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When I asked my out of town Mistress on the phone if the Big
Surprise she had just promised me was a macho kind of man
with a truly big cock?, she laughed while telling I was half
right and would just have to wait in wonderment for the next
week until my next scheduled Saturday morning visit with
her arrived! Yes in being a well established denist with
a flurishing practice, I always paid dearly for Miz Marions
specialized private Professional Dominatrix Services.
Hell it was the only safe for me to keep my secret sometimes
feminine side safe from possible discovery! Yes only my
old college room mate Ryan who like me had become a part time
closeted queer, knew about my sometimes uncontrollable
desires and cravings to now and then engage in secret submissive
role with cock play mixed in as well. In fact it was Ryan who
had done me a great favor by introducing me to Mistress Marion
almost two years before.

While ninety eight per cent of the time my life was always
totally normal and frankly quite boring, I really lived
for those twice a month two hour sessions when Mistress
Marion would magically put me totally in touch with true
inner Submissive Side! Yes having dearly enjoyed many
other past Saturday morning surprises in her safe private
combination basement dungeon and playroom, I couldn't
wait for her to again make me feel so wickidly queer, useable
and worthless. With some then 90 plus hours of accumulated
session time then under my role play belt, I thought I had
seen it all as I arrived that morning some 15 minutes early.
As always she greeted me wearing one of her many sexy black
leather outfits that created such an strong image of power,
confidence and control! Especially her upper calf high
black leather boots with 5" pointed spiked heels
that put her then height at slightly over six feet tall.

I was told by her then that todays visit would cost me triple
her usual session $300 fee as she had gone to great lengths
and much added expense to set up some very rare and special
things just for me! I was suprised when instead of leading
into her large playroom dungeon as usual. Mistress Marion
instead had me enter a small narrow passageway just behind
it. Next I was made to strip naked except for my pink jock
strap she always required me to wear when showing up for
my sub sessions. Then she lead me in front of what appeared
to be a large 5 foot by 5 foot clear glass window on my side
of that two way mirror and told to wait and watch. To make
sure I wouldn't touch my cock, Mistress Marion handcuffed
my wrists behind my back before leaving me alone in semi
darkness when she closed the door behind her!

Scant seconds later I watched Miz Marion enter her play
dungeon and wave to me as I clearly heard her say hello though
a small speaker located several feet above my head. Then
my Erotic adventure of Exploration began when she told
me I was about to begin the most Wild Mind Blowing Sexual
Experience of my entire life. One that would test all phases
of my sexuality first, before rewarding me with many incredable
physical thrills as well! Then again I watched her leave
as I sat down on the hard plastic single chair and centered
it right in front of my Secret hidden peep window!

Perhaps five minutes passed then before I watched the young
girl slowly enter alone. Dressed in a short red school dress
with ankle high white bobby sox and black shiney patten
leather shoes, she somehow looked a bit firmilar to me as
I began to seach my mind where I seen her before? Not counting
her high rounded full bright red hairdo, I guessed her height
to be no more than four feet eight or nine at most. With her
small strouting breasts just beginning to grow into womanhood,
I also guessed her age to be around 12 and certainly no more
than 13. God she looked so innocent and purely virginal
to me as I watched her beginning to curiously walk around
to check out so many of Mistress Marions adult Bondage and
Disclipine things.

Little did I know then, that I was viewing nineteen year
old Heidy Johanson, one of Sweden's hottest new porn
actresses who specialized in portraying young virgins
discovering Sex either in overseas XXX films or sometimes
in very private bookings like the one Mistress Marion had
carefully arrainged for me at great expense. I guess right
then my straight side was fully awakened as I found myself
hoping she would do lots of naughty sexual things in there
without knowing that I was close by and secretly watching

How Erotic I found it when she arrived at the back wall and
began to view the two long almost eye level shelfs containing
Mistress Marions large collection of adult specialty
sex toys. She seemed so astounded and confused by their
open sight. Yes I was watching complete young innocence
being overrun by reality and discovery as she seemed so
puzzled and yet so curious! Already I found myself trying
to will her to pick one of them up to examine it. Yes just the
thoughts of such a cute little innocent thing discovering
Cock on her own had the front of my pink jock strap being stretched
from my arrousal. I next was holding my breath as she moved
yet closer to that dirty display of assorted toy Cocks.
With her back almost to me then, I found myself wishing I
could see the expression on her school girl face! Was it
one of excitement? Perhaps new feelings? Or maybe even
a moment when she was turning the corner from childhood
into young womanhood? Yes while my $900 session had barely
begun, I already had my moneys worth just in Mental Stimulation
and Excitement alone. How dissapointed I was then when
she suddenly turned her back to them all and walked away
to face the very wall my two way mirror was located on. As
she drew closer and closer to me while checking out some
of Mistress Marions bondage devices, I began to wonder
if I was really safe from sight? Maybe a minute later I had
my answer as she stood almost directly in front of me while
petting her bright red alfro style rounded hairdo back
in place. Somehow right then I just had to stand up then,
in hopes that she could indeed see me and the huge bulge she
had just so innocently supplied my jock strap with. Next
from not more than three feet away, I watched her turn her
head back to again view Miz Marions vast back wall collection
of some six to seven dozen different play cocks in wide variety
of assorted sizes and colors.

