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Kathie and Chicago-Chaper 2


I walked off the plane looking for Jeane. I was a little disappointed
in not seeing her at first until a noticed a sign with my name
on it held by a woman dressed in a limousine drivers uniform,
hat and all. I approached saying I was Kathie and she welcomed
me to Chicago, introducing herself as Barbara. Barbara
took my carry-on and we headed directly to her car. On the
way Barbara said that she worked for Jeane and passed along
Jeanes regrets that she could not meet me in person. <br>
I stepped into a gorgeous car, Barbara noting that it was
a Bentley. We proceeded out of the airport and headed north
towards Lake Michigan. Barbara handed me a note form Jeane.
The note said, “Sweetheart, I am so happy you are here to
spend time with me. I apologize for not meeting you but some
important documents arrived that I had to deal with. Please
have a cocktail and a smoke if you wish. Barbara will show
you where the bar is in the car. I have instructed Barbara
to show you to your room and give you a massage. She is an excellent
masseuse. I want all the tension you maybe feeling erased
from your body when I see you. Sit back and enjoy the drive
and I will see you shortly after you arrive. Love Jeane.”
The note made me feel better especially the idea of a massage.
Barbara pointed out the bar and I fixed myself a cocktail.
The drive was beautiful and we arrived at approximately
1 p.m. We arrived at what certainly was a mansion. We entered
through gates and drove up to a lovely home sitting right
on the lake. I walked through the front door and saw a beautifully
appointed French country home. Barbara showed me to my
room and began unpacking my clothes. I looked around this
wonderfully appointed room. A four poster bed with ivory
colored bedding and satin sheets. Soft and serene walls
with wonderful classical music emanating from I do not
know where. A lovely bathroom with a walk-in bathtub and
a vanity room stocked with wonderful make-up and perfumes.
Barbara suggested I bathe prior to my massage. I filled
the tub with warm water and beautifully scented bubble
bath. I undressed and stepped in and immediately any tension
I felt began to melt away. I lay there dreaming about my weekend
when I felt Barbara’s presence in the room. She was fully
undressed and was stepping into the tub. I was a little surprised
but she said she would bathe me as part of the massage process.
I had not noticed how pretty she was, probably due to the
uniform. I saw long supple legs, a firm tummy and behind
and beautiful round breasts. She said to think of her as
a Geisha and allow her to bathe me completely. She sat in
the water behind me and began to wash my hair. She massaged
my shoulders with a lovely smelling herbal bath wash. Her
touch was glorious and the feel of her breasts on my back
began to excite me. She had me stand and washed my back and
butt. Then she turned me around and washed my breasts with
a massaging motion that was wonderful. She commented on
my bald pussy and said how beautiful she thought I looked.
Again she surprised me by washing my pussy with soft and
exciting motions. I noticed that she seemed to be all business
though, not overly touching me but none the less exciting
me. We completed my bath with me laying down on the sunken
lounger and Barbara massaging my legs, feet and toes.
I was in pure heaven. I thought that was the extent of my
massage but Barbara took my hand and led me from the tub.
She gently dried herself and me and we then walked into the
vanity area where she had set up a massage table with warming
lights directly above. She directed me to lay face down
and she covered me with warmed towels, making me feel cozy
and peaceful. She began by massaging my hand and working
up my arm. By the time she reached my shoulders I had drifted
into a peaceful sleep. <br>
I awoke to Barbara whispering in my ear that she had completed
my massage and that I should go lay down in bed. I could only
nod my approval. I entered the room and saw Jeane in bed with
open arms. I was surprised and excited all in that one moment.
I dove into the bed and she scooped me up in her arms. We kissed.
Oh the feel of that kiss. I wrapped myself into her and we
held each other and kissed forever. She held my face and
gently kissed my mouth. I took her tongue deeply into mine,
pressing our tongues together. She whispered that she
had longed for this moment since the day she left Miami.
My hands were everywhere. I could not touch her enough.
