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Karen's Night of Redemption



Everyone has one… but most people have only one… a sexual
experience so beyond the norm as to be something else entirely.
Karen’s Night of Redemption was that for me. It happened
in April 1983. I wish I knew the exact date. There ought to
be a brass plate on the motel room door in commemoration.
Karen and I had been in a relationship since July 1976. We
had both been married to fine people in 1976 but a combination
of “pure lust and soul mate discovery” had put an end to both
of those marriages.

As the Spring of 1983 dawned there was extreme tension in
our relationship. I had been discovered messing around
with an 18-year-old back in 1980 and that had, of course,
strained our relationship. Is there a man alive you can
resist 18-year-old good looking pussy if it throws itself
at you? I should have resisted but didn’t. The incident
with the 18 year old “almost woman” was a one time thing.
It was my bad luck that Karen found out about the “one time.”
It took almost a year for that tempest to abate but it eventually
did. Or so I thought. Little did I know that two highly erotic
nights of “payback” would be endured and enjoyed.

A few thoughts about our sex lives during the seven years
between initial lust and the Night of Redemption. Karen
was (and I suppose remains) a very outspoken feminist.
The term seems a little archaic today but in the ‘70’s it
meant something. She took no shit off a man regardless of
position or status. I think it was that uncompromising
public attitude that added the special edge to her insatiable
desire to suck my dick. There was just something especially
erotic about watching her aggressive feminist posture
in public (we worked together) while contemplating how
much I would enjoy watching her as she stripped naked, fell
to her knees and slid my penis into her mouth. And she was
oh-so-verbal in expressing how much she enjoyed the submissive
oral act. It was a rare night in our seven years that my dick
spent less than an hour appreciating the warm subtleties
of her mouth. Two aspects of Karen’s cocksucking still
stir me. I will always stiffen slightly as I remember how
she violently pushed the coffee table away from the sofa
as she was taking off her clothes in anticipation. She wanted
plenty of room to squirm and thrash about. I also fondly
remember how I occasionally teased her and increased the
tension: I would allow her to kneel naked and move her mouth
toward my penis. At the last moment, I would squeeze my thighs
gripping her head in my “human vise” keeping her mouth maybe
three inches from my rock hard penis. Something along the
following lines would ensue (me speaking first):

“ Whacha doing?”

“I want it.”

“How much do you want it?”

“I really want it.”

“But, how MUCH do you want it?”

“I’ll do anything to have it in my mouth.”

At which time, of fucking course, I let her suck my dick.
There would come a time when it would be a little different.

In 1983 Karen was in her early thirties and looking to advance
in the medical field. She was a hospital administrator
and wanted the MBA that would allow her to advance. She enrolled
in a graduate program. It was there that she met Erwin, a
professor in his early fifties and definitely the kind
of man who took a special interest in his students. Erwin
was stylish, wealthy and in a position to do Karen’s career
a lot of good. Perhaps it would not have happened had I not
dallied with the 18-year-old. Then again, given Karen’s
feminist “I’ll do what I want to” attitude, it might have.
It happened and I endured serious erotic pain. And one night
of absolutely fantastic sexual adventure.

The first Friday in April that year was uneventful up to
the point when I called Karen around six to let her know I
was on my way to her townhouse. We didn’t have any special
plans that night but we had done something every Friday
evening for years. I had no reason to believe that this Friday
would be any different. My call activated the answering
machine which did not surprise me. Karen sometimes had
late meetings. I assumed that she was on her way home as I
drove to her place. I let myself into her townhouse, a little
surprised because I’d assumed that she would arrive first.
Nevertheless, I plopped down in front of the TV and kicked
back. Seven o’clock came and went quickly. At eight I began
to worry… thinking mainly about car accidents since I had
recently had one. Nine o’clock was a blur as was ten. As eleven
approached I decided to go home. I was tired and had a busy
day on Saturday. I had just turned the TV off when I heard
the key in the front door lock. Karen edged in slowly through
the door without saying a word. This was a bit odd since she
obviously had seen my car out front and knew I was there.
She began to climb the stairs as I entered the hallway.