Oh how my erect cock suddenly jumped as I watched her viewing
them while her right hand moved up to her budding A cup little
breasts. As her right thumb and forefinger suddenly tweeked
her pointed little left one showing under her short school
dress, the sudden thrilling to me realization that she
was sexully turned on struck home. Yes wearing a look of
complete captivated fascination, my little red headed
angel again slowly began to walk over to those forbidden
adult shelves. This time after arriving, she briefly turned
to face the front entry door to make sure she was completely
alone before slowly reaching out and picking up a meduim
sized one with her left hand. With an almost perfect view,
I next watched her hold it up as she began closely examining
it with her interested young soft baby blue eyes. She turned
it many different ways as well as angles before without
any warning, she held it by the base and then egarly guided
its lifelike looking fleshy head well up under the front
of her short school girl red dress. Right then from perhaps
no more than 15 feet away, I watched her slightly spread
her young smooth legs spart while knowing she just had to
be rubbing its evil head against her excited and awakened
young pussy. Dam how I wished I could touch my cock right
then. Or even better yet, get up and enter the room to show
her my very big swollen real one! Again she turned around
to almost fully face me while removing it and again holding
it up to examine it closely. I swear she was making me feel
like I was 14 years old all over again.

It was then that in my mind that I began calling her little
red riding hood as for myself, I had became the big bad wolf!
Turning her back to me again, I watched as she carefully
selected two more of those lifelike looking dildos and
made her way back to Mistress Marion's center of the
room lit up exam and play table. Yes the two overhead flood
lights had it well lit up as she laid two of her new secret
prized toys on top of it while beginning to quite naughtily
teasingly fondle the shaft of her first one. How erotic
I found it watching one so young and innocent looking openly
displaying such deep rooted urges of sexuality. Next I
watched in captivated amazement as she put that one down
also before reaching back behind her to find the top clasp
to her school dress zipper. Right then over and over my mind
was willing her to take it off, take it off little girl! Yes
after Zipping it all the way down, she again looked briefly
to the door before slipping her red dress off of her shoulders
allowing it to slowly sink down toward the floor. Oh how
thrilling it was for me as her young braless tities came
into my view. Small little AA sized developing not yet knockers
that each had pink capped penny sized nipples that were
slightly sticking out in arrousal. Next as her dress slid
down beyond her tiny waist, her white ruffled full sized
panties came into my secret voyeur view. After letting
her red school girl dress hit the floor, my little red riding
hood carefully placed it on the end of that exam table before
kicking off her shiney black patten leather shoes. On silent
feet I watched her creep over and put her right ear to the
door and listen to make sure no one was around. As she walked
back, I felt a super charge of excitement as she used the
three center fingers of her right hand to quickly caress
the full length of her young ruffled panty croutch as she
hurridly arrived back at her lit up toy cock table.

Standing on the opposite side of it from me, I could just
made out the top of her ruffled panites as with both hands,
she grabbed the waist band and quickly tugged them down.
How provocitive I found it when after bending down to retrieve
them. she placed them right under the biggest toy cock on
her play table. Oh how I craved to see her sweet young hidden
pussy right then as dripping sweat began to run off my forehead.
Never before had my throbbing cock ever felt so sensitive
and in need without even being touched. She was fucking
driving me crazy with such prevese dirty urges and desires.
Never in my past had any female or male for that matter, taken
me into such a state of deep sexual want and need!

Next I watched her centered right hand slide down behind
that table. From the angle of her forearm as well as her slightly
moving elbow, I had no doubts that she was Playing with and
pleasureing Her young Pussy! How I yearned to be there with
her right then. To wrap my lips over either one of her developing
young mounds and use my tongue to lick pleasure into her
perky strawberry tipped type young nipples. To sink to
my knees and dive my tongue and lips deep into her hairless
sensitvie pussy until it exploded into a state full electrical
unpreventable discharge that would make her a total woman!
As her deep blue eyes rolled upward, a new look of pure estacy
swept across her pretty little face from the hidden finger
pleasures being fed from her hairless croutch up into her
awakened now sexual mind.