She was soft and beautiful. She smelled glorious. I inhaled
her perfume and felt dizzy with emotion. I slipped one leg
between hers and we rubbed our pussies together in a slow
sensuous grind. We kissed and rubbed our bodies together,
rolling back and fourth on that soft large bed. Jeane turned
me on my back and lay on top of me, kissing me deeply. Oh she
felt so good. Jeane nibbled on my neck and slid down to my
breasts. She took each nipple into her mouth and suckled
gently yet firmly sending waves of pleasure over my entire
body. Then she moved to my thighs, kissing them while touching
my clitoris. She began by rubbing my nub, slowly and then
inserting a finger into me. I tried to reach for her but she
told me to lie back as she wanted to please me. She then began
kissing my clitoris, sucking me deeply in her mouth while
fingering me deeply. I began to moan and pull on her hair
telling her that I loved what she was doing to me. Jeane continued
to please me until I erupted into a wonderful orgasm, shuddering
with pleasure. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeper
than I thought possible. We held each other, our chests
pressed tightly together. I turned her over and began rubbing
my pussy against hers, surprisingly giving myself another
orgasm. I then lay my head between those wonderful soft
breasts. I stroked her sides with my hands and nuzzled on
her nipples. I massaged her breasts and moved down her luscious
body to her pussy. Jeane had shaved. I looked up at her, and
she grinned at me knowingly. We did not need to say another
word. I pulled one of her pussy lips into my mouth and suckled
moving to the other causing Jeane to moan and pull on my hair.
I moved from her pussy lips and began flicking my tongue
over her nub. I flicked up and down increasing my intensity.
Jeane was moaning loudly furiously rubbing my head and
pulling on my hair. She wrapped those lovely legs around
my head and lurched into an orgasm dripping juices that
I greedily sucked into my mouth. Jeane had an intense orgasm
pulling me to her and kissing me with great passion. We held
each other tightly and slowly rubbed our bodies’ together
letting our hands roam and touch everywhere we could reach
without letting go of our embrace. I felt wonderful. Sensual,
sexy, soft, and loved. <br>
We lay there, my head nuzzled into her breasts, Jeane stroking
my back and face. After a short while Jeane pulled my face
to hers and kissed me passionately which I reciprocated.
She then told me that she had some business to attend to and
that I should nap. Barbara would awaken me and help me dress
in the clothes she had put in my closet. I protested, pulling
her to me telling her to touch me, kiss me, not to leave me.
Jeane said that we would be together in only a few hours and
that she had planned a wonderful surprising evening. She
pulled my face to hers kissing me and stoking my face. I protested
again not letting her hand leave mine. She told me to rest
because our days together had only begun. <br>
Jeane left the room. I lay there feeling warm and cozy,
sleep not far removed. I began touching myself rubbing
my breasts and playing with my clitoris. I came again, the
feeling of my Jeane still warm to my skin. <br>
I awoke to Barbara’s soft whisper once again. She had a
very soothing voice and a gentle touch. She rubbed my back
and neck putting me into an even more relaxed state than
I thought possible. I thought of Jeanes instructions and
asked Barbara if I was still on schedule to meet Jeane for
our evening. She said I had plenty of time and suggested
she give me another bath before dressing. I readily agreed
feeling a wonderful sensation course through me. She led
me to an already drawn and steaming bath. I lay on the lounger
watching her slip out of her clothes. She came behind me
and pressed herself close while rubbing my shoulders.
I was highly aroused and turned to face her. She rubbed my
shoulders and then pulled our mouths together. Our tongues
wrapped around each other as we enjoyed a deep embrace.
She pulled back and while rubbing my breasts said that while
she wanted this to continue Jeane gave explicit orders
that she and I were not to be together today. This day was
reserved only for Jeane. I moved my hands over her body wanting
to pull her to me. I pressed those thoughts from my mind with
the knowledge that Barbara and I would be together this
weekend. I lay back in her arms and let her massage me, letting
her pay special attention to my pussy. <br>
Barbara led me from the tub and dried my body while kissing
my neck. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be pampered
with the feel of her hands gliding down my sides. I felt glorious.
