence I could
put in my voice.

“Oh give me a break girl; I’m your best friend, remember?
I know what you do when you wake up in the morning. Look at
your face - you may as well be wearing a neon sign!”

I looked at my reflection in the cracked mirror and sure
enough, I was pretty flushed. I flashed her a toothy smile
and brushed my teeth while she stood there shaking her head
in mock sorrow over the deeds of her best friend. I followed
her to the shower room where modesty was not an option. The
room has two shower trees with several heads on each so everyone
had to shower together. For me it was no big deal, I was long
accustomed to being nude around people. At home nudity
was not something to be flaunted but at the same time not
to be ashamed of nor made a big deal over. For me to see my parents
nude or vice versa was simply a non-event. As I got older
I noticed my dad would look at me a little longer than he had
when I was younger but who could blame him? Besides, he never
did anything overt or to embarrass me. Most of the girls
were obviously were raised in more conservative homes
and for a few an open shower was actually a traumatic experience.
I knew girls when I was in high school that never showered
after gym class, figuring it was better to make it through
the day with lots of perfume and deodorant than be nude in
front of other girls. Going a whole week at camp without
a shower was a different story although I knew girls that
had done it, depending on the daily swim at the lake with
maybe a discrete wash-down at the sink to make it through
until they could go home to the privacy of their own bathroom.
Beth and I stripped off our nightshirts and stepped into
the shower. It was pretty crowded with everyone trying
to get ready the first morning. I knew from experience that
it would get better as the week went by as everyone learned
to schedule her time better. Today, however, it was wall-to-wall
naked girls. Beth and I managed to get a showerhead for ourselves
and we pressed together to share the lukewarm stream of
water. What is it about camps that they NEVER have hot water
in the showers anyway? My nipples hardened instantly when
the water struck them. I noticed that Beth’s were doing
the same. She was lucky in that Mother Nature had blessed
her with the biggest boobs of any girl our age. In the meantime
I was “blessed” with one of the smallest pair. I saw her soaping
them down and running her hands over them and was so jealous
of he as I always was whenever I saw her nude. A few times as
we twisted and turned under the shower her boobs would rub
against my naked skin. Once our nipples rubbed against
one another’s and I felt a shiver run through me. My eyes
met Bath’s and for just a moment I wondered what it would
be like to feel her body against mine in a more private setting.
The moment passed almost instantly and then we were out
of the shower to make room for someone else. We got back to
our clothes and dried off. Beth handed me her towel saying,
“Dry off my back, would you Kelly?”

She turned and faced away from me as I rubbed the towel over
her. I got down to her butt and rubbed it with the towel as
well. Beth flipped around with a sly grin on her face.

“Now Kelly, watch it! Someone might think we were more than
just best friends!”

To be honest, somehow that didn't seem so bad right
then but before I could reply our counselor came bursting

“Hey you two, get going! Everyone else is ready for breakfast
and you’re holding things up!”

We quickly threw on our shorts and a camp T-shirt. My mom
had insisted on buying me a shirt that was a bit too big knowing
it was a losing battle with the bra and she didn’t want my
nipples to be so obvious. Well, it hung on me like a feedbag!
The shorts were fairly conservative, coming a couple of
inches down my legs. Once again she had bought a pair that
were a bit on the big side whereas usually I wore them a size
too small. I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry - I was
the stereotypical image of a virgin church girl! How would
I ever entice Mark looking this way? Oh well, everyone else
was more or less in the same outfit so at least I didn't
look totally out of place. I also noted I wasn’t the only
one without a bra! As we walked to breakfast the combination
of cool morning air and the feel of the loose fabric of my
t-shirt rubbing against my nipples made me shiver. It was
a good thing the t-shirt was big because otherwise my nipples
would have been pointing out like bullets!

My group’s turn at the waterfront wasn’t until the middle
of the afternoon, which was nice because by then it was blazing
hot, and the water felt great. Mark was the head lifeguard
and seeing him I wished I were wearing my regular bikini.
Even with my absurdly conservative suit (Did all girls
REALLY wear these things at one time?) I thought that he
was looking at me a little more than he did the other girls.
Mark was looking pretty hot himself in just his swim trunks
with his tanned and muscular body. I wasn’t the only one
who couldn't take my eyes off of him! As we were leaving
after our lessons I turned suddenly and caught Mark looking
away quickly. I was pretty sure he had been staring at my
tight ass again and the thought of it made me even hornier
than I already was.

