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Kavita's Secret


She was the stuff of my fantasies. Kavita was not in my class
at school but was the same age as me. I would watch her in the
playground. She was a late developer so didn't have
the large breasts of her other classmates and yet, she seemed
to have a maturity above her years. I suppose that was it
-- she looked younger and acted older!
Strangely she had friends around her but never seemed close.
She didn't laugh as much and always seemed distracted
-- as though she had more important things to do! Her hair
was medium brown to dark and cut a medium length, a few inches
above her shoulders. It didn't look styled and yet
it was always in place. She was about 5 feet 2 inches tall
and always wore uniform. For us, that was dark blue blazer
and grey skirt/trousers with a white blouse/shirt and
the school striped tie. I always thought the uniform covered
what little breast she had but her shape under it looked
great to me. There was the promise of an almost boy-like
body with a pronounced bottom at the back.
Kavita played such an important part in my jerking sessions
at night. I wondered how hairy she was down there, I wondered
if my cock would fit her, how far in it would go, how long I
could hold on if I ever did fuck her? She would be tight, I
felt sure.
I didn't, or couldn't let my friends know. Kavita
was considered quite plain by my friends and was discounted
in their conversations about "girls Most likely
to..." It was her plainness that really got me going.
A kind of "English Rose, " look. You felt that
if she heard the word "cock, " it would give
her a heart attack!
I had spoken to her a few times and she seemed to like me but
there was always this distance in her eyes. Lads of 14 are
not always known for their communication skills and I was
no exception. That was me by the way, a lad of 14! Samir, I
was inexperienced, a bit gauche, 5 feet 9 inches, black
hair which had a mind of its own and dressed as was expected
by the school in similar attire to Kavita with trousers
replacing the skirt, of course! My experience was limited
in everything. My hormones were going wild and my cock seemed
to produce semen whether I helped it along the way or not.
As far as contact with others sexually, that was a bit limited.
I was at this time prepared to have sex with anything that
breathed but couldn't seem to get round to it.
Dinu, my friend at school had helped me from time to time
in the wooded area between my house and the school, and the
pair of us had wanked ourselves silly in what I now know as
"mutual masturbation." OK, I had even sucked
his cock as he had asked me to. I didn't mind it really
and to be honest, I would have sucked his dad's or even
licked out his sister or mother, the way my hormones were
going. I had a semi-erection Most of the day and Dinu helped
me stop my head blowing off. Oh and there was Steve. He was
2 years younger than me, brown hair and specs. He was considered
a geek but at the end of the day, he was happy to suck my cock
and I his. He was surprisingly well developed and I was quite
turned on by his carrot red pubic hair. For 12 he could spray
a thin jet of cum further than anyone I have seen since.
So I was playing around with my pals, and I did look at other
guys thinking what they might look like naked, but I was
straight. As far as females my record is limited. A feel
at Bindiya was really about it. She let me put my hand up her
skirt and I got my finger into her. It felt really nice, warm
and wet. My other hand was stroking her right tit through
her blouse and she squeezed the front of my school trousers,
just as I shot a load into my underpants. That was it really.
She was a bit annoyed and didn't let me near her again.
Where was I? Ah, Kavita! So I had watched her, wanked over
thoughts of her, and talked to her three times. I wasn't
a bad looking guy so perhaps she would let me take her out?
I plucked up courage and asked one Thursday.
"That's very kind of you Samir, " She said,
"But I have things to do tonight and my parents like
me to help look after my little brother at weekends so I only
get a few hours off at night on weekdays." "Perhaps
some other time?" "I am not sure if I'm the
sort of girl you want or you the sort of boy I want."
It seemed an odd thing to say. After she walked back into
class, I was really rejected then it dawned on me -- she was
meeting someone else after school! I made up my mind to follow
her and see.
When the bell rang for end of class, I was first out of class
and actually alMost first out of school. I waited in a doorway
nearby for Kavita to appear. When she did, I let her pass
and started to follow at a discreet distance. At the second
junction, she turned left in the opposite direction from
her home. I was getting more jealous by the minute.
She walked briskly for about a mile, school satchel over
her shoulder and then stopped and looked over her shoulder.
