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Kristy's Story


Poster's Note: I had shared a story yesterday entitled "A Cheater's Diary". This is about a man and a woman cheating on their spouses together. Today, I present Kristy's point of view on the same story. Perhaps it will give insight to both of these people so that they may not be judged too harshly for finding solace in each other's arms.


Hi everyone! This is Kristy. David shared a story recently about our first time together. He thought it would be really hot if I wrote up from my perspective to share. Hope you like it.

My Story

I'm a typical housewife. I have two teenagers, a boy and a girl. My son will be a senior this year. My daughter will just be starting high school. I'm 45. I've married a nice man who has been a very good provider to me. I'm 5 ft 9 in and weigh more than I would like. I wear a 36D bra. My hair comes to my shoulders and is dark brown and straight. I wear glasses over my blue eyes.

Lately, as the kids have needed me much less, I've been feeling lonely. My husband's sex drive has been spiraling downhill over the last many years. I feel like I've been on an upward trend. We have sex maybe once a month, maybe as long as a couple months. And when we do have sex, he is only interested in the missionary position, at night, with the lights off, and minimal foreplay. We get along great in all other respects except this.

About three months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, Deanna. Somehow, over some drinks, our talk turned to sex. She confided in me that she signed up on this dating website and has already has some wonderful encounters. All of this while she is still married. She also warned me to watch out as there are a lot of creeps, too.

I wasn't sure about any of this as I had not seriously considered straying from my marriage vows before. Well, after another drought-filled month, I called up Deanna and started getting some more tips from her. She came over and she helped to guide me in signing up and creating my profile. She even took some risque pictures of me to add to my profile. Nothing explicit, but certainly more revealing than I was used to. She also talked me into signing up for the membership for six months.

Well, after I had things set up, I closed up my browser and, like Deanna had suggested, cleared my browsing history. No sense being too careless about this.

The next day I signed on (this time using incognito mode so I wouldn't have to clear my history) and was amazed at the number of responses I had gotten… Not to mention how many dick pictures were sent. Well, Deanna had prepared me some for this so I spent some time weeding my way through it all.

I did some searching and looking at some interesting profiles. But once I dug into them, none of them really gave me any reason to contact them. Maybe it was partly me having second thoughts on all of this or being scared by it all. I don't know.

This continued for several weeks. I would go on every few days, weed through profiles that didn't do anything for me. And then one day, while looking at recommended matches from the site, there was a headshot of a handsome man. His profile showed he was 49. Has a master's degree, so probably has some gray matter in that head of his. He had longish curly hair, maybe brownish with the start of gray, but very handsome. He was smiling and wore glasses. He had a kind looking face. Maybe somewhat tired. There was something about this picture that struck a chord in me. He listed his occupation as an engineer. He lived in my city. It showed he was maybe 15 miles away. Everything he listed looked nice. He was tall: over six feet. He didn't smoke. No drugs. He listed his "endowment" as large in length and average in girth. I stepped away from my computer to get some water while I thought about him and whether I should make any move. When I returned to my computer, there was his picture looking at me with that kind smile and hair that looked like it would be fun to run my fingers through it. I vacillated. Should I? Shouldn't I? I clicked in the message text box. I thought for a moment what to say to him. This would be a big step for me.

I started typing. And then decided that wasn't right and deleted it. And then started typing again. Finally, I had a message that I thought would be ok. And I clicked "Send".

I felt nervous. I decided to go for a walk. So I closed my browser window and took a walk while thinking of what I had done. Was it the right thing to do? Would this lead to something nice or something I would regret? Should I do this? What if he doesn't reply to me? Lots of questions flew through my mind while walking.

Finally, I returned home. Still I was nervous but I went to my computer and logged in. And there it was. A reply. He was interested in learning more about me. And he said his name was David. He suggested we IM, when I have a chance. Oh, the doubts came back. Should I? Well, it is only chatting. It is not like I am sleeping with him or anything. I started to write back and say I'd love to chat. Then I wondered if he was available right now online? I checked…. And he was. So I sent a message to him. He immediately responded. We started sharing information about each other. And I started flirting shamelessly with him. It was easy doing this through the anonymity of the computer. He shared some more pictures of himself with me. Nothing too dirty but showing he had a nice mostly smooth chest. Yeah he had a little bulge around the middle but I looked at myself and couldn't hold it against him. He then asked me if I would like to hear a story he would make up on the spot. I said sure.

