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A story I wrote months ago for a friend in Hong Kong...

Nine o’clock on a Sunday morning, on the dot, you stepped
out of your apartment building. You were dressed exactly
as you were told to. A simple, pale blue cotton summer dress,
your legs were naked and you had high-heeled sandals on
your feet. Stepping out of the air-conditioning the humidity
hit you, and taking stock, you adjusted your sunglasses
on your nose. This was all you were wearing.

A car pulled up almost immediately, a man got out of Mercedes
and asked, “Miss L?” You nodded, so he opened the back door
of the car. You stepped in, feeling immediate relief in
the humming of the climate control. The door clicked solidly
behind you, and before long the car was passing through
the busy streets quickly. The driver said nothing, he didn’t
look at you, he gave the impression you weren’t there and
you quickly realised there was no point in attempting conversation
so you looked out of the window at the passing cityscape.
You were in this car because you had been exchanging emails
with a guy that had become more and more pornographic. They
were compelling and hypnotic and you learnt more things
about your desires and fantasies with each exchange. As
the correspondence continued, you passed from a feeling
of safety at being on the other side of the world, to a feeling
of frustration that you were unlikely to meet the writer.
Then, to your surprise, one evening you received an email
from London that told you the guy would be in Hong Kong for
a week at the end of the month. Suddenly and recklessly you
sent an email suggesting a meet and he agreed. You spent
the following weeks changing your mind; it was a stupid
and dangerous thing to do, and yet, each time you decided
that you wouldn’t meet him, you reread the emails and found
yourself deeply and insatiably horny. Now, sitting in
the back of the car, your pulse raced with nerves, but you
couldn’t stop feeling warm anticipation of the immanent

You knew I had sent for you, but you didn’t know where you
were being taken, and you couldn’t help but feel a slight
apprehension when you realised the Mercedes was in an unfamiliar
part of Kowloon. The buildings were ugly. Small, grubby
light industrial workshops piled on top of each other,
a few shops and places to eat, a market with live chickens
in baskets. Rubbish was everywhere, despite the attempts
of a few street cleaners trying to stem the tide of garbage.
It wasn’t a nice place. And in the middle of it all, the car
stopped outside a grim, empty building with locked gates.
The driver got out and opened the car door, he escorted you
across the pavement and unlocked the gates to the building.

He turned on the lights and you both stepped inside the entrance.
It smelt musty, and un-cleaned, the mixed smells of leather,
solvents and engine oil and grease hung in the air, giving
you an idea what the building produced when it was used.
Today, being a Sunday, the building was empty of people.
Still silent the driver pressed the button to call the lift,
and when it arrived he pulled back the concertina doors
and signalled that you should enter. You stepped into the
lift, its walls were scraped; heavy pallets had been wheeled
in and out for years and had battered it. It should have had
two light bulbs in the ceiling, but one had blown and the
single bulb sent out a dim light. “Floor twelve”, the driver
said as he pulled the door closed between you. That was it.
The man who had delivered you to your submissive fate had
only used four words. You took a deep breath, pressed the
button, and the lift started to slowly rise up through the
building, and as it rose, you felt increasingly apprehensive,
because although you had wanted to experience total submission
and had discussed it at length with various people on line,
now that it was immanent, you couldn’t help but feel some
nagging doubts at your decision to go through with it with
this stranger. Not only was it dangerous, and therefore
immensely thrilling, something inside you wouldn’t stop
calling you insane for agreeing to it all.

The lift moved upwards slowly, it took ages, but eventually
the lift stopped at the twelfth floor; you braced yourself
for what was to come, but as you composed yourself the doors
concertinaed open. I was standing in front of you, wearing
an Italian linen suit and I stretched out a welcoming arm
to invite you. “Hello Baby Girl”, I said. You took my hand
and let yourself be gently pulled out of the lift, “Welcome
to the twelfth floor”.