I ducked out of sight. When I looked up, she had gone. I ran
up to where I had seen her last and all I could see was a row
of shops. The closest was a photographers shop run by some
Asian or Arabs. It was not the Most attractive shop and it
had a house above it which entered by the side and probably
from inside too. Next to that was a hairdressers but I could
see the entire shop and she wasn't there. After that
was a newsagent and again, I could see she wasn't there.
I went back and looked into the photographers shop and young
guy looked out at me. He was about 20 or so and as I looked over,
another Arab looking young guy brushed past me, entered
the shop and turned the sign to "closed." He
and the first guy went into the back shop and disappeared.
So that ruled the photographers shop out. I ran ahead and
looked round the corner but the street was full of houses
with small gardens and really there was nowhere for Kavita
to have gone. I gave up and went home to the pleasures of my
right hand and a sick, jealous feeling.
The following week, on Tuesday, I saw Kavita at school and
spoke. "Are you free any nights this week, "
I asked? "Sorry Samir, " She said, "I
have a lot to do at home right now and am only free on Tuesday
and Thursday, and both these days are occupied."
"I'm not sure I'm the sort you would like, "
She again repeated.
I decided there and then to find out what was occupying her
life on those nights and repeated the previous Thursday's
procedure of shooting out of school first and waiting.
The trouble is I made the stupid mistake of ducking out of
sight again when she looked round and when I looked up she
had gone once More. Again, I ran up and looked into the photographers
and this time there were four guys talking. The same two
as the previous time, an older guy of about 35 and a schoolboy
of my age or perhaps a year older in a school uniform from
another school. Again they looked at me rather menacingly
and turned the sign before closing the shop. I ran ahead
and once More could not see Kavita. This part of town was
occupied mainly by various immigrant communities, predominantly
Bangladeshi, Pakistani and gulf cultures. These guys
looked Middle Eastern or perhaps Turkish.
There was no sign of her. I slipped up a path at the side of
the small row of shops but couldn't see her. I then walked
up to the rear of the shops and saw there were two small windows
but quite a bit higher than I was. I tried to look in but the
first had a curtain over it and the second seemed to look
into a photography studio where I presume, portrait photos
were taken. I was nervous so, as no one was visible, I left
and waited across the street in a bus shelter.
It was alMost two hours later and I was freezing cold, when
I saw Kavita slip out of the photography shop alone. She
looked a little flustered and guilty but quickly composed
herself and headed back towards her home. I followed for
good measure and she went straight home.
At night I lay and thought, "Perhaps Kavita is having
some photos taken for her Mohedther or father?" "Perhaps
Kavita has a part-time job cleaning in the shop?"
"Perhaps Kavita knows the family and is doing some
charity work?" "Perhaps Kavita is doing something
she is guilty of?" The fourth option got me going.
I had to find out, but how?
I couldn't follow Kavita on the Thursday so over the
following weekend; I paid a visit to the shop on the Saturday
and watched the comings and goings. It seemed a regular
business with kids coming for portraits and couples booking
wedding photos. I saw the four guys at various times and
had to admit, found them all quite good looking in their
own way. I presumed the 15 year old was the boyfriend and
she was ashamed to go out in public with him. He looked taller
than me and quite athletic. His dark skin suggested he was
perhaps from Turkey. Neither he, not the other men had facial
hair, which suggested they were not Arab (but who was I to
know what Arabs looked like).
I went back later on Sunday night and on the way, collected
an upturned crate which I took round to the back of the shops
and placed against the windows. It was late autumn and it
was getting dark by 6.00 pm so I was able to set things up.
The back of the shops had a small yard with trees at the bottom
which shielded the area I was in from the houses behind.
I climbed up and looked into the building. The smaller of
the two windows looked into a toilet shower room with a shower
cubicle and a small toilet. The second window was larger
and had curtains which did not meet in the middle even when
closed and they looked into some kind of studio. There was
a high stool with a screen behind, some lights on pedestals
and a large foam mattress with a pvc cover on the floor. The
cover was dark blue and matched the background of the screens
and wall. This was obviously to give an abstract setting
to any photographs taken. In the failing light, I could
not make out much More. The lights from the house above cast
a soft yellow light into the yard which was allowing me to
see the little I could.
