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Kevin (Bi Male to male)


His cock seemed perfect, at least to me it did, and I was just
about to bend over and take it into my mouth for the very first
time. As I ran my tongue around the head, I thought for a moment,
and I remembered how this had all started in the first place.
This was all several months before I met my girlfriend Shannon,
and it had been many long months before that, that I’d gone
without sex. Oh sure, I masturbated often enough, but masturbation
for me at least, is never a full-time replacement for the
real thing. It had taken me many years to come to terms with
the fact, and accept openly the fact that I am bisexual,
but since I had, at least I had other options for sexual gratification
if I needed it. Sometimes though, “want” is even grater
than “need”, and it had been a very long time since I’d last
been with another man, and by then I honestly wanted it as
much or more than needed it.

Kevin was an accident, and as it would turn out a pleasant
accident, but that is for me to tell you later. For now, let’s
just start at the beginning. I was divorced from my first
wife, and as I told you earlier, I had yet to meet my girlfriend
Shannon. I owned my own business, and at the time, I lived
in a small travel trailer right across from my office. It
wasn’t much, but then again, I didn’t need much. All I needed
was a place to cook, and a nice bed, and a television to watch,
and my little travel trailer had all of that and more. Also
at the time, I wasn’t dating anyone, so my only sexual outlet
was my own hand, sliding up and down my cock rapidly, as I
stove for release. Masturbation was never the best answer,
but sometime, it was the only answer.

Then, one day into my office walks this guy. He’s wanting
to sell me insurance, and I’m not buying. As it turns out
though, he’s originally from New Jersey, and I’d spent
a couple of years there both when I was in the military, and
later, when I worked for a large major retailer. So, what
started out as a sales call, ended up with the two of us talking
about a place we were both familiar with, and in the process,
getting to know each other. At first I actually thought
Kevin was a little pushy, and in some ways he even got on my
nerves, but I figured he was just wanting a friend, someone
to talk to, and so I put up with him. One thing that did make
me a little uneasy at first though, was how, well how “touchy-feely”
he was, always touching my arm or my thigh or something like
that as he talked, and depending on whether we were sitting
or standing.

After that first meeting, that first day, he would just
drop by at odd times, surprising me, and again, sometimes
even irritating me with his timing. But again, as I said
before, I put up with him. It was maybe a couple of weeks after
we’d first met, and one day I was in my office, and it was close
to closing time. It had been a boring day, with nothing going
on at all, and so I had been surfing the internet, looking
at porn. I’d done the usual, and I’d been looking at amateur
women, and then couples, and then I found this one site with
amateur men, and I’d been looking at some of them. Now normally,
if I was doing something like that, and I had to leave my office
for some reason, I’d either sign off from the site I’d been
looking at, or I’d lock my office door. That particular day however, I was closing up, and I didn’t
expect to see anyone, and so I’d just left the image I’d been
looking at, up on my computer screen , as I went to shut things
down for the evening. As I was returning to my office, I saw
Kevin’s car parked out front, and I knew he was inside. I
actually wasn’t worried though, as I’d honestly forgotten
I was even still signed on to that bi/gay website, or that
I’d left an image a very naked guy up on the screen, a guy stroking
his very big, and very hard cock, right in the middle of an
orgasm, cum shooting out of the tip!

Kevin was actually sitting behind my desk, in his business
suite, and his feet up on my desk, as I entered the office.
As soon as I opened the door, he jumped up, and offered to
let me sit. I sat down, as I did so, I bumped my mouse, causing
the screen saver to turn off. Looking up, I almost fainted
when I saw that big cock, shooting out it’s cum, right there
on the screen. I very quickly clicked on the “x” at the top
of the photo, killing it, but I couldn’t be sure whether
Kevin had actually seen it or not. As a looked up at him, I
got my answer, as this big smile suddenly appeared on his
face. Looking straight at me he suddenly said;

“So, you like looking at pictures of big, hard, cocks, huh?”