It was then that quite silently Mistress Marion carefully
entered my hidden hallway hideaway. As she stopped along
side of my chair, she softly asked me how I liked the show
so far? I could only shake my head in disbelief to show her
I was finding it Incredable! "Oh your only watching
the foreplay part so far!" "Trust me, part two
and three get much much better and hotter!" It was
then that I asked Mistress if I would get a chance to play
the part of the Big Bad Wolf and get to eat Little Red Riding
Hood? " Oh Doctor Collins, I though you above anyone
else would have known shes not Little Red Riding Hood at
all!" "She's Little Orphan Annie and when
her stud dog Sandy shows up soon, your going to get to watch
my pleaing request to have my cumbersome handcuffs removed
was denied as Mistress informed me that that it was best
that my Cock remained untouched for the time being. Next
both of us became silent as from the overhead speaker, came
the unmistakable sounds of distant scratching.

Yes as her little sexual spell of mastrubation pleasures
was suddenly broken, Little Orphan Annie spoke for the
very first time in such a young innocent sounding voice.
" Is that you Sandy?" "Are you alone?"
Quickly reaching over just to make sure. I watched her grab
both her ruffled white panties and red school dress. Twenty
seconds later again fully dressed, she went over to that
door and slowly opened it. Instantly a large male blondish
colored Golden Retriever appeared and entered the playroom
wagging his long tail. After looking both ways down the
outside hallway, Little Annie shut it tight before kneeling
to greet and pet her excited dog. However Sandies keen nose
had picked up the Unmistakable Smell of Sex and was sniffing
to locate its source. Yes I could clearly see her white ruffeded
underpants as she knelt with her legs slightly spread while
facing me. Soon they had a black excited k-9 nose brushing
against their very center! It was then, my eyes were treated
to series of quick flashes of pinkness as instinctively
stud dog Sandy began to lick his intended breeding target.
" OH Sandy stop that!" "Bad Doggie!"
But yet Little Annie made no real move to stop him right then
and soon was chanting over and over again. "OH OH OH!"Oh
Sandy!" This as I couldn't help but to observe,
a good three to four inches of thick beet red doggie dick
sticking out of the front side of Sandy's long hairy
blondish sheath! Being Bi-sexual, my racing mind was then
taken in two different directions at once. The straight
side of me was thrilled with prospects of perhaps getting
to watch Little Annie having sex with her pet in a number
of different exciting ways! While my gay side found a brand
new different kind of thrill toward Cock! Animal cock to
be exacting! K-9 Cock so strange, so different, yet so wildly
exciting me to no end right then!

Would Annie notice it? Touch and play with it? Maybe even
put her mouth on it? Would she willingly become Sandy's
bitch and let him breed with her? Could her young little
Pussy possibly accomodate his thick large K-9 cock? God
she was letting him openly underpants lick it without putting
up any resistence at all! All this was racing through my
mind right then as I watched her suddenly get back up again
and quickly walk back over to the exam table. This time she
stood at its foot right out in full plain sight of me and Mistress
Marion, as again she reached back to remove her little red
school dress. She let it lay on the floor this time. When
next she pulled down her white ruggled panties, her hairless
young pussy finally came into my full view. A three and a
half inch from top to bottom budding young pussy showing
only a small darkish partly visable to me button clam three
quarters of the way up from its bottom. Yes a now sexual scent
giving pussy that Sandys inbreed instincts compelled
him to lick to get himself completly hard and ready so he
could carry out his birthright to Fuck and recieve as a his
reward, a five to ten minute long ejaculation. Again Sandy's
keen nostrils picked up the unmistakable to him odor of
upcoming pleasure. Moving in to face Annie, he simply raised
up his head until his nose was level with the top of her hairless
vee, then his long extended sand paper kind of tongue began
working Annies pouting pussy lips from their bottom to
their top over and over again.

Unable to resist and wanting yet more wonderful feelings
from her fully turned on young twat, Annie reached down
with both hands and spread open her pouting vaginal lips
like a blooming flower exposing its pink pedistal to sunlight!
Instantly long doggie tongue began to again lick the insides
of those then glistening spread lips from bottom to top.
Now with both feet up on their toes, Annies rolled up young
eyes suddently closed as her young hips came to life in response.
Yes like countless hundreds of millions before her of both
sexes, Annie too was completely powerless to even try to
stop her incrediable physical sensations within her mind.
Well past the point of no return then, she had become a young
victim of her own deeply driven lust! Yes the more Sandy
exciteidly lapped her pussy, the more Sandy's Stud
dog cock grew in length and exposure as with my gay now lustful
eyes, I fully admired a good seven to eight stiff inches
of shiny red viened covered meat behind its blunt head.

