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Just a lil story I want to happen w/ this man I met in CA


It was a stormy night on this warm June evening and Rebecca
was feeling kind of anxious and she couldn’t figure out
why. She ordinarily loves thunderstorms, especially
since she moved into her 10th floor condo. She could sit
out on her balcony or next to the big picture windows and
watch the lightening and enjoy the storms. It was a good
location for her in a safe building and her best pals, Mark
& Dennis, a very handsome gay couple, lived right across
the hall. They’re the ones who told her about the place when
it became available and she jumped on it.
Tonight, the sky was cracking with thunder and all lit up
like a Christmas tree. She called home to check on her folks
and all was well. She still wasn’t sure why she was so restless.
Bob & Chris were away for the weekend, so she had spent
most of her time working. Didn’t feel like going out tonight.
She just wanted to curl up with a good book and get to bed early
for a change. But she couldn’t sit still! Squirming and
The storm passed rather quickly, yet the sky was still overcast
with the sun going down. She didn’t have Cassie, but felt
she wanted to go for a walk anyway. So she pulled on her jeans
and a jacket and off she went. Rebecca knew the neighborhood
very well ‒ fore she had sold several of the condos and older
homes in the neighborhood in her 12 year real estate career.
She felt comfortable, even though it was getting dark now.
The full moon was beginning to rise and peeking through
the clouds every few minutes or so. The air was crisp and
refreshing with a little mist still falling here and there
as she walked around a few blocks. Abruptly, unexpectedly,
she felt as if someone was behind her, stopped and looked,
yet no one was there. She was just being paranoid, she thought.
She kept walking, still wondering about her uneasiness.
A cute older retired couple she knew was coming toward her
as she turned the corner of 7th and Ogden. They had three
little Pomeranians who jumped and yapped as she approached
them. She was very fond of the Murray’s and was glad to see
them well. They chatted for a minute and Rebecca enjoyed
the little yapping dogs and then moved on. She walked for
about a block and a half and then suddenly, she had that same
feeling again ‒ looked behind her but the Murray’s’ were
gone… no one. Somehow, for some reason, she felt no fear,
no apprehension. She turned to begin walking again and
all of a sudden she saw there was a man standing at the corner
in front of her that she hadn’t seen just a second before.
He turned to look at her as she walked toward him. He was no
one she had ever seen before. He was dressed well for the
evening in jeans, a nice looking jacket; he smiled at her
and spoke as she got closer. “Like walking after the rain
too, huh’?” he asks in this low baritone voice. “Oh yes,
it smells so good… refreshing.” He then smiled, a very attractive
smile she thought briefly, and he said “I’m new to the neighborhood,
my name is Rod” as he stuck out his hand. She took his hand,
shook, smiled and replied, “My name is Rebecca, welcome
to Capitol Hill.” She then smiled again and turned to walk
across the street. Rod spoke out strongly to her, “Hope
to see you again Rebecca.” She just turned, waved, and smiled
again, then walked away.
She did think he was a very attractive man, with chiseled
features and deep eyes and dark hair, wearing a baseball
cap. The kind of eyes one would call “bedroom eyes” she thought,
deep and inquisitive. And that smile… hmmmm. Oh well, just
another hot-looking horny guy trying to win her with his
smile she thought. She giggled out loud to herself.
The darkness was complete now and the air so fresh, she wanted
to keep walking for just a while longer. She still felt as
if someone or something was behind her… what the devil was
it? She finally called out behind her, “Anyone there?”
she yelled out. She heard nothing, saw no one.