And he told a wonderful story about the two of us meeting for the first time and having a good time doing things my husband just won't do. He made me pretty hot and bothered with his story. He seemed to know what to say and how to say it. I ended up masturbating right there in front of my computer while reading this story. It was so sexy. We agreed to keep in touch.

The next day, when I signed in late in the morning, I immediately went looking for David. There he was. I remembered from yesterday that he said he works from home. That gives him a great deal of flexibility and would explain how he could hang out on this site all the time. This time, I decided I would do a video chat with him to surprise him and to better see and judge him. He replied quickly with a smile. He was wearing a t-shirt with some logo or other on it. He appeared to be standing, which surprised me. It turned out, he works in front of his computer standing much of the time with one of those standing desks. We started chatting and I felt so comfortable with him. He is kind and has a nice voice. I could see a lot gentleness in him. And yet, I could sense a lot of passion, wanting to get out and to be shared with someone.

We chatted about a variety of things including our families. We talked about where we had lived. We found out we both grew up in the midwest and relocated here to San Diego. He had traveled quite a bit more than me. He worked for a company that sent him over to Europe every month for over a year, so he was able to visit many places there. I somewhat envied him his experiences with travel while I had only been out of the country three times in my life: Once to Canada, once to London, and, most recently, once to Mexico. We had a wonderful video chat and ended up talking for several hours. It seemed reluctantly, he admitted he had to get some work done.

That night I dreamed about him. With my husband sleeping next to me, I had a wet dream thinking about David. I don't recall having one in all of the time I had been married.

The next day, I was busy and so wasn't able to login to meet up with David. I had a number of errands to run for the family that kept me busy the whole day. But the following day, I had time a little after 9 to get onto the site and look for David. There he was again. I immediately fired up the video chat. He answered quickly and we started chatting. Soon, we started teasing each other and talking dirty and before I knew it we were both masturbating in front of each other. He certainly had nice equipment. Not so large that I would be afraid of being hurt but also above average. He had nice large hands, which I appreciate in a man. We both reached an orgasm at the same time. It was quite exciting! I hadn't done anything like this over the computer before.

The next day, we were able to chat briefly. Nothing quite like the previous day, but still nice to see his face and hear his voice. I was beginning to think it would be possible for me, as a woman, to love two men at the same time. I definitely know I don't want to leave my husband. I don't want to hurt him like that. And yet, where I was headed, if he ever found out, would probably hurt him very deeply. I was pretty torn. I think David was feeling similarly conflicted about his wife.

We masturbated for each other several more times while talking dirty on camera.It was quite exciting. And I felt at this point I wasn't quite doing anything wrong. Well, I guess a part of me knew it was somewhat wrong and it a way I was already cheating on my husband. But another part of me was justifying it as nothing physical was happening.

During this time, I tried to arouse my husband by rubbing against him when the kids weren't around. I would snuggle up to him in bed at night. I would rub his body with my hands. And each night he would rebuff me saying he was tired or not in the mood. I think it was a combination of this as well as hearing from Deanna about her latest lover that finally tipped me over to invite David over for an afternoon of passionate sex. Yes, it would be sex. David and I made arrangements for the next day. He would come over to my place at 1PM. My kids would be away until 4PM, so we should have plenty of time.

The next day, I had butterflies in my stomach. I wasn't sure what to expect when David came over. I looked through my closet to try and figure out what to wear. I finally selected a nice bra and panty set, probably the sexiest I owned. I also found a neglige I had purchased for me to wear for my husband a number of years ago. It was maybe slightly snug, but I could still wear it. Of course, that brought up memories about when I had bought it and when I had modeled it for my husband. I reached out for my cell to give David a call and cancel things today. I hesitated. I stood there trying to decide what I should do. Finally, I set my phone down. I then got in the shower and started washing up. I decided I should probably trim things up "down below" and quickly stepped out of the shower to get what I would need and stepped back in. I took my time, and examined myself closely, wanting to look good.

I finished up my shower, turned off the water and stepped out to dry off. I considered putting on some perfume, but decided against it. I slipped into the panties and pulled on my bra, reaching behind to secure the clasp. I carefully pulled the neglige on. And I looked at the clock. It would be another fifteen minutes. Those butterflies started up again. I decided to have a small glass of wine. Yes, normally I wouldn't in the middle of the day. But today was a special day.