That night after the evening service we gathered again
in the low light of the cabin for our nightly chat. Everyone
was excited about the first day and inevitably the discussion
turned to the waterfront with special attention to the
head lifeguard.

“What a hunk!”

“Oh my God I love him!”

“Did you see those muscles, I would love to see him working

The accolades and dreams went on until finally Beth said,
“Hey Kelly, you’re being awfully quiet. What did you think
of Mark?”

I don’t know whether it was just stupidity or I just wanted
to impress the other girls with my “maturity” but without
thinking I closed my eyes and said in a dreamy voice, “I couldn’t
take my eyes off that bulge in his swimsuit!”

For a second it went deadly quiet and then everyone started
to giggle and talk. Our counselor, a nice girl who was a senior
in college, didn't seem to know quite what to say. My
face turned red and I ran to my bunk and threw myself in it.
I was crying with embarrassment when my counselor sat down
next to me. The rest of the girls were still on the other side
of the room, probably talking about what a slut I was. She
put her hand on my head and stroked my hair gently.

“It’s OK Kelly, I know how you feel. He IS pretty handsome
and even I have had some thoughts about him but you can’t
say those type of things in front of everyone, especially

I turned over and faced her, tears staining my cheeks. She
hugged me and we had a long chat about dealing with the emotions
and feelings that all girls have when they are growing up.
Finally she gave me a big hug and invited me back to the girls.
We walked over and for a second everyone stared at me but
before long we were all yakking again about nonsensical
things and I hoped that my little incident was forgotten.
When we finally went to bed I was feeling better again but
I had learned my lesson and would watch what I said in the
future. My feelings for Mark though were unchanged. I dreamed
about the two us together in the lifeguard tower, him fucking
me while everyone else was in the water below us. I imagined
hearing the sounds of boys and girls playing while I was
on my hands and knees and he was fucking me while it looked
from below like he was keeping an eye on everyone. As I came
with my fingers in my pussy I imagined it was his cock cumming
in me, pumping me full of his sperm while nobody had a clue
what the two of us were doing right above them. I fell asleep
finally, exhausted from my first full day at camp.


Now that the other girls knew how hot I was for him they teased
mercilessly as we walked down to the waterfront. One of
them even went to Mark when we got there and told him that
I had a crush on him. I was a bit embarrassed but at the same
time hopeful that it would encourage him. Mark was so much
older and mature than the boys at school and I imagined how
much better he could fuck me than they did. I finally had
an opportunity to make an impression. As I was getting out
of the water with Mark standing close to the edge of the dock
near me, I made sure I leaned over when I got out so he could
see down my suit as much as possible. There wasn't much
to see there yet but it was still hot for me to do it. I pretended
to slip and Mark reached down to grab me and he pulled me out
of the water. As he did his hand grabbed my bottom and I could
feel him squeeze my ass just for a moment. He quickly let
go of me as I got my balance and I thanked him for helping me.
Then I gave him my slutttiest smile and told him that I hoped
he enjoyed it as much as I did. Mark knew exactly what I was
talking about and he turned just a bit red as he told me to
get going and catch up with the other girls.

Later that day I told the other girls what had happened and
they all giggled although I am not sure they believed me.
Later as I was lying in bed I found myself thinking of Mark
again and remembering how he looked at me when he didn’t
think I noticed. I put my hand between my legs, imagining
that it was Mark’s hand instead. As I rubbed myself I dreamed
of Mark giving me private lessons on the dock ‒ private lessons
in advanced fucking. My finger rubbed my clit faster as
I dreamed of him taking off my swimsuit and fondling me,
touching me lightly all over. I fantasized about his cock
and what it tasted like, of how it would feel pressing my
pussy lips apart and exploring deep into my wet pussy. I
came as I imagined him exploding inside of me, filling me
with his hot cum.