I caught a glimpse of some Movement and one of the Arab looking
guys came into the toilet area naked except for a towel round
his waist. He turned on the shower and started to check the
water temperature. I felt my cock twitch as I realized I
was going to see the guy naked. This guy was about 18 and very
athletic. He had some small hairs on his chest and a "7
o'clock shadow" on his chin which made him look
older. He dropped the towel and I saw an enormous long circumcised
cock. Soft, it looked about 5 inches. His had a lot of hair
down there which covered Most of his balls. He stepped into
the shower cubicle and started to wash. My cock was solid
and straining as I watched him. The cubicle started to steam
up but I could still clearly make out his shape. He was soaping
his cock and balls and I could see the outline as the monster
got bigger. He didn't masturbate it; just stroke it
as he washed himself. I waited until he was finished and
watched as this stunning young guy got out of the shower
and I could see the beautiful monster in all its glory. I
could only guess but I was sure it was at least 9 inches long.
Another older man came in fully dressed. He had a similar
image but looked to be about 28 or so. As he walked in he talked
to the first guy and gripped his stiff cock, giving it a few
pseudo-masturbatory strokes. The young guys smiled at
him and groped the older guy's crotch through his trousers
before going out of the room and my sight. The older guy went
over to the toilet bowl and fished out his cock to have a piss.
At least his cock looked of normal size!
He idly looked up at the window and I had to duck down quickly
and overbalanced, falling the few feet on to the overgrown
grass. I lay there catching my breath in the dark and looked
to see my cock sticking hard against the inside of my trousers.
I had an overwhelming urge to take my cock out and wank there
but fear got the better of me and I picked myself up to head
back out by the side of the building. I was just coming into
the light of the street when someone blocked my path.
"Ah so here is our peeping lad, " Said the tall
dark skinned guy. "Come in and join us!"
He took me firmly by the hand and led me into the shop, the
door of which was open though it was dark inside. The light
fanned through from the rear of the premises. We went through
the rear, studio area where the 18 year old guy was standing,
the guy in his twenties, still slightly damp, stood naked
with a towel wrapped round him and the third guy, who had
brought me in, looked to be in his thirties. All were very
handsome and somehow not scary, though I was frightened
of what I was going to say as excuse.
"So what were you looking for" Said the guy who
had brought me in?
I mumbled something about wanting to do photographic work
and wondering about their studio area.
"So you want to take pictures or be in them, "
He said?
The answer really was "neither, " but I said,
"As you can see, we have a photographers shop but we
also run a little club for local people keen on all aspects
of photography from taking pictures to being in pictures.
We do still and video work here in our studio." "My
name is Ahmed, " He said. "I am from Turkey and
so is my partner, Ali." "The person you were
so keenly watching through the window is Mohed, who is from
Egypt." "Did you enjoy watching, " he
asked as I blushed. He continued, " Watching is an
important part of photography as you need to see what you
want to photograph."
He signed to Mohed, who dropped his towel and stood before
me naked. His long cock was still semi-erect.
"This is a fine body to photograph don't you think?"
I blushed again.
"You are a fine looking young man and would make an
excellent model." "We have some fair ladies
but all our male members are dark skinned or black."
"Strip off your top and let us have a look at you."
In one step, Mohed walked across, pulled off my jacket and
sweatshirt and unclipped my jeans which fell to the floor.
I automatically stepped out of them after removing my shoes
and stood ungainly in my tight grey shorts and dark socks.
The Egyptian's semi hard cock brushed against my hand
more that once and he then stood behind me as if to instruct
what they wanted. I felt a slight stirring in my loins at
this erotic situation.
Ahmed asked me to stand against the white backdrop. "Take
off your socks please, " He said. "Such white
skin." “You will make a good Model for us I think."
I blushed and again felt Mohed press against my buttock.
My cock stirred more and I was aware that my erection was
showing. If they noticed they said nothing. As quickly
as it had begun, I was asked to dress and Mohed wrapped his
towel round himself again.
"Would you like to come and join our meeting tomorrow
-- Monday, " He said.
In my mind, I thought that strange as Kavita came on a Tuesday
but I was highly eroticised and I didn't exactly know
why. Something secret was going on and Kavita was part of
it. I remembered her saying if I knew what she was like, I
would not want to be with her but I was excited and I had a feeling
if it was something naughty, I would want to be with her More.