Just like many years ago in my past when my much older cousin
had first exposed his large thick erect cock to me, strange
thrills of both admiration and total fascination were
now totally consuming my turned on mind. Now ready to perform
his inbreed duties, Sandy suddenly got up on his back legs
while wrapping his front paws around the top of Annies left
leg. Instantly his long swaying doggie cock began to hip
hump the outside of her lower left thigh. Fighting then
to try to keep her balance, young Annie pushed her pets head
and neck back down and off of her. Instantly a turned on Sandy
sat while bending his head back to face his doggy dick. As
he began to lick himself with long continueous tongue swipes,
Annie knelt down on one knee so that she could watch it close
up. After again looking briefly to the door, her litttle
girl voice sounded so naughty as over the speaker I clearly
heard her say, " I suppose I have to jerk you off again
you naughty oversexed horny dog! " Then next in a giggling
voice she added, "We can't have you walking around
all day long with a big boner stiffie now can we?" Next
after patting the table top with her right hand, Annie ordered
Sandy to jump up so that she could do it easier that way and
get to watch it better too!"

Somehow then realizing that this wasn't Annies first
sexual adventure with her k-9 pet, served to only excite
me even more. Shit, soon she was going to be willingly playing
with him as she then brought her idle left hand back down
to her young pussy and began to briskly rub it with two of
her center fingers. After one more pat of that table top,
Sandy skillfully jumped up and stood on all fours while
shifting his feet to center himself. Bending her head down
a bit, Annies face was now level with the bottom of Sandy's
lower belly and facing me as I amazingly watched her right
hand fingers wrap around the middle part of Sandy's
long stiff dog shaft. Almost without hesitation, she skillfully
began to work it back and forth in two to three inch strokes
that had Sandy beginning to buck his hips in rapid response.
Yes with one hand Little not so innocent Annie was masturbating
her pussy, while with the other, she was masturbating her
dogs cock at the very same time! It was right then that Mistress
Marion asked me "If I would like to go join Annie and
get in on the fun?" Without even waiting for my answer,
she issued me a very stern command. " I want you to teach
her how TO SUCK COCK! "

Yes as always Mistress Maroin was one step ahead of me as
she quickly produced my hand cuff key and freed me from those
quite restricting cuffs. As she led me from my hallway passage
toward her always exciting for me playroom, she informed
me that Annie was hired professional porn actress that
was actually nineteen years old and way past the age of legal
sexual consent.

Yet to me, Annie who sure as hell looked no older than 13 and
had a genuine Jr high school puberty body to boot, remained
the same young schoolgirl who I so dearly wanted to use.
To take full advantage of and to sexually corrupt for life!.
Next I found Mistresses whispering some possible suggestions
for my upcoming roleplay. I would silently open the door
and find her wearing only her white bobby sox while catching
her red handed playing with her doggies cock and sweet little
hairless pussy ! After frightening her and scaring her
with my sudden appearance, I would tell her I watched her
every naughty move and use the threat of telling Daddy Warbucks
to make her do almost anything I wanted!

It was then that Mistress Marion had me remove my pink still
bulging jock strap so I would be bare ass naked when walking
in on Little Naughty Annie. It was perhaps 30 seconds after
silently slipping inside the playroom door when I coughed
on purpose to totally surprise a very busy Little Annie.
So intent on playing with and looking at her Sandy's
then honest eight inches of red dog meat, she instantly
froze in startled surprise for several seconds before
grabbing her nearby red school dress to try and hide her
young blushing nudity! How thrilling I found it then when
after looking into my face, her soft blue girlish eyes lowered
to take in the full site of my nearly seven and a half inches
of exposed boner hardness! With a half mischiefous smile,
I told her I had been watching her for the last 15 minues and
had clearly seen all of the many naughty things she had been
doing. As I slowly walked toward her play table wearing
only a lewd smile, Little Annie took a few steps back while
lowering her eyes to the floor. This while Sandy turned
his head back around and began to lick his stiff red doggy
cock with long rapid tongue swipes for a second time.

Next in a pleading voice, Little Annie practically begged
me to cover myself up as again her little blue eyes lowered
to take in more of the sight of my stiff sometimes twitching
cock! Now at table side, I picked the biggest lifelike looking
dildo there and held it up while telling my sweet little
young one that "I thought she liked looking at and
playing with penises? Next adding that it wasn't nice
getting her poor Sandy all worked up!