I had just finished my wine when I heard the doorbell ring. I said to myself "showtime, girl" and went to the door. I peeked out the peephole first to make sure I wouldn't be embarrassed if it was someone I wasn't expecting. It was David. I opened the door, smiling at him. He was wearing a nice looking polo shirt and cargo shorts. He had on sandals. I invited him in. As soon as he had the door closed behind him, he took me into his strong arms and started kissing. I could feel myself melting in his arms, enjoying the kissing. I've always been a sucker for a good kisser (one aspect my husband does well at when he does it). I started moving my hands over his back, holding him close to me and then moved my hands up into his hair. It felt nice. Light and silky. I had been imagining running my hands through his hair ever since first seeing his picture. I was moaning into his mouth while our tongues fenced with each other. David's strong hands felt good rubbing my back. He slid them down and massaged my bottom. It felt so good to be like this in a man's arms. It felt like so long ago when this last happened.

He said he had wanted to kiss ever since first seeing my picture. I replied that he was pretty good kisser and he was welcome to do that any time. Then I invited him to my bedroom. I made sure to sway a bit more than I would normally as I led him to my bedroom. I could feel his eyes on me as he followed along eagerly. I could feel we both wanted and needed this right now. I was already wet from the kissing before and also in anticipation of what would come next.

Once we were in my bedroom, I twirled around and asked him if he liked what he saw. He said he loved it. I then said we should get you naked and started tugging on his shirt, pulling it off over his broad chest. His chest was mostly devoid of hair with some small amount in the middle. I decided to lean over and tease him by licking his nippes. He started tugging on my clothes, trying to pull it off. I straightened up to allow him to pull my negligee off of me. He tossed it to the chair in corner. I then undid his belt and opened up his fly, reaching inside to feel what was waiting for me. I was delighted that he didn't have any underwear on that I would have to maneuver through and grasped his hardening erection. I then got on my knees and pulled his shorts off. He kicked them aside. I started looking closely at his erection. It was nice, circumcised. A nice length, maybe about 8 or 8 and half inches long. Not overly thick. My fingers curled around it nicely and I could fit both hands on it at once and still have the head sticking out. I snaked out my tongue and licked at that head. I licked up a little precum that tasted nice. I started to suck his head into my mouth when I felt his hands reaching down my back to the clasp on my bra. He fumbled for a moment and then got it apart and I helped him pull it off of me and he tossed it to the chair. I started bobbing on his erection, taking more and more. I was determined to take it all. I hadn't done this for years. I don't quite recall if I had ever had one this long in my mouth. Remembering my younger days and what worked well on men in college, I reached up and started fondling his testicles. I then remembered something Deanna had told me recently she had done and I slid a finger into my wet pussy to slick it up. I then reached up and slid it into David's anus. That had the same effect as Deanna had said. David called out that he was coming and I pulled back to keep just his head in my mouth so I could taste come. He shot several times into my mouth and I enjoyed his taste as I swallowed it down.

I continued to suck and was pleased he wasn't going soft. I definitely wanted more of this. He started to push a little on my shoulders so I pulled off and smiled at him. He pulled me to my feet and said how wonderful that felt. He then surprised me by leaning forward and kissing me again. Back in my college days, I don't recall any man wanting to kiss after I had had him in my mouth. After kissing for a bit, we then moved back to the bed and he said it was my turn. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed, he knelt down between my legs and started teasing my nipples. I could feel them harden just a little more as he played gently with them. He started sucking harder, taking the nipple and part of my breast in that wonderful mouth of his. He was very skilled at this. After awhile of this, he pulled my panties down and off and they landed on top of my bra. He started moving down my body, kissing and nibbling lightly. It was simply delectable with what he was doing to my body. I thought for sure he would dive between my legs, but instead he continued past and nibbled at my thighs and working down to my toes. He was being quite a teaser with this treatment. I mentioned to him that my husband has never kissed my toes as he switched to my other foot and started the tantalizing journey up that leg. During all of this, he kept his gentle hands moving on my flesh, touching here and there, teasing my hot flesh with his touch.

Finally, he had finished his journey up and he paused. I opened my eyes to look at him and saw him staring at my slit. His eyes seemed to devour me as he continued to stare. He then leaned forward. I could hear him take a deep breath in. I am sure he could smell my scent as I was smelling it now. He smiled as he snaked out his tongue and started teasing me, taking a quick dip between my lips. He started dancing his tongue around my slit, occasionally teasing my clit. He then slid a long finger into me, slowly, while his tongue continued the attack. He started sawing that finger slowly in and out as his tongue went up and licked around and on my clit. I was moaning under his ministrations, enjoying all of the sensations so long forgotten. I could feel a second finger join the first in sliding in and out. He was wriggling them some also which added to the feelings. I then reached down and pulled his head tight against me as I crashed through an intense orgasm. He continued licking me as I came down from that high and then had several more, smaller crests of pleasure, aftershocks of the massive orgasm. I felt I couldn't take anymore so I pushed at his head whispered that I needed a break and that my husband hadn't done anything like that with me.