It was bad enough that I now new he’d seen what I’d been looking
at, but then that question! I honestly didn’t know what
to do, or what to say, so I just sort of sat there staring back
at him. Without saying another word, Kevin stood up, and
walked over to my chair behind my desk. I looked up at him,
standing there, still in his business suite, complete
with tie and jacket still on. I still didn’t speak or move,
even as he reached down and slid the zipper down on the front
of his suite pants. Reaching inside, he fished around a
bit, and then slowly pulled his semi-erect cock out of the
front of his pants, and then sort of held it there, only inches
from my face!

At this point in our story, we’re back to the first sentence
I started with; “His cock seemed perfect, at least to me
it did, and I was just about to bend over and take it into my
mouth for the very first time.” Actually before I did take
it into my mouth, Kevin spoke again, asking me if I liked
this cock (meaning his own of course) and all I could really
do was nod my head yes, as I unconsciously slid my tongue
across my lips. It really was a beautiful cock, and even
three-quarters erect, it looked good, with a beautiful
thick shaft, and a perfect mushroom head. I leaned forward
and ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I heard Kevin
suck his breath in, and then as I licked the underside, he
let his breath out in with sigh of satisfaction.

As I began licking up and down his hard shaft, I learned quickly
that Kevin was a talker, and that really turns me on. As I
was licking him, he started telling me how good my tongue
felt on his cock, and then he started in on how he had suspected
something about me, but he wasn’t sure. Then, he said, after
seeing that picture on my computer monitor, he knew, he
just knew. Sitting there in front of him, his cock completely
hard now, and me still licking up and down his hard shaft,
I wanted more. I was committed now, and so if I was going to
do this, then I wanted to do it right. I suddenly sat up, and
told Kevin that we ought to head over to my little travel
trailer, so we could be more comfortable, and I could really
give his cock and balls a good going over. I could tell he
was reluctant to let me stop, now that his cock was out, hard,
and being serviced, but at the same time, he knew I was right.
It took him a minute to even be able to stuff his hard cock
back into his pants, but he somehow managed, and then we
were walking side-by-side, over to my trailer.

Once we got inside, the next question would be whether we
would sit on the small couch, or move into the little bedroom.
I only bring this up, because you have to realize that as
I said earlier, it was only a travel trailer, all of maybe
8 x 24 with a combined mini kitchen, and dining table, and
a built in couch / pull-out bed against the wall that separated
the bedroom on one end from the rest of the trailer. It also
had a small bathroom & small bedroom on the other end,
that bedroom I mainly just used for storage. Now all of this
might not seem that important to the overall story, and
it really isn’t but I just felt it would at least help with
the setting, so you would know where we were, and help with
the feeling of the story, and where everything took place!

At once Kevin settled the issue of “where” as he quickly
removed his jacket, and tie. He then undid his pants, and
slid them and his underwear down and off. After that, he
unbuttoned his shirt, but left it on, as he sat down on the
little couch, and then lay back, relaxing, and pushing
his hips and pelvis forward. His cock was still quite hard,
and it looked beautiful as it stood straight up from his
crotch, and gave a little jerk or two, in anticipation of
my mouth being down there again soon. After locking the
door behind us, and pulling the blinds closed, I moved toward
him, but Kevin stopped me, telling me to undress, so I would
be comfortable.

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, and even though he
still had a shirt on, I was now completely naked. Kevin looked
up at me and smiled, and then commented on how turned on I
had to be, as he pointed at my own hard cock. I moved straight
over to him, and then put one of the couch pillows on the floor
and knelt down on it. Kevin again rearranged his body, as
he slid forward on the couch, causing his cock to stand up
even taller, and at the same time, allowing his big balls
to dangle off the couch a bit. To me at least, it was a beautiful
sight! It had been a long time since I’d last been with another
guy, and now that most barriers it would seem were broken
down between Kevin and me, we were both ready for some fun!

Just before I bent over once again to start working on his
cock, Kevin reached up and sliding his hand under my chin,
he tilted my face up so we were looking into each other’s
eyes, and he told me to take my time. He told me not to hurry,
not to rush, because we had all the time in the world, and
he wanted to really enjoy my mouth, lips, and tongue! My
own cock jerk involuntarily, as he said it, and what he said
as well as the way he said it, really got me hot!