But as she gazed into the darkness and mist, ever so gradually,
slowly, ever so slowly, she began to see someone…. Who…
“Who’s there?” she cried again. And then there he was ‒ as
if he just materialized from no where ‒ appeared out of the
mist, Rod, the man she just met two blocks ago… “Rod?” “Yes,
I’m so sorry if I scared you Rebecca.” “Boy, I couldn’t see
you?” “Hmmmm…. I’ve been here behind you all along?” “Well
okay, as long as I know, thank you.” She thought curiously
about what he said. She turned hastily and began to cross
the street…. Just at that very moment… a car came screaming
over the hill and was coming straight toward her! She screamed
and then was grabbed from behind and pulled to safety in
a split second… a blink of an eye! The car screeched and slammed
into a parked car just a few yards from her. “Oh my god!” she
cried out! And then she looked at her savior… it was of course,
Rod, the new man in town. She began shaking at the realization
of her peril. He still had a hold of her from behind holding
her tightly around her waist. Breathing heavily too they
stared at each other. She began to tear up and he speaks,
“Now, now, you’re just fine. Lucky I was here though.” he
chuckled. She turns to face him, “Yes, yes, I guess so. I
am so thankful for your bravery Sir.” “Sir? Me? No ‒ I’m Rod,
remember? Please, please call me Rod.” “Thank you so very
much Rod.” They both stood there for a moment catching their
breath, gazing into each others eyes. They then realized
they ought to check after the driver of the out-of-control
car. A Police car, lights flashing with no alarm, came over
the hill rapidly from behind them. And then another appeared
a block away. They decided to get out of the way, so walked
quickly up the block and away from the scene. They walked
side-by-side briskly for about a half a block and then Rebecca
stopped short and looked at Rod. He smiled that smile at
her. “Thank you so much Rod. That was very unusual for the
neighborhood, I want you to know.” ‘Oh I’m sure, just fate
I guess” he chuckled. “Fate?” she asked. “Yes, fate, that
I was there for you.” “Well, you’re right… that is exactly
what it was Rod, fate. Maybe you’re my guardian angel or
something?” she chuckled. He smiled, paused and looked
deep into her eyes and spoke in a breathless, low baritone
voice… “Maybe I am Rebecca, maybe I am…” and he smiled.
They walked along side-by-side for a block or so in complete
silence, yet feeling very comfortable with him and the
quiet. She stops again, looks into his eyes, there’s something
about those eyes, she said in her brain. “Can I treat you
to a cup of coffee for your bravery, Rod? Small compensation,
I know… but?” He answered quickly… ‘Oh yes, I would like
that? Is there somewhere close by? Looks like another storm
is brewing.” She hadn’t even noticed, but it had really
clouded up again and was beginning to sprinkle harder.
“Well, no, it’s a few blocks from here. We won’t make it.”
Rebecca replied. She paused thinking… It begins to rain
a little harder. She looks up to the sky and finally says,
“I know I shouldn’t do this, but… maybe I can fix you a nice
cup-a-joe at my place? And please, sir, do not think I am
making a pass at you, Rod… just trying to be neighborly”
as she raises her eyebrows and cocks her head. He laughs
out loud. “No, I wouldn’t make any such assumptions about
you Rebecca. I would like that though. I’ve been longing
for some conversation since my arrival here.” Rebecca
answered with a smile, “Well okay, then that’s settled,
as long as you’re not an axe murderer, we’ll be on our way”.
“I can assure you, no axe” he laughed, made a 360˚ turn
with his arms in the air and smiled that smile again. Although
this was totally, completely out of character for Rebecca,
she felt comfortable with her decision to invite him up
for some reason. “Okay, then we better run!” Just then skies
opened up, the rain began falling hard as they arrived at
her building.
As they were riding up in the elevator, Rebecca asks, “So
from where do you hail, Mr.???” as she raises her intonation.
He replies, “Hughes, Rod Hughes. I moved here from Huntington
Beach, California. Just moved in a couple of days ago, I
live at 8th & Ogden, in an apartment for now.” “Oh sure
I know that building very well.” The elevator opens and
they walk to her door.
He smiles at her as she’s fumbling with her key… “Now I usually
do not invite strange men to my home, I want you to know.”
“Why would you need to Rebecca… You’re a very attractive
woman, I’m sure you have the option of being very selective
of whom you invite over”, he jests. She chuckles… “Yes,
yes, I do… so consider yourself very lucky Mister!” as she
opens her door. She has a special way of cocking her head
and her eyes dance brightly when she speaks. He smiles broadly
at her and chuckles.
She welcomes him into her home and asks him to have a seat
while she makes the coffee. “Would you rather have some
tea Rod?” “Well yes ‒ if you don’t mind”. “Oh no ‒ I would too”
she replies. “I have green, chamomile, orange spice, constant
comment, Earl Grey, black or….” “He says, that orange spice
sounds nice”. She chuckles and says “orange spice is it,
for both of us then”. Rebecca gets the teapot on and walks
into her bedroom to change. “Please make yourself at home
Rod; I am going to get these wet clothes off.” She then turns
on some music, soft jazz, and changes her clothes. She decides
to put on some sweat pants and shirt, not wanting to present
herself in a too provocative manner… at least not yet, she
snickers to herself.
Rod removes his jacket and shoes and places them by the front
door and hangs his blue corduroy jacket on the hall tree.