Oh how perfectly childish like nineteen year old Heidi
Johanson was looking and acting for me right then. She was
making everything so perfectly real and totally believeable.
Yes right then her hand held little red school dress was
barely covering up her little girl titties and hairless
pussy! So lovely were her slender smooth legs clad only
in white bobby sox. Wearing a look of fear and puzzlement,
her blue young eyes found mine in such a pleading look. Next
I combined a statement with a question. " I know you
really like secretly rubbing your cute pussy, How long
have you been doing it?" Blushing while lowering
her head to avoid my eyes, Little Annie meekly replied in
a somewhat embarassed tone, "I've done it maybe
six or seven times now!" "How about Sandy's
doggie cock, how many times have you played with that?"
" Not that many" Little Annie sheepishly answered
with lowered eyes, " He always makes a sticky syrup
mess with his puppy juices if I do it to him for too long!"

When next Annies sweet little blue eyes lifted up again
to focus directly on my rock hard cock that was sticking
straight out, I stepped in close to her while telling her
that if she made me happy, I would keep all of her naughty
acts a complete secret and no one would ever know or find
out! " Her words then were music to my ears as she softly
and quite submissively asked me, "What she had to
do to make me not tell?"

"Touch it, just like you were doing to Sandy's
! " Made it feel real good for me and as soon as your done,
I'll let you lay on the table with your legs apart and
made yours feel so wonderful with my tongue just like Sandy
just did!" I knew right then she was mine for the taking,
when without any protest at all on her part, Little Annie
let me take her little school dress away from her without
even thinking about trying to cover herself up. I can't
even begin to descibe how stimulating and desireable her
two perfectly matched sprouting girly titties and little
pouting pink bald pussy were to me right then! Next her locked
on eyes never left my cock for split second as I took her free
availble right hand in mine and guided it straight down
to my throbbing hardness. While many a different mouth
had made my cock feel so sensitive and alive in my past, none
had ever come close to the physical pleasures as those four
fingers and thumb, wrapped themselves around my upper
shaft and gave it an tight exploritory willing squeeze.

Seeking yet more Eroticism, I suggested to Little Annie
that she could also use her other hand to play with her Sandy
at the same time. After taking a long step forward to perfectly
position herself between Sandy and me, I watched with pure
highly motivated fascination and delight as my sweet young
desireable Annie displayed the same whore qualities usually
reserved for much older woman. Somehow right then, I just
knew that Mistress Marion was watching everything from
behind the one way mirror which only served to excite me
yet more! Even Annies well spaced rather crude tight fisted
unskilled tugs on my cock shaft were so real for me. Sandy
was now sitting down on the exam table with maybe half of
his red blunt headed doggie cock still sticking out from
his sheath. Unable to resist Little Annies ever so sexy
young girlhood charms, I reached out with both of my hands
to capture and lightly fondle barely two half handfulls
of firm young developing tit flesh while feasting my eyes
on the open full sight of her exposed hairless pussy that
also was available and within such easy reach! I guess it
was right then that my balls almost instantly tightened.
This caused by my first thoughts of stuffing my large cock
into such a tight little virgin twat of pure paridise! Already
my dirty old man brain was planning how I would lay Little
Annie out spread eagled. Lightly finger tease her small
clitty into a state of full sensitive arousal before using
a tongue far more refined and practiced than Sandy's
that would quickly would be making her squirm for more in
a state of helpless Passionite discovering delight!

Yes while Little Annies crude unskilled attempted hand
job wasnt then physically bringing me close to coming off,
my thoughts certainly were. As I lightly began using both
of my thumbs and forefingers to tweek her small but quite
hard perky pink quarter inch nipples, I carefully studied
Annies facial expressions as well as her eyes that were
taking turns soaking up the sights of both her hand held
cocks! It was right then that I felt the first pangs of an
impending ejaculation had I allowed Little Annie to continue tugging on my big
evil boner while her suddenly busy thumb had began to caress
my super sensitvie cockhead in tiny teasing circles! No
I wanted to shoot off my load deep into the clinging stretched
walls of her hopefully damp and tight inside made to fuck
cave. Annie seemed a bit surprised when I hastily removed
her little hand from my prick. Sinking to my knees then,
I took both of her small rounded ass cheeks in each hand while
bringing my face to within a few short inches of her unprotected
vertical vee. As I extended my tongue tip outward, I had
no intention of Teasing but only Pleasing my adorable little
one. Oh how delicious her young womanhood tasted throughout
my first long upward tongue swipe. Yes just enough lightly
salted aroused juices to know that Annies young pussy would
love and crave being skillfully licked and worshipped.
So as I began to slowly lap with firm long craving vigor,
Sandy's keen nose again picked up the air filled scent
that clearly spelled out mating to him.

