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Tempted to touch and tempted to please,
Tempted to feel and tempted to tease.

Indecisive of what to do,
So I move in close and leave the rest to u.

Locking eyes and lips colliding,
Heavy breathing and passion rising.

Allowing my hands to tour your skin,
Bringing out the lust within.

Sliding my tongue down your spine,
Anxious as hell but I take my time.

Not long ago I was tasting your lips,
Now my venture has moved between your hips.

Enjoying every moment and the love I taste,
As your body's motion quickens the pace.

Working my way up to slide between your thighs,
As I begin to place you on an emotional high.

Kissing on your neck as I ease my love inside,
Your arms wrapped around me as I begin to thrust and grind.

Youâre biting your bottom lip in anticipation for me to go deep,
Placing your legs on my shoulders to feel more of a love so sweet.

Then you role me over climbing on top and taking control,
Interlocking our fingers as your hips begin to role.

Heavy breathing as we climax and both begin to bust,
Holding one another admiring as temptation was turned to lust!

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