The teapot yells out and Rebecca comes running out of the
bedroom smiling, it’s then Rod realizes she is not wearing
a bra. He visualizes to himself and grins. The sweat pants
are a light grey and pretty tight, with a pink sweat shirt
that has the arms cut out, showing a little skin on her sides
and under arms. Nice shape he thinks, very nice. She smiles
at him and asks, “Is this music okay? I have all sorts?” “No
this is great, Wynton Marsalis, right?” “Yes, it is!” She’s
glad that he knows something about good music.
She calls out to him, “How do you like it?” He looks curiously
at her, with his eyebrows raised, because he’s not thinking
about tea… “Your tea?” she asks, “how do you like it?” He
laughs, “Oh I’m sorry, nothing, nothing added please.
Perfect just the way it is, thank you”. She grins back, knowing
he wasn’t thinking about tea either. She presents a serving
tray and sets it on the ottoman in front of him and takes a
seat about two feet away at the end of the sofa, curling one
leg underneath her and turning toward him.
“So, tell me about yourself, guardian angel?” she quips.
He smiles that smile at her and they begin talking; talking
at length about his life and hers, his work and hers, their
families, their goals and even their past loves. They easily
talk for over two hours, Rebecca making more tea along the
way and bringing out some chips and cookies for them to nibble.
They seem to be able to talk and talk endlessly with no uncomfortable
silences or pauses.
They have so much in common! They both do real estate. They
have similar likes and dislikes. They seem to know what
each other is about to say before the other says it! And they
just met! What is going on here she’s thinking! They’re
laughing together, and joking, kidding and teasing each
other as if they have known each other all their lives. This
connection seems unreal… impossible! But, somehow, she
feels it’s genuine.
Rod stops, grins and asks if he could use the restroom. “That
tea is going right through me” he jests. “Oh, of course,
the bath is right through my bedroom to the right”. As he
walks away from him, she notices his cute little tight butt
and her imagination runs for a second. Rebecca gets up and
opens the balcony and walks outside. The air is so crisp
and clean and a thousand stars are out now. It’s after 11:00pm
now but she does not want the evening to end.
He’s so sweet and attractive she’s thinking. That smile…
that voice. He seems very open and not conniving in anyway…
which she has a hard time believing since most of the men
in her life thus far have either cheated on her or hurt her
in some way or another. She had decided if she found love,
it was going to have to be a miracle. Just then Rod appears
and comes up beside her and leans over the railing. Takes
in a deep breath of the cool crisp air and sighs.
He turns to face her and takes her hand in his. He looks intensely
into her eyes and pulls her hand up to his chest, holding
it softly. “This has been a very interesting night for me
Rebecca.” She looks curiously at him. “Yes, I can’t recall
enjoying a woman’s company as much as I have enjoyed yours.”
She smiles and replies, “Yeah I know ‒ I was just thinking
the same thing about you.” “Really?” he asks with his eyes
growing wider. “Yes”, she replies, “I too have enjoyed
your company Mr. Hughes, very much.”
He leans towards her and they kiss lightly, closing their
eyes. They both back away quick as they felt a spark hitting
them, simultaneously, of static electricity or something.
They gape into each others eyes, smiling and wondering
what that was…. Rod then pulls her toward him, clutching
a hold of her by her waist and wraps his arms around her tightly;
they kiss passionately, deeply circling their tongues
around each others. Taking in each other’s breath and enveloping
each others lips. Rebecca pushes away brusquely and turns
her back to him. “I just met you, I can’t do this!” she exclaims,
exhaling deeply and sighing. “I will leave for the evening
then Rebecca. I certainly don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable
nor pressure you to do anything you’re not ready to do.”
Rod touches her on her shoulders and squeezes them, turns
and walks inside toward the door.