My arm curled around the small of your back lovingly. The
apprehension you’d been feeling subsided a little as I
pulled you close against me and pressed your young body
against mine. As you turned your face upwards to kiss me,
you felt my building erection against your smooth thigh
through the trousers of my suit. You opened your lips and
your tongue passed into my mouth meeting mine, kissing
me passionately. If you were going to let any man control
you completely, you were confident that I was the person
to do it. As I kissed you, you felt my hand roam across your
body, feeling your bottom and feeling your breasts; you
realised that I was checking whether or not you’d done as
I wanted you to and come to me without any underwear, and
as my hand stroked your breasts, you felt your nipples harden
under my administration, and they protruded against the
cotton of your dress. A wry, demonic smile crossed my lips,
and as you looked into my eyes you felt my fingers slowly
tug at the zipper at your back, opening you out of the summer
dress. The material gave against you, and revealed your
beautiful naked back as the zipper progressed down your
spine and rested just above the cleft of your buttocks.
My soft fingertips stroked the length of your backbone,
you weren’t wearing a bra and as my hand slipped beneath
the bottom of your zip, I reached into your dress and let
my hand pass across your naked bottom. You eased yourself
forwards, pushing your hard nipples against the palm of
my hand and said, “I’ve done as I was told, Daddy”.

With the back of your dress opened, and feeling my hand against
your warm naked flesh, you looked around the floor space.
The building was nearly silent, as you looked around on
this Sunday morning. The sun shone through the frosted
glass windows onto the dusty floor; there was nothing in
the cavernous space but a table with a computer and some
boxes on it, and an armchair. As I lead you across the room,
the impact of your heels on the concrete floor reverberated
in the quietness, and my persistent silence made you grow
anxious again. Although we had discussed exactly what
you were looking for in emails, this was the first time we
had met, and you really didn’t know if I could be trusted
to stop if you wanted me to. As I led you across the room with
my hand on your back, I suggested to you that you should give
me a code word, something you could use to signal that you
were uncomfortable, but I told you that it shouldn’t be,
“Stop”, because, as I explained, you might want to use that
word. You looked relieved, and thought for a while. “How
about red?” you suggested, as we approached the desk.

I stood behind you and pushed your dress off your shoulders,
and it fell to the floor, leaving you standing nude in front
of me. Your pulse quickened, feeling my eyes boring into
your flesh as I gazed at your beautiful naked skin from your
neck, to your spine, to your sweet bottom and down your legs.
The giving of your body was beginning, and you felt your
cunt start to moisten as I regarded your arse. You felt a
slight pressure from my outstretched palm against your
shoulders, pushing you forwards, and you reached your
hands out to rest them against the desk. You then felt me
feeling the inside of your legs, indicating that you should
separate your feet, and you complied by placing your sandals
about eighteen inches apart. You felt my mouth caress the
back of your neck and you gasped at the sensuousness of my
lips brushing against you. My hands reached around you
and cupped your breasts, your nipples hard against my palms
and then teased between my fingers. They ached with the
pleasure they received and your breathing became shallower,
as the loving pressure you felt on your nipples send ecstatic
signals to your clit and made your pussy flood with your
juices. You mentioned that your cunt was getting wet, and
you felt my hands sweep away from your breasts and over your
ribs, around your waist and over your buttocks. You shifted
your weight in the sandals and opened your legs further
as one of my hands slid between your thighs. The humiliation
and powerlessness of standing naked in front of a stranger,
was turning you on, and as the tips of my fingers ran along
the length of your cunt, the lips separated to coat my digits
with the wetness of your pussy and you felt your clitoris
come into contact with my gentle lingering fingertip.
The sensation was beautiful but excruciating, wanting
to be taken and used, but wanting this loving soft caress
in equal measures. I stepped forwards, and you felt my hard
dick brush against your back as it tented in my suit, and
straight away you knew that any cruelty I might subject
you to, would be tempered by my extreme desire for you. For
everything I might take from you, you would give me an equal
amount. You felt my free hand curl your hair into my grip,
and I pulled you back upright slowly and gently, but purposefully
so you couldn’t resist. With your back pressing against
me, I removed my wet fingers from your pussy and wrapped
my arms around you. I leant my head forward, over your shoulder,
and brought my cunt soaked fingers to my mouth, and tasted
your pussy on them; such an exquisite taste. “Why don’t
you open the boxes on the table, Baby?” I whispered in your

