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Just the three of us


My wife, Lin, has been my best friend, lover and very willing
partner for the better part of the last six years. We had
both been married before to people completely opposite
to our own natures, and yet, the one thing both our previous
marriage had in common was that they lacked any real passion
or creativity when it came to sexuality. Because of my experiences
with my first wife, I had determined that all my sexual fantasies
must be peculiar to me and that I would never find a partner
who would be willing to explore. In short, I had pretty much
closed down, except during those times when I would masturbate
to a very vivid fantasy.

Lin is intelligent and expressive when she wants; is a very
loving and nurturing individual who just happens to be
beautiful and incredibly sexy. She has a vivacious figure
with breasts that are as sensitive as they are mouthwatering,
a great ass and tasty toes. It is pure pleasure just to watch
her move, listen to her talk or dance. Lin loves to dance.
Over time, I began to loosen up and trust this wonderful
playmate and started to share my hidden desire for some
riskier, and a little kinkier, sex. She would listen and
instead of being repulsed, she became excited at the prospects
of adventuring together with our bodies.

Right after I began to openly share my desires and lustful
proclivities, I began having dreams that included Lin
with several other men as I watched; then when she was ready
to explode from their lusty attention, I would step in between
her legs and bring her to climax. I am an admitted voyeur
and do not believe these dreams or desires to be a fulfillment
of latent homosexual tendencies. Truth be told, I love
to watch the forceful wide-eyed expression on my wife’s
face when she is about to cum. It is pure sex. Shortly after
we began exploring, a very strong desire of sharing Lin
with just one other male became the most dominate of the
sexual dreams and fantasies. Every time I would think of
this scenario, I would immediately get a deep sexual ache
in my lower belly and a persistent erection that would not
want to go away until we made love.

We would both occasionally read letters posted on AdultFriendFinder or
Watchersweb’s amateur page as part of wet and erect foreplay.
After a short time of reading about how others were exploring
threesomes, we decided it would be fun to invite a male into
our lovemaking. Lin and I had no desire to invite another
woman or couple into our sexual playtime; the pure sexual
mischief of having a third person was plenty. We placed
a write up at AdultFriendFinder and began to contact men interested in helping
me give Lin a night of pure sexual bliss.

Jeff, a forty-two year old single professional male from
north of our area responded to our write-up on AdultFriendFinder and we
all agreed to meet for early evening drinks. He was everything
he had stated and then some, making our initial meeting
fun, relaxing and full of potential. A couple of weeks went
by before we were able to set an evening of conversation
to see if there was a deeper connection with Lin and I both
being nervous when the evening finally arrived. We love
to dress for special occasions and as this was to be our first
of such encounters, we both wanted it to be memorable. Braless
Lin wore a very sexy white outfit that clung in all the right
places, while I attired in an upscale sport coat and slacks.
We always get attention for the fact that we look so good
together as a couple, but this night Lin was turning heads
with her great blonde looks, cherry red lips and magnificent
breast sexily moving just behind the fabric of her blouse
as she walked into the lobby of the hotel. The gentle friction
of her outfit had her succulent nipples erect as we walked
up to the table where our new friend to be was sitting.

Jeff was equally fashioned making the three of us a statement
of conscious success and impeccable bearing. We settle
in the front bar at an out-of-the-way table near the back
of the room. The small talk turned to laughter inducing
stories as our wine began to loosen our nervous tension.
It was Jeff who finally turned the conversation to our purpose
for meeting. He explained that he had only been with one
other couple and that he had formed a three-year relationship
with them before they moved west to the coast. This interested
Lin as she questioned Jeff to find out how they had begun
their threesome, what they had done during the course of
their relationship and if they still managed to connect
even with the distance. He explained that the wife was always
in charge of their encounters having everything on her
terms and at her pace. The husband had been equally involved
in each erotic romp and that they finished their dalliances
once the couple had moved. He went on to explain it had taken
him a fair amount of time to decide whether or not to have
another such relationship because of the loss he had felt
when it had ended. The three had bonded in a very unique friendship
that included activities other than just sexual encounters.
Lin and I were impressed with his openness and willingness
to expose his feelings. We decided to meet the next weekend
to open a new chapter in our erotic play.