I said my goodbyes and left. Though I saw Kavita at school
the following day, I said nothing about joining the photography
That afternoon, I made my way along to the shop. It was still
open and trading when I arrived but I was ushered in by Ahmed
like a long lost friend.
"You must be feeling quite grubby after a long day,
why don't you have a shower in the back shop, "
He said. "If you are modeling you must be fresh so make
sure you are clean."
"How kind, " I thought.
I showered and dried then put my school uniform back on.
By the time I finished the shop was closing as it was 5.00
pm. Ali appeared so there was the three of us.
"Some of our other members will be joining us in a few
minutes and we will be talking about the ways to photograph
the human body, " Said Ali.
At that some faces appeared at the shop door and five older
men came in. I would put them in their forties. All were Asian.
Behind them, the young Turkish looking boy of about 15 came
in and introduced himself to me. "My name is Osman
and I have come to Model at the same time as you." "I
have done lots of Modeling for the group since I was 12 and
I love doing it." "I think you will too!"
I immediately liked him. His white teeth were dazzling
and though he was quite well built he had a slight softness
which I found alMost attractive. He wore a school uniform
too but I did not recognize the badge.
Everyone took seats and all had cameras. Some on tripods
and some hand held.
I was introduced and it was announced that they should take
it easy with me as I was new. I stood in the bright light. Ali
immediately stripped to the waist and stood in track suit
bottoms only. At that, Mohed also entered in a pair of white
shorts and a vest and gave me a wave. As I stood, I was told
to act naturally and they started clicking. Instructions
were shouted to Osman and I and he did everything naturally.
He was asked to undo my tie for me and I his and then to unbutton
my shirt and remove it. I did the same to him. We would stop
and pictures would be taken then we continued until we were
both in underwear. Osman had briefs that looked a little
out of date by my standard but I was aware that his cock was
hard. As soon as that happened, mine started to grow in spite
or, or perhaps because of the attention. He stood in the
same position Mohed had the previous day, behind me with
his cock sticking into my buttock. One of the men, a tall
guy, got up and came across to adjust us and while he did,
he adjusted the front of my shorts, putting his fingers
into the leg area to pull them slightly down. His fingers
touched my hard cock and then my balls and my prick jumped.
He then put his hand completely in and adjusted my erection.
"Help him Osman, " He said. Osman came round
and stood to face me. He pulled my cock out completely and
in one swift move knelt in front of me and swallowed my cock.
I staggered back and looked at all the faces. All were engrossed
and snapping. Excitement overwhelmed me and I gripped
Osman's head to push him further on to my cock. That
was the signal and all around me men were dropping trousers
and cocks were withdrawn. Eight hard adult cocks were around
us. While Ahmed kept snapping, the men all came around us
and started to feel us both. I could feel a hard cock on my
bottom and Osman was happily slurping between three cocks
including mine.
I was completely stripped and Osman and I asked politely
to lie on the mattress. Osman had hardly let me go and was
sucking me as much as he could. My cock was over 6 inches so
would have seemed large to him. I think the foreskin also
excited him as he rolled it round in his Mouth. A man offered
me his cock and I took it in my Mouth. The sensation was wonderful.
I stroked his hairy balls. I was lying down with Osman sucking
my cock on all fours with his little bum in the air. Mohed
stepped forward and said something in Arabic. Osman nodded.
Mohed then grabbed a small tube and started to insert his
fingers into Osman's bum hole using the contents.
Osman writhed in pleasure moaning all the time. Mohed then
lubricated his monster cock, pulled a condom on and lubricated
again. I could not believe what was happening.
Osman rolled on to his back and lifted his legs as Mohed knelt
between them. Mohed pulled me round and asked me to watch.
His cock stood stiff at the entrance to Osman's ash
hole and I felt sure it would never enter. Then the head disappeared.
Within two to three minutes, all of Mohed was in Osman and
my fingers were caressing the stiff cock as it rode. One
of the 40 year old men came and lifted me. He rolled a condom
on to me and bent to offer me his ash hole. I didn't need
a second telling. I was going to fuck.
He knelt doggy fashion and I was in him without any delicacy.
He gasped as I hammered his hole while holding his hips.
I noticed Ali watching as he pointed to himself as if to say
"Me next."