In the first box was a pair of long leather boots with five-inch
heels. They were made of soft but strong black leather with
pointed toes, and a long zip running up the inside. You looked
back at me and saw me indicate that you should try them on.
You slipped off your sandals and pulled on the boots, they
fitted you like a second skin, and made you legs look fabulous.
You twisted around in front of me, and I took all of your naked
beauty in for the first time. I gazed at the shape of your
hips, your breasts, the flatness of your stomach and the
smooth hairlessness of your mound. You looked bewitching
but vulnerable. And then you noticed the stainless steel
rings set into the leather, at just above your ankles and
at mid thigh on the outside. You looked at me questioningly,
but in reply, all I did was to indicate to the other unopened
boxes on the table. They contained a wide belt, of the same
leather, also with steel rings at the sides, two cuffs and
two armlets of similar design. You looked very confused,
but I told you to put them on, and you accepted my help buckling
you into them all. When you were done I pointed out something
you hadn’t noticed, the machinery suspended beneath the
high ceiling. It was a triumph of light engineering, a series
of tracks with gears, cogs and pulleys wrapping up steel
chains, connected electronically to the computer on the
desk. I clicked the mouse and the machinery burst into life,
humming quietly as the chains unwound and descended towards
the floor. I led you across the floor and stood you amongst
the chains, clipping them into the rings attached to you
legs, waist and arms. You were desperately apprehensive,
and I could see your heart pounding against your ribs. “You
know you can stop me by saying the word, don’t you Baby?”
You swallowed nervously and nodded back a submissive yes.
I stepped forward and kissed you softly, you wrapped your
arms around my neck, knowing that this would be the last
opportunity for a while to control the position of your
limbs, you held me in your embrace and told me, “Daddy can
do whatever he wants to do with his Baby’s body”.

At the computer, I clicked through the menu on the screen.
The machinery hummed softly as the chains took up the slack,
and when all of them were tight you felt your body pulled
upwards against gravity. The chains connected to your
legs took most of the strain; those attached to your waist
and upper arms tightened enough to steady you and keep you
upright. You were pulled about six inches into the air and
when I approached you hung there suspended, your eyes more
or less level with mine. The pulleys holding the chains
attached to your wrists ran along their tracks, raising
and separating your arms, leaving you in a crucified position.
You realised how vulnerable you now were, unable to move
as you were suspended before me. I cradled the back of your
head and pulled you towards me, and you opened your mouth
to accept my tongue. The defencelessness was liberating,
and you moaned into my mouth, in anticipation. As I was kissing
you became aware that slowly the mechanism above you was
pulling your legs apart and you were unable to resist. You
felt my hand pass over your breasts, aching erect nipples
enjoying the brief contact, and down over the wide belt
to your smooth pussy. You realised that anybody could now
approach you and stroke your cunt and knew how aroused you
were in this situation. My hand rested against your defenceless
wet pussy and my fingers toyed with your soft folds, slipping
in and out of your soaking opening. A moment of shame and
humiliation made you blush as you kissed your Daddy. You
tried to thrust against my playing fingertips, but you
found that all you did was just push your suspended body
away from me. The tease was immense and you were utterly
powerless as I caressed your cunt. You submitted to the
tease with a wave of euphoria, it was exactly what you had
always wanted. This stranger was using your near naked
body in all the ways you had masturbated about, and you pleaded
with your Daddy to push his fingers into his Baby’s pussy,
“Please Daddy, please fuck your Baby with your fingers.
Oh please Daddy. Please put your fingers into your Baby”,
you cried. I could see your desperation and I relented,
letting my index finger slip into you followed by my middle
finger. The warmth and moisture of your hole surrounded
my fingers as I stroked your g-spot and my thumb rested against
your clit. It felt like a gemstone against the soft pad of
my thumb as I circled it, listening to you gasp and groan
under my touch. Your orgasm was building; your breaths
were becoming shallower as all of your senses centred on
your slick pussy. Then to your horror you heard more footsteps
in the room. Heels were approaching from behind you on the
concrete floor. Shamed by your helplessness you asked
me to stop, but I continued to caress your cunt relentlessly
and pulled your mouth against mine. You squirmed against
me, unable to stop the glorious sensations from your stimulated
pussy and unwilling to be in the throes of orgasm the first
time you met somebody. But it was too late; your pussy started
to spasm around my fingers as your whole body shook from
the intensity of it. You released a long sustained moan,
and I wrapped my free arm around your suspended body and
pulled you lovingly to me, and whispered that Mommy was
here, and that we’d both take care of you from now on.