Lin and I purposefully avoided any talk about what might
take place for fear of building to much anticipation for
the upcoming Friday night, but it was clear that we were
both nervous at the prospects. We checked into the room
just after three and quietly went about the business of
transforming the suite into a candle lit, incense fragranced
space suitable for our evening of pleasure. We both dressed
very casually with Lin in a one-piece jump suit that zipped
down the front. The thin cotton fabric covering her otherwise
naked body accentuated every wonderful curve. She was
stunning! Jeff could not take his eyes off her as he entered
the room. Lin remembered his preference from our first
meeting and offered him a drink. The three of us sat sipping
our beverages with Lin and Jeff sitting on the loveseat
and me occupying one the chair next to where Lin was sitting.
I was actually close enough to easily rest my hand on her
thigh as we both talked to Jeff. The mood was easy and warm.
Lin got up to freshen our drinks and when she returned she
asked me to take her place on the loveseat. She sat directly
across from us as she began to ask very pointed questions
of how the evening would proceed. I could tell she was getting
horny at the idea of having two men pleasure her every desire.


In a sudden shift, Lin asked Jeff to describe in detail what
he wanted to do to her body. Without hesitation, he leaned
forward toward her and began to give her a blow by blow of
his desires. Waves of nervous feelings swept over me as
I listened to the very detailed description of what he wanted
to do to my lovely wife’s body. Her eyes filled with lust
as she looked back and forth between us. She licked her lips
in nervous anticipation as she watched for my reaction.
I had used my best poker face to not cause her concern. Not
being able to readily read me, she asked what I thought about
Jeff’s plan. I quickly explained the polar feelings of
nervousness and exaggerated excitement alternating
within me and immediately added that I thought his description
would be incredible to play out. Lin then asked Jeff to describe
his cock to her. He first described it as very sensitive
with the head as being big and purple when erect. “The shaft
has a bulging vein snaking along its side and at the base
is a much thicker than the head. So, the deeper I go, the wider
my cock stretches your sweet pussy.” Lin looked nervously
at me, watching to see my reaction to his very graphic description.
“It is long and hard as bone when fully erect and I love pushing
it in right up to my balls. Cumming only gets it fuller and
stiffer, ” he bragged. Lin leaned forward and asked him
to show it to her. Jeff stood up and slowly, very deliberately
unzipped his fly. He was not wearing underwear, so with
a simple movement, almost in a sly-of-hand gesture, his
slightly engorged penis fell out of his pants out across
his waiting hand. It was the kind of cock straight men secretly
admired ‒ not a monster but a big well proportioned strong
penis. Lin’s eyes filled with excitement as she silently
took in the view. It was just as he had described.

I was unsure of what to do next, so I awkwardly asked, “Why
don’t you show Jeff how sensitive your nipples can be?”
My voice was low and husky sounding. Lin smiled slyly, reached
up to the zipper pull and slowly began to slide it toward
her navel. Her full breasts pushed against the fabric as
she leaned further forward to expose herself to us. Jeff
stood there with his twitching cock hanging from his slacks.
Lin reached in cupped her right breast and pulled it from
behind the fabric. Jeff’s cock began to stiffen as the nipple
cleared the zipper. He was big ‒ thick and long. Lin ran her
thumb gently across the nipple making it rock hard in response
to the growing cock. I got up and moved to her side as a way
of silently assuring her of my approval. She reached out
and held the bulge growing in my slacks. By then, Jeff’s
cock was getting as hard as he had previously described
with a head that was much thicker than any Lin or I had ever
seen. The base of his cock throbbed as it stiffened to the
size of a large cucumber.

“What do you think of his cock, ” I asked. Lin reached down
took a sip of her drink and said, “I want to see the two of you
standing naked in front of me.” I started to move back to
the space between the coffee table and the loveseat but
then Lin stopped me. “First things first. I want you both
to strip very slowly as though I were not here. But one at
a time. Jeff you first, ” she ordered as she rubbed my penis
through my pants. Jeff unbuckled his trousers and slowly
guided them as they dropped to the floor. He stepped out
of his shoes and bent over to one side to pull the slacks the
rest of the way off. His cock swung side to side in slow heavy
movements. Jeff straightened up and lifted his pullover
shirt over his head giving Lin a clear view of his body. His
balls were large and tight in his scrotum, which was shaven.
He also shaved the light brown hair around the base of his
cock giving his already large package an even more formidable
look. He had strong legs and a round but tight ass. He was
not overly athletic but had a nice proportion to his trunk
and chest; his arms were strong without being overly defined.
When he was completely naked, Lin ordered him to slowly
turn all the way around. She reached down with her free hand
and rubbed her fingers over the swollen mound between her
legs as he complied. “Jeff, I want you to masturbate for
me.” Jeff reached down and wrapped both hands around the
shaft of his cock. The head was exposed but then disappeared
as he began to slowly move his hands up and down on the shaft.
Lin was unconsciously fingering herself through the thin
cloth. Just as the purple head reappeared from his hands,
she let out a sexy moan. “Are you going to let him fuck me with
that, ” she asked squeezing my cock.