My anger and impatience was restrained but obvious.

“Where have you been?” I wanted to say “Where the fuck…”
but managed to subdue it.

She said quietly, “I had a meeting.”

“And you couldn’t call?”

She replied, “no, I really couldn’t, I’m sorry.” And she
continued up the stairs to her bedroom.

I felt a wave of sarcasm join the anger and impatience I was
already feeling. “And just who the fuck was this five hour
meeting with?” Karen’s back was still toward me when she

“One of my professors.”

A look of amazement and puzzlement must have crossed my
face. She had just begun her graduate program in mid-January
and I didn’t even know who her professors were. This was
something way out of the ordinary. I didn’t know how to react
but my anger subsided briefly.

“Damn, Friday night is an odd time for an appointment with
a prof.”

“Well, we went out to dinner.”

“Oh.” I’m a little slow on the uptake at times but even I knew
that something was up. “And why didn’t you call and tell

“I didn’t know we were going to dinner until around four.”

“Oh shit, ” I thought. Her meeting was in the afternoon.
“Where did you go?”

Karen named a stylish restaurant near the campus, a place
we had talked about going to but never had.

“Well, that was one long-ass dinner!”

“We went back to his office afterward, she said quietly.”

“Oh shit, ” I thought again. “And………..”

Karen turned and faced me directly. Eye to eye, just as I
make her do when my dick is in her mouth. She simply said:
“you know… we did it.”

I felt my cock harden as I asked her the obvious question.
She replied in her usual explicit way and I made a decision.

“I’ll see you later.” I didn’t really want to leave. I wanted
to fuck the living shit out of her as rough as I could make
it. But, I didn’t.

About a week passed, a week in which pornographic images
of Karen and this professor continually flashed through
my consciousness.. I was determined not to call her though.
I was about at my willpower’s end when the phone rang.

“Don’t you think we should at least have a drink and talk
about it?” Karen said sweetly. I thought about rejecting
her and being done with it but heard myself saying…

“OK, I’ll be at the usual place around seven if you want to
be there.” I hung up the phone with no further comment. I’m
not usually a man of few words.

I arrived at the hotel bar and found Karen already there,
into her second “Seven and Seven.” She was dressed stylishly,
a cream colored silk blouse which was only slightly too
small and a slightly too short skirt. I always enjoyed her
“look” which included immaculate and subtle make-up and
perfectly coiffed hair. I always appreciated the time
that Karen spent on her appearance. She didn’t look up from
her drink until I was standing over the table. I nodded and
sat down. I needed a Jack Daniels to get into the spirit of
things and one was soon on its way. The waitress had served
us several times before but never in the circumstances
of today.

“Do you want to know about it?” Karen knew me well. She had
gauged my anger but realized that my sexual curiosity would
have gotten the best of me in the week since her little adventure.
“Well……….” I responded in the affirmative.

“Erwin’s not very sexy. He’s 5-9 or so and slightly balding.
He’s too much of a gentleman for my taste, but…”

I interrupted, “well why the hell did you fuck him?”

“Because I wanted to” was Karen’s inevitable answer.

“Did you suck his cock?” I couldn’t resist asking as my own
twitched a bit.

“What do you think?” was her predictable response and then
she added: “it was so damn spongy.” At this last I laughed
in spite of myself trying to figure out if she was telling
the truth. From this point Karen provided me with a monologue
of each and every detail of their tryst from first fumbling
kiss to his cumming inside her in the good old missionary
position. She didn’t volunteer much about her own pleasure
and I didn’t have to ask to figure out that she had not reached

I was on my third Black Jack on the rocks and she had switched
to a Bloody Mary when she surprised me: “Do you want to fuck
me?” I uncharacteristically hesitated and she looked
me in the eye: “Tell the truth, you want to fuck me hard and
rough.” I hesitated again, determined that this was one
night when my cock was not going to dictate.