Because I was holding you closely, you couldn’t see who
the woman was. But you could feel her nails gently scratch
your naked back. The contact with the anonymous woman made
you shiver with anticipation as her fingertips slowly
scraped the length of your spine. You trembled in my arms,
and I whispered, “Your Mommy loves her Baby as much as your
Daddy does. You know that don’t you Baby?” You took a deep
breath and swallowed, because the anonymous woman’s fingertips
were now stroking your buttocks. You looked deeply into
my eyes, and I saw your pupils dilating. You nodded, and
you bit your bottom lip, because you felt the woman run her
index finger between the cheeks of your arse and across
your anus. Whoever she was, she could have felt you between
your open legs and run her hand over your post-orgasmic
pussy and you itched for her to do it. Your cunt was flooding
with your juices at the anticipation of her doing just that,
her fingertips caressed the inside of your open thighs,
defencelessly held apart by the machinery you were suspended
from. You closed your eyes, to concentrate on the teasing
sensation. It was heavenly, and you answered with a tremble
in your voice, “Can I see my Mommy?”

You felt her slip two fingers into your cunt and your clit
tingled as she did it, she purred with appreciation of your
wetness. And you heard her voice the first time, “Mommy
thinks her Baby’s has a beautiful pussy”. I stepped around
you, and a tall woman with long black hair took my place.
Carmen was Hispanic looking with full pouting lips, six
foot tall in her very high-heeled boots. Apart from these
she was naked. She had perfect pert c-cup breasts and your
eyes lingered on her brown nipples, large and erect. Her
perfect olive skin had a sheen to it in the sunlight streaming
in through the frosted glass windows. Your eyes moved over
her body, taking in her narrow waist and curved hips and
they settled on her neat straight thin landing strip of
public hair. She had eyes that were so dark they were almost
black, and you gazed into them as she reached forwards to
kiss you. You opened your lips to her and took her tongue
into your mouth, you instinctively wanted to hold her to
you but your crucified arms couldn’t move, as she probed
your mouth with her tongue. She was so beautiful and so sexy
you couldn’t help but feel an intense lust for her.