Now, slowly I began licking his hard cock once again. I did
take my time, first licking all around the head, and then
slowly licking up and down his hard shaft, especially concentrating
on the more sensitive underside of his cock. As I licked
him, I looked up, and Kevin’s eyes were closed. Every once
in a while, he would let out a soft sigh, or a low, almost whispered
moan. I spent several minutes just leisurely licking up
and down his hard cock, and then I slowed at the base, and
sucked on it, while I continued licking it. He groaned again,
and then I felt his hands on my head, pushing me lower, and
I knew exactly what he wanted.

In most heterosexual relationships (M-F) I tend to be more
of the dominate one, at least most of the time. When it comes
to male - male relationships though, I love being submissive,
especially if the guy I’m having sex with is into being more
dominate, more commanding, more in charge. Kevin seemed
that way, as his hands pushed my head down, and the quickly
after his voice broke the silence, as he told me to lick his
balls. I was headed that way anyway, but like I said before,
hearing him more or less order me to do it, only made ME, that
much hotter as well. I also wanted to tease him a bit though,
and so I went really slow as I started licking around the
base of his cock, and then barely letting my tongue just
brush across his balls, almost as if by accident. Kevin’s
need grew stronger though, and soon his hands were really
pushing at my head, and really trying to force my face lower,
and my mouth onto his balls.

I loved his balls from the moment I saw them, and now as I was
licking all around and over them, I loved the way his cock
jerked, almost seeming to dance from the pleasure he was
getting. His balls tasted fresh and clean, yet there was
still that musky odor to them, and he groaned as I licked,
and he called out my name, telling me how good it felt. Little
by little I began to lick lower yet, as I headed for that place
just between his balls and his asshole. Kevin seemed to
know where my lips and tongue were heading, because he sort
of scooted down a little lower on the couch, giving me better
access to his ass. Although a lot of guys, both bi and straight
don’t really enjoy having something in their ass, whether
it is another guy’s cock, a toy, or even a finger, I personally
have never met one who at least didn’t like his ass and asshole
licked, and Kevin was no exception to that rule.

As my tongue slid lightly down his crack, and then my tongue
flicked over his asshole, he groaned, and told me it felt
good, and then he told me to lick his asshole. I was already
ahead of him as I used my tongue to circle all around the outer
rim of his asshole, and then I licked it directly, soft at
first, and then even harder. He groaned again, and then
moaned loudly and as he did, he lifted his leg slightly,
and then rolled to his side a bit, really exposing his beautiful,
little, brown, asshole, and making it clear to me that he
wanted it licked good. I used the flat of my tongue now, and
licked his ass like it was an ice cream cone, and as I did that,
I ran my hand gently over his balls, and then I gripped his
hard cock, and stroked him.

He was really hot and turned on now, as even he got into the
act by reaching down, and grabbing his leg, and hoisting
it up even higher, exposing his asshole even more, and then
gasping out for me to lick it harder. I licked and licked,
and continued stroking his hard cock as I did it, and then
I put my tongue into his ass, and sort of fucked it in and out,
basically tongue-fucking his asshole. Hw was getting
really hot and turned on now, and the suddenly he blurted
out for me to suck him, for me to suck his cock!

Gladly, I thought to myself as I slid my tongue back up his
balls, and as he let his leg back down, and thrust his pelvis
up, making his hard cock really stick out. I slid my tongue
up the length of his hard shaft, and then opened my mouth
as I neared the head of his cock, and then, I slid my mouth
right down over it! Kevin groaned, and almost immediately
his hands were once again on the top of my head. His body began
moving, as he attempted to fuck his hard cock in and out of
my now sucking mouth, and his hands tried to get my head into
the rhythm as well. By this point, I knew we had been going
at it for a good thirty minutes, and so I figured he was at
the point where he was ready to cum, he wanted to cum, he needed
to cum!

I sort of let his hands push my head, as his hips thrust up.
I locked my lips tightly around his hard shaft, and let my
head bob up and down. As my mouth slid up and down his hard
shaft rapidly now, I used my tongue, and licked and swirled
it all around him, giving him the added sensation of being
licked, even as he was being sucked. Kevin seemed to be really
getting into it, and his orgasm must have been building,
because suddenly he stopped thrusting his hips, and he
stopped pushing my head with his hands, as he told me that
if I didn’t slow down, he WAS going to CUM! Well Hell, that
was the whole point, and I’d already been licking and teasing
him for quite some time, so now I was ready for him to cum too!