“You are in complete control, Lin. If you want him to fuck
you with his big cock, he will, ” I quietly replied.

“Would you like to see him fuck me with that cock?” I bent
over and kissed her full on the mouth. “Yes, I would like
to see him bury his cock in your pussy right up to his balls.”


“Hmm, ” she said with a shutter. “Nice. I was hoping so.”
She shifted her self in the chair and said, “You guys have
very similar bodies.” She pulled her zipper all the way
to its stopping place just above her pussy then motioned
to our playmate. “Jeff, you stand here as Gary takes his
cloths off for us, ” she ordered pointing to a spot right
next to her chair. I took the exact spot Jeff had occupied
and began to slowly strip. I watched out of the corner of
my eye, as Lin ran her fingers lightly over Jeff’s ass while
I took off one piece then the next. She moaned as she lightly
touched herself with the other hand. Lin stood up as I finished
and moved toward the loveseat. “Instead of you masturbated,
I want a show, ” she announced. “I want the two of you to give
me a double lap dance. Not like the ones we saw at the club
in Vegas, but something slower and just within reach.”
She slipped the top of the jump suit over her shoulders as
she seductively reclined herself across the throw pillows.
Both her breasts were free. She cupped them together and
played with the nipples with her thumbs. Lin is so sexy when
she plays with her body like that. “Gary, put on the CD I brought.
Before you start dancing I want you two to finish undressing

Jeff and I moved to each side and slowly pulled her jump suit
to her knees as she arched herself up off the loveseat. Then
in unison we reached down to slip her sexy black heels off
her milky feet. Jeff nodded to me and we both began kissing
her feet as her high-heels shoes dropped to the floor. We
then reached up to pull the jump suit from her legs. I slowly
moved a hand toward the neatly trimmed blonde hair above
her pussy. “Not so fast, ” she scolded. “I want those stiff
cocks of yours putting on a show for me.”

The music was a slow beat and at times felt a little awkward,
but we both moved closer and closer making gestures with
our bodies that indicated our growing lust. She laughed
and giggled at our seductive gestures. Lin reached out
and touched our legs just above the knee. “Closer, ” she
said. We both danced in a little closer playing the seduction
to its fullest. Her hands went up our thighs with her fingers
coming to a momentary rest just below our balls. “A little
closer, ” she half pleaded. I was first to move within her
full grasp. The feel of her hand on my balls nearly sent me
through the ceiling. Jeff gasped as Lin cupped his balls
in the palm of her hand. “Just a little closer, ” she begged.
As if rehearsed she spread out her fingers and quickly grabbed
both our cocks. I almost lost control. We continued to slowly
move our hips in a slightly pumping motion while she gently
squeezed our shafts. Both cocks were glistening with drops
of pre cum as we three held our respective positions. Lin’s
hips were now moving back and forth on the fabric of the loveseat
to the rhythm of the music. She was oozing a glistening excitement
from between her pussy lips. I reached down and gently touched
the area just right of her clit. She closed her eyes and slightly
opened her legs to let me feel her wetness. Jeff reached
down in the same motion and joined me at her opening. On cue,
we both moved our fingers up and down the wetness of her pussy.
Lin let out a deep moan as our fingers alternated flicks
across her stiffened clitoris. It had grown to twice its
normal size.