Barbara led me to the closet and what I found astounded me.
A gorgeous ivory dress with matching shoes. I looked at
the dress and it was a Halston. I tried it on and it fit perfectly.
The back scooped down to just above my butt and the front
accentuated my breasts beautifully. Then Barbara placed
my lingerie in front of me. A lovely matching bra and thong
bikini. <br>
Barbara fixed my hair at the vanity and I chose a lovely
scent for my neck and thighs. I then put on the lingerie,
foregoing the panties, hoping for some more of the treatment
I received from Jeane in Miami. Then the dress and the shoes.
I looked great. Barbara exclaimed that I look good enough
to eat. I said that was the idea with a wink. I stood there
looking at myself in the mirror and thought of Jeane. This
woman is wonderful to me. I got excited thinking about showing
myself off to Jeane and thanking her in my own special way.
Barbara and I left my room and walked to the stairs. Barbara
told me to have a fun evening and excused herself. I felt
like a princess walking down those steps. About halfway
down a man stepped out from the lounge wearing a tuxedo.
He stood there with his face down while I descended the staircase.
I saw he had a ponytail like some of the guys wear these days.
Who was this man I thought. <br>
At the bottom of the stairs the man took my hand and kissed
it without a word. He looked up and I was looking into Jeanes
eyes. I was shocked. Jeane pulled me to her and kissed me
deeply. I held her for a moment and then stepped back to look
at her. She was beautiful and handsome. While her hair was
in a ponytail it only made her look more “virile.” That is
the word for the way she looked. She finally spoke, saying,
“Sweetheart I am your man tonight. You will be on my arm and
I am going to show you a wonderful night. Remember I once
asked you trust me, well I am asking again.” I walked around
her, no him, and discovered the most beautiful man I had
ever seen. She was dressed impeccably. I said what should
I call you. Jeane she responded. That’s easy I thought.
The more I looked at Jeane the more turned on I became. God
she, no he, was gorgeous. I said, “Jeane I love what you have
done for me. You are my man tonight.” And off we went into
the limousine with Barbara at the wheel. <br>
We arrived at a quaint club and were immediately seated
at a table overlooking the room. I noticed several women
checking Jeane out as we walked across the room and a number
of men noticing me as well. This excited me. I pressed myself
next to Jeane in our booth and nuzzled his neck. We ordered
drinks and dinner and had a lovely time talking and teasing
each other, as young lovers do. While sipping on an aperitif
Jeane whispered to me to lay back and relax. He then rubbed
my pussy with his hand making me wet and if possible more
horny. He then inserted a small dildo in me while kissing
me deeply. I lay my head back watching the entire room knowing
that only feet away were people looking at us while Jeane
was pleasing me. These thoughts excited me more and I came
shortly after squeezing Jeanes arm trying to keep from
moaning out loud. <br>
We both sat there in each other’s arms and enjoyed the sounds
of the jazz quartet that had begun to play and watched people
dancing. I told Jeane that I needed to use the ladies room.
Jeane nodded and said after my return we would dance. I agreed
and left for the ladies room. While attending to my makeup
a woman next to me introduced herself and commented how
beautiful a couple we made. I thanked her noting that others
had noticed us. I wondered what she would say next about
Jeane. Her next comment surprised and excited me. She said
that she thought my date was gorgeous and asked where we
had met. I said Miami and I was visiting for the weekend.
That perked her attention and she asked where he lived.
I thought, “this little tart wants to make a move on Jeane.
What a surprise she would have.” I excused myself and left.
After only a few feet I was grabbed by the arm and pulled towards
a man. He said he had noticed me and said that I deserved better.
Before I had a chance to protest I was pulled back and Jeane
stepped between us. The man began to say something but Jeane
threw a punch to his stomach and he recoiled with the air
escaping from his lungs. She pulled me to her and we walked
to the table. I held her close feeling protected and safe.