“Yeah I do but I’m not going to.” I got up, threw a twenty on
the table, and simply walked away as my goddamned cock strained
against my pants and bitched about my decision. I had second
thoughts as well but kept on walking.

I waited a week but knew that it would not be much longer than
that. Sure enough, she called me the next Friday. “We didn’t
resolve anything, ” she said.

I responded, “I know, ” and her response was instantaneous:


“We worked it out after you fucked goddamn Lynda!”

I knew that my 18-year-old mediocre fuck was going to be
added to the mix.

“Yeah, and it took almost a year to do it so we are about 50
weeks away, ” I spit out the words. I hadn’t meant this literally
but I must have been convincing.

Karen quietly said, “I can’t wait that long.” My cock sure
hardened hearing those words. I started to respond but
she cut me off before the first syllable: “I’ll do whatever
it takes to get what I want.” I started to respond again but
again she cut me off: “I want it so bad that I’ll go down on
it while your friends watch. I’ll do anything.”

Oh fucking wow. This was a classy 34 year old professional
woman, good looking, a good lover and an ardent feminist
volunteering to be a sex slave. Who’s going to turn that

I had the presence of mind, though I don’t know how, to say…
“OK, meet me at our Holiday Inn tomorrow night at eight.”
I needed time to think. Karen agreed. I told her that I’d
call and leave the room number on her answering machine
but that I didn’t want to talk to her then. I also gave her
suggestions for dressing. And my imagination went to work.


I knew how Karen was when she was truly hot for it. I decided
that this night would meet my needs. She entered room 117
of the Holiday Inn precisely at 8 PM. She was wearing that
“little black dress.” She had her overnight bag and dropped
it upon entering. She didn’t expect to see John but covered
her surprise well.

“Hello, ” she said, “what…?” she motioned toward John.
She noticed the video camera, a novelty in those days, but
she didn’t acknowledge its presence. John was a huge Black
man, maybe 6’7” and 250. I knew him from my job as a basketball
coach. A former player, he taped our games as a favor to me.
Karen looked puzzled but I think she recognized him.

“I thought I’d enjoy filming our game, ” I said. Karen didn’t
like this. She had a “thing” about having her picture taken.
I knew this of course and had planned on it adding to the discomfort.
I didn’t want her to be comfortable.

“OK, what do I do?” she asked. The annoyance was obvious.

“Well… first you take off your dress.” Karen obeyed quickly.

“Now, you get on your knees, ” again instant obedience.
It was obvious that Karen had anticipated the sexual submission
part of tonight’s activity. It was equally obvious that
she had not anticipated John’s filming. She stole glances
at him as I spoke. I admired how good she looked in the red
bra and panties. She never wore red. This was special for
this night.

“Take off the bra and panties.” Karen hesitated for the
first time. Her phobia about pictures was kicking in.

“Can’t you turn that off?” she whined. Karen wasn’t a whiner.

“No I can’t, ” I responded. Her features tightened but
the bra and panties came off.

Karen was kneeling naked across the room. John was in the
area near the bathroom filming. I was standing by the door.


“How much do you want it, ” I said, lightly rubbing my cock
through my pants.

“You know how much I want it, ” she replied.

“Well, play with your pussy…….”

“Fuck you……….” and then her hand slid down between her legs.
Karen realized that this was to be a night of humiliation.
She made the instant decision that she would accept it.

“OK, now get flat on your face on the floor.” I had thought
this through. “Now wiggle your way over here. No part of
your body loses contact with the floor.” I knew how abrasive
this would be, especially to her sensitive nipples. Karen
complied. John had been instructed to keep the camera on
her ass during this part of the fun. I knew that I would enjoy
watching that fine ass wriggle as she moved toward me.

Karen was quickly in front of me, absolutely prone on the
floor. I had stripped down to my underwear, grey t-shirt
and long briefs. My cock was straining against the briefs.
I didn’t really want Karen to see this evidence of my being
turned-on but it couldn’t be helped. Her face was still
buried in the carpet, though, so I suppose it didn’t matter.