“God, you’re wet, ” I acknowledged.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to cum all over your hands, ”
she stated. “ And I don’t want to come just yet, ” Lin said
as she sat up and leaned toward our cocks. “It feels so good
to have a cock in each hand. It’s not everyday a girl gets
to have this kind of attention.” She slowly started pumping
her hands up and down from the heads of our cocks to the balls.
The look in her eyes was pure focused sex. “I like that your
cocks are different, ” she said as she smiled up at us. “It’s
exciting to see Jeff’s cock next to yours. They’re both
so strong and powerful. I don’t know which one to suck first.”
She continued to pump us as she tongued the ends of each cock
then slowly began to alternate between the two with slow
deliberate motions of her tongue over the heads. She pulled
the two heads together and began sucking on the two trying
to put both in her mouth at the same time. Jeff and I were moaning
as she continued her erotic play. I had never felt the sensations
I was experiencing as she slurped her mouth around our joined
cocks. She let go of my cock, took hold of Jeff’s balls, and
began licking the entire length of his shaft, first up on
side then down the other. With a sudden motion and a loud
sucking sound, the head of his big cock disappeared between
her bright red lips. He let out a loud moan as Lin sucked deeply
on his cock. Her mouth was milking him, more like mouth fucking
his cock. She pulled on his balls as she popped his cock out
of her mouth. It had gotten even bigger.

“Look at how big he has gotten. Isn’t it sexy to watch me suck
him the way I suck you?”

“It is sexier than I ever thought possible, ” I answered.
She then did the same thing to me ‒ holding my balls, licking
the sides and sucking the head of my cock deep into her throat.
Lin is the sexiest woman I have ever known. Her whole body
becomes a part of our lovemaking.

“How does it feel to have Jeff watch me suck your cock?” I
closed my eyes to keep from cumming right in her mouth.

“It’s unbelievably sexy. I almost lost it when you were
sucking us both at the same time.” Lin reached over grabbed
Jeff’s cock and stuck us both back in her mouth. The sensation
of her sucking sent waves of pleasure through my entire
body. “I don’t want to come just yet. Do you Jeff?”

“No, ” he answered in a barely audible tone. “I want to return
the pleasure if you don’t mind.” He pulled away and motioned
for Lin to come over to the loveseat. “I want to taste your
juices as I slid my tongue in and out of you.” Lin did as he
suggested and lowered herself onto the pillows gathered
in the center of the loveseat.

“First let me see just how wet I am.” Lin seductively moved
her hands down from her breasts over her stomach, down between
her opening legs. I want you to watch as I play with myself.”
We both nodded as we focused on her beautiful body. The candlelight
flickered making her deliberate movements even more suggestive.
Lin closed her eyes and began to bury her fingers between
her swollen lips. Her legs spread further apart as she reached
deeply into her soaking cunt. Her breathing began to deepen
as she pushed both hands into her wet heat. Jeff stepped
over the table then lowered himself so that he was right
at my wife’s pussy. Lin opened her eyes at his touch and motioned
me to bring my cock to her mouth. Our drinks were making everything
appear to be happening in slow motion almost like a mystical
tantric experience. I watched as Lin’s hips rocked back
and forth to the motion of Jeff’s strong tongue. She was
sucking me with such ferocity that I had to pull away from
the pain. “I want us to get up and move to the center of the
room. I’ll pull a blanket from the closet and make a place
for us so that we can move more freely.” I watched in erotic
fascination as Jeff continued to eat her juices, sucking
first on her clit, then moving his tongue up an down the full
length of her cunt. Each time he would go back to her clit
she would arch her back and push her pussy right at his face.
She was so excited and so turned on.

The blanket covered most of the middle of the room so there
was more than enough room to play our hearts out. Lin got
up, walked to the middle of the blanket and stood in front
of were I was kneeling. “Jeff, I want you kneeling here with
Gary.” He came over and got next to me. “I want you to share
my pussy and ass.” She moved between us with me facing her
ass. She stood with her legs wide apart and said, “Start
licking, Boys.” I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them
wide as I began to lick the space between her vagina opening
and anus. Jeff was busy sucking on her clitoris as Lin held
the back of his head to get more pressure. Her knees began
to buckle as she let out a low moan. Both legs were shaking
as she ground Jeff’s face into sopping wet pussy. The shaking
stopped as she turned around and pulled my face to her waiting
clit. I could feel Jeff licking her ass as I sucked her swollen
clit between my teeth. She began to moan and shake, then
lost her footing as a small climax moved through her body.
We held her weight and let her down easy on the blanket. She
was so beautiful, so full of wanting desire. She reached
out took our cocks in her hands and pulled us to her. Her nipples
felt soft and hard against the head of our cocks as she swirled
them over her tits. We both reached down to touch her soft
and swollen cunt lips. “Jeff can eat me while I suck your
cock. Then I want you to fuck me while I suck Jeff’s cock.”
We followed our instructions then changed when she begged
to be fucked. She grabbed her ankles and spread her legs
wide open for me. Her body was so hot and wet as I entered her
opening that I almost came with the first stroke. I slowly
moved in as deep as I could, then slowly pulled out exposing
the head of my cock.