I was maybe two minutes into my lavish licking of Annies
lovely pink sweet tasting Labia, when Sandy's unexpected
moist black nose moved in to sniff. Next his long extended
tongue came into contact with both my tongue as well as Annies
glistening sensitive pussy at the same time. Soon I felt
both of Annies hands holding the back of my head as every
ten seconds of so, I took turns with Sandy licking and lapping
hot now fully responsive craving sexually awakened pussy
and a now quite firm clitty! It was Little Annies shuttering
stiffing body as well as her deep moans of pure pleasure
that first let me know that her young pussy was then caught
up in the remarkable miracle of Climax. Next I found my tongue
lapping up a sudden contineous flow of Annies delicious
tasting young female ejaculating juices! This is when
Sandy's instincts to breed became too strong for him
to ignore any longer. So while I egarly muff dived while
licking and lapping for yet more, I felt Sandy's front
paws grip both sides of my neck in a vice like scratching
grip as his stiff slippery cock began to try to fuck my upper
right side rib cage. Wanting to quell his disruptive actions,
without really thinking, I reached my left hand under my
right arm and told a firm hold on his sliding slippery doggy
cock. It was right then that my totally unsuspecting mind
received yet another powerful sexual thrill. Yes instantly
my Bi or Gay side was awakened with the realization and reminder
of how much Cock truly turned me on!

Yes as I began to quite willingly stroke Sandy's slippery
pre-cum coated long thick doggie shaft, Mistress Marions
sudden voice from behind me broke my transfixed spell of
Sexual lust. " After Anniess through with her glorious
Cum Doctor Collins, I want you to keep your promise to me
and teach her How to SUCK COCK!" Two minutes later
as a well Spent and Satisfied Little Annie slipped her ruffled
school white panties back in place, Mistress Marion was
asking my Little Annie if " She wanted to watch a true
Faggot put on a live sex show for her by Sucking Off her Dogs
Dick?" Yes Annies answer then was not in her little
girls roleplay voice at all , but rather the voice of a mature
full grown heavily accented Sweedish woman! "I'd
love to see that, I hope he likes drinking sperm because
my dogs more than primed for a good five minute or so of steady

It was then that in following Mistress Marions commanding
order to pivot and turn around on my knees, my face was suddenly
hit full by my pink jock strap she threw at me. "Put
em on Gayboy!' "Part Three of your adventure
is about to begin!" Next Mistress had me go over to
her farside bondage wall and fetch my favorite Black leather
Slave harness. As soon as the heavy straight jacket type
harness was secured over my upper body. Both Mz Marion and
Heidy jointly went to work on both my hands and feet. Soon
both of my wrists were firmly secured behind my back while
heavy silver chained leg irons bound both of my ankles together.
Mistress than pulled my jock down to bind me in a very tight
cock and ball harness. This while telling Heidy to go select
a fair sized butt plug and to skip the KY jelly!

"Had you continued to act straight and like a real
man, you would have gotten your fantasy wish to fuck your
little Annie!" But no you just had to get Queer with
a fuckin Dog!" " So now your gonna get all the
doggie cock you can handle faggot!" "Both in
your Cock Craving Queer Mouth as well as being his Bent over
Breeding Bitch!" "Make sure when your sucking
it, you get it nice and wet because dogs are allegic to KY
Jelly. " While Misstres Marion had put me thought
a counless number of submissive and truly degrading acts
in our past senerio's, I had never really accepted
the fact that I was a total Submissive until right then.
Her words were giving me the most incedable Mental High
I had ever known or experiecned. Yes to reach the deepest
roots of who I really was or wanted to be, I had tried many
different physical things. However none came close to
the Thrills I was now experiencing knowing my pride, dignity
and self esteem would be taken to a level that was below a