As I laid there with my eyes shut, feeling the afterglow
of my orgasm, I was so horny for him that I just knew I had to
have him. I silently got out of bed and threw on some shorts
and a t-shirt. Hurrying before I lost my courage I found
myself sneaking over to the staff area to check out Mark’s
cabin. When I got to the circle of cabins where the counselors
stayed, I noticed a light was coming from Mark’s cabin window.
The curtains had a small opening between them where they
had not been pulled tightly together and so I stood up on
my tiptoes to look inside. Imagine my surprise to see Mark
laying back on his bed, his erect cock sticking up through
his boxer shorts as he was stroking it slowly with his left
hand. I watched him as he kept eyes closed and his head back
while he masturbated. Although Steve had like to masturbate
for me, this was the first time I had watched a guy doing it
just for himself, without knowing that someone was watching.
I saw his lips moving as he stroked himself. The window was
open a few inches and I put my head up to it so could hear him.
I was shocked and more than a bit thrilled by what I heard.
“That’s it - take all of it. Oh you filthy little slut, your
mouth feels so good in my cock. Suck me harder, take it all
you fucking bitch. Oh god, I can’t believe what a beautiful
little teenage whore you are. That’s it, you’re nothing
but a fucking little whore and I want to fuck you soooo bad.”
I couldn’t believe it, what if he was talking about ME while
he jerked off? I watching him masturbate as he dreamed of
someone sucking and fucking him! I was horny already but
it became an almost unbearable sensation as I listened
to this handsome college guy masturbating. Then I look
took a closer look at what he was stroking. His cock was huge
‒ at least it seemed that way to me after the ones I’d had up
until now. Suddenly a naughty thought came to my mind and
I quickly made a decision to take advantage of the situation.
I went to the cabin door and carefully tried the handle.
Surprisingly it wasn't locked and I opened the door
as quietly as I could. I stepped inside and stood at the head
of his bed. As I did the floorboards creaked and Mark’s eyes
opened to see me standing there watching him. He first looked
white as a sheet with shock and then flushed with embarrassment
as he tried to hide his beautiful hard cock inside of his
boxers. He stammered as he tried to figure out what to say.
“Oh my god Kelly. This isn’t what you think. I wasn't
talking about you. What are you doing here anyway? You’re
not suppose to be out this late and you’re NEVER suppose
to be in my cabin.”

I just smiled and walked over to him with a pouting look on
my face. “What do you mean you weren’t thinking about me?
Are you saying I don’t turn you on?”

“No, no Kelly, that’s not what I meant…..”

“So were you jerking off thinking of me or not?”

“Ok, I was. But I didn’t mean anything serious by it.”

“So you were just laying here playing with your cock, talking
about me sucking it and you fucking me and never once did
you want it to come true?”

“Ok, I admit it. You know damn well you have been teasing
me from day one and today you were so hot I couldn’t help but
think of you tonight. I know you didn’t slip by accident
and you know full well it was no accident that I grabbed your
tight little ass when the opportunity arose. So quite playing
innocent, I bet you’re fucking every boy in school.”

I sat down on the bed next to him and put my hand on his crotch.
I was happy to feel his hard cock through the thin fabric.
Evidently, even though he was embarrassed he was still
pretty horny because it was hard as wood!

“Well, not EVERY boy…… but I have had my share.” I said with
a sly smile. “Don’t worry Mark, I liked watching you jerk
off. I was especially turned on when I realized it was me
that you were thinking of. What girl wouldn’t be thrilled
to know a guy like you thought she was hot enough to jerk off

“Really? You aren’t mad at me? You aren’t going to tell anyone
are you?”

I reached inside his boxers and held his warm cock in my hand.
It felt so good in my hands, especially after the all the
times this week I had dreamed of holding it.

“Now why would I be mad at you? Look, I’ll make a deal with
you. I won’t tell anyone that you were masturbating about
me if you let me suck your cock.”

I almost laughed as a series of expressions appeared on
his face. Disbelief at first was replaced by an almost scary
look of deep lust. His cock certainly wasn't getting
any smaller as I gently stroked it. It was so much bigger
than any of the others I had held, more like grabbing a large
cucumber instead of a carrot! The more I stroked it the more
his resistance disappeared.

“Damn, are you serious Kelly? God I can’t tell you how badly
I would love you to do that but I could get I a lot of trouble
letting a camper give me a blowjob. Hell, I could go to jail!”
I pulled his sexy cock out of his boxers and gazed at it, admiring
it, thinking about how wonderful and tasty it looked. I
leaned forward saying, “Well, if you don’t believe what
I say, maybe this will convince you.”

I bent over his cock and flicked my tongue over the swollen
head of his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the length of
his shaft and then I took his cock head in my mouth. My tongue
swirled around it as I sucked on it like a lollipop. I raised
my head a bit and looked up at him.

“Well, is this better than just dreaming about me sucking
you? Just try telling me now that you care how old I am. I bet
I can suck you better than your college girls. Mmmmmm, look
at this wonderful cock ‒ it certainly says it wants me now.
C’mon, you know you’ve wanted me since I registered so here
is your chance.”