“Put it in! Put it in as far as you can!” I pushed forward to
meet her upward thrust and could feel her uterus as my balls
slapped her ass. I pulled out then stuck the head of my cock
just at the opening. “God, put it in!” she screamed. I shoved
into her with all my might as she jammed her hips upward.
Her body began to shake in a full convulsion as I bottomed
out in her body. She grabbed at Jeff’s penis and sucked him
in as far as she could take his length. His cock glistened
as it fuck her mouth. His balls were now hanging heavy between
his legs. “I want to feel this fat cock in my cunt. I want to
feel this big fat head pushing through my body, ” she grunted.
Jeff’s cock had gotten even bigger during our prolonged

“Are you sure you take it all, ” I asked as I pulled completely
out of her.

“Let me suck you while he fucks the shit out of my pussy, ”
she growled in a low sex filled voice. I nearly climaxed
just listening to her speak.

Jeff moved between her legs and positioned the oversized
head of his cock at Lin’s waiting hole. “Hold her ankles, ”
I told Jeff. “She likes to have her ankles held wide apart
as you slam into her.”

“Fuck me with you cock, ” Lin screamed. “Fuck me hard!”
I watched as the head of Jeff’s penis slowly pushed its way
into Lin’s waiting pussy. Her cunt lips pushed outward
at first, then wrapped around his thickness as he penetrated
her body. It was incredibly sensual and erotic to watch
him push his large cock up her tight hole. She jammed upward
to meet his penetration as she sucked my cock deep inside
her throat. Jeff pulled out all the way, then without hesitation
shoved his cock all the way into her body. Lin shuttered
as he hit bottom. He then pulled completely out, widened
the distance between her legs and slammed his full body
weight down into her cunt. Lin exploded as she grabbed her
face with both hands. Her first few screams of pleasure
were just barley audible. Then she began to scream with
the back of her throat, deep and low in waves of moans. I pulled
her breasts together and began to suck hard on her nipples.
This sent her over the edge. She pushed up and down on his
cock; roding him as she rocked from side to side shivering
and convulsing with one orgasmic wave after the other.

Jeff yelled that he was about to cum and the sight of him spilling
out over my wife’s stomach sent me into the biggest orgasm
of my life. I shot a huge load of cum out all over Lin’s tits
drenching them in hot white juices. As soon as she felt our
warm fluids splashing across her skin, she sat up, grabbed
both our cocks and began to suck on the ends to get out every
last drop. Jeff and I fell to either side as Lin began to shake
with a smaller orgasm. The three of us just lay motionless
as the pleasure took us into thoughtless erotic warmth.

Lin got up to soak in the tub. Jeff and I sat talking about
the feelings and sensations of having just made love to
Lin. It was as if we had always been having this kind of pleasure.
“I’ve got an idea for some more fun, but the two of you need
to join me in here to make it happen.” Without answering,
we both jumped up and headed for more of Lin.

She had us stand at the edge of the tub while she simultaneously
soaped our balls and cocks occasionally running two fingers
back into our cracks to stimulate our ass. She continued
this until we were both rock hard and ready to fulfill her
next desires. She motioned for me to slide into the water
behind her and for Jeff to get in the tub in front of her. In
my estimation, this gave me access to her magnificent breasts
while Jeff got to play with her ready pussy. “Hold up my breast
for Jeff to suck.” Jeff moved in close as I held up her hard
nipples for him to suck. Each nipple took its turn being
sucked and nibbled. “How does it look, Gary? Do you like
watching him suck my breasts?”

“Yes, it is a real turn on to watch him suck your nipples.”


“Jeff, Gary has always been a voyeur. He really likes watching.
Let’s give him a close up. Let me suck you while he watches
from behind me. Bring your cock right up here to my waiting
lips.” Jeff slowly lifted his semi hard cock to Lin’s open
lips. It was amazing to watch her sucking him so closely.
Even partially flaccid the head of his cock seemed too big
and I immediately wondered how she would manage her mouth
around its bulbous mass. I watched as she swirled her tongue
around the head of his cock then with a sucking sound she
pulled him deep into her mouth; then ran her tongue along
each side and back to the head, all within a few inches of
my face. It was extremely erotica and mutually satisfying
at the same time. It was as if I was her and she me.

