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Just another day at the office


It was just another day at the office. It was nearing 1 p.m., I was daydreaming about how bad I wanted to go home. My boss, Sam, began calling me into his office.

Our office is business dress, but I have had a crush on Sam since the day I began working there. I am wearing a mini skirt; tight fitting, pink blouse – with three buttons undone; 6 inch heels; and hose and garters. My hair is up in a little twist with a big clip. I walk in and Sam ask s me if I could help him with some figures in a report. I lean over his desk and my Amber Romance perfume fills the air. I can hear Sam takes it in as my hair brushes against his cheek, and I notice that his slacks are moving as I move closer.

His hand moves down and adjusts his cock as it starts trying to escape the confinement of his slacks. I am mesmerized by the large bulge, and I am having trouble concentrating on the reports he is talking about. I can picture myself kneeling before him, sucking his cock as he lays his head back on his chair.

I look down at him just as he leans up to kiss my lips, passionately full of hunger with each kiss. His hand moves up to my blouse as my hand moves down to the bulge in his slacks. A moan slips from my mouth as he touches my right nipple sending chills all the way down to my pussy!

He pulls me down to the floor in front of him and starts unzipping his slacks. I am able to pull his rock hard cock from them and start licking the shaft. He grabs my hair and takes the clip out letting my hair fall around me and brush against his balls. He pushes my head harder against his cock sending it all the way into my throat. After a few minutes of fucking my mouth, he pulls me up to his lips and kisses me as he reaches down and begins unbuttoning the rest of my buttons. He then reaches around and undoes my bra allowing my bare breasts to be free. He moves his lips down to my nipples and teases them with his tongue. He reaches down and lifts my skirt up and starts rubbing my inner thighs moving ever so slowly closer to my pussy. I can hardly stand I am so excited!

As I stand before him feeling his fingers enter inside me, I beg him to allow me to pull his slacks off. He finally looks into my eyes, and I could tell the answer was yes! I slowly began to pull them down and stopped as I got to his knees. He looked up at me and asked me why I was not pulling them all the way off. I told him it isn’t time yet and continued to enjoy him fingering my pussy.

After savoring the feeling for another couple of minutes, I rip his pants off the rest of the way and climbed up on his lap, resting my pussy on top of his cock feeling the pulsation between my lips. He wants to thrust it inside me, but I hold him back listening to him as he begs me to allow him entry.

He sucks on my tits as I finally slide his cock in and ride it like a stud as both our bodies blend together in the motion of our sex. I cum fast and hard as waves of emotions flow through my body. We are kissing and grabbing as I cum, and it feels as though we are animals entwined.
When I am done, he pulls me off, turns me around, and bends me over the desk. I felt his hard, wet cock enter my tight asshole, and I could hear him gasp at how tight it is. I begged him to fuck me harder, but he kept it slow and and I could tell he was enjoying it immensely. After about 3 minutes, he could hold out no longer. He pulled out at the last second and blew his load all over my ass! When he was finally done cumming (which seems like forever), I could feel the huge, warm load he deposited onto my ass. He laid his body down on me, and we just laid there for a while while we caught our breath.

After some time, he got up he began wiping the load off my ass with some kleenex, and told me to get dressed and get back to work. Wanting to please him in any way I could, I did exactly as I was told! I start to put get myself together only to find that he was staring at me. I could tell he wanted to help. He begins to button my blouse back up. With each button, he got slower and slower. My chest moved with each breath, and he looked up into my eyes. I could see the lust burning deep inside them, and he then began to unbutton me again. This time he did not go slowly! He ripped my blouse open and pushed me up against the wall, holding hands above my head. He was already as hard as a rock as he thrust his cock deep into me! With each thrust, our encounter got hotter and I received the ride of my life! Rough and fast the entire time. He showed me no mercy as he fucked me hard and fast. I had never gotten such a pounding, and it was exactly what I had been secretly wanting since I started. As he thrust deep inside me again and again, I came harder than I did the last time! He must have noticed how much I was loving it, because as soon as I came, he began moaning even louder and I could feel the release of his warm, wet load filling me up. I have never felt such satisfaction after sex, and I was hoping it would not be the last time.

We kissed gently and began getting our clothes back on. He went back to his desk, and I went slowly to my desk, knees wobbling from the hard pounding I had just gotten, and needing it to happen again. When it was time to go home, I saw a note on the corner of my desk. It was sealed in an envelope, but it was a simple, hand written note. It was short and sweet. “Thank you for making my afternoon. It was the best I have ever had, and now I’m sure it won’t be the last… Sam”

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fncn 39 M


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very hot story... wish I worked in your office..!


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mmmmm very hot get me hard



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love you story, what a fantasy you created, same type I always hungered for


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Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!! I like it very much.