“Now suck it, cunt, ” I said. I never used vulgar words with
Karen and halfway expected her to be confused but she had
certainly anticipated this. She began to rise to all-fours
when I screamed: “back down on your face!”

“But… I can’t….” I cut her off with: “my toe, you cock-sucking
bitch. Suck my fucking big toe and show me that you want it.”
Since this was way beyond the pale of anything we had done,
I knew it to be the moment of truth. If she went with this,
she would go the whole way. I waited a moment and then sat
down on the edge of the bed. Karen was still entirely prone
at my feet. I saw her ass wiggle just a little as she moved
toward me. I glanced at John as he filmed. Though I couldn’t
see his entire face behind the video cam, I saw his smile.
He knew that this would be a very enjoyable night. The $100
he as getting was just gravy. Karen’s mouth soon engulfed
the big toe on my left foot. She was soon sucking it as if it
were a cock. I enjoyed the sensation very much and allowed
it to continue for a couple of minutes. It was time for something

“That’s enough. It feels real good but I don’t think it’s
going to cum.” I stood up in front of the bed. By this time
my hard cock was straining against the grey briefs. Karen
was breathing hard. Her mouth was primed and she was ready
to worship my cock. The key to our sexual relationship was
that Karen loved sucking me off and did it for her own pleasure.
The night almost three years before when she had discovered
me with the 18 year old, she had concluded our argument by
eating my dick in spite of her anger. She did it to please
herself. I appreciated this having had my share of women
who did it only to please me. There was something extra special
about a woman who does it for her own pleasure. I had enjoyed
it for seven years. But I wouldn’t enjoy it yet this night.
Karen rose to her knees in anticipation. I gently stroked
her hair and then her cheeks. My fingers then brushed her
lips and she opened her mouth to let them in. Two fingers
slipped into her mouth and I felt the overwhelmingly enjoyable
sensation of her lips and tongue bathing them. Then I forced
a third finger into her mouth, purposefully stretching
her lips and pushing all three fingers in a little more than
was comfortable. Karen clasped her hands behind her back
as I started to move my cock through the slit in the underwear.
She knew that the sum total of our relationship for the next
hour or so would be her mouth and my cock. We were quite accustomed
to this. She closed her eyes and moved her lips closer to
my penis. I gently but firmly placed my hand on her head and
stopped her progress.

“Oh, please let me, ” she implored. This was a common part
of our sex game. I usually relented after no more than two
or three entreaties from her to be allowed to eat me. This
time it was different.

“Not yet, ” I said as I slowly backed away from her. I casually
picked up the mask from the table next to the bed. It was velvet.
I touched it and enjoyed its softness the same way I enjoyed
feeling Karen’s pussy. She watched and a confused expression
crossed her face. We had never indulged in blindfold play.
In spite of her submissive demeanor in sex, Karen was way
too much of a control freak to enjoy being blindfolded.
She stole a glance at John behind the camera. I loved how
she did it, not moving her head, simply spying him through
the corner of her eye. I don’t know if she truly flashed on
what was coming next. She’s a smart woman and may have figured
it out. In any case, I knew that I was going to enjoy this segment
of the evening’s entertainment. I reached out and began
to slip the blindfold in place. Karen instinctively raised
her hands to prevent it but dropped them back to her side
even before they reached tit level. It was that reflex movement
and conscious override that told me that stage two would
proceed as planned.

I said nothing as I allowed Karen to become accustomed to
the mask. I sat down on the bed and stretched out. Karen was
still kneeling at the foot of the bed. Now that she couldn’t
see me I began to rub my cock. It was soaked in pre-cum. John
was totally silent but smiling broadly. He had locked the
camera in place on its tripod. Karen was caught in profile
in her kneeling position. Her breathing was both deep and
rapid. Her nipples were bright red, partly due to the abrasive
slither across the carpet and partly because of good, old-fashioned
lust. I loved watching her breasts heave with those fine
cherries so prominent.