Mark was shaking his head as if trying to wake from a dream.
“God Kelly, I can’t believe you are doing this to me. I figured
from the first time I saw you that you were a tease but never
did I dream what a real slut you are!”

I put my fingers to my lips indicating him to be quiet. “Just
shut up and let me suck you. I want to feel your cock in my mouth,
run my tongue around it. Sit back and let me show you that
I can be the little whore you were dreaming of.”

I crawled up into bed and kneeled between his legs. I looked
up at him as I took his cock into my mouth again. Mark’s cock
was much longer than any of the ones I had sucked until now.
I was able to take the others completely into my mouth without
much trouble but Mark was a different story. I had him about
three quarters of the way in when his head was at the back
of my throat and I felt like I was going to gag. Mark could
see my troubles and tried to console me.

“Don’t worry Kelly, most girls can’t get it all the way in.
You’re doing great!”

Well. I wasn't going to be outdone by anyone else so
I tried again to take him in. I relaxed my throat as much as
possible and I was able to get more of him down when suddenly
I gagged and had to let him go. Mark started to say something
but I just looked at him with a determined expression and
raised my finger for him to be quiet. I kept trying to get
him all in, each time I was able to get a little more of him
down. Finally I got him past the gag point and I could feel
his cock sliding down my throat as my face met the base of
his cock. I had ALL of him I my mouth finally. I wiggled my
head to make him move around in my mouth. Mark was in ecstasy!
“Oh my god Kelly, that feels incredible! You’re just a natural
born cocksucker. I bet you suck every cock you can get your
mouth on.”

I just smiled at him as I let him move in and out of my mouth.
I bobbed my head up and down on him, making a loud slurping
sound as I sucked his wonderful cock. Damn he tasted so good!
He was moving his hips up and down in time with my rhythm,
helping to drive him cock deeper into my mouth which each
stroke. He tasted wonderful and his crotch smelled so sexy.
I teased his balls with my hands, gently fondling them as
I sucked his perfect cock. They were all hairy and I loved
running my hands through his pubic hair, twisting it in
circles around my fingers. Mark’s breathing shortened
and his body was stiffening - I could tell he was about to
finally cum and my pussy tingled with excitement.

“Don’t stop Kelly! For crying out loud whatever you do don’t
stop now! God I am going to cum so hard. I am going to cum in
your sexy little mouth. Damn I wanted to do this every time
you wiggled your cute ass for me at the dock.”

His body tensed tight as a spring as his hot cock swelled
in my mouth. Suddenly his whole body stiffened like a board
and then he started jerking as I felt his first load of hot
cum spray into my mouth and pool on my tongue. I never let
him loose, clamping down on him with my lips to seal his cum
inside of my mouth. Mmmmmm, it tasted soooo good! After
he finally stopped I let his cock slip from my mouth and I
opened wide to let him see his cum inside.

“Oh wow Kelly, that is exactly what I was dreaming of, seeing
my cum in your mouth and then watching you swallow it.”
I just smiled and closed my mouth. I swallowed several times
to allow his cum to wash down my throat and then I opened wide
again to prove it was all gone. Then I took his now softening
cock into my mouth again. It was so sensitive after cumming
that he jumped when my tongue run up the backside of it, hitting
the sensitive area below his head. A few more drops of cum
came out as I sucked on it. Finally he was done and I sat up
and wiped my lips with my hand.

“Well, wasn’t it better this way than to have to just dream
about me?” I asked.

“All I can say Kelly is that is it obvious you have had plenty
of practice and I am jealous as hell of your boyfriends.”
I got up and left silently, blowing him a kiss as I went out
the door and took one last look at his hairy cock. I didn’t
even have to dress as the whole time I had left my clothes
on and he never even saw me naked. Oh well, that left something
for him to do the next time. Mark probably figured this was
a one-time thing but he was mine now and I had no intention
of this being the last time. If anybody found out what we
had done we would both be in trouble but he would be screwed.
I hate to say that I would have blackmailed him but let’s
just say I planned to be quite demanding the rest of the week
and he had better do what I asked!


At morning breakfast Mark was once again assigned to our
table. When he came by me I caught his eye and he blushed just
a little bit. We didn't say anything but seeing him
again conjured up memories of the previous night. My eyes
roamed to his crotch, a place I was now familiar with. I felt
myself getting wet as I watched him in his tight t-shirt.
I couldn't wait for the afternoon to come.