She turns her head toward the sky… Rebecca’s mind is swirling,
with so many thoughts and desires. She can’t believe that
she wants this man inside her so much ‒ knowing herself ‒
this is so unusual and impulsive! She goes after him “Wait!”
she calls out. He stops and slowly turns to look at her with
his eyes open large. She runs into his arms and they embrace
tightly kissing, holding each other, eagerly exploring
each other’s face. She leads him to the bedroom, intensely
kissing him all the way. They break apart, backing away
from each other, staring, as if they are affixed to each
other’s eyes. Rebecca begins by taking her sweat pants
off. Rod is watching attentively as she steps out of the
pants. Her legs are long and shapely and she’s wearing small
modest panties that rise up on her pelvis with white lace
all over her, showing a slight glimpse of her closely waxed
bush. She stops and looks at him and grins. Rod smirks and
begins unzipping his pants and brings them down his muscular
legs and steps out of them. He’s wearing those tight athletic
boxers that hold his manhood snugly. He grabs a hold of his
shirt and tears it opens abruptly, popping the buttons
one by one. Rebecca can hardly believe her eyes at what she
is seeing! He not only has a very nicely sculpted hairy chest
and tummy… he is… OH! She becomes embarrassed and blushes
for staring at his lower regions, but can’t pull her eyes
off of him. He’s HUGE, she thinks to herself! Her eyes are
massive, with her brows raised and her mouth slightly ajar…
she feels that she is about to drool on herself! He sees that
she is transfixed staring at his bulging crotch and he smiles
at her. “Yes, baby, I have been blessed by my Parent’s DNA…”
he chortles.
Then pulls his shorts down quickly and out pops this cock,
the likes of which Rebecca has never beheld! She gasps,
“Oh my!” He laughs out loud at her exclamation. She begins
to breathe heavily at the anticipation of him and laughs
out loud.
He walks toward her and takes her sweat shirt by the bottom
ribbing and pulls it up over her head. He is stunned at the
beauty of her. Her breasts are big, round, full with big
dark pink nipples that are protruding out and up, as if they
are speaking to him! They are saying… suck me, bite me, and
flick your tongue hard and fast on me Rod! So he obliges.

Rod begins suckling her substantial nipples, kissing
her all over, squeezing her breasts, cupping them both
from the bottom, pushing them up toward his face. Rebecca
sighs aloud and runs her fingers through his hair, massaging
his scalp. Rod raises his head to gaze into her eyes and they
kiss again, tonguing each other, sucking each others wetness.
Biting and sucking their full and swollen lips. They fall
together on her queen-size bed, they both laugh raucously
as they land bouncing with legs flailing.
They roll over each other back-n-forth, kissing deeply
and feeling each others back and heads and faces... rolling
and rolling… feeling each other, squeezing, pulling and
scratching. Rebecca ends up on top of Rod’s stomach, straddling
him and feeling that giant cock growing under her ass. He
is gazing up at her bountiful breasts. He squeezes them
tight and raises his head to suck her nipples some more hard
and forcefully. She strokes his hair and slowly runs her
nails over his shoulders and down his arms, scratching
softly ‒ yet firmly enough to leave marks across his body.
She lowers her head to him ‒ pushing him down on her pillow,
sliding her body down his torso and begins kissing his face,
his eyes, cheeks, lowering to his neck and over to his ears;
plunges her tongue in his ears till he lets out a little whelp
of joy, & nibbling on his lobes. She keeps going lower
kissing, kissing, tonguing his chest, his nipples, taking
each one, biting and sucking hard and biting again. Meanwhile
Rod’s fingers are stroking her long, thick hair ‒ it feels
like silk to his strong hands. She can feel his immense manhood
hard under her ‒ between her breasts now. She holds her tits
tightly together as to wrap them around his cock and slides
up and down his shaft to his complete enjoyment ‒ up and down
again and again. She makes her way down to his belly button,
kissing and tonguing as she goes. Her hands are stroking
his muscular thighs and wrapping underneath him to squeeze
his tight buttocks. Her head has arrived at her intended
destination. Her eyes and head can hardly believe what
they’re seeing! His hard cock is over a foot long and big
around ‒ she’s praying she can handle this monster, she
says to herself. She begins by running her tongue around
the back of the head that is up on his tummy. She runs her tongue
down the back of his immense shaft ‒ opening her mouth and
turning her head so she can suck all the veins that are popping.
Up and down ‒ running her tongue, with her head tilted, sucking
the backside of this gigantic pipe. Rebecca’s hands are
exploring all over top & bottom ‒ squeezing and fingering
his ass. Her mouth sucks in each one of his large balls, firmly,
tonguing, sucking them into her mouth. Sucking his taint
‒ pressing hard with her tongue up and down ‒ mouthing him
- sticks her tongue in his ass ‒ tasting him ‒ he’s clean and
smells so good.
Rod is in complete ecstasy ‒ not believing that this sweet
girl knows how to do all this. He can’t believe his good fortune!
