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LOVE DREAMS chapter 1


The traffic on the way to LAX was bumper to bumper, which
should not have surprised me since it was during the rush
hour on a Friday afternoon. Everyone was in a hurry to get
home and begin his or her weekend. But as I waited for Cats
5:45pm flight from San Jose to arrive I seemed to drift off,
daydreaming of our first meeting. You would have thought
I would have been a little more alert as I was sitting in my
truck with only the two piercing in my left ear and the one
in my cock. You see ever since we met I enjoyed the fact that
we shared many things in common, the least of which us both
enjoying erotic writing, her reading it and myself writing
We both also enjoyed being very open in our conversations
as well as teasing each other with sexual innuendo quite
often that was always fun. We very much enjoyed joking around
with each other and I found everything about her very refreshing
including her sense of humor. It was because of this wonderful
sense of humor that I had decided to really put Cat to a test
of both her sense of humor as well as her open mindedness.
I wondered to myself how funny she was going to think it was,
me picking her up at such a very public place as LAX butt naked.
I figured I knew her well enough to believe she would think
it was hilarious. I also thought she knew myself well enough
to realize I had done this all in fun. Yes, I very much hoped
she appreciated the humor in it.
As I drifted off thinking of the first few times we had chatted
online, I thought of how I immediately knew she was very
special. She just seemed to have a very sexy way about her
as well as being very open minded in addition to having a
great sense of humor. Cat seemed to have the kind of confidence
in herself to speak her mind both openly as well as freely.
I thought it was wonderful that Cat seemed to feel the same
way about myself. She had expressed her love of nature and
appreciated the beauty and romance of it. She was very easy
to talk to and seemed to be just the kind of woman I enjoyed
spending time with.
I began to check my computer more often to see if she had written
to me. And every time I would find a new email waiting for
me it instantly brought a smile to my face. I very much enjoyed
our sharing of things going on in our lives. Then one day
out of the blue she sent me her picture, though I had not yet
asked for it. At that point it really didn’t matter what
she looked like, as I was really just enjoying who she was
as a person. I found Cat to be just a wonderful, caring, sensitive
and also a very exciting woman. But at that point I was enjoying
my time spent with her, sharing the details of our lives
and who we were as people, feeling that how she looked just
did not seem to be all that important just yet.
That all changed as her picture came up on my computer screen,
she was gorgeous. Maybe a little to gorgeous because my
first thought was wow! She really looked quite young. I
would have guessed her to be in her mid-twenties, maybe
even early twenties, which was a little unnerving since
I was forty-seven. The difference in age didn’t really
bother myself but I thought it might her as it does so many
women. Especially a woman as beautiful and sexy as Cat,
who I was sure could very easily have her pick of many men.
Of course this did not stop me from fantasizing about this
new and so very exciting and sexy woman. It started out rather
innocently, wondering what it must be like to feel the softness
of her so very sweet and full lips kissing mine. To taste
the sweetness of her mouth as our tongues danced together
within in a wonderful oral mating ritual. Letting my tongue
explore her smooth flesh, teasing her earlobes, down her
neck and finding the pure pleasure of experiencing her
ample breasts.
All this time running my fingers through Cat’s dark brown
hair, which had a very attractive dark red highlighting
to it. I felt as if I could actually taste her nipples as I
took each of them deeply into my mouth. Feeling the fullness
of her breasts as I kneaded them firmly with my fingertips
and hands. The wonderful smooth softness of her entire
body as my fingertips and hands explored every inch of her
sweet, tanned flesh. Yes, I could actually picture how
beautiful she looked as I slipped her sundress up over her
shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
I thought of lifting her up onto the edge of my bed as I dropped
to my knees. Hearing her breathing getting faster and deeper
as I slowly parted her legs, exposing her sweet, smooth
shaven pussy that was now glistening as the hot wetness
within her began to seep from between her so very beautiful
pussy lips. As I leaned in to taste her sweetness, smelling
the wonderful scent of her womanhood, I suddenly was shocked
back to reality by,
“BURT, BURT is that you?”
I looked up to find myself once again sitting in my Toyota
Four-runner butt naked in front of the airlines at LAX.