For a while I had felt like a true man again while roleplaying
with Little Innocent Annie. But now she was Hedi and not
a helpless child to take advantage of, but rather a woman
who like Mistress Marion was far superior to me. Now shackeled
and totally helpless except to perhaps beg, my tightly
compressed cock and balls ached in pain under my pink for
faggots only jock strap. I felt thirsty and somehow Heidy's
still in view little titties no longer looked young and
innocent. Now as Mistress Marion saw me looking over toward
a panting Sandy's no longer visable cock, she grabbed
one of three table top toy ones and forced it in deeply into
my mouth until I started to gag. While I had taken that same
large sized butt plug up my ass before that Heidy then held,
I knew that without lubricant, my always tight at first
sphincter was in for some heavy duty pain! Now very impatient
for my Humiliation to begin, Miz. Marion asked Heidy what
was the best way to get her dog stiff again since her pathetic
Doctor Faggot was next to useless? Next I watched Heidy
sat on the edge of the exam table and spread her legs. Next
using both of her hands, she spread and stretched her pussy
lips wide. It was then I caught site of oval darkness of her
indented hole. A hole I thought had a hymen hiding it when
she was Little Annie. A hole I had earlier not even tried
to lick or discover yet had wanted to fuck so dearly. Calling
Sandy by his real true name Thunder now , Heidy began to rub
the top half of her pussy in rapid circles as Thunder slowly
approached her while wagging his tail and flairing his
uplifted nostrils.

As I looked down to discover about an inch of shiney tipped
exposed visable redness , I became excited knowing that
fairly shortly, it was going to be in my shameless mouth
while both woman would be watching me. Remembering how
turned on I had been earlier when I viewed its fully exposed
eight thick inches, I began to lightly suck the lifeless
rubber sex toy that was filling three quarters of my mouth.
Next as Thunder moved in and started to lick Heidy's
presented pussy again, my eyes were carefully watching
the slow motion inch by inch growth and emergence of such
a magnifficent beet red heavily viened K-9 hard on. Yes
no cock I had ever knelt before in my past, had excited or
turned me on in the way Thunder's was right then. While
I acted afraid and unsure of myself to Mistress Marion,
deep down I couldn't wait for her stern commands to
Get Queer with it! While I had no real idea how It or its Cum
would taste or if either would made me sick, I did know that
no matter what, I was going to mouth it deep and follow every
one of MIstress Marions or even Heidy's commands without

Having never Dommed a scene involving dog play before,
Mistress Marion asked Heidy what was the best position
to give her dog a blow job in? God how erotic I found Heidy's
answer then as she told my Dominatrix that I could blow him
sideways from under his belly for openers and then take
him with his front paws up on my shoulder tops while he fucked
it down my throat from head on to get himself off! Looking
down into my eyes right then, Miz Marion told me that if I
did good job in totally pleasing Thunder and amusing both
her and Heidy , she might just put a collar on me and let me
wear it home! It was then the real hard side of Heidy suddenly
showed up as with a lewd grin she told me the following. "Make
sure you keep your teeth out of the way Faggot, or he might
bite your face!" "And once hes ramming down
your throat, make sure you dont suck his knot too hard either!"
Yes if my doomed fate wasn't bad enough right then,
I now had to worry about being injured as well? Yet deep down,
I still wanted to do it more than anything!

So as Heidy knelt in front of her dog and began to gently pet
the top of his head while allowing it to deeply lick her pussy,
Mistress had me on all fours in a ninty degree angle to Thunder,
while ordering me to turn my face toward his big boner while
bringing my head down under his belly. Yes as that big red
doggie dick drew nearer and nearer to my eyes, I sucked in
a deep breath while Praying that Just Like every single
one of all of the other countless man and boy cocks I had ever
sucked before, I was going to love doing it? With my left
ear now resting against Thunders soft furry slightly heaving
lower belly, I found myself viewing his huge doggy dick
from almost head on. Yes a long red strange looking dick
whose large tinted hanging balls were mounted a good four
inches beyond the thick beginning of his good sized sheath.
A dogy dick that seemed to jerk up and down every few seconds
in anticipation of my warm tight truly faggot mouth. While
Heidy couldn't really see me clearly then, she told
me that Thunder was quite used to getting faggot blown in
this positiion and would remain quite passive instead
of trying to ram it all down my throat! Next my then suddenly
impatient Doms loud firm voice issued me a four word command.