That afternoon at the waterfront I noticed Mark was eyeing
more then he ever had. It seemed everyone time I turned he
was staring at my ass. It turned out that I wasn’t the only
one who had noticed. That night during our girl talk period
before bed I was teased by several of the girls who had also
noticed Mark’s increased interest in me. I just smiled
and wondered what they would say if they knew the truth!
When the lights went off I laid in bed almost trembling with
anticipation. I had never been fucked by someone as old
as Mark. Together with the fact we would be doing it in the
middle of a church camp was almost too much for me to bear.
I knew I would have to wait a while before doing anything
and I couldn't just lay there so I started rubbing myself,
dreaming of how it would feel the first time Mark entered
me, stretching me apart as his head penetrated my wet pussy.
I came so hard as my fingers reached deep into me, becoming
his cock in my mind as my pussy exploded with pleasure. I
couldn't take it any longer ‒ I need to have him and quickly
so I slipped out pretending to head for the bathroom but
took a detour to the counselor area.

Once I got there I sneaked around to Mark’s cabin and quickly
went inside. To my surprise Mark was there but so was another
guy! I recognized him from the maintenance crew and the
two of them were playing cards. The guy looked at me with
a wondering eye while Mark looked like he had seen a ghost.
“Kelly, what are you doing here?” he asked incredulously.
The other guy looked at me and then at Mark, the look on his
face was priceless! He grinned and said to Mark, “Way to
go dude. Now this is what I call maid service.”
“Damn Greg, ” Mark responded, “It’s not what you think
you horny bastard. Get out of here and don’t you dare whisper
a word or Pastor Donovan will find out what you did to his
daughter last week.”

Greg had a smirk on his face as he left. As he passed me by he
took a long look at me fro head to toe and then said, “You know
honey, if ol’ Mark here can’t satisfy you I’m right next

“Get out Greg!” Mark yelled. Greg looked me over one more
time, shaking his head as he left and muttering something
like, “Damn nice piece of ass.”

“OK Kelly, let me ask you again. What are you doing here?”
“Quit being coy Mark, ” I said as I slowly approached his
bed. “I saw you looking at me today and I KNOW you enjoyed
last night. Don’t tell me that you don't want more where
that came from.”

“Yea but I can't do this Kelly, ” he said with a look
on his face that said he wanted to. “I could get fired or even

“Then just be sure we don't get caught, ” I said as I
reached his bed and sat down on it with one leg up on the bed
folded under me. “I want you to fuck me Mark. Right now. I
want you to fuck me better than I’ve ever been fucked before.”
I had learned early on that if there is one thing that gets
a guy going, it is to hear a girl ask him to fuck her. Mark was
proving to be no exception. The bulge in his shorts was getting
bigger by the minute and he was looking at me more and more
with that lustful look guys get when they start seeing a
girl as an object to be taken and used. Some girls complain
when men do that, saying they want to be treated as a person,
not a sex toy. Frankly, that was exactly what I wanted right
then, to be Mark’s toy and have him play with me. I wanted
him to use me to satisfy his naughtiest desires, to think
about nothing but his sexual desires and use me to fulfill

I stood up and quickly undid my shorts and dropped them to
the floor. I wasn't wearing any panties (big surprise)
but my t-shirt was still pretty big and fit me like nightshirt,
covering my ass and pussy completely from his view. I stepped
up close to him, spreading his legs apart so I could stand
between them. I took his hand and pulled it under my shirt
to my pussy, pushing it against me. I felt his fingers instantly
begin to explore, to find the seam where my clit was hiding
and then work down until he was at the entrance to my pussy.
I moaned softly as his finger pressed until he was inside
of me, wetting his finger with my pussy juices and then pulling
out to wet my clit.

“That’s it Mark, you know you want me. Fuck me……….Oh fuck
me Mark.”

Mark slid his other hand under my t-shirt and grabbed my
ass, squeezing it in his big hands and lifting my up on my
toes. I pulled my t-shirt over my head so I was naked in front
of him. It was just the opposite of last time when he was the
one who was undressed and I was completely clothed. I felt
sexy being nude like this, like I was giving myself to him
for his pleasure and enjoyment. God his fingers felt good
in me! I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter each
time he toyed with my clit. It was so much better to have him
touching me than to just dream about it in my bunk.