The only thing different was, my cock was now painfully
hard and standing straight up as if to signal how very happy
I was to see her. Which of course I very obviously was. As
Cat stepped up to the window of my truck I smiled and said,

“Since I decided to give you a very special surprise I don’t
think I should get out and help put your suitcase into the
back of the truck.”
Her eyes lit up with obvious surprise and joy at my hilarious
and daring surprise I had waiting to greet her. Cat then
smiled from ear to ear and said, “ Ya, I don’t think the other
travelers out here would see the humor in this as we do, not
to mention how security would react” She then laughed as
she walked quickly behind the truck and put her luggage
into the back through the open window I had just lowered
for her. As she opened the passenger door and slid in next
to me she leaned over and to my surprise kissed the head of
my cock and said, “Looks like you really are very, very happy
to see me?”
I smiled and said softly,
“Of course I’m happy to see you baby and leaned over and kissed
her soft, sexy lips. I was a little nervous at what you would
think of my little surprise I had waiting for you. I just
wanted this day to be one we remembered for the rest of our
lives” Cat then smiled and replied, “Well, I think you most
definitely accomplished that sweetie”
I just smiled and kissed her passionately as I thought to
myself, if the rest of tonight goes as I have planned it surely
will be a memory for our lifetime.
I then pulled out into the traffic and headed north up towards
Santa Monica. Once we arrived in Santa Monica I turned onto
the Pacific coast highway and began the beautiful drive
along the coast. As we passed beach after beach I told her
of my plans for us to stop and watch the sunset at a very small
but beautiful little secluded beach that I knew of. I knew
she loved the beach and I had planned to take her here almost
from the time we first met.
Cat commented on what a beautiful evening it was to watch
the sun set over the blue Pacific Ocean, as there was just
the right amount of clouds on the horizon. We both recognized
that these were the perfect conditions for a gloriously
colorful sunset. I said,
“Yes, it should be very beautiful. I actually had been waiting
for these kinds of days before inviting you to visit. You
see babe it has been raining a warm rain in the evenings and
at night for several days now”
Cat looked at me and just smiled a sweet but excitedly devilish
smile as we had talked many times about my always wanting
to make love at sunset in a warm summer rain at the beach.
I was hoping if we caught it just right the clouds would be
open enough on the horizon to allow for a great sunset but
heavy enough overhead to give us the warm rain I wanted for
us to make love in. Things were looking up as I pulled off
the road and parked as the sunset was just beginning to show
it’s wonderful colors and a warm rain was also just starting
to fall softly.
As Cat and I started down the rocky path leading to the beach
we both were getting very excited as it looked as if we would
be able to share this wonderful fantasy together this very
evening. We followed a very steep and switch backing trail
down to the beach very carefully. It was so steep that at
times I sat the stuff I was carrying down and Helped Cat over
these more difficult areas. I just loved being a gentleman
and doing all the old fashioned but very romantic ways of
treating a woman as a lady should be treated.
When we finally set foot on the white sandy beach Cat just
stopped in her tracks and commented,
“ Burt, this is absolutely beautiful. It’s perfect with
this gorgeous sunset, the waves crashing into the rocks,
the white sandy beach, the warm rain and the two of us having
it all to ourselves. I never thought it would be possible
to have every thing so perfect”
Cat then turned, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me
passionately. Cat leaned back a bit and looked deeply into
my eyes and whispered to me,
“ Burt, there isn’t another man in the world I would rather
be here sharing this with, you really have made me feel absolutely
wonderful since our first meeting. You really have a way
of making me feel like a very sexy and beautiful woman. Yes,
I feel complete, like never before when I’m with you”
She could not have said anything more fitting that those
words, expressing those wonderful feelings.
I then replied to Cat,
“ Cat, you know I feel as wonderful as you say you do. I feel
like part of me is missing if I’m not at least talking with
you. You Cat have made life seem so very incredible since
becoming such a special part of mine. You know Cat? I’m falling
in love with you”
Cat said nothing but just as I noticed a teardrop joining
the droplets of the warm rain running down her cheeks, she
put her arms around me tightly and just held me close.
Cat and I walked up onto a small bluff that intersected the
beach almost perfectly in the middle. It rose about twenty
feet above the white sandy beach that was on both sides.