The machinery bust into life, and you were pulled upwards
into the air very slowly, breaking your kiss with your Mommy,
but as you rose up towards the high ceiling, she kissed your
throat, your collarbones, your breasts, your ribs, your
stomach and your pubic bone. As she pressed her lips gently
against your smooth mound, you were glad that your legs
were held open by the chains, because you wanted her to taste
you pussy, you longed for it. But it was my tongue you felt
first, because standing behind you, I had separated the
cheeks of your buttocks and pressed the tip of my tongue
against your arse hole, circling your puckered rosebud.
You gasped from the unexpected stimulation and you looked
down at Mommy. “Does our Baby like that?” she asked. You
were catching your breath each time my tongue crossed your
tight anus, and you struggled to answer, each time you tried
to let out words you felt my tongue’s pressure against your
sphincter and you were unable to speak. Mommy said, “Daddy
loves the arse’s of his girls, Baby. Do you want to see how
much Daddy loves Mommy’s arse?” Trembling as I licked your
ring, all you could do was nod at the Latin beauty. She turned
around in front of you and bent forwards. She had a large
butt-plug between her cheeks, lodged deep inside her,
stretching wide her arsehole. “See how much your Daddy
love’s Mommy’s arse?” she said, “Daddy fucked Mommy up
her arse just before you came here Baby, and he wants Mommy
to keep his sperm in her butt, because he loves her”. You
groaned as my tongue penetrated your tight sphincter and
entered your rectum. My tongue entering you reflected
the feelings experienced by Carmen as she slowly pulled
out the butt-plug. Her arse opened against the pressure
of its exit exactly as yours did against the pressure of
my probing tongue. When the large rubber toy was free, you
saw some of my semen trickle out of her hole and run down her
naked thigh in the same way you could feel my saliva running
out of your arsehole and your pussy’s juices running down
your separated legs.

Carmen walked to the table, and she put the plug down and
opened a drawer, taking out a large red strap on dildo. You
watched her tighten the belt and secure the fastenings
as you relished the sensation my tongue was giving you arse.
She toyed with the plastic phallus, stroking its head with
her palm, strictly for your benefit. She clicked the mouse
of the computer, and you began a slow descent. My tongue
followed your arse as it slowly fell, and Carmen came back
to you, holding the plug in her hand. I reached around your
body, over the wide soft leather belt and cupped your breasts
in my hands, carefully squeezing them and pinching your
hardened nipples, for Carmen to bite and suck as they descended
past her mouth. As you came down in front of her, your body
lay suspended between my hard dick and her large dildo,
and your body weight rested between the two. First your
wet cunt opened around the large head of the strap on, and
you felt it’s smooth plastic tip pass inside you. As only
my saliva lubricated your anus, it resisted my penetration.
Carmen presented you with her used butt-plug. “Kiss this
Baby”, she said. You shook you head apprehensively, and
she withdrew the strap on from you pussy. “Baby, ” she said
sternly, “Mommy wants you to do as you’re told”. You were
aching for the missing phallus, so you nodded to Carmen
and opened your mouth. She replaced the thick smooth head
of the dildo into your pussy, as she placed the used plug
against your tongue. You tasted Mommy’s bitter rectal
flavours mixed with Daddy’s salty cum on the rubber toy,
and you loved them, taking as much of the plug into your mouth
as possible and closing your mouth around it. With the end
of apprehension, came the end of resistance, and your ring
opened around my dick. You fell two inches down my length
and an equal distance down the thick dildo. It hurt. Your
arse stung at the sudden unlubricated entry, the double
penetration stretched the skin between your holes and
you thought you might be ripped apart, but with the toy in
your mouth, you were gagged and unable to cry out as the chains
lowered you deeper onto the dildo and onto my dick. With
each additional inch you felt more pain but received more
pleasure. The machinery stopped when you were fully impaled
jointly in your cunt and arse, and only when Carman saw tears
welling in your eyes, did she take hold of your hips and start
to move the strap on inside your slick pussy. I mirrored
her movement, feeling my rigid cock parallel with the thick
dildo on the other side of the dividing tissue. Your arse
was wrapped tightly around my dick, and at first you couldn’t
help but involuntarily clench your sphincter because
of the pain, gripping my erection and making your arse tighter.
Both holes were being opened and thrusted into by our actions,
and as the moisture flowing from your pussy ran between
your suspended separated legs, some of it settled against
my penetrating dick and slowly eased my entry into your
arse. Our fucking of you became synchronised, and you felt
like one giant dick was filling you. “That’s it Baby”, I
cooed as the searing pain started to give way to pleasure,
“Mommy and Daddy love fucking our Baby”. And with the used
butt-plug in your mouth, like a pacifier, you nodded your
appreciation, rocking your pelvis in time with each dual
thrust. Carmen ran her hands across your exposed skin,
from your hard nipples pushed forwards by my hands firmly
squeezing your breasts, up to your throat and then down
over your stomach. Your skin was covered in perspiration,
and sweat trickled between your body and hers. She let her
fingertips rest on your smooth mound, she let them separate
around the penetrating dildo, feeling the movement of
your soft, wet labia as the plastic phallus connected to
her hips pumped in and out of your cunt. You wanted her to
toy with your clit. You had only met her forty minutes earlier,
and you longed for her to make you cum. You felt like such
a slut. You felt utterly used. You felt utterly powerless.
Just an object of lust for a man you’d met online and his beautiful
Hispanic sidekick. It was liberating, because all of your
control had been taken away, you were here in this warehouse
simply to be taken, and as the object of their lust you felt
a warm rush of compliance. “Does Baby want her clit played
with?” Carmen asked. You nodded, unable to speak with the
used butt-plug in your mouth. “Does Baby want to cum with
Daddy’s dick in her arse?” you moaned with pleasure into
the rubber bung. And the woman stroked your diamond hard
clit with her fingertips as I pinched your nipples between
my fingers. You came so hard, and so fast, your vision blurred.
New beads of sweat broke out across your shoulders. Your
body shook as you were suspended between us, and I kissed
your back, and bit the muscles on the back of your neck as
your pussy clenched around the toy deep in your cunt and
your arse gripped my dick. I unloaded wave after wave of
semen deep into your bowels.