After he told me, or rather gave me the warning about his
impending orgasm, I basically did just the opposite of
what he’d told me to do! Instead of slowing down, my headed
started bobbing up and down over his crotch even faster,
and my lips locked around his pulsing shaft even tighter,
and I sucked him even harder! As I sucked, my tongue was really
going crazy now, all around and over his hard shaft, and
I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer, and he was going to
loose control! I felt the couch sort of jump, and I could
see out of the corner of my eyes that he had slammed his hands
down on it, and now he was gripping the fabric of the couch,
like he was holding on for dear life, and he was moaning even
louder than before.

I may not have been homosexual, but even as a bisexual, I
had sucked enough cocks in my lifetime, that I knew all the
signals, I knew all the signs of when a man was only moments
away from cumming, and Kevin was there right then himself!
I felt his body sort of stiffen up, and then his hands were
again back on my head. His ass lifted off the couch, and I
felt his cock swell. Suddenly he let out a long, low, groan,
quickly followed by a series of moans, as he started fucking
his cock in and out of my mouth. I just basically held my head
still, and let him control the movements, as he fucked my
mouth, and then his cock jerked hard, and began to pulse.
His cum shot out, and I sucked hard and swallowed.

Kevin’s moan’s were soon replaced by a series of yeses,
and then he was telling me to suck it, to suck it hard and swallow
it, because her was cumming in my mouth! Every man’s cum
tastes different of course, and some have no real taste
at all. To me at least, Kevin’s cum tasted wonderful, and
swallowing it down was a pleasure as well as a real turn on,
knowing I had pleased him so well, and given him so much pleasure.
As he came in my mouth, I held his balls, and gently squeezed
them, softly milking them, and adding to the overall pleasure
of his orgasm. He seemed to really like was I was doing, both
with my mouth, and my hand, because all he could do was moan,
and barely squeak out a breathless;

“Oh God Steven, that feels so fucking good!” “Yes, suck
it baby, suck it and swallow my hot cum!” “Hum baby, oh yeah,
suck it and swallow it all for me!”

He didn’t have to ask me or even tell me. I was loving every
moment of his cock pulsing inside my mouth. I was loving
every drop of his hot, sticky cum, as it squirted out of his
cock, and I sucked, and swallowed it. I would have sucked
him for a long as he wanted. I would have even stayed down
there and sucked him to another orgasm, if that was what
he wanted. I love it that much! Slowly though. Little by
little, as his cock throbbed and pulsed less and less, I
began to move my mouth again. Slowly, ever so slowly, sliding
it up and down his hard shaft. He groaned loudly and announced
out loud that this had been one of the best blow jobs he’d
ever gotten!

I slowed back down then, letting him again guide the action,
and I continued holding his cock in my mouth, as he sort of
eased it in and out. It wasn’t like I was really sucking him
again, as much as it was that he was just slowly, softly,
gently, fucking it in and out of my mouth, in and out, between
my tight lips. It was a sort of after-orgasmic, bliss, I
guess you would call it. Being a man, I know the feeling well,
and few women seem to really understand it. It’s no different
that holding you cock deep inside a woman’s pussy after
you’ve cum inside her. You are still enjoying the warmth,
and wetness, as a sort of after-glow, not wanting to pull
you cock out just yet. For Kevin, my mouth was providing
that warm, wet, place for him to relax, and let the feelings
flow through his balls, and through his still, very hard

Soon however, Kevin was sliding his cock out of my mouth,
and at the same time, tugging at me, pulling me back up, until
I was finally sitting beside him on the couch. Looking down
at my hard cock, he reached over and ran his hand over it,
and almost in a sort of dream state, he again told me what
a fantastic blow job I had just given him! I smiled and he
smiled back at me, and then he took me totally by surprise,
as he pulled me to him, and his mouth covered mine. His tongue
slipped out, and slid inside my mouth, and he kissed me deeply,

As he kissed me, his hand began moving faster and faster,
sliding up and down my hard cock. I moaned into his mouth,
and when he finally broke our kiss, he asked me if what he
was doing felt good. I groaned out that it did, it felt really
good. His hand moved even faster, and his grip tightened
around my hard shaft. I knew he was playing games when he
asked me if I wanted him to stop, but I answered him sincerely
anyway. Telling him no, and then almost begging him not
to stop. He reached over with his other hand and squeezed
my balls. I felt his finger sliding down my ass crack, and
then over my asshole. Suddenly, he stopped everything
and pulled away from me. I wanted to scream I was so frustrated,
and then he stood up, and stuck out his hand. I took it and
he pulled me to my feel and then started pulling me toward
my little bedroom.