This beach was made of very fine white sand and was a semicircle
about a hundred feet long and about twenty-five foot from
the large bluffs behind down to the deep blue Pacific Ocean.
On both ends of the beach the large bluffs met the ocean as
it’s waves crashed into a powerful whitewater explosion
over the exposed rocks and highly into the sky which was
now a pastel portrait of natures pure beauty painted by
the setting sun.
This sunset was rising up from the now dark blue Pacific
Ocean from the bright fiery orange sun that was slowly disappearing
into that same blue ocean. As its rays rose up to the clouds
clinging to the horizon it colored them an unbelievable
pallet of orange, red, yellow, purple, pink and even ever
changing hues of blue. It was incredible, I could not have
wished for a more beautiful setting for what lie ahead.
Everything was perfect, sunset, the warm rain and of course
being there with Cat.
The warm summer rain was falling softly as we reached the
overlook created by the small bluff that intersected the
white sandy beach. This bluff came to a point where it met
the ocean with waves crashing at its rocky base. It resembled
the shape of Florida but was only about ten foot long by 5
foot wide as it jutted out into the surf. It was flat on top
and covered with a type of Ice plant that had very small appendages
that felt velvety to the touch. It made a perfect soft bed
overlooking the very romantic and beautiful view all around.
As Cat and I lay out the sleeping bag I had brought along and
set up the six small Pagoda type lanterns around the edges
of our soon to be shared bed Cat spoke softly,
“ You sure know the way to a woman’s heart don’t you? Or are
you just interested in finding your way into my pants?”

Cat then winked at me and smiled; putting both her open hands
on my cheeks. She looked deeply into my eyes momentarily
and then pulled me close kissing me a very passionate, long
kiss and then whispered,
“ I think you’ve seduced me into willingly offering you
both, as I know I desire you as badly as you desire me.”
I then smiled and replied,
“Cat, you know I’ve wanted you since the first time we chatted
online. Yes, ever since getting to know just a little about
you, you have captured all my thoughts and fantasies, of
both everything romantic and beautiful. For you too have
captured my heart”
As I opened the bottle of wine I brought Cat lit the six small
lanterns that surrounded us. She laughed because the rain
kept putting out the matches. I grabbed my coat and held
it over her so she could finish lighting them. I spotted
these small Pagoda type lanterns about two months earlier
and realized that because the flame would be enclosed,
they would stay lit even in the rain. I bought them especially
for this night that I had fantasized about sharing with
Cat for so very long now. The lanterns glow lit our newly
made bed softly along with the remaining light of the setting
sun. All of this so very romantic, perfect in every way.
As we sat watching the sun slowly disappear into the distant
horizon, sliding slowly beneath the waves of the ocean
silently, I looked at her in this soft light and really realized
she was truly very, very beautiful. Her dark brown hair
with red highlights framing the angel like features of
her face and cascading down over her shoulders. Her hazel
green eyes seemed to not only penetrate my very soul but
to also seductively touch it. Her smile was enough to light
the way through the darkest of times.
To touch the softness of her sweet flesh was as if holding
warm clouds in your hands, so soft, so smooth, as if not careful
enough, not tender enough, she might just melt away like
a wonderful dream in the night. As I lifted her dress over
her head the setting sun behind her silhouetted her, accenting
her beauty all the more as the warm raindrops began to collect
upon her impossible to resist nude body. Her breasts silhouetted
this way in the soft light were incredibly perfect. Their
rising and falling timed with each breath she took.
The flat of her stomach surrounding her cute little belly
button which was now collecting raindrops and leading
down to her so very smooth and sweet, beautiful pussy. As
I tossed her dress aside I could not help but to turn Cat around
very slowly taking in this captivating view of her and to
kiss her firm sweet ass cheeks. Her ass reminded me of a Bing
cherry, so sweet, so firm, and perfectly rounded and just
the right size. Her legs were pleasantly long for her five
foot four inch height. All the while I was taking all of her
in, I was kissing her lightly, licking raindrops from her
seductively and telling her how very beautiful I found
her to be.
Cat turned and began to very seductively undress me as she
tenderly kissed my neck, chest and my stomach. As she unbuttoned
my shirt she was kissing my neck and chest tenderly all over.