As my erection subsided, I slipped my dick from your cum
filled arse, and immediately a little sperm tickled out
of your bum. My hand reached around you and took hold of the
butt-plug in your mouth, and you opened your mouth to release
it. It was wet with your saliva, and you knew exactly where
it was going. “Please Daddy. Don’t”, you said. Carmen slowly
resumed the movement of the strap on in your pussy, and with
each thrust, your body swung slightly away from her. The
pendulum effect stopped as soon as you felt the bung press
against your used and leaking arse, and Carmen started
to fuck you harder. She was pushing the dildo deeper and
deeper into your cunt, and she pushed your body backwards
against the wide tip of the plug. Your sphincter started
to give away against it, because your ring was slick with
Daddy’s cum and the plug was lubricated with your spittle.
You knew that your arse would be stretched more widely open
then you’d ever experienced, and it frightened you. “Please
Mommy. Don’t let Daddy’s fill my arse with it”. But Carmen
wouldn’t listen, “We want our Baby to keep her Daddy’s sperm
in her arse”, she said. And with that she pushed into you
so deeply, and with so much force that your sphincter had
no option but to open around the toy pressed against it and
close again around its bulbous head. It hurt as it went in,
but you quickly felt pride and lust in your new deeper, more
humiliating, submissiveness. Your bum was full, and it
was stretched wide, holding my semen inside you. You could
fill it sloshing in your rectum as Carmen continued fucking
you and the machinery hummed again. This time, the chains
moved to pull you into the horizontal position, suspended,
prone with your arms and legs apart like a St. Andrews cross.
I left you there, as Carmen stood between your open thighs,
pumping the large red dildo remorselessly into your soaking
cunt. She reached down and surprised you by making the strap
on vibrate inside you. The fresh stimulation against the
walls of your pussy made you gasp and then moan contentedly.