As soon as we were in the bedroom, he pulled off his shirt,
and then pushed me onto the bed. Getting on the bed beside
me, he asked me if I had an lubricant. I told him I did, and
I reached over to my nightstand, grabbed the bottle and
handed to him. He took it, and then squirted some lubricant
onto my cock, and then slid his hand up and down it several
times, causing me to moan. He then smiled and let go of my
cock, and lifted my leg up, and sort of nudged me, getting
me to turn over, and onto my stomach. Now, I’d been around
the block a time or two, and so I had a real good idea where
this was headed, and so I sort of got up on my elbows, and then
onto my knees, pushing my ass into the air, and I waited for
him to make the next move.

It didn’t take him long, as he waited for me to finish moving,
and then he quickly squirted some more of the lubricant
onto my ass, and into my ass crack. I felt it sliding down
my crack and over my asshole, and then I felt his fingers,
as he side them between my cheeks, and then over my now lubricated
asshole. He rubbed me for a moment, and it felt wonderful,
and I groaned. His fingers slid up and down my crack, and
then over my asshole, and then onto my balls. He held my balls
and massaged them, and then slid his greased up hand over
my cock again. He really had me worked up, hot and turned
on, and by the time he let me go, and got on his knees behind
me, I was primed and ready for what was going to happen next.

Kevin’s fingers were quickly replaced by his cock, as he
then began sliding it up and down my slick crack. It felt
so good, and I felt so hot and nasty bent over like that with
him behind me, and I moaned as I felt his cock sliding in between
my cheeks. Kevin was good, and I mean really good, at pushing
the limits of his teasing, without pushing it too far, and
I wondered how women felt about his foreplay techniques!
I’d was willing to be they loved them! I was ready, God was
I ready, and as I felt the head of his cock slow, and then gently
glide over my asshole, I pushed back without really even
thinking. His cock felt so good resting in my ass crack,
with the head just poised at my tight entrance, that I “wanted”
him to fuck me, no, I ‘needed” him to fuck me!

Hell, I’d been fucked by other men before, in the past, starting
way back when I was a teen in school. I’d later been fucked
by a best friend of mine as we both discovered his bisexuality
one long weekend together, and then after that, I’d been
fucked while I was in the service, by a short term room mate
one drunken Saturday night. After all of that, I’d had my
share of men who fucked me, and I’d even fucked some of them,
but this, somehow this just felt so different. It felt like,
no I felt like, ah hell, I don’t know! Was this how a woman
felt after prolonged foreplay with a man? Was this the anticipation,
the “need” she felt to be penetrated, to be possessed maybe?
I didn’t know, but what I did know was that I needed to feel
his cock inside me, and right then, right there, at that
moment, I needed it more than anything else in the whole

Suddenly I felt my ass being ever so slightly stretched,
as the head of his cock pressed into my asshole, and caused
my puckered ass to begin to spread open. I waited, and then
nothing, and as I tired to push back into him, suddenly his
hands were on my hips, and he was holding me in place, not
allowing me to move.

“Oh God Kevin PLEASE!” “Please, Please, Kevin, PLEASE
fuck me with your big, hard cock!” “I need it!” “I want it!”

I’d never begged before, ever! This was a first for me, but
right then, I had too, because I wanted and I needed to feel
his cock inside me!