We danced to soft jazz under dimmed lights. I nuzzled Jeane
and felt I could not let go. I wanted him now. When we got back
to the table I suggested we go home. Jeane agreed and we left,
Barbara already waiting with the limousine. I climbed
in pulling Jeane on top and began kissing him with an intensity
I have not felt since I was a teenager. Jeane was my man. I
wanted him now but Jeane insisted we wait till we were home.
We arrived and headed straight for her room. We entered,
a soft glow emanating from the fireplace and headed for
the bed. The bed was a four-poster type with sheer curtains.
I felt like I was entering a warm soft womb. Jeane stood behind
me and kissed the sides of my neck unzipping my dress. I let
the dress fall to the floor and Jeane moved in front of me.
We pulled each other close and kissed deeply. I took off
her tie and began unbuttoning her shirt. Jeane stopped
me and asked me to get into bed and she would return shortly.
I did as I was told and climbed into what can be described
as a cloud. The bed was a queen size down bed. I curled up in
the satin sheets and waited for my lover. <br>
Jeane walked in the room the shadows somewhat hiding her
from full view. She slid in next to me and I pulled her close.
I felt the pressure of her manhood on my thigh. Jeane said,
“I am your man.” I didn’t say a word and while kissing him
I stroked her penis just like I would any mans. This pleased
her. I pulled Jeane on top of me and we kissed. Oh did we kiss.
I pulled her tightly to me, not wanting to let go. She slowly
slid her body up and down mine. Her penis would lightly brush
my pussy and send shivers up my spine. It felt so wonderful.
I began seeing her as my man. The soft touches, the strong
protective hands, the touch exactly where and when I wanted.
Slowly she began to enter me. I opened myself to her and pulled
her in wrapping my legs around her back. She lay across my
chest rotating her hips back and fourth, her penis sliding
in and out, in and out making my body fill with desire. We
slowly rocked, kissing and nuzzling, kissing and stroking,
me digging my heals into her back and pulling her even deeper.
She held her face above mine and brushed her face with my
hand. She was so beautiful, so soft and tender. I looked
deep in her eyes, my breath leaving me, a shudder rolling
through my body. She rocked me, her penis sliding deeper
and deeper. I came and came. Kissing her deeper and deeper.
I did not want this to end. We lay there holding each other
and she whispered how beautiful I was and how she loved pleasing
me. I rolled her over and slowly rocked on her penis some
more sitting up and shaking my hair and rubbing my breasts.
I could tell she loved looking at my body, lust burning from
her eyes. I rocked back and fourth and kissed her breasts
and came again. <br>
We lay next to each other kissing with Jeane rolling my
clit between her slender fingers. She removed her penis
and I asked for her to let me please her with it. She leaned
up on one elbow and looked deeply into my eyes holding my
cheek and said, “Sweetheart I am your man. You are my woman.
While nothing would please me more I only want to see you
as my lady.” I began to speak and she quieted me with a kiss.
Nothing more was said, for now! <br>
I slid down her body and pulled her pussy to my face and began
kissing and sucking, licking all her juices into me. I dug
my nails into her buttocks and brought her to a wonderful
orgasm. We positioned ourselves in a sixty-nine and kissed
and sucked each other into untold orgasms. We ended our
night in each others arms with our legs wrapped intertwined,
touching and kissing, whispering sweet love notes in each
other’s ears. <br>
Barbara awoke us Saturday morning with a light breakfast
and tea. While Barbara drew our bath Jeane and I cuddled
and kissed basking in the warmth of our bed and the previous
evening. Barbara came back in the room, naked, telling
us our bath was ready. Barbara looked beautiful, her blond
hair on her shoulders and her nipples standing out. Barbara
and Jeane led me to the tub, Jeane first laying on the lounger
pulling me to her with her breasts pressed against my back.