She nibbled on my nipples, which felt incredibly sensual.
As Cat unzipped my pants letting them fall around my feet
she softly, seductively let both her hands slip behind
me and held both my ass cheeks pulling me into her as she kissed
my stomach, hips and teasingly around my throbbing very
hard cock. I lifted each foot stepping out of my pants and
kicked them aside.
As I ran my fingers through her hair Cat began teasing me
even more by leaning back between kisses and brushing her
now swollen nipples across the head of my cock. I looked
down and smiled as she looked up locking eyes with me. Cat
had a very sexy smile on her face as she let her tongue slip
between her slightly parted and so kissable lips.
As she wet her lips with her tongue very seductively her
smile became even sexier. It was then that Cat leaned over
and kissed the head of my cock. A strand of my precum suspended
from between my cock and her lips as she leaned back. Noticing
this she began lapping it up as she followed it back to my
begging for more cock.
It was then that Cat let my hard cock part her warm lips until
its head was fully in her mouth. She began licking the underside
of my cock as she alternated from sucking on my cock and letting
it slide deeply into her warm, wet mouth. Cat then reached
around grasping the base of my cock with her index finger
and her thumb. She looked up at me smiled and said,
“Now we wouldn’t want you to cum just yet now would we?”
Squeezing the base of my cock even tighter as she spoke.
I tried to speak but couldn’t quite seem to get the words
out. The best I could do was,
“ Yes, sweet baby, yes anything you say babe. Just please
don’t stop. It, It, Oh god, it feels so good”
Cat then began to tease me even more by just flicking the
tip of her tongue against the underside of my cock. Starting
at its base and slowly making her way up until reaching that
so very sensitive spot just under the head. Each time delaying
at this spot enough to cause my ass muscles tense. Each time
bringing me so very close to exploding my hot cum all over
her face. But each time squeezing off the expected flow
and also stopping just before I would have lost what little
control that remained within my power.
As Cat reached around and grasped my balls tightly with
her other hand she took the full length of my now burning
with desire hard cock deeply into her mouth. She began to
suck my cock into her mouth with more passion. Cat began
to slide her sweet lips up and down the shaft of my cock in
time with her finger and thumb stroking me firmly in the
opposite direction. I could feel my hot come building and
building from deep inside me. Just as my hot cum exploded
into her awaiting mouth, Cat loosened her grip allowing
my cum to flow unrestricted into her mouth, flooding over
her tongue and down into her throat.
This really turned me on more than any other lover ever had.
It excited me more than any other because I could see the
desire in Cats eyes, as she looked up at me as each spasm shot
hot cum into her open mouth. The way she swallowed every
drop giving away her pleasure of tasting and sucking all
of the cum from my cock. As Cat continued to suck the cum from
what seemed like the very depths of my balls I was gently
guiding her head in rhythm with her mouth riding my cock.
In between moans of pure pleasure I cried out,
“Oh Cat sweet baby, God that feels so fucking good. Sweet,
sweet baby, God you make me feel better than I ever have with
anyone before. Thank you sweet baby, thank you”
The warm rain was falling faster now and it felt wonderful
as it landed upon our exposed flesh. We could feel its warmth
as it ran down over us. Feeling it’s wetness as I held Cat,
feeling it run down between us. As we pressed our wet bodies
together cat looked at me and whispered softly,
“Burt, thank you, this is such a beautiful place you are
sharing with me and I love sharing its beauty with you”
I then replied,
“Cat there is not another woman in the world I would want
to be here with.”
Cat kissed me softly, smiled and licked some more of the
raindrops from my chest and neck.
As I kissed Cat passionately my fingers were running through
her so very silky hair. I loved the way it felt in my hands,
so soft, so very sexy as everything about Cat is. Cat’s mouth
was so very sweet, her full lips wonderfully soft and her
sensuous deep kissing so very intoxicating. As we kissed
long, slow and so very deep passionate kisses my hands explored
the softness of the back of her neck, her shoulders and the
softness of her back.