I asked Karen if she was enjoying herself. I needed to make
a little “small talk” as John walked around in front of her.
I asked her to rub her aching nipples and she complied. She
was becoming accustomed to the mask but somewhat apprehensive
about what was to happen. Karen didn’t enjoy being out of
control. I watched Karen’s face tighten as John, now only
a foot away from her, unzipped. He was wearing heavy duty
jeans and the unzipping was industrial strength. She could
not miss hearing it.

“Oh, God, ” Karen intoned. I said nothing, simply smiled.
John’s cock soon sprung out as he was wearing no underwear.
Karen didn’t move at all as John brought his dick to about
six inches from her face. A bead of sweat rolled down her
left cheek. I loved this since Karen never sweated.

I mockingly asked, “do you smell something?” And Karen
sniffed slightly in spite of herself. “Well…”

“I smell sex.” She took a very deep breath, her breasts now
entirely engorged and she was flushed in the upper chest
and neck. I knew what that looked liked. I speculated about
whether she had had one of her “little orgasms” yet. It was
a pleasant thought.

“Do you like it?” I whispered.

“Oh, yeah, ” she replied and began “Do you really….”

I didn’t let her finish. “Only if you really want to.”

Karen didn’t hesitate: “Oh God, yes!”

I had never had occasion to previously see John’s organ
but he had assured me that it was equal to the task. John was
not exorbitantly long, maybe 7 inches, a mere half inch
longer than me. However, the dick was extravagantly thick
with a mushroom head designed to choke a woman. It was the
sight of the mushroom that caused my next decision.

“John, why don’t you slip off her blindfold. She’s been
good, let her see it.” I reclined a little more on the bed
and took a sip of Jack Daniels. I knew how much I was going
to enjoy the teasing eroticism of this act. John slowly
slipped the blindfold off. Karen blanched and recoiled
at the sudden light as she tried to open her eyes too soon.
Her eyes soon adjusted and when they did, a look of amazement
crossed her face.

She instinctively uttered… “I can’t possibly…” and then
she stopped herself. John circled his hand around his cock
so only the head and the base was visible. Karen knew what
she was to do and her tongue quickly slipped out and lightly
touched the huge mushroom before her. Karen is an experienced
woman but it was obvious that she had never seen a cock this
thick or a mushroom head this fat. She was fascinated but
scared. But she hesitated only briefly before opening
her mouth as wide as possible and sliding the huge head inside
the warm comfort. Although I couldn’t see it, it was obvious
that her tongue was working hard. She knew that the swirling
motion around the head needed to be replaced by an insistent
up and down stroking of the sweet spot just below the head.
Karen understood blow jobs. And then she was surprised.
Just as she was building her courage to move his thick organ
down her throat, John pulled back. She was left kneeling
and breathing hard.

John wasted no time. “Lay on your back.” Karen complied.
John straddled her chest, holding his organ above her face.
Her only response was a quick lick of one of his balls. I think
she believed that I hadn’t noticed.

“Hold on a minute, John, ” I said, “Let me get the camera.
I moved across the room to the tripod and retrieved the bulky
video camera. I wanted a close up of his orgasm. Karen was
pinned by his massive thighs but her breasts were still
rising and falling in fast rhythm. She did acknowledge
my bringing the camera over. Karen thought that she was
supposed to suck now and tried to raise her head. John, as
per instructions, gently pushed her down. He began to masturbate,
the mushroom head of his cock maybe six inches above her
face. This continued for a minute or so and the lust grew
on Karen’s face. She wanted to suck him. But tonight was
not about her pleasure… it was about redemption.

John pushed her head away from his organ. “You just fucking
lay there.” I’d told him to be forceful. Karen lay perfectly
still as John, still straddling her chest, rose up… pointing
his thick cock at her face but not allowing her mouth near
it. “I’m about ready, ” he said. This was my cue to get the
camera in a tight close up on her face. I got the shot I wanted
none too soon. John almost whispered his next command:
“Open your mouth.” Karen obeyed, hoping that the organ
would be inserted. Instead, it exploded exactly as I desired:
his cum gushed and some splashed on her tongue. One spurt
graced her lips and still more flooded onto both cheeks.
John must have not cum for a week. I had difficulty keeping
the camera in focus. I had cum on Karen’s face a few times
but in the heat of passion I’d never paid much attention.
This was different.