Barbara kneeled in front of me and began massaging my toes
and feet while Jeane kissed my neck. Oh I felt good. Barbara
then massaged my calves and thighs looking up at me with
deep blue eyes. I turned slightly wrapping my arm around
Jeane and we kissed. Barbara began tonguing my pussy expertly
rubbing my clit with her tongue. I became very aroused and
was moaning in Jeanes mouth as we kissed. I orgasmed pulling
Jeane tightly to me and brushing Barbara’s hair with my
other hand. <br>
Afterward all three of us washed and dried each other kissing
and rubbing each other. The three of us rolled into bed,
Jeane in the middle. I rolled on top of Jeane and kissed her
while Barbara went down on Jeane. Barbara then began licking
Jeane and then myself while Jeane and I pressed our pussies
together. The sensation of Barbara tonguing us simultaneously
sent Jeane and I scratching, clawing and holding each other
tightly into an explosive orgasm. <br>
With Jeane and I in each other’s arms Barbara arose and
dressed. Jeane asked her if Bill, John and Kelly had arrived.
Barbara nodded yes. I asked who they were and Jeane said
it was a surprise. What did she have planned now? <br>
Jeane and I donned silk robes and went downstairs. We walked
out to the pool area and were met by the trio. Bill greeted
and escorted us to lounge chairs. He took our robes and we
lay back on our chairs. Bill was white, over six feet tall,
and very well built. I could easily tell how well built he
was since he was naked. John introduced himself and handed
us each a Momosa made with fresh squeezed orange juice.
John was black, well built and had a penis that made me gasp.
It was long and as round as my fist. Kelly walked over to us
naked except for red high heels. She was Asian with long
legs and small pert breasts. She introduced herself and
asked if we needed anything at this time. Jeane said no and
the trio went in the house. <br>
Jeane said they were here for our pleasure, to serve us
at our whim. I told Jeane I needed to rest for a while, she
suggested I close my eyes and enjoy the sun. I did just that
and promptly dozed off. I awoke to the touch of John rubbing
sun tan lotion on my arms looking up at that wonderful penis.
I reached up and stroked it. His penis became so enlarged
that I could not reach fully around. I pulled it to my mouth
and playfully sucked and teased him. He stood there and
moaned making me feel delicious. I stopped and asked him
to continue applying the lotion to me. He did as was told.
I looked at Jeane who was being attended to by Bill. Bill
was massaging her with the lotion. He reached for her pussy
and began massaging her thighs and clitoris. She laid back,
closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts. John’s touch was
getting me excited so I asked him to go down on me. Expertly
he began kissing my pussy, massaging my clitoris. I reached
my hand towards Jeanes. We held each other’s hands, gripping
tightly, both having a wonderful orgasm. <br>
Both men left and went inside leaving us to lay back and
enjoy the sun. I got up, as did Jeane, and we both swam in the
pool and then lounged back in the water with arms up and over
the sides. We talked about the night and how she made me feel
warm, sexy, and protected. She approached me and we shared
a strong tender moment. Ohhh she warmed my body so. <br>
We got out of the pool and both lay in our respective chairs.
After a moment Barbara and our trio came out of the house,
John carrying a large padded mat that he laid in front of
us on the deck of the pool. Barbara came and kneeled beside
me and began gently stroking my body. Bill handed both Jeane
and I a delicious cocktail and then the trio came together
on the mat. Bill and John pressed themselves against Kelly,
she stroking their penises. I watched this display with
both anticipation and arousal. John lay down on his back
and Kelly slowly and deliberately mounted this giant penis.
Her eyes rolled back as her body accepted him. Bill then
came behind her and while kneeling rubbed jelly on his penis
and began entering Kelly as well. I groaned and moaned watching
this. Barbara began massaging my pussy and kissing my thighs
while I continued to watch. Bill had fully entered Kelly
and the three began rocking with a beautiful rhythmic motion.