Mark let go of me and worked his way backward on his bed. I
reached over him and tugged on his shorts, trying to pull
them off. He raised his hips for me, making it easier to get
them off. He had jockey shorts on underneath and they were
the next to join the growing pile on the floor and there it
was, his wonderful cock standing up like a missile ready
to launch. I held it in my hand and smiled at him as I climbed
on the bed next to him.

“Mmmmmm, ” I said to him, “I remember how good you tasted
last night. I’ve been looking forward to some more of this
fella all day!”

I bent down to his crotch, taking his cock in my mouth immediately.
I drove my mouth down on him until my lips met the base of his
cock. His hair was so thick it practically smothered me
but I loved the way it caressed my cheeks. I took a deep breath
and savored his strong odor that was thick and musky. I let
him out of my mouth slowly as I came up, my tongue licking
him as he went by it. When just the head was in my mouth I sucked
it like a baby’s binky, running the tip of my tongue against
the tip of his cock. While I sucked him I held his balls in
my hand, massaging them gently and running my fingers though
the hair that surrounded them. His hands were on my head,
helping me to time my efforts with his thrusts as he tried
to drive himself deeper into my mouth each time. This time
though I wanted more than just a blowjob, he owed me a good
fucking after last night and I was going to see that he paid
his debt.

Mark was still on his back with his shirt on so I swung my leg
over him and straddled his waist. I could feel him pressing
up against me, his cock probing my crotch to find the entrance
to the place it loved to be. I rubbed myself against him,
feeling him sliding across my clit, keeping him wet with
my pussy.

“I bet you get pretty horny watching those girls all day
in their swimsuits, ” I said to him.

“Sometimes I think I am going to explode, ” he groaned,
“Nothing but a bunch of teases wiggling their asses and
tits. Drive me crazy……Dammit I wanted to fuck you from the
first time you gave me that slutty little look.”

With that he reached around and grabbed his cock. I lifted
myself up so he could position it under me and then lowered
myself down into him. He missed the first time and I had to
lift back up again for a second try. This time he hit my asshole
and I immediately jumped up.

“Uh-uh, bad boy!” I scolded him. “That’s not for play. Come
on, I‘m not THAT tight!”

This time I reached down and spread myself open for him.
I could feel the tip of his cock hitting my pussy hole dead-on
center and I pressed down harder, driving him into me. Oh
my god it felt so good to feel myself spreading apart for
him. I could feel his cock entering me and filling me. I took
him all in until my ass was sitting on his crotch. This time
instead of his thick bush tickling my face he was tickling
my bare pussy and butt. I gripped him with my pussy, squeezing
down on his cock as hard as I could.

“Damn Kelly, you feel so good!” he groaned as I started to
bounce on him, trying to take a bit more of him each time,
getting that last fraction of an inch of his cock inside
of me. Reaching down again I played with my clit, quickly
driving myself to an orgasm that drenched his crotch with
my pussy juices. I wanted more though, much more. I was not
even close to being satisfied yet after all the dreaming
and masturbating I had done this week imagining myself
doing this very thing.

Mark grabbed my hips and I leaned down on top of him. We rolled
over on our sides and I lifted my upper leg over his. He started
humping me, pounding my ass with his crotch as I looked down
to watch his cock as it appeared and then disappeared into
my pussy. He put his arm around me and played with my boobs,
squeezing each one in his hand and grabbing my nipple between
his fingers. It wasn’t long before my next orgasm hit and
then another. It was like getting hit with two wave of pleasure
from opposite directions, coming together deep inside
of me, crashing into one another and spilling their loads
of pure bliss into me. My entire body was tingling like when
your leg falls asleep and then starts to awaken. All I could
think to say was to keep begging him to fuck me, to fuck me
harder and harder and never stop.

Mark pulled out of me and for a moment it was like someone
had taken away my life. He put me on my back as he got off the
bed. Grabbing my ankles Mark pulled me to the edge of the
bed until my ass was almost falling off. I lifted my legs
up until they rested on his tanned shoulders. Mark grabbed
his swollen cock and placed the tip of the head back against
the entrance to my pussy.

“Ready for some more cock Kelly?” he asked. What a stupid

“Shove that in me before I grab it and pull it in!” I demanded.
Mark didn't need to be told twice. He slammed into me,
driving himself in my hot and wet pussy yet again. His hands
were on my ankles, lifting me up until my ass was off the bed.
I played with my boobs while he fucked me even harder than
before. God, was he ever going to cum? As if he could read
my mind, I could feel him start stroking faster and from
the swelling inside of me I knew he was getting ready.