Rebecca rises up to his shaft again, sucking, kissing,
taking the head in her mouth, holding her tongue firm while
moving her head back-n-forth quickly along the underside
of the head of his cock. She takes a deep breath and looks
up at him to see his eyes to be sure that he is enjoying her
efforts. He grabs her face and smiles broadly and says “How
do you know how to do all this my sweet little Rebecca?” “Oh
I dunno… I’m a Scorpio, it comes to me very naturally”, she
grins back at him.
She then grabs a hold of his cock, raises her head and plunges
it deep into her mouth, sucking hard and opening her throat
as wide as she can. Moving her head down and back up, moving
her head and mouth around, tonguing around him. Thrusting
him inside her mouth as deep as she can! Plunging his cock
down her throat, sucking tightly, up and down, up and down,
faster and faster… Using her hands to hold his immense shaft
up, she holds it at the base and strokes with her right hand
as her mouth sucks up and down harder and faster… up and down,
harder and faster down and up. Rod shouts with joy and grabs
her head to stop her… “Baby! (Exhales heavily) Come here…”

He pulls her up, slides her up his body all the way to his face
and they kiss passionately and deeply. He is so hard now
that he feels like he’s going to explode. He rolls her over
to her back firmly and smiles that smile. He begins to explore
her face and neck with his tongue, mouthing her strongly,
yet sweetly. She begins to moan with excitement. He kisses
her softly all over, down her neck and suckling her nipples
further - harder. She is in heaven. His hands are exploring
her tummy and moving ‒ tickling her lower and lower. He moves
and sticks his tongue in her belly button, tickling her
till she laughs out loud with joy and squirming her body
with anticipation. He moves his hands under her well-rounded
ass and raises her pussy close to his face. He’s between
her legs now and spreading her labia skillfully while extending
his tongue on her clit ‒ which is completely engorged now
from the expectation and stimulation of him. He begins
sucking on it, moving his tongue over and over, sucking
and stroking deftly. She is nearly in nirvana now. He’s
stroking her clit with his tongue so proficiently that
she feels as if she will cum any second. She is in a complete
dream-state now… thanking God for her good fortune! He
is beautiful and smart. He is charming and funny. He is extraordinarily
well-hung and eats pussy with wild abandon! “HOLY SHIT!”
she shouts out loud!
“OH Rod… please fuck me… please! I can’t take anymore of
that right now… (Exhaling intensely). He smiles and rises
up to her face. They kiss strong and deep. They are wet all
over from sweat and saliva. She takes his immense cock in
her hand and begins to guide him inside her…. Slowly… slowly…
OH, OH, OH. He begins to thrust himself inside her. “Oh Rebecca…
you’re so tight… mmmmmmm” he moans. “Yeah ‒ well you’re
so big… ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh…” she groans. They both are breathing
heavily ‒ moaning and giggling together. Staring in each
others eyes, he drives his enormous cock into her deeper,
and deeper. Ever so gently he thrusts inside her filling
her up with himself. They are one. Fucking harder and deeper
now ‒ Rebecca has never been filled like this before! “Oh
baby… OH!” she cries out. The kiss passionately ‒ tonguing
furiously. He moves even deeper now and faster. Rod can’t
believe she is taking all of him! “OH Rebecca… mmmmmmmmmm,
you feel so good baby, so good… mmmmmmm”. They are breathing
in unison now, moving together, in rhythm they thrust as
one. His power is overwhelming her ‒ his love is overtaking
her. Rod is thinking that she is the most beautiful woman
he has ever known! “Oh you are so hot!” he shouts. They are
sweltering. In and out… Out and in…. bottomless, swift,
deep, fast, sizzling, plunging, driving in and out, faster
with momentum. “OH GOD!” She wails! “OH GOD!” Rod rises
up and out of her ‒ feeling him withdraw from her felt like
forever! He pulls Rebecca up to him, kisses her madly, and
then rolls her over to her stomach. She knows what to do …
she raises up on her knees and sticks her ass up, arching
her back and turns her head behind to look up at him. He rubs
her round buttocks and gives them a little smack! She laughs
out loud and says, “Oh yes… YES!” So he smacks her again on
her sweet ass. She loves it! OH MY! He rubs her ass cheeks
strongly, firmly. He smacks her again! She shrieks with
joy! “OOOOHHHH! YES BABY, YES!” Yowling with pure pleasure!
He then takes his giant cock and guides it to her wet and wanting
pussy again. He checks ‒ easy, easy… OH YES! He rams it all
the way inside her! She screams out! He howls, laughing
with delight! Rebecca is so full of him she can hardly move.