I had never seen such an exercise, I panting with each stroke
of their bodies. Slowly their bodies tensed and they all
shuddered with a deep orgasm that brought deep moans from
Kelly. <br>
I lay there, Barbara with her head in my lap, watching the
three lay together touching and stroking themselves,
seemingly showing a wonderful love for each other. Eventually
they all climbed into the pool and floated around often
touching and pulling one another close. Barbara brought
them all drinks and we all lay about soaking up the wonderful
hot sun. <br>
Jeane asked the trio if they were ready to give Kathie her
surprise. I said this day hasn’t been enough of one? Perhaps
the better description is present Jeane said. Jeane then
came to lie beside me in the lounge chair pulling me to her
for a deep kiss. Barbara then stood behind Jeane and stroked
her hair. Kelly came behind me doing the same. <br>
John lay down on the mat and then Bill, the two lying backs
down with their butts pressed together. They were facing
away from each other but they had their legs draped over
one another. Kelly then grabbed both of our hands and led
us to the mat. She pulled us to her, stroking our backs and
nibbling on our nipples. Barbara then came over and began
licking Jeanes pussy while Kelly did the same to me. I stood
there, looking down at Kelly rub and excite me while I stroked
her hair with my hands. After a moment, Jeane took my hand
and led me to John and Bill. She positioned me over John and
I gladly began accepting his giant penis in me. Jeane did
the same with Bill. I slowly lowered myself on John, the
feeling of pressure and sensation washing over me. Jeane
and I were facing each other, so close that are pussies were
rubbing. Jeane and I embraced while slowly working ourselves
up and down on John and Bill. I felt so full of John that as
I worked myself up and down the sensation made me scream
out loud with passion. Jeane and I were kissing, holding
each other tight in our arms. I felt Kelly kissing my shoulders
and rubbing my breasts. Barbara was doing the same for Jeane.
I just held on not wanting the feeling to change, but feeling
more intensity in each passing moment. I felt John beginning
to well up and I increased the speed of my motions, the intensity
increasing with each stroke of John’s penis. Jeane and
I kissed deeper, Kelly was now rubbing my clit and I exploded,
Jeane exploded, and I exploded again. The intensity rocked
me and I fell into Kelly’s arms moaning and screaming. Kelly
held me as Jeane fell against me and we both lay there for
minutes. Our bodies shaking with spasms, over and over.
Jeane and I lay on the mat, entwined in each other’s arms.
Kelly and Barbara were spooned against our backs, stroking
our faces and arms, tenderly purring in our ears. As I lay
there I felt warm, peaceful, cozy and serene. <br>
Kelly then took my hand and led me to my room. She brought
me to my bed and helped me under the covers. She climbed in,
spooning my back. I felt her slowly rub my shoulders, arms
and tummy. She whispered, nuzzling my ear lobe that I should
sleep. She said she would be there when I awoke. <br>
I lay in bed soaking up the soft warmth drifting off to sleep.
I awoke to Kelly gently nibbling on my neck, slowly moving
to the soft hollow of my throat. She was kissing and biting,
her movements felt warm and tender. I pulled her to my mouth
and kissed her, wrapping her tongue around mine. She moved
to my ear and whispered, “Mistress, please fuck me. You
are so beautiful. I want you to take me with all your love.”
Kelly reached under the pillow and pulled out a strap on
dildo. She was mine I thought. I took the dildo and with her
help positioned the love machine around my waist. I then
wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. I was in
control. I was going to fuck her. I lay across her and firmly
held her and began kissing her over and over. I slid down
her body and opened her legs with mine. I began to insert
my manhood in her. She tried to pull me deeper but I held her
back. Slow down baby I said your pleasure is mine. I began
pumping with slow direct movements, my arms wrapped around
her back. I held her tight and kissed her while pumping.