As they slowly made their way down to her hips the sexy curves
of her beautiful body led them down and over the small of
her back and over her hips. Finding their way to her sweet
ass I began to knead her firm round cheeks. I let my fingers
slightly slide between them coming just close enough to
tease her sweet little opening. I teased the very smooth
area just between her ass and the beginning of her now so
very wet and hot with desire pussy. I let my fingers slide
through this wetness spreading it down her inner thighs.
I began to kiss my way softly along her cheeks and down to
her neck. Kissing my way around behind her ear and along
the back of her neck. My tongue tasting my way back to Cat’s
earlobes and lingering just long enough to nibble on them
and sucking them into my mouth. As I kissed and licked my
way across the softness of her shoulders down to her breasts
I could hear her breathing becoming more rapid as well as
I began to lick up the water drops that had formed from the
warm rain that felt so very wonderful on our flesh, as they
had collected on her breasts, over her entire beautiful
body, as well as mine. As I slid down to my knees my hands were
exploring the smoothness of her inner thighs. Slowly,
sensuously making their way up to that so very soft place
where her inner thighs meet her sweet pussy. Letting my
fingers slip between the crease created between each leg
and the outer edge of her pussy lips.
I looked up into Cat’s face and took a swollen nipple deeply
into my mouth just as I heard her moans of pleasure begin
to get louder. As I sucked as much of her sweet breast into
my mouth as possible I felt her grasping my head very tightly
through my hair. She gasped with pure pleasure as she pulled
my face forcefully into her breast and I bit down on her nipple
sharply but not hard enough to cause her discomfort and
with this she cried out releasing her obvious desire for
more. I let my left hand slide around behind and between
her ass cheeks, spreading them just enough to begin letting
my fingertips tease her sweet little hole. Each time a fingertip
would touch it I could feel her tense with excitement. With
my other hand I was still massaging one of her precious breasts.
As teased her other nipple by licking all around it and flicking
my tongue tip over it I let the fingers of my right hand slide
from her sweet breast and down until just starting to slip
slowly into the wet warmth of her hot, smooth, shaved pussy.
At the moment my fingers slid deeply into her wet pussy I
sucked as much of her breast into the warmth of my mouth as
I could manage, wanting to consume all of her.
I could hear Cat’s loud moans of pleasure but could not make
out the words scattered in between. I allowed my fingers
to penetrate deeply enough so that my fingers tips touched
the back wall of her pussy, reaching that very excitable
spot just under her cervix. As I started to pump them into
her more forcefully I began to kiss my way across her breasts
and down the softness of her side. Licking and kissing my
way down, and over to tease her little belly button, tasting
the raindrops that had collected there. And finally probing
into her womanhood as the wetness now flooding from her
sweet pussy covered and dripped from my hand.
It was at this point that the smell of her excited womanhood
was overpowering my thinking, my control lust and my desire
to consume as much of her sweet nectar as I could. Cat sensed
my excitement as she lowered herself down onto her knees
and parted her legs all the more. As she took my painfully
hard cock into her hand, I lowered her even farther onto
her back.
I could not stop myself from lowering my face down to just
above her sweet pussy all the while still allowing my fingers
to probe and excite her pussy even more. Her pussy was relaxing
from the pure pleasure and began to open up and invite even
more of my hand into her. Cat was now arching her back as she
rubbed her pussy into my hand as it deeply stimulated the
entire insides or her sweet treasure.
Very easily even more of my hand probed her slippery, warm
wetness. I loved to watch as my hand spread her open, exposing
even more of her so very soft pinkness for me to view. Cat’s
pussy was incredibly beautiful, so very pink on it’s inner
walls, it’s lips seemed to reach out and beg to be kissed
and licked the more excited Cat became and it’s wonderfully
smoothly shaved outside, so tender, so sweet.
Cat cried out loudly as I teased her clit with the tip of my
tongue, flicking it rapidly over its throbbing swollenness.
Letting my tongue lick circles around its edges while spreading
its protective hood up and away from it with my other hand.
Using the index finger and middle finger to spread the sensitive
flesh around her clit apart causing this sweet little knob
to seem to strain to reach out for my tongues touch. I felt
Cat begin to shake involuntarily just as I sucked her clit
into my mouth. As I began to rub it between the wet, softness
of my lips I felt her pussy begin it’s contracting. This
signaling what I wanted most, for Cat’s orgasms to begin.