We laid side-by-side in the bed and cuddled. I reached out and fondled his delicious erection. He reached out and started touching my breasts. We started kissing again, while exploring with our hands. He had such a marvelous warm touch. After a while, I broke off the kiss and asked him to enter me. He quickly repositioned himself between my legs and started teasing me with the head of his erection. I started pushing as soon as he eased the tip inside. He controlled the speed, slowly sliding into me until we were joined fully. He stayed like that for a moment. I enjoyed the feel of his pulsing length embedded within me. He started sliding slowly in and out and lifted off my body while still being joined below. I had my eyes closed enjoying all of the sensations emanating from below as he slid in and out of me. I finally could take no more of this slowness and asked him to speed up. (I think I may have even used profanity. Something I don't normally do). As he sped up, pounding harder, I reached up to pull his chest to mine. I held him close as he thrust quickly in and out. I had another big orgasm and I could feel him stop and hold himself still as I shuddered underneath him. When it receded, he started up again. I quickly came again and this time could feel him shooting off inside of me. We stayed together like that for a few minutes before David rolled off of me and lay to my side. I rolled to him and put a leg and arm on him to cuddle as he slid his arm around me and held me tight. I could smell his masculine smell and just enjoyed the moment.

I suggested we go and take a shower. I got up and he followed me into the bathroom. My house has a separate bathtub from the shower and I considered inviting David to share a bath with me. I glanced at the clock and decided it would be more prudent for the shower, as the time was running short. I couldn't believe it had been nearly two hours already. I reached in to turn on the shower when I felt David's hands reach around me and started fondling my breasts. I giggled and admonished him to behave himself. He just laughed and continued to rub my breasts and tease my nipples. I reached behind me with one hand while waiting for the water to warm up to see if he was hardening and delightfully wrapped my fingers around the waiting erection. The water was warm enough so I started pushing against his hands and pulling on his erection to guide him into the shower.

David let go of me to pull the door closed while I reached for the bar of soap. I then decided I wanted another kiss and pulled him to me under the water and brought his lips to mine. I eventually broke the kiss, gently pushed him out from under the water and proceeded to soap up that broad chest. I also massaged his arms, rubbing the soap everywhere I touched. I then got on my knees to soap up his legs and especially the wonderful flesh hanging there. I turned him around and soaped his legs, working upwards, skipping his behind for the moment to get his back. I then lathered up again and rubbed those tight buns. I even slipped a finger into him while reaching around with my other hand to give a few tugs. I then guided him to the water for a rinse.

He took the bar of soap from me started covering me in soap. It felt so delicious as his hands roamed over me. He knelt down to get my legs. He rubbed the bar of soap between my legs, creating a bit of lather there and also slid it between my cheeks. He soaped up a finger and started to slide it in and out of my bottom. I had not had anal sex before but I got a glimmer of what the appeal might be for it. I then asked him to enter me again. I bent over and spread my lips for him. He aimed and slid in all the way in one steady, slow stroke. It felt delicious to feel him filling my void again. He started sliding in and out and got a nice rhythm going. He then moved his hands to my breasts to play with them as I pushed back against him, pushing with my hands against the shower wall. After a while, he shifted his hands back onto my hips and really let me have it. Oh, how wonderful it felt! It was just a few strokes like this when I pushed hard back on him and shuddered with yet another orgasm. I felt him tensing and shooting just after I started. Reluctantly, I pulled away from him, feeling him slip out. We lathered up again quickly and rinsed under the warm spray.

We turned off the shower and dried each other off. His hands felt so good rubbing the fluffy towel over my skin. We stepped into the bedroom and talked about meeting again soon. We both realized it was getting late and David started dressing. I looked at the mess in my bed and realized I had better change that before anyone gets home. I mentioned this out loud and David considerately helped me change the sheets. We walked to the front door and I pulled him in my arms for one final kiss. I then pushed him away and told him to he should go or else I might loose control again. He agreed with me and slipped out the door. I watched from the front window as he got in his car. Before he sat down, he looked at me. I think I had a goofy smile on my face because he grinned widely at me before sitting down and driving off.

I really hope this is not our last time together. He has awakened sensations in me that i have not felt for a very long time. I don't want them to hibernate for another long winter.

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Fantastic! I think women are a lot better at giving a detailed description of things then men.