I gripped the man under me and wanked as I fucked. Ali came
over and asked to replace him and soon, without even changing
condoms, I was in Ali. I lay with Ali partly on top of me facing
upwards and hammering his ash hole. All around me were the
others including Mohed and Osman who watched and wanked.
I screamed, "I'm can't hold it, I'm
going to cum!"
Like a signal, a downpour of cum started as in turn, everyone
shot their load over Ali and I. This was new to me and as some
went in my Mouth I swallowed without thinking and went over
the edge screaming. Never in my life did me orgasm as I did.
Ali's jet of thin cum arced back and landed on my face
too and little Osman knelt so shot on my neck and face. In
the haze I could see Ahmed filming the whole event and I realized
I was now a porn star!!
Little Osman, knelt, licking the cum off me which I found
Most odd but he seemed to relish.
"Well trained is Osman, " Said Ahmed, and everyone
"Do you like the girls too" He asked me?
"Until 30 minutes ago I thought I only liked girls, "
I spluttered.
"Good, " He said, "Come back tomorrow
and watch more fun."
My mind suddenly turned to Kavita and I realized I was going
to see her having sex. Even having just cum, my cock started
to grow. "This one looks like a good recruit, "
Said Ali as he pointed at my cock rising yet again!
The following day at school I saw Kavita. She looked as beautiful
as ever and I couldn't even begin to think that she might
be doing the sort of things I had been -- even though I hoped
she would. The thought of her handling my cock brought a
rush of blood that only thinking of our ageing mathematic
teacher managed to suppress.
Whether Kavita was going to be there or not, my cock spent
the day rising and falling at the drop of a hat and, at the
end of school day it took me all my time not to rush straight
round there. I decided to play it cool and arrive once everyone
was in place and whatever was going to happen, was happening.
I arrived just before 5.00pm and found the shop door locked.
It took some hammering before I saw Mohed's head pop
round the back door. He nodded and disappeared, arriving
back a few minutes later wearing shorts, trainers and a
t-shirt. It was obvious to me; he had been naked when he looked
"We thought you had chickened out, " He said.
"I was nervous but decided I had to come, " I
"O.K. you go and shower and just leave your clothes
off as everyone else is naked anyway, " He replied.
My cock was already on the rise as I rushed to the shower.
Once clean, I ventured into the back room and found myself
at the back of around 15 guys of all ages and all with varying
colored skin. It was dark but the central area was very well
lit and I could see naked flesh on the mattress. Mohed caught
my arm and pushed my hand on to his massive hard cock.
"This is going up Madhu, " He said.
"Madhu, " I asked in a puzzled way.
He nodded to the illuminated action and I saw a stunning
girl of about 16 being fucked by Atul, a 20 year old boy who
had a fabulous body. His tight buttocks were pumping up
and down as her white flesh was wrapped round his body.
"You can have the other girl if you want, " He
I look alongside Madhu and saw Kavita on her knees with her
back to me being fucked by a guy of about 45, doggy fashion.
He was pumping at her and I realized that all the sexual expletives
I could hear were emanating from her Mouth.
"That's it, fuck me harder." "God
I love your black cock in me." "My God I'm
going to cum soon, just keep fucking me!"
"Come on, " Said Mohed, let's party.
I realized that with luck, I could get up behind Kavita without
her recognizing me. Mohed and I approached and I tapped
the older guy as I pulled a condom on my cock. Mohed stretched
one over his monster and asked Atul to Move over. Both Moved
As Kavita started to turn to see who was there, I gently swiveled
her head back to face forward and whispered, "I'm
going to give you the fuck of your life."
"Oh yes, please." She groaned.
What I didn't tell her is that it was going to be the fuck
of my life too -- the first one. My cock, at just under 7 inches
was bigger than Atul's so I pressed it against her opening
and it started to slide in quite easily. She was soaking
wet. Within a minute, I was in her to the hilt and started
to fuck. Once again she started to scream the same words
she had used with Atul.
"God that's big -- fuck me please!"
I held her shoulders and started to pump. The only thing
stopping an instant orgasm was the presence of 14 or so jerking
guys around me. I held her buttock open and eased my cock
into her Mohedist vagina from the back and she was loving
it. "I was fucking Kavita!" This was beyond
my wildest dreams and I felt I should do as much as I could
before she realized it was me, in case she disapproved.