Unlike any mans cock I had ever licked before, the very end
of Thunders headless Prick was softer and felt kind of spongey.
Its tart taste reminded me of somewhat of a band aid cut.
Different yes but certainly not foul tasting or repullsive.
Not quite as fearful on my next lick, I used another inch
of my exploring tongue to sample a bit more of its underside.Yes
exactly like my very first time with my older cousins friend
junior, I was receiving a number of different quite exciting
erotic thrills both physically and mentally as well. Next
I suddenly saw Mistress Marions face appear from just beyond
Thunders parted back legs as she had laid down on the floor
with her chin resting on both her crossed hands so the she
could better watch me close up. Yes between my new exciting
doggie cock of exploring discovery and her quite interested
turned on look, I then deeply sought to combine both TOTAL
QUEERNESS AND TOTAL SUBMISSION TOGETHER! Yeah at last I had reached and found the true heat
and soul of my very existence. From behind me and above me,
I again heard Little Annies childhood voice asking her
Sandy is he liked his new friend Boner Boy? Then from in front
and below me, Mistress Marion began to encourage me to tongue
every fuckin inch of available dog cock possible! By the
time I stopped licking and lapping some ten or so minutes
later, I could have wet and covered the backs of a few hundred
sheets of postage stamps. Yes now completely licked clean
of almost all taste, I moved my head forward as my gay foreplay
stimulation and was over and my time had arrived for me to
seriously suck and worship every stimulating inch of Thunders
incredable DOG Cock!

No sooner did I wrap my lips tightly around the first four
inches of it and began to passionitly suck with hollowed
cheeks, did I recieve a short quick spurt of creamy strong
pungence that stung my tastebuds. As a densit I had gone
in thousands of mouths over the years without ever having
one single sexual thought or urge. But now my very own mouth
seemed to be giving me a thousands times more pure pleasure
than my Cock Ever Had. Seeing my expression of complete
contentment, a nearby Mistress Marion did her best to enhance
my enjoyment and pleasure. Instead of degrading me in her
usual way, her totally understanding voice now was expressing
happiness in telling me that Thunders Cock was the True
God I had been seeking during my Entire Lifetime. "Worship
it in pure glory baby, Suck and Enjoy your True Inner Self!"

Oh how I loved my Life right then as I greedily mouthed it
deeper and Sucked in a combination of pure Need and Greed.
Yes Thunders huge dog cock was producing a never ending
stream of rancid cream only a true Faggot could begin to
appreciate and Love. So precious and wanted was his incredable
Load, that I swollowed over and over again so that I could
better taste and savor each new arriving spurt. It seemed
then that Thunders exploding dick and my mouth had become
totally united as one! Again I heard Little Annies sweet
young voice asking if "After I was all done, would
I let her suck it a little bit too?" Oh how right Heidy
had been when she had told me that Thunder was ripe for a five
minute long ejaculation. Yes two solid minutes of thick
flowing soupy cream followed by another three or so of tart
watery clear leaking bitter fluid. Spreading my lips wide
after sucking in a deep breath through my nose, I pushed
my cock crazed mouth downward feeling Thunders increased
thickness forcing my lips yet further apart! While opposite
them Thunders tapered Dick tip slowly was forcing its way
well down my receptive tight cock craving throat. So into
was I then, that I failed to notice that Mistress Marion
had moved. Now behind me, she pulled down my pink jock strap
and unsnapped the four silver buttons that had tightly
held my cock and balls prisioner. Next I felt her soft long
hair brushing against both of my inner thighs as she moved
her mouth in position to accept my prick. Never before in
our almost two years of sessions together had Mistress
ever once treated my like a man! I had always thought or suspected
she was a pure Lesbian without any feelings toward men.
How wrong I had been as the warmth of her tight mouth sucked
in my cockhead and upper shaft as her fingers lightly danced
across drawn up balls. This while I forced myself to take
not only the last available thick inch of Thunders stud
weapon into my mouth, but also his firm oval golf ball sized
knot as well!

It was one of Mistresses fingers trying to pry its way past
my puckered anus that put me over the top! Her deep moans
of acceptence only served to make my wildly shooting cock
blast off yet more powererful bursts of my pent up Cum straight
into her tight mouth. Yes the pain of her long pointed fingernail
suddenly tearing apart the sensitive membrane surrounding
my rim ring was well the pain when that same probing deeply
pushed finger applied strong pressures to my pulsating
prostrate from deep within me. Yes while I was milking Thunders
stud dog discharge dry with my sucking mouth, Marion was
using her talented finger to coax yet more of my stored thick
jizz cream from my inner chamber of Cum. Even an extremely
horny Heidy jumped into the act then to join us as her face
appeared next to mine as asked me if I would share her dogs
cock with her? Yes after slipping my mouth away from Thunders
K-9 cock, I also slowly withdrew my completely spent cock
from Marions Come filled mouth. Drained wouldn't
begin to describe how I felt right then as I used Little Annies
frilly panties to wipe the mess off of my lower face.

Forty five minutes two beers and a cold refreshing shower
later, I wrote a check out to Mistress Marion for eleven
hundred dollars and a second one payable to Heidy Johanson
(aka Little Orpan Annie) for two hundred. On both check
memos I jokeingly wrote " 4 the hot dog days of summer"

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