“Oh god I m ready! Where do you want me to cum, Kelly?” he asked.
“Cum in me Mark, ” I begged him, “Fill my tight pussy with
your cum!”

In response I felt the first surge of cum eject from his cock
into my eager pussy. The heat of the explosion inside of
me was just what I needed to cum again and yet another orgasm
rocked me. Again and again he drilled me with his cum, filling
me with it until finally he stopped pumping and just stood
there with his cock in side of me. He was breathing so hard
he couldn’t say anything other than a series of moans. I
just laid back and with my eyes closed, trying to take in
every sensation, every feeling that was coming from my
pussy as his cock would periodically throb in me, sending
a shiver down my spine. Finally he pulled out from me and
nestled up to me, his warm body pressed against mine.

There was one thing I wanted no matter how exhausted IO might
have been. I had dreamed too many times of it to miss it now.
I turned around until my face was in his crotch. I took his
softening cock in my mouth and sucked on it gently. His whole
body shook as I sucked on his sensitive dick. I wanted to
taste it so badly after he fucked me, to taste the mixture
of both of us on his shaft. Mmmmmm, I loved the taste and smell
of my pussy and to have it combined with his cum and the overwhelming
smell of his crotch was simply heaven on earth for me. I was
even treated to a few drops of cum that leaked out as he softened.
Any other time and place and I am sure I could have revived
his cock for another round of fucking. I knew though that
I had to get back to my cabin before someone raised an alarm
so I got up and dressed. Mark just lay on the bed with his cock
hanging for me to see. Suddenly a look of desperation came
over him.

“God I can’t believe I just fucked you! I mean, it was wonderful
and you were great but we didn't even use a rubber for
god’s sake!”

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry Mark, I am on the pill. With
all the fucking I do you don’t think I am going to depend on
some horny boy having a condom do you?”

Mark looked relieved at that and as I pulled up my shorts
he watched as my bare ass was covered up.

“Damn you have one hell of an ass Kelly!” he announced.
I smiled at that. I knew my boobs weren’t exactly my strong
point but my ass was my favorite part of my body. Short shorts,
tiny skirts, painted on blue jeans ‒ anything that showed
it off I loved to wear. I wiggled it for him and disappeared
out the door. Back in my cabin I sneaked back to my bunk and
lay there thinking if what I had just experienced. God my
pussy was still throbbing! I fell asleep with my hand holding
it, feeling my pulse and wishing for another round of fucking
from Mark.


That morning I was brushing my teeth next to Beth again.
She took a look at me and smiled.

“Wow girl, you certainly seem happy this morning. I haven’t
seen you this happy since the last time you got laid.”

I gave her a sexy smile and winked at her. Her mouth dropped
open and she covered it with her hand.

“Oh my God!” she whispered, “You didn’t!…….with Mark?”
I nodded and continued to brush my teeth.

“Kelly, you really are quite the whore. Every girl here
has dreamed about him but you go off and actually do it! Well,
you are just going to HAVE to tell me all about it when we get
home you naughty girl!”

We both giggled. I trusted Beth totally. We had been best
friends as long as I can remember and we each knew things
about the other than nobody else would have even dreamed
of. Beth had even confided to me one day that she was turned
on by my dad!

The rest of the morning I didn’t pay any attention to the
other activities as I plotted about how I could make today’s
visit to the waterfront an experience both Mark and I would
both never forget. I was wet with anticipation as we walked
down to the waterfront and midway through out time there
the opportunity I was waiting for finally came. Mark was
in the water, hanging on the edge of the dock facing the shore.
I walked up to him and knelt down by him.

“Don’t you dare move from there, ” I said softly, “Are you
ready for a wet blowjob?”

His eyes widened and he started to say something but before
he could I dove in and was under the water. It was typical
lake water, clean but only with a few inches of visibility
so neither he or anyone else could see where I was. I turned
and swam under the dock until I found him. Before he knew
what was happening I pulled his swim trunks down to his knees
and felt my way up his legs until I had his cock in my hand.
I needed air by then so I surfaced under the dock where nobody
could see me. It was against the rules to swim under the docks
but then I am sure it was against the rules to be holding the
head lifeguard’s cock in my hand as well! I could hear Mark
trying to whisper to me from above.

“Damn it Kelly, stop! What if we get caught?!”