Rebecca groans and moans in ecstasy! Rod is pumping inside
her faster now… all the way in and nearly all the way out!
“OH GOD!” she yells, “YES ‒ BABY ‒ YES!” Shorter, physically
powerful, strokes now, faster and faster... she’s rocking
in rhythm with him, in perfect harmony. Arching her back
‒ giving herself to him… all the way… all the way inside her!
She is moaning, shrieking, yelping out with unadulterated
bliss! Rod is groaning, grunting and breathing intensely.
Feeling her squeezing herself inside around his shaft,
squeezing ‒ squeezing… “OH YES BABY!.. Take it!” he exclaims.
“OH give it to me Rod… deeper, dammit, deeper! Faster please,
oh god - Faster!” she shouts to him.
He pulls out again! She shrieks out loud! “OH BABY!” He throws
her over to her back again and plunges himself into her with
ONE SWIFT THRUST! “OH MY GOD!” she howls. Her legs are wrapped
around his waist tightly, rocking in unison with him, squeezing
his cock inside her taut ‒ tight ‒ firm pussy. He is about
to cum… She is about to climax… she is breathless, his eyesight
is blurring. Fucking, fucking, stronger, harder, faster,
and deeper… on and on… in and out… OH YES - OH YES - OH, OH, OH
- MY GOD YES! They cum together at once… they lock together
in wetness and bliss… Cumming and cumming… more and more!
OH ‒ OH ‒ OH!
Rod lays his head down in the crook of her neck. They both
can’t seem to catch their breath. His cock still inside
her, she continues to milk him tightly, squeezing, flexing,
wanting every drop of him in her.
They breathe together with their cum running out of her
‒ pouring from her. He’s wet, she’s drenched. “Oh Rod…”
she says softly, breathlessly. “That was incredible.
Oh my… (exhales exhausted).” “Rebecca… and to think that
was our first time together. Wait till we really get to know
each other…” he chuckles. They laugh together quietly.
And squeeze each other tightly. He withdraws himself from
inside her and rolls to her side. They turn to face each other
still winded and filled with sexual bliss. They kiss and
rub each others back and touch faces. They explore each
others eyes… gazing intensely in each others eyes… feeling
as if they were meant to be together tonight and maybe for
always. “I’m full of feelings right now Rebecca” Rod says
softly. “I am feeling that I may have been brought here for
this… for you” he says. “Until this moment, I had no idea
why I suddenly felt driven here by some unknown force… impelling
me to pick up my life and move here to Denver. Now that I look
into your eyes and feel your warmth, I know why I have been
brought here Rebecca. You - are the reason… you.”
She can’t believe her ears, or her eyes. He’s thinking what
I am thinking. He’s feeling what I am feeling. “Has a force
brought us together tonight Rod? A higher power?” she asks
inquisitively. “Yes… I believe in this feeling Rebecca.
I believe that I am here for a reason and that reason was to
find you.”
They kiss passionately and their minds and spirits soar
together ‒ way beyond that condo in Denver… Way beyond Denver
itself. They soar together to a world unknown to most… to
a world of love and spiritual awakening. They kiss ‒ locked
together forever.
Rebecca wakes up suddenly! She is wrapped in her robe with
a book at her side lying on her bed with the light on. “Oh ‒
my head hurts a little…” she says to herself aloud. She looks
to her left and no one is there. She looks at the bed and it
doesn’t seem to look disturbed. “Oh was all that a just a
dream?” she exclaims, “God why are you doing this to me…
just a dream?? A dream!”
She gets up and goes into her kitchen to fix herself a cup
of tea. Her eyes are welling up with tears… He felt so real.
He was so warm and compelling. Why… she wonders to herself.
She cries silently at her awareness. She fills the teapot
and turns to place it on the burner to heat.
Just then she catches a glimpse out of the corner of her eye…
Is it? What? It’s a men’s blue corduroy jacket hanging on
her hall tree. At that very moment she hears her shower come
on and she exhales deeply, sighing at her realization.
She is overjoyed! He is REAL! This is TRUE! She turns off
the teapot and goes to her shower to join him… forever.
Story by,
Rebecca ~ for Rod
May 2005

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Very a romance novel.


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Very Sexy! Scorpios rule!


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i must say that is a beautiful story loved every minute of
it. Thank You


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A really enjoyable and sexy romantic story. I loved it.