In and out, In and out, over and over. Oh this felt good to
have her. Kelly began to shudder, I held her tighter and
kissed her deeper. She was saying, “Mistress please don’t
stop, oh I love having you in me. Fuck me hard.” God this made
me hot. I began pumping harder and harder. I was beginning
to lose control myself. Kelly was scratching my back, moaning
louder and louder. She started coming and I buried my head
in her neck rocking my hips up and down. She was screaming
now, her legs wrapped around my hips. I started to slow ever
slightly, kissing her cheek and mouth. <br>
I lay on top of her, still in her, kissing lightly, stroking
my pet. Yes she was my pet. Kelly looked at me with deep eyes
and said, “Oh Mistress, may I be yours. I want to be yours.
Will you have me?” I could see by the look in her beautiful
eyes that she was serious, she was giving herself to me.
How could I say no? Jeane would understand an afternoon
tryst with the beautiful Kelly. She was the one who introduced
us, after all. But it was more than a tryst. Kelly was my pet.
I would share her with Jeane but Kelly was mine to direct.
I removed my manhood from Kelly and lay next to her. I wrapped
her in my arms, giving her my warmth and strength. She nuzzled
into my neck and purred. Yes, I was her master. I rolled her
on top of me and we kissed. Our tongues melting into one another.
I then stretched my arms over my head and Kelly began to please
me. <br>
I lay back enjoying the touch of Kelly’s lips kissing my
entire body. I spread my legs for her and she proceeded to
nuzzle my button. Oh she made me feel good. I felt her hand
touch my face. How could that be. I opened my eyes and the
lovely Jeane was stroking my face. Jeane kissed me deep
our tongues rolling and exploring. I wrapped my arms around
her and pulled her tight. Kelly continued and gradually
drove me into a wonderful orgasm. <br>
I rolled Jeane over kissing her gently. I looked in her
eyes and said, “My turn.” I strapped on my manhood. No protest,
how nice. Oh I felt strong and hot. I ached to explore her.
I lay on top of her and slid my body over her letting her feel
my hardness. I directed Jeane to turn over so I could enter
her doggie style. Kelly slid under Jeane allowing Jeane
complete access to her pussy. I teased Jeane gently touching
her sliding just my tip in and out. She moaned for me to fuck
her. I need you in me Kathie, NOW. I placed my hand on her back
and eased into her pussy. Oh it felt good. My clit was rubbing
on her backside and I felt every motion as I directed my cock
in and out of her. This was my cock and I had my woman begging
for more. Jeane had her head buried between Kelly’s legs.
Poor Kelly. I don’t think she was getting the attention
she deserved. To bad. I had my woman moaning and screaming
with every thrust. Jeane grabbed a hold of Kelly’s thighs
and screamed. Jeane collapsed on Kelly and I removed myself
and lay next to her. She rolled on her side and kissed me deeply
hands stroking up and down my body. I held her tight and kissed
and kissed holding each other tight. Kelly stroked us both
but at that moment there was only Jeane and I. <br>
Jeane and I lay their cuddling and kissing eventually
falling off to sleep. I awoke with Jeanes head on my chest
sleeping peacefully. For the first time this weekend I
think of Bob. I love him deeply. But I also realize I love
Jeane too. I want them both I thought. Would either or both
of them accept this. What a spot. Or am I feeling the high
from the great sex? I need to talk with Bob before my mind
floats away anymore. Jeane starts to rouse and we kiss softly.
I roll her over on me and cup those beautiful breasts and
stroke her sides. I pull her to me and we kiss as lovers. Wow.
My pussy tingles. I’m wet with desire again. God I’m horny.
We hold each other tight and I explore her pussy with my
finger. She does the same and we kiss and stroke each other
while stroking each others pussies. Our bodies start to
shudder together, our lips locked with tongues fighting
each other. Oh we come together. What a great feeling. Our
hot sweaty bodies locked together, sliding against one
another. My breasts feel so good against hers while my pussy
continues to grind hers working the orgasm as long as possible.
We lay face to face lightly kissing. I’m purring. What
a great feeling. Jeane props herself on her elbow and strokes
my face. Jeane tells me about a small get together at the
house she has planned. I’m disappointed. I can lie in her
arms all night. I tell her, “Jeane I only want you tonight.”

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