I continued to hand fuck her pussy as I allowed my tongue
to slide down into the soft wetness that was now squeezing
the hot juices out of her pussy with each contraction, as
well as squeezing my fingers firmly with each contraction.

I wanted to lick up every drop of this wetness as its sweet
and so very exciting smell flooded my senses. I slipped
my hand out quickly and spread her legs as far as possible
apart with Cats help, as she lifted and opened her legs more
than I would have thought possible inviting me to consume
her wetness.
As Cat pushed my face deeply into her dripping hot pussy
she cried out,
“Oh god yes baby please eat my pussy. I love the way you’re
tongue feels licking me deeply.”
I loved her taste. I loved the warmth of the wetness flooding
out of her. The intoxicating smell of her pussy was driving
me wild. I wanted to feel its warmth being spread over my
tongue, lips, over my entire face.
I licked as deeply as possible into her soft pinkness and
I felt as if I was being driven beyond control and had this
irresistible urge to consume all of her. I seemed to lose
sight of reality. Drifting off into a world where only Cat
and her so beautiful body existed as I pleasured her. Then
suddenly I was shocked back to reality as Cat cried out,

“ Baby make love to me. Please make love to me now, sweetheart,
I want to feel you deep inside me now baby. I need you inside
me when I cum”
As I kissed my way very quickly up over the flat of her stomach
and her so very firm, beautiful breasts Cat spread her legs
widely inviting me inside and grabbed me with both hands.
Both hands grabbing my ass and pulling me into her. As I thrust
my throbbing cock deeply into her sweet pussy, I could feel
Cat dig her fingernails deeply, sharply into my ass.
I began driving my cock into her faster and harder as Cat
pulled me even harder into her with each stroke. I could
feel her warm wetness flooding out of her and being spread
over not only both my cock and balls but also over her entire
pussy and inner thighs. This helped us fit together even
more easily and deeply as we both were well lubricated both
inside and out helping to reduce any friction.
Cat began to scream,
“Yes… baby faster!, oh god yes fuck me hard baby”
Then as I felt her orgasms blend into one big continuous
wave of pleasure I drove my cock into Cat as hard and as deep
as I possibly could and remained deep inside her. I could
feel her pussy contracting tightly around my cock. I pushed
hard against her and began to rotate my hips, rubbing my
cock all around inside her. Cat began to scream out in pure
pleasure. No words just the animalistic expressions of
lust and desire that were now impossible for her to hold
Cat then surprised me by crying out,
“ Baby, baby I’m Cumming, I Cumming hard baby, eat me, eat
my pussy baby”
I pulled my cock out quickly and as I slid down to her convulsing
with pleasure pussy I was wonderfully surprised to see
that she was Cumming so intensely that her sweet cum was
squirting out of her. She was so wet it actually was squirting
out in a thick stream.
I could not have dreamed of this so wonderful offering as
nothing turns me on more than the combination of knowing
I’m pleasing my lover and consuming the product of her pleasure.
As I opened my mouth allowing her hot warm pussy juice to
squirt onto my tongue and filling my mouth wonderfully,
I was rubbing her clit quickly, almost vibrating my fingers
over her slippery hot clit. God, Cat tasted so good. I covered
her entire pussy with my open mouth so I could let my tongue
lick all of her pussy, deeply inside of her, lapping and
sucking up her sweet nectar.
I rose to my knees and lifted Cat up onto hers as I turned her
over. Stepping up behind her I let my cock slowly slip inside
her sweet pussy. Feeling its warmth as it slipped over the
head of my cock and down it’s shaft. Putting both hands on
her hips I began to slowly rock back and forth cause my cock
bend in the opening of her wet pussy. Forcing it to rub all
the edges of the rim of her wet, hot pussy. This bending caused
the head of my cock to rub around touching inside her everywhere.

Cat put her hands up on her hips, this helping her to gyrate
her hips in time with mine. As I began to feel the cum building
inside me, feeling it ready to explode deeply into Cat,
I told her,
“Baby I’m going cum. I’m so very close baby I’m gonna cum
Cat replied,
“ Cum baby. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your
hot cum explode into my pussy. Cum baby, yes, please cum
As I pulled back out of Cat I told her quickly,
“Baby I want to look into your eyes when I cum”
I turned her over and slid my cock into Cat as she opened her
legs and pulled me into her. As I started to fuck her hard
and deep I could see in her eyes she could sense my excitement
building. I could see in her eyes that my pleasure was turning
her on. Cat cried out to me breathlessly,
“ Burt, oh Burt, cum baby cum. I’m going to cum again too baby.