I slumped into the armchair to watch the spectacle; reaching
to retrieve my mobile phone, I dialled a number. “You can
come up now”, I said. A few moments later, you thought you
could hear the lift whirring, and then the concertina door
rattled open. A slim, pretty twenty-four-year-old Vietnamese
girl stepped onto the floor. You recognised her immediately.
She didn’t look over towards you, but she crossed the floor
to me. Her heels tapped against the floor, her shapely legs
were naked, her tightly fitting dress was short, and when
she bent over in front of me, you could see that she wasn’t
wearing any panties. Your girlfriend took my dick in her
mouth, tasting my sperm and your rectal flavours, sucking
me until I was hard again. You watched as your Daddy’s cock
started to swell in her mouth. You felt jealousy well up
inside you. The girl was giving me a blowjob before you had
been given the chance to feel dick on your tongue. She was
clearly enjoying the taste, because you saw your girlfriend
place her hand between her legs and part the lips of her pussy.
Her cunt glistened with moisture as I reached forward to
play with her clit. The sight of her being toyed with by your
Daddy drove you wild with lust, and you groaned around the
vibrating strap on as Mommy played with your clit. Your
girlfriend’s head was bobbing up and down over my dick,
and you could see that she held given me back my erection.
You heard her satisfied moans as my dick grew and twitched
against her tongue, and you watched her pussy start to drip
moisture down her naked legs. She would be cumming against
my fingers shortly, and the vision of her reaching her orgasm,
brought you to your climax again.

Mommy withdrew the strap on. You were left suspended in
the room, and you watched Carmen remove the toy from around
her waste. I reached across and clicked the mouse on the
table, and the chains hummed again. You legs and pussy stayed
were they were, but your head dropped a little. I stood up
and approached your open legs, your girlfriend stood next
to me, looking over your exposed body as she wanked my saliva-covered
dick. You waited for me to enter you as I looked down on your
open pink pussy. Your cunt was as wet as any your Daddy had
seen, but I told the girl to spit on it. You felt her spittle
hit your swollen labia, run off between your legs and settle
around the plug secured in your anus. It started to drip
onto the floor. I said, “Baby, I think it’s about time that
your Mommy was allowed to cum. don’t you?” You nodded your
head, unable to speak in anticipation. And your vision
left you as Mommy’s thighs blocked out the light. Her wet
pussy was just above your face, and you inhaled deeply to
savour her musky sweet smell. Your tongue passed between
your lips and caressed Mommy’s pussy and clit. You both
let out a little moan of pleasure and more of your girlfriend’s
spit landed against your cunt. I watched for a while. Enjoying
the sight of your abuse, and listening to the happy sound
of your acquiescence. You gave Mommy so much pleasure;
she closed her eyes to relish your expert oral skill, and
she was moaning with delight. Your girlfriend stepped
away from your pussy and grasping my erect, marble-hard
dick she guided it against the lips of your cunt. She stood
at your side, and when I pushed into you, she reached between
your legs to stroke your clit and she bent over you to suck
your aching erect nipples. You were licking and sucking
your beautiful Hispanic Mommy’s pussy, you were having
your erect nipples and your clitoris teased by your Vietnamese
girlfriend. Your Daddy was filling your cunt with long
slow forceful thrusts and your arse sang as it was stretched
around the plug. More erotic stimulation than you could
cope with. Carmen said, “Oh Baby, you are so good at this.
Baby you are so good that you make your Mommy want to pee over
your face”. It was too much. You didn’t want that. “No Mommy,
please don’t”, you tried to say, muffled by her wet pussy.
“Baby is making Mommy want to pee all over her face when she
cums”. You tore your head away as far as you could, “No please
stop!” Your voice was shaking. You were at the edge of another
orgasm. All stimulation stopped, and you ached for it to
start again. You were panting, and yearning, and you were
desperate. I asked, “What colour is the Chinese flag baby?”
You paused for a millisecond, before the meaning of the
bizarre question sank in, and a smile crossed your lips,
“Mostly, it’s… scarlet”, you replied. And simultaneously
your cunt filled with my dick, Mommy’s pussy descended
against your mouth, and your girlfriend’s fingers and
lips returned to your nipples and clit. You started to cum
immediately, and I fucked your gripping pussy as hard and
as fast as I could. Mommy groaned as her pussy contracted
in her orgasmic ecstasy, she soaked your face. But this
time, she wasn’t squirting, she was covering your face
with her hot piss as I withdrew my dick from your cunt and
splashed my semen across your helpless naked body.

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Great story... What happens neXt?


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" WOW ", Next story Please !.