John climbed off her chest. Her breasts were still heaving,
the nipples still bright red. Karen didn’t quite know what
to make of this experience. She wiped a small drop of cum
that had hit dangerously close to her left eye but otherwise
made no effort to clean herself. She instinctively knew
that I wanted to see this scene.

After about three minutes I handed Karen a towel. She wiped
the hot cum from her face without comment. I handed her the
velvet mask. This time she would put it on herself. She did.

It was getting a little cold in the motel room and I enjoyed
seeing some goose bumps on Karen’s naked body. It got even
colder as John opened the door and left. He had one more task
to perform and it would take a couple of minutes. In the interim,
a little conversation.

“Are you enjoying our date, ” I asked with only a hint of

“Some, ” Karen replied, “Am I supposed to?” She crossed
her arms over her breasts for warmth.

“Do you still want it?” I asked.

She replied, “You know I do.”

“You haven’t earned it yet.”

“I know.”

Silence hung over the room for maybe three minutes. I fixed
myself another Black Jack on the rocks. Karen wanted a drink
but I didn’t offer one. She was fairly sober as she knelt
wearing the mask.

John finally returned for the grand finale. He opened the
door and walked in, bringing the animal with him. Karen,
still blindfolded, sensed another presence. John simply
stood by the door, maybe six feet from where Karen knelt.

“Get up on the bed” I intoned. Karen quickly complied. Her
knees were tired from the hard floor. “On all fours, ” I
continued. She did not have to be told a second time. “Spread
your legs.” Karen obeyed. Her apprehension was massive.
My anticipation was off the scale.

John lead the dog up onto the bed behind Karen. We didn’t
know quite what to expect. The big German shepherd didn’t
waste much time. The pink penis slipped from its sheath.
It glistened and was poised. Then we all got a surprise.
The dog attacked Karen’s asshole with a vengeance. We had
been ready to guide it to her pussy. The animal had different
ideas and we did not contest them. Karen was utterly shocked.

“Oh fucking shit” she screamed in response to the animal’s
first thrust into her ass. It couldn’t have hurt very much
since the dog’s exposed penis was relatively small. However,
his thrusts were anything but gentle. Karen groaned under
the animal’s assault.

I couldn’t help but say, “Oh, yeah. Now that’s fucking hot.”

John simply smiled and emitted a low chuckle. He quickly
grabbed the camera and began to record the intercourse
for posterity. I was surprised. Before this night I had
never thought about such a scene. Now, I was taking intense
pleasure in watching a large dog seek pleasure in a woman’s
ass. Karen collapsed from her “all fours” position but
the dog did not miss a stroke. He pinned her and continued
his fuck. I wasn’t about to let Karen off easily. I motioned
to John to pull the animal off. I moved to Karen and removed
the blindfold. I will forever remember the tremendous
heaving of her breasts as she breathed hard.

“You know what you have to do, don’t you?” I spoke without
remorse. Karen did not speak but nodded her head in resignation.
I said, “OK, now do it.”

John was comforting the dog whose pleasure had been interrupted.
His penis glistened from it’s forays into Karen’s ass.
Karen didn’t hesitate. John held the front of the animal’s
body in the air as Karen slid underneath. The ultimate sexual
experience of my life ensued as Karen’s mouth engulfed
the bright red dog penis. I could not fucking believe it.
Her mouth sucked the dog’s dick. I could have watched it
all night but the large animal came almost instantly. The
clear dog cum dripped from Karen’s mouth. I enjoyed the

Our evening was not over. I nodded to John that his work was
finished and he put a leash on the dog. He moved slowly, obviously
hoping that I would change my mind and allow him to remain.
I didn’t, though. The final act would just be Karen and me.
I decided to give her a few minutes to relax and lit a cigar.
John packed the camera and handed me the tape. It amused
me that Karen stole a final glance at his crotch. He was semi
hard. John handed me a second leash and quietly left. I remember
well the slight smile on his face.