Oh god cum with me sweet baby”
Just as I felt my cum starting to explode out of me I felt cat’s
pussy contracting involuntarily again. This turning
me on all the more as I looked deeply into her eyes. Our eyes
locked as our body’s lust and desire took over. The pleasure
was incredible as I could feel the softness and warmth of
Cats pussy, her contractions as we both came, and the pleasure
we both were sharing.
As we both collapsed onto our backs exhausted and our breathing
still racing we both lay back and noticed the sky had cleared.
The air was clean from the rain and the stars were filling
the night sky. I turned to cat and said,
“Oh sweet baby, that was truly incredible. You are so beautiful
sweet heart. I want to make love with you my entire life,
I want you to share the rest of our lives with me”
Cat smiled and replied,
“Burt sweetheart, you know I feel the same way. You have
to know and feel as I do that we are meant to be together. Nobody
could make me feel the way you just did.”
With that we shared a very long passionate kiss. Then I said
to her,
“Babe, yes, what we just shared was very wonderful and I
know no other women could ever give me the pleasure you do.
I could never feel like I do, be this content, without you
in my life. Cat I love you”
Cat smiled, as did I and I began to kiss my way down across
her breasts and over her stomach. As I reached the smoothly
shaved mound of her beautiful pussy I slowed and began softly
kissing and licking her baby smooth flesh. I began to clean
here all over in between taking moments to tell her how very
beautiful she was. I licked down the crease between her
inner thigh and her pussy, stopping long enough to lick
her pussy lips clean of her sweet nectar that had eluded
my mouth and tongue the first time.
Letting my tongue slide into and deeply between her pussy
lips collecting every trace of her still hot, sweet nectar.
I spread Cat’s legs open widely as she lifted and bent her
legs at the knee. As I turned her onto her side I lifted one
of her legs up and over my shoulder, exposing her sweet pussy,
inner thighs and her beautiful ass. I heard soft moans of
pleasure as I continued licking her tenderly all over.
Licking her ass cheeks as well as in between them. As my tongue
found her sweet, pink little hole again I felt her tense,
but only momentarily.
As I began to tenderly lick her and clean her I told her that
all of her was very beautiful in my eyes and I loved all of
her. With this I felt her muscles begin to relax. As I probed
her ass just slightly I heard a faint moan, I let my tongue
slip very slowly into her, sliding in just a bit deeper and
then slowly out finishing off with a soft little kiss. I
then again said to Cat, “Babe I really do find all of you beautiful,
I would do anything for you, for your pleasure. Babe, anything
for you. I love everything about you”
As I kissed my way back up her so very beautiful body I heard
cat whisper, “Burt, I love you too sweet man. Thank you for
such a wonderful welcome you have given me tonight.”
I kissed Cat’s forehead and then looked into her eyes as
I said,
“Babe, believe me when I say it’s been my pleasure. I truly
do get so much pleasure from pleasing you, making you happy”

Cat and I lay back watching the stars in the night sky, enjoying
the warmth of this beautiful night. I quietly laughed and
Cat asked me what’s so funny. I looked at her, grinned and
asked her,
“How much of the rain do you remember?”
Cat laughed and said,
“Yes, you’re right I forgot all about it soon after the first
I also laughed and replied,
“Well, babe I wouldn’t change a thing, it all was wonderful”

Cat then replied,
“Yes it was Burt. Absolutely wonderful”
We then went back to snuggling and enjoying all the beauty
surrounding us. The waves crashing against the rocks below.
The star filled night sky and the moon just starting to rise
up unexpectedly, as if born from the oceans mysterious
depths. And of course Cat looked so very beautiful illuminated
by the star and moonlight as well as the Pagoda lanterns
soft glow. Cat truly was the most beautiful woman in the
world. As Cat snuggled up next to me,
I believe we both knew,

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