I pulled out and went down between her legs to lick her. At
the same time I flipped her on to her back and immediately
opened her legs wide so she couldn't see my face as I
stuck my tongue well up into her lubricated channel. All
the time she whimpered and screamed and swore and writhed.
I saw her eyes were closed to I quickly Moved up to lie on top
of her face to face and implanted my cock once More up to the
hilt. I took her right breast in my Mouth and started to lick
around the stiff nipple, moving on to the left one and then
cupping them both together.
"I'm cumming, "She screamed, as I realized
I was heading in the same direction.
Two older guys stood at our heads looking down and masturbating.
I knew what was coming. As she reached orgasm, her eyes opened
and she looked straight at me. There was a moment of puzzlement,
then disbelief before the wave hit her and I started to pump
my cum into her. Wetness hit our faces as the two men emptied
their balls on to us. I was acquiring a taste for this as I
looked up and opened my Mouth slightly to catch some of the
jets firing out of our dark skinned audience. I wondered
how many of them had children our age.
"Samir!!!!" Hearing my name jolted me back
to the presence.
"What the fuck, " She shouted!
"What A fuck, " I replied.
She started laughing. "You can say that again!"
I kissed her fully on the Mouth and put my tongue down her
throat. The taste of cum mixed with the taste of Kavita.
Already my cock was moving slowly upwards and I was still
inside her.
When I pulled back, she said, " I do this because I
love sex, so this does not make us anything but a couple who
love fucking."
"Suits me, " I said.
She laughed again as I heard Mohed scream. He was cumming
and pulled his cock out of Madhu, ripped off the condom and
stood over her. Without thinking I dived over and put my
Mouth in line with his cock as the strong jet of thin cum fired
and missed my Mouth. It hit my cheeks, then my hair, before
I managed a full jet into my Mouth! I then wrapped my Mouth
over his cock and started to suck him as he continued to cum.
I figured he must have squirted around 9 or 10 times and I
swallowed what I could to an applause from around us and
a disbelieving Kavita.
"You are ambidextrous, " She said!
"Not quite the right word, "I replied, "But
it'll do."
Once everyone realized I knew Kavita, they wanted me to
show my dexterity. Ali, the 18 year old walked to the front
and started to suck my semi-limp cock as Kavita watched.
Osman appeared holding his little cut dick in his hand and
the pair of them had me hard in seconds. Ali stood in front
of me, I kneeled and took his solid rod in my Mouth and sucked
it. I felt Osman at the rear and had a feeling I knew what might
be coming. His little fingers rubbed something into my
butt hole and then I felt a finger insert followed by something
small, but bigger than a finger. Osman was fucking me. It
didn't hurt! It felt odd but it didn't hurt. I thought
of Mohed and wondered if I could ever make it to take him.
Osman rolled me on to my side and fucked me lying sideways
and Madhu was brought over. She was a year older than Kavita
and had long hair and bigger breasts. She lay on her back
and pointed for me to enter her. My cock still had the full
condom on it and I withdrew from Osman and as she lay on her
back with her legs open, and in full view of Kavita, I fucked
her. Kavita was busily sucking Ali anyway. At this point,
I felt Osman return to the job in hand and start to fuck me.
The entire group walked forward and watched us, cocks in
I wasn't quite ready to cum but as the first jet of warm
cum landed on me, the build up started. By the third, I was
almost there and by the seventh or eighth, I heard Osman
grunt as he emptied his load in my ash hole and I fired mine
into Madhu. Still the cum sprayed over us and by the time
I pulled out I must have looked a sorry state. A full condom
dwindling on my cock and my entire face and back covered
in semen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ahmed zoom in on
me with his video camera but I was past caring.
I insisted on walking Kavita home. She confessed to a level
of debauchery that almost had my sore cock swelling again.
We became inseparable friends and also insatiable members
of the "photography club." Over the next few
years we enjoyed sex in so many guises that it would take
too long to explain. Our videos paid Ahmed handsomely,
I am sure and he did give us gifts and money for meals out which
we enjoyed. We did it for the sex.
I am 26 now and Kavita and I have moved on. We have been married
for 4 years and have no children. Our swinging lifestyle
and performance level has made us very popular and I can't
see any way of it changing in the foreseeable future.

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Normally inner lust do not show and our perception it not
always correct. There are very few like Kavita, who can
have dual life.