Karen finally sat up on the bed. She was tired and shocked.
It showed. I tried to suppress my emotions as I looked at
her. As one might imagine, I was horny beyond belief. But
I was equally determined to take my time. This was to be a
Night of Redemption that ended it.

“Is there anything else?” she asked.

“Just the usual, ” I responded. I was taken aback by the
rapidity of her movement. She was off the bed and on her knees
almost before the “usual” was out of my mouth. I looked down
at her. I absolutely loved seeing this proud woman naked
and on her knees. I never tired of the sight and my cock hardened
as if I were 17 again. I took the handcuffs out of my back pocket.
I had considered using them when John was teasing her but
decided to reserve them for the finale. Karen looked at
the cuffs but made no comment. I don’t think anything would
have surprised her at this point. I walked around in back
of her and she instinctively put her hands behind her back,
resting just above her sexy ass. I put the cuffs on her and
returned to the bed. Karen could easily see my cock straining
against the gray material of my underwear. She could wait…
as I had that night at her townhouse. I would enjoy the wait
and her discomfort.

I finally spoke: “I’m going to enjoy watching this tape.”
I saw the dismay in her eyes. She had momentarily forgotten
that this night’s activities had been recorded. “Maybe
I should have kept the camera going a little longer.” The
corners of Karen’s mouth turned up so very slightly. I couldn’t
resist a little more torment. “I think Erwin’s going to
be very surprised.” Karen could not hide her growing concern.

“You would really do that?” Her question was genuine. “You
would really do that, ” she repeated. I was unresponsive
except for a small shrug of my shoulders.

I don’t know. I’ll probably show it to my poker friends first
and get their reaction. Maybe I’ll let them decide what
Erwin and anyone else sees. I knew how much having even a
simple snapshot tormented her. I wanted her to think a bit
about the tape. In the meantime, I would enjoy watching
her kneeling naked with her hands cuffed behind her back.
I love that.

Karen was tired but I knew that she still wanted it. And she
wanted the ritual. I began to rub my cock between the gray
material of my shorts. I moved over on the bed directly in
front of her. I spread my legs ever so slightly and Karen
instinctively leaned forward. I allowed her face to nuzzle
against my crotch. I especially enjoyed the fact that she
was handcuffed. The little whimpering noises she made
added to my enjoyment as her mouth traced the firmness of
my cock. I’ve known her long enough to know that she was very
hot to have my cock in her mouth. Even after all she had experienced
this evening. Amazing. I stood up and pulled my shorts down
and my organ sprang out, almost hitting her face. I sat back
down and spread my legs. Karen licked her lips as her face
dipped forward. She knew that I enjoyed that gesture. My
thighs clamping together stopped her progress a mere three
inches from my dick. She expected this and her tongue reached
out, almost bridging the gap.

“Lean back, ” I instructed her and she complied. I reached
back and picked up the dog leash and collar. I fastened the
collar around her neck. Karen kept her eyes closed. I attached
the leash to the collar. Still no reaction. I stood and pulled
the collar straight upward, gently but insistently. Karen
instinctively wanted to get on all fours but her hands were
cuffed behind her. All she could do was lean in the direction
that my pulling lead her. I soon had her walking around the
room on her knees. Her full breasts, still red from abrasion,
were swaying. There were light scratches on her ass where
the dog had mounted her. The eroticism was complete.

“Don’t speak, fuck mouth. Suck my dick you fucking cunt.
Just suck it until it cums.” My pleasure was intense. I sat
back down on the bed, playfully pulling on the leash. Her
mouth opened wide and engulfed my organ. There was no other
contact between us. Our relationship had been reduced
to her mouth and my cock. And that’s exactly what I wanted.

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I was wandering what it would feel like having a big hard long doggie cock go up my ass and fuck me --- I have had my small dog lick my ass and cock and balls for a while now -- man does it feel great ----