“I’ve always wanted to do that as well, ” Jeff added breaking
the simpatico spell. Lin leaned forward to let me trade
places with Jeff.

“I think that satisfied any oral curiosities that I might
have ever had, ” I admitted, as I changed places with Jeff.
Jeff fondled Lin’s breasts and nipples as he hypnotically
watched her work her magic on my cock as it went in and out
of her luscious lips. “I want you to stand in the tub as Jeff
and I lather you up.”

Lin stood up and spread her legs wide apart. “Just soap the
outside. I don’t want to have the soap inside any openings.”
We were careful as we guided our hands through the various
folds and surfaces of her skin as she stood balancing herself
by putting a hand on each of our heads. “God that feels incredible
you guys. Let me lower myself a little.” More of her luscious
body opened to our exploring hands as she lowered herself
toward the tub. “God. I’m going to cum.”

“Hey not yet, ” I said, pulling my hand away, “I want to watch
you fucking Jeff. You know, riding his cock.” I smiled and
added, “I want to play with your ass while you slowly slide
up and down on his cock.”

We toweled off and found a comfortable place on the blanket.
Jeff got on his back; Lynn crawled over and sucked him to
a full erection. I watched as she squatted over him, reached
down and placed the head of his cock at her pussy. Instead
of just slipping it in, she used the head of his cock to spread
her juices back toward her anus. With one plunge, she impaled
herself on his cock. “Is that what you wanted to see?”

“Oh, yeah, ” I admitted. “God, that is sexy as hell. How
does it feel to have his larger cock stretching your lips
like that?”

“There really isn’t a difference in feeling, well except
for how it tugs at my clit as it slides in. The erotic difference
is in looking at the size. It’s really sexy having two different
cocks to play with. Both are so hard. I love that I can ask
you guys to do anything I want.”

“I want to watch as you ride his cock.” Lin got a big grin,
began to slowly move up and down, then her breathing began
to change and she and Jeff began to really fuck.

I reached over to Lin’s pussy, pushed two fingers alongside
Jeff’s cock and took some of their combined juices. Lin’s
ass was pushing outward as Jeff moved his large cock through
her body. I slowly pushed my middle finger into Lin’s anus.
She squirmed then relaxed and pushed back on my finger letting
me in. I was slowly finger fucking her ass as Jeff filled
her pussy with cock. He was now playing with her tits as she
continued to move up and down on his rigid penis. I slowly
pushed another finger through her opening, reached down
with the other hand, and began rubbing her clit. She began
to shiver and moan as they fucked faster and faster. Jeff
leaned up to suck on her nipples as I pushed a third finger
in her ass. Lin began to scream, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” as Jeff
and I pushed her over the edge with our prowess. “Is your
cock in my ass, ” she asked as another wave hit her. “Put
your cock in my ass!” Lin began bucking like she was fucking
for her life as the head of my cock pushed passed her opening.
I could feel Jeff’s cock sliding in and out of her through
the thin membrane. The sensation sent me into an immediate
explosion. Just as I pulled out to shot my load on her ass,
Jeff pulled out and shot his load up her crack. Lin kept humping
as she screamed out the height of her deepest orgasm yet.
She came so hard the juices sprayed onto Jeff’s balls.

The three of us silently rested for a short time then Lin
sucked us through another orgasm. She loves sucking cock
and having two at once seemed to give her a deeper since of
sexual satisfaction. After, she put hot washcloths on
our cocks as she sat between us rubbing our balls. I love
that she enjoys sex so much. She explained how it felt to
her to have two cocks penetrating her at the same time. All
the while, she played with our semi hard cocks. As one last
gesture she bent over Jeff, sucked him hard again, sat on
his cock while she continued sucking me. She continued
to talk about how his bigger cock filled her up, touching
places in her that she described as very erogenous. Then
with a pause, she shuttered a small orgasm and crumbled
to the blanket. Jeff and I massaged oil into her skin as she
drifted into a light sleep. We got dressed, as she lay naked
on the floor. She got up, showered and came back out in a robe.
The rest of the evening we talked about things in general
and shared the purity of the sensations we had experienced.
This experience is the most heated and sensual event in
my, and agreeably, Lin’s life. One day we will spend another
evening with our friend Jeff.

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