I could almost feel Kevin smiling. His plan had been to get
me so excited I was begging him, and that’s exactly what
happened. His hands tightened on my hips, and his body moved
forward. Now, I could really feel the head of his cock, as
it began to part my asshole, as it began to push my asshole
open, and as it began to slide inside me. Again I tried to
push back, and again he held my ass firmly in place. He wanted
to set the pace. He wanted to be the one on charge, the one
to “fuck me” and not have me fucking back at him, at least
not just yet. As the head of his cock finally penetrated
me and slid inside my ass, I groaned, and told him it felt
good. Little by little Kevin fed my ass his hard cock. Little
by little, inch by inch he gently pushed forward and slid
inside me! Of all the times I’d been fucked in the past, Kevin
was by far the gentlest lover I’d ever encountered, at least
this first time!

Finally, I felt his crotch pressing into my ass, and I knew,
I could feel that he had his hard cock all the way inside me.
He held still, and leaning over me, he whispered to me that
my ass felt so hot, so slick, so tight around his cock, and
it felt so fucking good, as he put it! He’d been such a slow
and gentle lover so far, that I didn’t even have to relax
and let my ass begin to accommodate his hard cock. I was already
relaxed, and I was so turned on, that I just wanted him to
start fucking me. By then, Kevin was ready as well, and as
his hands slid over my ass, and then grasp my hips once again,
he pulled his cock almost out of me, and plunged it back inside
me, sinking right down to the base of his hard cock!

I groaned loudly, and then moaned, telling him to fuck me,
and telling him how good his cock felt inside me. Kevin started
moving faster, and as he did, I began rotating my ass around
a bit, so that his cock was sort of cork-screwing into me,
as he fucked it in and out of me. He was moving faster and faster
now, fucking me deep, fucking me hard, and I was pushing
back with each of his thrusts, fucking him back just as hard.
At one point I sort of lost my balance, and fell forward onto
my face, onto the bed. Kevin stayed right with me, never
missing a beat, as he continued fucking me, his full body
weight now on top of me. He was up on his arms, and fucking
me so hard that every time he thrust forward, his crotch
would make a slapping sound, as it pounded into my ass. I
was moaning loudly, and he was grunting and groaning right
along with me as we fucked.

With me now laying almost flat on the bed, and Kevin pushing
the whole lower half of his body into my ass, my own cock was
rubbing against the bed beneath me, and suddenly I felt
an orgasm building up inside me, I knew I was about to cum!
I almost screamed at him not to stop fucking me, as I felt
my orgasm approaching. Not only did he not stop, but as soon
as he heard me telling him I was close to cumming, he started
fucking me in the ass even harder, and even faster, and even
deeper! My God, I was right there. I could feel my orgasm
boiling up inside my balls, and it was almost like I could
feel my cum shooting up the shaft of my hard cock!

I groaned loudly, slamming my ass back against him, as my
cock throbbed hard underneath me, and my cum shot out, soaking
the bed sheet under me. As my cock pulsed and throbbed, my
ass muscles flexed and contracted hard around his still
fucking cock. Kevin groaned, and started telling me what
a tight-assed hot slut I was, and even before he could manage
another word, his groaned turned into a moan, and I felt
his cock now jerking inside me ass. I was suddenly flooded
with his hot, slick, sticky, cum, and I could feel my ass
muscles, almost milking his hard cock as he shot off, deep
inside me!

I’d never experienced anything like it before in my life!
NEVER, had I cum, never had I orgasm’d too, just as the guy
fucking me was cumming deep inside my ass, but that evening,
that evening was a first for me, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!
Kevin fell against me, on top of me, and his body crushed
mine into the bed, as he pushed his crotch as hard as he could
into my soft ass. His cock was so fucking deep inside me,
and I could feel every inch of it, as it pulsed, and his cum
shot out into me. We were both breathing so hard that neither
of us could even moan, as we rode out our mutual orgasms together,
and lay there, his body crushed into mine, as wave after
wave of pleasure flooded through both of us!

I know it took several minutes for me to “come down” so to
speak, and my breathing to slow down to a point where I could
moan, and it took Kevin even longer than me. We were both
sweaty, and my ass was filled with his hot cum to the point
that it was even beginning to leak out of me, and dribble
down over my balls. The sheets underneath me were soaked
with my cum, and my sweat, and I’d never felt so good, so satisfied,
in my entire life!