I didn't say anything, figuring actions speak louder
than words. Besides, I was sure that once my mouth was around
his horny cock that he would not be so anxious for me to stop!
I took a deep breath and dove back under. I started to suck
his cock which was already hardening from my holding it
and his anticipation. So much for not wanting me to suck
him! Actually I had never done this before so I wasn’t quite
sure how it was going to work out. His cock tasted like lake
water but that wasn't going to stop me. It still had
that familiar feeling of smooth skin with that wonderful
hardness underneath and the head still had that nice rim
to run my tongue under. Over the next 10-15 minutes I alternated
between sucking him and then stroking him as I caught my
breath. Once someone came up to Mark and started to talk
to him just as I lowered myself under the water. As I sucked
his rock hard cock I tried to imagine how he was managing
to hold a conversation while at the same time one of his sexiest
campers had her mouth locked on his cock!

Normally when I am intent on just getting a man to cum I am
usually get results within 5-10 minutes maximum. Today
I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be successful
when finally I got the reaction I was hoping for. His head
beginning to swell in my mouth and his hips involuntarily
starting to buck as he tried to drive himself deeper into
my mouth. I was almost out of air when he came, thick streams
of cum shooting into my mouth. I needed air and had to let
go before he was done, leaving him to squirt the rest of his
cum into the lake.

This time I surfaced next to him on the outside of the dock.
I opened my mouth so he could see his cum on my tongue.

“God Kelly, swallow that before someone sees you!”

Well, I had no plans for it to go to waste. I pulled myself
out of the water and started to walk away but Mark hissed
at me. I turned and he motioned for me to come back. He nodded
towards my stomach and I looked down. Right smack in the
middle of my suit was a big blob of cum. He must have shot it
into the water and it hit my suit it on the way up. I jumped
back in and washed it off of me. That would have been a bit
tough to explain had I made it back to the beach!

This time when I got out I checked my suit over and all was
clear, I winked at Mark and wiggled my ass for him as I went
to the beach. With the erection I left him with it didn't
surprise me that he didn't get out of the water for a
while afterwards!

On the way back to our cabin Beth came to my side and whispered
to me. “Where did you disappear to back there? You’re suppose
to be my buddy and I couldn’t find you. Good thing they didn’t
have a buddy-call!”

Once again I winked at her and smiled like I had earlier this
morning. Beth reacted the same, holding her mouth with
her eyes wide open as she started to giggle.

“No way Kelly, ” she said, “You’re just teasing me now.
Not even you would do anything down there. Besides, he was
in the water by the dock most of the time.”

I just smiled and as we walked she suddenly gasped and looked
at me again as she started to realize what I had done. “No!,

she exclaimed, “You didn’t!………Oh my god!….. Go girl!!”
We laughed and hugged and I promised to fill her in on my entire
week when we got home. I had a feeling we would both be masturbating
something fierce together when I did!

I had hoped to have another night with Mark but since this
was our last night we had a big bonfire and service in the
woods. Our counselors then took us back to the cabins and
we had an all-night discussion about our week at camp. Everyone
was being a good little girl and telling about what a spiritual
week this had been for them. Well, it had certainly been
a spiritual experience for me as well, just not the same
type as they had! I sat there in the circle dreaming of what
it would have been like to be in mark’s cabin then, feeling
him fucking me instead of trading silly stories that weren't
probably true in the first place. I wonder what our counselor
would have said if I told her I had sex with my first college
boy this week?!

It was really late when we finally went to bed. Of course
it is never too late for one last round of masturbation,
especially after spending the evening dreaming about
being fucked. I was exhausted by the time I fell asleep but
what a day it had been!


It was the last day of camp and thus the last day at the waterfront.
I was ready for something really reckless today but when
we got there I was devastated to find out that Mark was gone.
One of the girls in an earlier session had fallen and hurt
herself and as the head lifeguard he had helped to take her
into town for medical care. Oh well, so much for Operation
Lifeguard Tower!

That evening my parents came to take me back home. My dad
grabbed my bags and helped me out to the parking lot. I saw
Mark standing with the other counselors saying goodbye
to everyone so I introduced my parents to him, telling them
that Mark had taught me a lot this week. Mark was a bit flushed
but I wondered what he would be thinking if he knew that I
would soon be sharing everything with my mom and Beth ‒ and
I mean everything!

It’s too bad that this was the last church camp I would be
attending, at least as a camper. Who knows what fun I could
have had now that I knew what fun camp could REALLY be!

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