Eventually, and really too soon for me, I could feel Kevin’s
cock begin to get soft, and begin to shrivel up. Slowly it
slipped out of my ass, to the point that only the head remained
inside me, and then it too suddenly popped out of me. As it
did, a flood of his cum came out of me as well, soaking my balls,
and the sheets under me even more than they already were.
I almost felt “empty” as he rolled off of me and then lay beside
me. It was all so weird. I was feeling feelings I usually
only felt with a woman, but somehow with Kevin, it all still
seemed so natural, and not the least bit wrong, or awkward,
or perverted.

We lay there blissfully, our bodies touching, but neither
of us actually reaching out and touching the other. After
I few minutes, I rolled to my side, and as I did, Kevin rolled
to his side as well, and spooned against me, his soft cock
pressing into my ass, and resting between my ass cheeks,
in my crack. He’d already cum twice, and from the feel of
his cock, he was going to need some time, before he was ready
to play again. Me however, I’d only cum once, and even though
my cock had softened after the intensity of my orgasm, suddenly
I found that I was hard once again. Kevin’s arm was around
me, and soon he too felt that I was hard again.

I had a feeling that Kevin was pretty much what they call
in the gay community, a “top” and therefore, I doubted that
he was into giving oral much less being fucked, and so I was
at least pleasantly surprised when he started stroking
my hard cock as we lay there. Soon his hand was moving rapidly,
and since my cock was already still slick from the earlier
lubricant, his hand slipped up and down my cock with ease.
As he was jacking me off, he began whispering in my ear, telling
me what a hot fuck I was, and how he intended on fucking me
quite often from now on. He’d already figured out that nasty
talk turned me on, and so he was using it as an aid to help get
me off.

It was working too, as he jacked me off, and talked to me,
I could feel a familiar feeling starting to tingle deep
down inside my balls. I was moaning softly now, and Kevin
was still whispering to me. He was telling me how much he’d
loved shooting off in my mouth, and how he wanted me to suck
him off again later. He was telling me how tight my ass was,
and how good his cock had felt inside me. He was whispering
to me, calling me his dirty, little, slut, and telling me
that from now on, I belonged to him, and I had to know that
I had to satisfy his desires, I had to “service him” any time
he wanted. Suddenly, and almost without warning, I came!
My climax was intense, and Kevin made it all that much more
intense, by stroking my cock hard and fast, all through
my orgasm, and until the last of my cum had shot out of my cock!

Once again, it took me several minutes of hard breathing,
before I finally relaxed, and quieted back down. Kevin
finally released my cock, but only after I had gone soft
again, and only after he’d given it a final squeeze, and
milked yet one last drop of cum out of the tip of my cock. He
then rubbed his cum-covered hand over my lips, and I licked
it clean, lapping up my own cum. After that, I know I fell
asleep pretty soon, and I can only suppose Kevin did too,
because when I woke up hours later, HE, was still softly
snoring away!

When I woke up, it was actually still early enough in the
morning, that the sun was only beginning to shine in a new
day. I quietly slipped out of bed, and got a wash cloth, and
soaked it in warm soapy water. I then got a small towel as
well, and then went back to my bed. Kevin had already kicked
the covers off in his sleep, and he was on his back, so his
early morning hard on was sticking straight up into the
air. Gently I began to wash off his hard cock, and I was a bit
surprised when he only stirred a little, but still didn’t
wake up. After washing him, I gently patted his cock dry
with the towel, and then I slid into position at the end of
the bed, and between his spread legs.

I started with his balls this time, licking and kissing
them softly, and then I moved up to his cock with my lips and
tongue. Kevin had stirred to the point of being awake by
then, and just as his eyes opened, I took the head of his hard
cock into my mouth, and I began sucking. Right away his hands
touched my head, and as I sucked his cock, he ran his fingers
through my hair. The blow job I had given him the night before
had been lazy and unhurried, but that morning, I was sucking
him hard, and fast more interested in getting him off than
in making it last. Sometimes a quick climax is even more
intense than one that you had to build up to, and like a lot
of men, I know that I have found that at times, I even prefer
hard, raw sex, to slow build up love making. That morning,
that was exactly what I was trying to give Kevin, hard, wild,
fast sex!

Apparently he like what I was doing, because in a few short
minutes, he was trying to push my head even further down
onto his cock, and at the same time, he was lifting his hips
of the bed, in an attempt to shove as much of his hard cock
down my throat as he possibly could!

“Oh Fuck Yeah!”, I heard him cry out, and then his hips were
bucking and he was shooting into my mouth. Hum, his morning
cum tasted great, and I sucked hard and swallowed, until
I had every drop swallowed that he had to offer. Even after
he’d cum, I stayed down on his cock. Eventually though,
nature called and he had to go pee, and so we both went into
the bathroom together. As he peed, I took a hot shower. Before
I finished, he joined me, and we soaped each other’s bodies
up, and then rinsed off together.

After the shower, we were back in bed immediately. It appeared
that Kevin had been with out sex for as long as I had, and he
was ready to go at it again. His cock was rock hard, and so
there was no real need for foreplay, and Kevin didn’t really
want any. He made that quite clear right away, as he told
me he wanted to fuck me again, and so I started to once again
roll over, and get ready for him to fuck me from behind. Kevin
was full of surprises though, and before I could roll over,
he pushed me back onto my back. He was in an aggressive mood,
and that was turning me on. As I lay there on my back, he roughly
spread my legs open, and got in between them.

My cock was standing up straight, and Kevin reached down
and grabbed it and stroked it hard and fast a few times. He
then grabbed the bottle of lubricant, and squirted some
on my cock, and then my balls and then finally into the crack
of my ass. Now, one thing I can tell you is that in all the years
I had been letting other men fuck me, it had always been either
from behind, or a couple of times a guy would be sitting down,
and with my back to him, I would lower my ass onto his cock,
and sit down on it. What Kevin apparently wanted to do, was
something totally new to me, and actually it was something
I had fantasized about for years! Kevin sort of lifted my legs up a bit, and I bent them at the
knees. He then slid his hand all over my lubed up cock and
balls, getting his fingers all slick. After his fingers
were as well-lubed as I was, he shoved first one, and then
two of them up my ass, getting it all wet and lubricated as
well. As he pulled them back out of my ass, he wasted no time
in moving up between my legs and positioning the head of
his hard cock right up against my asshole. Last night he’d
wanted to take things slow and tease me into begging him
to fuck me, this morning, he just wanted to fuck period!

Sliding his arms under my legs, and lifting them a bit, he
suddenly pushed forward, and then rammed his hard cock
all the way up my ass! I groaned, but he never stopped or missed
a beat as he started fucking me right away. As he got his rhythm
going, he let go of my legs, and then I lifted them up to give
him deeper penetration. It felt so wild with him fucking
me in the missionary position, just like he would fuck a
woman. His body was pressed down on mine, and every time
he would thrust into me, he would rub against my hard cock.
Soon he had me really going, and once again it looked like
I was going to cum as he fucked me!

The first time it happened was a real first for me, now, I
was about to have it happen to me again, and I could hardly
believe it! I groaned loudly, and told him I was going to
cum. Immediately he speeded up his fucking, and just as
my cock let go and squirted cum half way up my chest, he grunted
loudly as well, and his cock erupted inside of me! DAMN,
as if one mutual orgasm wasn’t impossible, here I was doing
it all over again. As Kevin filled my ass, I came all over
the both of us! We were both riding out our mutually shared
orgasms, and he lowered himself completely on top of me.
His mouth covered mine, and we kissed as we came! It was,
well, it was beautiful!

I could go on and on about the rest of the weekend we spent
together, and how many more times we fucked or I sucked him
off. Almost as a farewell gesture, after he had once again
fucked me, he really surprised me by HIM, sucking ME off!

Kevin and I ended up getting together maybe another dozen
times or so, but as fate would have it, first he met a woman,
and started dating her, and then me, well I met my current
girlfriend, and I started dating, as well as fucking her.
Kevin and I just sort of drifted apart, and eventually lost
touch. I will tell you though that I don’t think I’ll ever
forget him, his beautiful cock, and big, soft balls, or
the way he loved to fuck me. I only wish that he was still around,
so that I could fulfill my girlfriend Shannon’s fantasy
of a threesome with me AND another bi guy!





. The End!

. .............................................



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Great Story


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Very nice story. If its true and you are ever in north denver
area, look us up. We are both very bi and would love to invite
you to join us.


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I came twice reading it. I wish it had been me with you